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Start earning with xHamster

You can earn money by promoting your content (videos and photos) to xHamster users. Posting on xHamster is 100% free, we earn only when you earn with your revshare program.

30,000,000+ unique visitors daily

How you get the traffic

Every sponsored video features highlighted text link to your paysite
Only a sponsored video has its own Tag with a link to all the videos from your channel
Related Videos section includes videos from your channel
Every sponsored video has a banner under video player with a link to your paysite
Under video player xHamster's user can find link to your profile and subscribe to your content

Companies already working with us

Some FAQ about our content program

How to start?
How to start?
  • You need to own rights for the content. Be prepared to provide certain documents (2257, ids, model releases).
  • You need to have your own paysite or a clipstore.
  • Register a free account on xHamster, send us your username and link to your affiliate program/clipstore. If you have no affiliate program, we can discuss posting terms.
  • We will send you a message with our username in your affiliate program and upgrade your account. You will be able to add a list of your sites with banners.
How can I earn with xHamster's program for Producers?

We don't pay for uploading, but you can get sales on your site from a banner under your video. You can promote your paysite or clipstore as a content producer on xHamster and earn from it.
I don't have a paysite, can I earn with your content program?

No, such option is not available.
I want to become a pornstar, can you help me to find a job in porn industry?

We don't shoot ANY porn videos by ourselves, so we can't help you here. We suggest you contact the producers directly.
I want to upload some videos from my collection, can you pay me for that?

We don't pay for uploading videos.
I want to promote penis enlargement pills/dating site/clickbank offer/escort services/other bullshit with watermarked videos, can I become a content producer?

No, we don't accept such sites as content producers. Our content program is only for porn/erotic sites.
I have a Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr page, can I promote it as a content producer?

No, we don't accept social networks in our content program.
I have a Clips4sale store, but I haven't got an affiliate program, can I work with your content program?

Yes, we accept Clips4sale, Southerncharms and other trustworthy services.
I have a paysite, but I haven't got an affiliate program, can I work with your content program?

Show us your site, it can be discussed.
Can I promote affiliate programs and post promo clips if I don't own a paysite?

No, we don't accept affiliates.
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