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Orar sexual


... Daca programul incarcat sau nevoile personale diferite intervin in calea intimitatii sexuale, va puteti aranja din timp partidele de sex impreuna cu sotul/sotia. Lipsurile in ceea ce priveste… Read more

Posted by dreammakerx69 6 years ago 1,119 100%

Responsible Master


... What makes someone a responsible "Master" (Dominant, Daddy) who inspires a "slave" (submissive, girl), drives a slave toward excellence, holds a slave accountable, and instills a sense of respect… Read more

Posted by irwinlassiter 3 years ago 1 1,140 100%


BDSMFetishSex Humor

... I moan louder and louder as you kiss ,lick and nibble the strawberries,cream and chocolate sauce from my breasts " oh my god WILL ,please don't stop " I beg as you travel down my body... I am shaking… Read more

Posted by JerseyBean 7 years ago 2 1,224 100%

Nerdy guy gets lucky part 4


... being taped. “Girls, how about a kiss, show me how dirty you both are?” it took them less than half a second of hesitation and they were making out with each other, rubbing breasts, even moving hands… Read more

Posted by angelus20092 1 year ago 1 1,532 100%

Finally meet up again with my "straight"

AnalGay MaleMasturbation

... 3 years ago I worked abroud for about a year, i met a very nice guy there and at some point we saw eachother secretly, a secret because he was and is married. OUr meeting were very soft… Read more

Posted by beert 1 year ago 2 2,551 100%



... Cercai di riprendere fiato, Al mi guardava soddisfatto e disse il piacere dell'orgasmo sarà una mia decisione. Io ci rimasi di merda ma non avevo la minima voglia di contraddirlo, sapevo cosa poteva… Read more

Posted by _Funny_ 3 years ago 8 1,595 100%

Nika.Sluchay lakeside

Lesbian Sex

... My name is Veronica, I'm 19. Good figure, 4 breast size, rather large butt, height 155, long black hair. It was the beginning of the summer, we decided to celebrate with friends and went to the end… Read more

Posted by aleksandr40 4 years ago 1,026 100%

my life

First Time

... im 31 i currently live in okauchee lake ,wi. i was an all american in highschool football and played baseball, and basketball too. I also spent 9 years boxing. i never made it out of Golden Gloves… Read more

Posted by marsnd 7 years ago 1,036 100%

Mystery Person On my Window Solve!(Part 2)

First Time

... I left of in...... As i snap out of my daydreaming by glance out of my window with a shadow looking in my room (it was at night around 2am). It was dark in my room soo i couldnt tell if there trying… Read more

Posted by Mr_Tony_Big_D 6 years ago 1,560 100%



... Bliss. I’m Paula, 20 years old. I’m medium height and build for a girl my age, have 36b boobs and I don’t really like having a bra on. I woke this morning feeling quite horny, don’t really know why… Read more

Posted by monkeymonkey42 1 year ago 1 2,143 100%

Melchior and the Hall of Mirrors (Part 1)

Gay MaleMasturbationSex Humor

... It was a filthy habit that brought me to this place dry straw crushing beneath my shoes the scent of tobacco mingling with fresh manure (what dread b**st lay such as this?); filthy but not lazy. I… Read more

Posted by gargameleatssmurfs 3 years ago 735 100%

Cat Burglar Part III


... Part III...Comeuppance It is impossible to breathe with so much cock in her mouth. She fights panic, telling herself that she is in control here. She can make him beg - after all, she’s done it before… Read more

Posted by mrstask 2 years ago 8 2,140 100%

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter VI

FetishGroup SexVoyeur

... Chapter VI – We Both Fucked Tony (based on Love Romances No. 84 cover, Marvel, November 1959) Kathy and I are best friend since high school. We share mostly everything, make-up, secrets, records… Read more

Posted by Victor2K 5 years ago 1,690 100%

Freedom pt 2


... Cheyenne looked around, thinking that maybe he was early as well. She didn't see him. What if he lied and used someone else's picture's , she thought. He couldn't have. She distinctly remembered his… Read more

Posted by 23yofempornaddict 6 years ago 2 1,028 100%

Op cafe VIII


... Na enkele minuten richt zij zich op. Ze kijkt mij indringend aan en zegt: "en nu gaan wij wat speciaals doen. Ze kruipt naar het hoofd van het bed en gaat tegen de muur zitten. "Kom voor mij zitten… Read more

Posted by mellingske 5 years ago 882 100%

Bear Blow-off--Part 2

First TimeGay MaleMature

... I didn't know what to say. "Well... I." I managed to finally stammer. I don't quite remember later why I had left the room but when I headed toward his bedroom again later I saw he had his jockeys… Read more

Posted by damlovmature 5 years ago 1 1,313 100%

Summer Rain Fucking by loyalsock


... It was late afternoon after a hot sticky day. After a day spent playing with his nephews he was glad to have a chance to rest while they were bathed and put to bed. He had volunteered to go down… Read more

Posted by loyalsock 3 years ago 1 1,177 100%

Chastity blog day 10


... Day 10: Wednesday I woke up feeling better, so decided to go to work again. As usual after a stomach problem I felt quite dehydrated, but other than that I was OK. By the time I got to the office I… Read more

Posted by garyw 7 years ago 1 1,362 100%

My favourite invitation


... On My Knees Its one of my fav places to be with a lovely cock in front of me just waiting to be sucked.Dont get me wrong,I'm thrilled that you'll enjoy it,but right then,when I'm licking my lips… Read more

Posted by OldCharles 2 years ago 2 1,444 100%

This is not really porn, but anyway

First Time

... It's sad when you first fall in love with a man who doesn't care much for you. It's sad when you realize he just wanted a blowjob. Yeah, I know, how could I have been so naïve? When your first lover… Read more

Posted by nabor12 6 years ago 937 100%
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