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hardcore afternoon at the crowder ave arcade pt 1


... out side, a very hot, humid, new orleans summer saturday, inside, where i have been cruising the the video arcade and theater, it is comfortably cool. of course, as the silky texture of my high french… Read more

Posted by robinlikesitrough 6 years ago 1 1,580 100%

My Addiction


... My addiction Is the sweet syrup That drips from your dick It’s like honey, And the more I taste The more I wish I could shoot it in my veins It’s like my liquid cocaine, Daily doses required to keep… Read more

Posted by Hangdog90 6 years ago 3 1,164 100%

Sydney at the Arcade Part 2


... “Why don’t you show our friend next door a closer view of your tits” I said, prompting Sydney to stoop down and show our neighbor through the gloryhole on the left her wonderful tits. We could see… Read more

Posted by Billgh01 2 years ago 2 1,374 100%

Teacher Betty and the house welcome party


... This is continued from my first story, but long overdue to be written. Betty the sexy teacher from college and I kept on talking after I finished my degree. After some time, she left teaching… Read more

Posted by beast255 3 years ago 3,572 100%

A true meet

AnalFetishGay Male

... I woke up in the morning feeling very horny for some reason. So I went to the computer room and sat at the desk and logged in to one of the gay sites I have used for many fun meets. I looked around… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 7 years ago 4 1,763 100%


First TimeMature

... In mijn pubertijd had ik waarschijnlijk energie teveel. Ik ging in de weekenden lekker wat drinken met klasgenoten. Tja, toen mocht je nog bier drinken als je 16 was. Maar in diezelfde weekenden ging… Read more

Posted by stockingparadise 3 years ago 4 4,711 100%

the Ex returns


... Since the way they left it on their last go round Sam didnt even say a word. Why should he it only gets in the way anyhow. What he needed was some fucking sex, with Tammy. It was 2am on a Tuesday… Read more

Posted by playingroles 5 years ago 3 1,429 100%

When no better word than profane language applies

FetishHardcoreSex Humor

... When I was 22 and a senior in college I had the great fortune to go out with an 18 year old named high school senior named Julie. Julie was tall, 5'7', and buxom. She had at least C-cup breasts… Read more

Posted by ILoveBigBush 1 year ago 2 3,954 100%

Late night landing crossing - Part Three

Group SexLesbian SexVoyeur

... The landing made so much noise as I walked across it. I tried to walk softly, but that just made it worse. Chris and Jane’s room was only next door but it was far enough that I made enough noise… Read more

Posted by sarahyork 7 years ago 3 1,494 100%

Excerpt from the story, "The Fetishist"


... Yes My Lover and Fetish-Loving Mistress, you planned this one good... I walk in the door and I see a note that says to meet you outside. As I'm walking out to you a see a light and I notice it's you… Read more

Posted by Accidental_Gigolo 3 years ago 986 100%

~The Sir~


... Sitting at the crowded bar, you feel a presence surround you Even in the cramped space you still feel singled out my gaze pierces you like a cold hard steel knife, your eyes meet mine, then quickly… Read more

Posted by itsme090 5 years ago 1 1,031 100%

My Master Fantasy Part 2


... Once again I invite any females who would like to make this a reality! The knife blade is tight against your throat, and small beads of sweat are beginning to form on your temples. I trace around your… Read more

Posted by gerry69uk 7 years ago 7 1,213 100%

revenge of the sluts


... ME and Tammy sat in our rooms in or two mistress Pheobe and Paige's house. As usual we had dog collars around our knecks and we were attached our 'kennels' our kennels were cages in which we slept… Read more

Posted by sexykids 7 years ago 4 1,457 100%


First TimeHardcore

... Никогаш немав помислено дека ќе доживеам такво нешто.Уствари,во тие години,прва година гимназија,сите размислувавме на секс,само поголемиот дел беа мрзливи и без храброст за било што да направи,така… Read more

Posted by zabaven 3 years ago 932 100%

An Encounter With Me


... Chapter 1 We start out with some kissing soft and sweet at first but as our hands begin to wander, it excites our minds and is reflected as our kissing becomes more passionate and vigorress. I have my… Read more

Posted by pharraoh 4 years ago 1,134 100%

A girl’s fantasy


... I haven't heard from you in two days. I check occasionally, to see if I have missed a call somehow or to see if my phone is even still working...for months we have had daily contact, so to be without… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 1,671 100%

Dreierfick mit Blackboy und Joachim

Group SexHardcoreFetish

... Gerade sitze ich in Ahrensburg in einem Bäcker. Ich hab Kopfschmerzen und verarbeite gerade die Eindrücke der verrückten Nacht. Ein User hat mich eingeladen und ich besuchte ihn spontan… Read more

Posted by PaarausLG 1 year ago 2 4,438 100%

Cambio de imagen, cambio de vida 2


... Ya había pasado una semana desde aquel día en que fui a depilarme, una semana repleta de encuentros sexuales con mi mujer, por su parte excitada con mi pequeño cambio de aspecto… Read more

Posted by ManCatHotxh 1 year ago 1,875 100%

The Comfort Room

Group SexHardcoreMasturbation

... First, I need to acknowledge and sincerely thank who has so graciously allowed me to barrow her scenario and characters. I would suggest that you read her story, "Stroke Break" before you read mine… Read more

Posted by windsorkeith 2 years ago 2,343 100%

The Ultimate Test

BDSMInterracial SexMature

... I had been waiting by the phone for weeks to hear from him then one night he shows up at my door. He is so handsome and so much in control of me. Even though I’ve been upset that he hasn’t called me… Read more

Posted by crane_200 5 years ago 1,960 100%
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