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The Last Family Vacation Pt 7


David looked at his wife Diane and said, “After this morning do you really think walking around naked is really that big of a deal?” “Yes, I do! Look, I never told you about Anne and I. When I wasn’t even a teen and was just figuring out that there was more down below than a pee hole, I used her. And yes, I do mean I used her. She became my sex slave in a lot of ways. I made her finger me and suck on my clit. I did all kinds of things to her, including giving her orgasms in the back of the car while Mom and Dad were taking us on trips. She told me once that she still has her most powerful org… Read more

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Marriage sex

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

Hi, all, myself Amulya now a 25 year-old woman. I shall narrate the sex story happened one year back. I was then a 24-year-old virgin girl working for a software company. I had delayed marriage for personal reasons and at 34 I was ready to settle down. To describe myself, I was little dark with a good figure. My figure stats were 36-32-38. I had big boobs and nice round ass. Albeit dark, I wa… Read more

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The Orgy Party

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

Hi, I am a 24 yr young woman from India. My name is Amulya. I am born in an orthodox family and brought up in conservative re. However, ever since my teens I had a very strong sex drive. I had no boyfriends in school as it was a girls school. When I started going to college, it was my first chance to interact with boys. By the end of first year, a group of 5 girls (including myself) and 8 boys emerged as friends. Over the period, some boys and some girls developed liking for each other and 4 couples were formed & th… Read more

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They All Banged Me

Group SexHardcoreFirst Time

Hello I am Amulya 25 years old girl from Kullu. You know it is a very nice tourist resort and a beautiful hill station. I live in a village near the town. Every day I saw lot of tourists came to see the beauty of this hill station. I read in a school in 10th class, which is in the city. I have to go to the town for study daily. My village is very near to the city so I daily came on foot. Although I belong to a rural family, my parents are interested in my higher study. So they do not make any objection when I decided t… Read more

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A very naughty evening with two men

Group SexHardcoreAnal

I began to sit on him lowering my bum over his erection but this time it hurt and I had to come off it. It had been quite for a few days I would begin to think very negatively and always when I would get these spells of no work. Will I ever get another client again. It was also nice to have human company as my flat was small and some days I just had to get out into the open air which meant a walk to town. I could have taken… Read more

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My Mast Trip to Goa

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

I was in Goa once again, second time within 15 days. I returned to Delhi to my hubby after spending about 15 days in Goa where I have played lesbian game with one of the friend of my husband. Many said this was a social work to give sexual satisfaction to a married and sexually unsatisfied woman. I always care for sex and the sex loving peoples. I have just returned from South Africa where I was with my hubby for world cup foot ball matches. This tour and tickets for the matches were marriage gift to my… Read more

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Amu Shared by my Boyfriend and His Father

Group SexHardcoreFirst Time

I sat down next to the boy. He looked like they were the same age, which would make him 18 if he was a day. His father had sent her up here, told her his name was Varun, and asked her to help him though his first time. From the way the father had acted, nobody knew how old Varun was. Of course nobody was supposed to know she was only 18, either. Varun was lean, with a dark shock of hair. He was naked, like most everyone else at the party. He was sittin… Read more

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Sylvia Tom and Steve from No Anesthetic for Love@2

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

Sylvia and Steve: Sylvia is a great story teller. After she came to Bellingham, Washington, in 1969, fleeing for her life from the Mob guys in Los Angeles. Her pimp never gave any of the money she made whoring to them, he kept it for her. They caught up to him and put three bullets in his head, but they never found our that Sylvia, age s*******n, had received over four hundred thousand dollars from Al before he was killed. They are looking for that money, but Al never let them know who she really was. Not quite alone, she changes her indentity (to Silkie Greene) and begins a new life as a comm… Read more

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Starting out as a cuckold

MatureFirst TimeVoyeur

My husband took photographs of everything; it is one of his hobbies, but one he takes seriously. I had by now been fucked by a number of his friends, but my husband still wanted more, he wanted to see me getting fucked by all his friends. He approached one his friend who was a colleague, he was much younger, abut 30ish, and who was if nothing else, interested in seeing me in my undies, and undoubtedly my husband had told him I would get naked at some point, he might have promised him more, but I’m not sure. My main worry as I was 48 and plump, was that the friend would have trouble getting a… Read more

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My Amazing Cousin Kate: The Miracle Month Part One


My name's Alex, and I miss my cousin Kate. I always miss my cousin Kate. I keep the little lock of hair she left with me at all times: in my pocket, under my pillow, in my backpack, everywhere. It's supposed to remind me she'll come back, help me get along without her, you know? But it doesn't work. It just reminds me Kate's not here, and the scent of it, what I call Kate Smell, just makes me miss her even more. My mom's real worried. See, I don't eat much anymore. I try, because I love my mom, but it all tastes like cardboard to me. Mom understands about Kate, and she's always quiet and pat… Read more

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Group SexHardcoreFirst Time

I’m happy to post my first story in my favorite category, Exhibitionism. I've been waiting for this part of my life. Hopefully, more stories will come in this category. I've always had this urge to show skin. Earlier, when living in cities, I used to wear shorts, miniskirts, short jumpsuits, rompers, strapless tops, halter tops, crop tops etc. They were very usual in those places. People used to show a lot of skin.There were girls who used to dress up very conservatively as well.But I chose to show my skin.I used to e… Read more

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Daddy’s wife

First TimeHardcoreMature

I am going to tell you a real story about me. I am a 25 years from Delhi. We live in a house at Old Rajendranagar. I live with my dad, who is 39 years old now. He was married at his 18 and after a year I was born. My mom was 1 year younger than him. When I was 3 years old, mom left dad because of great misunderstanding between them. So my dad brought me up being both father and mother. He was just 24 years old by then and I can imagine how difficult it was for him to upkeep me. He is a junior officer a… Read more

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The Hostel Slut

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

I’m a slightly curvy, average height, dark-skinned teen. I currently reside in the US but have lived in a hostel in a school in the foothills of the Himalayas. This is one of the many sexual adventures I had during my ten-year-long stay in India. I have been reading ISS for about two years now and I have enjoyed many of its stories and felt like sharing my own experiences too. So, here I am. All the characters mentioned here are 18 and above. Have fun! It… Read more

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The Toilet Slut Unleashed

Gay MaleFirst TimeAnal

This story is in continuation of my last story – “The Hostel Slut”. If you haven’t already read it, please check it out before reading any further (it is totally up to you). All characters are 18 and above. Have fun! After the three boys had used and fucked me as their little fucktoy, they left me alone in the empty room and went off to play cricket. I was feeling drained and hungry. I looked towards the open door and lo, our hostel ward boy saw me naked and covered in spit and cum. Our ward boy (Pandit… Read more

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Sex Slave To A Hunterwali Bahu

Group SexFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Aditi, a small bubbly girl from Ranchi had gone to Bangalore to pursue her MBA from IIM Bangalore. She met a guy named Rohit Gupta and both of them instantly fell in love. Their love story was something the entire batch at their b-school envied. Aditi was very close to her mother, Sarita, who was a well known personality in the power corridors. Though small and bubbly, she had inherited a dominant nature (or rather an alpha nature), much like… Read more

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Forced sex became pleasure

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

My name is Bavi, I am a married working women.I am basically from delhi but currently I am in Chennai working with in a software company.I am 29 yrs old and have no c***dren,I got married 5 yrs back and love my married life with my husband untill this insident took place. I am 5foot 5″, of 35-29-36 body with fair colur. Initially i didnot liked chennai mens as they use to stare and pass luid comennts.But Now I like it and adore them, after a inncident happend with me. My husband has to go out for a business trip to mumbai a… Read more

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300 So, there we were in Cyprus

Sex Humor

300 So, there we were in Cyprus So there we were, in the 1960`s 20 years old British soldiers, seconded to the UN in Cyprus for 6 months. The island was an island of two halves Greek and Turkish with a United Nations neutral zone known as the green line Twix the two sides, Both Greek and Turks had a fair size military presence, and the UN had contingents from Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Canada and the UK. Austrians supplied the hospital and the Finnish policed the job the British contingent supplied transport and logistics in UN colours and in addition the British had a garrison complete with ho… Read more

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Forced me in hostel

Group SexHardcoreFirst Time

This is an event which happened during my MBA college days, It was a common hostel for Guys and Gals. Girls used to stay at third floor and Guys were at first and second floor. Our college had really good hostel facility and everything is available inside and around the premises. It was Saturday night and we girls were are all chilling out late night, playing cards and making funny jokes on each… Read more

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First Blog: The MILF at Trader Joe's


I arrived at the Trader Joe's in Salt Lake City after a 4-hour drive. It felt good to get out of my vehicle and stretch my legs. I approached the store with nothing more than an innocuous desire to pick up some of my favorite things while in the Big City. As soon as I stepped through the sliding doors, I spotted her...Her darker blonde hair was what initially caught my attention. She was by the fruit display, facing me, and a look at her face revealed a good-looking woman, 40ish or so, wearing black, light cotton pants and matching blouse, perfect for the high heat of SLC... As much as I ha… Read more

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My Neighbour My Domintrix


My 10 year old son is a bit lame and gets bullied by the neighbours boys. Before the school holidays I offered to look after them so they could keep working , I would earn some pin money, and I could take my revenge on Scott their 16 year old. On Monday morning they came over when their mother left for work. Scott handed me the $100 cash we agreed on for each day. I gave my son and his mate $20 told them to go to my sisters around the corner and play with his cousins. Scott you are going to help me clean out my garage, I told him. Do I get paid he asked. Yes . I waved the $80 cash, but you h… Read more

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