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“What are you doing Sonny?” “What does it look like.... I’m getting in the shower with you Sis.” “Well get the hell out of here!” " Your husband has gone to work. and that’s no way to treat a house guest...... come on Sis we use to take baths together.” “Shit that was twenty years ago.... And it stopped because Mom saw you were getting a boner.. Just like you got now.” “Here Sis don’t you need someone to wash your back? ...... Now doesn’t that feel good?” “Well..... Yes.. but don’t go lower... STOP it!” “Wow Sis you’ve got one great butt..... Mmmmmm love these cheeks.... And up your bu… Read more

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A very good view 2 :-P


http://xhamster.com/videos/bitch-displays-her-ass-at-the-car-wash-upskirt-4375550 http://xhamster.com/videos/car-wash-upskirt-3090808 http://xhamster.com/videos/bitch-displays-her-ass-at-the-car-wash-4798922. Very good these videos, very thanks for who had loaded it, also at me is happened a very good view like in these videos, in the car, with my nice sister, with the only difference, however, that my sister is not a bitch :-P, she is a good girl :-P, these accidents can happen :-P. It was a morning of weekend, it was beginning of autumn, but not was cold, it was a fairly temperate climate fr… Read more

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Visiting Aussies Enjoy Uber Driving Slut Mut

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Hi Y’all, Since the k**s are back in school I decided to spend most of the week driving for Uber during school hours. It was a pretty normal week until Thursday when at Noon I picked up two guys from the 3rd floor parking garage at SeaTac. They were Australian guys who had just finished their long flight but seemed raring to go. From the very moment they got in my Honda they were flirting with me. I suspected they’d been drinking but no matter what they were shocked that a blonde mom was driving for Uber. I told them plenty of women drove for Uber here in the states and it was a great way to m… Read more

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Agnes, Lynn, + Joe

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Even though my wife Lynn is a much better writer than I am, we agreed that I would write one story if she told me all about her last sexcapade. She held up her side of the bargain, so here you go: We never had secrets from each other so even though Lynn was content to just fantasize, she didn't mind if I indulged my passions, as long as I was honest and told her everything Lynn never had to worry about me being emotionally attached to any of these women but certainly the physical attraction and the sexual contacts and sexual activities that I engaged in with these women always excited Lynn.… Read more

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A night - a fantasy fulfillment - and a smoke !


Night with a fantasy - and a smoke ! Have to say it from the start, this is a true story about a fantasy came true. In order to get to my fantasy, i have to explain how i got to it. I discovered masturbation since i was young and due to being a smoker, i got into the habit of masturbating and smoking at the same time. I would do that for hours till it goes numb and cant help myself and burst. Nevertheless, this brought a fantasy in my dirty mind, smoking a cigarette while watching someone and smoking a cigarette while having sex. Bondage made it even more desirable, therefore here it goes… Read more

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Mrs. A and our secret

First TimeMatureHardcore

This story is 100% true. Growning up my friends mom was always semi attractive but never anything so great you fantasize about her. A situation i wouldn't turn down but wouldn't seek out. One night shortly after turning 18 just graduated high school i was at my friends house drinking me amd him with his mom and her boyfriend. Everyone was doing shots amd we were all completely wasted. Well her boyfriend had to go to work the next day so he went to sleep early the 3 of us stayed up and kept drinking my friend smokes weed smoked his mom said she was going to bed and went to her room my friend go… Read more

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The Scent of Jasmine - Part Two


The Scent of Jasmine Part Two The sun shines through a gap in my bedroom curtains, gently warming my face as I dream about a beautiful woman. I’m stood behind her, you could cut the tension between us with a knife. I stroke my fingers across the side of her neck and she responds by leaning her head to the side presenting the soft skin of her neck to my lips. I go in for a kiss, my lips touch her neck. That’s when my alarm goes off. I wake up to the sound of my phone vibrating in time with a little tune. But the reality is better than the dream as I find myself next to you, my beautiful lit… Read more

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A new Granny joins the gang.

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I have a new old lady to introduce in this story. I personally love older women and when they are lesbians or bisexual that is what I look for and the sort of relationships I like to cultivate. You may have encountered the two Mavis' in my previous stories but in this series I want to record my conquests and encounters with older women involves. I am Kinky Kay, a perverted 55 year old housewife. I never had offspring of my own, but enjoyed playing with many younger people. My fetish is older women, but they have one thing in common, they are single, slim and reasonably fit. I suppose it has… Read more

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Limitless Chaos: Part 1 and Part 2 and new Part 3


This was written by TyWebb01 (This story was created with the help of Lady_Chaos) We both love to write, hope you enjoy They had both known each other for many months. They had shared discussions both on websites as well as chat rooms. She had an alluring nature that was evident even through the words she used as they both chatted. Her personality was dominant and every word she typed demonstrated her nature in that true raw form. Like hot coals, her words burned through his mind making permanent marks that was the beginning of his capture. Her intelligence was high and her goals were direc… Read more

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Man's Best Friend: Pregnant and In Heat


A month later Sammy and I headed over to Brenda and Tide's. Brenda was looking as cute and little as ever. Meanwhile, Tide was half way through gestation - her nipples protruding out like pink little puppy sausages. Even though both girls were carrying the products of our unprotected sex they were both horny as fuck. All Brenda had to do was wave that positive pregnancy test in my face to make my cock pop up. Tide would stick her furry ass in Sammy's snout and his babymaker was ready to go. As Brenda kissed and licked my throbbing cock I watch intently as Sammy mounted his pregnant bitc… Read more

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Viagra problem solved by Indian Aunt

First TimeMatureTaboo

Jaya Kumari had finished all her household chores after sending her hubby to the office for his early morning meeting. Rajesh, her elder sister’s son who had come down for the weekend, was still sleeping in his room without taking his bath, so she thought of waking him up to taking bath and to have breakfast so that she can concentrate on her daily chores. When she went into the room he was still sleeping in his T-shirt and shorts and blanket was lying near his feet. Jaya shook him and asked him to go to take bath; he opened his eyes and said, “I will not bathe today, Aunty.” Jaya: “Rajesh… Read more

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Sex with lactating Indian Mother-part 3


This is the 3rd part of - Invited by Lactating Lady. Recap-....... I had been to Temple with my friend and had sex with young lactating house wife Meghana in her van while the rituals were going on in the Temple. She then gave me her number and address in Pune and asked me to come to her city as her hubby was going on a tour on the weekend. After coming to Pune, I had sex with Meghana all the day and I expressed my desire with Meghana to have sex with 2 lactating ladies in one bed. And I had a sweet surprise which I am narrating in this part. By 1 pm, I felt very sleepy. The previous nig… Read more

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Sex with lactating Indian mother- part 2


This is the 2nd part of - Lactation & breastfeeding by Horny house wife. Recap-I....... had been to Temple with my friend and had sex with young lactating house wife Meghana in her van while the rituals were going on in the Temple. She then gave me her number and address in Pune and asked me to come to her city as her hubby was going on a tour on the weekend. The next two weeks were agonizing ones. I found it difficult to concentrate on anything except on thinking about Meghana. I was constantly fantasizing about what I am going to do with her when I spend the weekend with her. On Frid… Read more

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Sex with lactating Indian Mother - part 1


One Friday, my friend Sarvan, a young priest in a temple invited me to accompany him to Chennai to attend temple rituals on Sunday morning. I was a teacher teaching mathematics and physics at a Bangalore high school close to Chennai. On Sunday we started at 6 am and it took us five hours to reach the temple. The temple was located in a rural village area and there were many cars parked around the temple. As I stepped out of the car I noticed two big Tata Sumo’s discreetly parked away from the temple. They were positioned slightly away from the temple. The temple was already filled to capac… Read more

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Donating sperm to my Indian Muslim teacher

First TimeHardcoreMature

Hi Friends, this is Rajesh again, the incident I am going to explain happened when I was studying 12th and the lady was my class teacher Fathima Ma’m. She was living with her in laws and her hubby was working in Dubai and the couple had no k**s and I knew that Ma’m quite unhappy about this. Fathima Ma’m was quite an attractive lady who in her mid thirties with a nice figure and her hubby recently left for Dubai again after spending one month with the family, and I knew all this because I frequently visited their house for tuitions. Let me come to the main story right away, I received a messa… Read more

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Ass in the Attic


Fantasy story. Labor day plans were going to a friends house for some burgers, beers and hot wings. My wife and I were invited to spend time with friends Sam and James at their place. So around 2, we drove up to their house. It is a two story yellow house, with a bad looking front yard. I held the potato salad that my wife made, as she knocked on the door. The door opened up to a small boy who looked at us, and then let us in. “Hi Brady, how are you?” I said. Wife walked in first and headed to the living to see the baby. I took the salad into the kitchen. There I walked in to see Long legs o… Read more

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a morning of flashing


guys first my phone/camera is broken so i will not be able to upload anymore videos :'(.... now for the morning of flashing, so this morning around 5 a.m. i am on my way back towards the house and i think since im passing all these bus stops and its this early why not wait for some ladies to come to the stops... idk if luck was with me or what but i flashed about 6 women in the course of an hour and maybe a half.... so im at the first bus stop (this is a busy bus route and i am in) and there is this lady ima call her mary, shes a mature white woman who doesnt look bad nice rack and ass... w… Read more

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My First Black Cock

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

I have always wanted to try this. And here I am is actually and finally experiencing it. I met this black guy, Steve on Xhamster was his name, his Xhamster name was Bottom Bull. Bottom Bull 58, brown skin, he is well built for his age. Bottom Bull is 5’10”, 200lbs, and hairy. Bottom Bull’s not ugly nor handsome. Bottom Bull cock is cut, dark and nice 7.5in surrounded with thick nappy pubic hair. Bottom Bull balls are full and fat, little beads of hair covers his balls. Bottom Bull’s cock was wet with a mixture of pre-cum, lubricant and my own saliva. What I loved most about his cock was the b… Read more

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My naughty slutty wife before we met


Just before DJ and I met around 15 years ago, we had both just come out of long term marriages that had gone sour. Both of us were heading fast towards our 40’s, and were a bit tired and flat after many years of emotional turmoil…and neither of us had any plans to go looking for a new partner. We were of the mindset that we would just chill out for a while and learn to live our lives to suit ourselves. As both of as are pretty highly sexed (more of that later), we were also quite excited in our separate ways at the prospect of some new and exciting sexy fun coming our respective ways……and then… Read more

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The Viking


The heavy hatch landed with a hard thud that shook the floor where she lay. Erin, startled awake, now knew, this was no dream. After the raid on her village last night there was little doubt what lay in store. Staring up at the stream of light, hued with the rainbow of sea mist, she saw him. Ragnar!!! The vicious Viking that had led the attack on her village, and had carried her off in the night. It was hard to make out his rugged face, her eyes still moist with tears, but there was no mistaking the form. Many women in the coastal villages of her home spoke of, but with hushed whisper, his le… Read more

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