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Linda zorrita

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Era sábado en el mes de septiembre, aun hacia calor y después de comer decidí hechar la siesta. Mientras dormía soñé con sueños eróticos y desperté empalmada y empapada en sudor, fuy a la ducha y mientras me duchaba y depilaba masturbaba mi culto con el dedo a la vez que mi clítoris, pero aun así no calmaba mi sed ni mi calentura. Cene algo ligero, una ensalada y me dispuse a vestirme y salir un rato. Me tome mi tiempo en elegir un bonito conjunto de sujetador y tanga, un vestidito corto y ajustado, no me puse relleno en mi pecho por el calor, si me maquille muy bien con mis pestañas postizas,… Read more

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Finally rid of Tracy!

VoyeurInterracial Sex

Like I said from the last story about how my little small dicked hubby Mick's step daughter arrived on the scene. A real fat, ugly lazy and dumb girl of 25 years. She had been living with her natural mother, since she left Mick for a more capable man in the bed. Even Tracy was not his, no, his mates brat, The result of a night his ex. had spent with Mick's mate, when Mick was away on business! Mick said that they were trying to get a baby and because of his problems, with his tiny dick and keeping it erect for more than a few minutes, he could not make it with her. She decided to spice things… Read more

Posted by Jizzylady 35 minutes ago 162

The Widow

Group SexMature

I met the widow by accident at a shopping centre in a large country town in the north of the state. I was on my way from the shops to the carpark when this lady in front of me took a fall. All I did was respond in the usual gentlemanly way. When I had retrieved her and her shopping, and got her to her car close by, I could see that though not hurt she was a bit shaken up by the accident. While initially she was a bit reluctant, and maybe a little embarrassed too, I got her to agree to have a cuppa with me back inside the shopping centre. In the course of a conversation that became… Read more

Posted by kezza6969 35 minutes ago 328

Wife flashed in taxi

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

There’s no two ways about it, my wife is stunning. She turns heads wherever we go, and i love it. Amazing natural big tits, she loves having a smoothly shaven pussy and loves to fuck. We’ve had sex in some great public places with the odd inadvertent spectator. If you like this quick tale i’ll Tell you more. We’d got rid of the k**s for the night and were out for dinner, dancing and lots of alcohol! It was an organised event, mixed ages but in the main older than us, and bloody hell they were boring. My wife looked fucking gorgeous. She loves to dress up and I love her to dress sexy.… Read more

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Une secrétaire obéissante (1)


Je m’appelle Emma, j’ai 20 ans. Je suis brune aux cheveux longs, j’ai les yeux marron foncé, assez petite (1m63) avec une peau matte. Pour rentrer un peu plus dans les détails, j’ai un corps plutôt avantageux : une corpulence dans la moyenne, une grosse poitrine et des fesses assez bien formés ce qui me vaux de souvent me faire aborder dans la rue ou klaxonner par des inconnus. C’est une chose qui à la fois me plait et me déplaît. En effet, je trouve ça plutôt plaisant d’être attirante aux yeux des mecs, en revanche je suis en couple depuis quelques années et je suis très épanouie avec mon cop… Read more

Posted by nelcomel 1 hour ago 67

Mijn Vrouw, Jouw Vrouw 2


Na ons heerlijk seksavontuur in Valkenburg waar we niet alleen mijn maar ook mijn vrouw haar meest geheime fantasie in werkelijkheid hadden beleefd wordt de fantasie dat ze door een ander wordt begeerd en bemind regelmatig in onze geile fantasietjes als vast onderdeel uitgevoerd. Bij toeval ontstaan vaak situaties die onze creatieve fantasie aanwakkeren en we, alleen al bij de gedachten dat het werkelijkheid is, elkaar nadien alle hoeken van het bed en de slaapkamer laten zien. In de juiste stemming kan ze maar zo spontaan meerdere keren kort na elkaar klaarkomen. Tijdens onze vakantie afgel… Read more

Posted by guapoguapo 1 hour ago 54

Fragebogen von mir


Mein Fragebogen Fragebogen Name: Oakheart Geschlecht: Mann Alter: 33 Augenfarbe: blau-grau Haarfarbe: blond Größe: 187cm Gewicht: 70kg Penis: 18x5,5 Schuhgröße: 45 Familienstand: offene Beziehung Bundesland: NRW Bist Du dominant: unterschiedlich Bist Du sadistisch: nein Bist Du devot: unterschiedlich Bist Du masochistisch: nein Welche sexuelle Gesinnung hast Du?: hetero Wen würdest Du suchen?:Frauen (ggf. ein Paar) Frau Bist Du rasiert: Ja Wie rasierst du dich: Nass Wie oft rasierst du dich: 2x pro Woche Bist du gepierct: nein Bist du tätowiert: nein Rauchst Du: nein W… Read more

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Viel zu teure Mieten für Studentinen


Hallo zusammen Mein Name ist Luisa, bin 21 Jahre jung, und Studiere Tiermedizin. Zu meinem Aussehen, ich bin 1,65 klein, habe sehr weibliche Rundungen, also großer Po und ein 75D Körbchen, und auf den Hüften vielleicht ein bisschen zu viel Babyspeck. Aber den wenigen Männern die ich bis dahin hatte, hat das allen ziemlich gut gefallen. Ich habe Braune schulterlange Haare und dunkle Augen. Als ich von unserem kleinen bayrischen Bauerndorf in die große Stadt kam, war ich voller Tatendrag. Studium alles perfekt, einen kleinen Nebenjob in einer Bar, der aber leider nicht ausreichte für meine üb… Read more

Posted by LuisaMuc 2 hours ago 176

Victor Amigo de mi padre

Gay Male

Relato: Víctor, amigo de mi padre, mi iniciador. A mi edad vienen a mi mente, aquellas experiencias que he tenido a lo largo de mi vida, de las cuales guardo bellos como unos bellos recuerdos, mi infancia transcurrió dentro de una estricta disciplina por parte de mi padre, mi madre era más condescendiente. mi nombre es Juan. Escribí este relato pensando en que les agradaría leerlo, sucedió hace tiempo, y aun la recuerdo con agrado de como sucedió aquella mi primer experiencia, con un hombre amigo de mi padre. Víctor siempre fue amigo de mi padre, así que lo conocí en casa desde que tengo… Read more

Posted by Sexyjuann 2 hours ago 60

Second cock

Gay MaleHardcoreMature

The first was when I was twelve, this second 42 years later was equally as exciting,,,,,,,,,,,,So I had set up my camp site fairly near the trail. I being mid summer it was still light outside around 8pm. I was just finished eating and was staring in to the small campfire I used to heat a precooked meal I had brought. I was thinking about how nice its going to be to get naked after the sun goes down and wonder about in the meadows I was near in the moonlight. I had done it before, walkin around with a nice boner, feeling the breeze over my cock, ultimate sitting down in the thick grass to jack… Read more

Posted by kegspoon 3 hours ago 1,118 100%

daughter part 2 and 3


Okay now to daughter...she just left the house, came over to drop off some items. I was sitting in my chair with just a towel around me, folded in half so I can play as I surf the net....I sit this way every day during my alone time. So she pulls up in the drive I hear the car and before I had a chance to go get my robe she comes in the house. She is wearing a short short little jumper or romper. I can see that she of course has NO bra on. I say to her "You surprised me, I didn't expect you" she says, "I know, I could tell that by what you are wearing" she gives me a hug and my cock immediatel… Read more

Posted by prsnalty 3 hours ago 1,537 67%

My daughter started it all part 1 of three


This is how it all started with my daughter okay here are the first of the two parts of the daughter and how she started the whole thing...part 2 to f and 3 to followollow So, the other night my daughter comes over to talk to her mother, she walks in and I look at her she has on a sundress with loose straps that she must keep pulling up the front otherwise her tits start to show. I am sitting on the couch in the living room and she sits on the one across from my chair. I have my own chair and on one sits in it except me. It is a recliner with a foot stool very comfortable. Anyway, she sits a… Read more

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My first experiences, page 6.

Gay Male

I want to say that all these stories are 100% true. I am writing them exactly how, and in the order that they happened. I'm not adding or changing anything, except maybe some of the names. This is exactly how I remember the a nd the feelings that I had. I must admit, I thought to myself that maybe "Lorence" or "Eric" would recognize themselves in the stories and reach out to contact me. Maybe I'm just a silly romantic! Now back to my experiences... I stopped going to see Mike shortly after the time I saw him that I wrote about on page 5. I can't remember exactly why I stopped going to see him… Read more

Posted by PaulMayer00 4 hours ago 235

Milwaukee Cuckold from Judy's View

VoyeurFetishGroup Sex

Milwaukee Cuckold from Judy’s View He’s posted a lot of stories about our life on her and he asked me to post my view, so here it is. I lost my virginity when I was 12 when I was ****d by my brother. This went on for 4 years until he moved out of the house. One of my sister’s (the one who’s parties I went to and knows my entire story) taught me about sex. She showed me how to give an expert blow job. One of the most exciting things she taught me was to how to love my Irish Setter. When she first told me how she loved to fuck the dog I didn’t believe her. She took me to the bedroom and thre… Read more

Posted by toothmedic 4 hours ago 1 741 100%

My first experiences, page 7

Gay Male

I ran my hands up Patrick's thick strong, muscular thighs and leaned forward. I put my mouth on his tight, hairless ball sack. I licked and lightly sucked on them. I wanted to please him but mostly this was for me. I had found that I was attracted to this. I love the way a big set of tight balls look as they are pulled up tight to a fat cock. I wanted nothing more that to have them in my mouth. I then moved up and ran my lips and slightly open mouth slowly up and down his cock. Like I was catching the drips of an ice cream cone as they ran down the sides. His cock was cut and had to be 9 inche… Read more

Posted by PaulMayer00 4 hours ago 2 460 100%

Wir drei


Wir drei Wie in letzter Zeit öfter, hatten wir wieder einmal Lehrerausfall. Ausgerechnet in meinem Lieblingsfach Physik. Da ist alles so schön logisch und berechenbar. Naja, aber zwei Stunden früher Schluss ist auch nicht schlecht. Ich malte mir schon aus, wie ich heimkomme und meinen Komp anwerfe. Und ich wusste auch schon, welche Pornoseite ich als erstes aufrufen würde. Meine Schwester war im Ferienlager und meine Mutter würde erst in ca. zweieinhalb Stunden von der Arbeit kommen – genug Zeit also für mich. (Vater hatte sich kurz vor Julias Geburt davongeschlichen.) Doch als ich die Haustü… Read more

Posted by choosie43 5 hours ago 364 100%

Double Parked

Group Sex

A young woman i*****lly doubles parks over an underground apartment car space and experiences the full meaning of double parking.... It all happened after I had completed an intense interstate work related trip from Perth. My mum had asked me as a favour to reconcile with her step-mother, Joanna. Age and distance and Facebook had those two back on reasonable terms. It was my last afternoon in Melbourne and I hadn’t had the courage yet to call J. I had never gotten on with her as she took advantage of my mum too often. However, my work college had returned on a morning flight so… Read more

Posted by janus2017 5 hours ago 893 100%

I never knew my friend could be so "friendly&

First TimeGroup SexMature

Tim and I have been friends for years, worked together a bit, rode motorcycles together some. What I learned after over 30 years of friendship shook my whole world, and awakened a part of me I never knew existed. As I learned, my wife had secrets she had been saving for a while too, and when her secrets hit my fantasies it was quite an awakening Tim, his wife, Terri, my wife "T" and I were to go to one of their friends house for a friendly game of cards or TV. We all met at the other couples house, way out in the country. Ralph and Ada were simple country folks, lived simple life. I had a p… Read more

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Mamma, guarda comes sborro! Cap.2


Parlando di sesso, la cosa che preferisco è farmi leccare la figa. Mi piace sentire la lingua lappare le mie grandi labbra, sentirla penetrare all'interno, titillare il mio clitoride. Quella buonanima di mio marito, che Dio l'abbia in gloria, me la sapeva leccare davvero bene. Si ficcava col viso tra le mie cosce spalancate e me la lavorava di lingua e di labbra fino a quando non ero venuta almeno per due o tre volte. Non era un grande scopatore, ma come la sapeva leccare lui non c'era nessuno. Lo faceva con grazia, mettendoci tutto l'impegno possibile, si vedeva che gli piaceva. Mi ha fatto… Read more

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Full night

Interracial SexMature

I was at a dance festival,we used to stay 2 in one room the was we choose.I ve talked with a coligue from my dance school to stay togheter. I knew he likes me , i was liking him to, but the only prpblem was that he had 19 years old and me 32. I admit i wanted him ,i dont know if i did it only to prove my self that im still hot for my age or for other reasons. We reached the hotel room, we exchanged couple of words and laugh, we got ready and we went to the event. He was a good looking guy,full of charm and a bit of innocence maybe. He was originally from Turkey but he was raised in Holland,so… Read more

Posted by Wonderwoman1984 6 hours ago 969 100%
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