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The supermarket

Ive always found the supermarket at night much better than during the day .. i hate crowded places .. and during the evebing they are quiet surreal places .. i often see excentric people wich i enjoy and i pretty much have the place to myself .. i love it which is why i love to go at night time ..

I wondered through the supermarket cafe and found myself a seat in the corner near the window and sat down .. i sat sipping my coffie and thumbing through a magazine that had been left on the table when my phone pinged .. i unlocked the screen and saw the prompt to connect to the supermarkets wifi... Continue»
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Roseanne barr meets rosie of Donnel.

It was a wild Hollywood party,,1989 everyone that was anyone was thier. A luxurious penthouse in the sky. The party thrown by roseanne was to be the most decedant,,orgy of sex and v******e ! Every sexy kink was to be explored, Roseanne sits atop a magnificent throne! Dressed like a 50s sex kitten,,her big boobs in a glorious red bra,,matching panties cover her ample hips and ass,,,black garters and nylons,,,full heavy make up,,and a 50s bouffant hair do.reigning over her subjects,,,,large plates of cocaine are spread around the room,,alcohol, marajuana,,,all available. Of wich she partakes he... Continue»
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Games with Mommy

It was around 11:30 p.m. one typical summer Saturday night. My s****r had gone club hopping with her girlfriends, dad had gone out of town for the weekend again, my mother was probably in her bed fast asl**p and the house party I went to was a flop.
I figured that the best thing to do was to go home, head to the basement that I had converted to my personal abode, take a shower, slip one of my porno videos in the machine and beat my meat before I went to bed.
As expected, my s****r wasn’t home, the house was in darkness and mom had apparently retired for the night.
“Perfect…” I thought to my... Continue»
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My Girl

It was a Saturday, I thought I would have my place to myself. Sam was at her place with her son doing whatever she does when I’m not there. Ashley was out with her boyfriend. So I walked around in my boxers. I was going to do it nude but before I could take my boxers off, Ashley came home.

I asked her why she was home, she told me that something came up and her BF had to go home. I sat down in my chair and Ashley went to her room. She comes back out 5 minutes later wearing just her bra and panties. She sits on the couch and lays down some and text her boyfriend. I’m sitting there watching T.V... Continue»
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Bi-sex evening

We had rested for a while and then Ann and JoAnn fixed a nice supper for the four of us. After retiring to the living room Mike and I took the two recliners while the women took the sofa, all of us still naked. After a bit, "JoAnn" I said, "Get over here" I ordered and watched as she came over to my chair. "On your knees whore" I commanded and down she went. Leaning forward a bit I slapped her face hard enough to jerk her head sideways, "Did Ann suck your cunt good for you?" I asked. "She did okay" JoAnn replied. Again I slapped her face hard. "Just fuckin' good?' I said. JoAnn looked at ... Continue»
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Sissy Gets Used in Woods- part 1

Boi messaged me directions to the isolated cabin. I was instructed to arrive at 4PM, let myself in, lock the door behind me and find instructions on the kitchen table. I was nervous as I had never laid eyes on either Boi or Miss Owl, but this moment had been building for a while and I did not wish to disappoint.

I was getting close, driving down a long dirt road. My stomach tightened as I pulled in and shut off the car. The cabin looked rustic and dark. I looked around to make sure I was alone. Protocol dictated that I exit the car only wearing hot pink panties and matching bra. I quickly s... Continue»
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A Loud Mommy

It had been a long time since Kevin had heard his mom's headboard banging against the wall. She used to bring random men home all the time, and within minutes, he would hear her screaming for sexual mercy. The headboard would slam against the wall, rapidly, and hard. Her screams would echo throughout the house while he pretended to sl**p in the next room. The forest painting above his head would shake, making him afraid it was going to fall down, but it never did. Her screams, moans, groans, pleas, and begging were etched into his mind, allowing his imagination to create a porno from thin... Continue»
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IT was a few months since I first sucked a cock and I was hooked, I kept going to the park and the ABS,I's stay in the both as long as I could,sucking s many cocks as that came through the gloryhole,I loved the feel of a hard one in my mouth and the cum tasted so good. Then one night as I wa getting ready to leave I saw him, my neighbor, he was entering a both, I had know idea about this secret he was keeping from his wife, he would always talk to me when I was around the house and now I knew why, he was in the closet.
For the next few weeks I spent more time in... Continue»
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s****rs turned lesbian PT 2

s****rs turned lesbian PT 2


I was home from high school sitting on the couch watching TV when my si(s)ter Nicole came home from grade school.
Nicole immediately ran over to me plopping down on the couch.
What's up Nichole?

We'll...... I wanted to know if you'd show me videos we talked about yesterday of a guy pounding a girls pussy?

Sure go get the laptop.

I went to xhamster and searched pussy pounding.
See this is what I was telling you about, see how she's sucking his dick?

Wow he's big Debb... Continue»
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Red Light District Dutch Treat: A First Foray into

Before I went to Amsterdam, the idea of being away far from anyone I knew and having the freedom to break out of my tracks a bit took hold in a corner of my mind. The thought of being able to freely do something outside my norm became a bit of an obsession in the face of being decades into a relationship that started early and left no time for much sowing of oats in my youth. Other than a trip to a strip club on business, I was a babe in the woods in the pay for play arena.

Once I got to Amsterdam and starting walking around the red light district’s windows filled with girls lit by pink and... Continue»
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As Erica sat down to unwind from the day’s events and do a bit of paperwork before heading home for the day, her thoughts turned to him. Alex had been on her mind for quite some time and even though she yearned to express interest in him, she thought it unprofessional to do so. She was his senior professionally, she the teacher and him the assistant. Despite this, she felt she was his student as every day he found ways to wow her with his intellect and compassion. She was the one with more experience and schooling, and yet it felt as though he had experienced and learned so much more than ... Continue»
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Assi dans le fauteuil près du lit, j’attends que tu sortes de la douche. Je reste calme et mes yeux sont fixé a la porte de la salle de bain. Je sais que tu as terminé, et je sais aussi que tu te prépare comme je te l’avais demandé…et j’espère que tu te présenteras comme je te l’ai ordonné aussi.
Quelques minutes plus tard to sort, accoutré comme tu es venu. Le même linge, ca ne me plais pas, tu le sais de par mon regard, et tu ne cesse de fixé mes yeux depuis que tu es sorti de la chambre de bain. Tu attends de voir ce qui va arriver. je sais que tu as pris ta douche comme je te l’ai demandé ... Continue»
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I guess I'm a cuckold 2

I posted a month ago about my unfaithful wife and online photo's, things have moved on.

I'm now getting regular sex but she is increasingly becoming more assertive and always taking the lead in the bedroom but I was not expecting what happened 10 days ago.

We were having an afternoon session, which has been a new development, she was sitting on my face, getting off rubbing her clit against my nose when she reached into the bedside draw and took a large vibrator out, she turned it on and told me to hold it in my mouth and fuck her with it, which I was more than happy to do as she sat above me... Continue»
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Rugby Bus

Heres a second one to make up for the short one. Still a fantasy

Lou could hardly remember what had started the fight. But it had gone from bad to worse and now Malc had gone off and left her.

They were out of town at a club. It was their first time here. They had been arguing in the car on the way. Then it got heated, things were said and he left. Lou was alone now. At first she thought he would come back any minute; but when an hour went by and there was no sign she went out to look for him. The car was gone. The bastard really had abandoned her. She was at least 30 miles from h... Continue»
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Sex Tape

Yeah I'm back with new one. A lesbian one. Its pretty short but I didnt have many inspirational ideas come to me this time.

"Have you ever been recorded before?" He held the camera facing me and I shook my head. My stomach was in knots but I kept my expression plain. He laughed. "That figures. Well start however you want. I'm just here to get it on film."

I took a deep breath and looked at my best friend. She looked way more excited than I did but that was to be expected. She looked over at the cameraman and sighed. "That's too bad. You look like you have a great cock."

He chuc... Continue»
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Mom's Bed

"Oh yes Bobby! Harder!" I overheard my cousin Gloria cry as I passed the guest bedroom. I rolled my eyes.

"It's nice to see someone is having fun," I said softly as I moved down the hall. I passed my s****r's bedroom and heard the headboard rocking into the wall. "Lisa really needs to fix that."

I didn't much like my s****r's boyfriend Ted, but I'd learned a long time ago to stay out of her love life. He was an asshole. I couldn't hide my feeling on him, not from her, but I remained silent on the subject. I was sure Lisa would figure it out eventually and for the time being, at least h... Continue»
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My Sexy Mother in Law

My mother-in-law Tina is 5' 10", 50 years old and has baby blue eyes and shoulder length hair. Her legs were still as shapely as they had been in her twenties and her tits were a 38dd. Tina has two daughters, Natasha who is the oldest at 32, 5' 6" with short dark hair and has a chest as flat as a fried egg.

Her youngest daughter Marie and I are both 30 years old. Marie also has blue eyes and shoulder length hair just like her mother and has a nice pair of 36c jugs. Marie's best assets though are her legs. Being 6' tall her legs were so long that they looked like they ran up into her armpit... Continue»
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Mom's Warmup

My name is Ken. I am nineteen and live at home with my mom, Paula, and dad, James. Dad is an engineer at a local manufacturing plant. Mom is a housewife. My dad is forty-nine, ten years older than mom. My life is routine and quite boring, except for school, a local college I attend. Dad is a man of habit. You could almost set the clock by him. Dad's routine during the weekdays are, off to work at eight o'clock, home at six o'clock, bed at ten o'clock. Saturday, dad is off at eight o'clock to play golf and stay at the clubhouse, eating his dinner there, home at nine o'clock and straight to bed,... Continue»
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Surprise for an Underwear Lover Part 2

This story follows on from this one

It was approaching midday on a sweltering August Sunday and I couldn't get the events of the previous night out of my head. Chris had work and left before sunrise still wearing his green boxers now filled with cum. I knew he wouldn't have had time to go home and change, a thought that made me hard again.
We hadn't spoken about what had happened and he seemed a little more coy than usual when he left. I wondered if he had regrets, we were pretty stoned after all. Had it just been a quick... Continue»
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Accidental Gangbang

It seemed like a good idea at the time...that is what I said to my fiancé four hours later.

The wedding was in two weeks, on December 30th (a strange time, I agree, but with lots of f****y coming from great distances, it was the best leaving all the snow for Hawaii was a great honeymoon compromise).

I had no doubt become bridezilla with all the problems the past month. I won't get into the details but that old adage 'anything that can go wrong will' was proving true right before my eyes.

My bitchiness had taken its toll on my fiancé, Dwayne, and I decided to make it up t... Continue»
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