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crying orgasm!

AnalVoyeurFirst Time

I can remember my first time being penetrated and cummin! It was mind blowing! For as far back as I can remember, I always had this tingly itch deep inside of me that would drive me crazy to the point that I started finding objects to stick up in me to scratch that itch, and any chance that I had some alone time, I would explore what I was feeling with whatever I could find to stick inside of Me. The first thing I ever used was my drum stick from my drum set. All I know was it felt amazing! to the point that I didn't want to stop. But, as I'm satisfying my tingly itch, I notice my little dic a… Read more

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Ice, Porn, and Cum (Pt1)

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

This is a story from my youth, I hope you enjoy It was just a few days after Christmas when the rain started. The winter had been a cold one and with all these storms coming in we were told to expect the worst. I woke to a dark, cold house. The power had gone out due to ice on the power lines and the entire world seemed to be covered in a thick layer of ice. The rain was supposed to continue for the next few days and would only get worse. After making some calls to check up on people, I was invited to go stay with my friend Chris and his family who still had power. The roads and bridges were… Read more

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First Time

I am a crossdresser. I have been silently fantasizing about being with a man for years. I placed an ad on craigslist just before they closed personals. I received an email from a guy who was going to be at the Tunica Mississippi casino with his wife. He asked if I would come meet him at the casino and we could slip up into their room while she played slots and give him head. I was so freaking excited. We exchanged pictures and agreed on a time. Now, you are all wondering, how big was he. LOL. He had a beautiful cock in those pictures! It was thick and about 8 inches long with a big mushroom he… Read more

Posted by Onehungredneck 18 hours ago 2 3,180 96%

Asian wife cums hard during Anal sex

AnalInterracial SexVoyeur

We had a day off with the wifey so I told her we should take some time to fuck for good. Oxana agreed and after a while she offered to do it before we'd go out. She was teasing me during the morning by showing off her ass and she was telling me: "Check out my ass! it's getting very strong and fit since I work out!" I told her I had to check and she let me have a look as I was opening her asian cheeks with my hands to watch her asshole. She was really wan… Read more

Posted by asianxposer 19 hours ago 5 3,231 100%

Hotel Quickie with my sister Kay


New to my stories? Kay is my younger sister. We are both ... mature now, but we have had a lot of fun over the years! Occasionally I share some of our meetings, in part because I know you guys like reading about my buxom Germanic sister but mostly because I know she reads them... and they make her horny for more!!! (This is not her pic... but it gives you a fair visual. She would never let me have a pic in reality!!!) ---------- Kay and I had teased the hell out of each other the whole evening an… Read more

Posted by imornery81 20 hours ago 3 6,964 93%

popping that cork

Group SexHardcore

Sophie was exhausted. She had been working behind the bar for six hours tonight, new years eve. Back from university for Xmas break, she was lucky to pick up a few shifts at the local pub, to top up her student loans. It helped that her dad drank their most weekends. Most of the regulars knew her and her family, and would chat to her about uni and her studies. None of them were her age. There is another temporary barman, Tim, another student, a couple of years older, who is constantly trying to flirt with her. Sometimes she encourages him, as she is missing the freedom of living in halls, whe… Read more

Posted by MacavityJones 20 hours ago 2,707 100%

Spontaneous meeting

AnalGroup Sex

Wrote this fantasy for a couple I've not met yet. Doesn't seem very kinky to me, but it might do to others. Bi mmf, rimming and anal. Enjoy. I'm walking around Stratford, enjoying a day off work, when I see the pair of you. At least I think it's you, so I log in to the site and send a quick text. The man checks his phone, then looks up and around. As he looks at me I smile and nod. You both walk over to where I am standing and I introduce myself in person. It's not the planned first meeting, but sometimes these coincidences happen. None of us are especially dressed up, though Emma is looking… Read more

Posted by MacavityJones 20 hours ago 751 67%

Daddy, My Teacher and Me

FetishTabooFirst Time

"Hi Daddy, I'm home." she said as she walked in the door, setting her school bag on the floor and kicking off her shoes. "I have a note for you, Daddy." "Bring it here Baby, come sit on Daddy's lap while he reads it." She walks over, swaying her sweet hips just the way I like. She crawls up onto my lap, her school skirt climbing up her soft thighs, my lovely eighteen year old girl; I can't believe she'll be out of high school in a matter of months. She hands me an envelope with my name on it. I open it and read the note from her teacher. "What does it say Daddy?" she asks, giving me a teasi… Read more

Posted by StefaniaCarlucci 21 hours ago 3 5,497 86%

Daddy's fun on the sofa


I came over to visit you at your apartment. We were sitting on your sofa, and you lean over put your head in my lap as we talk and I play with your hair. My hands wander a bit, rubbing your breasts and back. I know that a father should not be playing with his daughter’s tits. We are still chatting away, I am not being too pushy, but being a bit more than friendly, loving your nipples harden as we chat about everything. We both feel the sexual tension, but no one is in a rush. My cock is swollen, and puffy, but not stiff. We talk and we are comfy, then I say something funny, and you kneel and… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 21 hours ago 2,724 71%

School disco

Group SexGay MaleBDSM

The local school is trying to raise money and they decided to hold a fancy dress disco for parents and friends. The theme is, not surprisingly, school uniform. My friend is a teacher and she persuades me to buy several tickets "for a good cause". I pass some of the tickets on to friends, including Mike and Emma. When I arrive, it's obvious that everyone has entered into the spirit of the night, with every one dressed up in sexy outfits. There are a lot of school girl outfits, including a few worn by men "for a laugh'. The first hour is mostly mingling, circulating and admiring each others co… Read more

Posted by MacavityJones 21 hours ago 2,198 50%

Jilted daughter moves in with dad.

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

It was 3:35 am on a Saturday morning. Someone was knocking on my door. "Daddy, daddy wake up. Let me in." It was my daughter Cindy. I quickly threw in a robe and rushed to the door. I knew it had to be something bad for Cindy to be at my door this time of morning. I opened the door for her. She came sobbing into my arms. "What is it Cindy? What's wrong?" I asked. "I found the SOB with another woman," Cindy replied referring to her husband Bill. "I knew all along that he was cheating." I made her some tea to which I added a generous slug of scotch. "Drink this," I told her. "It will make… Read more

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Stella Maris 12: Confessions 6 - BDSM 3: Sex Sub

BDSMFirst TimeVoyeur

STELLA MARIS CUNNING CONFESSION HORNY HOT HIGHLIGHT: SUBMISSIVE SEX SLAVE Stella Maris suddenly seeks eye contact with Saskia & Marina, sees how excited they are from her sexy stories. She refills glasses before final part of her hot private confession: How only one day of role-play changed her life. I discover in one dobe many important things about myself and my relation to our Professor Peter here. Not only new forms of sex, which I also might have studied by borrowing Kama Sutra from a library. Or how much more he needs several sorts of sex every day a… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER 22 hours ago 7 22,809 67%

My father inlaw Enrique visits home


When living in Savannah, one day Victor’e father announced he would come to visit us. Enrique said her wife Ofelia would stay at Buenos Aires, because he was planning to do a quick business trip to the States and it only would take less than a week. My husband was very happy to receive his father at home. I was a little bit worried, since my father in law had fucked me several times in the past and my concern was Victor could discovered it … The second day having Enrique there, my loving husband was at work and I was making some laundry. I was done with all laundry except the gym outfit… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 22 hours ago 1,722 80%

Gloryholes and poppers oh my

FetishGroup SexVoyeur

Here I am at home putting on a pair of fishnets with my brand new sissy pouch panties. I look in the mirror and I feel so sexy and turned on. I feel a little naughty so I decide to go to cupids, the adult book store in Bethlehem. I put on a pair of sweats over my sissy clothes and grab head out. As I drive my bodies is squirming with anticipation. I pay the entrance fee to the booth area and walk in. I feel the gaze of the eyes in the dark light area and head to the third booth from the back. Fortunately it is open and playing some tranny porn. I shut the door and begin to take off my regular… Read more

Posted by wendianderson 23 hours ago 3 1,303 100%

Santa stops by...


I was working as Santa in a strip mall, when this cute mature gal comes by and gets in line to sit on my lap. When she gets to me, and sits on my lap, I see it’s Lorna. Lorna and I have had some play dates in the past. I tell her out loud “Hello Lorna, what do you want for Christmas”? She hugs me and whispers “ I want you to come over to my house tomorrow night at 8 PM and fuck me raw, like in the past” I tell her “Of course Lorna, Merry Christmas” She gets off me and there a k** to sit on my lap, and I’m hoping my boner does not show. The next day, after 7 PM, the end of my shift, I go ho… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 23 hours ago 1,117 100%

Make sure he doesn't find out


I couldn't believe this shit, just my luck – all my friends were going down to the beach, and I had to help my parents with a BBQ they were throwing. I had tried all the excuses I could think of but they weren't buying it. 'I've paid for you to study at College for 2 years Dan', my father said, 'it's the least you can do.' So I eventually gave in and agreed to help with the cooking and drinks. As my parents friends started to arrive, I did the usual thing of being pleasant and polite and making small talk with people who I had known for years. Then things started to look up a little, my m… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 23 hours ago 4,329 100%

Why I'm a Daddy's Girl

First TimeFetishTaboo

Why I'm a Daddy's Girl ---------- All very young girls love their Daddies unconditionally, but of course, this may change, as they grow older. I have always been a 'Daddy's Girl' and cherish every moment with him. I quickly learned that even if Mom said 'No' with the right look and plea, her 'No' could become a 'Yes' from Daddy. If upset or crying, his touch seemed to sooth my troubles and he has a knack for making people smile. We are a close family, and we frequently played games together when young. I remember his 'Monster Stomper' game very well. When I was ready for bed wearing my paja… Read more

Posted by frolicwonder 1 day ago 5 2,734 95%

6th Formers


A while ago I worked in a posh private school as a mini bus driver and one of my duties was to transport some of the 6th form students around the local area once a week. As part of an award scheme they were doing they used to visit local primary schools and help in the classes or visit elderly people in their homes and do a bit of gardening, put the bins out or just have a cup of tea and a chat. Some of the students were quite chatty and all of them seemed to come from privileged backgrounds and were very polite, calling me Sir. One of the older girls always went to a local school for an hour… Read more

Posted by Pumps909 1 day ago 1,825 100%

Christine Teil 4

AnalBDSMFirst Time

Drei Tage später hatte ich zwei freie Tage, wovon ich den Mädels aber nichts erzählte. Kurz nachdem Chris aus dem Haus war, fuhr ich in den Baumarkt und besorgte dort so einiges an Material, das ich zu Hause direkt in der Garage verstaute. Ich begann direkt damit, eine Pritsche zu bauen, in der auf Höhe des Kopfes, der Titten und der Lenden entsprechende Löcher waren. Das Ganze wurde dann noch mit Kunstleder überzogen. An den Beinen schraubte ich noch Ösen ein, um dort später Stricke durchziehen zu können. In der Mitte kamen an der Holzplatte noch Langösen dazu, durch die man einen breiten Led… Read more

Posted by olli57 1 day ago 204 100%

Maeda au sauna


Dans un sauna, toi et moi, nos serviettes blanches autour de la taille pour moi, autour de ta poitrine pour toi. Il fait chaud bien sûr, la lumière est douce. Tu étais déjà là lorsque je suis entré. Je t’ai salué, et me suis assis pas très loin sur le bois chaud. Très rapidement, je me mets à te regarder, non en fait je te reluque. Tes cheveux attachés laissent ta nuque découverte ; j’ai toujours été sensible à la sensualité de la nuque d’une femme. Ta peau est luisante, tes seins se devinent sous ta serviette, tes jambes croisées laissent tes cuisses mi découvertes guider mon regard et mon dé… Read more

Posted by m-markson 1 day ago 129
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