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Japanese onsen sex adventure

Interracial Sex

My sento story: I was far away from Tokyo in a country town. My friend was working at a ryokan and asked me to visit. I was looking forward to a holiday anyway – Tokyo and be really busy. A holiday in the mountains was an ideal thing. I am 23, 5’11’’, dark blonde and gym fit…. 8’’ uncut and not bothered getting naked. In fact, it was a bit weird at first going to onsen or sento but now, take it for granted that this is the ‘thing you do’ with mates and families. I really enjoy either and prefer it to my own bathroom…. A bit like working out alone. MUCH more fun with other people around you. AN… Read more

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The kitten that got away Part 1

FetishFirst TimeBDSM

Author’s Note The following work is all fiction and any similarities to real people are just coincidental. The writing style is somewhat an experiment and is not something I would normally use so bear with me. The story is based on the point of view of the Dom. Hope you enjoy. The world of Sub and Dom was new to me but it took a special someone to reveal it to me. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life and the way it would in a matter of speech warp my mind. I had only seen such things within porn and thought was just a kink that didn’t really have any meaning behind it.… Read more

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The Watcher

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

Read my previous story about my phone number being on the wall to get a better feel about this story.... I truly just love to suck dick and loved having my phone number on the wall at the adult video booths. I would average anywhere from 4 to 8 cocks on a Friday and Saturday nights..with many repeats... I’m not into kissing or anal or cuddling or anything like that, I just love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth, throbbing and twitching on my tongue and finally spewing its contents into my mouth. I love the taste of cum will swallow and milk every drop of it....Yes, I am a true cocksucking… Read more

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Freda FuckMeat

FetishGroup SexMature

Gentleman Jack and Freda “Fuck Meat” Age Play. Role Play. Incezt Play, Flashing, Up Skirts, Cum Shots, Cum Eating, Gang Bang, Labia Stretching Jack and Freda Burns had retired in a slow moving, quiet mid west city 5 years ago. At 65, Jack looked his age, walked with a cane from hip replacement surgery, yet carried his self with class. Freda appeared yo be a trophy wife. Although she looked to be nearing her mid 40's, she was in fact 67 years old. Plastic surgery, Botox, hair replacement, anything and everything was spent by Jack to keep her appealing. The… Read more

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Ravaged in the Porn Theater


When my friends-with-benefits fuck buddy told me her plan, I was simultaneously horrified and turned on at the time. I mean, I knew she could be wild, kinky and impulsive but...this?!? I got to the porn theater before she did and hung out in the larger main room - her eventual destination - and waited. There were the usual mix of characters milling about, some making sure to keep their hands in their pockets and their heads down...the others, looking to make knowing eye contact, hoping for some kind of action... If you've never been to a porn theater, this is pretty much what yo… Read more

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Hanging Out Together Again

AnalHardcoreGay Male

Donovan sat on the sofa with his legs curled underneath him and to one side. He could hear Ray doing something in the kitchen which was out of his line of sight. He was so caught up in the TV show that he was startled when Ray returned and sat on the sofa right next to him. He glanced over and saw sitting there with his arm extended offering him a glass of tea. Donovan took the offered cup with his left hand and gently moved his legs so he was sitting normally. Ray scooted closer and leaned into Donovan. Ray put his tea down on the table and placed his now idle hand on Donovan’s leg. Donova… Read more

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Chronicles Of A Seductress. Chapter Five.

Group SexSex Humor

Nantyglo Rugby Club. After having had a great time at their Christmas do, Jane and her best friend Linda often called in for a drink at Nantyglo Rugby Club. They were both made very welcome and as a result they sometimes even went to watch Nantyglo's home games on a Saturday afternoon. The sight of all those young fit young men running and rolling in the mud was as good an excuse as any to join them for a drink later. Jane was aware that Nantyglo Rugby Club had not had a very good season. In fact they were near the foot of the table and were in danger of relegation if they didn't w… Read more

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Introduction to masturbation

First TimeMasturbationGay Male

Many years ago when I was still quite young, we would always go camping during the holidays. This particular year we had gone with our neighbours and my friends parents so there were at least 20 or so of us. After a couple of days a few more people turned up who were friends of our neighbours. One of them was a guy called Jeff who was in his mid 30's and kinda cool. A few days later I bumped into Jeff at the shower block. We started chatting about nothing in particular and he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told him that I didn't. Not to worry said Jeff you don't need a girlfriend to have fu… Read more

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The Dirty Slut

Interracial SexHardcoreGroup Sex

First, let me tell you something about myself. I have a perfect figure and a cute face. I love wearing seductive clothes like crop tops and skirts. I had a boyfriend in school to whom I lost my virginity when I was 18. We used to have a lot of sex but then we broke up before I moved to Mumbai. This incident happened to me about a year ago when I was 20. My parents are from Goa. I moved to Mumbai a few years ago to complete my education. I am doing my graduation from a college in Mumbai. I live with my brother who moved here too a… Read more

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Fucked By 5 French Men In France

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Hi, friends, I’m samrutha now 25. This story happened way back in 2017 when I was a virgin and was working in one of the MNC IT company in Pune. I’m a Brahmin girl and I was literally brought up like an original Brahmin girl(unlike many others… During school days or college days also I never had a crush on anyone or tried roaming out with boys. When I was 23 I got a job and I moved to Pune. After 2 years in the job, I got an on-site opportunity to France for a years’ tim… Read more

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Cheating On Honeymoon

HardcoreInterracial SexAnal

The first time that I ever had a black cock was when I was 18 and on a trip to Africa with my new husband Omar. We were on the 2nd week of our Honeymoon when one night in the hotel INN, Omar, my husband who is an anthropologist and is 33 years old, was talking to a group of old black men about their tribes and customs etcetera. It was very warm, no, very HOT. So I was wearing a bikini top and mini-skirt, no panties or stockings as I was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my legs and cool me off. I was having a miserable… Read more

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A good night out (Part 1)

Group SexTaboo

It is a Saturday night in the city and Ellie is bouncing to down the few steps that led to the booming night club behind her. She tries to peer between the crowds around her, flickering her mascara heavy eyes searching for a familiar face. She sighs when she finds none. The search is only made more difficult by the fact her head only reaches the shoulders of most. In the light of the red neon lights, her a light tan complexion is painted a rosy pink, her wide eyes as sprayed with colour as well. Although her straight long hair holds its shade, a golden amber with an asymmetric cut. A fringe… Read more

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My Male Driver And His Friends Part 1

Group SexFirst TimeHardcore

He groans stealthily as I jacked him off at a red light. My driver was dropping me off from my school. If it wasn’t proper daylight and cars weren’t surrounding us completely, I would have just sat on his cock with my school skirt all the way home. The roads were busy with traffic throughout and I was busy with fisting his cock. Eventually, we reached my neighbourhood and as we entered my garage I jacked his faster until his cock tightened and he shot some liquid into my fist. I smiled and licked it off my hand as he closed his pant… Read more

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First time, older n younger, continued.

First TimeGay MaleAnal

All week I had been thinking about my first time with Ben, my first time with anyone to be honest. Ben worked with my father and I had agreed to help him with his yard work. We did work in the yard, but it turned into much much more. The feelings of his hands and mouth on me were so intense. It felt so natural to be with him. He was so big and strong, a lot older than me for sure, but very sexy and beautiful. I didn't consider myself "Gay" maybe I was seduced. But then again, why was I fighting these feelings. I had already sucked his cock and tasted and swallowed his cum. I might as well give… Read more

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Stella Maris SM trio 5 - Intimate Introspection

BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

The trip through the South of France along 'Autoroute de Soleil' evokes many memories The trip from Amsterdam to Calonge at the Costa Brava by our slow old 2CV take all day. The decisions I have to take, later that day, tire my mind. The three doze, most of our way. The three seem all in the arms of Morpheus all through 'la douce France'. From midnight. The driver's seat in the 'ugly duckly' suits me. Lazy hanging to the door. An elbow outside. I have my left leg free. Usually I park my foot at the wheel cap. My knee close at the steer. I have experience in driving down 'le… Read more

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More Exhibitions


More Exhibitions (Growing Up Frolic) As I got older, my desire to display my body grew to an incredible lust. I took every opportunity to expose myself slyly in every imaginable situation. At my age, my treasure was fully visible. The fine blonde pubic hair was virtually unnoticeable except from very close, but from a distance, only my puffy labia with its tiny pink slit stood out. When my fingers rubbed its length and tickled my little clit, it openrf like a flower in the morning, exposing the deep reds of my vagina surrounded by the light pink of my labia. The clit was very tiny. This nub… Read more

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Valentine's Day.

Lesbian Sex

Valentines Day Sara knew that I would be alone for Valentines Day, when she invited me for dinner, and I also knew that her heart was taken by another, or so I thought. As we sat at the small dinning room table eating, and talking. I could tell she was watching me. Not in an obvious way, but taking furtive looks. She knew that I was crushing her, and also that I had promised her we would just be friends. Platonic friends, I think was the term I had used, although I had wanted more than just being friends. Together, we laughed and talked while we ate the steak dinner she… Read more

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Modelagentur 1: Besamung


Ich war 26 und hatte mich gerade als Fotograf selbstständig gemacht. Das Geschäft war nicht leicht, aber ich konnte mir immerhin ein kleines Studio leisten unter anderem, da ich mir ein netten kleinen Nebenverdienst angelegt hatte. Ich war permanent auf der Suche nach neuen „Models“ und hatte auch gleich wieder ein Interview mit Melissa. Ich bereitete alles vor, richtete die Videokameras aus, räumte ein wenig das Studio auf und ordnete die Kissen auf dem Sofa als es schon klingelte. Vor der Tür stand ein junges Mädchen mit langen blondem Haaren die bis weit unter ihre Schultern reichten und e… Read more

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The Next Day


The next morning (Sunday) I awoke to noise in the Kitchen. Groggy I looked at the clock it was 9:30. My wife was up and being diligent as she is, making breakfast, I heard Cindy's voice also. Now we do not eat to many meals together, not like family, just on occasion. Cindy or Dawn or Beth or a combination there of are like roomers So we somewhat have our own food and clean up responsibilities. On a day off these things may change. Oddly living in a park would seem ideal. Except it is not ours. we cannot garden, (Petunias for example are not a "wild flower"). We cannot have a vegetable gard… Read more

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Another day on the tier

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

When I was a Young Latin Boy and another day on the tier I was once that Latin boy with soulful brown eyes and a very playfulness about me, that many daddy types loved, there's a funny fact for you.. When I went to juvenile hall the firs time, I was put in a co-ed unit. When we took showers the boys had to wait for the girls to finish. All week I kept hearing how I walked with a switch. Well the night before I got out, I got a shower roll with girls underwear in it. Only they were too big for me. Something had happened to where they didn't come to my door. I waited till graveyard to… Read more

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