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Cuckolding and loosing my job -continued (part 5)

So it's been about two weeks since I last updated the happening of my stay in this upstate New York motel, and boy what a crazy great and horrible week it's been. But I should continue from where I left off.
So it about 5:30am. I've just finished the most amazing creampie inside one of the company reps that I've been dealing with for the last month.
I'm stood between her legs, my seamen leaking from her reddened lips when the door opens.
Maria struggled to cover herself with the covers, as he enters the room.
It's the motel manager. His eyes open wide and his face immediately... Continue»
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Genomen door mijn Surinaamse Schoonmoeder

Ik zal me even voorstellen Dick is mijn naam ik ben 24 en getrouwd met Gonny en Surinaamse van ook 24. We wonen in bij mijn schoonmoeder, want die is ook alleen, haar man had zoveel buitenvrouwen, dat ze hem er uit geflikkerd heeft. Om de kosten wat te drukken, wonen we nu bij haar of zij bij ons. Mij schoon ma, is 59 jaar en vrij dik met een echte Surinaamse derriëre. Gonny is voor haar werk vaak een paar dagen weg en dan ben ik met Nanda alleen thuis. En dan verwend ze me extra met lekkere hapjes en van alles. Eerst had ik het niet zo in de gaten. Maar Nanda gaat zich anders gedragen als Gon... Continue»
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Happy Thanksgiving from slutty little sister


What a day, just in time to smoke a blunt before I get picked up by my aunt and go over to grandma's for Thanksgiving. After a nice car ride, I get out the car and walk up to the house, wondering who's inside. Once I go in, I greet everyone and make small talk. "Happy Thanksgiving" I said to everyone. "Happy Thanksgiving to you too" everyone replied.
Eventually my little sister comes in the living room while I take my shoes off and yells "Brother!" and hugs me pushing her head into my chest like she hasn't seen me in years. She gets fairly physical on family occ... Continue»
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bi mmf surprise

I set my friend up with a woman I had slept with in the past,, not for him to date just someone for him to play with. I was a little surprised when I was invited to join them one day, so we all talked and set a date to get together. id known her longer and she was always a little freaky and willing to try anything. it was always normal vanilla sex when we slept together cause I was younger then. my buddy was the only bi friend I have and the only one who knew id thought about sex with a guy, but id never done it. they both knew I had an ex that used to play with my ass using her finger or dild... Continue»
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Wife/Girlfriend fucking strangers

Somebody asked me very recently who the lady in my avatar was.

Having spent a long time explaining, I thought it was a waste not to share the details with everybody else here on xhamster.


I couldn't understand why you didn't understand who my avatar was. Then I read my profile. No wonder people are confused!

I've rewritten parts of it, mostly changing the tense.

My sharing of partners is fairly easy ...

1. First ever share: my girlfriend Helen, who was ultimatel... Continue»
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Dam it's Big Hooked on Black Cock

This was my third swing party with my wife, Traci. The monthly event was held on Saturday evenings at a small hotel on Route 9 in Englewood, NJ, close to the Palisades. As usual, it was an attractive suite containing a kitchenette/living room and two bedrooms with a total of four queen-sized beds. 

My name is Joel and my wife and I live in Montclair, NJ. I'm 37 and stand 5'5", not the tallest of the species. (However, being from a diminutive family is helpful when it comes to buying clothing since I can save money by shopping in the Youth section). My weight is a trim 135 pounds and so far ... Continue»
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Prostitute Stories: The Thanksgiving Girl.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! For everyone not familiar with my stories they tend to not be the most uplifting so I understand if you want to skip this and enjoy the holiday with your family. That being said you’ll understand why I posted this one on thanksgiving towards the end.

I’m in the city with the two parallel tracks (which for those of you in my friends list you’ll finally know what city that is). I’m cruising on the track that has all the BSW’s today (Black Street Walkers). I’ve been out for a while now but haven’t seen anyone worth picking up. I finally see this pretty... Continue»
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Found a Craigslist Black Cock Gay

It was a late Monday night, and I was reminiscing of the last few day. I had just spent the whole weekend with my girlfriend, and it was an adventure of uninhibited sex of a magnitude I have never experienced with another girl. My girlfriend and I love to play with toys, and we have an 8" thick black dildo that she loves me to fuck her pussy with, while I am pounding her thick ass. It drives her fucking nuts. Well this past Saturday, when I removed the black monster from her pussy, which was soaking wet of her juices, she asked me to lick her juices off it. I can't begin to tell you the amazem... Continue»
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A Mother's Confession


I don't have any close friends. I need to tell somebody, to make them understand that I am not a slut.

I could blame it on losing my boyfriend of 15 years. He fell from a scalpel 50 feet in the air a month ago. Yes, I was depressed about his death but we had had a very active and fulfilling sex life and I have to admit up front that I was missing that too.

Three days ago, I came home from work early feeling drained. I stripped to my panties and laid chest down across my bed to take a short nap. Like in a dream, I heard the entrance door open and heard the footsteps asc... Continue»
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Trumped Up Punishments 14 – Merit-based rewards

Trumped Up Punishments 14 – Merit-based rewards

Jonathan could not wait until the afternoon. He was one of the top students at Millennium High, and until today his good grades and merits had been their own reward. Two weeks previously, Headmaster Barton had called him into his office and asked him if he would enjoy playing an active role in punishing his female fellow students, starting with the November ‘open’ punishment assembly. As a start, he would be asked to whip Ibby on her spread vulva to start the proceedings – however, he would be generally closely involved with the event, helping... Continue»
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Goodbye Sex With Fatima 5.

I woke up before her and started touching her. She slowly came out of sleep and hummed contentedly as she became aware of what I was doing to her. I spooned around her and caressed her softly with my hand. She started to turn over, turn into my arms and touch and kiss, but I stopped her with a firm hand on her hip. Sleep fell further away, and she wanted to protest. But her mouth opened and only a small sigh escaped as my hand slipped up her body, sliding on her naked body to gently cup her breast.

Her own hand reached up to try and pull my hand away so she could turn to touch me, but I jus... Continue»
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Ana in a bar booth

That night I was at the bar with my coworkers after office; when one of them approached to me, telling that he had just seen my wife in one of the booths in the company of a huge black man.
My sweet Ana had apparently decided to take her date to the bar where she knew I was meeting my friends so she could humiliate me in front of them.

I knew I might as well let her do as she wished and I would enjoy the spoils later when we both returned home.
My old mate William proceeded to tell me that he stopped to say hello once he saw Anita and chatted with them for several minutes. He then told... Continue»
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Mark at home waiting for my husband

Saturday afternoon I let Victor`s friend inside home to wait for him…
Then Mark started talking about how he loved my ass jiggling when I walked and he couldn’t keep his hands off of it. He also talked about my bouncing big tits and how he loved my nipples getting so big when he touched them. When he pinched them hard, it only made them harder.
When he pushed me against the refrigerator and started rubbing my pussy, I automatically started dripping my juices and my body started quivering.
Then Mark grabbed me by the hair and pushed me to my knees, ordering me to suck his cock like the bla... Continue»
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She Was Looking At Me

She Was Looking At Me

The bar I had been told about, my friend said it was where butch women go to find lipstick.

“They are not all nice,” she had warned but didn’t elaborate.

I’d ordered a gin and tonic from the dyke behind the counter. She eyed me up and down, served my drink without comment and took my money. The bar was busy. A lot of women, some, like me in dresses, some in jeans, some in good suits, man style. The whole gamut.

She was tall. I like them tall. Her hair was cut short but not manly. Elfin was a word that sprang to mind. I could only see her to the waist because sh... Continue»
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Buying my own Pantyhose.

I really feel like living dangerously,, since trying out pantyhose, I am now hooked on them, and wear them 24/7, have to be so careful I dont get cuaght, especially at work, I work in a factory. To make sure I get the roght sort of pantyhose I travel out of town, about 70 miles and shop well away. Yesterday I bought some black fishnet pantyhose, completely seamless and very small mesh, also the shop had a sale on with Seamless pantyhose on 20 denier which is unusual,,, so I bought 20 pairs of pale tan and of black. I also bought a lot of pantyhose with an open seam under the crotch, so thought... Continue»
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Mi primer Trio con mi esposa!

Todo comenzó hace 2 años , Yo era una persona muy celosa con mi esposa regularmente peleabamos mucho tanto yo como ella nos celabamos demasiado , ya no era lo mismo como cuando fuimos novios con el tiempo ella pensó que la engañaba ( claro jamas me atrevi hacerlo por la razon que la AMO).
Claro como todo hombre nos pueden gustar otras mujeres mas sin embargo un dia , me dijo es que tu me engañas sin dudarlo dos veces le mencione que no! , fue cuando le dije mira eh visto mujeres y realmente me atraen pero no seria capas de hacerlo , cuando le menciono en ese caso prefiero hace un trio entre 2... Continue»
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Greek Beach Sex Holiday - Another Day

A couple of days latter Erika and I began to walk along that same beach, but as I said previously, it was along way to the far end. After the previous adventure I thought Erika would be enthusiastic to do the walk, but to my disappointment she said that half way would be far enough along. Women !!!!, who can understand them ????

There was a small dune at this point, backed by a low cliff, so we found our way to the top of the dune, laid our towels out, put the sun shade up, and stripped off. During the morning, apart from the occasional people walking up the beach, we didn't see anyone. We ... Continue»
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I meet a Hard Brutha Gay

I was out shoppin for porn one day when I saw a new bookstore I hadn’t been to. When I parked in the back and headed in, I noticed an quite a few cars there. 

The clerk was a good looking older white lady and she smiled as I came in. I went to ask her for directions to her new stuff and she says “ are you here for the movies too?” I wasn’t sure what she meant but I said yes anyway. She then asked me for five bucks and gave me a pass. “down the hall and to the left. Enjoy” she added. 

I hit the left and go inside a big door with all kinds of warnings on it. Inside was a hallway with rows ... Continue»
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Altar Preparation

Calming the bride before the altar is easy for a bridesmaid and her step brother:

A quaint romantic heritage country church and a former colonial mansion as the reception and honeymoon site, well what more could a young woman want on her wedding day. I was about to get it all. My divine hunk of a guy. My Tom. All mine.
All that remained was a leisurely forty minute drive to the altar accompanied by my bff, my bridesmaid, the always reliable Stephanie and my driver for the occasion, her step-brother Jacob in an immaculately restored FJ Holden. The shiny mirror state of all the chrome ... Continue»
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What a mother she is to me Part 1

Mom and I were home alone for the weekend. Dad was on a business trip and sis was at the lake.
My mother is very young looking, although she is 40. She has kept up on the hot cloths to ware and what type of make-up to put on for ever situation. There were times when she and dad were going out that I thought they might be swingers or someting. She was dressed perfectly, but what she had on made her look a bit like a slut. Very short skirt, a top that you could look down and see her tits and high heels. Well I found out a few weeks after that, they didn't swing. What was going on was my mothe... Continue»
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