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Another hard round with Romeo


I got down on all fours and although I was a little sore from the hard fucking that Pedro had given me, I prepared myself to take Romeo`s huge dick again in my stretched cunt. I raised my ass showing the nice dog I was ready for him. He sniffed me and licked my wet pussy. I must have still been giving off a scent that said I was in heat because he soon hopped up on my back thrusting and searching out my very wet entrance. We knew each other very well and it didn't take long for him to hit the mark. Romeo felt my heat and pushed forward impaling me on his entire length. I heard Caroline gas… Read more

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Passed Around Like a Bottle of Booze

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Passed Around Like a Bottle of Booze By billy69boy I loved the holiday season alright, but part of me dreaded going home for break. I enjoyed seeing my old friends and my family, but now that I had a taste of freedom and independence living on campus, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to want to get out of there as soon as possible. Mostly it was my parents. I know they meant well, but they just had a way of driving me crazy without really even trying. So, I wasn't surprised that it only took me half a day at home before I excused myself after lunch and mumbled something about v… Read more

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Dear Diary #4

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Dear Diary #4 "Don't worry; I knew the two of you were involved when he invited me over. I think it's kind of hot actually, but I don't know how you could handle him. His cock is as big around as your forearm. I trust you won't say anything about me being here. You can trust that I won't say anything about the two of you either." I couldn't stop the smirk that crept across my face. "I couldn't handle him. I don't know how far I got, but it definitely wasn't all of it. My pussy was so sore after he took my virginity that I didn't want to move much the next day. Of course, starting my p… Read more

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Vacation Fun Chapter 1

CelebritiesGroup SexLesbian Sex

Vacation Fun Chapter 1 - Vacation Fun (The girls of iCarly/Victorious/Sam & Cat go on Vacation together to catch up and relax.) With everyone off doing their own thing, there hasn’t been much time to hang out like they did in the past, so it is no shock that when everyone got the invitation Tori and Jade sent out, they accepted without a second thought. The invitation is for a week’s vacation at a private beach house, complete with a small private beach, Tori won the vacation as a prize in a singing competition. Tori and Jade were the first ones at the vacation house sin… Read more

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Fanfiction to Reality

CelebritiesLesbian Sex

Fanfiction to Reality Carly opened a search tab on her PearPad as Sam sat down next to her. "What're you doing Carly?" "I'm curious about something. Our show is really popular. I was wondering if we had reached the level of popularity where people begin to write fan fictions about it." "Are you sure about that? There are some strange fan fictions. Are you sure you'll be comfortable with whatever you find?" "Of course, what's the worst that can happen?" Carly typed iCarly into the search bar of the first fan fiction site she saw when she goggled the term “fan fiction site” and w… Read more

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My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Six

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Six Since the day I took the first photo session with Kelly until today, my little s!ster had discovered a whole new world of pleasure. When I am not home, my s!sters spend a lot of time together sharing everything, from a simple bubble bath to an extensive use of sexual toys that they had bought in the past few weeks. Sometimes, when I arrive home, Tracy is so spent from their lesbian sessions that she doesn't want to know anything about sex for the rest of the night. But Kelly... she is another story. Kelly is always ready for more and she has so much… Read more

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Interracial SexHardcoreGroup Sex

My Wifes Aunt, Mother In laws sister, business women, dog owner and the dirtiest slut I know, has a interesting history. Which only I become aware off since the mother in law joined in the games and opened up. I going share some off the interesting bits with you now. Madge apparently had a fairly conventional upbringing nothing that her sister would share anyway, it started when she met a coffee farmer from Kenya. He was white and in the words of the mother in law colonial old fashioned. However Madge and the farmer appeared to get on and they got married before moving to Kenya. Big relief th… Read more

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Bitch, Invincible

CelebritiesLesbian Sex

Bitch, Invincible [Sequel to Girl, Invisible] It had been a whim, mostly, something to get under B’s skin. Kinda ironic really, since she’d been wearing B’s skin at the time. After getting to know her new body very well — she’d come three times at the thought of fucking B’s cunt with her fingers alone — she rolled out of bed, still bare-assed naked, and went into the hallway. She had been on her way to the kitchen to dig up something to eat when she happened to glance into the k!d’s room. She was all snuggled up for beddy-bye, a brown and black stuffed dog clutched tightly to… Read more

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Realizing what I really wanted

First TimeLesbian Sex

I made my way towards the bathrooms. I had to fix my hair. I had to make sure my makeup was alright. I just had to. He was here and I had to look perfect. Yeah he never noticed me but that was alright. He would someday. And that someday would be today. I open the bathroom door, walk a few steps still thinking about him, when I freeze in my steps. That’s when I was brought back to reality. There, leaned against the wall, was Melissa making out with Ashley. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’ve heard that they were lesbians but I never actually believed completely because they never seemed… Read more

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Advice for dating a tranny ... for the semi-straig


I will apologize right of for the grammar etc. I am not a professional writer by any means. A bit of prep is in order here. As an adult no one really likes being told how to think or what to do, we have TV commercials for that. That said, as a "Gurl" I may have a bit of insight into why your long fantasized about date with a chick with a dick didn't go as you dreamed. I would also like to point out I am in no way an expert and I am sure my views will differ form other "gurls" so take it for what it is, my opinions, everybody has them. I am not full time so my opinions will be far different… Read more

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Becky's mom

First TimeMatureAnal

When I was 16 my girlfriend, Becky, was a total bitch. Her mom noticed too, and I told her that I thought she was a great lady and that I was going to miss not talking with and seeing her. I was going to stop seeing her daughter. About 3 days later she asked me to stop by and say hi, she said she wanted to see if I was interested in doing some yard clean up. So, I did. I got to the door and went in, it was just the two of us. She said she had a list and would be back in a moment. She came back in her bra and panties. My dick was hard in an instant, 2 seconds tops. She was thick and a bit on th… Read more

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Drunken one-night stand

First TimeInterracial SexAnal

Freshman year of college, I played it pretty cool the first couple of months, because I was crushing pretty hard on a girl from back home. I drank a lot but didn't do much in the way of hooking up with girls. That all ended when the girl back home helped me reach the devastating realization over Thanksgiving break that it was never going to happen. The result was me looking to relieve my sexual frustration with the first girl I could find. One Friday night I tagged along with a friend to an apartment party , and that's where I met Liz, a freshman at another nearby college. Liz took a year off… Read more

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That Gurl

AnalGroup SexShemales

That Gurl Monica was a little nervous as she rode the elevator up to the 45th floor. It was the Executive Floor, influential money makers. She worked in the interoffice mail room for the whole building and had never hand delivered to “45”. Monica checked herself out in the mirror like walls of the elevator. Hand brushing her hair, she was satisfied that her cowl neck sweater with her pleated skirt were OK. The elevator stopped on floor 20 and a tall lady stepped in. They exchanged glances before she turned to face the door.… Read more

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My work with my partner.


Let me tell about sex in my way. Maybe you practice this already. If you do, you sertainly has discovered that sex is about the feelings you get on the tip of the penis and the vaginal rubbung and toch to the girls clitoris tip. We play first. I'll touch her skin, stroking her breasts. Rubb her butt and lead my hand to her legs from the ancels and up to her crotch and down again the other leg. Sticking my hand into her skirt, from top down into her panties from behind and over the thigh and feel on her legs. The skin from stomach to thigh is very soft and nice to feel. So I open my pants so he… Read more

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Ferry Ride

VoyeurGroup SexMasturbation

Callie witnesses searing public sex on a morning commuter ferry and gets the invitation to join in.... I wasn’t enjoying the harbour crossing this particular Wednesday morning. I was regretting my decision to avoid the ferry commuter rush from Manley to the Quay by taking the ‘early bird’. Yes I had some personnel space but it was winter chilly and as the ferry crossed The Heads, it was uncomfortably choppy and rough. I knew I had to get outside to the rails and risk the sea spray or end up barfing over my recently acquired Burberry coat. The full trench was very fetching on me, classi… Read more

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MatureFirst TimeTaboo

..... It was hidden in a bank by the creek. I told my mom how cool it was and how no one could see or find it. She smiled and said how her dad had built her one when she was young. A private place where dad and her could go to talk private. Talk private? I wondered what they would have to talk ‘private’ about. She would say no more but just stared out the window with a smile on her face. “Ya gotta come down and see it mom. It’s even air conditioned by the creek.” She looked at me with a strange look and smile. She whispered: (“..ok yes, let’s go and see it tonight. I’ll take a tiny light f… Read more

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Sister Surprise

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Steve rolled over and started stir as the morning sunlight shone through the gap in the blinds and hit him in the eyes, holding his hand in front of his face he opened his eyes and glanced over at the clock "Hmph, 8am, should really get out of bed" he said quietly to himself. Sitting up he rubbed his eyes and swung his legs off the bed feeling the soft carpet beneath his feet, he let out a yawn and stretched before turning to see if his 18 year old girlfriend had awoken yet "Sally, you awake" he asked softly, no reply, which was usual as she could sleep in all day if she had no reaso… Read more

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Mom Turned My BF Gay PT2

First TimeInterracial Sex

Andrew woke up with a start. No! No! It could not have happened, his conscious mind told him. He did not just get fucked by another man. But even as his thoughts sought to deny it, he felt a stab of pain in his ass and knew it was true. He threw the covers aside and stared at the huge wet spot beneath his ass. His incomprehension lasted only seconds and then he became aware of the slow dribble oozing from his asshole – he was lying in a pool of Thomas's cum, cum that had originally been dumped deep in him. My god it looked like there was a gallon of it on the bed. And all of that had been in h… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I lay in bed half exhausted after another sweaty, athletic workout with her. Our sex is always like that, incredible, hot and nasty, the best I’ve ever had. After her third orgasm she had gotten up and gone into the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running in the sink. Then the bathroom door reopened and my sister sauntered over and got back into bed beside me. She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my chest with her nimble fingers. I kissed her on her forehead and cupped her breast in my hand. She raised her head and kissed my lips and gave my tongue another t… Read more

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Fooling Around With Sis

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My sister Amber and I are in high school and for most of our lives we have been weaned by our father with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). When we were younger we use to horse around and pretend to lock arms and try to pin the other person. As Amber matured, she became a very attractive cheerleader, but still enjoyed horsing around with me; despite the fact our parents no longer think it is cute any more. I am telling you all this, because wrestling led directly to my first sexual experience of my life, when my older sister Amber challenged me to a wrestling match. It was a Saturday af… Read more

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