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I read the first story I put about this and I realized that I left quite a bit out as that was a lot to Saipan and it happened quite a while ago, about 25 years ago! There is quite a bit more that we did as it was actually about 3 days and almost three nights worth of sex, in the first story I posted I mentioned 3 days of sex but is only two of the days worth and two of the nights! I accidentally left out most of the second day and the third night! So this picks up part way through the second day. If you recall after the morning of the second day we had already fucked a few time and she had a… Read more

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Corina Chapter 18

First TimeVoyeurGroup Sex

I get to watch he fucking again!!! ENJOY!!! I woke up the next morning and Corina was in the bathtub taking a soaking bath and I went in to take a piss. When I finished I gave my sexy little wife a passionate kiss and asked her how she felt. Corina said her butt hole was sore and she smiled and said it was worth it. I lay in bed until Corina was done with her bath and I went in to take a shower. When I finished I went out and coffee was brewing and Corina fixed us a cup each and Traci was taking a shower. Corina asked me if I wanted to go take one with her and I said I didn't have it… Read more

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Anal sex, fisting and degradation - Part 2


I almost overslept. Hectically I took a shower, put on some make up and got dressed. My mum asked where I was going and I told her, I was attending a sleep over at Anna. Anna! I had totally forgotten about her. A second time within 24 hours. While sitting in the bus, I read her texts. More than 50 messages since midnight. I texted her back and informed her about the events. She replied immediately and wished me best luck. A few minutes after 7 o’clock I rang Andy’s bell. The dog barked and waited behind the door. When it opened, the dog sprang right at me and tried to lick my face. I almost fe… Read more

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my wife was away for a day or two


When My Wife was Away F/M By OTKFM When My Wife was Away As you know from my other stories, my wife spanks me. But when she was gone for a week on a business trip, I thought I wouldn't be spanked and could do anything I wanted to do. So I thought I would wait until she was due back in town before I cleaned up the house, but until then, I would live like a sloppy single bachelor again. My wife left on early Monday morning for the airport, so by Wednesday, the dirty dishes were piled in the sink and on the counters, my dirty clothes were all over the house, and the bathroom was a real mess. T… Read more

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Tales of Lotus island - Olivia part 3

Group SexLesbian SexFirst Time

Olivia was excited about the flight to Lotus Island because this was the first time she had been in an executive jet because wealthy as her father was, being the owner of a successful company but it didn’t warrant this level of luxury. Lotus Island having to fly in its very wealthy guests around did and on this occasion they were flying with one of the directors, her friend Chrissy. Geoffrey, her father, had not only bought a permanent villa on the island but was working with the owners on some major financial security problem. Livy understood it up to a point with organised crime and money… Read more

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Cece's Game - Chapter 1 - Pizza Time


Cecilia Graham got home late that Friday night. Not too terribly late. Just late enough that neither she nor her husband, Martin, had any interest in cooking dinner by the time she got there. “Pizza okay?” Martin yelled from somewhere upstairs. “Sure,” Cecilia said. Martin knew she didn’t really like pizza all that much, but both of them knew that neither wanted to go out for anything or even so much as heat up something from the freezer. And the only joint that delivered to this part of town was the Hut. “Pizza would be fine.” “I’ll call it in,” he replied. “What do you want on it?” For a… Read more

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AnalGroup SexHardcore

Well dean picked us up at 8o'clock, from Carlisle as arranged. Emma jumped in the front, me in the back, sitting in the back was an older guy I'd not meet before called Dorian, he was in is 30‘s dean explained that he was a prop in the team, but we had to drop him off on the way as he had to get home to the wife. We'd only been driving a few minutes, before i felt Dorian hand sliding up my leg, and into my thong, and without hesitation, slipped a thick rough finger into me. He told dean to pull into a lay-by up ahead by some trees as he wanted to fuck me!! We jump out of the car, and went into… Read more

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The Thunder

MatureTabooFirst Time

I ran across this story a few years ago, it bears being told once more. Ever since she was a little girl, my oldest daughter has been afraid of thunderstorms and afraid of the dark. It isn’t like she has ever been in a destructive storm so I don’t know why she gets so afraid, but let it rain and thunder and the girl absolutely refuses to be alone. Her mom finds it ridiculous for a girl her age to get so scared, and the night light drives mom crazy too. Maybe I have just babied my girls too much over the years, but at any rate, here’s what happened last fall. It was about a month before she… Read more

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I love black cock! (I'm such a black cock slu

Group SexInterracial SexAnal

Here you go-fresh from tonight: something that's been developing for the past month or so... I recently made friends with a wonderful interracial couple at a home gardening class. First we went out for lunch to talk about composting, and had a wonderful conversation. Sat is an African-American-India Indian mix, and Jenn in an amazing looking (and VERY buxom) white girl from Boston. Of course, the first thing that I noticed was Sat's long thick fingers (in the very beginning of the class, as they were standing across from me). They were very absorbed in the class and each other, so I was cool… Read more

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Mistress Flavia and Ophelia Flagellate Me--Chapter


Mistress Flavia and Ophelia Flagellate Me--Chapter 1 When I was admitted to the dungeon, Ophelia greeted me and took me into one of the small waiting rooms. She was a Mistress in training, so I could just call her by her first name. Her blonde hair was tied back in a severe ponytail. She was wearing knee high black boots, and sexy red bikini underwear that pushed up her breasts provocatively. “Strip,” she said. I obeyed and hung my clothes on the wall hooks. “You know how to stand. Let me inspect you.” I held my hands behind my back and stood patiently while Ophelia approached me. I knew… Read more

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A Good Friday Fuck To Remember


All my stories are true, I really don't have the time or imagination to make this stuff up. I've had a pretty decent amount of sexual experiences but this one stayed with me, I still rub one off thinking of this particular one every once in a while, even though it was 20 years ago. She was and still is a friend of my sister, (I have fucked many of my sister's friends). I just recently moved back from the states to my parents home in PR, I had a job already lined up for me down there. A few weeks before this story happened, I had an incredible sexual experience in Old San Juan with a blonde blu… Read more

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Corina Chapter 17

First TimeHardcoreGroup Sex

I have fun with my sexy little wife and her friend!!! ENJOY IT LIKE I DID!!!! Corina let me take her nightie off and stopped me when I started to rub her very wet slit. She said I wasn't supposed to touch her pussy for a month and smiled at me. I pushed her on the bed and told her there was no way I could last a month without her pussy. I said I was not going to last the night even and she giggled up at me. I smiled at Corina and told her to just lay there a minute because I had a surprise for her. I went to the side of the bed and reached under the bed for the blindfold. I waved it a… Read more

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Corina Chapter 16

First TimeVoyeurHardcore

I watch my wife eat pussy!!!! ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!! Corina giggled and said that Traci and she were going to make us sloppy joes for dinner and I get to watch two sexy cooks work in the kitchen. I said I liked that idea and I went and took a piss. I came out and I went to watch TV and I saw Traci and Corina were in the kitchen with those short nighties with tiny panties and only high heels on. I went and stood at the table and they both broke out laughing when they saw me standing there staring at them. Two awesome butts barely covered with those tiny almost see through panties… Read more

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Wife Val Ace of Spades pt. 2

Group SexInterracial SexMature

Almost two months have gone by since I discovered my wife Val has become an Ace of Spades whore for several black men. I have known about Val being used as a black bitch whore, and never let on to her that I knew what was going on. One day, Val came home late from work, as usual, she looked, and smelled as she had cock breath with an odor of shit on, and in her mouth. She gave me a big French kiss as always, and sure enough I tasted sperm with a taste of shit in her mouth. I acted like I had no clue as to why the was late from work, and why her mouth had a taste, and an odor of a dirty sewer.… Read more

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Corina Chapter 15

First TimeHardcore

I find out some secrets about my wife!!! ENJOY!!!! I got home from work and just as I walked into the apartment Corina called out asking me if she could go with one of the girls from work and get a couple drinks and something to eat. I didn't say anything because it was messing up what I had planned for the night after we ate. I asked her how late she was going to be and she said that Susie just needed to talk to someone a while and might be as late as eleven or so. I told her ok and I would fix something and watch TV until she got home. She told me I was an amazing husband and she lo… Read more

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Corina Chapter 14

HardcoreFirst Time

My wife is such a tease!!! Enjoy!!! Nothing really happened and then Corina told me Wednesday night that she had to work late on Thursday and every two or so weeks it happens. I never thought anything about her getting fucked by someone because this happened for a while before the game. It gave me time to check out things I was interested in getting. At lunchtime I went to a camera store and got talked into a video camera with an extra microphone and it would record onto SD cards or even to a laptop or a removable USB hard drive. I got two 64 GB cards and picked up a USB 3 GB hard dri… Read more

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Corina Chapter 13

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

More secrets!!! ENJOY!!!! Monday I got home from work and Corina was lying on the couch with just a pullover shirt on and she was reading her notebook and her legs were wide open. Once I got next to her I could see how wet and swollen her pussy was and Corina lowered the notebook and smiled at me. I reached out to touch her pussy and Corina asked me if I wanted to check her pussy for the week already. Then she giggled and told me if I did then I couldn't touch her pussy again for the rest of the week unless she told me I could. I looked at her and she said it was my rule and my game s… Read more

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Rent Free But I Have Too Do? Gay

Gay MaleFetish

I am going to write about my first experience during the most sexual year of my life. I was out of control that year but really loved being dominated by men and lived with an older guy who had a girlfriend. It was summer and I was going to be a junior in college and most of my friends had already graduated so I desperately needed a roommate to split my apartment costs. A friend of my ex roommate also needed a place to stay so we agreed to rent a place together. Bob was not a student but worked in town as a manager at a local retail store and he was 28 years-old compared to me who was 20 at the… Read more

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Corina Chapter 12

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

I'm having so much fun and so is my hot little wife!!! The story continues!!!! Corina sat on my lap for a while just sighing and kissing me while she cuddled on me. Finally she got up and asked me if I was hungry and I told her I ate a snack a little while ago and asked her if Cindy and she had something to eat and she said they did. Corina got up and I went and put my shorts on and asked her if she wanted to do anything right now. She said if I wanted to watch football she will finish writing about Morgan and she smiled. I said it was fine with me and sat down on the couch and watche… Read more

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Corina Chapter 11

HardcoreFirst Time

My wife is becoming the slut I always wanted!!!! ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!! Corina sat me on the foot of the bed and took off my shirt while she was smiling into my eyes. Then she wouldn't let me get up and took off my socks that were still on my feet. Corina had me stand up in front of her while she was on her knees and then slid off my pants and boxers. Then she kissed the head of my cock and told me I had a perfect dick and she loved it almost as much as me. Corina told me to sit back down so I did and she moved up on her knees in between my thighs. She took my cock with her hand… Read more

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