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The Second Man leaving me wondering! (All True.)

AnalGroup SexVoyeur

After over two hours of mostly looking on and at times sharing Ruth to my relief he led us back indoors leaving the crumpled duvet on the lawn in the gathering darkness. When we got inside my wife's naked body in stark detail under the bright lights she stood unashamed as we looked at her cunt on display the slit pouting from all the use of the last two hours before sitting down and crossing her legs. She asked me to hand her skirt and blouse to her causing him to protest but she for the first time refused him something and got dressed. I did too feeling somehow just a bit player with his tak… Read more

Posted by takemywife 13 hours ago 709 100%

Another from the GurlTown Files Sherrie 4

AnalGroup SexShemales

Boonie Baby's Whore Warren came to assist her getting up, he winked at her. Knowing what that wink meant, she clumsily got up spreading her thighs, pausing seconds, twisting on unbalanced legs. She made sure everyone in every direction got flashed. As she stood, Warren told everyone to give them a minute of privacy and grab a cigarette break outside. Sherrie said, “I know what my Baby wants”. She turned around, got on her knees, using her own dripping cum to lubricate her hole, she waited saying, “let them in”. They came in and gasped! Warren said… Read more

Posted by GurlTown 13 hours ago 221 100%

tuve suerte

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

Era el ultimo dia de trabajo y estabamos celebrando la fiesta de fin de año en el trabajo, no habian muchas mujeres pero si habian muchas cervezas y mucho ron, comenzamos a tomar y a celebrar a eso de la 1 de la tarde y terminamos como a las 8:30 o 9:00, al salir ya estaba bien borracho y al despedirme de las pocas mujeres que habian pude manosearle el culo a unas cuantas y ninguna me dijo nada, ya estarian borrachas, solo con eso ya estaba bien exitado, queria agarrar tetas, culos o que me mamaran el guevo o que me hicieran la paja, al llegar a la casa no quise entrar de inmediato ya que quer… Read more

Posted by jadever 14 hours ago 160

My wife's hand in marriage

AnalInterracial SexGroup Sex

After my girlfriend Debbie and myself left her black daddy pimp's house, she tells me baby I really like you, but I have an addiction to large black men. I had just saw her naked for the first time and she was literally riding his huge black cock up her small ass hole. Humping him like a total fuck slut. His hands pulling her pussy open and rubbing her clit. He looks me straight in the eyes and says I hear you have something to ask me, white boi? His stare was so strong I knew to look away and it fell back on his cock being ridden like a galloping horse, by his slut. I answer in a weak voice,… Read more

Posted by alamoman373 14 hours ago 1,073 50%

Molly’s Boobs


Molly was a sister of my best friend Tom. She was 6 years younger than Tom, a little cutie who played in the garden, while Tom and me were busy doing all the important things teenage boys do. We built a hut, ride bikes, steal cherries and apples from other gardens, and sometimes we went fishing instead of going to school. We fought, too. One day when I got beaten by a group of older boys Tom helped me throwing stones at them. Well, one stone hit me, but the other stones hit the bullies and the resulting effect was their hunting Tom. He managed to escape on his bike and I went home to have my w… Read more

Posted by BobbyLAurel 14 hours ago 1 1,540 71%



Die Sub steht in Grundstellung vor ihrem Dom Rick, außer ihrem ledernen Fesselgeschirr vollkommen nackt mit gespreizten Beinen und devot gesenktem Blick. Ihre Arme sind vor ihrem Bauch an den Handfesseln zusammengehakt, obwohl sie diese eh nicht benutzen dürfte, denn was nun geschieht liegt alleine im Ermessen ihres Dom`s - nur er entscheidet, was mit Sub geschehen wird. Ausschließlich er bestimmt über den Körper und die Lust seiner Sub. Sie gehört IHM mit Haut und Haaren, weil SIE das so will und glücklich ist, sich ihm geschenkt zu haben. Dom hakt die Spreizstange an den Fußfesseln ein un… Read more

Posted by Anitram71 15 hours ago 95 100%

Picnic Orgy

AnalVoyeurGroup Sex

I answered an ad on Craigslist covering a location near my area to take part in dogging; a thrill known mostly along the parkways in the UK where participants park at rest areas or off-road locations and have sex. It could include anything from blow jobs to gang bangs and usually results in a discrete orgy. Since many of the adult stores were either shuttered or regulated, having consensual sex in a public venue is pretty much an impossibility. I responded to the post by asking the ad poster when and where they proposed having this 'dogging' venture. I also asked if bisexuals were invited as… Read more

Posted by baltorture 15 hours ago 1 974 100%



Die Sub steht in Grundstellung vor ihrem Dom Rick, außer ihrem ledernen Fesselgeschirr vollkommen nackt mit gespreizten Beinen und devot gesenktem Blick. Ihre Arme sind vor ihrem Bauch an den Handfesseln zusammengehakt, obwohl sie diese eh nicht benutzen dürfte, denn was nun geschieht liegt alleine im Ermessen ihres Dom`s - nur er entscheidet, was mit Sub geschehen wird. Ausschließlich er bestimmt über den Körper und die Lust seiner Sub. Sie gehört IHM mit Haut und Haaren, weil SIE das so will und glücklich ist, sich ihm geschenkt zu haben. Dom hakt die Spreizstange an den Fußfesseln ein un… Read more

Posted by Anitram71 15 hours ago 81 100%


Group SexHardcore

You sit awaiting the line of cocks you'd been promised in an ad from the internet. Currently though, there's only a camera-man and the MC, chatting to asking about your life. You feel slightly nervous with camera, anxious you may be obviously blushing. He makes a comment, "You seem to have a wonderful ass. Do you ever twerk it?". You giggle remembering the video on Pornhub. "Ah, yeah I do. Wanna see?" The MC laughs, bearing a thick smile, "well of course". You casually stand from the couch and flick your hair over your shoulder. Deliberately and calmly, you softly swing your hips to each side,… Read more

Posted by Lilwill123 16 hours ago 408


Lesbian SexBDSMTaboo

When I awoke some time later it took me a while to realise where I was and for the memories of what had happened to start flooding back. I also became aware of an unfamiliar weight in my lap. When I looked down I saw a naked figure, kneeling at my feet, with her head in my lap and seemingly fast asleep. I moved slightly and the figure came instantly awake. Her head came up and she had the look of a c***d caught stealing from the biscuit jar. I stroked her head gently and smiled at her. “My dear Charlotte, are you OK?” In reply she merely smiled weakly at me. “Where is your mother?” “She .… Read more

Posted by Mistress_Christine 16 hours ago 1,982 100%

Nächtliche Gedanken


Das ist eine alte Geschichte von mir, die ich auch woanders gepostet habe... Ich lag im Bett mit geschlossenen Augen. Meine Gedanken drehten sich nur um die Aufgaben, die noch erledigt werden müssen. Irgendwann kamst du zu mir, aber ich war so vertieft in meine Gedanken, dass ich nicht einmal merkte, dass du da bist. Dies hat dir nicht gefallen und wolltest deine „Rache“. Bis mir klar wurde, dass ich nicht allein bin, warst du schon ganz nackt. Wollte aufstehen und zu dir kommen, aber du hast mich zurück geschoben. Habe verstanden, mein Liebling möchte beobachtet werden und meine ganze Aufmer… Read more

Posted by goldswing 16 hours ago 93

how it all started part 1

First TimeVoyeur

Hi we have been asked many times how we got into cuckold /wife share so I have decided to post our story on here but please remember I am not a writer so you will have to put up with any misspelling and bad grammar. 2nd thing to remember this was a long time ago, next year will be our 40th wedding anniversary, so it’s as true as I can remember. 3rd is that there was no internet net or even mobile phones back then, we did not know there was such a term as cuckold, hotwifes or wife share, we did not know it’s not uncommon for hubbys to get off on their wives fucking other men, we had rea… Read more

Posted by mandc58 17 hours ago 1,111 100%

Keuschhaltung vom Mann und Big Dicks für sie


Wir sind ein glücklich verheiratetes Paar seit 13 Jahren. Wir waren lange Zeit Clubgänger. Seit ungefähr zwei Jahren ging meine Fantasie in die Richtung, dass ich gern mal von uhrkeusch gehalten werden wollte, was sie oft kommentierte „Nerv nicht rum, wir haben doch geilen Sex und wieso soll ich dich da weg sperren?“ Vor ca. 3 Monaten gab sie meiner Nervenei nach „Okay, aber dann komplett nach meinen Regeln und beschwer dich nie“, ich war froh und konterte „Schatz, ich werd mich nie beschweren“ sie lächelt „aber wenn Du keusch sein willst, Du weißt ja, dass ich viel Sex brauche, dann gestehst… Read more

Posted by Schwanzzoefchen 17 hours ago 174 100%

Fucking a Bound Slut

HardcoreTabooGroup Sex

Debra was looking for a gift to get her husband, Dan, for his birthday. Dan would be turning 30, and she wanted to get him something special. Dan had mentioned all he really wanted was Debra. She decided if she was to be Dan’s present, she should be properly “gift wrapped”. Debra called a friend of Dan’s named Jake. Jake and Dan had been friends since they were k**s. Jake owned an Adult Book and Accessory store just on the outskirts of town. Debra inquired about closing time, and made arrangements to stop by around closing so she could try on some of store’s nastiest attire. Through out her ma… Read more

Posted by sluttami 17 hours ago 2 1,615 100%

My adventures in gay sex - part 1

Gay MaleFirst Time

Everything I write here is true. I think I've always known I was bisexual, I had a fascination with guys but the stigma of the 90's meant it you were either straight or gay, no in between, no room for experimentation. I would declare myself to be bisexual but my slightly prudish fiancee would see this as a declaration of being gay and that I didn't love/fancy/get-a-raging-boner-for her, which wouldn't be true. I secretly know myself to be bisexual in that I will have sex with men or women, but I only have love for my fiancee, as bastardly as I have been to her. I'd lost my virginity to a g… Read more

Posted by josh5800 18 hours ago 1 997 67%

A weekend fucking my girlfriend and her mother (2)

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

I had originally planned for there to be Parts 2 & 3 but have instead decided to combine them as they are both finished. This Part 2 is therefore very long. Part 1 can be found here - Part 2 will make more sense if you read Part 1 first. --- While we were at the phone, Kate filled the dishwasher in the kitchen and prepared the drinks. For a while, Ruth and I were alone. Ruth put her arms around me and hugged me tightly. "Thanks for joining in, I was worried that you might run a mile". "You knew yo… Read more

Posted by Sirram 18 hours ago 1 2,164 100%

Die perfekte Geliebte Teil 3


Diesmal folgt der 3. Und letzte Teil unserer außergewöhnlichen Liebesgeschichte! Nach einen arbeitsreichen Tag, es wurde ziemlich spät und als schon alle gegangen waren, kam sie in mein Büro und fragte ob noch etwas zu erledigen wäre. Dabei stellte sie sich neben mich, um mir noch Unterlagen auf den Schreibtisch zu legen an dem ich noch saß, beugte sich dabei nach vorne und bot mir die immer wieder erregende Aussicht auf ihre vollen Brüste die ihr T-Shirt fast sprengten . Ich sah seitlich auf ihren runden vollen Hintern in dem engen kurzen Rock und auf die sich abzeichnenden saftigen Obers… Read more

Posted by artor77 18 hours ago 147 100%

Tales from Mondale – Dan and Karen. Part Two.


Part 2 of this tale. Again, the story is not for “fap” readers. Sorry. The story will cross various categories and, for the most part, is written in UK English. Sex tales are not my usual writing genre, although I have written erotic scenes for my novels. So, here goes… Tales from Mondale – Dan and Karen. Part Two. As Dan drove in the direction of the Mondale mall, some twenty minutes later, he was considering the brief phone call from his neighbour. It had been difficult for him to discern Ellen’s mood by her tone of voice, but he sensed she was a woman on a mission. The last thing he… Read more

Posted by vesan 19 hours ago 286 100%

Sex Club (stage 5) Orgy Club


Stage 5 Orgy Club Dave couldn’t stop thinking about the last four stages of Sex Club. He had watched strippers being abused, he’d taken part in a bondage session, he’d massaged a young girls pussy and had double penetration with a school girl. He was racking his brains as to what could be next. The fat man seemed to be organizing all the events so what seedy ideas had he got for the last stage? Sure enough he got the message on his computer a few days later, it said, ‘you have almost completed all five stages of Sex Club, your last assignment will be tonight at 8pm, be ready’. Dave read the me… Read more

Posted by nanplabwern 19 hours ago 413 100%

Das geile Ehepaar


"Netzfund" Einer der letzten Schultage vor den Ferien. Es war ja schon sehr warm vor den Ferien und ich trage nie einen BH, wenn ich dann auch kein Unterhemd anziehe, dann zeichnen sich meine Warzen und die Nippel natürlich gut ab unter einem dünnen T-Shirt Stoff. Meistens ziehe ich ja dann eine Bluse in die Schule an. Das hat den Vorteil, dass mir nicht den ganzen tag die Mitschüler und die Lehrer auf die Brüste starren. Nicht dass es mich besonders stört, aber wenn ich dann das einzige Lustobjekt bin, wird es mir doch ein wenig viel. Beim FKK zeigen und schauen ja alle, da verteilt sich das… Read more

Posted by warze62 19 hours ago 395 100%
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