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Public sex


Hi everyone, I am new here and wanted to share a fetish my wife and I have about public sex! We love to search out very sexy babes in shopping centers and park by thier car and wait for them to return and see my wife and I doing our things. My wife loves to have her naked ass and pussy up in the window area as she sucks my cock when the ladies return to leave they can see me fingering her wet pussy. We video this so we can watch later and have sex again while watching the tapes. We sometimes go to a beach parking area here in Miami and just sit in our car as the sexy girls walk by and look in… Read more

Posted by assmandan64 7 years ago 1 1,009 47%

The Quest (Chapter 2)


"But I will not take your collar this time." Chapter II The Man - You do not know whether to be angry, sad, scared or happy as you sit in the car on your way to the airport. The words made so much sense last night, when he explained this. When he explained he wanted to give you a chance to go to your limits. To travel down roads you may only get to see once in your life. To explore what can only be explored very rarely and under very specific circumstances. You even felt pain in your heart for him when he told you the two of you would have to part, maybe for a longer peri… Read more

Posted by wastedaway 7 years ago 1 949 83%

My Mum's friend.


Well I was unemployed at the time and my perants where working in this resturant, when I had gone in for my dinner, my mums friend was there and she asked how was I doing with getting a job. My mum explained that I had been going to interviews and trying really hard to get a job, her friend Rita asked so what are you doing tomorrow then, I explained that I had nothing to do. She then asked as It was in the summer and was suppose to be a really hot day would I like to spend it on the beach with her and some friends. Rita was a beautiful Lady with long blond hair and huge tit’s and the m… Read more

Posted by teddyboy10w 7 years ago 3 4,832 92%

my girlfriends turn

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

just tought id share with you what happened with our black friend, my bf was at the pool and he called me up to tell me that luke was there, thats the black guy, he told me to wear something sexy and collect him because he asked luke to go for a beer, luke didnt know that i was cumming or that my bf had sucked his cock. so i went to my room and picked out my little tiny denim skirt a black lace top which shows my tits off really well and pink under wear the thong bearly covers my pussy and off i went, my skirt is so short that i could touch my pussy on the way to the pool, and as i pulled in t… Read more

Posted by newcuck 7 years ago 12 2,008 98%

The Christmas Office Party.


Well I was working at this company as the delivery driver, it was our Christmas Party and the Boss had let us finnish early so we could all enjoy the Xmas spirit. I was still on my deliveries and didn’t get back as early as I was hoping. There was only the Sales man, the warehouse Manager and the Mautre Lady from the office left when I got back from the last delivery till after christmas. Every one else had gone home and they where all very d***k and enjoying them sleves. The Sales Man was sat with Jane and kept topping her glass up as soon as she took a sip from it, Barry was sat oppos… Read more

Posted by teddyboy10w 7 years ago 5 3,285 100%

Idle Jack

Sex Humor

An old, old tale of Lady Jane Of how she lost her honour. And how the lad called Idle Jack Inflicted shame upon her. Young Jane, a pure and simple lass, Of years just sweet eighteen With hair of gold and eyes so blue And skin like golden cream. Whene're she walked around the town The local lads would sigh And all their trouser fronts would bulge As this fair lass passed by. But Lady Jane was innocent And never knew the score She just assumed the bulge was naught And knew not what it's for. No… Read more

Posted by pictureman645 7 years ago 2 1,194 87%

what happened next

First TimeTaboo

The Encounter Part 02 true story by VL So there I was in bed with the wrong girl. I had come to visit Kim, an on line cyber-sex friend, and ended up fucking her little s****r Megan by mistake. Although they were a few years apart, they looked quite similar. I know that’s a lame excuse, but really I had been expecting to find Kim ready and willing to get down and dirty. So I didn’t stop to think twice when the girl I did find, who was wet and ready, didn’t quite match what I was expecting. In all honesty I had totally forgotten that Kim had a younger s****r, although she… Read more

Posted by VictorL4fun 7 years ago 8 2,311 96%

in the beginning ( part 1 )

First Time

Being in highschool was always a lot of fun and always meant lots of sex... but opportunities for sex were real rare and i was a real horny girl since the very beginning so i used to masterbuate as much as possibe.... one day i recieved a call saying i had a job opening and called me to sm hotel.......i was just in highschool and a parttime job wld just give me enough money to satisfy my vanities..... so i accepted the invitation..... as i entered the hotel a tall guy in his mid twenties guided me to one of the rooms where there was one of the hottest guys i had ever seen...... He offered m… Read more

Posted by tanya9 7 years ago 1 1,011 64%

The Quest (Chapter 1)


"But I will not take your collar this time." Chapter I The Man - The envelop is burning in your hands. Your eyes are fixated on the address. No not the address ... just the first line ... the only letter ..... A. Your heart is beating fast and your fingers tremble as you open it carefully, afraid to damage it. You have to sit down. Your head is spinning. Without reading the words the handwriting - even though you have never seen it before - confirms your thoughts. This is him. "A - You are invited to join me in a project and that would benefit greatly form your input.… Read more

Posted by wastedaway 7 years ago 2 1,232 94%

Me and my gentleman


at long last we agree to meet on a Thursday. it's been hard between my insecurities and his naughty side but he agrees that he wont actually meet anyone for the first part of us getting together. I know this means he is giving up a lot so I feel it is only right I become his slut. weeks before he had asked to get me an outfit from my wish list...I was surprised to find it popping through my door this morning - I didn't know he had bought it. I decide not to mention it but pack it in my bag to take with me. he picks me up outside my office and takes me straight to his. we go… Read more

Posted by Lucie_BBW 7 years ago 2 717 76%

My ass


I had been with my guy for 3months and we'd been gradually experiencing and experimenting with each other and until one day we were lying in bed and he asked about taking my ass. I explained I had my ass licked before and enjoyed it but wasn't sure about actually being fucked there. He said that was ok and he would never pressure me. it was never raised again and a few weeks later I woke up in the morning to find my boy parting my legs as i lay on my tummy. He knew first thing in the morning was one of my horniest times and that I love to be woken up by someone teasing me.… Read more

Posted by Lucie_BBW 7 years ago 4 1,486 64%

he knows what he wants

First TimeMasturbation

Just thinking I'd book the room and wait. Before get room e promise that from start we're just going fuck each other, no talking, just straight to it. Always chat afterwards lol. As you get room I open door when you knock, you look amazing and have little cheeky smile on your face haha. You just say hello and start kissing me, feels fucking good! As we're kissing, we walk towards the bed, you've got your back to it, you fall on the bed with me on top off you. You start undoing my jeans as I start fingering your wet pussy, fuck your wet Lucie! We're both kissing so hard… Read more

Posted by Lucie_BBW 7 years ago 1 733 67%

Masterbating in public Part1

First TimeMasturbation

This is my story. I am a sex addict. I have been since the first time I saw a nude pic as a c***d. Many years later now I have found my niche. I love to masterbate in public places. Moreso I love to be caught, or seen by unsuspecting women. I love the reactions. Well most of them. I have probably been seen jerking off several hundreds of times. So many I can't remember them all. There are a few notables though, like the first. I was on my way home from work one day and I knew I wouldn't be able to get off for a few days because my wife was going to be home. I didn't have time… Read more

Posted by Joemonk 7 years ago 7 1,047 93%

on the farm, by prettygirl

Sex Humor

When I was growing up I would spend my summers on my grandparents farm in NC. Its where I had the greates time of my life, the first time i saw the Bull and his balls that hung down to the ground. I was surprized he didn't kick them when he walk, and when I saw him get hard before doing his thing with the cows I almost fainted. My grandma saw me and laughed, she said don't worry not all men are that big thank god she added. I saw the pigs, goats and etc do it. The farm has a small river behind the barn where the chicken coop is. The strangest relationship I saw was my pet cat I calle… Read more

Posted by prettygirl 7 years ago 10 3,978 92%

Fishing on my Day Off !


Well I only got one day off a week from my driving job. So to unwind in the peace and quiet use to go fishing at a Lake, but on this day the Lake was so busy that I thought I would go up the near by river for a change. I had fished hear a few times before, but had never had much luck there. I put up my equipment and as it was a bit over cast and rain was forcast I put up the bivvy tent to shelter in if the weather got to bad. I had been fishing for a couple of hours and had a lot of fish at the start, but every thing seamed to have gone quiet and the rain was still holding off. There was… Read more

Posted by teddyboy10w 7 years ago 2 1,937 96%

Mycox4U aka Johnny wants Lateshay badly...


Mycox4U.... Hello there My Sexy Lateshay... I just watched what I believe to be your latest Video, "Lateshay Thick 'n juicy mini skirt strip!" As ALWAYS Lateshay, you have given me an ENORMOUS RAGING HARD ON! I haven't Jacked Off and CAME to Your Videos in quite a Long While, but Don't ever get the Idea that I have forgotten about you... You Sexy Gorgeous Girl... YOU! I don't think that it's any secret between us that I am in Love with YOU! Anyway, just before I started this Message and AFTER I watched Your Video... I had this Fantsy about You and M… Read more

Posted by Lateshay 7 years ago 396

The Driver Delivers his Load.


Well I had been working as a Driver most of my working life and when I got a job as a Delivery Driver I never expected that this sort of thing would happen. I was delivering food products to local Hotel’s and guest houses where I live, over the summer season. This one Hotel was owned by this couple, he was about 60 years old a lot older than his wife, as she was in her 40’s and really very attractive. I was only in my early 20's and as horny as any young man of that age. I use to let myself in to her store room and leave her order there, but this day she was waiting for m… Read more

Posted by teddyboy10w 7 years ago 4 1,468 85%

The Taxi Driver get's Laid. Pt 1.


Well I have had many differant Jobs in my life and I was once a Taxi driver where I live back in the 1990's. I was 27 at the time and I picked up this Lady that was very up set at the time. Her Husband had just left to work in Germany and I picked her up to take her home after she had seen him leave to get his Plane. She was 57 and had Long curly Black hair, she wore glasses and didn't say much as she sat sobbing in the seat next to me as I drove her home. About half way to where she was going she stopped crying and started to chat to me, just plain small talk about the… Read more

Posted by teddyboy10w 7 years ago 3 1,685 97%

Title at end ;)


Laura walks into her front room wearing a short ass black pleated skirt, black and white striped stockings that stop at the skirt with a see through black fishnet top and silk red bra with maybe matching panties, shiny gloss black lips and nails. She answers her phone as its been ringing for quite some time. After some conversation, Laura's friend Jenna invites her over for a drink and a chat, so she comes over. Laura's blonde bimbo friend answers the door after a strange one minute delay after knocking. opening the door, Laura is met with her friend Jenna who surprises her by o… Read more

Posted by GBlackOMansTSnowH 7 years ago 2 1,044 48%

Lord Stanley Professional Disciplinarian

BDSMFetishGroup Sex

This Fictional Story is written by Jennifer and contains explicit sexual material and situations involving consenting Adults No reference to u******e persons is intended or implied. No reference to real Persons dead or alive is intended or implied. I recently transferred to England with the BBC and moved into a lovely apartment in a small town outside of London. My neighbor, Janine is a very nice single lady and we have been getting to know each other but soon I would get to know a whole lot about her. I do a lot of my work from home so I have a very flexible schedule. So on a Monday mor… Read more

Posted by spankingjenny 7 years ago 13 1,544 92%
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