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My Surprise Birthday Orgy

Group SexHardcore

My Surprise Birthday Orgy By: Friskee_cpl (friskee_cpl@yahoo.com.au) It was on her fifth drink that she muttered the words that changed our marriage forever. We were sitting in the Hopetoun Hotel in Bourke St Surry Hills washing down the last of our Mexican dishes with a few Corona and the odd Tequila. In the public bar, an acoustic duo massacred a few Neil Young tunes. Neither of us are particularly big Mexican food fans and Lisa's decision to bring us here for my 40th birthday had me thinking something was up. The entire night had been a surprise. I arri… Read more

Posted by friskee_cpl 7 years ago 13 12,869 96%

My friend's little sister

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

My friend's little sister stays at our house all the time,she just recently turned 18 yrs old. I have always wanted to fuck her since she was 16. I woke up at 3:12am the other morning and I was horny as fuck, She was asleep on the couch in some booty shorts and a tank top, when I walked by the couch I noticed her breast was hanging out of the side of her tank top. I could not resist I walked over and placed my hand gently on her breast careful not to wake her,I pull out my cock and started stroking it with my other hand. I touched her and myself till I was ready to cum but before I… Read more

Posted by Biguy6420 7 years ago 12 15,537 16%

Under his Control !


The phone hadn’t stopped ringing all morning! I was in the middle of typing a pile of letters, when it rang for what seemed like the fiftieth time! Picking it up and answering, “Under-writer department, may I help you?” The party on the other end of the line spoke for about thirty seconds before I said another word. When I did finally speak, all I said was,” At 12:30 at the back of the office,” and then I hung up. At 12:25, I stuck my head into my boss’s office and told him I was going out to lunch and would be back in an hour. Stopping off at the bathroom,… Read more

Posted by Nightshuffler 7 years ago 2 1,677 89%

old mr dravey 2

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

As mr dravey stood there naked my eyes were fixated on his now limp wet cock just hanging there,i couldnt believe i had just had it in my mouth it made me even hornier.get undressed he said ,i will be back in a minute,i am not finished with you my boy yet.with this he left the room and i could hear him go to the toilet and have a pee...it seemed to go on for ages.then he flushed and i heard him go down stairs.i wasnt sure what to do ,on one hand i was so turned on i didnt know what to do on the other i was a bit afraid of what old mr dravey had in mind for me next.Then as i heard him start t… Read more

Posted by lowery9410 7 years ago 2 1,191 91%

Tasting Karen

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

Karen was a spicy 23 year-old Latina princess from Guatemala. I met her while travelling on business in Ohio at a local bar in town, where she and her fiancee were frequent patrons. Frequently traveling to do business within the town (I live with my wife in PA), I went to the bar a lot, which was closest to my hotel. My wife would occasionally accompany me and we got to know Karen and her fiancee, Todd. Over the course of a year, I saw them maybe 8 or 9 times, but sometimes she would be alone at the bar. We exchanged email addresses and numbers, and would arrange to meet in the bar when I was… Read more

Posted by triplejones11 7 years ago 2 1,750 86%

First Time

First TimeGay Male

I never thought I would tell this story. I was so ashamed of this incident for years. I didn't want to believe how pleasurable, naughty and sinful it was and I longed for more for I thought of myself as fully heterosexual. This should certainly repulse me but, I found myself fantasizing about it till this day. I had had thought about females with females. Most men do like watching two lesbians make out and fantasize about joinig in with them. When I was in my teens and very horny, the girls I knew were rather conservative (it was the late 70's in a industrial area, which seeme… Read more

Posted by boiblue 7 years ago 24 4,086 93%

Chick-Fil-A Employee offer; Need Help

First TimeVoyeur

My wife and I frequently go to a local fast food restaurant called chick-fil-a. We go so often that the employees usually recognize us and automatically know what we want to order. There is a girl working there named Jackie, who always serves us. She's 18, short, with dirty-blond hair and kinda gothic-looking. Not normally my cup of tea, but there's something about her that I can't resist. This past weekend I stopped in b/c I had a coupon for a free drink. As soon as I walked in, Jackie was there and said hello to me and asked "Where's your other half?" I told her… Read more

Posted by triplejones11 7 years ago 5 1,597 37%

Life in L.A

Lesbian Sex

Ahh the beuatiful night sky and parties still are amazing to go to to this day. but the real treat is what happened no more then 3 months ago in a very particular bar. I was simply going to a new place that just opened thinking I might as well see what it's like. Boy did i find out. No less then 2 hours into the place while drinking i spot myself an Angel among the living when This Gorgeous asian woman slender and breasts to drool over with that nice ass came walking over to me. "hey beutiful, we should ditch here and go somewhere a little more quiet" she told me. as drunk… Read more

Posted by GothxxSlut 7 years ago 11 997 82%

Gift For My Husband Part II

FetishLesbian SexMature

Barbara's massive tit's looked amazing in the mirror, she had let her hair down and it had a auburn henna as she shook it from side to side as her boobs swayed. "Get on your back and spread that cunt wide for me, Im going to trim you up". In the reflection I saw Barb walk to the "dressing room" where I kept all my hair supplies and make-up and crap for our videos. She looked around and found Jon's new electric razor which was charging in it's stand. I rolled over on the bondage table and awaited my new sex master. Barbara swooped up the Braun razor and a… Read more

Posted by JohneBoy608 7 years ago 3,674 93%

The Grocery Store


My wife likes that I like going to the grocery store, and since I also do the majority of the cooking, I like to see what is freshly available. It is no secret to many that know me that I am a tit man, I love 'em! All sizes, shapes, colors and configuration, One of the added benefits of doing the grocery shopping is that the store is loaded with all types of women. As I browse the counters, I also look at every woman (mostly) and try to envision what thier boobs look like, some times it takes more imagination with some women then others. I have always had a fantasy of hooking up with a la… Read more

Posted by TFD2002 7 years ago 4 2,699 93%

A Vacation Resort 1/3

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

One of my friends told me about an interesting website. She knew my husband and I had been trying to make a baby for sometime now without success. We had all the usual medical tests which only confirmed the fact that my husband has a low to basically non-existent sperm count. The website advertised a resort hotel. Let me tell you about it. It's located, ironically, in the Virgin Islands--a little out of the way tropical paradise. It's staffed by professionals that cater to every wish and desire of the women guests who go there to be impregnated. The studs appear to be in wonder… Read more

Posted by billstew 7 years ago 6 3,636 99%

A Vacation Resort 2/3

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Finally Mark delved to the bottom--pressing against my cervix and letting his scrotal sac push against my pussy lips like a squashed ball. Mark said that he had so much jizz ready to give me--he could feel his sac so full and ready to explode. He was ready to give me what I really wanted, a pregnant belly. I'd never felt so full before. I came quicker than usual and my orgasm pushed Mark over the edge. He stiffened and tightened his buttocks and shot his first creamy load deep into me. He just stayed there as he ejaculated, shooting load after load, it seemed he had an endless supply o… Read more

Posted by billstew 7 years ago 4 1,703 91%

A Vacation Resort 3/3

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

When Juan had relaxed again, Mark lifted me off him. He laid me on my back beside Juan and propped pillows under my hips to help the semen stay deep in the birth canal, seeping deep into my baby box. He laid on my other side, propped up on one elbow and with one large hand, massaged my clit and sucked a nipple as I lay there, until I came again. After awhile Juan said he would like to go to the lounge for some drinks and a bite to eat. He invited me to go with him and said he would introduce me to some other studs if I was interested. He and Mark needed to recuperate a bit. Mark said he jus… Read more

Posted by billstew 7 years ago 4 1,813 87%

An early bi encounter

Group SexHardcore

I contacted a bi couple at an online contact site and after a few e-mails between us we decided to meet and see if we were compatible. We arranged to meet at a bar in town but due to some confusion I went to one bar any they went to another. I thought I’d been stood up as did they. They did, though, have my mobile number and I got a call asking where I was. I let them know and they advised me where they were so I exited my bar and headed to theirs. I had’t actually seen facial pictures of them so I didn’t know who I was looking for but they had seen my face and Mike cal… Read more

Posted by hotbiguy 7 years ago 17 1,623 95%

A Bet Gone Wrong

HardcoreInterracial Sex

My name is Judy. I'm 24 and have been married to my husband Sam who is a couple years older for two years. Anyway, this is an account of what happened to us. Since the beginning of our marriage Sam has had a weekly poker game at our place. I'm not really into card games and I usually go out for a movie or something during the game. Because we're not well off I'd thought these were "nickel-dime" card games. However, one night I was home in the den reading while my husband played with his friends in the kitchen when my husband suddenly entered the room. His face… Read more

Posted by billstew 7 years ago 4 4,535 75%

My first lesbian experience

First TimeLesbian Sex

Ok know let me explain something to you before we start this off I am not a lesbian (even though there is nothing wrong with being one) but i am bi curious and you guys are the first to ever hear about this story soo well be nice :P Okay so me and my friend Christine having a sleep over like usual but me and her are really horny and me and her tell each other everything so I look at christine and im like man if you weren't here id defitanly be fingering myself right know. She then looks at me and says well I'm really horny too and well you know since we both don't have boyfri… Read more

Posted by lovemonstercock 7 years ago 14 4,900 90%

story -mature


When I was 13 years old you float in the swimming pool at my friend's house she saw his mother came to me and caught me and her sensitive to my body, I felt ecstatic delicious I caught up my penis took grows up to straighten up, then let him fast when he attended my friend and left us to leave and I am in rhapsody what happened the night basically did not sleep Next day I went to my friend she saw his mother She smiled at me unusually sent my friend to the store sat alone and it happened yesterday, then took out my penis massage for me, and put it in her mouth, a beautiful feeling s… Read more

Posted by gay-bb 7 years ago 3 1,101 60%

A letter from me to my girl

First Time

I start to undress your with my tounge and my teeth. Start out by kissing your lips and slowly start nibbling on your ear as I lick and suck my way down your neck and between your breasts. Slowly I reach under your shirt and over your bra, treasing your breasts with myfingers as I unbutton your shirt. I slowly remove your bra and start licking my way around your large firm breasts to your hard pert nipples, lickuing and sucking on them my hand continues down your body towards your dripping wet pussy. Slowly I beging to remove your pants as my tounge works its way down your stom… Read more

Posted by aero98 7 years ago 6 885 35%

old man davey

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I will never forget the time.it was a week before my 15th birthday.me and a mate were out scrumping on a warm summers evening.The house we chose belonged to and old man who new both our parents but that didnt put us off.we got there ,i climbed the fence while todd watched out.as i picked a few plums from the tree i felt a hand on my shoulder and a stern voice.WHAT YOU DOING YOU LITTLE SOD,he said.i shit myself and as i turned i saw todd running off dow the road.There was nothing i could say i was caught bang to rights. His name was mr davey ,a small man with white hair,he had big hands t… Read more

Posted by lowery9410 7 years ago 8 3,666 86%

Filthy milfs night out


I was on a work night out on Sat and ended up having alot to drink and getting quite close to the dirty secretary. She is your average blonde, mid thirties, filthy slut. Great big bust, nice curvy round ass and pout lips that just beg to be fucked. I ended up getting it on with her on the dance floor and being pulled to the side. Before I knew it my cock was in her hands through my zip and she was wanking me off with plenty of spit getting slapped on with her other hand. My tongue getting sucked off like a prick and my bottom lip biten hard... We were being seen by loads of people passing by b… Read more

Posted by Lumbo69 7 years ago 3 2,267 87%
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