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Just wanted to get used

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Few years back I started to crossdress a couple times a month, and for a part timer I looked fairly passable. I was about 22 at the time 6'1 140lbs..long smooth legs, smooth all over as hairless always turned me on. I recall being extra horny this one Friday night so I decided to get dolled up and just go for it, I wore thigh high stockings with a garter, and a tight black skirt, that was so short, you could see the garter straps, I wore a pair of silk boy short panties, and a button down shirt, tied up to show my belly..nails, red wig, full make up..I was fucking hot, and I left no doubt..I… Read more

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Nudist camp

First TimeTaboo

My stepmother took several of us to a nudist camp last summer. She is 100% French with dark black thick hair, standing 5'-2" and weighing 112lbs soaking wet and she is always soaking wet. She fucks anybody in the neighborhood even me and my friends… Read more

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The Christmas Present (part 2)


I felt the tingling of orgasm course through my body, causing me to speed up, the sensation this time even greater than the last. She hugged me closer, her legs squeezing my hips as hard as she could, her feet locked tight over my tailbone. I pulled my tongue from her lips and moaned in her ear, cock spasming as it shot a heavy load of sperm into my mom's vagina, my hips shaking, my whole body feeling weak and sensationally tingly. I breathed heavily on her neck, feeling safe and sound in her warm embrace, her hands tenderly rubbing my back as I gradually grew limp inside her. We laid toge… Read more

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The Christmas Present (part 1)


"Hi honey!" "Hi mom! Come on in!" I excitedly took her suitcase and embraced my mother before letting her in. She had come to stay for Christmas with me, not wanting me to be alone on my first Christmas away from home. "Wow, this is a pretty big apartment! So how are you? Feeling lonely without your sister?" she asked, slipping off her shoes and surveying the living room. This was the first time my mom had seen the place, as I had just moved in a few months prior with my sister, Kayli, when my university classes started. "No, I'm fine mom. She'll only be gone a few weeks," I answer… Read more

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Hiking & Fucking


Hi. My name is Angie. I like to have fun and do things on the spur of the moment. I'm a sophomore at a college in Denver, Colorado. Last September, i wanted to squeeze in a few more days of sunshine and exercise before school started and it got cold. I have a book about great day hikes. One hike is to the top of Telescope Peak in Death Valley National Park in California. Most people think of Death Valley as a desert, but this peak is 11,043 feet high in the Panamint mountain range. The hike is 15 miles round trip and about a 3,000 foot elevation climb. So i set out in my truck over t… Read more

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Eighteent Century Justice


Eighteenth Century Justice Chapter 1. Annette is hired as a servant Annette is sixteen years old. She is the humble subject, one of the least important, of his glorious majesty, Louis XIV, king of France by the grace of God. The year is 1713. Annette lives in a small town called Grenade in southern France. Her parents are both dead. Her mother died when Annette was just ten. Her father died recently. He had been a good blacksmith, but after his wife died he became a drunkard. There was nothing left for Annette. Her two older brothers both left the parental home years ag… Read more

Posted by 0519lE 7 years ago 3 4,351 78%

Caught in the act

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After my first encounter with John’s dick, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Two weeks later we met at a friend’s party and we talked about it. He was worried his girl friend might find out. I told him he had noting to worry about as I had as much to lose as he had. But I also said it was the best sex I ever had & wanted a repeat performance. He agreed it was fun but felt to do it again would be risky. I said all we needed was an excuse to go away for the weekend. I told him to leave it to me. I happen to mention to his girlfriend later that John & I were thinking of going away to see a ba… Read more

Posted by monkeynuts0 7 years ago 13 2,721 99%

Adventure in Amsterdam

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For starters, my name is Junior, 1.78 am t have black hair, weight 75kg, have a normal body, although it has never done the gym, I'm living in Europe for over six years and that fact that I will tell you happened in October 2009. As a long time living here ever heard much about the European capital of Amsterdam sex, then painted the opportunity to travel to it. I arrived in the morning in the city and began to explore the city, went to a sex museum but without much grace and ask for information on how to get to the famous Red Ligth District, arriving on the scene did not notice anything, ev… Read more

Posted by charman1 7 years ago 1 1,541 20%

British Girl's First Anal Experience


Pay attention guys! Here one more hot experience of me..This the story of a woman who I met on nude camp a few years ago..Her name is Celine and I can say she definitely has a pretty voluptuous body which taken all the men’s attention all the time.. She is a 24 years old hot blonde from England.. In fact I didn’t expect that I would date with this chick even though I knew that a lot of guys would catch her before I do..But I just pushed my luck on her and finally took all her attention by my turkish attraction..and we had been together for about a month during her vacation.. The s-ex was fabul… Read more

Posted by colorclimax1 7 years ago 3 3,982 92%

Messy Xmas


KinkyBBW38JJ and I had planned to focus on wax play and anal as our festive theme; she loves the feeling of hot wax on her clit, so before she came round, I'd got all my candles burning, so they would have lots of hot wax to slosh over her fantastic tits and glorious shaved cunt. But before that I ordered her to kneel and present her ass and cunt to me, and wearing black rubber gloves I fingered them both, first with only a finger in each, but moving on until I had three in her ass and four in her cunt. She was pushing back hard as I penetrated her, and gasping with each thrus… Read more

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please mom let me.....


hi this is don.my mom left me and my s*s when i am 4 years old and she married another man.so my dad married another women she is so good and she is so close to me.my dad was died 3 years before.my sister marriage was over.so me and my mom was only left in home.we have so much money.my step mom loved me so much.I also loved my step mom very much and never thought anything wrong about her in the beginning. But when I grow and learn more about intercourse. Then I thought of many girls around me and thinking of them I masturbated. At that time also I never thought wrong about my mom. One day I we… Read more

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Watching sis In Law Turnabout


After my recent experience of watching my s*s in law get off in the bathtub, I find that most every time I think about it I get aroused and need to rub one off to satisfy the state of excitement. Because her job requires some travel, she sometimes spends 2-3 day per week with us and has complete access to our home. The wife is out, and I am laying back in the bed with my hard cock in my hand, slowly stroking. I have a porno on the bedroom TV, but I am really thinking of the next time I get a good chance to watch her. Unfortunately she has been taking showers the last few visits so I have no… Read more

Posted by m25j25t25 7 years ago 2 2,466 95%

Christmas Toys


We had one wonderful evening over Christmas. Having been away from each other for a couple of weeks I brought some massage oil base and some sensuous oils. I also brought down my anal vibrator to show my wife (which I’d bought the same time as the Lady Finger for her – which she has used very happily whilst away claiming it made her very horny). As I massaged the oils into her stomach she relaxed like a cat, stretching into my hands and moving to get me to the right places. She wanted me to work on her arse and she wanted to play with the anal vibrator first. That was a fun surprise, it… Read more

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Underwear shop 5

Lesbian SexVoyeur

Lynne could hardly wait untill Elaine made her next visit to renew stock. Lynne told elaine all about the experience that she had with Barbara. At first she did not notice that Elaine was starting to feel her own breasts, then with her other hand rub her womanhood. Elaine said how much she wished she could hve been there to participate or even just to watch. she asked Barbara as to if they had made any arrangements and would she allow her to attend. Lynne responded that there was no time like the present and took hold of Elaine's tits first on top of her sweater then running her hands up under… Read more

Posted by alskdj468 7 years ago 2 1,317 94%

Underwear shop 6

Lesbian SexVoyeur

Lynne knew that when other ladies saw her black bush for the first time they were either enthralled or put off, so she hoped that as she had discovered that Elaine was not shaven she would enjoy her pussy and bush. She felt Elaine's tits brush against her tummy as Elaine bent down to remove her knickers, Elaine then looked up at her with a smile that indicated she was pleased with her findings. Lynne placed her hand behind Elaine's head and pulled it to her awaiting pussy, as she raised one leg knowing this would reveal herself better to the tongue that she hoped to feel any moment lick away a… Read more

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Underwear shop 4

Lesbian SexVoyeur

The ladies were soon rubbing their hands over every inch of each other bodies listening to the delightfull noises that each of them made as they were fondled with a new pair of enquisitive hands, then mouths, kissing then licking the areas of most pleasure. What bliss they were both having not ten minutes after first casting eye's on each other. Lynne wondered if this was the lady Elaine had referred to, or were there more than one, that was somnething only at this moment to look forward to, and not to deprive any single moment of the current pleasure on offer. Barbar clearly love the feel of… Read more

Posted by alskdj468 7 years ago 2 1,230 96%

merry xxxmas prt 2

Group SexMatureTaboo

her big ass cheeks and ran my tongue around her deliscious asshole lickin and pokin until she started fucking my face she let out a loud muffled moan into her grandmothers pussy and proceded to let loose a stream of sweet juice which i lapped up then got on my knees to shove my dick deep in her tight hot snatch as i pounded her phat ass it bounced and jiggled eroticaly sending hot waves through my body making me quicken and deepen my strokes by now Bev was behind me her tits pressed against my back kissing my neck telling me how good my dick looked going in her granddaughter juicy tight pussy,… Read more

Posted by dicdillasinc 7 years ago 1,103 93%

Ladies underwear shop 2

Lesbian SexVoyeur

Lynne watched on as Barbara fitted the suspender belt and stood in front of the mirror admiring the garment. Lynne still holding Barbara's undies in her hand commented that perhaps she would get a better feel if she wore some stockings as well. Barbara thought that a good idea and asked if she could try some. This gave Lynne the opportunity to go back in the shop and put the garments to her face and feel them against her knowing these intimate garment had been in contact with Barbara's pussy not minutes before hand. Lynne chose a pair of FF tan nylons of the finest quality, items good enough t… Read more

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merry xxxmas

Group SexMatureTaboo

This is a true story about some wild freaky shit that happened to me last week,this further proves that the world is nothing more than a hot bed of freaks. I met this chick while out xmas shopping a few weeks back,we sat in the mall food court for awhile chit chatting found out we had alotta common interest.She was a fancy chick hair nails and cloths were to a tee.She was very pretty,caramel complexion maybe a 38c cup,flat stomach small wiast that lead to the thickest set of hips and the biggest ass i ever seen ,her thighs were like heaven with thick calfs that held up a small pair of feet.… Read more

Posted by dicdillasinc 7 years ago 2 2,499 88%

Underwear shop 3

Lesbian SexVoyeur

As Lynne had, had no resistance to assisting Barbara with fitting the undies she started to adjust the straps, and again with no resistance kept running her hands more and more over Barbara's delightfull body. She was reminded of what Elaine had told her about such encounters. Barbara then asked if this was what Lynne would normally wear, seeing that she appeared comfortable with the garments. Lynne said that she preferred to wear stockings, though some days she wore tights, and ventured to ask if Barbara would like to see fro herself. Barbara wasted no time in responding that she would love t… Read more

Posted by alskdj468 7 years ago 1 1,046 98%
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