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don b an glendaa at drive-inn part #3

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don b asked me after our hotel if we could go to the 5 drive-inn in oakville ,ontario next saturday night , i said yes. i have always liked sex at the drive-inns and i got dressed for don b with this in my mind. i was so looking forward to some hot sex in his car . my toes were painted red and i decided to wear a garter belt and black stockings with the reinforced toe and heel and seam up the back ,red thong and high heel open toe mules, with my black and pink bra over which i wore a black see-thru blouse and my short blue skirt . my fingernails painted red and my short greyish colored wig and… Read more

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Pretending To Be Girl In A Dark Room

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As I posted before in "Seduced by my best friend", I love a slow seduction. That look in someone's eyes, even mine, when it goes from disbelief, to being turned on by something they shouldn't be turned on by, to finally, full submission. That look of "this is going all the way and I'm giving in to it all". This story however, has none of that. While true, it was a strange coincidence that had me sucking a cock once more. I went to spend the night at a friends house that I went to high school with. He had 2 sisters and had also invited a couple of his other friends. We all went over to play h… Read more

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— Dad loves his 18-year-old daughter

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Rita awoke to the sound of her alarm beeping, it was 7:30, a nice, warm Saturday in May. She hastily stumbled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom down the hall, in between hers and her father's bedrooms. Yawning, she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her dark brown hair was standing on end from her nights sleep, and her eyelids still looking heavy. She admired the blue eyes under them, they being her favourite feature, because they reminded her so much of her daddy's. She smiled and picked up her hairbrush and began gently fixing up her hair. She washed her face, applied a touch… Read more

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Secret rose

TabooLesbian Sex

The waves came crashing down upon my skin I felt wonderful.i, am clair a female of 30 yrs out for a family weekend. I showered.. water dripping down my white pale breasts,,nipples firm shone in the sun.glisning. Breasts wet from the waves,I danced in the water.I felt great. I showered... As I rubbed my wet nipple gently stroking it.. rubbing softly... my breasts and curls..rubbing my nipple softly..massaging my nipples and between my legs rubbing.. rubbing softly rubbing rubbing gently.. tugging gently on my nipple .rubbing....gently My vagina with my fingers. then, out of the corner on my… Read more

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For My Daddy

First TimeTabooHardcore

CHAPTER I "No you didn't." "Yes, I did." "No you didn't." "I did. I swear I did." I was arguing with my best friend, Rose or Rosie, as I liked to call her. She just told me she'd sucked her first cock. "Okay," I said. "Whose cock was it?" "I can't tell you." "Ha! I knew it. You're lying." "No. I swear I did. Ask me anything and I'll answer, but I can't tell you whose cock it was." "Why?" "I just can't," Rosie answered. "Okay. Did you keep it?" "Keep what?" "Did you swallow?" Rosie blushed. "Oh my god! You swallowed his goo." "I did." "Every drop?" "Uh-huh. Every delicious dr… Read more

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He fell for his Aunt


SEX, sometimes the beautiful physical expression of everlasting love and at other times the manifestation of raw a****listic passion. I like to get a little bit of both and it's what I've been getting these few days. Only thing that's different this time, the woman lying naked in my bed right now, is my aunt. We've spent the last three days having mindless sex. Eat, drink, sleep and fuck is a routine that reeks of familiarity now. Strange how I've got no regrets about it. But then again, can't remember the last time I gave a damn about what other people thought. My aunt's a divorcee by the wa… Read more

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As I lay in slumber

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* based on a true story I am Jessica.female30 yrs As I lay sleeping, Feeling a pressure on my skin. Stroking my hair .gropping and pulling.me hard. Twirling. Licking. Up and down. Side to side. Tugging down.hard. ‘ Hush.’ I heard. As the tugging grew deeper. Harder on my vagina. growling. I heard... . I felt hot lips touch me slowly on my vagina. Suckling... rubbing my vagina kissing gently.’sweetness..’ kissing my vagina softly...and nipple slow.. tugging..stroking..stroking... squeezing...soft.pulling... my nipple hard. ‘Sweetness..’she whispered.’ahh...’ rubbing me gently deeply… Read more

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Daddy's little girl calls for special help

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My wife and I had been divorce six months when I moved to California. My little girl who was twenty at the time and married took it very hard. She was upset that we would not see each other but once or twice a year and that her mom had run off with my best friend! I explained to her that I just could not stay there and live my life. She was standing in the driveway crying as I drove off. The last thing I heard her say was what a bitch her mom was for screwing up her life. Pat and I had always been very close as she grew up, I mean she was daddy's little girl and as I looked back in my rear… Read more

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Afternoon with Judy, Pedro and Miguel part four co

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He danced with me for a while, then with Judy, rubbing his dick against both of our bellies....... Judy was smiling. Her hand was down there. She wasn't jacking him off or anything like that. Just playing. One of the things I loved about her was that she was never in a hurry........... I was ready to just open my legs, get on my back, lay right down there on the floor and fuck him... before we made the ten steps to the bed. " Okay now I know you horn-dog boys want every little detail, but, you know, I can't remember all the details from all the two way sex I've had, let alone three.........I… Read more

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Jill and Joan


Jill and Joan Joan saw Jill giving her a leer, she giggled saying “you must be horny”? Jill sat beside her smiling then reached under her skirt, feeling her crotch, Joan said, “Honey, I'm tucked deep”. Jill rummaged into Joan's panties, slid a finger down her cock and felt it going under her saying, “you have the head inside you”? Joan grinned “yes”. Jill leaned over Joan kissing her as she cupped her crotch and began pushing Joan's cock deeper into her as she felt it thickening. Joan slid lower as their kiss broke and spread her thighs wider… Read more

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Loses my virginity with My Step Dad

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

It was late when I stepped off the bus and all I could think of was the quickest way of getting to my bed. I’d been on the bus for 38 hours and I couldn’t wait to see my mom’s face. It had been ten months since I was last home. I’d been 17 when I left, on my way to college with a full scholarship and now I’d finished my freshman year and was coming home for the summer. I’d grown up a lot during the last year. Not only was I 18 now, but I was more independent and I’d gained a lot of confidence. My body had changed a bit too. I’d been a late developer and involved in many sports. I’d also worked… Read more

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Collection of The Simpsons Erotica

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Pegging On Evergreen Terrace Bart’s stag night. An hour of so before dawn broke the 21-year-old groom came round to find he was handcuffed securely to the Evergreen Terrace street sign. He was also wearing only a black thong that had presumably previously belonged to a stripper. Or Milhouse. It was a warm night, but that felt like small consolation as the smell of sick wafted from beneath the sign. Bart had been handcuffed with one wrist to each post meaning he could do little should an early walker find him. "Ay, caramba!" Bart muttered self-referentially. He was still a little dr… Read more

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Older men and getting shared

Group Sex

So when I was just 19 I was out and about and encountered a rather chatty man who I believe to be in his 40s. After humouring him for a short while he started to change his comedic tone and seemed to take an interest in my body, commenting on my breasts and inquiring about what lies hidden beneath my skirt. Always happy to entertain such talk, I began to engage in sexual conversation. Obviously he would make his intentions clear and invite me to his house, an invite I was keen to accept knowing what he wanted to do with me. So I let him take me to his house and first sat down with a drink.… Read more

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Sex Humor

295 IT’S A DOGS LIFE [Translated from the original passed to me by an interpreter from Battersea] God why is it humans think we dogs always want the same old dog food, day after day, after bloody day… He`s worse, she at least occasionally shoves some of his lousy cooking under my nose its lousy, but it makes a change. My name by the way is Montmorency Major the third, he refers to me as Monty I of course but I am a hybrid Irish wolf hound from a long line of stud dogs, though granddad did have the snip eventually, but we don’t talk about him much nowadays, had an affair with a spaniel don’t… Read more

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294 Kitty and her James Bond.


294 Kitty and her James Bond. Brady, the man in the tuxedo took his place at the bar, the barman did not need telling and within seconds the tall glass appeared, looking like something dell boy would have ordered. The man sat quietly waiting, he was the only one in the big bar and the silence was broken only by the tick of the bulkhead clock the barman keeping a discrete distance from the yachts owner, he knowing his place, and the wrath of the owner was well known. They were tied to a pier that once had been a birth for banana carriers, long disused; it was quiet enough not to be too obvio… Read more

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The Restroom


You just had to take of your pantyhose, the tear in them was just to big and embarrassing. Even if that meant walking into the only unoccupied ladies-room that said it was out of service. Not that it really did matter since you wouldn't use anything in it anyway and the lock seemed to work. You checked the floor and it was pretty dirty but at least you couldn't see any pieces of glass on it so you took of your shoes and you noticed that it sounded like someone walked into the mens room next door to the ladies room you were in. "Strange" you thought. "That bathroom was out of order as well."… Read more

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293 Mile high with Sarah

Sex Humor

293 Mile high with Sarah Sarah was at this time a fairly flat chested youngster of shall we say just under 20, she`s never got much bigger than 32b even now, so no hourglass figure, not catwalk materiel, or a bra advertisement but a bright good looking lass, who like other collage age k**s was up for most things, and there are few on here that would turn her from his bed, me especially! she`s got something that attracts us men, don’t ask me what specifically, but, well… there is something and she knows it, vivacious, exciting, and open, don’t start to get close! That later she became a sexual… Read more

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2 YEARS PRISON FOR UPSKIRT VIDEO...OR I SUCK HER BOYFRIENDS COCK WHILE SHE WATCHES! I have just had one of the best (part .1.)(TAME) and worst (part.2.) (HARDCORE) Sexual experiences of my life! Part .1.MY FIRST UPSKIRT VIDEO...TAME Since 2015 I've been commuting back and forth every morning and evening up to London, if any of you faithful readers do this journey, you Will appreciate that it is the most laborious and tedious journey in the world, you can be sat (if your lucky) next to the most stupidist, ignorant,rude, smelly, people in this planet and you have to pay for… Read more

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I now own this slut, Part 4


Between my oral ministrations and her obvious arousal, both of her holes were dripping, relaxed and badly needing attention. As I stood, I gazed down on this sexy beauty. Her knees were still up at her chest, held there with her hands behind her knees and her body raised and lowered with each excited breath. I dropped my pants and my erection sprang straight out and I gripped my cock and took aim at her wanton hole. For a smaller woman, her pussy lips were quite meaty... something that I found desirable. I did prefer less hair and made a mental note to make arrangements for her at a local spa.… Read more

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Red Desires


We finally make it home after a night of dinner and dancing and as you lay on the bed exhausted, I sit on the edge next to you, the pointed toe of those red heels gliding slowly up your inner thigh. My knee reaches your chest as the top of my foot brushes lightly against your hard bulge. I lean in, kissing down your neck and chest, my fingers skillfully undoing your belt and pants until my lips find the very tip of you. Slowly they envelope the head of your throbbing cock and my tongue swirls around the rim of your head. My foot gently rocking back and forth as the top of my toes cradle and… Read more

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