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Erica Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Erica batted her long eyelashes and smiled as she placed her customers orders on the table. It was chilly inside the crowded restaurant and her long nipples strained against her uniform top. She had small, perky A cup breasts and she rarely wore a bra to work because she'd learned over the years that her tips were much better when she didn't. "Is there anything else I can get you gentleman?" Erica asked in a pleasant tone. She had a sexy southern drawl, pretty brown eyes and a warm smile. She'd been a cheerleader through college and had kept her compact body in shape for the fifteen years s… Read more

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My Wife is Finally Fulfilled

MatureGroup SexFirst Time

My Wife is Finally Fulfilled Some background first then a few years ago (sorry this is long for my first attempt) Names have been changed but there is plenty of facts and some fiction. We are Kay and Vernon. Having now been married for over 20 years to Kay, we have been through the normal ups and downs during this time that most couples encounter. As couple we are now in our mid/late 50s and we had both had our share of previous partners, while I had been married previously my now wife had not. It was obvious to me from those little bits of background history that she would/has divulged th… Read more

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Just a quick business trip, the home coming and pa


. Having left Kay at short notice and found out that she was fully aware of the secure cam show she had put on, now was the time for me to get home and take things further for real. On getting home, little was said between us about the previous evenings events and how Kay was fully aware of me watching the show she had put on for me. Having now unpacked and taken the glass of whisky out of Kay’s hand we just slumped into the sofa and cuddled, Kay asked if the trip had been worth it and I had to think as to what aspect she was referring to and kept it to business - good I said. Kay and I cau… Read more

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Just a quick business trip


Second story attempt I am Vernon and my wife is Kay, we are both in our late 50s and Kay is still as hot as the day I first met her, I actually spotted her in a local bar but that is another story. Since that time all those years ago and following the birth of our son, the one most noticeable aspect of Kay that has changed is that her breasts have gone from a very firm 34c to a sumptuous 36c and are beautifully pert.

I occasionally have to leave the gloom of the UK and visit clients in various cities around the world, Kay is used to this and well aware how important these trips are to the bu… Read more

Posted by stoupaman 4 days ago 1,144 67%

Mindless drivel stoned and horny...

FetishGroup Sex

They placed an add on CL under the heading MF4M - "What dreams may come true" Their add talked about dvp and creampies. I answered and low and behold... they chose me. It was a really terrible run down little hotel. It was the middle of the night. Deep after with witching hour. No, those witches ain't shit. He met me at the door, in boxers, a raging hard on in his hand and a beer in the other. He smelled like weed and cum. He said "the other guy just left. you are right on time." The room smelled like cum and sweat. My cock was so hard. When I stepped into the room I saw Nichole for the first… Read more

Posted by MMFwet69 4 days ago 1,052 80%

Kay repays the compliment Story 3

MatureFirst TimeGroup Sex

Kay repays the compliment Story 3 (fiction) Having returned from my business trip and found that coming home can have some serious benefits, Kay had promised me that she had some ideas of her own to explore going forwards. Well, some three weeks later Kay had asked what we had planned for the weekend ahead. Having checked the calendar it looked like we had a clear schedule and I asked Kay what she had planned, never you mind Vernon I just want to check so don’t go planning anything. Now I am intrigued as to just what she has planned, a nice break away from home, and a dinner out followed by… Read more

Posted by stoupaman 4 days ago 717 100%

Out of Afrika - Chapter 11

Interracial SexMasturbationVoyeur

Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 11 (written by Wunderboi) David left the chapel feeling partly shocked at his reaction to the special private meeting he had been summoned to with the lovely Clarissa Johnson. 'Partly' because he was not usually aroused by women (but this had been a woman dominating him who had turned him on ever since he was in College which he remembered ruefully had been his gorgeous mother's doing.) Clarissa had dominated him in the Chapel, had basically told him what to do to become President of the CCC, the venerable Confederacy Country C… Read more

Posted by CurtB 4 days ago 529

Unexpected visitor


Just for some context, Nirosha was my milf of a neighbour who I used to have sex with. She would let me do anything to her as long as I promised to fuck her. Nirosha's husband called me over one day. Our family always helped each other out or enjoyed each others company. Nirosha and I have been having sex for about a 4 months now and I was scared that he found out. I went over thinking of what I would tell him, when he confronted me. "I know that you are tech-savy. We bought new computers for the family and we have no idea to set them up. The shop quoted us that they would take 3 days and… Read more

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Susanne Submits 1: First Fucks

BDSMFirst TimeVoyeur

Susanne is down and desperate for help to mend a broken heart and finish her M.A. these in bits of time left Susanne looks exactly, as I instructed her over the phone. Her hair tied on top. Wide loose blouse. Short skirt. "Susanne, prove your promise with passion. Embrace me and give me lovely long warm wet welcoming kiss". Susanne slings her arms around my neck, revealing her hard nips at the tiny tits, which don't need any A-cups. Susanne stands at her toes to meet my eager lips, as I'm about a head taller than her. Hold her body tight to me. Susanne tries to show… Read more

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Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 5

Interracial SexVoyeur

Day 5 I woke up, looked at my wife who within four days had become a black cock slut; I was regretting ever booking this holiday and couldn’t wait to get home. Sally woke, stretching her soft body looking so sexy as she laid back naked on the bed, I headed towards the shower, I turned the taps but no water came out the shower. I picked up the phone and called reception who put me through to maintenance. I explained the problem about the shower and was told, “A plumber will be out this morning”. We changed into our swim wear and sat outside. For a change I had ordered breakfast to be delive… Read more

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Hubby made me Fuck black man

Interracial Sex

When my husband retired last year we decided to move to Florida We adapted to the area fast,made lots of new friends.We would go to the beach every time we had a chance. Joe my husband liked to go golfing or fishing I would go shopping once or twice a week with my new friend. Life was great Well only one thing was missing in are life.That was Sex due to my hubby's age and some health condition ( diabetic ) Joe could not get hard cock Most he was getting semi hard. So we watched lots of porn at nights He would make me cum by giving me oral sex I did like that Every time we war watching porno mo… Read more

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Very first time my wife was shared

First Time

This is a long true story about the very first time my wife was shared with a friend of mine many years ago. I had a friend that worked with me many years ago we will call him Mark. Mark lived in Indiana and all our work was in Illinois so after a few weeks of him driving back and forth I told him you know this is crazy you driving from home everyday why don't you just stay at our house during the week he said that would be great as long as my wife was okay with it, now I knew that Mark had a thing for my wife he would always make comments about her when we were working and I… Read more

Posted by slopoke6927 4 days ago 8 3,197 95%

Old Granny Lesbian,s

Lesbian Sex

I finally graduate in two week,s.I,ll be 19,so I stayed back a year,I had the hot,s for the teacher.I go to the last catholic school in the district.Live in a town that has nothing but old granny lesbian pig,s.that hang out at the mall trying to pick up young women and young girl,s.The mall is the next town over,that I have to go to cause I work there.I walk in I see u watching me.I,m in my little school girl uniform,my short skirt showing my young tender leg,s,and cute ass.I have time so I sit on the bench.I see u staring at me,I know what your thinking,you,d love to have a young little schoo… Read more

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My niece Charley - Part 2

MatureTabooFirst Time

Part two I get inside my house and of course I look at Charley’s pic. I go upstairs and kick off my clothes and take a hot shower to wash off the grime from working out at my brother Bob’s house. My mind wanders to Charley pissing. That was so off the chart weird, but so incredibly hot. Then her showing me her tits in the truck, and later her texting me nude pic! As I washed, deep in thought, I found that my cock was hard. Not only was it hard, but very hard and very thick. So with some soap at first I stroked my cock, thinking of Charley. I just lazily stroked it and soon I was jamming my fi… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 4 days ago 14 5,639 100%

Game of Love Vol_1

AnalGay MaleTaboo

It was summer, after school... I was 17 y.o. and G. (this is his name for here) was 16... We were friends for many years... One day we were fighting (not for real, just like a game) and we felt on my bed... G down and me on his back. My cock starts to being like monster, big and hard... He feel that on his butt. I feel a little embarrassment and let him "free". After some seconds, when we standing up he grab my cock in his arm tightly... I was a little socked but I was really love that! I was thinking many times to have him like my slut... It was the right time! The thoughts were unlimited a… Read more

Posted by harpap83 4 days ago 1,794 75%

Country Bumpkin

HardcoreGay MaleVoyeur

An older gentleman with a fondness for crossdressers contacted me one day and asked if I would mind dressing up and fulfilling a fantasy for him. Having done a few for him in the past, how could I decline the offer for a good dicking? The afternoon came and I dressed up in a pair of frilly socks with strappy cork heels and a pair of short jean-shorts - Daisy Dukes. I then wore a nice ruffled tube top along with a brown 'cosplay' wig. Once my makeup was completed, I drove out to the area that he wanted me to meet him. The scenario was for me to be a farm-gurl that trespasses onto a farmer… Read more

Posted by baltorture 4 days ago 2 1,074 92%

Avoidance of leakage (dry ejaculation)


Avoidance of leakage (dry ejaculation) An interesting and little-known method. The principle is that a moment before ejaculation, you push the urethra down about 2 cm from the anus - somewhere where women have our favorite hole: o) to prevent your own ejection. You experience feelings almost identical to your own ejaculation, just "dry". The advantage is that after such an orgasm, you are able to go on very quickly (someone immediately) to continue the affliction without penis completely falling as if after classic ejaculation, but the stamina in the next round is significantly increased. Anot… Read more

Posted by punx33 4 days ago 1 769 100%

It`s a Cold day a guy Tells me he wears Tights/Pan

First TimeMasturbationFetish

Another bitterly cold work morning, it was freezing walking to work, but at least I was moving, but when I got to the bus stop, and stood still bbbrrrrrgggghhhh!, I was chilled to the bone, andas I  looked  around so was everyone else...everyone else except one guy, it didn`t seem to bother him one bit. So i had to ask him why he didnt feel the cold , so i politely asked " hello mate, it's bloody freezing but you don't seem to being feeling it as bad as us..."WHATS YOUR SECRET" ! What came out of his mouth i j… Read more

Posted by CockBoy1970 4 days ago 2 1,135 100%

Being Aunt ,s treasure ..

TabooHardcoreLesbian Sex

*based on a true story, I am clair woman age 30 Aunt Traci and I have always had a unmatched bond. One no human can touch. Today was special. As she saw me from the jarred door , I saw her quiver. i was wet from the beach, my breasts were soft pink dripping wet. She came behind me hugging me tight.’ Princess..’ she moaned kissing my neck and massaging between my thighs. Her touch soothed as she grazed my vagina with soft kisses. Rubbing. ‘ ahhh...’ she moaned. Devilishly. Grazing my vagina softly and nibbling my nipple softly. . .wrapping herself around me in a tight hug. Grazing her lips… Read more

Posted by Tracisbear 4 days ago 2,151 75%

The Weekend

MatureTabooFirst Time

So, I was so excited to go to your house. We were talking about you being a cuckold and , how your wife Mary is a hotwife. Then you asked me if I wanted to fuck your wife Mary. You had offered to host me for the weekend. I was to fuck your wife Mary while you watched. You told me that you had an open family, that often you were nude in front of your daughter, and things were done pretty much in the open. When I arrived around 7 PM I was introduced to your wife Mary and daughter Natalie, We sat in the living room and chatted. You told Natalie that I was Mary’s special friend, and that we were… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 4 days ago 6 3,242 85%
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