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Dream Mistress


My heart was racing as I looked at my computer screen for you see I had done something I not only thought I would ever do or for that matter gain any actual results from. I guess I should explain what I've done, you see my sexual interests and fantasies would have me deemed as a submissive for the thought of kneeling before, taking a strap-on bigger than my own cock, earning the privilege to cum then gladly cleaning up that filthy mess or better yet commanded to cover my own face in cum. Most of all though to hear my mistress tell me what a good little bitch I am, how much it pleases her that… Read more

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This is where I got my start in interracial himili

Interracial SexGroup SexFetish

I've been reading a few stories on here, and thought I'd share one. Now this happened a long time ago, in 2005, when I had a studio apartment, so my story is all from memory. There were only about 5 of us drinking, we were all young then, we were all in our mid 20s. 2 black guys, me, and 2 very attractive women. We weren't d***k yet, although I was feeling it a little. It was pretty early in the night. All of a sudden 1 of the women says, "whoever wants a blowjob, raise their hand" I was thinking WTF, but raised my hand, along with the 2 other dudes. She looked at the other girl and asked if… Read more

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The Incident At Raspberry Ranch: Part 1 ‘The Meeti

Gay MaleGroup SexFetish

The details of this event took place over 10 years ago and was told to me by a man who requested to go nameless, so for the purposes of retelling it in his words, but to also respect his request, his name and the names of the others involved and location have been altered. (May 12, 2004) Raspberry Ranch was my respite from all the fodder that life wastes my time with. I never considered the Ranch to be a waste of my time. To this day, as I recount this experience to you, I still don't, a fact you might question after sitting through this. But sometimes I needed to forget that, at 21 year… Read more

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My first cock

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

I've always known that I was bisexual. My first experience with sex was with my girlfriend Shannon. It was fantastic!!!♡♡♡ We made love often since our first time. When we were Sophomore's we often talked about what it would be like to have a cock. That summer, Shannon had a boyfriend and she decided to have sex with him. She LOVED IT. I had a really good guy friend, Vince, who lived close. We've been friends for years. He was a Senior and I always liked him. He was my first boy crush. The last few months, he made a few comments to make me think he liked me. He was very hands… Read more

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My Wife, Gladys, & I

MatureFirst Time

I had been in the kitchen preparing to make a cup of coffee when I heard the front door open and close. "Hey!" I said, expecting to see my wife; and though it was her, she was not alone! With her, a younger woman followed behind her. I'd never seen this younger woman before. My wife, obviously reading my thoughts from the slightly confused expression on my face, smiled and said: "Honey? This is Trina! Trina? This is my husband." She nodded and made the comment that my wife had been right, that I was, as she put it "Very handsome!" I blushed, and gave my wife a questioning look. She smiled… Read more

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Whores and Pros


I've always preferred professionals for my sex adventures. Hell, they are a lot more cooperative and their energy level is usually consistent with their pay grade. This is my Monica story. Monica was special. She had a special sense about what men wanted a woman to do for them to give them a powerful orgasm. Its what I call "Grrrrrrr" cumming. Kind of a low growl and grunt as you cum from the deep. I was surfing Backpage, when the site had photos and descriptions. I came across an add with photos of an older lady who looked like a crazy cocksucker. I called and made an appointment to meet at… Read more

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20 Years of Infidelity Part 2

TabooMatureFirst Time

The next morning in the kitchen Jason was all over me as soon as we heard the water running for his dad's shower. He was developing a real knack for deep kisses. His hands were definitely attached to a teenager though as I found my tits and ass pawed and squeezed. When he broke our kiss long enough to ask if he could stay home again today I was finally able to get control of his hands and holding them away had to shake my head, no. He looked as sad as only a 16 year old just deflowered teen can look when denied sex. I told him it was only because he'd worn me out yesterday. He didn't catch th… Read more

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I told you about Myra. She was my girlfriend for two years and I learned what GFE means from her. I would not say she was an enthusiastic cocksucker. She never took the lead. I literally had to have her put her head on my shoulder and move her closer. Gradually I could get her head on my belly. She would not open her mouth but I knew she was close to the head of dick. She took her hands and with fingernails, caressed the underside of my balls. By that time I was rock hard and my cock was pulsing. With my hand on the back of her head, I would push her down to my bulging, swaying, pushing cock.… Read more

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20 Years of Infidelity Part 4

First TimeMatureTaboo

The next morning Jason was bouncing in his seat with excitement at going to the south of Spain. His excitement extended to other things as soon as his dad left for work. We watched from the living room window until my husband's car backed out of the driveway. Not wanting to wait any longer than necessary I turned, stripped his shorts down and pushed him into the nearest chair. Jason's cock was already hard. Dropping to my knees I took his cock in my hand and began milking the shaft. When a large drop of pre-cum formed, I held my hair out of the way and lowered my mouth to lick the drop off his… Read more

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First Taste

First Time

I was in my 40s before I finally got my lips wrapped around a cock. I was spending time with a much younger married couple and we had been having sex for a few months often the three of us together but occasionally just me and the wife, Anne. One morning I met Anne and she immediately sat on my face, grinding and riding my tongue hard. This was not too unusual, but it was quickly obvious to me that she was filled with her husband Bryan's, cum and was definitely enjoying feeding it to me. While I had eaten my own cum from a woman's pussy before, this was my first taste of another man's and it w… Read more

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Zum zuschauen verdamt

VoyeurLesbian Sex

Zum zuschauen verdammt Es ist immer wieder schön wenn sich die alten Freunde mit der Freundin verstehen und sich auch so viel zu erzählen haben. Am schönsten ist es wenn man das Gefühl hat das man selber außen vor ist und somit die Chemie Zwischen der Freundin und den Freunden stimmt. So ist es auch mit meiner besten Freundin/ kleine Schwester und meiner Partnerin. So kam es das wir uns zu viert also meine kleine Maus meine Partnerin und meine Schwester uns verabredeten am nächsten Tag in eine riesige Therme zu fahren und somit schliefen wir alle in der selben Wohnung und machten uns einen s… Read more

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1st Gay Experience

Gay MaleAnalFirst Time

I was over at a friends house for guys weekend. I was up early Saturday and went downstairs to watch TV, so I wouldn't wake anyone up. Nothing was on cable, so I checked what else was on, Net Flix, etc.... There was TIVO, so I checked what movies were on there. I found one that was marked ”football”. The movie started with a bunch of guys playing touch football then they started slapping each others asses and making out feeling each other up and taking each others clothes off. I knew I should shut it off and put cable on again, but I started to get real horny and continued to watch the guys in… Read more

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Daddy’s Naughty Girl (roleplay)


You wake up and realize that you can’t move. Your arms and legs are restrained. Fear overwhelms you, as you cannot see either, you are blindfolded. Suddenly a sense of eroticism intensifies throughout your body, as you know this is your special game with daddy. “Daddy, are your there?”. The silence continues in the room. “Please daddy, are your there?”. I’m sitting in a chair looking directly at you. I don’t hear you call out. My mind is distracted as your sheer beauty, consumes my every thought. Your face so innocent, but hidden beneath that innocence is a girl whose sexual desi… Read more

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The Three Wierd Sisters (Part 1)

TabooGroup SexFetish

As the Prince woke up, he thought he'd heard something outside the canopy of his bed. Setting up on his elbows, he knew that he was not alone. Someone, or something, was just outside the heavy curtains. He felt his heart beat suddenly surge with a mixture of both fear, as well as a strangely compelling excitement. "Who's there?" He said quietly. At first, there was no reply. But then he heard the sound, unmistakable, of feet on the flagstone floor just outside the canopy of his bed. "Who's there?" He said once again. "We've come back," the voice said after a moments pause. It was a femal… Read more

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My First Shared Wife

Group SexFirst TimeMature

I miss the days, when the internet was young, chat rooms were full, and people were open to discussing any variety of desires and perversions. I was AOL at the time. There were hundreds of chat rooms filled with horny people. The public chat room was busy, but the real action was in the private messages. I believe a sexual revolution was taking place and I was in the process of getting divorced. Great timing. I traveled for business at the time and frequently went to the Detroit area. I started chatting with a woman from suburban Detroit. A town called Canton, MI. She was married and she and… Read more

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Black Cocks? For Sure! So Horny, So Thick And So L

HardcoreInterracial Sex

Black Cock? For sure they are the Best. I had meet a black guy in the local pub, his name was Andrew and he was very, very hot, I had never even kissed a black guy never mind thought about fucking one until Andrew came along. I was sat in the pub on my lunch break having something to eat, after I finished eating Andrew walked over and asked may he sit down so I let him, we had a great laugh from the start and he really cheered me up since I was having a bad day, we then got on to the subject of my husband cheating on me and how I then became this swinger. He then pulled out his pho… Read more

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Anita´s niece wants more


Monday afternoon my sweet Ana and I were out getting some groceries. As I pulled into the driveway my wife recognized Jerome`s car parked there. She then hurried to the front door and was awestruck when she saw her sweet niece riding on Jerome´s black cock in the middle of the living room. The girl looked back at us watching her from the door; but she did not even miss stride on that black monster dick. As I got closer I could see why; her bottom lip was quivering, her legs were shaking and her pussy had a vise like grip on the cock while she appeared to be stretched to the maximum…… Read more

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The Couple and The Virgin Neighbor Boy

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

My name is Josh and I’ve been happily married with Millie for 6 years. Having been sweethearts since high-school, we never had a lot of previous experiences and we were both a bit shy then, but eventually developed a wonderful sexual relationship and very pleasurable sexual skills. Millie was raised in a very conservative, strict, religious family, so I was very pleased to see the hot woman she turned out to be in bed. Our adventure began when I was fired 1 year ago, blame the economy, and we had to leave our nice loft in a trendy area and move to an old and very small house. I am an IT pro… Read more

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EPISODE AT A B&B My job brought me all around UK soI tried to find B&B's where I got some exciting sex action One of the first was one in Brighton where a friend told me it was run by an elderly gay man who liked perving on his guests I rang and booked a room and decided to wear my sexy bright pink panties and matching pink bra under my shirt and trousers The old guy Dave chatted to me and I knew straight away he was interested We went into the tv room where there was a young schoolboy watching the tv He was wearing short school trousers and school white shirt That's my nephew Gay h… Read more

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Karen My School Teacher 10


I heard them talking. “Man she is fucking hot. Mmmm did you see her ass in that skirt” I felt extremely dizzy laying in Karen's bed. It was all dark in the room except the light coming from the slightly open door. I heard Jacob say. “I really loved those legs of her. And those pretty pantyhose feet. Mmmmm. Look at my bulge” The whole room was spinning and somehow i still felt great. my body got this feeling of butterflies in my stomach hearing them talk about me like that. I love the sensation of showing myself as the girl i always longed to be. I am i real pantyhose slut. “Yea i see the bulge… Read more

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