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by williacj My phone rang early this morning “hello” “is this chris?” a voice asked “this is him speaking” “I'm dosei I'm good friends with Teri how are you doing?” “I'm good what's up?” “Teri told me that you fucked her a few weeks ago and she said you were the best she'd ever had in awhile” “I'm flattered but I don't think too highly of myself that way”I replied. “hey I was wondering, would you be interested in meeting me for coffee later on?” “um I don't have any plans I'm off t… Read more

Posted by williacj 4 days ago 2,519 86%

Mom and Me and Long Summer - Part 2

First TimeMatureTaboo

We both slept sound because we were tired from everything that we did the day before. I was having a dream about me and mom naked on an island. I had this before, but in the other dreams, mom and I just ran around playing and swimming. In this dream mom and I were having sex on a large empty beach with no human on the whole island. We were alone and we didn’t care. As I was getting to the part where mom was about to cum: “Honey, its time to get up.” Mom said as she took the sheet off of me. “Shit”, I thought to myself. I wanted to finish that dream. “Hay but wait.” I am fucking my mom. Mom loo… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 4 days ago 1 4,623 100%

Aunt Annie #2


My wife's Aunt Annie had been in here new place for about six weeks, and we took a trip out there on Friday night. It was a two hour trip after work, and we we got there Annie gave me a big tongue kiss when my wife was out of the room, and well as squeezing my cock. It was obvious she wanted some follow up from the action when she stayed with us. We had decided to get takeaway Chinese for dinner, and Annie and I went out to pick it up. It was quite busy being a Friday, with a 25 minute wait. After a few minutes Annie said let's go and wait in the car. She was in the driver's seat, and to my s… Read more

Posted by RogerSlicker 4 days ago 5,436 94%

Lust for her abs: Threesome


I got a random text message one day. Didn’t recognize the number or area code; all it said was “hey babe what’s up?”. I assumed it must be a junk text and ignored it. The next morning I get another one from the same number, “how are things going?”. Should I respond this time? No… I had been browsing on Tinder a bunch recently, someone had to have gotten a hold of my number. 10 minutes later, “it’s Dana, I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about our night together, you made me feel so good”. Dana… the fbb who let me worship her sexy muscular bod. I hadn’t forgotten about those chi… Read more

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Five years ago, my best friend Pete asked me if his grandmother Irma could move in with me. Irma had been living with Pete and his wife Karen ever since they were married and now that the k**s are bigger they needed more room for the family. Irma 4ft 9, 110 pounds 71 years old long grey hair and a very good cook didn't seem to be too much trouble, and I was living alone so I decided to let her move in. My home has 4 bedrooms 3 baths so there was plenty of room for Irma. Pete had all her things moved over and Karen came over to help Irma set up her bedroom. Pete and Karen were excited… Read more

Posted by lexasgreen 4 days ago 4 9,417 98%



267 A CUCKOLDS DISTRESS PT6 It was Monday morning Micky about to set out on just another day at the bog roll factory. His wife scrubbing the floor of the living room, muttering that “spillages tended to smell if they were going to do that trick again, the floor needed tile`s!” He grinned broadly, saying as he picked up his snapping bag that “it was fun though wasn`t it!” her reply was to tell him to “bugger off,” but it was said with a broad grin. The week went slowly, Saturday seeing them at the club once again, Terry appearing late as usual, and dancing with each woman as before, Lina co… Read more

Posted by alibodge 4 days ago 349 100%

Bathouse Fun

Group SexGay MaleAnal

A true story of my first d***ken exploration of a bathouse, with much more to come. After a night of lonely drinking and gangbang porn watching I got an itch to experience things a little bit more personally that my computer could offer. There is a bathouse in my town with a decent reputation and so I decided to take a cab down to it and see what fun I could get into. It was around bar time on a Saturday night, and it was already fairly crowded when I arrived. I quickly paid and got a locker, noticing quite a few cocks in the lockerroom that looked quite tasty. I winked and smiled at a few g… Read more

Posted by bivers88 4 days ago 3 2,394 83%

Special K

HardcoreInterracial Sex

by williacj I was at a jazz club for adults only and I was sitting in the lounge area listening to johnny Hodges”yearning” when Rachael Kaye of fox 6 news walks into the room. she sees me looks around the room before she comes up to me and starts talking to me. She flirts with me and later starts grinding against me.”is anyone sitting here?" she asks me. before I can answer she sits down beside me"you're holding back” she says."we're alone there's no need to be shy." I reached over and touched her arm… Read more

Posted by williacj 4 days ago 1,258 75%

SS Needs Helping Hand pt 2


As I walked into the kitchen I was not really paying attention to much. For some reason my mind was still trying to grasp the fact that Lacey, my 37 year old sexy sibling, had just screwed me silly and hinted that there was more to come. For that reason, I did not notice that in her haste to get in the house, she had dripped water all over the kitchen floor. At least I did not notice until my own wet feet went out from under me and I landed flat on my back. I just laid there for a moment, coming back to the present and wonderin… Read more

Posted by imornery81 4 days ago 3 3,710 100%

Personal Preference

Group SexGay MaleMature

I had read about the place on the Cruise Spots feature on Men4sexnow and found the description really hot—something like, “I thought I had walked onto set for a gay porn movie.” Unfortunately, I had failed to write down the address, so I was just cruising blind as I tried to find the place when I was in town on the far-east side of the Phoenix area on a short visit. I had just about given up when I noticed this very non-descript building with a sign, PERSONAL PREFERENCE as I drove by it. I did a U-turn to go back and investigate. As I parked, there was this great looking stud getting into hi… Read more

Posted by brcrbf 4 days ago 2 1,155 100%

perfect wife share? we still smile.

MatureGroup SexHardcore

December 2008 We have great sex but for years my husband had wanted to share me with another man. After awhile the idea started to excite me - we had done the usual fantasizing with vibrators etc and had flirted with it when away on trips with me dressing sexy, stockings and sometimes no panties. We used to go out hoping that a situation would arise that would force us to decide. It had happened once in a somewhat disappointing way but the thought of future situations was always there and in our heads. Anyway this Autumn we went to Paris and all the fantasies came properly true. Out in the lo… Read more

Posted by wifewantsharing 4 days ago 2 2,823 100%

Her first BBC

Interracial Sex

A little background on me than I'll get to my story. I'm a happily married woman who married my high school sweetheart 20 years ago. I have only been with him, and we have what I think is a satisfying sex life. I'm not the same woman I was when we got married. Time, life, and c***dbirth has taken a small toll on me. I have gained a few pounds, but I'm not a fat cow. My hips, butt and boobs have have absorbed most of it, but I have a plump tummy. Last year my husband had a business trip out of state, and my k**s were at summer camp. I thought it would be a great week for me to get caught up on… Read more

Posted by jmh_43551 4 days ago 2 4,638 96%

Cuckold's chair in the corner


Cuckold’s Chair in the Corner Two definitions that our part of OUR wittol/cuckold life: 1) BULLFRIEND……Is a gentleman that dates and makes love to another man’s wife. It may include sleepovers or weekend getaways. The wife loves this man, and he loves her and owns her pussy. 2) CUCKSUCKER….Is a wittol/cuckold that sucks the Bullfriend’s cock. Not all cuckolds are Cucksuckers, but all cucksuckers are cuckolds. For those new to our profile, my name is Donald_Cuck. My best friend Brett began fucking my wife Agness 3 years ago. They now make love at least one night a… Read more

Posted by Adakcal 4 days ago 12 1,169 93%

I was dicked!

Gay Male

Had been talking to a guy on X Hamster for a while. We talked on the phone and on Hamster. and every time we spoke, I got more and more turned on. He had such a nice cock and he seemed like a nice guy. I offered myself to him a number of times but he was hesitant. He wasn't sure about the homo thing but he was curious. Well, one night we were talking on the phone and I asked if he'd consider a blow job. He seemed to be vacillating so I asked what he was saving it for...He, to my surprise, said if I sent him a picture and he was o.k. with it, he'd go for it. I took the pic. and sent it. My hear… Read more

Posted by sevenplus 4 days ago 11 2,198 89%

The little special pill 11

MatureSex HumorHardcore

I run a small business and to help me around the office I have a wonderful secretary called Susan, she's a petite redheaded woman in her early twenties with milky white skin and a few freckles. Now I'm a fairly casual boss, we call each other by a first names, often each lunch together and sometimes I even make the tea for her, so when Susan was sat her desk the other day looking rather fed up and tired I had to ask what was the problem? "Oh nothing really Tom, I just have a bit of a headache staring at this computer screen all morning" she replied "Oh hang on then!" I said pulling open one of… Read more

Posted by bighornycock123 4 days ago 1 2,344 88%

Still more from Bandit and Caroline


I was walking back home that warm night down the quiet street. It was after midnight and I had just fucked one dog from the neighborhood… This time I had chosen a nice huge light brown Lab. His owner usually kept his gate unlocked; so it was easy for me to reach that sweet dog, which was ready to enjoy my wet cunt with his hard dick… I was in heat that week; every day in the mood for a huge doggie dick… I was fully naked as I walked back to my house. This time my loving Victor was flying away on a business trip and then I was not worried about coming late at home. The nice sweet Lab had k… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 4 days ago 4 3,386 100%

Barb and the Truckers 1st episode

Group SexInterracial SexVoyeur

Immediately after the on-ramp toll booth at Exit 37 on the New York State Thruway, my wife was unbuttoning her blouse; her beautiful B sized breasts quickly exposed as we joined the eastbound traffic. Intently, she checked for any State Troopers before removing it and her mini skirt before reclining the seat a notch or two. Her fairly recent discovery the thrill of exhibitionism promised to be an enjoyable several hour trip. Passing Carrier Circle exit, my fully naked wife helped unsnap my unique outfit we had discovered. Listening to and enjoying the truckers comments about the pretty nake… Read more

Posted by wtchswife34 4 days ago 1,311 71%

The Need For Control


I'd driven several hours to meet Dean and his wife Diane, and as I turned off the main highway and headed into the small town they lived in, my heart rate was starting to rise; and my cock, though cramped by my jeans, was trying to get hard with the anticipation of what I could hope to expect from this couple! I didn't have any trouble finding their home, and as I parked out front, my pulse was racing like mad, and my dick, which wanted to get erect, simply couldn't do to the tight fit of my jeans! A moment later, as I was walking to their front door, the door opened, and there was Dean (I… Read more

Posted by DickLover59 4 days ago 1,357 100%

Beyond Mothers Kiss

First TimeTaboo

There was a new energy in the house since our 'New Years Eve' encounter. My years of thoughts and planning have paid off and Michael seems to be floating on air. An obvious skip was noticed in his step as he strolled around the house, in the days that followed. A sense of relief and satisfaction vented from him, like steam being released from a boiling pot. My slow paced indoctrination was wonderful, taking advantage of his weaknesses while exposing my own. This house was buzzing with electricity,... yet camouflaged well. Michael and I discussed in great detail our plan to keep things secre… Read more

Posted by leggyone 4 days ago 8 3,896 100%

Becoming a Queen of Spades

First TimeGroup SexInterracial Sex

This happened in 2003 after me and my husband celebrated our tenth anniversary. We were renting an apartment at that time. One afternoon when we were both at home something unusual happened. Someone knocked on our door - a black guy who claimed he was our neighbor upstairs and asking permission to climb our balcony into his as he managed to lock himself out. We allowed him as he seemed familiar, we must have seen him around - he did so, and soon after we saw him go outside the building to greet another black guy who was coming over accompanied by a blonde woman. They all went back upstairs and… Read more

Posted by curvyanabella 4 days ago 5 3,874 86%
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