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Slut Mom Group Sex With Four Uncles!

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Today I am about to share a thrilling mom group sex story that happened two years back. My family has 3 members – my dad Sandeep age 46, my mom and me. Now coming to the queen of the story – my mom Rashmi, age 41. She is a modern woman and maintains her body well. Her boobs are 40DD and her ass is just perfect. Men used to stare at her assets while she moves around the colony. I often used to masturbate thinking of her! She has 4 sisters and all of them are married. Her sisters often visit our home with my uncles (my mom’s jiju). Eldest of my uncles is Satpal, 49 years old and average bui… Read more

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HardcoreTabooSex Humor

it was me and my brother who was a year younger than me living in a three room apartment. I was emotionally attached with my daddy whereas my brother was attached to mom. I always used to enjoy lying on daddy’s soft belly and would often do it whenever an opportunity existed, particularly after lunch when mom and dad used to have afternoon siesta. Mom had always been a hard sleeper and would sleep even under all the lights on and television playing at full volume. She would not wake up even if there was an ear… Read more

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Omegle ddlg 2

TabooBDSMFirst Time

You: 33m Stranger: HEllo F 25 usa Stranger: What kind of roleplay are you looking for sir? You: DDLG You: or Dom Sub You: What about you? Stranger: I don't mind Daddy and daughter. You: I'm home waiting for you You: you have been sent home from school because you were being bad Stranger: (what age am I playing?) You: What ever you like, you tell me Stranger: youngest I would be willing to go would be -- You: That's excellent I prefer no younger as well You: Ready babygirl? Stranger: Yes sir You: *I pretend I don't know why you're home early You: It's only 2pm what are you doing… Read more

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A walk in the park


The day was a spring warm 70 degrees, and I decided it was a good day to take a lazy walk in the park. Lots of shade from a multitude of trees. As I meandered down a curved path rounding a shaded curve in the walkway, an occupied bench came into view. The occupant was a young girl with a large dog, who was also on the bench with its head nestled in the girl's lap. As I came closer, I noticed the young girl was relaxing with her head resting on the back of the bench, eyes closed. Her hand rested on the dog's head apparently holding the a****l snug to her crotch. As I got closer I saw that the… Read more

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An Afternoon with Sylvia and Judy part 2 @2016

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

There was a little interlude, and then his tounge went right into my mouth. I had been experimenting since I was thirteen about what "sexy" meant. I thought I had just found the answer. I thought: ' Okay, Miguel, you want to get a little bit of Sylvia? This is your lucky night, boyo.' I noticed that Judy and Pedro were kissing now, sitting on the sofa, watching us dance. Just kissing. I was kissing Miguel, doing this dance with him just as close as I could do it. I looked over again. Judy was still in the kiss, but now her hand was resting on the zipper of his pants. Of course, he had a big… Read more

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Happenstance Part 1 (LONG)


Happenstance at the Gas Station I live in a state that lets you pump your own gas. Not too difficult, but each brand of gas has slightly different procedure for entering information. Well there I was pumping my gas. On the other side of the island a middle aged woman appeared to be having difficulty. She was about 39 to 45. She had a beautiful face and very nice body. Her blonde hair was past her shoulders. She was dressed casually but nicely. I approached her and asked her if I could help. She said that this was confusing and intimidating for her since she just moved here from a State that d… Read more

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Mom redefines herself after talking to her son

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

"That's it, I am kicking him out on his ear." my husband said as he walked into the kitchen, about to join me for breakfast before going to work. I could only guess he was referring to our son Malcolm, who had dropped out of college about a year ago and had been unemployed ever since. The fact that he was neither getting some other form of education nor trying very hard to land a job, was bothering my husband Jason boundlessly. "What did he do now?" I asked, frustrated that he was picking on our boy again. "You know what I found in the shower just now?" he asked furious. "What?" I asked, on… Read more

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Filipina rented

BDSMGroup SexHardcore

This is a true story We had met this older gentleman Cliff he was in his fifties owned a import company. He replied to our ad on CL and after some exchanging of emails. We ended up at the Courtyard one evening, met in the room I did my fearless walk over nude and kiss. He was taken back as I kissed him exchanging tongues, he cupped my ass slipping his fingers across my wet slit. I dropped down unbuckled his pants pulling them down with his man ware ha, Mmm nice size cut 8 inches thick a few licks and in my mouth sucking on him. We stopped stripped him down, and onto the bed he spreaded me and… Read more

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sex with daddy.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I heard the knock on my bedroom door and inquired as to who it was. It was my daughter who had just turned eighteen about five minutes ago. Since we were the only two people in the house, there is no one in the house under the age of eighteen. "It's me daddy." my daughter Erica exclaimed. "I'm cold and I want to curl up with you and get warm." she said. "Honey, why don't you go get in your own bed and get some sleep?" I replied. "Because I'm cold and can't get warmed up." she answered. "Besides that, I need to pee pee and right now." Erica walked past me taking my hand as she did so, and he… Read more

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The Babysitter Part II

First Time

Teagan was a petite girl at the age of **, her milky white skin was as smooth like a newborn baby. She had a small face with a little button nose and long straight brunette hair. At about 4'10" tall, she had smooth short legs topped by a little apple bottom ass. Her arms were slender with soft delicate fingers on her little girl hands. Her boobs were tiny, yet, she would sometimes wear padding in her training bras from last year, intended for young girls. Her lips were not too thin, but not too luscious either, but they definitely stood out, especially when she wore any type of lip gloss. What… Read more

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Dad makes a plea for daughter's body

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I pound up the sidewalk and slow to a stop on the front porch. Breathing hard, I wipe the sweat of my forehead. Jogging has recently become a passion of mine in my last year of high school. I love it, but I hate to sweat, ah well, nothing in life is perfect. I sit on the front steps stretching out my legs and cooling down. I hear the door open behind me and mom stalks down the steps and turns her critical eye upon me. "Really Emma? Just a sports bra? No shirt? That's really tacky." She says pursing her lips and arching her eyebrow. "Thanks for the fashion advice," I say sarcastically with a… Read more

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I meet Buster

FetishGay MaleInterracial Sex

The doorbell rings and when I answer, I see him and another large black man, standing to his side. They were dressed in shorts and tanks. When I opened the door, Vinny and his friend stepped inside. "Whassup Mark? This is my home boy, Brian. We all call him Buster." Vinny greeted me as we fist bumped. Vinny headed to straight to the bathroom while his friend and I became acquainted. Buster was rough looking. He was a light skinned black guy with tattoos everywhere including two full sleeves. He was all bulked up and wore a dew rag on his head. Buster stood about 6'4, weighed at least 25… Read more

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My Mom and Sister decide to drop in unexpectedly.


Mom and Janie showed up at my house one day and told me that they had been evicted from their apartment and needed a place to stay. It caught me off guard at first but after I considered the possibilities I agreed to put them up until they found another option. Apparently, while they had been traveling around the country getting Janie back and forth to her beauty pageants, Mom had forgotten to pay the bills, and they lost their apartment. I had plenty of extra rooms in the house, so as far as space went, it didn't really present much of a problem. I hadn't seen either one of them in almost… Read more

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— Brother comforts sister and finds they both want

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

My sister and I weren't really close, we just didn't have that much in common. She was three years older than me, and we never talked. I did, however, fantasize about her a lot. She was a gorgeous blonde with a great body and full rack. She kept it hidden though, for the most part. She had gotten in trouble a few years ago for having sex with a guy at a party. Our parents were very strict when it came to sex, and they didn't even want us to kiss on the first date. I had never been on a date before, but my sister Jenna had dated plenty of guys. I knew she was the kind of girl who'd not only ki… Read more

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Lonely mom finds comfort with son.

First TimeMatureTaboo

Some people say that our planet is spinning straight into oblivion, or maybe explode soon from all the v******e throughout our world today. They all say the key to survival is the family unit and how it takes a whole village to raise a c***d. I think the modern family has changed considerably from what our parents and grandparents knew to be true. And not the new "Modern Family" like it is portrayed on the television now. My name is Toby and I'm proud to say that I have just recently become an 18-year-old Mother-fucker. My Mom Jennifer Bach got pregnant in high school at the age of 15, having… Read more

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Saoirse Ronan, The SnowBunny

CelebritiesFetishInterracial Sex

I've always had the hots for a variety of different film actresses, ranging from Z-list to A-list, but one particular actress who consistently captures my lustful attention is none other than Oscar-nominated Irish actress Saoirse Ronan. I've imagined her, this meek, beautiful ethereal actress as leading a secret double life as a swinger who exclusively indulges in and beds well hung black men of her choosing. No one would ever suspect this innocent girl could even be lustful in… Read more

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A hot threeway with sexy sisters

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I had known Jen for a little while now, and I had a massive crush on her from the very beginning. She was a little slower coming around, plus she had a boyfriend. Luckily, he was kind of a shit and everyone knew it, including her, so his days were already numbered. We had never hooked up. Came close one time, since she had invited me over for 4th of July. JUST me. Her family went on some vacation she couldn't afford, and her shitty boyfriend was hanging out with his friends who she couldn't stand. Enter me. I screwed this one up by getting FAR too drunk to do much of anything aside from lie ve… Read more

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Sex With Mom

First TimeMatureTaboo

My dad died a few years earlier and left my mother pretty well off financially. He also had me in his will for enough to get me through my last year couple of years in college and then enough to get myself set up on my own rather than continuing to live in the family homestead with Mom. I was tossed between using some of that money to strike out on my own right now or do as he wanted and get my degree at night school and only then make the big step towards my independence. Mom's birthday was coming up this weekend and I wanted to get her something nice but for the life of me couldn't think of… Read more

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Customer Service - Part Five

MatureSex HumorHardcore

"I will remain here, just to make sure there are no problems. It's not our policy to provide customer service without proper training, but since we are doing so I should stay here." Goodman went over to Miss Schwartz, took her by the arm, and led her to the table. He leaned her back against it. He rubbed his cock along her pussy, front to back, a few times, then lined it up and pushed slowly in. When he reached her hymen, he stopped. She seemed almost to be holding her breath. He said, "You could have gone to a doctor, your own or the company doctor, and he would have given you a local anesth… Read more

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Customer Service - Part Six

MatureSex HumorHardcore

He went out to a nearby, inexpensive restaurant. While he was eating, a woman went by, immediately in front of him through the window, crossed the street, and went into the bank. Abruptly, he recognized that it had been Miss Schwartz. She must have taken the morning off, he thought, for she looked entirely different. Her hair was still gray, but not so dull, and it had been cut and styled. Her clothes were very attractive on her, too, suitable for a woman of her position, not casual but not overly fancy, and well fitted. There was no visible hair on her face. He wondered whether she had plans… Read more

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