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Lesbian SexBDSMTaboo

I had her tied spread-eagled to the bed when the doorbell went. I saw her immediately flinch and stiffen and a look of concern flitted across her face. Usually I try and make sure that our sessions are undisturbed so I was initially annoyed. “Who’s that?” she yelped, her voice tremulous. “I have no idea, bitch. Stop panicking you stupid cunt.” Her eyes switched away from the door to the playroom and came back to me as her fear came back to where it belonged. I stalked around the bed tapping the horse crop against my palm. When the door bell rang again her eyes darted once more to the door.… Read more

Posted by Mistress_Christine 3 days ago 2 7,834 97%


MatureTabooGroup Sex

A wife’s first high class mass orgy experience.... For a long time Sarah-Jane had suspicions. Well Damien departed too eagerly for his business meetings in Cologne and he was just so goddamn relaxed on his return to Dublin. Damien wasn’t sure how he was going to continue to enjoy his foreign orgy addiction once Sarah-Jane kept badgering and niggling him to be allowed to accompany him next time he went; as their son was old enough to settle into a boarding school in England. Typical male with a smutty secret agenda Damien was thinking of giving his wife a new platinum credit card and… Read more

Posted by janus2017 3 days ago 1 2,564 100%

Una hermosa mujer llamada Carla Prt. 5

TabooHardcoreGroup Sex

Muy buenas a los amigos que están leyendo estas historias, le daremos seguimiento al relato que espero les agrade. Como dije anteriormente ese día quede con Doña Carmiña para hacer su marca corporativa, ya eran como las 7 de la noche y bueno me dirigí rápidamente al Hotel para darme una ducha, al llegar no estaba ni Carla ni su rica tía Doña Tere por lo que subí a mi habitación para preparar el material de trabajo. Mientras me estaba dirigiendo al baño sonó mi celular , era Doña Carmiña me dijo que demoraría ya que se encontraba con un cliente a lo que le respondí que no se haga problema que… Read more

Posted by alefoxxx23478 3 days ago 1 454 100%

I'am Now a CockSucker

FetishGay Male

I've been divorced for almost 8 years now and while I still love women, I melt at the sight of cock.  I can't say I love men, I don't. But even twenty years ago while watching porn on VHS tapes I always wondered what it would be like to be the woman sucking that man's cock. I wanted to be that woman. About 10 years ago, when my favorite online site had chat rooms, I slowly worked into connecting with a local doctor and discovered I loved sucking cock. Not sure if I wanted to swallow his load I asked him to hold my head in place so I would, and he did and I discovered I love to swallow.… Read more

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Cold, windy and snowy. That describes winter in Chicago, IL to a tee. I had just finished a conference. The cab ride to the airport was slow because of the heavy snow falling. As we were stuck in traffic, I called the airport Hilton. The way the snow was coming down, I had a bad feeling that my flight was going to be cancelled. I was sitting at a bar in O’Hare International Airport (ORD), waiting to board my plane for a 4-hour flight home. Sipping on my Absolut and Cranberry, I watched the snow continue to pound the airport. Planes were slowly inching their way to the runway. I turned to look… Read more

Posted by bcamer69 3 days ago 1 1,631 100%

Anne Marie-trainee trolley Dolly!!!

Interracial SexVoyeur

You read here about little Anne Marie. She is our Baby sitter for our Black Baby boy-junior. Junior banged into me by his BIG negro Stud DADDY. My hubby could not provide! Anne Marie had become a huge fan of black dick, yes since being very young too. She had begun with white boys, then met her 1st black love, who opened her up to all huge black shafts. She rang me and said she was told that she would have to job seek, or no more benefits from the state!! The job center had said she was pretty enough to be interviewed for a flight attendant job. An Irish airline was looking? She said she had m… Read more

Posted by Jizzylady 3 days ago 1,697 67%

Dusty's Daddy

AnalFirst TimeShemales

So learned at a very young age that I liked dressing up in hose and heels and making guys cum (see any of my previous stories :-). I met Dusty when we were 13. He moved from another state. He towered above all of the other boys in our class at 6' 1". He was so big we called him Dusty Mountain. He had a full five o clock shadow and probably outweighed every other guy in the class by 60 or 70 pounds. There was an empty seat next to me and the teacher sat him there. I soon learned that he was really cool. We both liked AC/DC and Iron Maiden. I started helping him with his schoolwork and s… Read more

Posted by cdsexslut 3 days ago 3 3,986 92%

Mein erstes Mal öffentlich nackt

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

Ich stand schon immer auf das Nacktsein. Solange ich denken kann. Das hat vielleicht auch damit zu tun, dass es in meiner Kindheit bei uns zuhause sehr prüde zuging. Ich habe zum Beispiel meine Eltern nie nackt gesehen und meine beiden Geschwister auch nur in den Kindertagen. Sehr früh wollte mein größerer Bruder nicht mehr mit mir zusammen in die Wanne. Und zu dritt sind wir Kinder, eine Schwester und zwei Jungs, nur in unseren ersten Lebensjahren zusammen nackt gewesen. Daher wahrscheinlich auch meine Neigung zum Exhibitionismus. Ich kann mich an eine Szene in meiner Jugend erinnern. Ich erz… Read more

Posted by Al-Gore 3 days ago 2 710 100%

Der Bauer und der Pferdeknecht I

Gay MaleHardcoreMature

Der Bauer und der Pferdeknecht I (Diese Story ist nicht real... aber die Gedanken sind bekanntlich frei! ( .... So viele geile Erinnerungen....;) Mit meinem Pferdeknecht Leo Ich heiße Heinrich, genannt Hinnerk, bin unverheiratet, vierzig Jahre alt, Bauer und Pferdezüchter. Ich stehe auf geile Kerle und habe einige Freunde, die hier gerne mitmachen auf dem Hof. Bei mir leben mein Neffe Hubert, der mir hilft und der auch auf Kerle steht und Leo als Pferdpfleger, der hauptsächlich für die Hengste zuständig ist. Ich züchte Hannoveraner und auch Kaltblüter, wir haben jetzt fünf g… Read more

Posted by wanker5000 3 days ago 379

A Christmas Gift

Group SexVoyeur

My wife and I were heading to dinner with friends. The holidays are here, and we both were looking forward to spending an evening with friends; but this time, I have a surprise for my wife. A “gift” I know she will enjoy.. She came down the stairs from our bedroom and was wearing my favorite Black Dress. It’s a very, short tight dress that accents her body perfectly. It makes her tits look incredible, not to mention her ass. My wife is 5’ 7”, 135 lbs, 34c, jet black hair. When she wears this dress, she reminds of rocker Joan Jett. I squeezed her ass, and could tell instantly she wasn’t weari… Read more

Posted by bcamer69 3 days ago 3 4,403 93%

Fantasy about renewing our wedding vows

FetishInterracial SexTaboo

My wife and I have been married 20 years and are thinking about renewing our wedding vows. We were just going to have a minister renew the vows and have a mutual black friend for a best man. I have e.d. and am small endowed, so asked Greg the best man, who is in his 40s if he would consummate the marriage for us in our marriage bed. He said he would be glad too. I told Sue my wife about it and she was hesitant but I told her she knew I was unable to do it so she agreed. After the ceremony Greg followed us to our house and I carried Sue across the threshold and directly into the bedroom and on… Read more

Posted by jimmielee65 3 days ago 4 3,035 87%

She finds satisfaction in her father in laws arms

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. Cheri hated this. She and her husband needed to get money from her in-laws -- again. "Where's Marsha?" Dan let his daughter-in-law in, "My better half isn't here right now." Shit, Cheri thought, now I have to ask him and he doesn't like me. She sat in a chair opposite her father-in-law. "Adair and I need about a $1000 to get some stuff." "Of course you do, why else would you fucking come here?" Cheri felt her face burning with embarrassment, "What do you mean by that?" "The… Read more

Posted by sexozingguy 3 days ago 3 2,898 94%

GF Gets Some, I Get Taken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

We both went for a shower and then downstairs for a couple of drinks before Tyler arrived. I was still reeling at what a horny bitch my wife had turned into. Tyler arrived shortly after 9 pm and Katie introduced him to me. He was as attractive as she had described and seemed very confident, he certainly wasn't showing any nerves at meeting the husband of the woman he had fucked the day before.  "So what's the plan?" he asked us. Katie answered, "I thought we could have a couple of drinks and then go upstairs, having two studs use me. Tyler looked at me in surprise, "Is she seriou… Read more

Posted by 425olds 3 days ago 1 3,094 88%

Another from the GurlTown Files Sherrie 3

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Sherrie & Baby Face BBI was doing great. The downside was that Gabe and Nick were in and out leaving Sherrie too much time. While out shopping she saw a rowdy group of k**s beating one. By the time she turned her car around to investigate, one small k** crawled from the ditch. He was bruised, dirty and his little glasses were broke. She scooped him up and he said, “not a k** Lady” and passed out. She rambled through his back pack and discovered he was actually a “little person”, a dwarf. His papers showed until recent, an orphan. She looked at his… Read more

Posted by GurlTown 3 days ago 481 100%

Out of Afrika - Chapter 2

MasturbationLesbian SexVoyeur

Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 2 Simone and Janice drove their regular route to the premises of Rhino IMEX to begin another day of - what to them was laughingly called - work. In truth they both could not believe their good fortune in being recruited and then employed by this dynamic fast-growing foreign company. Neither of them considered the fact they possessed any specialist skills relative to the high-tech enterprise that was Rhino IMEX but having been approached and then hired they both agreed that for a number of reasons it was an absolute pleasure to b… Read more

Posted by CurtB 3 days ago 645

Times of morning blindness


My cousin's name is Sabah and she is 36 years old and I am the first to marry my uncle and I will deal with her as my big sister until something happens that I did not expect. One day my uncle told me about the marriage of her eldest daughter and because I was considered like the eldest daughter he wanted me to help him choose a device My daughter Muna and of course agreed and did not hesitate and asked me to accompany her daughter and mother to choose household appliances and kitchen utensils because he does not know of these things and of course all my uncle and so I was very much at home an… Read more

Posted by faarssuger 3 days ago 1 1,290 50%

Another from the GurlTown Files Sherrie 2


Boonie Builders #2 One down, one to go, Shell thought. She remembered Gabe's “Hit him between the eyes” and decided she would. As they worked, Shell came out stretched a blue print out on a saw horse table, then moved around them taking measurements. Beneath her shirt, her tits hung free. She climbed a ladder near Nick making sure that her ass cheeks were in his view. Reaching, she flexed her cheeks, tightened them and slacked them. She knew her pantie lines were cutting into each cheek as she had put on a very tight pair this morning. As she cl… Read more

Posted by GurlTown 3 days ago 686 100%

Wife Feeds Me Fresh Creampie


Katie, my wife, has always been insatiable where sex was concerned. She is bisexual and has been with a number of women, in my company as a threesome and alone, on the premise that she shared her experiences with me afterwards. We had also both been involved with swinging and enjoyed watching each other with other attractive people.  At 33 years old, 2 years my junior, Katie is a head-turner. She is a gorgeous brunette with beautiful brown eyes; she has a slim, toned, body and dresses immaculately, whatever the occasion. Whenever we're out together I see men looking at her and rather than b… Read more

Posted by 425olds 3 days ago 4 2,705 95%

Dee lets Ben choose a special partner


So tonight things were going to change. Rather than Dee calling all the shots, I had done a little research for myself and searched through my hamster friends to find someone to join me for the night. Dee was happy to go along with it all, I had thought about another couple but we’d done that. I fancied a sissy, but they had to be fairly convincing and I thought that Alicia fitted the bill. We had talked on hamster for a while, sharing pictures and had once had a c2c with me coming very quickly at the sight of her gorgeous cock in red panties and stockings and suspenders, completely shaved,… Read more

Posted by bendee555 3 days ago 4 782 100%

First bisexual experience, caught by my wife - par

First Time

We’ve been chatting online for a little while now, and our casual conversation has become more intense. It’s about me being married to a beautiful but prude wife, and my growing desire to ha a bisexual experience with another guy. That is definitely not something that’s going to happen in the religious community that we live in, so for a while I’ve just been jerking off to online porn. Talking to you changed that. Saying out loud, well, writing anyway, what I want. Jerking off together like stroke buddies to the same pics and movies, you talking about how you want to initiate me. You’ve been p… Read more

Posted by nickname68 3 days ago 7 2,265 88%
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