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Sex Dungeon 1


"It violated her completely," I said and the sisters bit their lower lips quite lewdly now. "I managed to avoid the tentacles and slay the b**st." "Hurray," cried the last sister. "Our hero..." "Did my daughter thank you properly," mother asked. "Um... she gave me a splendid blowjob," I said unsure of what I was supposed to say. "That's my girl," mother said proudly. "I taught her all she knows. No one sucks cock like our family." "You must be very proud," I said trying not to laugh. "Oh I am," she replied. "You know I earned my Masters in Fellatio at the University. I taught… Read more

Posted by Sandra20188 3 days ago 881 100%

Sex Dungeon 2


There is a fierce rivalry between the dark elves and the Star Blade tribe. While the dark elves make formidable mages they are not equal to the fighting prowess of the surface elves." I giggled as I took the clothing from my inventory and put it on. I pulled the hood of my cloak up and drew my silver sword. I found a spot to reveal myself to the dark elves. I cried out and brandished my blade. The three looked up and saw the sun flash off my weapon and let go of their cocks and beat a hasty retreat. I waited until I was sure they were gone to descend and claim my prize. I freed the woman. S… Read more

Posted by Sandra20188 3 days ago 469 100%

4x an hour


I was 18 horny as f*** the wind would blow I'd be hard as iron but that's the way it is when your young and full of c**. I had been working on my Harley and having finished fixing it  and cleaning it thought I'd take it out for a cruise , so I decided on riding over to Toledo cruise the down town area, so I got on to the turnpike got off at the Maumee exit and headed towards Maumee to take 25 into Toledo. I saw this great looking cherry red 82 Mercedes 450 SL sitting along side  Reynolds rd. the 4 ways were flashing a hot looking blonde was sitting in the car with the t… Read more

Posted by here2meet 3 days ago 2,226 100%

The Slapping Game


This one is a little big different. It's not even really about our adventures in this whole cuckolding/hotwife thing. It's more about us exploring our sexuality as a couple and trying new things. **The Slapping Game** We were driving home from grocery shopping and stopped at a red light. (I know... that's one hell of a sexy start! wait until I tell you about the deal on sliced jalapeno-jack cheese!) We were driving to meet with some friends and this was supposed to b… Read more

Posted by cthulhuCouple 3 days ago 518

Sex Dungeon


All characters are 18 years old or older. I am struggling with part nine of Mr. Robinson. So in the meantime I have written this one shot for your consumption. It is nestled in the Shawverse but is a standalone and so doesn't greatly impact any major story arcs. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions for this story or any others feel free to contact me. If you like this or hate it let me know. I hope to finish off the Robinson stories soon and finish off the Evil Bitch line and then onto Iron Bitch. Please vote and comment here !! * Important : registeration is required… Read more

Posted by Sandra20188 3 days ago 636 67%

A little sundress spells cuckold

FetishGroup SexVoyeur

July 4th my wife and I were invited to spend the day at the lake with a bunch of friends. One of my best friends, Danny has a forty seven foot house boat on Allatoona lake and he said we could come party on it then watch the fireworks over the lake that evening. I was packing our big cooler with beer while my wife Andrea was getting ready. I was already wearing what I thought perfect for a hot day on the water, tan cargo shorts a white wife beater and flip-flops ,but Andrea called from our bedroom to come back there. When I entered the room is saw Andrea standing in front of the big mirror… Read more

Posted by woreout 3 days ago 4,318 71%

Collateral - Ch. 3

Gay Male

The day went by with Klaus seeing about his work, and Jake just observing from the corner he had been placed. Well, it was not exactly a corner, but it definitely felt like it. On the other hand, he was free to stare at the man, and that made up for everything. He had to admit he was pretty impressed. He heard Klaus talking on the phone in a language that he was almost certain it was French. The man seemed capable of switching between foreign languages without a problem, as he was talking to his business partners. Still, he wasn’t letting go of his accent, and he did not seem to make an effor… Read more

Posted by LauraSFox 3 days ago 260

Der Schuverkäufer mit dem Riesenschwanz

Interracial Sex

Vor ein paar Jahren machten wir eine Rundreise durch Kalifornien. Wir, das sind meine Frau Steffi und ich Jan. Steffi ist eine groß gewachsene geile Frau mit langen schwarzen Haaren, dicken Silikontitten, langen Beinen und einem herrlichen geilen Arsch. An einem der letzten Tage waren wir in einem Vorort von San Francisco in einem Motel abgestiegen. Wie es für Frauen normal ist wollte Steffi gern noch in einem Center schoppen. Es war schon spät am Nachmittag als wir ankamen. In einem bekannten Kaufhaus waren wir in der schuhabteilung unterwegs. Natürlich fand Steffi gut aussehende Schuhe, di… Read more

Posted by Bonnyundclyde00 3 days ago 1 429 30%


FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

CONFESSIONS PT 6 These are confessions and stories people have sent me. Do you have a confession of something you did, or something you'd like to do? Private Message it to me and I'll post it. Don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc. ====== CONFESSION COMPILATION OF SHORT REPLIES I'VE RECIEVED FROM VARIOUS READERS ====== nice i had an older 20 something girl at work that would change in the girls bathroom but at the end of the day i was the last one out and went in the bathroom to see what goodies i could find i found her bras and panties and she must be like your girl ne… Read more

Posted by PantieLoverCotton 3 days ago 1 1,036 100%

Schwules Internat 08-16

Gay Male

Jetzt wurde Toni hellwach „hab ich richtig gehört, ich darf vielleicht studieren, das hast Du mir noch gar nicht gesagt“ rief er aufgeregt. „Du hattest ja auch anders zu tun“ lachte ich. Toni wurde puterrot. Ich erklärte Frau Mair „der Toni hat sich ganz schnell mit den anderen Jungs angefreundet und fühlt sich augenscheinlich wohl in ihrer Gesellschaft. Wir blieben den ganzen Nachmittag im Hotel. Am späten Abend gab es dann einen tränenreichen Abschied von Mutter und Sohn. Auf der Fahrt ins Lager war Toni sehr still. Angekommen sagte er mir „ich habe unterwegs lange überlegt, ob das richtig… Read more

Posted by Kleiner-Ivan 3 days ago 203 100%

tranny tart ride

FetishGay MaleAnal

hey - so my imagination runs wild when i am in tranny mode and i can't help to think about hard cock to suck and fuck - i am so addicted to my gender bent life style that i have these yearnings for erotic entertainment as fem fatale - get my franny on and pleasure other cd lovers - whether they dress or not - always great to gobble gay dick in crotchless pantyhose but naked men can be so very sexy with their fleshy bodies and their sweet boners just begging to be satisfied so after a ride around town with my bud and maybe a little head in secluded lot but not too much as i have further plans… Read more

Posted by frannieph 3 days ago 3 648 100%

The Guitarist – The Bürgermeister’s Party.


The Guitarist – The Bürgermeister’s Party. It’s July, our last gig is in Munich, southern Germany. Traditionally the band has a break but not this year. Just as we were unpacking for our final night and large slightly portly man, around 50 asks ‘who’s the boss’. We all point to the drummer. He takes the Drummer off to a quiet corner and in 15 minutes he gathers us together for a meeting. The portly gentleman in an expensive suit remains close by but out of ear shot. The drummer explains, “He wants to book us for a gig and is prepared to pay big bucks.” I’m not taking any notice but the othe… Read more

Posted by CanoePirate 3 days ago 1 689 67%

In the Old Farmers Cottage

First TimeHardcoreMature

Let me introduce myself to you; I am a 19 year old girl with short brown hair, and an athletic build, long legs,with rather large boobs that tend to make me look a bit top heavy. In between college terms, I scanned the local paper for a part time job so's I could earn a bit of money to tide me over until the new course started after the summer break. My eye was drawn to an ad which wanted a domestic, twice a week. That seemed ideal to me so I rang the number and an interview was arranged. I turned up on the due day on time at the address that I was given, although being very difficu… Read more

Posted by azara19 3 days ago 2 4,049 87%

My first time doing porn

MatureFirst Time

Times were hard in my home town and even in the part of the country I lived in. It was the tale end of the Carter administration (a long time ago) and it seemed like the whole country was in a funk. I set out on my own into an area without jobs and opportunities. My parents had tossed me out after the found out I had given some pot to my little sister. Actually, it had been more than that – I was a bad influence for a lot of reasons – but that was the last straw. I dropped out of school and tried waitressing, but it was pretty obvious from the start that I didn’t have the memory or the temper… Read more

Posted by TwylaM 3 days ago 2 1,589 100%

A Buddy's Admiration

First TimeMasturbation

I remember the first orgasm I ever had, and it was completely accidental. In one moment I was just a boy diving into the end zone (my bed) for the game winner, and the next I was sweating and humping the mound of pillows and covers beneath me. I remember stopping at one point because the tingling which was getting so intense felt more like tickling at the tip of my dick and I was gonna piss in the bed. But just laying there I couldn't resist the urge to move. Something was driving me to more and so I gripped the edges of the bed and quit holding back. I got faster and faster and didn't stop un… Read more

Posted by discretedick 3 days ago 1,387 100%



Introduction: Jeremy takes a new job and rents an apartment from the mother of a friend of his mother's. He finds some old photos of her stashed away in his apartment which leads into a relationship like none he'd ever had Jeremy was only a few months out of college when he finally landed a decent job. He’d been working part-time and living at home while he was job-shopping for a ‘career’ position that was somehow related to his studies as a Marketing major. He had been applying for many positions in different locations, and it was a great relief when he’d been offered and accept… Read more

Posted by hdcelebritypictures 3 days ago 4 2,756 94%

La Sorpresa de Ana

AnalHardcoreGroup Sex

Tenía un encuentro con Pedro, pero algo en mi interior me decía que este encuentro iba a ser distinto, con él venía otro chico que no conocía, su nombre era Rob. Los tres subimos al hotel, mientras subíamos en el ascensor ambos se echaban sonrisas pícaras mientras me miraban a mí, no sabía lo que me iba a esperar, pero tenía unas inmensas ganas de comprobarlo. Por fin llegamos a la habitación, cerramos la puerta, Pedro fue el primero en hablar: - Bueno Ana, ahora estás en nuestro juego, te vamos a usar como una puta, te follaremos a placer, y nos dará igual que protestes, ahora eres nuestra y… Read more

Posted by lunatico26 3 days ago 245 100%

My first time in porn

First TimeHardcore

Times were hard in my home town and even in the part of the country I lived in. It was the tale end of the Carter administration (a long time ago) and it seemed like the whole country was in a funk. I set out on my own into an area without jobs and opportunities. My parents had tossed me out after the found out I had given some pot to my little sister. Actually, it had been more than that – I was a bad influence for a lot of reasons – but that was the last straw. I dropped out of school and tried waitressing, but it was pretty obvious from the start that I didn’t have the memory or the t… Read more

Posted by TwylaM 3 days ago 659 100%

#2 Mamma bagnata, figlia fortunata!


Sono ormai giorni che mi attanaglia un pensiero... Vi racconto... Il mese scorso la mia ragazza conobbe una nuova collega di lavoro e non vedeva l'ora di presentarmela! Disse che era molto simpatica ed aveva i nostri stessi gusti, quindi, senza farlo apposta, organizzò una cenetta a casa nostra. Io non diedi importanza al tutto, così preparammo qualche cosa da mangiare ed attendemmo il suono del campanello, ma quando andai a rispondere, ragazzi... Mi si presentò di fronte Miriam: una bella stangona alta 1.80, mora, occhi verdi, completamente truccata e totalmente in tiro, come se da lì a brev… Read more

Posted by myXym 3 days ago 286 30%

First time with another guy

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

Previously posted this on my old account First off, in no way, shape, or form, do I consider myself good at telling stories. But I will try my best. My interest in being intimate with another guy goes back to when I was in high school. My first girlfriend was very sexually active, even before we were dating. After a few months, she randomly asked if I would ever have sex with a guy. At the time, I wasn’t interested. Fast forward about five years, and during that time, I gave it some thought. I would occasionally encounter gay porn to see if it turned me on as much as straight porn, wh… Read more

Posted by TheGreatYakuza 3 days ago 1,714 90%
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