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Customer Service - Part Four

MatureSex HumorHardcore

Goodman could see that, behind her, Miss Fuchs's jaw had dropped and her face was a picture of "I never was trained in Customer Satisfaction. No one ever scheduled me for it. I can only conclude that no one thought I would ever need such training." The KISSME rules stated plainly, in section 81 (c) (5) (f), that all eligible employees, of all eligible employers, were to receive this training. Penalties were prescribed for non-compliance, both fines and, well, Miss Fuchs stated them, so we will let her speak. "Mr. Goodman, in addition to the fine, not to mention all the paperwork I will have… Read more

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Customer Service - Part Three

MatureSex HumorHardcore

Among the overly-detailed provisions of the Customer Satisfaction law, the conditions governing spanking were a little gem. Spanking was permitted so long as it was done on the buttocks only, with an open hand, and did not produce bruises or injuries of any kind. The total time devoted to spanking in any one session was not to exceed five minutes, and a maximum number of spanks per minute was specified, which was not be exceeded, under threat of serious penalties. Legend had it that the two co-authors and sponsors of the original bill had asked a female page to help them with some unspecified… Read more

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Customer Service - Part One

MatureSex HumorHardcore

Customer Service Rodney Goodman walked into the car dealership, passing a sign which said, "Belchfire Motors. I guarantee your complete satisfaction. J. P. Bulgebottom, President." He went through another door into the parts department, going to the end of the line. When his turn came, he presented two pieces of paper to the woman behind the counter. "Last week I placed this order for the part described, which I need so I can fix my car. It won't run without it. I was promised that it would arrive on Friday at the latest. But here it is Tuesday, and it hasn't arrived. Here is the latest tra… Read more

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Customer Service - Part Two

MatureSex HumorHardcore

By 2020, the American public had pretty much become fed up with those oxymorons, "customer service" and "customer satisfaction". With synthesized-voice menus that never included the option one was looking for. With multi-hour time on hold to reach a human being. With representatives who apologized, who said they took responsibility but refused to actually fix a problem. With errors that, if they were ever fixed, required endless amounts of the customer's time and, sometimes, endless phone minutes. The public was ready to demand that Something Must Be Done. And what is government for, if not to… Read more

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 19

AnalInterracial SexMature

That next morning I woke and all the ladies were gone. I started to shower and get ready for another day with the hopes of possibly leaving the hotel when came a knock on my door. I threw on my robe and answered the door and there stood my Lady Friend looking a little tired and frazzled from her journey back. After she told me of her trip I suggested that she take a nice shower and relax. She asked if I would come with her so I stood up, opened my robe and stuck my hard cock right into her very willing mouth. I started to face fuck her hard while she gagged on my rod. Tears streamed down her f… Read more

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 18

AnalInterracial SexLesbian Sex

My sleep only lasted for a few hours as I could here my door card lock unlock. It was the Room Service Manager checking up on me. I had taken sometime to pick up the mess so the room looked pretty normal. She went over to the shades and flung the curtains open. I was still tired but the sight of her and that luscious body got me going. I asked her what she was doing and she smiled and said I am going to fuck you but first you need a shower. I laughed and said that I needed food after a shower. She lifted her skirt and showed me her lovely pussy and said that I could have her. So with the curta… Read more

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AnalFirst TimeHardcore

My father and i were on a long road trip to go see my grandparents in london, my mother two bothers, and two sister's had gone down on the train. We had been driving for a long time. I tossed and turned trying to sleep, but couldn't because the sun was out and beaming its hot rays into the black car. We rode in the car in absolute silence. My father and i didn't exactly get along he was still fucking mad as hell with me, he caught me and my sister's all naked in my bedroom masturbation and that's not the first time, me and mel been masturbation with each other for nearly 2yrs but that was the… Read more

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Lorna's beginning as a hotwife

MatureFetishFirst Time

It was 1965, my mom and dad were broke but my mom Lorna was 2 months pregnant with me, her and Norman decided to get married. As Lorna’s sister advised her how to get this dress, and order these flowers and get this guy to take the wedding pics…it was apparent that there was no way they could afford this wedding. Lorna said “Norman, I might have a plan.” “What plan?” said Norman “I think I can think of a way to pay for the photos” smiled Lorna. “How” said Norman again Lorna just smiled and never said a word. The wedding day come, they got married and took pictures, took more pictures, had… Read more

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Thanks Michael... On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have said yes. This experience has turned out to be much more than what I expected. The amazing combination of discomfort- muscles and joints pulled into places where they don’t belong- and the tightness is almost too much. My body is completely invaded… My mouth is open enough to breathe, though the hood blocks all but muffled sounds. I can’t speak because my face feels constricted, pressed tight all around by the delicious leather. The smell alone is enough to send me to the brink of orgasm. The thing inside my sex is not a simple… Read more

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Interviewing… Jessica


Interviewing… Jessica Author: Bonercreator69 I’ve always been a huge Jessica Ennis fan. Ever since she won the Olympics in 2012, though, the hottest British athlete has been in high demand. It’s always been a dream for me to meet one of my favourite women and finally the opportunity has arisen. My very own TV show, interviewing famous women from the world of sport, and who was my first guest, none other than Jessica Ennis. This woman’s arse had been the centre of many men’s affections over the past couple of years and now it would be sitting opposite me. My dreams were coming true. T… Read more

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Monogamy is not for Me - PART II


I met with Dr. Julie for my last appointment and she was very pleased with my progress, he asked "Nina, have you found a bull?", I giggled and said I am not sure then told her about John, she said, "It’s natural to feel shy and nervous at first, Focus on your lover, his body, his smell, his strength and your inhibitions will melt away", I blushed ear to ear, and she said, "Nina, you will fall in love many times and each time you will feel the same", I said I hope so, she giggled then whispered, "Expect moments of deep intimacy. Between you and your bull, and also between you and your husband",… Read more

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Betty’s Betrayal Part 4

FetishTabooInterracial Sex

my blouse torn, breasts hanging out, Jorge’s spit running down my face, and my pussy filled with his cum. I was crying, but also wet. What was happening to me? Who was I becoming? Why would Mr. Thompson let that happen? Didn’t he love me? I heard a bang on the door, and drunken slurs. Someone wanted in. “Give me a minute!” I shouted. I washed my face and straightened my hair. I opened the bag and found makeup and a dress. I touched up my makeup and pulled out the dress. It was black, short, with lace across the chest, and a v-back. I was shocked. It was both beautiful and slutty, but how coul… Read more

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Aunt Teri and the Halloween party

MatureGroup SexTaboo

We went to this Halloween party and you were wearing a push up bra, short skirt, and heels, gaudy make up and a bright pink wig. You were a hooker, I was your pimp. Even though you were my Aunt, and I was your nephew, we’d kissed and grab assed a bit, but never had the opportunity to do more. This was going to be a fun night out. We were making the rounds, making small talk and the guys were checking you out. I whispered in your ear " Aunt Terri, let's give em a show" So you would then find excuses to bend over, showing even more cleavage. Although this wasn't your style, you were getting moi… Read more

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First TimeGroup SexVoyeur

I guess most of us start out as fresh and sweet young girls with dreams of weddings and babies. I know I did but sometimes events come along that change all that! The beginning of my downfall was when I first noticed boys as more than nuisances. Suddenly I found myself masturbating regularly . My older brother had pulled out his hard, large penis a few times and had stroked it in front of me. Even though I made disapproving comments, in fact I got wet watching him ejaculate large quantities of cum on my clothing! You just k… Read more

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I now own this slut, Part 3


Evidently, she was not accustomed to someone using a combination of oral talent and tenderness on her girly parts, so her first orgasm snuck up on us both, and snuck quickly. Her flood of juices coated my face and dribbled down between her legs. I have to admit that except for a little groaning and grunting, she did manage to control her audible pleasure, as I barley heard anything from her. Her body, however, showed a woman hungry for passion as her tummy rolled in excitement, her torso curled up and her cum flooded everywhere. This reaction surprised me as I had been careful to avoid her cli… Read more

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Last weekend with sub wife

BDSMHardcoreGroup Sex

We have not been playing much wife has been sick however she is better. As mentioned in my blog we are looking for a sub bi female to use with wife. On Friday night I got home from work was real hot. Walked in and my wife was standing in the family room dressed in a brack shirt very short and white blouse and nylons and FMH eels and her red collar. She had her blonde wig on. I said and what does my slut want. She came out and said she wanted to go to an adult theater or truck stop. I said ok but we need to eat so I said ok and walked to her and lifted her skirt and she was naked and shaved and… Read more

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Probably the best weekend of sex ever


Quite a few years ago when I was single I live in an apartment complex that was pretty much a big party pad! Well there was as one point in time that this girl was staying out there in an empty apartment and she was with a guy and a group of people that were very abusive to her and like to beat on her and we helped her out by keeping her safe from those people and she stayed at my apartment for about 3 days! She was a very attractive lady! The first night she stayed with me I was going to sleep on the couch while she slept in my bed but I could see her tossing and turning and getting up to lo… Read more

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Dormant Desires Part 4

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

“yeah that’s it white boy suck that dick down good, look at how far you’ve come Eric, suck that dick boy get it nice and wet” Rich’s head tilted back in his office chair while I kneeled in front of him worshipping his cock and balls, my face shiny with saliva and my chest heaving with deep breath as I worked his head with my mouth and stroked his thick cock with my hand. It had been just over two weeks since I first sucked his cock in the car that night and this had become almost a daily occurrence for me. If I was finishing work id call him and either he would pick me up in his car or we’d m… Read more

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I now own this slut, Part 2


There was a very visible apprehension spread across her face and her hands were slightly trembling as she pointed into the open door of her bedroom... "their" bedroom. "Please Sir" she requested "Its just where he and I sleep... together. it might be weird for me." "Tell me" I said, with a confident smile, "How have you felt these last two days, each and every time that you walk up or down those stairs?" I asked, point down the flight leading to the entry-way. "I remember" she said softly. "I remember what I did..... I remember what I now am." she added "Tell me" I said, again softly so… Read more

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Refuges get lucky part two

Interracial SexTabooGroup Sex

Frida just saw a flash of light, wondered in the back of her mind what it was before she felt Abshir’s hands grip her neck and she felt his breath come in shorter gasps, his hips began to buck and the boy held her head tightly to him. She knew he was going to ejaculate. She felt his cock throb, all the way up and a small spurt of semen arrived in her mouth. She was surprised and disappointed at the small amount, but then another shudder rent through the cock in her mouth and she she felt the sperm pumping through his cock as with a great gush it splashed against the back of her mouth. She pani… Read more

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