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BBW Emmy Gets Cocksucking Lessons

This story was told to me by my girlfriend Emmy, it happened a few months after our fun summer together when we were teens, and obviously before we started dating 25 years later.This is how she became the best cocksucker around.

Emmy was 15 at the time, a sophomore in high school. She's short, 5'2" tall, and chubby, at 170-180 lbs. She had a pear shaped body, with small, A cup tits, and a big, perfectly round ass.Her best features are her nipples, which are as big as my fingernail, and that big, smooth, round ass. She was kind of cute, with black, wavy, shoulder length hair, and a cute smil... Continue»
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Lilly and I have dated for awhile (Impregnation st

Lilly and I have dated for a couple of months. I think we are serious, but she says she takes it day by day. She is like that. She is a bit younger than me, she is just out of high school.
We work together at a restaurant in our town. She is a server and I am one of the managers. That might be why she doesn't want to be so serious, our company "Forbids" dating between managers and team members.
Lilly is very attractive to me. Her eyes sparkle like jewels. She has some curves, and her breasts get noticed by co-workers as well as customers. The best way to describe her is perky. Sh... Continue»
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Maddy - Our First Kiss

"You want me to tell you where the toe sucking came from?" Madelaine asked.
"Yeah, OK." I said laughing.
"I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to get the wrong idea. There's really no connection between this and you. None at all. Apart from the toe sucking itself."
"Ralph used to go down on me sometimes and I really hated it. I hated the way he slobbered all over my pussy and it was so bad that I actually preferred sucking his wrinkled old cock. One night he's about to go down on me and I just couldn't do it. I panicked and for some crazy reason I shoved my foot in h... Continue»
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Madelaine was sexing me up on Thursday night. She knows I am attracted to her, attracted and terrified, and she is using it to strengthen her control over me.

She was dressed to kill. She had really gone all out and she looked stunning. Not overtly sexy, just incredibly classy and stunning in a way only the very rich can manage. She was wearing a low cut little black dress with her tits pushed up and bulging ever so slightly out of the top. A lightweight black jacket, fairly short but not too short, black stockings and high heels.

Black really suits her. Her hair looked blacker and gloss... Continue»
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La and the Ceremony of Light and Beginning

La and the Ceremony of Light and Beginning

I am La. High Priestess of Ra, the Goddess of Life and Death. I am Ra's Messenger and Ra's manifestation on this earthly plane of existence. I am The One, The All. The Beginning and The End

The new day is dawning as I walk onto the raised stone platform in the City Square. The sun has just risen over the horizon and slanted beams of sunlight wash the stone under my feet in a warm golden glow. As I look out I see the crowd waiting patiently, in complete silence. They wait for the sun to rise fully to herald the start of the Ceremony of Life and... Continue»
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Stud turned Gay PT2

Andrew woke up with a start. No! No! It could not have happened, his conscious mind told him. He did not just get fucked by another man. But even as his thoughts sought to deny it, he felt a stab of pain in his ass and knew it was true. He threw the covers aside and stared at the huge wet spot beneath his ass. His incomprehension lasted only seconds and then he became aware of the slow dribble oozing from his asshole – he was lying in a pool of Marcus's cum, cum that had originally been dumped deep in him. My god it looked like there was a gallon of it on the bed. And all of that had been in h... Continue»
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Momma's Girl

Momma's Girl

It had been a long couple months waiting tables in California heat for ungrateful people, so when her mom suggested they take off to the condo for a week to unwind, Robyn jumped at the opportunity. They had a time shared condo just across the border and her mom was usually a lot of fun. Now that Robyn was legal drinking age, they could go into bars and clubs together, dance and karaoke and get shitfaced together. Robyn always thought of her mom as the “cool” mom. Her f****y always took her friends on trips and her c***dhood was always the portrait of perfection. Her dad was ... Continue»
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My first time with my s****r, Monica

Monica is my younger s****r, That was about 5 years ago. We don’t see on many things and we disagreed a lot back then, but I’ve always felt like I’ve felt sexual feelings towards her, since her body was starting to develop. I used to get feverish every time I saw her in swimming clothes, I even masturbated a few times fantasizing about her.

She was about 1.55m tall, and her breasts were a mildly developed B cup, and she was more of a goddess for a girl that young back then, as she is now. She always wore extremely short/loose clothes at home.

It was the summer holiday and our parents... Continue»
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making of a cum eater part 1

I wake up reach over Daves not there i look at the clock 1.15am maybe he's gone for a piss i think so lay back down and wait for him thinking maybe as he's awake i can get him to fuck me :)
10 minutes later still no dave
i get up and go looking for him and hear voices from the dining room so i stop to listen
WTF is he doing this is what i hear

'keep jerking it good boy keep at it faster faster stop , now tell me you are a cum eating whore'
'i'm a cum eating whore mistress' thats dave
'rub your fingers over the head of your cock get them coated in pre-cum then lick it off'

i peak ar... Continue»
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Filming My 1st Lesbian 3some

Filming My 1st Lesbian 3some

Since filming my girlfriend Gina having sex with a lesbian named Emily, she and I expanded our homemade porn service to include lesbians. All types of beautiful women came to have sex with Gina and filming and watching them aroused me a lot. She loved it too, but swore to never leave me as without her, I would be homeless. 

One day, Emily called and said she wanted a threesome with Gina and a lesbian she knew named Olga. She sent us a full size naked photo of Olga and I was instantly turned on begging Gina to accept Emily's offer. She did and on the day of th... Continue»
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My Neighbour 3

I woke one morning and found a note in my letterbox : "Hey Joe, gone away for a couple of days, could you water plants, keys under the mat, thanks hun, Faith xx
I hadn't seen Faith for a few days as I had been busy working so I guess this was the only way she could ask me, and being a good neighbour I couldn't really say no.
It was about a couple of days later when I remembered I still hadn't been round to water her plants, so eager to keep her happy and hopefully the sexy fun, I strolled round to Faiths and finding the key under her backdoor mat, I let myself in.
I had barely got inside wh... Continue»
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The gent and hot wet sex

After finishing my meal at the restaurant next to the hotel I was staying at I went to go get some things from the back of my car. A few cars along from where I was parked I could see bent over into the back of her car a pair of slender legs in black stockings or tights topped by a tight skirt which ended a few inches above her knees. Her bum looked so perfect and I had dirty thoughts of grabbing it, the thoughts stirred my dirty horny mind. The heavens suddenly opened. She stood up and said "oh for fucksake", she looked at me and gave me a smile and slightly blushing at her filthy outburst. I... Continue»
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When I was younger I pretended like I thought no one was home as I woke up. I knew dad was in the computer room. I once saw him jacking off in the chair so I knew he might be watching porn. Or innocently just checking his email. But I decided to talk dirty as if no one could hear me... begging for "a dick to be in my hands! I don't care who's! Even b*o... or Daddy! Ohhhhh yeah. His is huge! Wow I'm horny I don't even care!"
I stroked my dick loudly so he knew I was really doing it.
I walked out to the bathroom naked. My dick hard but bouncing left and right as walk past him...
I pretended n... Continue»
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Amy and I have been married for 14 years. After all that time, I am still incredibly attracted to my wife and fantasize about her constantly. Even at age 44, Amy is a stunner and could easily pass for a woman ten years younger. She has gorgeous biracial features including long dark curly hair and full lips. She has kept her 5' 9" runners body in great shape and she has a fabulous set of 34 C tits that beg men to stare. Her long legs and sexy feet would make most men drop to their knees. Her ass, however, is what really makes me wild. Perfect in every way, with a virgin asshole that gets the oc... Continue»
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My Mind At Work.

I am twenty-nine years old now. Blond, tall, not fat but with soft curves, a small C-cup and with a combination of hips, legs and ass that seem to attract the men. For the last five years I've stripped and been paid well for the fantasies I have provided to both men and women. The money is too good not to dance. I've had more than my share of experiences and discovered that most men can satisfy my body and give me good orgasms. Still I felt there was more. Until recently, I had never really been in love; you know the mutual kind, where there is commitment.
Five months ago, I met Gozie. He is... Continue»
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I want to live like Jeremy, please helm me, i m al

I want to live like jeremy, you too? pm me, Erik

I only hope that my interest in perversely exciting characters
and situations has not gone too far My primary
wish is that my many fans will derive great pleasure over many readings. It
is why I write trannie erotica in the first place: as a gift to you.
I say that I write my stories for your
pleasure and I hope they bring you many moments of release and contentment.
Feel free to share my story with any other story site but please attribute
it to me. And finally, please write if you enjoyed it for I would... Continue»
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Asian Wife: Internet Cafe Human Urinal

My wife and I went to a local internet cafe that has some arcade machines that she loves to play; Japanese rhythm games. We decided to go late at night since we didn't have any good movies to watch and we were bored, but we were still wide awake. The place is very large with about 80 PC's and 15 arcade machines, the place only had a few small groups of Asian guys in the place since it was late at night and they are addicted to LoL and Battlegrounds, but pussy will always be the most addictive thing to nerdy Asian guys.

Upon entering places like this, prepare for a display that resembles a do... Continue»
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Stud turned Gay

Andrew walked home from the party. No, he didn’t really walked, he stumbled and staggered, legs held as wide apart as he could, nursing an asshole that only a few hours earlier had been the virgin bud of a true stud, and was now gaping obscenely. Even as he walked he felt it throb and pulse… and he felt the warm liquid leaking down along his inner thighs – liquid that could only be Thomas’s cum. His mind kept going back to the party – a party to which he had been specially invited and to which, he now realized, he never should have gone.

Andrew had come to New York for college. At 18, the b... Continue»
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Now or Never

This is the first story I've posted online anywhere, so I would appreciate your feedback. As it's my first time too, please be gentle!

She looked innocent enough, Kaitlyn thought as she made big round eyes at herself in the little mirror on the car visor, pouting her lower lip ever so slightly. She pinched her cheeks and the rosy glow added to the illusion, a carefully crafted one. She had paid an enormous sum for the shiny locks she was sporting. It took more than three hours in the chair to transform her long hair from dark brown to believable shades of golde... Continue»
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Hotel breakfast with the Waiter Part 2

Dee and I lay in bed for a while after, and then I got up and went through into the sitting room to see what we could eat from the breakfast laid out on the coffee table. I picked up the toast as the rest was now cold and walked back to the bedroom.
“God I’m so sore. Was it good idea to take up Tobias’s offer to come up tomorrow morning?” Before he had left the waiter had told us that his name was Tobias, Toby for short, and if we were on for it, he and his chambermaid girlfriend, Cori, could come to see us the next morning for more fun. Dee of course was up for it, me too when he mentioned... Continue»
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