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My first taste of cock

First TimeShemalesFetish

After fantasizing for so long about what it would feel like to dress as a slut and suck a cock, I decided it was time I tried the real thing. I posted an ad on Craigslist with a couple of pictures of me dressed, asking for someone to let me dress for them and swallow their load. I got a lot of responses and most of them just sounded creepy except for Matt. Matt was 36 (I was 25) and a hot tall red head. He sent me his face and dick pic and I right away knew he was the one. After a couple of emails we decided I would go to his house in an hour and he asked that I bring some sexy lingerie.… Read more

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The Wrong Body ?

HardcoreFirst Time

My name is Jake, I am nineteen years old and I want to tell you about a chance meeting that changed my life. I was shopping in my local supermarket in town when on rounding the end of the isle, I almost collided with Stella who I used to go to school with. I remember only to clearly that she had the hots for me, but I was indifferent to her advances, even though we were good friends. After recovering from the shock I said to her “Well; fancy meeting you here” It turned out that she had just bought recently property a couple of streets away from where I lived. I think that I should explain h… Read more

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Backdoor Assistant

AnalFirst TimeMature

Let me start by saying I'm a happily married man and I've never before cheated on my wife. I know, you are thinking “Yeah, right.” However, when this opportunity arose at work I had to take advantage of it. You see I have this strong desire to do anal, I love anal sex, and that's about the only thing my wife will have nothing to do with. We tried it once when we were both pretty drunk and I guess I got a little over excited and pushed too hard and fast. She said it hurt so much she'd never try it again. I'm sure; it's her refusal even to talk about it, which makes me want it so much that now i… Read more

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The Fucking Neighbours

Interracial SexAnalFetish

Walking down the hall I smell pot and hear female moans. Through the door I can see a youthful female bottom straddling some mans legs at first I think it's my trophy slut gold digging wife then I hear her name. "Roll over Tanya I want to fuck you on your back" the young man says. I walk in and he sees me. Terror in his eyes. Rage in mine. I grab my daughter and pull her away and steer her to the couch. I turn to see him running, picking up his clothes strewn on the floor, as he heads for the front door. A smile crosses my face until I turn around and see my 18 year old daughter smoking a… Read more

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Mrs claus and the elves

CelebritiesGroup Sex

Just a quick story for the festive season. As all the elves were loading up the sleigh for santa to head off delivering presents they were all smiling and happy. Santa thought this was because they were full of festive cheer or maybe they were just happy to have a rest from making toys. What santa didnt know was that all the elves had decided that once the fat man had gone to empty his toy sack they were going to use mrs claus to empty their ball sacks. Mrs claus was always wearing skirts and dresses and as she walked past the elves all they had to do was look up to get a good view or her a… Read more

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I, Jerk Off: Part 2


part 2: I couldn't believe this! Here I was, squatting and shaking like a depraved a****l and masturbating, covered with filthy muck as my wife laughed and watched as I degraded myself. Publicly by jerking off and privately, in my filthy fantasies. The mud made disgusting loud sucking sounds as I pulled at myself, one thin shudder before orgasm, on the verge of helplessly squirting my sperm into the air. Giving a Show I heard some voices yelling in the distance and I glanced up from my busy hand, pulled out of my dazed faggot fantasy. On the opposite shore right across from me, I could… Read more

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The Family Arrangement.....

AnalTabooGroup Sex

This story takes place in 2012, around the time of the London Olympics, by coincidence. We’d had a regular play couple of ours, Steve and Brenda, round on what became known as ‘Super Saturday’ at the Olympics. We’d had a meal together, sat and watched the Games for an hour or so, gradually getting more and more naked, until Brenda was bouncing up and down on my cock while watching Mo Farah win his gold medal of the night. Steve had been fucking Carol, my gf, up the bum for what seemed ages (she was REALLY getting into it that night – think she was fantasising that Mo Farah had his big black c… Read more

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a sissy faggot is found out..

First Time

The bra was soft and silky with a floral pattern and fit snugly. Next a pair of sheer panties – again white sheer with a floral pattern. Although the girdle suspender was a tight fit after a few minutes struggling it was round the waist region and the tan stockings were being rolled up each leg and clipped to the four sturdy clips. Some red lipstick and blue eye shadow with some blusher and cheeks was best the make-up box could provide. Hair brushed ladylike and posing in front of the mirror after adding necklace and white high heels. Time seemed to stand still as the lady looking back smiled… Read more

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Sex with Mom

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

When I was nineteen I was living at home. My father was often away on business trips. That left my Mom and me to take care of things around the house. I didn't have a girlfriend. The one woman that was around was my mother. She was forty-two at the time and was still very attractive. Sometimes I would stroke myself and think about my Mom. One day I was in the bathroom using the toilet. I guess I didn't close the door very well. My mother burst into the room. She stopped suddenly when she saw my cock hanging out. I saw her eyes focused on my dick. "I'm so sorry Stephen." Mom turned around a… Read more

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Fucking Around With Carol


Carol was my next door neighbor... on the same apartment floor as me..... opposite.... She was a BBW... had a young daughter... lived with her boyfriend... she would hang out at mine and smoke with me whenever... she was cheating on him with me..... she was a cum dump slut... fucking only.... I sued the shit out of her for months.... This day.... carol was waiting on her boyfriend to finish work... he was going to come back... she was going to jump in car... they were off shopping.... whilst waiting in the hallway... looking out of the window.... and smoking.... we talked some.... no… Read more

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Girl's Gym Gyno 3: Alessandra 3 (pix)

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Alessandra opens up bits by bits, physically during daily visits after school at her elderly fresh friend. Alessandra is autistic in talks under four eyes. In internet, during chats for hours, she tells him more. Alessandra slowly turns her great gyno into her private psychologist for erotic education she seeks. Alessandra searches the net to find a female friend, fond of fondling as herself, but bigger breasted. Alessandra finally finds her joy, called Joyce. Even her name was a well kept secret for years for him. Alessandra visits her every Wednesday, hoping they will make love together. S… Read more

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Taking Her Viginity

HardcoreFirst Time

Lisa was special...…… She was a barely legal teen... looked even younger than she was..... petite.... skinny... flat chested.... small ass... a pussy that was naturally clean...… She was also a virgin... a real virgin... We had already had some fun.... we were at the point where even though we had known each other less than a day... I was the one who was going to be taking her virginity.... We had been hanging out with friends at mine.... fucked around earlier... now whilst having a good time… waiting for everyone to leave so we could fuck.... it wasn't just going to be a fuck though....… Read more

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The Doctor Is In


Being a first year resident at a major metropolitan hospital, I became accustomed to the long hours, constant influx of patients and extreme fatigue that was an ever present companion in my everyday life. Working twenty hour shifts was common, and often times I would grab some sleep in the residents locker room between shifts, just because going home took longer than I wanted...and I wanted sleep. One early morning, around 3:00 a.m. I was coming off a very long day and decided I'd crash on the bed in the locker room. I got out of my scrubs, which were filthy, grabbed a nice long-hot shower and… Read more

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Different Strokes

TabooInterracial SexVoyeur

My Aunt is lying on the sun lounger naked her full firm breasts and nipples have my teenage cock rock hard. I stay in the pool too embarrassed to get out with my hard on. My step mother is naked except for a pair of stilettos joins her sister on the other sun lounger. A few empty wine bottles are on the table. I watch from an upstairs window enjoying the view. My dad is a big man, muscular, dominant, the alpha male, in charge, as my uncle finds himself beaten in to submission, handcuffed, and his mouth full of my dads cock. The women haven't moved. "Take it all down your throat faggot" my… Read more

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Late rent

Interracial SexFetishGay Male

Ive bee late for the 3rd time im scarred as fuck to even go to my appartement , Mike made it clear last time as he tied my arm together overpowering me easy in my own appartement loby ''dont fight it, you owe me money boy, if you gonna be late you better get good at this'' looking up at him attaching my hands to the coat hook on my knees trying to plead my cause ''ill have the money , please please'' and got his black veiny cock out making me stop talking and look at him fearing his big cock , seeing one in real for the first time ever ''omg Mike please im not gay'' enable to really… Read more

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The Virgin


Her name was Lisa.... She was a barley legal teen... petite... looked even younger than she was... very skinny... flat chest.. little ass... long blonde hair and very pretty.... she was also a very good girl.... she wasn't a slut or an easy whore at all... Lisa was actually a really nice girl.. the type that you would want to be in a relationship with... forever..... But..... things happen in life...… She was friends with the youngest member of our group... he had been trying to get with her..... he decided to bring her to mine to impress her with where he hangs and what we do..... it bac… Read more

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My humiliation by six strangers

BDSMGroup Sex

Saturday night and another night of being fucked by complete strangers. This was the fourth straight weekend that Mistress had arranged for her slut to be used.Tonight, it was a party of six business guys up for a good time. As usual Mistress took me to the pub for a late lunch around two. When we returned home, I was told to strip and shower, ready for the evenings show. I reported to my Mistress clad only in leather slave collar and wrist and ankle cuffs. She told me to kneel at her feet, head bowed. ‘Into your cage, bitch’ she said. I turned and crawled on all fours across the bedroom a… Read more

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Sweet Memories Chapter Two


Be sure to read chapter one. Sweet Memories Chapter Two I am frozen in my tracks, unable to move as Nancy Smith gracefully slips past me and leans down to get a closer look at who is showing on the computer monitor. Still is shock at being caught jerking off I have not moved. When my senses do return I quickly step up behind Widow Smith and press my now limp hanging cock into her ass and reach around to turn off the video. Widow Smith refuses to allow me access by shoving her ass back into my cock which keeps me from being able to reach the mouse or keyboard of the computer. “I always thoug… Read more

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Sexy Daughter

First TimeHardcore

"No, Kate," her mother snapped at her, "you cannot go to the movies with your friends tonight." "Mom," she replied with an angry edge to her voice, "I'm 18 years old and finished with high school. Why can't I go out with my friends tonight?" "No more discussion. I said "no" and I mean it," was her mother's curt reply. Kate was furious. Her mother always treated her like a c***d and here she was a new high school graduate, working a summer job to earn money for college and being told she couldn't go out. Looking down to the head of the table Kate caught her father's eye and was silently plea… Read more

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Cindy's panties chapter three

AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

I had a golf game scheduled for that Saturday morning and, in a way, it was a relief to not be hanging around with my niece all day. The little minx was obviously enjoying the sexual games we were playing and I had to remember that she was my brother's k** for heaven's sake and I shouldn't be fucking her. No, I shouldn't be but it seemed like that was where we were heading. Cindy seemed to recognize the power her panties held over me from the way I caved in whenever I came into contact with them...especially those see thru pink ones. So I hit the links and did my best to keep my mind on the g… Read more

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