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272 Cuckold farm 6.

FetishGroup SexMature

272 Cuckold farm 6. It had been a week or two since the folk at the farm had had that visit from the gamekeeper and his wife, Life as usual burbled on, ok there was sex, and swapping of the two wives but that now passed as normal here. The summer was plodding on, shearing passed, a hard time for Jay, and it became an unusually warm year for a change. Heat and dust took over, crops and a****ls feeling the heat, needing water constantly. Each couple had a week off, Jay and Lisa visiting his folks, and on their return Joe and Pam had a week at her last relative, an elderly and supposedly ver… Read more

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Unruly Behaviour.


For almost a week now the retired school teacher had to clean off the eggs that had been thrown at her windows.Miss Wright had retired from teaching almost ten years now and ever since she had been plagued by a group of girls whom she had taught.Miss Wright knew she provoked the ire of the girl's because she had had them suspended from school on more than one occasion.Miss Wright often wondered was suspension the right sanction to take with these girl's,she had,in her early days of teaching been an advocate of corporal punishment and was dismayed when the school at which she was a teacher had… Read more

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Sometimes you Win Sometimes you Lose Maybe

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

It was coming up to Saturday night, which means my usual late night game of poker with a few of my friends. We did this every Saturday for as long as I can remember. It was just an excuse for us to talk woman and get d***k, sometimes even win some cash. Maybe I should tell you a little about myself and my life. I am mike 23, average build average job. What wasn't average was my girlfriend. She really is a true stunner. On the short side maybe 5, 2 but has a figure to die for. She is a size 8 petite little thing but has amazing tits. 30DD but on her small frame they are huge. We have an… Read more

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The maintenance guy


In my apartment building the one maintenance guy Jim is a nice dude, likes sports, drinking,, pussy and I found out later cock. Jim is a little guy 5'3 like 110lbs. One night I'm going in my building and I see this good looking girl with long black hair going into his apartment, lucky bastard I thought. Here I get closer and its Jim! Holy shit he looks good as a chick. Next day I'm at pool and he is fixing something there and he comes over as we talk for a little, I ask dude what's with u in drag? He says he enjoy meeting new people and fucking women and men, no big deal I don't care get off a… Read more

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My C/O now knows about me, that's a good thin

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

As of this week my C/O knows about me. I actually thought I was going to get a severe beating. I was doing my normal thing and looking for a safe place to entertain a youngster I met. Well I saw that one of the supply closets was left open and I quietly went in it. Big mistake! I walked in on one of the Lt's getting his dick sucked by a transgirl. Before I could get out I saw cum shoot all over her chest and his eyes open to see me. They both panicked to get dressed and I hurried to leave. Well after count I ended up being told I had to go to the gym for cleaning detail. Very odd bec… Read more

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Moon Light Faries

FetishGay Male

Moon Light Faries ---------- This Story is fictional although it might have occurred with embellishments added. Please do not become offended by certain aspects of this story, No Disrespect Is Intended. ---------- It was a sultry hot evening. Things were busy all day at the farm; many of the regular riders made early morning appearances and headed out along the trails. By mid afternoon, they returned, their horses' coats appeared foamy, and the riders themselves were drenched in sweat. Jackson, the farm manager, was enjoying the late evening haying with no one to bother him. The hay baler b… Read more

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Prison Time Gay

First TimeGay Male

I have to admit, my lawyer was very apologetic and accompanied me while I was transported from the jail to the state penitentiary. I'm not sure how he was able to do it, but he went as far as the main entry gate, where I climbed out of the van and was walked though a gate. My lawyer talked for nearly the entire ride, either apologizing or laying out his strategy for an appeal. He kept saying, "Don't worry, I'll get you out of this. It's an open and shut appeal." Well we had gone from an open and shut case to three to five years in the state pen, with an open and shut appeal. I wasn't rea… Read more

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My Pakistani Lover Makes Love with My White Body -

First Time

Z took my breath away with her smile when I met her. She turned out to be my right hand man and we bonded well on sorting a load of problems in the place. She is about 4ft 10, petite, long straight dark shiny hair (except when wet when it is beautifully curly). For work she wears Kameez and black trousers and shoes. She is married (for the second time). The connection between us was pretty immediate and after a few weeks she came into my office, which takes up the top floor (it is small. a desk, a chair and a settee). She said "so what's happening here?" meaning between us. We arranged to le… Read more

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My only mistress: A true story Part 2


...... “I’m very oral.” She calmly said. She then took her tongue and circled my head until I thought that I would erupt right there in her face. I gave her a warning that it had been a long time and I might be premature with my orgasm if she kept on like that. She stop and then began to suck the head. Then she took in more. A loud sucking of air rushed between my shaft and her ruby red lips as suction almost broke. She began draw the entire length of my rod in and out slowly. Not that I have the biggest tonsil tickler in the world but I’m no slouch in size either (check out my pics and t… Read more

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School Yard BJ


About 20 years ago, when we were in our early 40s, my wife and I went for a walk through a small forest near my son's elementary school. It was an early summer evening, so school was out, but there were two groups of adults playing softball in the school yard. We could hear their yelling and the occasional "ping" of the aluminum bats. My wife is an attractive brunette, 5'5" with blue eyes, a great smile, and a delightful English accent. Sex has always been a source of great pleasure for both of us. And I constantly argue with myself as to whether I prefer her breasts or her ass – it's a clo… Read more

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Wife Get's Me a Special Massage Gay

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

It was Scott's birthday and I had surprises in mind for him. Last night my husband and I had arrived at this luxurious desert spa near Miami and I had a whole day of treats planned for him today. First we'd have a special caviar breakfast and take a quick swim, and then, for later in the afternoon, I had arranged for a masseur to come up to the room. I had requested a specific special masseur, and not another or a masseuse, because that masseur, I hoped, was going to be a big part of the very special and unusual birthday treat I had in mind for my husband. Let me explain. Scott and I had… Read more

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20 Years of Infidelity Part Finis

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

Sorry I haven't been able to write much the last week but bowing to popular demand and many, many requests, here is the final chapter of the 20 Years of Infidelity saga. I may, as time permits, go back to fill in the story but for now I'm very busy and I don't want to keep all who have messeged me waiting any longer... I waited a month after Jason left for college before confronting my husband. Telling him we needed to talk, I made us drinks and laid it all out. I gave him credit, he didn't try to argue very much when I said we both knew our marriage had been a sham from day one. He'd needed… Read more

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A Trucker's Dream...

First TimeMatureVoyeur

I've been blessed with a wide ranging imagination and enough money to travel, meet people and, at times, satisfy my imagination in interesting ways. My best sex has been when serendipitous strokes of fortune has opportunities fall into my lap like my Boat Bunny escapade. A few days of sun, sand and sex turned into a long boat ride filled with cock and cum at every turn and has become one of my favorite memories. (You can find my 'A New Kink For A Wicked Bunny' story if you want to search for it.) Anyway, another unplanned sexcapade happened when I was driving the interstate to visit friends. I… Read more

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Fun on a long ride


My son and I were in my car on the way to the state fair. It was a 4 hour drive, but we had been going to the fair for years. Now that he was a teenager and ignored me most of the time, it was still a day we both looked forward to. Since divorcing his father, Ben and I were closer, but his teen years were still like all other k**s and their parents I guess. Anyway it was a hot day so neither of us were wearing much clothes. Ben was wearing I guess what you call basketball shorts. After an hour or so Ben was asleep, or I guess in some half sleep or something as I noticed him rubbing his dic… Read more

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RED ROSE 1: Randy & Ready? (33 Pix!)

BDSMCelebritiesFirst Time

RED ROSE RAISES MORE THAN AN EYEBROW AT ME, AS SOON AS WE START TO CHAT Red Rose raises my eye-brows, as I discover an almost empty profile: no uploads or favourites. Red Rose raises my hair & gives me goose-flesh - From first contact in our personal messages. Red Rose admits she lacks any erotic experience at all with men, never even got some kisses. Red Rose admits she only longs for love with men, so she does not try to practice with a friend. Red Rose looks forward to become a woman soon, at a sensual sexy sweet proper personality. Red Rose looks forward to learn a… Read more

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BBC for Us Both

First TimeGroup SexInterracial Sex

My wife Vanessa and I got married 2 years ago. She is such a cutie 25 years old about old 5'2" brunette nice perky C cup boobs, and a real nice big booty. When she wears a tight pair of jeans she really turns heads. What is what first attracted me, I saw her walking to her car after work, and I knew I had to have a piece of that. As for me I am now 28 years old, 6 foot tall, skinny, blonde hair blue eyes. Some people say I am attractive, well at least I looked good enough to attract Vanessa and for that I am eternally grateful. Our sex life started out somewhat average. With my 5.5 inch di… Read more

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Both get Pegged

FetishFirst Time

Vanessa came to me a few weeks after our encounter with Sam. She told me that she was late so she bought a pregnancy test and it was positive. I was not surprised at this however. I told her that this was to be expected; after all we both saw his huge black balls. They were easily as big as tennis balls and his 11 inch shaft deposited a huge load of sperm. I told her that it had to be a lot.I was cleaning it off his cock and balls, and what dripped out of her for at least 20 minutes. I took her to her OB/ GYN to check. She made it official; she came out and blushed as she told me the news… Read more

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Another White Girl Black Owned

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

I was 5'6" tall and 117 lbs. with a 34-24-34 figure, the longest and silkiest blonde hair, blue eyes and a face that looked a lot like Taylor Swift. Or, so people still say. My "B" cups were firm and perfectly-proportioned to my athletic body. I had been in ballet and cheerleading for many years, and I spent about 10 years of that time in gymnastics. There were 5 years where I modeled clothing in catalogs for large retail chains. Modeling was dry and bland. I knew that I could continue, but why? I had enough money and I was smarter than that. I wanted to get even smarter and concentrate of… Read more

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Mom Teresa and the Rude Optician!


Mum Teresa and the Rude Optician This is the story of the second incident in my Stepmother’s cuckolding and whoredom, and her adventures into S/M. This was what made me realise her secret rude side existed for sure, because at this time I’d only suspected about her having made a sex video], but not having seen it myself at this point, I could only go on my instincts and hints from the incident with Sabul. [It was ten years after this that I eventually saw the film itself.] I only suspected she might be unfaithful to Dad sometimes, not having seen anything myself to confirm it. Therefore… Read more

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My First Sissy Training.

BDSMFirst TimeAnal

I had emailed Mac for about a month when i felt comfortable enough to give him my number then we texted for about three more months when i decided i wanted to meet Mac. we had sent thosands of texts back and forth i sent him many nude pictures and he sent me many pictures of his dick. i had told Mac many of my deepest darkest fantasies and we where hooking up for the first time tonight. I was showering and shaving my ass and legs. I had about a half an hour. i was so nervous and scared. I have never been with a man. it scared me… Read more

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