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My first time getting fucked. True Story

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

When I was a young boy I had my first cock inside of me. I wasn't sure what I was doing but it felt so good. One of my older brothers friends usto go to our house to chill. he didn't look gay or act gay, he looked like a thug, he was handsome and had a great body. him and my brother would always talk about fucking girls, from then on I was so interested in sex. I always wondered how girls felt to get fucked, how a cock tasted and I always imagined getting fucked, but never thought it would happen since I didn't consider myself gay or bi. I always fantasized about cocks, and how they tasted a… Read more

Posted by jbenz12 2 days ago 8 3,461 90%

Little Asian Coworker Fantasy

First Time

So, I just started a new job and one of my co-workers is a very very petite young asian lady. Chinese I think, and really tiny, like maybe 5 feet on a good day and 80 lbs. Recently, I have been pretty stressed with the move and I sort of turn to sexual fantasies for a bit of stress relief....and recently I have been very turned on by little women. I cannot stress this enough, I mean very petite women (not girls or anyone u******e.) I do not roll like that. Plus I have always had an asian thing, so yeah, this woman is quite a turn on to think about. She is also very shy and cute, typically wear… Read more

Posted by goodandthebad 2 days ago 1,203 100%

Harbour City.


A few weeks ago I had to go to Sydney for a friends wedding. Well I didn't have to go, I wanted to go, for two things, one was to see my X and see what his new girlfriend looked like and two to see my friend get married. My x didn't show up, which was nothing unexpected. I knew he wouldn't show up. I decided to fly solo on this one, not expecting to hook up with anyone, mmmm, how wrong I was. My friend introduced me to a banker. A very wealthy banker, who I was attracted to straight away. Phil was tall, with thick short dark hair. We talked, danced, towards the end of the night we kissed. Mm,… Read more

Posted by Sharoninsatin63 2 days ago 2 1,170 100%

She sucked my dick!


Know what my Mom did? She sucked my dick, that's what! And because she did, it may have saved her life. Here's what happened. I'm 43, average kind of guy , but shy and single. Pam, my Mom, called me up and said that her apartment was being painted and she wanted to stay at my place overnight. Naturally, I said okay. Mom is 67, divorced from my dad for 15 years, she's still very pretty but she says she doesn't want to get romantically involved with anyone just now. She brought a pizza over and we ate and had some beers then I went to take a shower. I stepped out of the shower and there was m… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 3 days ago 8 6,856 100%

Youtubers Chapter 2 *GAY SEX*

CelebritiesGay MaleMasturbation

Title: YouTubers Chapter 2 Rating: PG to NC17 Summary: The Daily Life of YouTubers all living together in one house. Looking back on it after what had happened since then, we had all barged into Suzy's room to find out what was happening. Turns out she got so scared from doing a mini-game in The Letter which a ghost-like creature was out to get you and you had to keep tapping a key to escape from her clutches. Now we can laugh about it. It was a good game, but yeah, that was a long time ago. This is NOW: The door opened and the guy walked through it, then closed it with a loud thud.… Read more

Posted by twinkyfan 3 days ago 292

Fucked, dumped and gangbanged!

Group SexMatureHardcore

My wife was a strip club manager when I first talked to her in to let another man fuck her while I watch, I also gave her permission to go solo on anyone she wanted to and she took advantage of that several times as I hope she would, I always enjoyed her coming home and telling me that she got fucked, giving me all the details,ate her pussy,licked her ass, swallowed his cum, etc., as i always fucked her after she had gone solo. Well she called me late one night about 1 and told me that she had someone to fuck that night, a latino man with a big bulge in his pants,she actually bartends regularl… Read more

Posted by fuckmyvacawife 3 days ago 1 3,573 90%

Youtubers Chapter 1 (no sex yet)


Title: YouTubers Rating: pg13 to NC17 Summary: The Daily life of YouTubers all living together in one house. "Hey guys what's going on this is Cynical and today for you guys I have some Kingdom Hearts 3 news and gossip. The gummiship from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 is going to make a return in Kingdom Hearts 3." "Hey, Jan, you haven't forgotten right? You are going to react to Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 18 Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen with me, right?" was asked right in between with "Hey, Jan, how are you doing with A Court of Wings and Ruin?" by friends Adam and Christine. "Wouldn't… Read more

Posted by twinkyfan 3 days ago 191

Watching My Neighbor


It was the summer of 1980....I was 24 and had just rented my apartment. One hot afternoon I went upstairs the bathroom to shower and opened the window. It was then I noticed my neighbor Shari was sunbathing in the yard 2 doors down. I had briefly met her when I moved in....a very attractive single woman about 40....small but firm looking boobs and a wonderful big ass. She was wearing a black bikini and was stretched out on a beach blanket. I watched her for several minutes and began to get horny. I rubbed my penis through my shorts and thought what the hell..I'm going to masturbate...I undress… Read more

Posted by Sticky_Fingers_ 3 days ago 1 4,355 100%

Fictional Fantasies


‘I literally can’t remember the last time I got laid,’ joked Luke, rubbing a hand across his blond stubbly chin. ‘Probably a charity shag on Valentines Day.’ ‘Huh! Join the club!’ Meg grimaced. ‘It’s probably been nearer a year for me.’ Liar, she thought to herself, guiltily picking at her nail varnish. You can treble that estimate. ‘Yeah, but Meg, I live in the same house as Beth. Sleep in the same bed. We’re supposed to be in loving relationship. Whereas you’re…’ ‘I’m depressingly single and probably way too picky to ever be anything else now.’ ‘I’m sure that’s not true.’ ‘I’m sure it i… Read more

Posted by FenellaAshworth 3 days ago 485 100%

A life full of anal sex, fisting and degradation


PART 1 "Come! I have a surprise for you." My stepfather was staying in my door. It was my 15th birthday and I knew exactly what the "surprise" was. His big, fat, smelly penis. What 15-year-old girl wouldn’t wish for a stinking penis in her mouth for her birthday? It was a Friday morning and my mum was already out for work. I looked at the clock. 6.45 in the morning. I got up and followed him to my parents' bedroom. Knowing what was coming next, I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants. "Yeah, you know where your birthday surprise is, right?" He smiled and I felt the same I always do when… Read more

Posted by Steyrer88 3 days ago 4 3,006 78%

Playing to be princess!

First TimeGroup Sex

Playing to be princess! I remember when we played with my older sister, I was only 4 years old and she was 8 years old. We went running to her room, I liked to play with her princess or Barby costumes, and she liked to dress and make up like the prettiest princess while I looked in the mirror and I enjoyed being a girl. I remember that I laughed and sang, spinning aimlessly until I fell to the ground, breathless and dizzy. I felt like a Disney Princess. I felt feminine and beautiful, delicate and precocious; Of course, back then I did not know I felt those things, but what I felt (and… Read more

Posted by MrStir 3 days ago 1,285 82%

Scheduling Daughter's Friend

TabooVoyeurFirst Time

Scheduling Daughter's Friend ---------- Sitting in my favorite out-of-sight spot at work, I overhear many conversations from casual chitchat to some very intense private talks. My private space is important for me to relax and get away from the everyday activities for even a short time, recharge my battery so to speak. One afternoon, my youngest sister, Ashley, and one of her friends were sitting around talking quietly. Usually I ignore my sister's conversations as being c***dish and boring, but my attention was peaked when I heard them talking about Dad. "Does your dad hang out in the barn… Read more

Posted by frolicwonder 3 days ago 5 4,807 100%

Seduced by my best friend pat 2

Gay MaleFirst TimeMasturbation

Again, just like the first part, everything is true except his name. Back when I was 18, my best friend growing up, once seduced me during a sleep over. It was the first real sex I had ever had. I had gone out with girls in high school and still love women, but I never had the opportunity to go all the way with them and with Steven, well, the curiosity was just too great. We had spent last summer sleeping over at each other's house every weekend on the guise of playing video games or watching movies, but his parents and my parents both worked until after midnight, so sometimes we had hours to… Read more

Posted by eddieperry 3 days ago 5 1,737 95%

Learning To Masturbate

First TimeMasturbation

I was very shy and naive when I was young. I knew nothing about masturbating, but did know it felt pretty good to touch or rub my penis. It never occurred to me what would happen if I kept rubbing...lol. My best friend since 2nd grade was named Jeff....slightly older and more "worldly....outgoing" and we pretty much did everything together so in hindsight it makes perfect sense he would be the one to show me how to masturbate. I don't remember the exact date but I vividly remember the events of the day. It was the summer of 1966....we were both approaching our 12th birthdays....Jeff called and… Read more

Posted by Sticky_Fingers_ 3 days ago 1,321 100%

Encoxada African ass


I got quite a lot of past situations that I want to share, but I really want to tell you all about something that happened to me last week. Last Friday afternoon, I was on my way to the gym. I was just about to walk into the station to catch the train when I heard a lot of cheering, also a voice through a loudspeaker. I also saw a lot of people walking towards that area. I was off that day, I had no real time limits so I followed the group and headed down to the area as well. Once I got there, I saw a big mass of people, in what looked like a kind of procession or demonstration, in a squ… Read more

Posted by Mood-900 3 days ago 743 67%

Velma Dinkley's Dirty Secret Part Two


"How..." Velma gasped, blancing horribly. Her hands shook so badly it took her a full minute to open the door. When she did, her eyes fixated on the smartphone she'd seen through the peephole. She watched herself masturbating as her lips moved silently. "Should I turn up the sound?" a firm voice asked almost sweetly. At the sound of it, Velma started so hard she nearly leapt out of her shoes. With a little laugh, the stranger shut her door, turned off the smartphone, and slipped it in the side pocket of her white jeans. The stranger was a very tall, toned, black woman with piercing, brown,… Read more

Posted by TheMidnightTalebeare 3 days ago 4 788 100%

"je veux ta chatte Zoé"


Ça s’est passé un mercredi soir, un mois de février, je rentre assez tôt du travail, fatigué. L’appartement est vide, ma femme doit rentrer tard… travail travail. La moitié des affaires sont dans des cartons, quelques jours plus tard tout allait se retrouver dans un camion de déménagement. Je pousse des affaires, m’affale dans mon canapé, une bière à la main, devant la télé éteinte. J’avais pas la moindre idée de ce qui m’attendait ce soir là. On sonne. Je m’étais assoupi, je me demande si j’ai pas rêvé cette sonnerie. Surtout que je vois pas bien qui viendrait sonner là maintenant. Ça sonne… Read more

Posted by GrandVerger 3 days ago 368 100%

Sylvia and Judy's afternoon from "No Ane

Group Sex

We were at a book store one afternoon, this is right after I had moved out of my parent's house- We weren't particularly looking for sex that day, at least that is how I remember it. Then I turned around and bumped into this boy. Oh my God, this gorgeous boy...Mexican, I think, or Guatemalan or somewhere from there. Did I mention that Judy's mother was from Panama? Really dark and beautiful, one look and I could tell where Judy got her super sexy big butt. Her mom was very affectionate, very physical, always kissing and hugging me, sometimes even patting my ass or my tits, or talking about how… Read more

Posted by BettyBStanky 4 days ago 4 6,341 74%

Crossdressing at the truck stop


Hello this is my first story I really hope you enjoy it I am a crossdressing truck driver and with my job I have a lot of time to enjoy dressing up in my truck. One night I was all dressed up in one of my sexy outfits watching some porn and thinking about trying to find a nice hard cock to suck. So I put an ad on Craigslist and got a few but none of them wanted to come to me then I got a message from a guy, he said that he was a driver and was at the truck stop. I ask him what he wanted to do and he said that a BJ would be nice. I told him what truck I was in and that I would be ready I a fe… Read more

Posted by AKADEbbie 4 days ago 4 4,028 96%

Frat girls part 2

Lesbian SexMasturbationGroup Sex

So after my neighbor Alyssa moved in, i had gotten head from one of her friends. The, body on this little brunette was the thing of legends, i desperately wanted to fuck her, but after our little trist, she go a boyfriend. Dam, i waited too long and played it too cool. But then, one day Beth showed up on a hot summer day sweating and her eye liner runningl, i said, are you ok? Is alyssa home? i kept knocking but there is nobody home? Nope, she is at work tonite. Are you ok i asked again? She replies, no, my bf and i had a big fight, he broke up with me and said he wants to be single and doesn… Read more

Posted by Ace_of_Pents 4 days ago 4 4,582 93%
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