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Back at Varsity 2nd year

I was into my first few days of 2nd year varsity, back at class with Caitlyn and slowly starting to work hard. Caitlyn and Jessica were no longer friends and we often walked past her and didn't give a shit. I soon introduced Cassi to Caitlyn as Cassi was also studying logistics and Caitlyn and myself were both happy to help her with her 1st year subjects. They soon became rather friendly with each other as I told them both that I still sleep with the both of them, which really didn't bother those two sexy bitches.

Into the 2nd week of varsity and after working out my schedules I approach a nearby school to help coach sports in the afternoon and to earn extra cash. They didn't pay much only R 100 per afternoon but coaching 3 times a week would help a bit at the end of the day. I was put to help coach the under 15 team and after the 3rd week of training, the one lad Bryan asked for extra coaching lessons on a Sunday morning. I had no problem with that. He arranged a meeting with his parents for a Friday night so we could discuss prices.
The Friday night I met at his parents house and Bryan let me in and then introduced me to his parents as well as his hot 17 year old sister, Krystal, who was in matric in the same school as him. Krystal and I made eye contact for a short while before she and her mom left to let myself Bryan and his dad to have a chat. He agreed to pay me R 500 for 2hrs on a Sunday for the year except for the cold winter months. I soon left to go home after our agreement and I instantly decided that I would like to try hook up with krystal.

Monday afternoon at train seemed I had some luck on my side,  as while i was waiting for the boys to come from change rooms, I was fortunate enough for krystal to come and say hello to me. We had a brief quick chat and she seems rather interesting to to talk to and look fucking hot in her school dress. She left just before training started but was back on Wednesday to watch her younger brother play in the match. We exchanged a few words again and just before the match ended she indirectly invited me out on Friday, as she said she would be going to the mall Friday night. I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back. The match ended and the team myself and the coach had a quick meeting before heading off home and while walking past Krystal again she gave me a sexy look as I made my way to my car.

On my way home I decided even though I don't have her number I would like to meet her at the mall and get to know her a bit better although it could be hard to find her. Thursday went by quickly and it was soon Friday morning and while sitting next to Caitlyn in our 10am class I received a message from an unknown number saying, "Hey Cane it's Krystal. How are you. I got your number of my brothers phone last night and finally decided to message to find out if you would like to meet up tonight?
Caitlyn grabbed my phone and type a reply, saying,"Hey gorgeous, I'm good thanks and you. I would love for that. Shall we meet for supper at a sea food restaurant at the mall near you at 6 30pm tonight?
Caitlyn then sent it and then looked at me and smiled before whispering into my ear that, "reading that message has made me a little jealous as I love how you pleasure me and can't wait to have you alone soon again." I smiled at Caitlyn and a message came through from Krystal on my phone saying that will be awesome can't wait to see tonight.
The rest of Friday flew by and in no time at 6pm I was on my way to the mall to meet this new sexy lady that I was eager to get into bed.
We met at the seafood restaurant, she was wearing tight black jeans with high hills and a royal blue top. I walk up to her and greeted her with a hug hello and we then went inside. Sitting down at a table I looked at her, her blonde hair was straightened and makeup slightly done and she looked sexy. During dinner we flirted with each other, paying a number of compliments to one another. After a lovely dinner and settling the bill it was 9pm and we decided to take a slow walk around the mall. We chatted as we walked and I sure took a few good looks her her ass in those tight jeans. The mall was rather quiet already being late and specially considering we were away from the restaurant areas.
I took onto Krystal's hand as we walked and spun her around. She had a very pretty smile and could see she was having fun. Soon I pulled her into my arms and my hands grabbed onto her ass. She placed her hands around my neck and as I looked into her eyes I said, so it's obvious that you don't mind me touching your sexy tight ass at all. She smile as she said no not at all. Our heads then moved together and our lips met and mouths opened to allow our tounges to massage each others for the first time. Once our lips aparted I looked into her eyes and said I wish I could take you to a bedroom right now. She replied that would be amazing. I immediately asked her plans for tomorrow midday onwards and she said nothing much. I said do you maybe want me to meet you here and then I take you to a hotel room for a few hours where we can get to know each other a bit better. Her lips met mine again and after a short kiss she bit my bottom lip and then said that sounds great hun.

Time suddenly flew by and it was 10 15pm and Krystal told me that her mom would be hear soon. She then asked if we can keep her and I a secret as she doesn't want her brother or her parents to know as yet. I agreed as it might be weird as I'm coaching her brother. I then gave her a kiss and hug goodbye and stared at her ass as she walked off to the pick up area of the mall. She turned around after 50 odd step and looked at me and waved and I immediately looked forward to seeing her tomorrow. I soon left for home as well and once in bed Krystal and I exchanged messages as she told me she'll be at the mall " shopping with friends and watching a movie" between 11am and 6pm. I was excited and told her that I would pick her up just on 11 30am and then head to the hotel together for a few hours. We soon said goodnight and it wasn't long till I was asleep.
Waking up the next morning at 7 I quickly packed a kit bad with fresh clothes for the day as it was going to be really hot. I left the house after a small breakfast at 8 20 to go meet Bryan for cricket training. During our two hour training all I could think about was getting his sister naked and on two attempts while coaching him my cock grew rock hard. Don't think he noticed tho. After training I quickly chatted to his dad who had Krystal in the car with him. She looked at me but I kept focus with the dad and I just greeted her as if we barely knew each other. They then drove off after he paid me and I hopped into my car and slowly drove to the mall stopping to get something to eat on my way by the garage, as well as buying a box of condoms.
Krystal then messaged me saying that's she's been dropped off and where she's waiting for me. I soon picked her up and she greeted me with a kiss on the lips. She was all smiles and seem excited. I knew I was excite and couldn't wait. We were soon at the hotel and after booking in we made our way up to the hotel room.
Closing the door behind us she through herself at me and we exchanged a passionate kiss for a minute or two. Once our lips aparted I asked this beautiful girl if she would like to join me in the shower as i wanted to freshen up after being in the sun. She declined the offer saying she doesn't want her hair to get wet or make up smudged and I said that's all cool with me. She then said I don't mind undressing you and I smiled at her as I said sure thing I don't mind either. She walked up to me and removed my shirt and said damn your chest is hot. I smiled at her and we looked into each others eyes as she undid my pants and dropped them to the floor. She then placed her right hand onto my package for the first time and while feeling my semi hard cock she said you definitely bigger than all my ex boyfriends. I smiled at her and then asked would you like to take my jocks off and she slowly did releasing my cock that had grown throbbing hard and she commented saying that's a nice big cock babe. I can't wait for you to be done in the shower. I hopped in and washed myself quickly while Krystal watched me. Not wasting much time to finish and get out.

Once dry Krystal through herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissed me. My hands grabbed onto her ass and I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist as I carried her to the room. I then put her down and lifted her top to expose her flat sexy belly. I then removed her jeans, revealing to me her toned legs and fuck they were sexy. As she stood their in her black matching lingerie I asked her how many guys have seen her complete naked. She answered 2 and I then asked how many guys have you slept with and she replied only 1 a few times. I asked her if she's nervous and she replied I am a little. I said if you want me to stop please tell me and she said thank you and then kissed me again. I undid and removed her bra as we kissed and once our lips aparted I laid her down on the bed. Her boobs were quite nicely sized for a 17 year old and it was clear she was horny as her nipples were hard and erect. I moved down and licked them, before sucking hard on them causing this young girl to moan from the pleasure. Once letting go of her nipple I placed kisses down her sexy belly. Reaching her G string I slowly pulled it down and taking it off. Krystal then slowly spread her legs revealing to my her young fresh pink pussy. One could immediately see she was still tight and I wasted no time in making my way between her legs.

I licked her pussy up and down her short lips, and sucked on her clit. I licked her clit in a circular motion and she immediately moaned. Her body tensed up as she reached climax quickly while I muffed her and her moans got louder as she orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I stood up and walked to my bag to get a condom. Krystal watched as I opened the condom and put it on my cock. I then moved back to her and placed my thumb on her wet cunt. Her legs spread wide open as she laid on the edge of the bed. I placed my cock head between her pussy lips and slowly pushed it into her. I watched her facial expressions as my cock stretched her tight pussy. I eventually pushed my cock all the way in and held it in her puss as she became accustomed to my size. After a minute I started thrusting slowly in and out of her puss and she immediately started moaning. I randomly pulled out of her and moved to sit in the bed, Krystal moved on top of me and slowly sat down guiding my cock back into her tight pussy

I held onto her sexy ass squeezing it as she started riding me back and forth while I looked her in the eyes. She soon started fucking me harder as her puss got use to my cock being in her. Her moans became louder as she reached climax and I felt her body tense while I held her bum and her tight pussy tightened around my cock as she orgasmed.
After she finished orgasmning her moans stopped and she stop riding me. Looking me in the eyes she asked politely which position would I like to fuck her in. I first asked are you use to my cock now and she replied I'm loving how it's filling my pussy. I asked will you be able to handle it hard and rough. She replied yes I would as I enjoy that. I then picked her up while still on my cock and while standing I gave her to hard strokes into her cunt before putting her down on her back on the edge of the bed. My cock deep in her soaking wet puss, I lifted her legs over my shoulders. Grabbing onto her thighs I started fucking this young teen hard and rough and her moans were immediately louder than before. My cock sliding roughly in and out her puss as I watched her facial expressions as I fucked. Her moans became more louder and she grabbed onto the sheets of the hotel bed as she orgasmed again. While her pussy was clinched tight around my cock I neared cumming and as she finished her orgasm I stopped and pushed my cock deep in against her pussy walls and let it shoot out my cum into the condom. I groan from the pleasure of my cock exploding in her tight cunt. Once I was finished I pulled out of Krystal and moved to lay down on the bed. She moved into my arms and held me as we rested for a few minutes in silence.

After a minute she removed the condom form my cock and then looked at me and said thank you I really enjoyed that. I smiled and said thank you as I love how tight your pussy was around my cock. She smiled and said yes your big cock definitely stretched me out but felt wonderful hitting all my walls but definitely would have to get use to it. I smiled and said anytime you want we can surely make a plan and she smile back saying that would be awesome. We then briefly discussed our relationship with each other. We both agreed at this stage it's best for her parents not to know about us seeing each other and fucking as yet so we would be keeping it a secret for now. Which I didn't mind at all. Time soon flew by as we chatted and before we knew it, it was 4pm when we agreed we should get her back to the mall to ensure we don't get busted or her into trouble. I stood up first and as Krystal was about to I pushed her back onto the bed and placed a few soft kisses onto her tight pussy. I then help her up and she through herself at me and gave me a passionate kiss before we started getting dressed. Once dressed we left the hotel room and made my way to my car. I drove her back to the mall and as I was dropping her off she gave me a kiss on the lips and as she had a big smile on her face she said thank you for the amazing afternoon. She got out and closed the door and I stared at her sexy ass as she walked away. I then drove home being extremely happy after fucking the sexy blonde hair matric girl.
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9 months ago
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