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The Boy in Ladies Panties

In all my years of being bisexual I have only once been turned on by a guy wearing women's panties.

Some years ago while I was still married we put up some neighbours' f****y who were visiting for a wedding. A middle-aged couple and their son. The boy was just 18 but looked 14 as he was short and slim with a boyish face that I doubt needed shaving. All weekend he wore jeans and a t-shirt, even to go to the wedding. I must admit, I found it hard not to watch him whenever we were in the same room. He was so cute.

They were leaving early on the Monday morning but the boy, let's call him ... Continue»
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Sex at my husband's office

My loving husband was flying out of town the next day.
I was on my period those days. In the early morning while I laid cuddling him my hand moved over his body and eventually made its way onto his cock…

Then I made my way on top of him. I kissed him passionately and then came down his chest and belly. Soon I reached his hard cock and took it into my mouth. I sucked his cock hard, up and down as Victor gave some soft groans of joy. I gagged on his dick several times and finally he exploded shooting his cum up into my throat.
I sucked him dry until all his cum was in my mouth. I then got... Continue»
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Corporate Hijabi


I am a manager in the corporate world in New York. I was responsible for around 100 employees and well renumerated for my efforts. At the age of 45 I felt comfortable with my life.

As part of my role I have to attend certain conferences and training sessions out of state. This was not a problem for me as I was single and had no c***dren. I usually went as the sole representative for the firm but on this occasion I was to be accompanied by another manager from the sales department. There were not many people I liked in the sales department. The men were all d-bags, always bragging abo... Continue»
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Warming up at the adult store

That afternoon I said Victor I wanted to purchase a new dildo. He smiled and replied we could also get a new butt plug, for the obvious use of loosening my bum hole for my sweet husband’s pleasure when taking me in the ass…
Next day at midmorning we went to a local adult shop. Once there, we walked in and looked around slowly at all the toys and other stuff…

After a while we decided to buy a huge silicon black dildo which was slightly thicker than my husband’s cock and most definitely a few inches longer. We also purchased a medium size butt plug which was also about the same thickness as ... Continue»
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My Sex Story.

This is Agunna from Awka. I'm 21
years old. This story is all about how I
lost my
virginity. I got a job in a reputed
Company and
was asked to join in marketing. The
arranged for a 15 day stay in a
hotel. On
the first day When I left the room
for a
walk outside I saw this girl
Kachy coming down from the
lift. Her
hairs were wet and she was
looking so
stunning. I took it easy and went
out She was so cute , I cant
express her
cute face in words. She was kind
fair,had long black hair and
brown eyes .
Her height must have been
about 5"9"... Continue»
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Your Mum Teresa's a Dirty Stripteaser!

My Stepmother Teresa hadn't done much, it seemed, in quite a while, since her last experience documented in her other stories. She dressed pretty conservatively again, and all seemed quiet and placid in our lives.

This peace was broken one day, however, when I was walking with Mum around the corner, past the local shops. There was a group of youths in their late teens hanging around outside the shops, and although I knew their faces from experiencing their nuisance making and petty vandalism in the area, I didn't know any more about these 18-20 years old people. They were certainly younger ... Continue»
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My New Bed and The Sales Lady

New Bed
I'm 65 years old and in not to bad a shape. I hadn't had much sex for a few months as my wife wasn't in the mood and for the past week she's been down at my sons place in the city. I had just bought a new bed and about three weeks after buying it, the mattress had sunk down excessively so I called the store and they said they would send someone out to check it up. A couple of days later the sales woman I bought it from turned up at the door. She was quite short with long blonde hair, and somewhere around 40. She had quite large breasts which I had admired when I bought the bed. She had... Continue»
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Teresa's Torment!

This is about the strange incident which began my Stepmum's continued cuckoldry. I'd like to write and tell you the story of her first prostitution, which will be mentioned in other stories. This is when she originally committed adultery, by selling herself sexually, in the 80's. It is about a certain underground film that was made. I can describe it, now I've seen it, and I'd like to tell you all about it.

When I was just 18, Dad was in heavy debt through his own mismanagement of his business; and it turned out after a while that he had gone to a business associate of his, an Egyptian nam... Continue»
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test story

If you haven't read part 1, you should. This picks up where that one stopped.

I rub the lips of her pussy with the head of this monster, which is double the size of me. Up and down, up and down. But real slow. Then I start to circle her clit ever so fucking slow. She starts gyrating her hips just a little and let's out a very quit moan. Then I pushed the head down onto her pussy's opening and held it there, no more than a quarter inch in. I started to push the head in and I saw her body relax. The head made it in and I just kept it there. I kept it there because she once told me that she lov... Continue»
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Getting Caught While ‘parking’

I’ve always loved outdoor sex (probably because of the way I got started in it) then, as a teen, was introduced to the back seat of a car. Over the years there were some times that we were almost caught – back roads, parking lots, drive-in movies and a few other places.

There were times that a guy at a bookstore would take me out for a nice long one then bring me back to enjoy the rest of my evening.

Jack loved to go parking and, most of the time, nothing happened except for a good time. The first night we met; we went parking after and christened the back seat of his car out on a ba... Continue»
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Victoria Justice - Christmas photoshoot

Dave and Victoria were sitting in her living room after their little Christmas party. Everyone was long gone except for those two who were sitting in the couch looking at their presents.
Victoria were going through her gift cards while Dave was messing with his camera. "I can't believe Jade gave you that nice camera."
He smiled, "She owed me from her birthday present."
She arched an eyebrow, "What did you get her?"
Dave smiled, "Ah custom scissors forged with steel and then painted with by bl**d mixed with paint. She also got the car that was stuck in my gut."
Victoria looked shocked, "Th... Continue»
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First Class Train journey - II

Hi All, You can read the first part here

Now it continues as ........

Well, I finished my smoke, went to the loo to take a leak and came to my cabin. In comes Kamlesh right after me.
Me- yes what?
K – can I have a drink?
I poured him a short drink and …

K – can I see some more pics ( referring to my cd pics)
Me – sure – and I showed him my phone.
K – you look quite sexy. Did raj help you?
Me – help me what you mean to ask?
K – he was excited to know how you dress and wanted to see, that’s why I called him here... Continue»
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Third Time with Uncle

This was the third time we hooked up, it got a lot hotter this time. kind of a long read.
This time it was about a year or so since our close call. I hadn't seen my uncle much in that time, and just like before we didn't say anything about what happened. We just swept it under the rug again. One day he called me out of the blue and asked me to help him do some work on a rental property of his the following weekend. Of course I agreed, and I just had to wait it out to see if something was gonna happen. The day finally came and he shows up to pick me up around 9 in the morning. We head to the ha... Continue»
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Chapter 22 - Boxing Day Orgies

Following morning Lisa had got up early to see Pete & Cathy off and she came back upstairs with a mug of coffee to wake me up. “What we doing today?” Lisa asked “I’ve no idea babe” I answered “You got something in mind” “Nope” she replied “Shall we just go with the flow and see what happens?” “Sounds like a plan” I replied smiling.

Mid-morning we were slouched on the settee half-watching the tele when Emma & Tasha came downstairs “Steve” said Tasha “Can I have my Mum’s old room now they’ve gone home?” “Meaning you want the double bed” said Lisa smiling “Well it would be more comforta... Continue»
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Hide And Go Get It

It was a hot summer weekend afternoon; I was in the park sitting under a large shade baring tree with my boyfriend Jamil to try and escape the heat on our day out, “hasn’t been this hot in a while” Jamil said, “Man…” was all I could muster on the topic of heat as I preyed for a snap blizzard, “but at least I’m here with you” Jamil said proudly smiling at me and reaching for my hand, I took Jamil’s hand in mine locking our fingers together just as I leaned in to kiss his lips.

The fuck?” I asked with a smack of my lips and a slightly confused look on my face, “what!?” Jamil said back with a hu... Continue»
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RABIA only had one thing on her mind how one of her closest friend and her future husband knew each other and did ARSHIA know about AHMED'S plan but ARSHIA just waved it off like it was nothing explaining that AHMED just wanted to know about you hence he added me on facebook and he said he wanted to talk privately so I arranged this get together. RABIA hugged her and thanked her for being such a great friend not knowing that ARSHIA saw everything and recorded it. They just started talking about normal stuff until her b*****r came back and she went to her home.

... Continue»
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Step-mom Anal

My sultry stepmom receives a lesson in extreme ass-stretching

I was right in the middle of finals week at Reed College, and I wasn’t in a good mood. The spring weather was glorious for a Portland campus; the flora was intensely green and in full bloom, and girls were dressed in light summer clothing, which meant that as I drove out of the parking lot, it was hard to miss the legs, cleavage, and everything else that gets a 19-year-old guy’s hormones flowing. I was horny but pissed that I couldn’t stay. I had to drive 30 minutes back home to walk the dog. I’d opted to live at home with my dad... Continue»
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ugly play toy - part 1

complete made up story this didnt actually happen.....

so i get contacted by a guy asking me if i wanted to fuck his wife, sure i love to fuck married women they always seem to be desperate.
after seeing pics of this woman i didn't think id be able to do it, i mean fuck she was ugly absolute disgrace of a woman, fat and folds of skin hanging over her waist band, tits that nearly touch the floor, either this girl was born really unlucky or she is a well used piece of meat i decide to go with the latter i mean yeah shes ugly but shes a prime piece of meat for me to abuse.

i was amaz... Continue»
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Alice The Dirty Whore Part 5

Alice the Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a sex addicted whore and her depraved sexual cravings. It covers most perversions. In this the fifth chapter Alice and Daisy take Jack to new depths of depravity and humiliation. And the couple get drawn into the clutches of an exclusive sex club for societies élite and most wealthy. (MF, M+F, MM, anal, prost, whore, cream-pie, ws, strap-on Fdom)

Chapter 5 The Engagement Party

Josh was very pleased with himself as he walked out of the Hellfire Club. He had given Lady Denham a full report following ... Continue»
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Primera vez x el Ojete

Hola, le voy a Relatar lo que me sucedio , cuando aun era Joven , solia ir a un Parke en Houston para que me mamaran mi verga, pues en aquel entonces, Nunca Habia Probado o Mamado , Ninguna verga, solia ir a que me mamaran, pues era FACIL conseguir a Alguien para ,masturbarnos o de que t Dieran una buen Manmada, solia ir antes o despues del Trabajo, a ese parque antes de llegar a casa, pues mi señora se encontraba Dormida o a veseces, me esperaba para cojer a gusto,d tanto ir a ese parque a que me Dieran unas Mamadas, no Faltaban Alguien, Igual que yo de Caliente, me Dacian si me la mamamas y... Continue»
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