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Masked Sucking

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So, there I was,over at the car park at Kilbirnie Loch,on my knees,wearing my red latex head mask,black pvc mini dress and my favourite black patent knee high lace up boots,oh and my tight short black pvc gloves. The hook up guy I had arranged to meet there was in front of me with his hard cock in his hand and rubbing his cock head all over my rubber covered face,smearing his pre cum onto my mask,felt so good,feeling his hard but soft cock head rubbing on my face. It was just after midnight and it was a very dark night,he pushed his cock head into my mouth and as deep as he could get into my m… Read more

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Please master, thank you master


So when I got home from work she was already waiting for me. She was in the bed, lights dimmed, candles lit. She was wearing nothing aside from a choker and cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Leaning forwards with her head away from me, she had her ass in the air spreading her cheeks wide with both hands. As I undressed I could see she had already inserted a buttplug in her ass. A string was coming out of her pussy - she'd been wearing her love balls all afternoon she told me, anticipating my return. Bouncing around her insides, they had done their job - she was soaking wet. One hand at a t… Read more

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Butterfly Effect: Sara stays home

AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

I woke to a soft tapping sound from behind my headboard. It was a soft buzzing noise along with the sound of something bumping against the wall. "Lauren, are you up?" I called out, hoping that it was just my roommate waking up and making noise. She said something back to me, but I was still too asleep to understand what it was. A second later, she was knocking on my door wanting to come in. Lauren is my roommate and my best friend. She is tall and athletic, 5'5 and 140lbs according to her. She has pretty red hair and freckles over every part of her skin that I have seen. My name is Sarah, I'm… Read more

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Living with my Aunty Jane


What a great year this was turning out to be. I had just completed my internship with a company and was offered a full time job with a sister company in another state. I was excited about moving to a new city, but because of my reckless spending I did not have much money in the bank to afford a big move like this. It was depressing to know that after just turning twenty-five, I did not have much to show for my hard work. I was scheduled to begin my new job at the beginning of the next month so time was certainly a factor. I racked my brain trying to think of a solution but just was not coming… Read more

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Stranger Danger

BDSMAnalGay Male

I had been broken up with Mac for about 7 months becuase he had to move a couple states away for work and I was so horny that I decided to go look for a fwb on CL. I went to place my advertisment not knowing I would instantly have my post taken down. then I was made aware 'Sex Ad's' where not alowed on CL anymore so I gave up. The next day I got to thinking about dressing up and going to the book store but am way to shy for that when I remembered that I might have some guys still on my email account that have contacted me before. I logged into my email account and had around 50 unread messa… Read more

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My Master and his partners


I kept having sex with Buck, my new Master. Every day during early morning, I went to his place before going to my office. My loving husband always left earlier than me; so, he would never know I was meeting my new lover every day. Buck was brutal with me. Every day he taught me new things about sex and he fucked me wildly. Every day I went to my office with my cunt sore and well filled with his warm semen… One week after the first encounter; Buck and I had some rather rough sex and I felt very sore but satisfied. Then he told me to come to his place that same evening, after leaving my off… Read more

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Picking up hitch hikers


Hi All as always thank you for wanting to read my post you all make me feel so fem and slutty when you do. Anyway, the other day I was driving to the mall. It was cold and raining a little out so I was wearing my skinny jeans but the thick 6 garter straps of the garter belt I was wearing where clearly visible pushing up from under my jeans. Diving down the main 2 lane road out of town there was a guy hitching he had a pack pack clearly a hiker. I felt sorry for him standing in the rain and cold so I pulled over. He ran to the SUV opened the door. I told him to put his back pack in the back s… Read more

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Paid Well to Party part 2

Lesbian SexAnalHardcore

Paid Well to Party part 2 The party continued. All the girls were required to stay the entire night. They had sucked, fucked and licked every cock that been presented to them. Some had even been able to get a few hours of sleep. As the men woke, most if not all, wanted one more bite of the sex apple. There were even a few that wanted more than one bite. The women were most accommodating. From a simple blow job to an anal fuck they gave it their best effort. If the men still had it in them, the women were game. They were there for the men’s pleasure until they left for their golf tournament.… Read more

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Grandpa's Treat Part 3


It was a new day and I did all my morning chores before settling down to read the paper, the summer heatwave was kicking in and I was too hot in just a small pair of shorts. I was thinking about what I could get Mary to do today on her visit, Cleaning I thought, there is a bit of dusting that needs doing which should keep her busy and provide me with some eye candy. It was Mid-day when the doorbell went and as I opened it I saw Mrs Duff, looking even more beautiful than yesterday, Mary was there dressed in just a tee short and shorts, it didn’t look like she was wearing a bra either and also t… Read more

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My Mature Fuck Slut

AnalLesbian SexMature

I just realized that all my other stories might make it look like I've got pussy lined up left and right, and could have a different one for every day of the month. And I wish it were like that, but my days are just as ordinary and boring as everyone else's - probably more so because I don't really have much for a family and not a large circle of friends that I could see regularly. So the stories I tell are really the exceptions from the norm - that's why they're stories and worth telling. So even though I have a significant other for a little while now, for the longest time I've been, and so… Read more

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Grandpa's Treat Part 2


After Mrs Duff and Mary left I sat back down and pondered about the situation, I couldn’t make Mrs Duff out, she looked good but business like and had quite a good body on her and the fact she took some cum from my shorts and licked her finger really had got me thinking, and what was all this about yogurt!! I must have dozed off again because the doorbell woke me up, in a daze I walked to the door and standing there was Mrs Duff, “Hello again Frank, I just dropped a lad off up the road and thought I would pop back for a chat” she said as I invited her in. Lots of thoughts were going through my… Read more

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It all started a this adult video store in my town first time ever going there though I go see what it was about. So I walk in there and go into the arcade area theres 4 booths with tvs in them to watch porn of your choice for five dollars for and hour ten dollars for two and twenty for three. I put in ten dollars and found one I liked after about five minutes I noticed a guy came in to the booth next to me. So I keep doing what I'm doing just have my pants down and my cock out I didn't notice at the time there where gloryholes in all the booths. So I turn and I see him looking at my cock so I… Read more

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Washing machine broken pt2


I thought it was horny to see that man smelling my panties, it gave me a warm feeling inside. as I watched it all through the opening of the door, I began to caress myself. I grabbed my breasts and started rubbing between my legs. I felt my nipples getting harder through my blouse. he was so enjoying my worn panties, he made a sort of growling sound. His hand disappeared into his pants. I lifted my skirt a little and felt how the panties that I now wore became wetter. I pulled it aside and started rubbing my clit with my middle finger. This gave me so much pleasure that I gave a little moan. I… Read more

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Love with a Twist


Hi, this is me again, 28 years old, presently residing in Bangalore. Girls, ladies and unsatisfied married women can ping me at chennaipouring@gmail.com to share their secret fantasies. I had been to Mangalore for a business meeting and had booked a return flight in the evening. But the meeting dragged on for 2 more hours and I missed my flight. Since I had to attend an important meeting in the morning, I came to the bus stand hoping I could catch a night bus back to Bangalore. To my luck, a Volvo bus was about to depart and I saw the conductor near the bus waiting for the passengers. I went u… Read more

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Mom's New Man - Part 2


Mom and I had been enjoying our arrangement for almost two years. I would come home from work and she, more days than not, would be ready for me with dinner and sex or sex and then dinner. I provided her a better living than she ever experienced. She managed the money with terms we agreed to - saving a certain percentage, maintaining the home, paying the bills, etc, and she could spend whatever was left however she chose. We talked and planned all aspects of our lives together just like a husband and wife would do. Yet we never got into a rut. She was always exploring new ways to turn me on (a… Read more

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Palm Beach Vixen as her Stags on the job training


I knew the first time i blew my wad in her pussy looking down at the well shape ass of my new married milf that she had done her share of wild fucking. I had enjoyed anal sex and from the size of the tissue around her ass hole i was going to experience many more times if this tuck up blonde would losen up her properness. As i took no time in entering her pussy i said to her you like a big dick in your pussy how often is it someone besides your husband? She smart assedly said," i know about you tennis pros with proper strokes and gentlemanly outside appearances. You fuck the mothers and go home… Read more

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Dream of a threesome

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

I come home from work in to your room to find a short dark haired girl roughly our age undressing outside the bathroom door. As she finishes exposing her naked body you emerge from the bathroom ROM completely gorgeously naked and kiss the mystery as you move her hands to caress your tits. You gently push down on her shoulders until she's on her knees and you gently hold her head as she licks you tight pussy. While she's running her tongue between the lips of your pussy you kiss me and begin to wank my incredibly hard cock as I squeeze your ass and gently push one finger into your asshole. Betw… Read more

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Tracy Becomes a Gangbang Whore


Well one of my most fun experiences with Tracy was well into our relationship. I had moved but we were still together thanks to airlines. We would get together three out of every four weekends and it was still a dom/sub relationship. On one of the weekends we were not together my neighbor invited me over to watch a fight. He always sent his girlfriend to her mothers for the events. He would have 6-8 guys over and hire a stripper. So the stripper arrives and she is hot but all she does is strip. So I asked him how much she cost and he said $300.00 plus tips. My first thought was we could do a… Read more

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Dream of a threesome

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

I come home from work in to your room to find a short dark haired girl roughly our age undressing outside the bathroom door. As she finishes exposing her naked body you emerge from the bathroom ROM completely gorgeously naked and kiss the mystery as you move her hands to caress your tits. You gently push down on her shoulders until she's on her knees and you gently hold her head as she licks you tight pussy. While she's running her tongue between the lips of your pussy you kiss me and begin to wank my incredibly hard cock as I squeeze your ass and gently push one finger into your asshole. Betw… Read more

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Closet Queen

AnalInterracial SexShemales

I let my wife fuck another guy. We had been talking about her doing things like that, in a semi serious kind of way, mostly during sex. It turned me on to think of my sexy little wife, naked in the strong arms of a hot guy! It started when I began asking her about her sex life before we got married. It turns out that Daniella had been sexually active since puberty and had been with several men. She had no qualms about telling me the stories I wanted to hear. I knew that Dannie liked good looking guys who were very masculine. She would point out guys all the time that she thought were hot. She… Read more

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