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Anal Porn Stories

Karen My School Teacher 7


I looked around but no one was there. It was dark and pretty cold night outside. I felt the air blowing around and up my pantyhose encased legs and ass. Mmmm nice. I started walking to the bus stop a few blocks further down from the school. I felt very attractive going out being a girl that just have been fucked in her pussy and mouth by 2 men. My little pussy was pretty sore, though nice in some way. As i walked further i could see the bus stop. And there was 2 people sitting on a bench. I got really nervous, but i really needed to get home. So i kept forcing myself to walk up there. I r… Read more

Posted by HosieryQueen 9 hours ago 1,303 100%

Cuckolding and loosing my job -continued (part 5)


**** So it's been about two weeks since I last updated the happening of my stay in this upstate New York motel, and boy what a crazy great and horrible week it's been. But I should continue from where I left off. So it about 5:30am. I've just finished the most amazing creampie inside one of the company reps that I've been dealing with for the last month. I'm stood between her legs, my seamen leaking from her reddened lips when the door opens. Maria struggled to cover herself with the covers, as he enters the room. It's the motel manager. His eyes open wide and his face immediately… Read more

Posted by follarte 13 hours ago 846 67%

bi mmf surprise

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

I set my friend up with a woman I had slept with in the past,, not for him to date just someone for him to play with. I was a little surprised when I was invited to join them one day, so we all talked and set a date to get together. id known her longer and she was always a little freaky and willing to try anything. it was always normal vanilla sex when we slept together cause I was younger then. my buddy was the only bi friend I have and the only one who knew id thought about sex with a guy, but id never done it. they both knew I had an ex that used to play with my ass using her finger or dild… Read more

Posted by coledamon04 14 hours ago 4 1,478 91%

Buying my own Pantyhose.

AnalGay Male

I really feel like living dangerously,, since trying out pantyhose, I am now hooked on them, and wear them 24/7, have to be so careful I dont get cuaght, especially at work, I work in a factory. To make sure I get the roght sort of pantyhose I travel out of town, about 70 miles and shop well away. Yesterday I bought some black fishnet pantyhose, completely seamless and very small mesh, also the shop had a sale on with Seamless pantyhose on 20 denier which is unusual,,, so I bought 20 pairs of pale tan and of black. I also bought a lot of pantyhose with an open seam under the crotch, so thought… Read more

Posted by fishnettghts just now 2 879 100%

Mark at home waiting for my husband

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

Saturday afternoon I let Victor`s friend inside home to wait for him… Then Mark started talking about how he loved my ass jiggling when I walked and he couldn’t keep his hands off of it. He also talked about my bouncing big tits and how he loved my nipples getting so big when he touched them. When he pinched them hard, it only made them harder. When he pushed me against the refrigerator and started rubbing my pussy, I automatically started dripping my juices and my body started quivering. Then Mark grabbed me by the hair and pushed me to my knees, ordering me to suck his cock like the bla… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 just now 3,023 79%

Making Friends 2

AnalGay MaleMature

The rest of the night with Phil and Janet was a whirlwind of sex. I fucked Janet again and was sucked by and sucked Phil. I sat at home the next night stunned by what happened, I had behaved in a manner that surprised me. I realised I had enjoyed being with a man and that a part of me I had always kept battened down had been released. I found myself watching gay and CD porn and wanking myself hard. At work the next day I found myself staring at the arse of Liam the office junior and thinking of what it would be like to pound him over my desk. I was horny as fuck. On the Wednesday evening… Read more

Posted by Maninnylons2 just now 813 100%



Author's note: Obviously, everyone in this story is at least 18 years of age and they are all member at XSANDY.DE CHAPTER ONE John just knew that there had to be a way to capitalize on the fact that he knew his twin sister Kelly had lost her virginity and was regularly getting laid. Even though they were only 18 years of age, John had enough of his father in him to always try to find a way to capitalize on a situation. That's what comes from having a stockbroker for a father. The fact that he was totally in love with his sis… Read more

Posted by facebookel just now 769 100%

Coming to terms

AnalGay Male

Well, I'm not sure if this qualifies as a story or a blog, but here goes.The following will be a pretty accurate chronological detail of events that led me to where I am today. To catch up you may want to start at the begging it was my first time as far as experience goes. Now fast forward to 19 or 20 years old and on a 96 heading home while in the Marines. Stop at a rest area to piss and maybe catch some sleep. As soon as I get out of my truck this go strikes up a conversation. Me being a young naive coun… Read more

Posted by no_telling just now 1 545

Mi Extraño Conocido


Hola a todos. Traigo otro relato con mi querido desconocido en nuestra segunda follada. fue hace apenas menos de 2 horas y no pude esperar para contarles. Les refresco un poco, este chico nos conocimos en un chat local y quedamos unos días después para follar. Lo hicimos como locos y me encantó. Hemos mantenido contacto en donde nos decimos lo que nos deseamos uno al otro y todas las cosas que queremos hacernos. Les recuerdo que el es casado, tiene 24 años que los cumple hoy 23 de Noviembre 2017. Hoy fue uno de esos días en los que al salir del trabajo encontré un mensaje de el diciéndome… Read more

Posted by sexaholicgirl just now 156 50%

Lonely Fam!ly Fucks

Group SexTabooAnal

Lonely Fam!ly Fucks This is a story about a desperate fam!ly that was all alone. The mother left the father about a year ago, the son was always single and the s!ster had been single for about 4 months and they were having no luck hooking up. They didn't know why. They were a good looking fam!ly. Stan (the father) had short dark hair; very clean cut. He had broad shoulders. He kind of looked like your typical gag card poster boy for over the hill. You know the ones where there's a hot guy on the front saying, "you won’t get this anymore now that you're over the hill." Kalvin was a fr… Read more

Posted by FelicityWaters73 just now 3 4,101 92%

Kyle's first time, part five

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

The next night after work I did not go to the bar. My balls were aching from the passionate night with Kyle, and then the next night spent fucking Skylar. Despite really enjoying breeding Skylar, the total bottom boy I met at the bar, I couldn’t stop thinking about Kyle. What really bothered me the most is that I thought we had a connection that was more sensual than just sexual based. Yeah, I had three intense orgasms while fucking Skylar, but with the slow love making Kyle and I experienced together, was intense on a much higher level. Ideally, a relationship with Kyle could be spiced u… Read more

Posted by 11austin just now 541 100%



MAŁY SADO. [dla fanów bdsm - light] /2001/ Patrząc na Roberta nigdy bym się nie przypuszczała, że jest on taki „pomysłowy” i władczy. Ale do rzeczy. Były wakacje, egzaminy zdane. Pisał, że siedzi w domu i się nudzi. Nie wyjechał bo, ale to nie ważne. Nalegał na spotkanie, pytał czy rzeczywiście może robić ze mną co zechce, czy może boleć i czy jestem posłuszna. Różnica wieku wcale go nie obchodziła i nie przeszkadzała mu a wręcz przeciwnie, bardzo go podniecał ten fakt. Gdy mu wszystko potwierdziłam, stał się władczy i rozkazujący, już w korespondencji. Musiałam mu wyjawić wszystkie s… Read more

Posted by transmasomax just now 135

Goodbye Sex With Fatima 4.

AnalHardcoreSex Humor

After we rested, we both knew that we had very little time before her husband comes back from work and also my departure time is less than 3 hours away. I leaned closer and took a deep breath of her pussy. The smell gave me a boner instantaneously. I stuck my wet tongue out and licked from her pussy all the way to her tiny ass hole. She moaned softly and rolled onto her back, exposing her clean- pussy with her legs spread open. I started kissing her inner thigh. I used my middle finger to search for her clit and started rubbing gently. This made her moaned a little more and I could… Read more

Posted by agunna 2 days ago 1,031 80%


AnalGay MaleHardcore

Had a few drinks in downtown Key West and was feeling this growing urge to suck some cock and perhaps get some cock in my ass. Again, it was off to the spa at the Island house where I got my day pass, got naked and stuffed my clothing in a locker. I decided to head to the bar for a couple rum and cokes before heading up to the video fuck room. The bar was full of naked men and happily, there was one stool available. I sat down between two thin, rather feminine chaps and to my joy, both of them had rather soft, shaved uncut cocks which I shamelessly and openly admired. The guy on my right caug… Read more

Posted by kwhagie 2 days ago 4 2,772 96%

Mary Back in the day

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

Mary - Blonde girl with nice curves and a pretty face. Homecoming dance that neither of our regular dates could make it to. No frills, just escorting each other to the dance. On the way home I stop at a secluded spot and made out a bit. Then asked if she'd lower her dress and let me see those ( what I imagined to be) gorgeous breast, She smiled and lowered her gown top. My breath caught in my throat. Large, well shaped soft orbs of flesh with pert, pointy nipples. I lowered my head for a taste and she started trembling as I flicked my tongue over each nipple. Mary then surprised the hell ou… Read more

Posted by wetchin54 2 days ago 2,361 86%

Brittas praller Fickarsch


Brittas praller Fickarsch Es war einer dieser lauen, beinahe unerträglichen Sommernächte. Ich lag wach. Leise Atemzüge neben mir. Ich drehte mich zur Seite und betrachtete die Silhouette meiner Frau. Tanja war immer noch gut in Form. Das kurze Nachthemd, durch ihren unruhigen Schlaf verrutscht, ließ ihre Pobacken im Mondlicht schimmern. In dieser Nacht machte mich der Anblick ihres Hinterns jedoch nicht mehr geil. Jahrelang hatte ich versucht, Tanja zum Analsex zu verführen. Vergeblich! Meine Frau hatte mir mehrfach vor den Kopf gestoßen und mich sogar als perverse Sau beschimpft. Leise… Read more

Posted by Sandra20188 2 days ago 292



Jeff tippe zweimal kurz auf die Hupe, nachdem er neben dem Mehrfamilienhaus geparkt hatte. Er war an diesem Montagmorgen pünktlich auf die Minute bei seiner Arbeitskollegin vorgefahren, um sie mit zur Arbeit zu nehmen, da ihr Wagen kaputt war. Er wartete mit laufendem Motor auf die hübsche Blondine, die seit einigen Monaten auf der gleichen Büroetage arbeitete wie er. Verlegen wischte er noch mal über die Sitzfläche des Beifahrersitzes. Sein Auto war nicht ungepflegt, aber er wollte nicht gleich zu Beginn einen schlechten Eindruck machen. Jeff nahm eine Bewegung im zweiten Stock des Wohnblo… Read more

Posted by Sandra20188 2 days ago 289

Humiliated and exposed by Lynn5


I obeyed Lynn s command and licked Sofia's anus She was giggled this is so funny I pushed my tongue as deep as I could get into Sofia Would you like to fuck her Lynn asked I nodded Lynn laughed you know that's not going to happen you pathetic little man Sofia lowered her hips my tongue slipped out of her bum she pulled The quilt up laughing Lynn told Sofia about me licking her knickers , as a reward for when I'm a good sissy Sofia asked how long I had been dressing up , before I could answer Lynn said she had been suspicious from when they got married She would come home and fin… Read more

Posted by sissychris 2 days ago 1 1,132 65%

Being a cuckold overseas


My sexy wife Ana had been tormenting me by telling me about the huge black dick she had been getting pounded into her tight sweet pussy for the entire time I was on a full week trip overseas… She really had driven me crazy with all of the details and she enjoyed it. Anita even had the nerve to let that black guy fill her cunt when I was landing at the airport; so I would come home to a sloppy cum filled pussy. Instead of greeting me at the door, I found my slutty wife laying on our bed, still naked with her legs spread open, having been less than a quarter since her black lover had lef… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 2 days ago 2,175 82%

Carla goes out

Group SexShemalesAnal

As a cross dresser who loves to dress as a dirty slutty girl I was sat at home thinking about what it would feel like to go out dreesed in public. I had often thought about it but never had the courage to do so. I was so fucking horny and wished I had a reason to go out and do something rather than sit at home alone. I thought about the times when I took my Dog for walks on summer evenings and we would walk in the woods and fields for hours at a time. I no longer had my dog sadly so didn’t get out much anymore. It got me thinking though, about what I came across whilst out walking with my Dog.… Read more

Posted by Carla_Kitten_3 2 days ago 3 1,352 100%
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