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Une si jolie guide

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Parti quelques jours en Dordogne avec Alain nous décidons de visiter Château et grottes. A l'office du tourisme, nous trouvons une promenade sympa à faire. La visite d’anciennes mines. Pour cette visite, nous enfilons de vieilles fringues pour ne pas risquer de les bousiller. Autant dire que je ne ressemble à rien. Nous arrivons au lieu du rendez-vous. Il y a une une mère et son fils et une famille avec trois ados. Il ne nous restait plus qu’à attendre notre guide. Une jolie fille arrive et nous dit : « Bonjour, je m’ap… Read more

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Unfolding Amy part 1

AnalBDSMGroup Sex

Unfolding Amy By RoseX © 2017 Note: Stories by RoseX, including this one (Unfolding Amy) are available on Amazon at affordable prices. If you want to support my work (and keep the stories cumming) please consider buy one. Thanks! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078J4DJXJ - it's just .99 plus you get a nice cover! This is hardcore porn. We use all the dirty words. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. MF, MF+, MFF, D/S, Dominance, Oral, Anal, light pain. Part One I grew up in a strict religious household and I admit I was pretty sheltered. But my dad used to beat me and my mom pretty awfu… Read more

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Outdoor wank

MasturbationAnalFirst Time

For some reason I’ve been mega-horny lately. Having not had too much action this made my desires even stronger. I also needed to train for a racing coming up soon, so went for a long, weekend solo run in the mountains. After about an hour of cruising around I realised that although the trails are public, and some houses are really nearby with direct access to the trails I was too horny to do nothing about it. I found myself alone, on top of one of the peaks with some houses right in view half way up... so I moved around a bit until I found a great spot with some flat rocks where I could easil… Read more

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Curiosity: Part V (5)

Gay MaleAnalTaboo

My second after class extra credit session with Mr. Paterson was a bit more than I expected, but I enjoyed it even more than the first one. When we were finished, I left the classroom for the day and I went straight to the nearest boys restroom to clean myself up a bit. I then headed to the front entrance where I was told to wait for my momm to pick me up and I spent the time thinking about what had just happened... The next day when the bell rang and sixth period was over, I waited patiently in my seat for Mr. Paterson to give me yet another extra credit opportunity. But this time he sa… Read more

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Starting Sex and becoming Sexualised.

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

I started being sexual at an early age.. I had a good pair of tits by then..! But this was just with lads my own age, and them playing with my tits and fingering me a little. When I was slightly older, an older lad, he was a couple of years older than me, played with my tits, and sucked my nipples, a first for me. He then got my jeans off, also a first, he knelt between my legs and rubbed my cunt, played with its lips, I was feeling butterflies in my tummy.. He then pulled his jeans down and I got worried, I thought he was going to try and fuck me, get me pregnant and I wasn’t ready to be fuck… Read more

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ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 2.0 Side Tracked

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 2.0 SideTracked After partying all night in New Orleans we ate and finally got back to the rest stop on I-10 the boys were loading up the bikes and I was looking around in the van.. I know; I have some Tampons on a string because of all of those guys lining up and gang-banging me In the alley in New Orleans.. I can't stop the juice from flowing out of me they work so much Cum deep up in me… I put the tampon in me so I can changing into a clean skirt and dry panties for the next leg of the trip all 3 of us are really tired from partying all night and my ass was so… Read more

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Erotic story of a combination with a young woman o

AnalLesbian SexMasturbation

I am in a province with Lan, so it is natural to eat together in class. I also sat in a row when I was in class. This is a big classroom. We are sitting in the last row. Because there are computer classes, there are two computers on each row. It is natural to separate the people in the front and rear. Because the distance is too far, if you lie on the table, even the teacher on the podium will not see what we are doing. I and Lan often whisper below. In the first week, everyone knows each other, sends new books, and sets up several study groups. Because of the new environment, everyone is ver… Read more

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My first time going out while dressed, went to an

AnalFirst TimeVoyeur

I had been dressing as a girl to get off for some time now. For some reason there is nothing that turns me on more than a tight little cotton thong stretched across the bud of my asshole, holding my tiny little boy toy down where it should be. Over the years I’ve slipped into my mom and sister’s underwear drawers while they were out and stolen the sexiest piece of clothing I cold find, most likely leaving them wondering where all their stuff went. This practice has gradually become a longer and longer as every time I do it I have a hard time taking the clothes off. Within the first few times,… Read more

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My First Time

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Hi Guys! I figured that now would be a good time to talk about my first time. I haven't shared this story with anyone and it's 100% true. Not to mention, thinking about it makes me soo seriously horny and reaffirms who I am today. Growing up I was always, for as long as I can remember, into dressing and makeup etc.. When I was old enough to be home alone I would always raid my moms or sisters drawers for skirts, pantyhose, shoes and makeup to dress up and fantasize about being a beautiful girl with killer legs and being seduced by my neighbor who was a 40's something truck driver. Anyhow that… Read more

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Sexy Times

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

So, the second time she came over I knew that I could be a little dirtier and a little nastier with her. But I wanted it to be more sensual... I love it when she is utterly confused and can't tell if I'm trying to seduce her or slowly torture her into submission. As usual, music was playing when she arrived. An especially jamming tune was on and we kissed and danced to the rhythm...she wasn't expecting it at all, but quickly matched my pace. I tapped her on the ass as she moved her hips to the downbeat as the bass hit and we grooved in a sensual embrace. Her back to my chest, her ass pushing… Read more

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I fucked by Teacher for Grades

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

I was a little lagging in one of the subjects Shakespearean literature since I was not so good in old age English. My teacher was Mr Roy. He was a real 45 year old pervert like the ones you hear in the news. He would never miss a chance to touch a girl’s body in a crowd. He always stood by a girls in class. Most teachers and students never went even… Read more

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Toys? Yes, toys.

First TimeSex HumorAnal

So recently, I've been delving into getting sex toys for the first time. I figured that since I had no experience whatsoever when it came to sex toys, so where do you go? Somewhere that sells said toys of mystical pleasure. Over in the UK, we have one such brand called Lovehoney. They're pretty much the go to site for all your sex needs. From lingerie to dildos to lube, they have it all. The first toy I reckon I'd have a crack at was this butt plug that came in a set of 3. One small, medium & one large one. The smallest being the easiest for first timers. Now as you may know, when you use… Read more

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My Illicit Affair with Nil


This is a true story. This is the story of my first & only stray in my life. This will tell you how I became a cheating wife, as you may call it. My name is Sree. I’m a 28-year-old married woman from Kolkata. I’m married for last 7 years & I have a son too. I’m quite fair, beautiful and attractive. I look much younger than my actual age. I think I’m a bit voluptuous. But, my husband says there is more of me to love. And I know boys love everything about me. I have 36DD huge tits, 30” waist & 3… Read more

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An Interview For A Personal Secretary Position – P

HardcoreAnalFirst Time

. continuing my previous story(An interview for a Personal Secretary position)… Slowly and gently he fucked me and then it became rough and force full…I was shouting all known expletives and after nearly half an hour he poured himself inside me…his massive dick almost touching my womb. I could become pregnant today itself. He rolled off me and lit his cigarette. I lay there well… Read more

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Protector and Lover, my Daddy, his Girl.


Standing naked in front of a group of men only audience, not only empowered me, as many other women have said of that enlightening experience, a sense of self flowed through me, as I looked at each individual man in turn and saw the lust in his eyes. This is me, this is what you get, and they took it, as I closed my eyes and felt their need for me. The orgasms were plentiful and non stop as each man took his turn with me. 'Why are you here', a voice said, jarring me out of my sexual dream, as I sat down in the 'Circle of trust', as they liked to call it, I was the lone female in the group of… Read more

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Wife’s diary – 16 April 20XX Part 2

Group SexInterracial SexAnal

I sucked Jan’s cock a bit longer, slowly running my finger and thumb the whole length of his dick to squeeze out every bit of cum. His cock still felt big but it was getting softer. I got excited when I held it round its base and it curved gently down, still long and full. I wanted to keep sucking it until it was rock hard again. I looked up at him but he was looking at Gerard and I think they were talking but I don’t know and then Gerard grabbed my arm and pulled me over to him. He used the sheet to wipe my face a bit and then kissed me and told me how sexy I was and how he wanted to fuck me.… Read more

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Slut: I want to be a slut wife part 2


Part 2 I stared at the blank hotel room door as I stood in the corridor waiting to make my grand entrance. I checked my appearance one last time, adjusting my tight short black mini skirt, ensuring my tits looked fantastic, almost spilling out of the shiny black tight corset top. My nipples were erect and pushing at the cups of the corset as I squeezed my thigh length booted legs together. The door opened slowly as Simon stood in the frame smiling. He was wearing his shirt unbuttoned and nothing else. His impressive cock was semi erect when he answered but instantly it became rock hard when h… Read more

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Truck stop


I was at the truck stop with just a tube top covering my tits. I had been driving for a while and was horny and needed a break. Just as I left the ladies room a man came up to me and said "Well hello baby. That is a nice set of hooters you have." He then pulled down my top and began rubbing across my tits then lifting my mounds. Then he bent down and sucked a nipple in his mouth. "Want to come to my truck and be naughty? I have a nice big cock for those big tits." He then ran his hand under my skirt and fingered my pussy. "Your pussy is nice and wet. Let's go be nasty. I have a couple hours ti… Read more

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Meet & Hooking Up with My Sex Slut Amulya - Pa


Readers of the earlier part might be aware of how I meet with Amulya & fucked her in the Museum. Here is the continuation in Part 2. Part 2 of my Meet & Hook-up with Sexy Slut Amulya - http://xhamster.com/users/sexyamu212. As it was early evening as we left the museum, I asked Amulya to get into my car where I made her sit with her legs up on the dashbo… Read more

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horny drive to casino

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

ok where do I start ok here we go I m a very horny guy that only like white woman so I watch porn every other night for hours and hours watching white women getting fuck with there black thigh high stockings on my turn on btw so anyway I was watching porn like every other night last night but I got really fucking horny by watching these white milf getting fuck so I got so damn horny and it was around midnight so I got in my car with a fucking hard on and I live 45 minutes away from hard rock casino here in Hollywood. so I got to casino to see if I can get any action with some kind white women… Read more

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