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Fantasy Lady

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She came down the stairs. Oh good lord that dress...slit up to here and those beautiful tits hanging out everywhere. He wanted to bite her nipples. Real they were, not a bit of plastic in her. She was a natural beauty and they didn't come any sexier. She walked in a room, no matter how she was dressed, and every man in the room wanted to fuck her. He was going to fuck her right now. She came down the stairs, one at a time. She knew what he was going to do and she was ready. Her pussy was wet and she could see the erection in his pants. Anticipation. She reached the bottom of the stairs. He wra… Read more

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Sex ed...sort of

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Sometime in the 80s I had gone with a friend(Jeff) of mine to drop off his k**s at his parents house about 50 miles away. We were gonna go hiking nearby for a couple days. He dropped me off with a friend of his while he went to drop his k**s off and hang out for a few hours. He didn't know that on occasion I enjoyed sucking a nice cock , which made it kinda funny when he was dropping me off. He told me he thought this guy was a" little strange" , but that he was cool. Anyway, he left me with Tim, and took off. Tim was very friendly, offered me something to drink and eat, and we started ta… Read more

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Urban encounters chapter 2


Read chapter 1 first to get caught up The door flies open as lil Rob is caught off guard. He looks like a deer caught in the headlights as the sun from outside blocks the view of who's standing at the door. As a crackling voice says a cuddy we gotta talk like right now. It's Stacy play brother phat boy - (a 4'11 14 year brown skin chubby delinquent that runs packs for Lil Rob). Lil Rob yells close the door fool as Stacy basically caught up a lung from vicious throat fucks she just received. You need to learn how to knock before come in utters lil Rob as Stacy stum… Read more

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That Gurl #1

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That Gurl #1 Monica watched as Ann sat 2 small containers on the counter top. She stuck a finger in each, removed a glob, mixed them then tasted it. Glancing at her, Ann said, “Hi cutie, come here”. Ann lifted Monica's skirt, peered at her pretty panties saying, “you won't need those today. Take them off and bend over”. Monica removed them, bent and felt Ann eating her ass hole saying “delicious”. A few seconds later, she felt 2 coated fingers ease into her anal canal. A tingling, warm sensation was followed by an itchiness. Ann removed her fi… Read more

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Switch - Part 1: Der Herr


Die hier beschriebenen Ereignisse sind etwa ein Jahr vor verfassen der Geschichte geschehen. Die Dame aus der Geschichte wird im Folgenden auf eigenen Wunsch als „Arschhure“ bezeichnet. Ich kann mich aber noch sehr gut dran erinnern, als meine Arschhure mich zu sich bestellt hat. Draußen war es kalt und es lag eine matschige aber dichte Schicht Schnee auf der Erde. Ich hatte an dem Tag Zeit und Lust mich mit ihr zu treffen. Sie sagte ich solle einfach ins Treppenhaus kommen und an ihrer Haustür klopfen, da ihr Mitbewohner da war und sich zum Mittagsschläfchen hingelegt hat. Ich brauch… Read more

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Wife 1st Cuckold Fucking

MatureFirst TimeAnal

So, after about 15 years of marriage and my constant hounding-telling her that others should be able to enjoy her amazing cock sucking skills- she reluctantly said she would do a threesome with another guy but wanted me to set it up. As I said she is an amazing cocksucker since she started at the age of 15 with a man in his 20's. She said she spent her whole sophomore year of High School sucking this guys dick… Read more

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CADE Anal Fun

CelebritiesLesbian SexAnal

CADE Anal Fun Cat was hanging in Jade's room listening to music and talking. Jade watched the redhead with lust filled eyes. She looked so cute he couldn't resist. Cat was talking to Jade and before she knew it Jade was kissing her with such passion. Cat broke the kiss, "Jade.” Jade put her hands on Cat's sides, "Come on Cat I want to make you feel good. Just give in.” Cat felt her skin burn with lust where Jade was touching. "Jade.” She was planning on saying more but Jade kissed her neck and sucked. Cat moaned out and she knew Jade had her. Jade knew it too and smiled before atta… Read more

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Unexpected Encounter at the Adult Video Store

AnalFetishGay Male

A few years back when the wife was out of town I decided to go rent a porn vid so I could come home and jerk off. I went to my favorite adult store north of Atlanta where I was surprised at the number people there that day. I guess I was not the only horny person around that day. I started to peruse the videos and walked from section to section. When I got to the bi-section a slightly heavy-set guy started chatting me up about the video selection. "Are you finding what you like" he asked. "Not really, "These seem to be more sissy videos, which can be OK, but I like more of the seduction,… Read more

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Fully Sick

AnalTabooFirst Time

Clever Tamara fakes a cunning sickie but does her step dad Steve have a superior repertoire of tactics to get his male way in her bedroom..... I needed one of those Ferris Bueller days because there was a monster fashion sale at my favourite up market boutique and I wasn’t going to miss it. Mum was dead easy to negotiate. I said I had a slight temperature, sore throat and nausea. She was caught up in her morning rush to work... she had her own florist shop to run... she left with the completely honestly sympathetic: ‘Stay in bed then sweetie...if it gets worse...ring me at work… Read more

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I got stumped with my monster cock....

AnalFetishSex Humor

I always wanted to have a huge cock, doesn't everyone???? but I did not know the price I would have to pay!! I had found an ad on the internet guaranteeing a much enlarged cock and balls.... as a gay top guy, knocking on 40, my equipment is somewhat lacking in size and I thought well, why not try it..... I sent email and received a reply with a phone number, which I rang. I was given an address and told what I had to take with me, one thing that worried me was that they stipulated I had to take 5 months off work due to how long the final completion of my growth would take. Seemed odd, but when… Read more

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Conte de Noel 2017 (Chapitre 2)


Conte de Noël Chapitre 2:Premier Défi Quand Maîtresse Xaviera revint dans le salon-donjon, elle était habillée d'un ensemble formé par une jupe de latex fuschia ultra courte sur le devant et tombant à ses chevilles sur l’arrière, assortie à un caraco qui couvrait ses épaules, sur lesquelles quelques mèches de son chignon ébouriffé noir de jais tombait en cascade mélangées à ses longues boucles d'oreilles en chaîne gros maillon assorties à son collier à trois rangs, qui laissait également tomber des maillons entre ses petits seins, que sa taille était étroitement serrée dans un corse… Read more

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The Club St. Louis

AnalGay MaleVoyeur

This picture from a video reminds me of my first visit to “ The Club St. Louis / bathhouse “. After signing in and getting my room key and walking into the place I figured I would find much action since a majority of the guys were younger and much fitter than I. Went to my little private room and stripped down, grabbed my small carry bag and went to the restroom to take care of some personal hygiene. After getting back to my room I went ahead and made sure I was somewhat pre-lubed and packed a few condoms and small tube of lube in my socks, wrapped my towel around my waist. Walked around and f… Read more

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Today would be the day

AnalFirst Time

The first day that I would truly feel like a woman. I awoke at 5AM, just like any other weekday. I slipped on my Champion running shorts, short shorts, love women's clothing, a slim fit tank top and my running shoes. Bluetooth earbuds, check, Fitbit watch, check, running tunes selected, check. I like to wait until I am outside, in the front yard, before I do a little stretching. Nothing like bending over in short shorts out in public view. I wonder how many admirers I have in the neighborhood. My legs, ass and slim waist are a sight. Most mornings I run a 3 mile route, not fast, no… Read more

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My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Seven


My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Seven After the great sex Sabrina experienced, I was sure that she was going to come back the next day. And I was right. "Hi Mark!" she said with an angelical voice as I opened the front door. She was blushing but this time she was not ashamed to make eye contact with me. "Is Kelly home?" she asked. "Hi cutie. I don't know. Come in please" I said. I knew Kelly was not home but this wasn't going to be a problem. As she passed beside me, I spanked her ass cheeks. She shrieked and looked back with a playful smile. I took as a good sign that she was w… Read more

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Erica's Adventures: Snowed in

AnalGroup SexMature

It had seemed like a good idea when Darren, Simon and Wayne decided they would trek out to the forest to do a bit of winter fishing together. None of them had banked on there being the kind of snowfall you didn't often see in England, blocking off access to the road and snowing in the Land Rover they had brought with them. Under the circumstances, they had been quite fortunate. The cabin they were stuck in was heated and had plenty of food, so they weren't in any real trouble. It had a ham radio, so they sent out a message each morning and evening asking anybody who was listening if they wou… Read more

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Meet The Maddisons 8

AnalGroup SexTaboo

The night finally arrived for the Sex Olympics training session at the Maddison's house. Dad was looking forward to Laura Maddison getting in some serious deep throat training on his ten and a half inch cock. Laura had also told us she was going to provide some gang bang training for mum. Laura might be in for a shock when she finds out how far mum has progressed in the weeks since we'd last been to the Maddison's place. Since that life changing day, my f****y had developed our own very liberated f****y sex life. Now I could have sex with my gorgeous mother pretty well any time I w… Read more

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Meet The Maddisons 9

AnalGroup SexTaboo

The Maddison f****y was coming over this afternoon to discuss the Sex Olympics and go over the videos they'd taken during mum's gang bang training session at their house. I was a bit nervous as I was really keen to see Alison again. I really liked her, but I was worried the sex was overpowering any relationship that might be between us. I wasn't jealous or anything. I knew she regularly fucked her twin b*****rs and her father, even her mother. I guess she also screwed plenty of guys outside her f****y. I certainly don't mind her screwing other people, but with all that going on I was worrie… Read more

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My "first time"

AnalInterracial SexFirst Time

For my "first time" I was 18 years old, in a biology class sat next to a dirty girl (Mel) and she was nice. A few of us knew M dirtyness. Mel was cute, brunette, thin and tall with large hips. Mel used to play soccer with us. She was a TOMBOY because of the way she was dressing and talking to people. She grew up with her four older brother. The others guys did not care about M but me, I did. Because I saw what she truly is. Once we were at Mel's house Boys and Girls were there. I was not Mel closely friend at this time. Everyone was drinking, playing video games, watching movies. Then I he… Read more

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A hot afternoon with Pedro


About a long week had passed since that night at Caroline's back yard. Although I was having good sex during night with my loving Victor; I still wanted and needed more and more. I was horny about Pedro’s dick… It was a Saturday afternoon when I saw Caroline's car leaving her house. My husband was playing tennis and would not be home during afternoon. Then I decided to go see if Pedro was at home. I wanted him to fuck my tight pussy again… and I even could try his hard black dick in my ass… I was wearing a ribbed tank top and a tiny denim mini skirt. I had just gotten out of the show… Read more

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Fete Attractions

AnalLesbian SexVoyeur

Stunning fashion slut Rebecca White meets her match in seemingly daggy, geeky, shy Alexandria Tanner, when a vibrator is found in a box of donated items when setting up the trestles for a church fete.... “Who is organising it?” Adam asked his mum... feigning disinterest. He still really didn’t want to help ...unless... His mum had volunteered to set up the second hand stall but now couldn’t go and had asked Adam at short notice to help in place of her. He had sort of agreed to. “Ah” responded his mum, “So you’re only interested in helping if Rebecca is there” “So it is Mrs White org… Read more

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