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The Burning Train - Beast with a Beautiful Lady


Well, I Always wonder when it come for sex it should not always be sex as the mistress just do not want us to put out penis and strike it off.. well in turn she ask you to play with her , cuddle her , poke her and do every nasty stuff so that she get what she actually deserve..!! and thanks for the replies i got from you.. especially a lady called Roshini... she was very much fascinated with what i expressed in my last experience and wanted to meet me not just for sex but as an individual to be a great companion with!! Well ,I would like to narrate with happened with me in a trip to Delhi fro… Read more

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Slut: Suzi Posing Slut Part 7

AnalInterracial SexVoyeur

Part 7 I walked slowly toward the shower, holding the huge meaty cocks of my two black porno studs as each guy took a hold of a naked pierced breast each. Still parading around in my Garter belt and fishnet stockings, with my high heeled shoes making clicking sounds, resonating around the studio. Ali began to unclasp my stockings as Dec undid the clasp at the rear of the garter belt. Within seconds my stockings, shoes and garter were removed from my body leaving me vulnerably naked. While I wear my slut outfit I feel empowered and in control, being the slut I crave to be, but somehow being na… Read more

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Pregnant slut wife needs cock!


As time passed Jane calmed down a bit and her sexual encounters with other guys became quite rare, unfortunately! Until that is, she became pregnant. We decided we should go for it, got checked out and were eventually successful. Only problem was she had a personality change, lots of highs and lows as is expected, but mainly she needed more sex, a lot more sex and sadly more than I wanted with her and this caused problems between us. She would often come home and say she'd had to go to the toilet or storeroom and masturbate. She regularly masturbated 3 or 4 times a day, and always first thing… Read more

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Porn Shop Perv

Gay MaleVoyeurAnal

It's amazing how a person get extremely horny during certain periods each month. There are times I can go for a month, maybe two or three and then suddenly I’m ready to jump onto anyone for a fuck and suck. I crossdress, but I haven't gone out in broad daylight in a while. I purchased panties and stockings to wear to a local adult sex store under my normal clothes. I even shaved a nice landing strip on my pubic mound above my pathetic cock. But I love being smooth and I love feeling hands on my ass and hairless body. Recently, I walked into an adult sex shop and looked around a bit. The la… Read more

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The first night with the Doctor and friends.

AnalBDSMGay Male

So we get back to the doctors home and office. We walk in and I am told to strip completely naked. He walks me into a bondage room and puts restraints on my ankles and wrists. He again tells me to bend over and proceeds to warm my ass up again he said it gets harder from here. He left me crying as other guests start arriving. A couple guests suggested giving me something to cry about. After about 30 minutes everyone was there and they came into the room. I was made to confess my sins of following and watching the Dr. I confessed, the Dr then brought a ball gag to me and said open your mouth. I… Read more

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Serving the doctor

AnalBDSMGay Male

This is how it all started. This all started shortly after I turned 18. I had worked while growing up and bought my first new truck right after high school. I did landscaping during those years and was good at it. About 6 months after I turned 18 I came home to find a new lock on the house. After my asshole dad got home he let me have my tools and clothes and that was it, couldn't even take my bed. That was the last day I saw my parents. I had rented a construction yard and I lived there for a while in my little office trailer. My parents used to take me to a Dr who I knew was gay, my d… Read more

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Anal sex, fisting and degradation - Part 2


I almost overslept. Hectically I took a shower, put on some make up and got dressed. My mum asked where I was going and I told her, I was attending a sleep over at Anna. Anna! I had totally forgotten about her. A second time within 24 hours. While sitting in the bus, I read her texts. More than 50 messages since midnight. I texted her back and informed her about the events. She replied immediately and wished me best luck. A few minutes after 7 o’clock I rang Andy’s bell. The dog barked and waited behind the door. When it opened, the dog sprang right at me and tried to lick my face. I almost fe… Read more

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AnalGroup SexHardcore

Well dean picked us up at 8o'clock, from Carlisle as arranged. Emma jumped in the front, me in the back, sitting in the back was an older guy I'd not meet before called Dorian, he was in is 30‘s dean explained that he was a prop in the team, but we had to drop him off on the way as he had to get home to the wife. We'd only been driving a few minutes, before i felt Dorian hand sliding up my leg, and into my thong, and without hesitation, slipped a thick rough finger into me. He told dean to pull into a lay-by up ahead by some trees as he wanted to fuck me!! We jump out of the car, and went into… Read more

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I love black cock! (I'm such a black cock slu

Group SexInterracial SexAnal

Here you go-fresh from tonight: something that's been developing for the past month or so... I recently made friends with a wonderful interracial couple at a home gardening class. First we went out for lunch to talk about composting, and had a wonderful conversation. Sat is an African-American-India Indian mix, and Jenn in an amazing looking (and VERY buxom) white girl from Boston. Of course, the first thing that I noticed was Sat's long thick fingers (in the very beginning of the class, as they were standing across from me). They were very absorbed in the class and each other, so I was cool… Read more

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karrena kapoor 1


I’m a guy from India. This trust me is a true story. No no not a storie it is an incidence which truly happened. So i’m not going to reveal my name & any identities. Here is how it goes. I’m a guy working in a hotel at a hill station in Maharashtra.(I cant tell my post or name of hotel or name of hill station as I can lose my job. Actually I’m taking a great risk here as if anyone knows abt this i’ll be dismissed immediately but anyways!). Its a very royal hotel not meant for any ordinary middleclass people. Rich people come here. Some actors & actresses also come here for privacy.I li… Read more

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The Trouble with Orgies

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

It has been years since I have been to a real orgy. By orgy I meant not just a standard threesome, but an orgy with 10 or so men. Orgies can be hot. Everyone goes there knowing full well there will be a lot of fucking and sucking, but it is often hard to get guys relaxed enough to get it started. The last one I went to, guys were standing around shoe-less, but dressed and wearing socks when I arrived. As we were drinking beers to relax, all those guys of all ages, shapes, and sizes whose naked bodies I had yet to see, touch, or taste, gave me that semi-erect feel of extreme excitement. You… Read more

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I now own this slut, Part 4


Between my oral ministrations and her obvious arousal, both of her holes were dripping, relaxed and badly needing attention. As I stood, I gazed down on this sexy beauty. Her knees were still up at her chest, held there with her hands behind her knees and her body raised and lowered with each excited breath. I dropped my pants and my erection sprang straight out and I gripped my cock and took aim at her wanton hole. For a smaller woman, her pussy lips were quite meaty... something that I found desirable. I did prefer less hair and made a mental note to make arrangements for her at a local spa.… Read more

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Red Desires


We finally make it home after a night of dinner and dancing and as you lay on the bed exhausted, I sit on the edge next to you, the pointed toe of those red heels gliding slowly up your inner thigh. My knee reaches your chest as the top of my foot brushes lightly against your hard bulge. I lean in, kissing down your neck and chest, my fingers skillfully undoing your belt and pants until my lips find the very tip of you. Slowly they envelope the head of your throbbing cock and my tongue swirls around the rim of your head. My foot gently rocking back and forth as the top of my toes cradle and… Read more

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My New Trainer byNearMiss

ShemalesAnalFirst Time

"So, do you need a spot?" she asked. Wisps of red hair, which had fallen from her pony tail, framed her face as she looked down on me. "Ummm sure," I lied. The equipment at the bench press station where I was working out was designed to be used solo. With a quick flick of the wrist I could lock the bar into any safety position, if I had gotten into danger, but accidents do happen and you can't be too careful. Besides, I wasn't going to turn down help from the most beautiful girl in the gym. She also happened to be the only girl in the gym at this late hour, but she was still hot as hell.… Read more

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Truth and Dare Pt2

Group SexLesbian SexAnal

To recap it was during our wedding anniversary celebrations that ourselves and our best friends had swapped more than presents... Dan and Debs were stood in the doorway of the bedroom, I had just made love to Dans wife Claire and we were both laying naked on the bed with Claire stroking my now flaccid cock. Debs my wife walked towards us completely naked her pert tits bouncing as she closed the distance to the bed, leaning down she kissed me full on the mouth as her hand joined Claires on my cock. that was such a great show you two but now its our turn to fuck so make space for us. Myself a… Read more

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Happenstance Part 1 (LONG)


Happenstance at the Gas Station I live in a state that lets you pump your own gas. Not too difficult, but each brand of gas has slightly different procedure for entering information. Well there I was pumping my gas. On the other side of the island a middle aged woman appeared to be having difficulty. She was about 39 to 45. She had a beautiful face and very nice body. Her blonde hair was past her shoulders. She was dressed casually but nicely. I approached her and asked her if I could help. She said that this was confusing and intimidating for her since she just moved here from a State that d… Read more

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 18

AnalInterracial SexLesbian Sex

My sleep only lasted for a few hours as I could here my door card lock unlock. It was the Room Service Manager checking up on me. I had taken sometime to pick up the mess so the room looked pretty normal. She went over to the shades and flung the curtains open. I was still tired but the sight of her and that luscious body got me going. I asked her what she was doing and she smiled and said I am going to fuck you but first you need a shower. I laughed and said that I needed food after a shower. She lifted her skirt and showed me her lovely pussy and said that I could have her. So with the curta… Read more

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AnalFirst TimeHardcore

My father and i were on a long road trip to go see my grandparents in london, my mother two bothers, and two sister's had gone down on the train. We had been driving for a long time. I tossed and turned trying to sleep, but couldn't because the sun was out and beaming its hot rays into the black car. We rode in the car in absolute silence. My father and i didn't exactly get along he was still fucking mad as hell with me, he caught me and my sister's all naked in my bedroom masturbation and that's not the first time, me and mel been masturbation with each other for nearly 2yrs but that was the… Read more

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 19

AnalInterracial SexMature

That next morning I woke and all the ladies were gone. I started to shower and get ready for another day with the hopes of possibly leaving the hotel when came a knock on my door. I threw on my robe and answered the door and there stood my Lady Friend looking a little tired and frazzled from her journey back. After she told me of her trip I suggested that she take a nice shower and relax. She asked if I would come with her so I stood up, opened my robe and stuck my hard cock right into her very willing mouth. I started to face fuck her hard while she gagged on my rod. Tears streamed down her f… Read more

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Interviewing… Jessica


Interviewing… Jessica Author: Bonercreator69 I’ve always been a huge Jessica Ennis fan. Ever since she won the Olympics in 2012, though, the hottest British athlete has been in high demand. It’s always been a dream for me to meet one of my favourite women and finally the opportunity has arisen. My very own TV show, interviewing famous women from the world of sport, and who was my first guest, none other than Jessica Ennis. This woman’s arse had been the centre of many men’s affections over the past couple of years and now it would be sitting opposite me. My dreams were coming true. T… Read more

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