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Frustrated Stephanie

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** I thought The Frustated Stephanie series had ended but due to lots of feedback from readers, I've decided to restart the series. It is strongly recommended to read the earlier chapters but it's not completely necessary. I don't know how long this series will continue but if readers have any ideas where to take this further, please leave me a comment. ** Stephanie couldn't believe what she was doing. It was beyond all comprehension but it was true. She was on her knees in the kitchen, wearing only her nightgown. Her mouth opened wider and her face lowered another inch as she gave her father… Read more

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karrena kapoor 1


I’m a guy from India. This trust me is a true story. No no not a storie it is an incidence which truly happened. So i’m not going to reveal my name & any identities. Here is how it goes. I’m a guy working in a hotel at a hill station in Maharashtra.(I cant tell my post or name of hotel or name of hill station as I can lose my job. Actually I’m taking a great risk here as if anyone knows abt this i’ll be dismissed immediately but anyways!). Its a very royal hotel not meant for any ordinary middleclass people. Rich people come here. Some actors & actresses also come here for privacy.I li… Read more

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Fucking Kareena Kapoor - Sex Story


I'm a police officer with the LAPD and I was patrolling Sunset Boulevard in the wee hours of the morning when a silver Mercedes went flying by me. The driver must have been blind not to see me or just didn't care. I flipped on my lights and started following behind the car as the driver turned onto a side street and pulled over. "Car 23 to dispatch, stopping speeder on North Palm Drive" I called in as I pulled out my ticket book and got out of my car. The driver put her window down as I approached the car and leaned out, looking at me with a confused look on her face. Kareena Kapoor was on he… Read more

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Collection of The Simpsons Erotica

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Pegging On Evergreen Terrace Bart’s stag night. An hour of so before dawn broke the 21-year-old groom came round to find he was handcuffed securely to the Evergreen Terrace street sign. He was also wearing only a black thong that had presumably previously belonged to a stripper. Or Milhouse. It was a warm night, but that felt like small consolation as the smell of sick wafted from beneath the sign. Bart had been handcuffed with one wrist to each post meaning he could do little should an early walker find him. "Ay, caramba!" Bart muttered self-referentially. He was still a little dr… Read more

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Saoirse Ronan, The SnowBunny

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I've always had the hots for a variety of different film actresses, ranging from Z-list to A-list, but one particular actress who consistently captures my lustful attention is none other than Oscar-nominated Irish actress Saoirse Ronan. I've imagined her, this meek, beautiful ethereal actress as leading a secret double life as a swinger who exclusively indulges in and beds well hung black men of her choosing. No one would ever suspect this innocent girl could even be lustful in… Read more

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Interviewing… Jessica


Interviewing… Jessica Author: Bonercreator69 I’ve always been a huge Jessica Ennis fan. Ever since she won the Olympics in 2012, though, the hottest British athlete has been in high demand. It’s always been a dream for me to meet one of my favourite women and finally the opportunity has arisen. My very own TV show, interviewing famous women from the world of sport, and who was my first guest, none other than Jessica Ennis. This woman’s arse had been the centre of many men’s affections over the past couple of years and now it would be sitting opposite me. My dreams were coming true. T… Read more

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Survivor: A Friendly Lesbian Wager (part 2)

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Survivor Guatemala had made it down to the final two, and a huge crowd was on hand to see the reading of the votes and who would win the million dollars. Would it be tall, slender Danni, the former beauty queen from Kansas or Jersey girl Stephenie, the gorgeous tanned darling of last season. The whole country was looking forward to seeing which beauty would take home the top prize. Little did they know of the wager the two beautiful women made just before the final vote. The loser would have to submit to being a… Read more

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Gooseen -Joycean Erotica

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(A Story by Nuala O Connor about James Joyce and his lover Nora Barnacle) We walk along by the Liffey as far as Ringsend. The river smells like a pisspot spilling its muck into the sea. We stop by a wall, Jim in his sailor’s cap, looking like a Swede. Me in my wide-brim straw, trying to throw the provinces off me. ‘Out there are the Muglin Rocks,’ Jim says. ‘They have the shape of a woman lying on her back.’ His look to me is sly, to see if I’ve taken his meaning. I have, and our two mouths crash together and it’s all swollen tongues and drippy spit and our fronts press hard and there’s… Read more

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Youtubers Chapter 2 *GAY SEX*

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Title: YouTubers Chapter 2 Rating: PG to NC17 Summary: The Daily Life of YouTubers all living together in one house. Looking back on it after what had happened since then, we had all barged into Suzy's room to find out what was happening. Turns out she got so scared from doing a mini-game in The Letter which a ghost-like creature was out to get you and you had to keep tapping a key to escape from her clutches. Now we can laugh about it. It was a good game, but yeah, that was a long time ago. This is NOW: The door opened and the guy walked through it, then closed it with a loud thud.… Read more

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Youtubers Chapter 1 (no sex yet)


Title: YouTubers Rating: pg13 to NC17 Summary: The Daily life of YouTubers all living together in one house. "Hey guys what's going on this is Cynical and today for you guys I have some Kingdom Hearts 3 news and gossip. The gummiship from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 is going to make a return in Kingdom Hearts 3." "Hey, Jan, you haven't forgotten right? You are going to react to Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 18 Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen with me, right?" was asked right in between with "Hey, Jan, how are you doing with A Court of Wings and Ruin?" by friends Adam and Christine. "Wouldn't… Read more

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Survivor: A Friendly Lesbian Wager

Lesbian SexCelebrities

Season 11 of Survivor had plenty of excitement and was down to the final two. Beautiful brunettes Steph and Danni managed to outwit, outplay and outlast the others for a shot at the million dollar prize. Danni outlasted Steph in the final immunity challenge, and her alliance with Rafe all but sealed the tanned beauty’s fate. But Stephenie shed a few tears with a lame sob story, and Rafe fell for it, telling Danni she didn’t have to honor their pact. Danni followed through and voted Rafe out, taking her main rival to the final j… Read more

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Bad Girl needs a friend ... or fifty (Hayley'

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Hayley arched her back, hands behind her, staring up at the ceiling. She held the pose for a few moments before bringing her hands to her hips, sitting up on her knees. "Good," the voice said from above her. A hand pushed slightly on her back, "now let's work that back side." He guided Hayley down, her hands on the ground with her ass up in the air, "That's it." Hayley glanced up at the yoga instructor. She sighed when he moved away from her and to the person in front of her. She had taken up yoga because she wanted to g… Read more

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Summer Sapphira Bundie 2,

CelebritiesHardcoreGroup Sex

We meet at a Target in San Jose, Ca we're both just 2 nerdy adults checking out the toys in the ailse, and I say. "Wait a minute hold up, aren't you BBW Plus size model /legend Sapphire?" You say yeah but fuck all that, aren't you hiphop/R&B God John E. Willis aka JohnVeNOM." I say "Why yes I am, I can't believe you really exist, its like seeing you in photos and scenes in XL Girls Magazine and on the internet, but to now see you in Reality makes it all make since "Yeah but bruh, I feel the same about you, like reading your poetry on i.g. following you on twitter, and listening to your mus… Read more

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a flash just as he discharged into me, and we both let out with a yell and rocked and rolled in simultaneous orgasm. He rolled off and lay down next to me, spent. “Goddamn!” was all he said. “Boy, I think you’re about to kill me with that thing of yours,” I said. His hand was resting on my leg so I grabbed his hand and held it. We didn’t say anything for a while. Then I rolled over onto my belly and said, “Okay. Now do my back.” He knelt beside me and poured some oil on my back, rubbing it into my shoulders and arms and gradually down my back. He moved to my legs and stroked the back of… Read more

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Fuck the Police


My partner, Lee, was assigned to me when I joined the force six months ago. Late thirties and muscular, Lee was definitely the right guy to be teamed up with as a rookie. He taught me the useful tips and tricks you don't learn at the academy, the stuff that actually helps you out on the street. And while he has no plans to trade his seat in the patrol car for one behind a desk, he knows how "the system" works and has been eager to tell me how to plan ahead for my future career. Though buttering up to your superiors and working overtime like mad gets you noticed, his real advice was that you… Read more

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I Love Being JoJo Levesque Driver


“And how are we today, Joanna?” I asked as JoJo strapped herself into the seat next to me. “Tired,” she responded, rolling her eyes at my use of her proper name. I called her JoJo as often as not, but I was about the only person that actually addressed her as Joanna. “Tell me about it,” I said, pulling out of the driveway. “You’d think they could schedule these photo shoots for a more civilized hour, like noon.” “They do, they just want you there early for makeup and wardrobe,” JoJo said, though she smiled to let me know she understood what I meant. “At least you get to stay busy posin… Read more

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That Thing That Happened... Chapter 6


That Thing That Happened That Time That's Really No Big Deal Chapter 6: In a Moment of Passion Walking along the dark, dank, unending hallway of the Scottish castle where she'd taken to living since the fall of Sunnydale, Buffy can't help but notice how much less dark and dank it seemed all of the sudden. Something about the air seemed fresher and more at ease in the place. Or maybe that was her. Whatever it was, things definitely seemed to be looking up. Buffy looked up at the ceiling as a small drop of water landed on her head and she stared up at the small crack in the cei… Read more

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B*Witched This is not an accurate portrayal of the Irish pop group B*Witched. As best we know, they are NOT lesbians, so don't get it into your head that they are. Enjoy! "Boy, that was tough" said Edele Lynch of the girl group B*Witched as she and her bandmates came off the stage following their Dublin gig. "Look at me! I'm absolutely dripping with sweat!" exclaimed her twin s!ster Keavy. "Well, strip off and get in the jacuzzi then" commented Sinead off-handedly. "D'ya mind if I join you?" said Edele. "No, not at all, I'd love it!" As the two s!sters disappeared off to t… Read more

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BTVS: DAWN'S CONFUSION PART 1 A young teenager closed her door and jumped on her bed. Reaching over, she pulled her journal from a bedside table. Still laying across the bed she opened the journal and retrieved the pen laying inside and commenced writing. 'I Dawn Summers, am admitting that I have no idea what to do. Things have changed as of late. Feelings have escalated and are out of my control. What started out as an educational/informal question and experiment has turned into an unexpected lust. But is it lust or love? What is love? Am I too young to know what love truly is? May… Read more

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Kim Possible/Victorious: Shade Shego was tired of her life the whole world domination thing. She had saved up a lot of money and moved out of Drakken's lair and moved to Hollywood. She didn't have any friends or anyone to help her. She hated being alone and when your different it is what happens. Shego decided that this time around it wouldn't be that way. She looked through the local papers and found an 'I hate' group hosted by Jade West. All they do is sit around and talk about what they hate. She could do that she hated a lot of things. When she arrived in the room of fellow hat… Read more

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