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Masked Sucking

AnalFetishGay Male

So, there I was,over at the car park at Kilbirnie Loch,on my knees,wearing my red latex head mask,black pvc mini dress and my favourite black patent knee high lace up boots,oh and my tight short black pvc gloves. The hook up guy I had arranged to meet there was in front of me with his hard cock in his hand and rubbing his cock head all over my rubber covered face,smearing his pre cum onto my mask,felt so good,feeling his hard but soft cock head rubbing on my face. It was just after midnight and it was a very dark night,he pushed his cock head into my mouth and as deep as he could get into my m… Read more

Posted by ayrshirebootboy 2 days ago 2 3,433 86%

A fun night with my GF

Lesbian SexFetish

Like every Friday night lately me and GF come home from the bar where we had several drinks and chats with some friends of ours. As I close and lock the front door my GF (who's already quite tipsy by now) immediatly walks to the fridge to get some more drinks. I shout that I'll be in the bedroom and to bring a glass for me as well. As we watch some television and drink our glass of wine on the bed me and gf already start to stroke eachothers legs and giggle to each other. It's already been like a week since we last did sex together, and every friday the urge to enjoy each other ish at it's… Read more

Posted by Darxie 2 days ago 6,251 79%

the neighbor guy


I was sitting around the house relaxing and had on my sissy outfit like most of the time. I had on red nylons this time along with red and black garter belt black open cup bra and black 6” high heel sandals. I was just kind of sitting at the computer and was looking at pictures and videos. I was getting horny and started to play with my nipples and stroke my cock a little. I did not notice at first but I had the curtains open and the neighbor was outside in his back yard doing yard work. He was younger then me and was nice as I had met him a few times but got the impression that he was gay bec… Read more

Posted by crossdresser55 2 days ago 5,866 90%

A Milking Farm Hypno Fantasy


I awaken. I feel different. Confused. Not quite sure where I am. As I come to my senses, I realize I am bound. I am lying down with my hands and feet shackled in metal restraints. I try to look around only to see my entire body covered in tight black latex. My cock is the only thing exposed. As I move my head around looking for someone, something to make sense… I realize my head too… is covered in a latex mask. The room I am in is dark, unable to see anything outside of 10 feet away, after that, darkness. Is it even a room at all? A bright, white light shines down on my from above. I catch th… Read more

Posted by timeline852456 2 days ago 1 3,468 57%

Serving Kat 2


It had been 3 days since my encounter with Kat and my balls were aching for release. I was finding it more and more difficult to disguise how uncomfortable it was. So when I realised I had another delivery for her office, I was both nervous, as to what would happen when I got there, and hopeful that I could finally free my aching cock. A few hours later, I found myself outside Kat's office door. With slight trepidation, I opened the door. Jess was sat at her desk, but there was no sign of Kat. ' Morning Jess. Is Kat not here today?' I asked, trying to hide my disappointment. 'Yes she is' r… Read more

Posted by Loverofcolour 2 days ago 1,195 67%

Wicked step-mother - part 10

Group SexLesbian SexFetish

However Ella had planned to spend the night ending up in a foursome that included one of her old school friend and her former art teacher would not have been an option. That they were as liberal sexually as herself was a pleasant surprise. At one point Lazlo had been fucking her whilst eating Meghan (her former teacher) pussy. Olivia meantime was having her pussy eaten by Meghan and the two girls on top were having an enthusiastic snog. It was with some reluctance that she parted from them but she really had to get home as her boyfriend Crispin had been involved with what sound like some rath… Read more

Posted by amadeus281 2 days ago 762 100%

Our little game with panties part 2


So if you read the first part you would know that up to the point I had proven to my wife that most men love sniffing a woman's panties and pleasuring themselves to them. We had already narrowed down at least two of our friends who (when given the opportunity) helped themselves to some fun with her sweet pussy smells. And she had begun setting little traps for other guys, such as repairmen, installers, even in-laws on family vacations. She really seemed to be hooked on the idea of other men sniffing her panties, and would fuck me like crazy imagining what they are doing alone while they thin… Read more

Posted by Chatfun77 2 days ago 1,905 91%

A Beautiful Wife


To tell a little bit about myself, I'm Phil, a regular guy with a regular job with a regular salary and I live in a regular house with a regular mortgage. The only irregular thing about my life is my wife. She is the most beautiful woman I've laid my eyes on. And it's not just me that says so. There wouldn't be a person I know that hasn't at some stage commented on how the hell did she end up with me? They're not being cruel. I'm a nice guy. Saying that isn't putting me down, it's pulling her up. She could be a model, a pop-star, an actor, or at the very least on the arm of one of those. Bu… Read more

Posted by altaff143 2 days ago 2 3,477 86%

Picking up hitch hikers


Hi All as always thank you for wanting to read my post you all make me feel so fem and slutty when you do. Anyway, the other day I was driving to the mall. It was cold and raining a little out so I was wearing my skinny jeans but the thick 6 garter straps of the garter belt I was wearing where clearly visible pushing up from under my jeans. Diving down the main 2 lane road out of town there was a guy hitching he had a pack pack clearly a hiker. I felt sorry for him standing in the rain and cold so I pulled over. He ran to the SUV opened the door. I told him to put his back pack in the back s… Read more

Posted by MichelleSissy14 2 days ago 4 2,742 100%

Grandpa's Treat Part 3


It was a new day and I did all my morning chores before settling down to read the paper, the summer heatwave was kicking in and I was too hot in just a small pair of shorts. I was thinking about what I could get Mary to do today on her visit, Cleaning I thought, there is a bit of dusting that needs doing which should keep her busy and provide me with some eye candy. It was Mid-day when the doorbell went and as I opened it I saw Mrs Duff, looking even more beautiful than yesterday, Mary was there dressed in just a tee short and shorts, it didn’t look like she was wearing a bra either and also t… Read more

Posted by britguy 2 days ago 7 3,364 100%

The Old Lady


There's this older lady in my neighborhood and she is impressive, 79 years old and walks 3 miles at a quick pace twice a day. Now add to that the fact that she's always wearing an ankle length skirt. To talk with her, you learn the thought processes have slowed a bit with age, but she's a "wrinkler" that is fit physically. I noticed that every time she walks the neighborhood, it aligns with when my wife is either napping or not at home. I took advantage of this timing to stand in front of my large picture window naked, stroke it till it was engorged, just in time for her to walk by. She alway… Read more

Posted by KY_Traveler65 2 days ago 6 4,506 9%

The Hit Men Meet the Demon Queen


The Hit Men Meet the Demon Queen By Denuded Man-berries It is early evening and a man in his thirties is walking down a trail in the woods. He is wearing jeans and a denim jacket with a white t-shirt and combat boots. He is puffing a pipe full of cannibus and seems to be heading somewhere specific. He stops at a fork in the trail and sees a broken branch on a sapling, takes a breath, and looks around. Down the trail two men are coming from the other direction; one heavy set, the other thinner. They look angry and tough. “Do you think he came this way?” The other responds, “Had to..”… Read more

Posted by Slave_ling 3 days ago 313

2 Couples and a rainy evening


The festival was coming to an end and the four of us were stumbling to our tent to call it a night. We weren’t drunk but we had been drinking quite a few beers so the road to the camping area seemed a bit longer than it supposed to be. My boyfriend and I agreed to go to a music festival together with a befriended couple who were actually a couple of years older than us. I was 28, my boyfriend was 32 and they were 46 and 45 years old. We quite liked them, not only as friends but also in a sexual way. The boyfriend and I admitted being attracted to them one evening when we were talking about our… Read more

Posted by Mienotaur 3 days ago 3 2,805 86%

Washing machine broken pt2


I thought it was horny to see that man smelling my panties, it gave me a warm feeling inside. as I watched it all through the opening of the door, I began to caress myself. I grabbed my breasts and started rubbing between my legs. I felt my nipples getting harder through my blouse. he was so enjoying my worn panties, he made a sort of growling sound. His hand disappeared into his pants. I lifted my skirt a little and felt how the panties that I now wore became wetter. I pulled it aside and started rubbing my clit with my middle finger. This gave me so much pleasure that I gave a little moan. I… Read more

Posted by Tiffie93 3 days ago 2 1,545 86%



She stands there before him naked, toes curling and flexing nervously. Hands by her side fingers aimlessly tapping her thighs as she waits. Biting her bottom lip, anxious that he likes what he sees. Hair tousled and messy cascading down her shoulders, resting lightly on her breasts, gently caressing her skin with the soft movement of her breathing. He sits there watching intently, drinking in the scene before him. Watching her soft delicate toes as the wriggle, over her legs, watching her soft thighs gently, almost imperceptibly glide over one another as she stands. Following the shape of h… Read more

Posted by toess10 3 days ago 2 475 100%

First time I touched a cock

FetishTabooGay Male

I definitely don't consider myself gay. In fact, I wouldn't even say I am bi. So you may be wondering, then how the hell did I end up touching a cock. Let me start by explaining what gets me off. I love women, specifically I love my wife's naked body. When I jerk off, or get off, I am always thinking about a woman, or with a woman. Over time, getting off to pictures of my wife naked, and sniffing her panties, led me to think about other's enjoying her. I started to picture guys jerking to her pictures, which led to fantasizing about her fucking other guys in front of me. Again, the guy is no… Read more

Posted by Chatfun77 3 days ago 7 4,568 95%

Shopping in leather and boots gets us horny


This is a story of one of our leather and boot fucking sessions. We was heading out for the weekly food shop and as the winter weather is beginning to settle in, I can push a little more for her to wear her leather jackets and boots more often. So she asked me what it was like outside, “Bloody cold and wet” I said, “so gonna need to wrap up a bit” “Ok babe. Grab me something to wear then.” She said, knowing full well what I was going to suggest. So I pulled out her tan leather jacket and her light brown high heeled leather boots. “Good choice babe” She said rather excitedly. Off we went an… Read more

Posted by tenaciousmark 3 days ago 1 340 100%

Buddy's wife


Back when we were younger and partying like we were, some friends met us at a lake house. It was another couple, and they came to spend the day with my wife and I. They showed up having already drank a bit, and after a few hours of drinking in the sun, we were all pretty wrecked. We continued the party out on the lake drinking in a boat as the sun beat down on us. A of a sudden a rain storm came out of nowhere and the four of us where soaked through. Good thing we had all been in bathing suits. But the rain was enough to make us head back to the house. As we got off the boat, the first thing… Read more

Posted by Chatfun77 3 days ago 5 5,379 100%

Lady Imura

FetishHardcoreFirst Time

Written by artist: Fudgepops. "Men... Tell me, am I not the most wondrous thing you've ever seen?" There was a loud cheer of approval. She was. "Am I not perfection made flesh?" Again they agreed. "Am I not the heavenly vessel of divine providence? The embodiment of heavenly will?" She was, at least to them "Am I not the biggest thing you've ever seen?" Lady Imura, Shogun of the Daigo prefecture, was truly vast. She half lay propped in the rear of her heavily customized war wagon, parading in front of her troops. She wore thick, heavy armour with it’s overlapping plates covering her bo… Read more

Posted by SwollenLove 3 days ago 316

Italian daddies...

FetishGay MaleGroup Sex

It was a cool April evening. In my late teens and just ready to graduate high school, I had already made up my mind that I would be spending my life providing sexual pleasure to men rather than screwing women and having k**s. I was drawn to older, mature men since I was just about seven years old. I had this strange fascination about watching men urinate. This fascination became a pure obsession, gravitating to men's rooms in restaurants, service stations, parks and specially the nearby bowling alley. During the evening a couple times a week, the alley was filled with league bowlers who wer… Read more

Posted by horny4oldmen 3 days ago 2 1,688 100%
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