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Jamie and her father

First TimeTaboo

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My Confession

TabooFirst TimeMature

my husband is 33. I am now 57 This all happened over 20 years ago or so. I was young. My ex-husband wanted to try something new in the bed. He blindfolded me. He tied each of my limbs to the four bed posts. and started playing with me sexually after a while he said he be right back. A few moments passed he returned and put headphones on my head and played some music from a cd player. I can recall him sucking on my breasts. kissing my body then he started to finger my pussy. I was the wettest I had ever been since maybe the first time I had ever been eaten out when I was younger. I was having a… Read more

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Aunt Amanda's footjob

FetishMatureFirst Time

Jerry is a 24 year old guy. He have had a foot fetish all of his life. He have always found his Aunt Amanda's feet to be exceptionally sexy. She is in 42's but looks to be mid 35's, a COMPLETE MILF! She's 5'7, average sized body, always well dressed and pampered. She's kind of a flirt as well and feeds into him obsession with her sexy feet. He went to visit her one weekend at her house to stay for a few days. She came into the living room where he was hanging out, watching TV. "ouhhh my feet,all that walking hmmm, I need to get off my feet." "Is there anything you need?" Jerry asked. "maybe… Read more

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First TimeGroup SexSex Humor

      "I'm sure you recognize this," Marla said, setting a small bottle of a popular feminine hygiene douche on her desk.       On my return to her office after my very first time with a client, I'd mentioned how dry I'd been, how painful the sex was while the first exuberant thrusts were filling and stretching my pussy before I'd produced enough of my naural lubricant. Later that week a client hadn't even given me the time to take my bra off before pinning me to the wall with… Read more

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After Two Weeks Wilderness Camping! (True Adventur

First TimeSex Humor

After Two Weeks Wilderness Camping! (True Adventure) These event happened some twenty five years ago. I’ve changed names to protect two accommodating women. To be even more cautious I will only say that this happened somewhere in Northern Europe. Two weeks living out of a rucksack, supplemented only by foraging is demanding. To make the situation more difficult I’m alone. My best mate got sick or sense just before departure. Single, 6 feet tall and at 24 my body is lean and fit. 15 plus miles between pitching my tent, if I could be bothered, has me in peak physical fitness. I’ve been e… Read more

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My life as a cross dresser 7TRUE STORY

Gay MaleShemalesFirst Time

About half hour went by another beer was given to me and Mark I was feeling a little tippsy , the conversation had been really exciting , John had been asking me questions about my sex with Mark and wearing knickers, He asked did I wear my sister's or mum's underwear , my shyness was disappearing with the beer Both mine and marks cocks was still sticky and leaking, he told me to lick marks cock and balls clean, I knelt on the floor between marks legs his cock was soft , I held it to my face and started sucking, John moved to the sofa where I had been sitting, no Chris , lick it like a ice cr… Read more

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Hubby’s colleague Fucked me Hard

Group SexHardcoreFirst Time

My name is Amulya and i am a young indian housewif. I have been told that i have a very sexy body. My husband loves to display my legs and my shapely boobs to his friends and in public. I am deeply in love with my husband. Like a good indian wife, i very rarely have the courage to disobey him. My hubby knows my weakness very well and freely takes advantage of the situation. We have only been married for a couple of years, and i have always been a de… Read more

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My Driver Made Me A Slut

HardcoreInterracial SexFirst Time

My name is Amulya and I am 24 years old, originally from Banglre and currently working in Mumbai. The story that I am about to share with you is an true incident that happened 5 years back when I was 18, in college and staying at my aunt’s place with one of my driver. I was a student in my first year of engineering and was staying at my aunt’s place initially until I could find a hostel or a… Read more

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TV Mechanic broke my husband’s trust on me

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

I look very fair & attractive; I stand 5’9” tall, which is quite a good height for Indian women and my jet black hair still drops to my waist when untied. Educated women from my community are modest & shy to speak about their physical assets or sex lives. Anantha is a caring husband & complements me in looks nicely, he is also 6 ft tall, fair & a brilliant metallurgical engineer educated from the IIT. We are staying in Bhub… Read more

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Boss Promised Me Promotion

HardcoreFirst TimeMature

I am 24 years old and my height is 5’9″ and weight is 58 kilos and my body stats are 34D-32-36 my biggest assets are my height and big boobs. I lost my virginity at my 20 years to one of my college friend, I started enjoying my sex life from my college days. I am working for a MNC company as team lead and handle a team of about 30 employees, I had joined this company 2 years ago and I was in the list of becoming Assistant Manager. We normally have client me… Read more

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Hot Honeymoon With Stranger

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

This is Amulya. So now I’ll be telling my experience I had after about 2 months of the first time I had sex with my friends . So now to the story but before going to the story I will tell about me those who have not read my previous stories. I an quiet hot and sexy girl and my stats are 32- 29- 30. My skin tone is milky white and I have milky white breasts and thighs and b… Read more

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I Screwed by Teacher For Grades

HardcoreFirst TimeBDSM

I was a little lagging in one of the subjects Shakespearean literature since I was not so good in old age English. My teacher was Mr Roy. He was a real 45 year old pervert like the ones you hear in the news. He would never miss a chance to touch a girl’s body in a crowd. He always stood by a girls in class. Most teachers and students never went even near him. He had been rumoured to have been arrested for being a prime suspect of killing his… Read more

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HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

I am Amulya .I was decent looking types. 5 ft 6 inches and slim and super fair but super dumb too. that comes free with this package, I guess.i have a sexy structure of 34-26-36 Prasu!!! my mom called again before Ireached towards my new bike. She repeated the mantra about speeding, indicator etc once again. I didn’t care much about all that. I just wanted to go the tuition class before mom would kill me with all these nonsense. I started the engine and took a U turn and blew a flying kiss to my mom and entered the main… Read more

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watchman satisfying me

HardcoreInterracial SexFirst Time

Hello! My name is Amulya and my age is 25 years, my stats are 32-37-32. I have a well maintained figure and the men of my society always admire me whenever I get out. I had many affairs during my college years but after marriage I decided to remain sober but the circumstances lead me to have an affair with my watchman and any more people. My husband is workaholic and has ve… Read more

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My Useless Husband

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

Me a very horny girl and wants a dick 24/7 in my juicy cunt and my husband can’t cope up with that and hence he accedes his defeat and let me go loose in sharing bed with others and hence I fuck other males some time with his knowledge and most of the time without his knowledge and he never minds about that. I allow him to fuck me once a month and he will be excited on that whole… Read more

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Big Black Cock In My Thirsty Pussy

HardcoreInterracial SexFirst Time

My name is Amulya. I was working as an Asstt Marketing Manager for an Export Firm in Bangalore . I was 25 years, very fair, with stunning looks and a perfect figure of 34-24-38. I possessed one of the best well rounded buttocks. Every man who would pass by me was bound to give me a back stare admiring my buttocks. Even at 25 years I had maintained my proportions through regular jogging and yoga exercises. It so happened that a huge export order was in t… Read more

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My Boyfriend’s Dad

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

I lost my virginity when I was 18 to my first boyfriend. Most of my friends had already lost theirs and I wanted to see what the big deal was. But I never really felt attractive. At 5’6″ with an athletic build, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and curvy hips, I just usually felt sort of awkward. I was a bit of a late bloomer in the tit department. I was practically flat chested most of my life and then all of the sudden they started coming in. Trust me, going from an A cup to a large C was a huge confid… Read more

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How I met Judy Chavez@2015

First TimeTabooGroup Sex

How I met Judy I was in eighth grade. I was getting myself in all kinds of sex situations, though I hadn't found the boy that I was going to give my little puss to. not yet, anyway. but I had decided that it was time for me to learn what that was like. That's how I formed it in my mind. Other girls were always going on about some boy, usually totallly unattainable, and how much they wanted his baby. Sometimes I talked like that, too,but that's only because I wanted other k**s to talk to me and I didn't want to be so socially isolated every minute of school, every day. But I never really tho… Read more

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Pondside Fun...

MasturbationFirst Time

...secluded nudity for the nervous. Back in the heady days of my late teens I started to date girls. My first date was a girl I knew from church. She was always neatly dressed and owned a fairly flat-chest a 34A IIRC. She was due to 'go up' to college so the warm summer days that year encouraged us to spend time naked outside. Not long enough to get tanned but enough time to be clothes free. My penis was always erect at these times so it became easy for her to reach down when we kissed and play with my erection. Never really embarrassed me to be erect so easily. To be honest she LOVED the c… Read more

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My amazing sister Melissa part 3

First TimeTaboo

HOW THINKS STARTED TO GET REAL BETWEEN ME AND MY SISTER MELISSA part 3 Wow me and Melissa have been masturbating,in front of each other for one year now and we both fucking love the fucking buzz of it, but today Melissa wanted more!!!, shaun i want to give your amazing monster cock a blowjob!!!. I want to taste your cum, down my throat baby, please shaun, god knows how much i wanna do it, have wanted to do this for a while now shaun. Before i said anything, her lips were kissing the lobe of my ear, my cock was already in Melissa hands and she moaned, I'll do it really good shaun can i??. I… Read more

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