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Cousine Heikes Besuch Teil 3

First TimeTaboo

Ach du scheisse, denke ich. Was hat dich nur geritten deinen Schwanz nicht rauszuziehen, warum musstest du ihr reinspritzen? Ich war schockiert, aber irgendwie machte mich die Vorstellung gerade in meine Cousine gespritzt zu haben auch geil. Es war schon super sie zu ficken, und mich fest an sie zu drücken als es mir kam, zu fühlen wie ich mein Sperma in sie pumpe, wie ihre Möge gezuckt hat, egal was sie gesagt hat, ihre Möse wollte besamt werden. Ich stand auf und ging langsam in richtung Badezimmer, öffnete die Türe und schaute hinein.
Heute saß auf dem WC und wischte sich sauber, sie schau… Read more

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Computerservice Teil 33

AnalFirst TimeShemales

Computerservice Teil 33 Der Rest des Tages verlief ruhig und ich war froh dass mein Schwanz sich wieder beruhigt hatte. Beim Abendessen gab mir Diana wieder einen Eiweißdrink zur Stärkung wie sie betonte. „Warum haben wir eigentlich nicht den gleichen wie im Studio“, fragte ich Diana dabei. „Der hier ist aus Japan eine besondere Lieferung für mich, stärkt besonders die Manneskraft und Ausdauer, das Ergebnis hast Du ja heute selbst erlebt“, antwortete Diana und grinste dabei. „Heute noch zwei vor zu Bett gehen, Morgenfrüh und Morgenmittag dann werden wir das Wochenende gut überstehen“, ergänzte… Read more

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T.O. Dicker Detective Agency

Sex HumorFirst Time

~new venue~ She stood in the doorway, head held high, and posture perfect, so to speak, waiting to be invited into the room. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a lovely vision would present itself to the lowly offices of the T.O. Dicker Detective agency. The cluttered little room was scarcely the size of a large walk-in closet, papers, pictures and various file folders were spread on every available flat surface. She wore a sleek, form-fitting dress, mid-length, knitted stockings covering the long luscious legs, she was a vision for sore eyes. I stepped forward, and without… Read more

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Bed and Breakfast

VoyeurTabooFirst Time

Bed and Breakfast By Wonder_Dad Story #09 I finally arranged to visit my client's private country club farm; I got a late start driving and was falling asleep at the wheel forcing me to make a stopover for the night. I happened to see a tiny almost invisible sign for a bed and breakfast just past a small town merely miles from the farm. It was a quaint two-story farmhouse, and as I drove up, I was met in the yard by a lovely woman in her early fifties. Her breasts rippled underneath the loose fitting tee shirt under her bib overalls, as she appeared on the driveway in front of me. I steppe… Read more

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My First Anal

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

This is my third story and a continuation of the previous two, so you may want to read the others first to catch up. It had been a few days since i had sucked Sirs cock in his car and i hadn’t heard anything from him, i had started to think he was no longer interested in me as i knew he always got plenty of offers from both men and women. During the days after sucking Sirs fat cock, me and my girlfriend had barely seen each other as both working, because of this there had been no sexual contact, except for a little innocent peck on the lips. I was just about to climb into bed with my girlfr… Read more

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Mummy's boy-girl

Group SexGay MaleFirst Time

Chapter 8 She was not alone - as she truend she saw them - three of the guys who had brushed past her in the bar who had each in turn touuched her breasts - now they were here in the corrider with no escape route for her. She decided heading into the ladies was her only option so she did. She closed the door and sat down in her fully petticoated satin dress thinking if it was a sheath dress then it would be easier to move away from the guys and run in. What - she sudenly heard voices - we know you're in their sissy-boy and nobody will be coming to help you we've put the out of order sign up… Read more

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My Suhagrat And First Anal Fuck

HardcoreAnalFirst Time

My age is 25. I am a beautiful slim girl having very sexy features. I am post graduate and doing Govt service. My marriage took place recently on 2nd Nov 2009. I have read many stories of this web site but after my marriage when I got real sex experience then I came to know that many stories appeared on this site are work of fiction and not real as their writers claim. I am writing below the true story of my Suhagraat. On pre-evening of my Suhagrat my Nanad… Read more

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From An Engineering Student To A ‘Whore’

Group SexFirst TimeInterracial Sex

I come from a higher middle class family. Both of my parents work for IT firms in Delhi. Since they both are engineers, they wanted me to become one too. My parents have done a wonderful job of raising me. They have always gone out of the way to fulfill my dreams. So when I asked to study my engineering from Mumbai, they happily agreed and there I was, a young 19 years old girl out in the city of Mumbai with all the freedom in the world to savour. About my body, I’m a 5.11” tall girl with a very fair complexion, with… Read more

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My Unexpected Life Partner – My Brother

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

i am 28 with a good figure of 40C-26-38. I would like to tell the story happened 10 years back. I and my brother were very close since c***dhood but there grew a gap between us due to our parent’s jobs. I stayed back in my village and my brother moved to Vizag. Now I’m in my 12th and 18 years now and attained a womanly figure of 30b-24-33 and a height of 5ft 6. Many of the boys in my colleg… Read more

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My College Teachers Fucked Me

Group SexFirst TimeAnal

basically from village near to Tumkur writng my own experience which happened in my 12th standard…let me tell you about me. I am now 25, married and housewife, husband works in Dubai and I live alone in Bangalore. But there are my relatives in the same lane where I live. I am 5.8ft tall, 65 wt, 38 36 40 is my status, do go to gym every day to maintain good structure, fair and look like very strong lady. I lost my virginity with school teachers and became their keep for the year till I complete my 12th. All three teachers f… Read more

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My first undressing on camera - led to first taste

Interracial SexFirst Time

My boyfriend has had some lucky shots with his camera a few times before lifting the blanket when I slept but this is the first time I took my clothes off knowing that a camera was rolling. It ended up with us making our first sex video together. I was so shy and uncomfortable about him wanting to film me without clothes but also turning me on in a strange way. The attention was great and also how into it he got, I tried to chicken out and pleading my case b… Read more

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True Story.My first gay experience.

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

This is a 100% true. I know everyone says "this is a true story" but this really is. Its not that farfetched either, infact its pretty hot. Something ill always think about. This goes back to high school. It was probably 2006, I was a freshman in high school and it was when AIM was still super popular. I was already pretty into weed and was always kind of a home body. I was popular but always sort of felt awkward everywhere so even on weekends i was usually at home on the internet, stoned, and looking at porn or whatever on the internet. Was on instant messenger constantly. The frequent us… Read more

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Milkmaid For My Father-in-law

FetishFirst TimeMature

Milkmaid For My Father-In-Law As my six month old son Eric nursed, I felt wetness between my legs and began rubbing my pussy. I was so horny. My husband Jon is wonderful but he is reluctant to resume our sexual activities, even though the doctor said it was okay. Now, Jon was using the excuse of not wanting to make noise while his Dad is visiting us. Being frustrated, I even kept my snatch shaved after the delivery because Jon used to love the way it felt on his face. My breast felt hard as I tucked it back in my nightgown a… Read more

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Testing Aunt V

First TimeAnalTaboo

By Blackstroker Introduction: He suspects that his Aunt V would let him, but plays it safe just in case he'd misread the signals. Testing Aunt V I’d been lusting after my sexy aunt Velma, Aunt V to us k**s in the family, my mom’s younger sister, ever since I was thirteen, after I walked in on her one day a year ago, wearing only tiny white see thru panties, during a visit to her home. The plump lump of pussy and the high round long nipple breasts that greeted my eyes that day stirred things in my young body and mind that permanently shaped my opinion of… Read more

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My Cousin Stacy..........Part I

TabooFetishFirst Time

My cousin Stacy is two years older than I. She will always have a special place in my heart because she was my first sexual experiences in my life. I am 47 now and I still think of days gone by, when I was 13 and sitting on the couch at my grandparents house next to Stacy. We were alone and had been tickling, and flirting when Stacy leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Stacy has full luscious lips. I was surprised and kind of froze. Then she leaned in again and this time plunged her tongue into my mouth. This was my first French kiss. We kissed for what seemed like forever. Stacy then took the… Read more

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MatureFirst TimeHardcore

It was early morning on a Monday I was already running late getting into the office. I knew I was going to be late so I called it and informed my office I be late. As I drove into the city where I worked I stopped and got a Danish and coffee. As I headed back onto the highway and as I got don the road some I noticed a car on the shoulder with its hood up. As I past I noticed it was an elderly woman by herself. I immediately pulled over and started backing up to her car. I got out and approached her car from the passenger side as she was parked a little to close to the road. I made my way to th… Read more

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MatureFirst TimeVoyeur

It was about 4.25 when they got to the hut, and Laurence had his jacket on, ready to lock up and go. "Hello again! Are we too late for Julie to have another look at the squirrels?"Colin asked. Laurence looked very pleased to see them. "Oh, no, come on in." he beamed. "We're glad we caught you before you locked up!" Julie said. "Yes, we've had an idea, and wondered if you'd be interested."Colinsaid. "Oh, yes, what?" Laurence asked. "Well...........er, I won't beat about the bush......we both noticed how, er, interested in Julie and her clothes you seemed to be when she was looking through the t… Read more

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Crossovers: Sarah's Story

MasturbationAnalFirst Time

I woke to the sound of the window shades being yanked opened. My eyes opened to see my roommate Lauren standing in the light of the open window with a big smile on her face. My name is Sarah, I'm 18 years old, and living away from home for the first time. I come from a small town and have never been much of a party girl, so it was cool to get such a great roommate for my freshmen semester at college. Lauren is a very pretty girl with long, curly, red hair and her fair skin is covered in little freckles. She dresses much more risqué than I do and has had a lot more experience with boys and dati… Read more

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the parcel part three

BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

Before i did anything else i said you must have a safe word & the word would be RED , she nodded , but i asked her to say it out loud & in doing so understand what it meant & that everything would stop , if she uttered anything else like saying stop she would be ignored again i ask her if she understood & rather than just nod her head, say again that she understood, she said yes sir , i swear the way she said sir made my cock grow harder , So i stood directly behind her telling her not to move , actually saying don't you fucking dare move , Understood ? yes sir was her immedia… Read more

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My sexual debut with a mature woman

First TimeMature

Although my visits to the Adult Theatre gave me many ideas of what having sex would be like, I still hadn’t had my sexual debut at that time. I was around 15 years old and seeing the French and American porn movies and wanking away in the dark gave me many ideas. But I was still too shy to do something about it. But I had a good friend, Poul that I visited often and of course we discussed sex and girls, but he was equally shy as me. Luckily for me his aunt often came in the house. She was around 35 years old with brown long hair and a really sexy body. She had great tits with large nipples tha… Read more

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