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You wanted to Suck a Cock Gay PT1

Although I was a happily married straight guy, with a nice car and a good job I spent far too many hours looking at pornography on the internet. I don’t know why but I was always attracted to the BDSM type of websites and would download image after image of people helplessly tied up in various different types of bondage.

One night, while surfing the net I stumbled across a Female Domination site that dealt with ‘f***ed’ feminization. Instantly I was hooked. The idea of a respectable, straight male being f***ed into female attire and made to perform sexually with another male turned me on mo... Continue»
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You wanted to Suck a Cock Gay PT2

Three weeks had passed since my fateful meeting with Steve, and as yet, despite his threat, I had heard nothing more from him. Since the encounter my sex life with my wife had actually improved and I was fucking her more often than ever before. Although I think this was a vain attempt to regain my heterosexuality my mind kept going back to the events of that night and I still found myself masturbating to images of transvestites and gay sex.

Close up images of large, hard cocks made me remember how much I had actually enjoyed sucking one myself and I would instantly get hard when I remember... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 19

Cockatoo Part 19

Nikkie Silk

I froze in the open door watching Nin and Shane fucking each other on
the bed. Nin had her back to me and Shane’s hands were on her breasts as
he drove upwards into her. They were both grunting loudly and I could
see the sweat shining on both their bodies from the effort. Nin arched
her back as she squatted over Shane taking him deep inside her. She
threw her head back and groaned loudly as she slammed down onto him
thrusting up at her. Shane yelled, ‘I'm going to cum.’ which snapped me
out of my daze.

I didn't think Shane had seen me, His mind ... Continue»
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Life changing first anal as a sissy slave

This is about my first time as a submissive sissy with another crossdresser. This was also was also my first anal with a real cock...which happened to be 8+ inches long, thick and as I figured out later also on viagra.
At that time I was cross dressing occasionally wearing stockings and knickers. I had only sucked cock twice
and although I had played with toys I never had a real cock in me., it was something that was scary to me but at the same time I was craving it.
So one night I was online talking to another crossdresser, we chatted for ages and the conversation was getting more and m... Continue»
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On the train

I jump on the train back home as every Friday night. It's quite empty, in my carriage there must be less than 5 people.The seat next to me is empty as the one in front of me.
After a few stations the train gets even more empty. I have a look around and I am alone in the carriage. Very well, I am pretty tired and I can fall asl**p.

I am woken up by the sudden stop of the train. I notice a man on the platform, tall, brown skin, clean shaved face. He wears a black old t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. He jumps on the train and I hear the door of my carriage opening, he walks along the corridor... Continue»
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Down the Rabbit Hole Pt.1

Down the Rabbit Hole Pt.1

I had been living with my new roommate, Ryan, for about 3 months. We didn’t really have much in common, he being a 6’ 1” blonde, stocky muscly rugby player and apparently a babe magnet by the sounds I heard coming from his room on a Friday and Saturday night, and me being a 5’ 10” skinny geeky brunette lad who had been with girls but hadn't had much luck lately. We didn’t really talk much, didn't have much in common and pretty much kept to ourselves. All that was to change though one Saturday night.

Ryan had left the house about 7:30pm. He was going for drinks with... Continue»
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Loser Has to Suck Winner's Cock Gay

I had just turned 21 and my neighbor, Tony was 3 years older than me but we were both living at home and going to college. He was in great shape with long hair and rugged, handsome features.

One hot summer day there didn't seem to be anyone around the neighborhood, so I went to see what Tony was up to. His house was quiet and dark with no cars in the driveway. I knocked twice and was about to turn and go when he answered the door. He was dressed like me in shorts and a T-shirt. He explained no one else was home and he was down in the basement watching TV and asked if I wanted to come in a... Continue»
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The Leather Party, Sir and boy

Clay came up to me and asked if I thought going to the party was okay... "I didn't know! I didn't know the guys and we had just met Danny. However, Danny had just bought Clay a neoprene Harness, arm Bands and jock, so I thought he would help care for him. I told Clay to stick with Danny/me.

As it turned out, Danny put a chain around Clay's neck with a lock on it, so that it was clear he belonged to Danny. While it was a little overstated, Clay liked the care, but was excited to go.
He also looked perfectly hot in his gear, which he wore from the store to the the guy's house and then onto t... Continue»
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Fun in The Hay Loft

Fun in the Hay Loft
By Tuggatom

It had been one of those long, hot days on the combine and, as the light began to fade, we decided to call the teams in for the night and start again in the morning. I had two trailers collecting and taking grain to the store and when the message went out I notices Dave and Tony head off the field quickly and back towards the yard. I jumped down out of the cab, locked up, got into my pick-up and headed for home.

It was a good 10 minutes drive along the tracks to get back to the yard and as I approached I notices Dave and Tony heading into the hay loft. Cu... Continue»
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Indiscretion Cock Choke

Jay and I were still members of the church and we always attended mandatory gatherings, but our new friend Lee would have a problem joining because he wanted to wear lingerie.....and he really didn't want to be in such a big group anyway. I decided to turn my basement into our private mini-temple where we could spend hours in worship. It was already pretty much decorated, so we just added some awesome Cock pictures, a small statue of Priapus, more candles, s**ttered pillows and a mattress. I fixed the basement door going outside so we could go in and out from the back yard and draw less attent... Continue»
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Early days of fun

I’ve been trying to remember how it all started for me. It is all now such a long time ago, I find it hard to believe now that when I was a young teenager, it was 1973, over 45 years ago. Where has all that time gone ? I can barely credit all the things I have done and all the people I have known, and even worse, who must now be dead.

Anyway, I cannot put a date on it, but I do know what happened.

I was in my room, as usual, and probably playing with myself, as usual. My mum shouted up the stairs to me that Steve was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. My school friend Steve, to be hones... Continue»
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Pleasures on Washington Street--Part Two

Lunchtime at the Pleasures on Washington Street usually presents the hottest opportunities for steamy, hard sex, so I dropped in today to see what might be going on. I paid my fee, signing the bottom of my receipt with a promise that I would not engage in any overt sexual activity—Ha! Once back in the arcade, I passed a few guys hanging around in the dark while I went to the back to check out the large booths. All three had their doors closed, so I began to look for other action.

One guy leered at me and then groped my ass as I passed. So I backed into him and proceeded to grind myself a... Continue»
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Cum Over and I'll Swallow Your Load...

"Are you the guy from Craigslist?" he asked.

"Yes Sir," I replied.

"Funny, I didn't recognize you in clothes and not down on your knees," he chuckled.

That broke the ice and we chatted for a few minutes.

"So do you do this often?" he asked.

"I wish I did it more often," I admitted. "But I'm pretty new to this. And nervous as hell."

"I understand," he replied. "I've only had a couple of guys suck my cock. Not that my wife sucks me anymore, but I enjoy getting a little rough, something she would never allow me to do. Guys seem to get off on me getting rough. Do you like it rou... Continue»
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Gay beach

Nudity is nothing new to me as my parents were nudist. In fact i should say my whole house was when i was growing up. I have both an older brotger and siter. We were always naked around the home. So you would think going to a nude beach wouldnt be a problem. But it did take me a few years to get the caurage to drive up to a beach called birdie beach, this wasnt the closest nude beach to me but what i read it was the best.
I was 20years old when i headed up there on summers sunday. As i pulled up in the car park i noticed lots of cars that made me think of how busy it must be at the beach. I... Continue»
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Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me close and comforted me. I could feel his rigid cock through his jeans, it pressed in hard against my tummy. He told me there was nothing to feel foolish about. He told me I was beautiful just the way I was and how happy he was that I came over dressed up so pretty. After several minutes in his arms, I calmed down and agreed that we should clean ourselves up. We had a brief discussion about my panties and I decided I should run home, clean up, get a fresh pair of panties and I'd be right back. In the meantime he could clean himself up and get the movie ... Continue»
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I met J through an internet gay site. We had been emailing back and forth there for a few weeks. Finally, circumstances arose on an afternoon last week whereby we could meet in person. The coffee shop was crowded so we went to sit in his truck.

The conversation turned to sex pretty fast owing to each of us being horny and deprived of sex in our lack-of-sex marriages.

Our horny talk soon had boners rising in each of our pants. We sat in the front seat and groped each other for a few minutes. We had to stop when we got too close to cumming though as neither of us wanted to go home with... Continue»
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Years Between Blow Jobs

Lately I have been thinking about it a lot. It has been years but I keep fantasizing about sucking cock again. I don't remember the first time I thought about it. It's just kind of been there, lurking in the back of my mind, wondering what it would be like. This thought had been happening more and more lately. I'm not sure if it was my desire to try it that was growing, or just the influence of the internet on my mind.

I can remember having gay/curious thoughts as far back as my teens. Once after my High School girlfriend went down on me, I found myself thinking about what she was experien... Continue»
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Helping a young guy out of the rain

I had a couple of days off work, wife had gone to work and my son had gone to school so I had the house to myself. I thought to myself that the sooner I get the chores done then the sooner I can do whatever I liked. So I spent the first hour of my day cleaning and tidying up. The next hour or so I spent in the garden as the weather at this point was decent. The weather then took a turn for the worst so I gave up on the garden and went inside. I turned on my xbox and loaded a game up. I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to play for a bit. I looked out of the window and it was pouring down. ... Continue»
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Another White Boy Converted Gay

I had been really looking forward to this evening. About a week earlier I had got an email from this guy on an adult website. He lived pretty close to me, and was also interested in meeting up with a like minded individual for some no strings attached ass fucking. Well, this was what I was into, so I replied and agreed to meet up. Over the next few days we exchanged details, he was a South African who had come over here several years ago and he worked for the local council. He was actually gay, but was definitely a top, and enjoyed ploughing into other men's assholes. Again, this suited me per... Continue»
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Dad Turns Me

Everyone in this story is over 18.

Hi world my name is Jeff Steele and I’m 24 year old, right now I’m going to tell how my 44 year old dad Paul started fucking me.

Wednesday 11:45pm

It all started on today we came home late from watching a Manchester Titans vs Newcastle Vikings game.

11:45pm me and my dad got home trying to be quite because mum Ann and s****r Lucy would be a sl**p.

“God damn traffic, why do people drive slows” Paul said.

“It not there fault dad, someone lost the car while driving and it could have been us” I said.

“I know son, sorry but we could have been home sooner” P... Continue»
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