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The first night with the Doctor and friends.

AnalBDSMGay Male

So we get back to the doctors home and office. We walk in and I am told to strip completely naked. He walks me into a bondage room and puts restraints on my ankles and wrists. He again tells me to bend over and proceeds to warm my ass up again he said it gets harder from here. He left me crying as other guests start arriving. A couple guests suggested giving me something to cry about. After about 30 minutes everyone was there and they came into the room. I was made to confess my sins of following and watching the Dr. I confessed, the Dr then brought a ball gag to me and said open your mouth. I… Read more

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Serving the doctor

AnalBDSMGay Male

This is how it all started. This all started shortly after I turned 18. I had worked while growing up and bought my first new truck right after high school. I did landscaping during those years and was good at it. About 6 months after I turned 18 I came home to find a new lock on the house. After my asshole dad got home he let me have my tools and clothes and that was it, couldn't even take my bed. That was the last day I saw my parents. I had rented a construction yard and I lived there for a while in my little office trailer. My parents used to take me to a Dr who I knew was gay, my d… Read more

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Rent Free But I Have Too Do? Gay

Gay MaleFetish

I am going to write about my first experience during the most sexual year of my life. I was out of control that year but really loved being dominated by men and lived with an older guy who had a girlfriend. It was summer and I was going to be a junior in college and most of my friends had already graduated so I desperately needed a roommate to split my apartment costs. A friend of my ex roommate also needed a place to stay so we agreed to rent a place together. Bob was not a student but worked in town as a manager at a local retail store and he was 28 years-old compared to me who was 20 at the… Read more

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The Trouble with Orgies

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

It has been years since I have been to a real orgy. By orgy I meant not just a standard threesome, but an orgy with 10 or so men. Orgies can be hot. Everyone goes there knowing full well there will be a lot of fucking and sucking, but it is often hard to get guys relaxed enough to get it started. The last one I went to, guys were standing around shoe-less, but dressed and wearing socks when I arrived. As we were drinking beers to relax, all those guys of all ages, shapes, and sizes whose naked bodies I had yet to see, touch, or taste, gave me that semi-erect feel of extreme excitement. You… Read more

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don b an glendaa at drive-inn part #3

Gay MaleShemalesMature

don b asked me after our hotel if we could go to the 5 drive-inn in oakville ,ontario next saturday night , i said yes. i have always liked sex at the drive-inns and i got dressed for don b with this in my mind. i was so looking forward to some hot sex in his car . my toes were painted red and i decided to wear a garter belt and black stockings with the reinforced toe and heel and seam up the back ,red thong and high heel open toe mules, with my black and pink bra over which i wore a black see-thru blouse and my short blue skirt . my fingernails painted red and my short greyish colored wig and… Read more

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Pretending To Be Girl In A Dark Room

Gay MaleMasturbationTaboo

As I posted before in "Seduced by my best friend", I love a slow seduction. That look in someone's eyes, even mine, when it goes from disbelief, to being turned on by something they shouldn't be turned on by, to finally, full submission. That look of "this is going all the way and I'm giving in to it all". This story however, has none of that. While true, it was a strange coincidence that had me sucking a cock once more. I went to spend the night at a friends house that I went to high school with. He had 2 sisters and had also invited a couple of his other friends. We all went over to play h… Read more

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I meet Buster

FetishGay MaleInterracial Sex

The doorbell rings and when I answer, I see him and another large black man, standing to his side. They were dressed in shorts and tanks. When I opened the door, Vinny and his friend stepped inside. "Whassup Mark? This is my home boy, Brian. We all call him Buster." Vinny greeted me as we fist bumped. Vinny headed to straight to the bathroom while his friend and I became acquainted. Buster was rough looking. He was a light skinned black guy with tattoos everywhere including two full sleeves. He was all bulked up and wore a dew rag on his head. Buster stood about 6'4, weighed at least 25… Read more

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Dormant Desires Part 4

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

“yeah that’s it white boy suck that dick down good, look at how far you’ve come Eric, suck that dick boy get it nice and wet” Rich’s head tilted back in his office chair while I kneeled in front of him worshipping his cock and balls, my face shiny with saliva and my chest heaving with deep breath as I worked his head with my mouth and stroked his thick cock with my hand. It had been just over two weeks since I first sucked his cock in the car that night and this had become almost a daily occurrence for me. If I was finishing work id call him and either he would pick me up in his car or we’d m… Read more

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My Second Time FUCKED PT2

FetishGay MaleGroup Sex

How could I have let this happen? Every bit of it was my fault. I was responsible for the gag in my mouth and the handcuffs on my wrists. No doubt it was my fault that I was bent over the corner of a hotel room bed, with my legs bound tightly in opposite directions...spreading them wide. I was responsible for the school girl outfit I was currently sporting, complete with white stockings, white thong (that was currently pulled to the side), black skirt (which was currently bunched at my waist), and white shirt. It was definitely clear that I was to blame for the enormously tall black man, strok… Read more

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Whiteboi BBC Worship Guide

FetishGay MaleInterracial Sex

This guide is intended for every whiteboi out there wishing to please his black daddy or any black man bcz this is hi duty. First you should be totally naked with a butt plug in your ass and chastity device worn. Then you must approach him while crawling with your ass sticking out and your head bowing in humility. You should kneel in front of him and ask permission to look at him. Once he says ok you should look him in the eyes with the most girlish way and ask if he will let you please him. Proceed by taking off his belt and sliding his pants until they meet the floor, then kiss hi… Read more

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My Second Time FUCKED Gay

FetishGay MaleInterracial Sex

I had just been fucked for the first time. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Some stranger had just used my ass for their own pleasure. Someone had stuck their dick INSIDE me. What was I doing? What kind of slut would do something like this? I didn't even know this guy, and I agreed to meet him, and let him pound my virgin hole. Before I had made up my mind that I was going to go through with this...I had convinced myself this would be a one time thing. I would live out my fantasy of being controlled and fucked, and call it quits. I had more fantasies...but they were all so freaky, an… Read more

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My life as a cross dresser 4 TRUE STORY

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

I kept the knickers for a number of years, as a trophy, I couldn't tell you how many times I used those knickers while masturbating, thinking back, over what I saw that night still makes me feel horny Mark sort of got things sorted out with Linda, our friendship got closer, we wanked or sucked each other off on a daily basis, either in the woods or in one of our house's, if no one else was home, Mark had told me he wasn't the only one John had at his home, and described in great detail what John did with him and with girls as well, which always gave me the most amazing orgasms The one evenin… Read more

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Julie out on her own – Bowling Aftermath – CD/TV/T

ShemalesFetishGay Male

Julie out on her own – Bowling Aftermath – CD/TV/TS, MM So last time I wrote about how my roommate Mike hooked up with flirty Vicky at the bowling alley, how I knew about it, how Mike knew I knew, and how Vicky knew I knew, but how Vicky didn’t know that Mike knew I knew. Confused? Read last entry! Anyway, when Mike and I got home that night, we thought it was hilarious how Vicky’s horny lusts had gotten the better of her, how she’d blown Mike in the bowling alley men’s room while I watched over the stall wall, and how he’d accidentally cum a little on her blouse. Now she sort of owed me a f… Read more

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My 2nd Time

AnalHardcoreGay Male

This isn't really the story of my 2nd time. I couldn't tell you every detail of every sexual encounter I have had. Instead, this is the story of the next big step in my sexual adventures after my 1st time. I'm just calling it "My 2nd Time" because I like the naming convention :P Last time I told you all how I had finally had sex for the first time. After it was over, while we just laid on the bed for a while, “B” suggested that I could come over more often. Spring was just beginning, and his house had a big garden that nobody could see into, so I could come and do some naked sunbathing. Now y… Read more

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Show Time

Gay MaleFirst TimeGroup Sex

The local adult theater didn’t have many cars in the lot on Sunday afternoon, but that didn’t keep me from entering. I paid my $8 fee and got buzzed into the theater area where there are four different rooms. The first one shows gay flics and I that is where I headed initially. I sat in the back row right next to the entryway. That’s my favorite spot as it is somewhat hidden. When a new customer comes in, they have to turn around to see anyone sitting the seat that I chose. There were two other customers in the back row, one older man and a middle aged CD. Neither was showing anything. I sat… Read more

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AnalGay MaleTaboo

Since I was very young and was spanked if I was naughty At first I felt like crying when my bottom was slapped hard but soon I felt a thrill and my young prick would stiffen I then started to spank my boy and girl friends when we were playing I loved the thrill of pulling the young girls skirt up and start slapping her silky panty clad bottom She would squeal and beg me to stop I would caress her bottom cheeks and feel between her legs her private parts She would laugh and tell me to continue When it was my turn to get spanked by my older sis She would pull down my shorts and start sp… Read more

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Becoming Her ..... my story, Chapter 1 … confused

Gay MaleFirst Time

Becoming Her ..... my story, Chapter 1 … confused Chapter 1 … confused feelings …. Hey all, I just wanted to open my hart and talk to somebody, but I don't have anybody I could talk to freely, so I thought I could talk to you all This is my real life story … all is what I had to face in my long miserable life … no need to lie As I remember … I was a normal k**, in normal family with normal friends But there was a little thing, weird feelings... There was that boy (*), a teenager lives in my block, and goes to the same school He was the alpha; everyone likes him, every one want to be his f… Read more

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Becoming Her, Chapter 2, into the gang of gay lust

Gay MaleGroup SexHardcore

So we myself and my (NOR) spend the next day in sex, it was like I discovering a new sensations and emotion's But at the end of our trip, I can feel I become someone else, a new person The way he (NOR), treated me, care for me, even looks at me….. Everything happen last couple day's was like a living dream Next Sunday I am back to school. At the rest time I joined him with his pack or gang I was accepted in, but many of them were interesting in why me? We were agreed me & (NOR) to keep our trip as our little secret So days passed, every week end we go out and do are secret romanti… Read more

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First TimeGay MaleTaboo

Being a young gay teen I spent most of my time at home , there went many openly gay k**s in school or around my small town ,so I had very few friends and I hid the fact I was gay from them ,even my mom and sister didn't know. The 3 of us lived in a suburban development in a nice 2 story house ,the yard boarded by hedge for privacy the same as our neighbors ,every house looked the same, a few like the one next to ours had pools in there backyards. By my senior year my sister was away at college and with mom at work I was home alone most of the time and spent a lot of it watching porn sites li… Read more

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Becoming Her, Chapter 3, my femininity dawn

Gay MaleLesbian Sex

Chapter 3 … my femininity dawn Will it was inevitable, but I was confused….. All my Senses, all my thoughts, all my feelings, all those screaming in my mind Saying that I am a girl !! But my mind couldn’t understand it, everything, everyone & everything around me says am a boy I understand am gay boy but that not make me a girl Till that night …….. It wasn’t a long time in that gang, till I had bigger circles of friends, friends who share the same desires and feelings Some were boy and some where girls And in that circ… Read more

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