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Annabelle, vides couilles professionnel !

Interracial SexHardcoreVoyeur

Bonjour, je m'appelle Annabelle, j'ai 25 ans, je mesure 1m65 pour 48 kg, je suis très fine, j'ai des cheveux longs, de couleur rouge avec une mèche qui cache mon œil droit, j'ai les yeux de couleur gris clair, petite bouche avec lèvres pulpeuse, petit piercing a ma lèvre inférieure, j'ai des petits seins, et un petit cul bombé. Je travaille dans un sex-shop, et oui un boulot rêver pour une petite salope comme moi, j'y travaille en temps que vendeuse et conseillère sur les sextoy de la boutique, j'adore y travailler, ce que j'aime surtout, ce sont ses gros pervers qui viennent déguiser pour ne… Read more

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My Hot Sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My sister Sara had always been attractive to me. Throughout our c***dhood I always knew that she stood out a bit more than the rest. When this happened I was 19 and she was 18. By this point she had began to mature nicely and she had a nice plump butt that just made me crazy. She was rather petite with long blonde hair and small but not thin frame. She had these huge blue eyes that you could drown in. She had still small boobs at a 34B but she still had nice ones and they were round and perky. Her body curved in ways that I haven't seen equaled. I had some intense masturbation sessions and I h… Read more

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My stepdaughter's love overcame my scruples

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I have been with my wife Adele, for about four years. We were high school sweethearts but for one reason or another drifted apart before we became serious. Many years and a couple of failed marriages later, we found each other again and this time settled into a committed, loving relationship. Adele is an amazing woman, displaying talent as an artist, musician, housewife and mother. And lover. Her skill in the bedroom has certainly never left me disappointed and she seems to be perpetually horny. I only have to kiss her hard and she moans, often grabbing my hand to thrust it down into her panti… Read more

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— Adopted daughter heading to college

First TimeTabooHardcore

I returned home from work to find my young daughter enjoying what was quite likely her final swim in the pool before heading to college the following morning. As she swam laps in the cool water, I lingered in the cool car, watching her, still mesmerized at her skill. Four years of high school swim team competition had certainly honed her abilities, and that had definitely helped to hone her figure. Eventually, she reached one of the ladders and began to climb out of the water. She was breathing hard, her chest heaving, her breasts straining against the taut blue swimsuit, the band of rainbow… Read more

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Your Turn

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

My first had died suddenly early in our marriage. Lucky for me I married another woman and get along really well even though she is fifteen years younger than I. This has always bothered me some but even more now that we are both getting older, I am now sixty five and she just turned fifty. My wife, Susan, keeps her looks up by working out and eating healthy. Whenever we go out and I leave her alone for any mount of time there is always an attractive stranger close to her age that come up to talk to her. She always downplays it to me but I can tell by the way she looks and acts to these men th… Read more

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More from the best weekend of sex ever


I read the first story I put about this and I realized that I left quite a bit out as that was a lot to Saipan and it happened quite a while ago, about 25 years ago! There is quite a bit more that we did as it was actually about 3 days and almost three nights worth of sex, in the first story I posted I mentioned 3 days of sex but is only two of the days worth and two of the nights! I accidentally left out most of the second day and the third night! So this picks up part way through the second day. If you recall after the morning of the second day we had already fucked a few time and she had a… Read more

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my wife was away for a day or two


When My Wife was Away F/M By OTKFM When My Wife was Away As you know from my other stories, my wife spanks me. But when she was gone for a week on a business trip, I thought I wouldn't be spanked and could do anything I wanted to do. So I thought I would wait until she was due back in town before I cleaned up the house, but until then, I would live like a sloppy single bachelor again. My wife left on early Monday morning for the airport, so by Wednesday, the dirty dishes were piled in the sink and on the counters, my dirty clothes were all over the house, and the bathroom was a real mess. T… Read more

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AnalGroup SexHardcore

Well dean picked us up at 8o'clock, from Carlisle as arranged. Emma jumped in the front, me in the back, sitting in the back was an older guy I'd not meet before called Dorian, he was in is 30‘s dean explained that he was a prop in the team, but we had to drop him off on the way as he had to get home to the wife. We'd only been driving a few minutes, before i felt Dorian hand sliding up my leg, and into my thong, and without hesitation, slipped a thick rough finger into me. He told dean to pull into a lay-by up ahead by some trees as he wanted to fuck me!! We jump out of the car, and went into… Read more

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A Good Friday Fuck To Remember


All my stories are true, I really don't have the time or imagination to make this stuff up. I've had a pretty decent amount of sexual experiences but this one stayed with me, I still rub one off thinking of this particular one every once in a while, even though it was 20 years ago. She was and still is a friend of my sister, (I have fucked many of my sister's friends). I just recently moved back from the states to my parents home in PR, I had a job already lined up for me down there. A few weeks before this story happened, I had an incredible sexual experience in Old San Juan with a blonde blu… Read more

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Corina Chapter 17

First TimeHardcoreGroup Sex

I have fun with my sexy little wife and her friend!!! ENJOY IT LIKE I DID!!!! Corina let me take her nightie off and stopped me when I started to rub her very wet slit. She said I wasn't supposed to touch her pussy for a month and smiled at me. I pushed her on the bed and told her there was no way I could last a month without her pussy. I said I was not going to last the night even and she giggled up at me. I smiled at Corina and told her to just lay there a minute because I had a surprise for her. I went to the side of the bed and reached under the bed for the blindfold. I waved it a… Read more

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Corina Chapter 16

First TimeVoyeurHardcore

I watch my wife eat pussy!!!! ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!! Corina giggled and said that Traci and she were going to make us sloppy joes for dinner and I get to watch two sexy cooks work in the kitchen. I said I liked that idea and I went and took a piss. I came out and I went to watch TV and I saw Traci and Corina were in the kitchen with those short nighties with tiny panties and only high heels on. I went and stood at the table and they both broke out laughing when they saw me standing there staring at them. Two awesome butts barely covered with those tiny almost see through panties… Read more

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Corina Chapter 15

First TimeHardcore

I find out some secrets about my wife!!! ENJOY!!!! I got home from work and just as I walked into the apartment Corina called out asking me if she could go with one of the girls from work and get a couple drinks and something to eat. I didn't say anything because it was messing up what I had planned for the night after we ate. I asked her how late she was going to be and she said that Susie just needed to talk to someone a while and might be as late as eleven or so. I told her ok and I would fix something and watch TV until she got home. She told me I was an amazing husband and she lo… Read more

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Corina Chapter 13

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

More secrets!!! ENJOY!!!! Monday I got home from work and Corina was lying on the couch with just a pullover shirt on and she was reading her notebook and her legs were wide open. Once I got next to her I could see how wet and swollen her pussy was and Corina lowered the notebook and smiled at me. I reached out to touch her pussy and Corina asked me if I wanted to check her pussy for the week already. Then she giggled and told me if I did then I couldn't touch her pussy again for the rest of the week unless she told me I could. I looked at her and she said it was my rule and my game s… Read more

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Corina Chapter 14

HardcoreFirst Time

My wife is such a tease!!! Enjoy!!! Nothing really happened and then Corina told me Wednesday night that she had to work late on Thursday and every two or so weeks it happens. I never thought anything about her getting fucked by someone because this happened for a while before the game. It gave me time to check out things I was interested in getting. At lunchtime I went to a camera store and got talked into a video camera with an extra microphone and it would record onto SD cards or even to a laptop or a removable USB hard drive. I got two 64 GB cards and picked up a USB 3 GB hard dri… Read more

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Corina Chapter 11

HardcoreFirst Time

My wife is becoming the slut I always wanted!!!! ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!! Corina sat me on the foot of the bed and took off my shirt while she was smiling into my eyes. Then she wouldn't let me get up and took off my socks that were still on my feet. Corina had me stand up in front of her while she was on her knees and then slid off my pants and boxers. Then she kissed the head of my cock and told me I had a perfect dick and she loved it almost as much as me. Corina told me to sit back down so I did and she moved up on her knees in between my thighs. She took my cock with her hand… Read more

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Corina Chapter 9

First TimeInterracial SexHardcore

My little wife's pussy is fantastic!!!! ENJOY!!!! I kissed her lightly on the lips and went and got a beer. I went back over and sat across from her and told her I wasn't mad at all. I said I wasn't surprised she couldn't do it and Corina smiled at me. I got up and walked around the table and Corina stood up and I kissed her long and with a lot of passion. After that I told her I wouldn't ever bother her about it again and told her I would take her out to dinner tonight. Corina asked me if I wanted to know how her day went and I told her we could talk about it at dinner. She kissed my… Read more

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Corina Chapter 10

First TimeHardcore

Things get even wilder with my little wife!!! Enjoy it all!!!! Finally Thursday I had it figured out completely and picked up the notebook/diary after a lot of looking. It was leather covered with a real leather strap sewn to it for a real lock. I got her a new lock that had two keys and never opened the package it was in. I got a box and paper to wrap it in and wrapped it in the garage parking area. Then I went up and went inside and Corina was watching TV. Corina got up and ran to me and gave me a great kiss and told me she missed me today. Then she asked me what I had and I told he… Read more

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Corina Chapter 6

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

My wife gets drunk at a party and I finally get to watch another man fuck her!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!! After the wild show we gave the watcher Corina and I lay in bed talking for a while. Corina told me she really lost it as we had the fun. She said the feeling was that I was in control and she was completely at my mercy. Then she told me I was the most awesome stud and she told me never to change. I chuckled and Corina said it was fantastic when I fucked her like a wild man and she loved everything and it was so erotic. She said I needed to take her like a wild man… Read more

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Corina Chapter 7

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

I find out a few things and make more plans!!! Enjoy!!! I didn't sleep well at all and woke up a lot the rest of the night. I woke up the next morning and then I heard Corina say oh my god softly in the bedroom. I acted like I was sleeping and she came out and then I heard her feet slapping the floor as she walked quickly away. I heard whispering in the other bedroom and knew Corina was talking to Tom about the night before. Then I heard someone walk into the living room again and then Tom was shaking me to wake me. I acted like I was still passed out and Tom told her I was zonked. I… Read more

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A Night We Won't Forget Part 1

TabooGroup SexHardcore

Our family is a typical family. We may be a little more fortunate than some, but I consider us typical, but that all changed. Last year we were planning a trip to the lake for spring break. My wife, son, two daughters, and I were going to be spending a week at my parents' lake front home having fun in the sun with the lake as our front yard. The week we were supposed to leave, Murphy reared it's ugly head. Unfortunately, we fond out just how wrong things could go for us. My wife is an attorney and the class action lawsuit for an important client started taking a turn for the worst. So, we we h… Read more

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