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Ana acting as a stranger at the club

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After dinner that Friday night, my loving Ana told me she wanted to go out for some drinks. It was fine for me and then she suggested a new topless bar just outside town. Of course her girlfriend Helena had been there before and the slut had recommended my sexy wife to go there… On the way Ana suggested me to play a game. I would go in first and sit in a booth. She would go in later and sit at the bar where I could observe her from some distance. I went in and took up my place. The bar was pretty crowded. Few minutes later Ana walked in and I noticed that several heads turned tow… Read more

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A black gardener takes advantage on me

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Friday afternoon I came home early from my office. My loving husband was out of town; so I had a couple days for me alone at home. I had just passed the entrance door when I felt somebody behind me, but when I tried to turn my head, I received a hard knock on my back and then all went black for me… When I woke up, I found myself lying head down on a soft bed, naked, my hands and feet tied to the sides; also blindfolded, but my mouth was free. I tried to raise my head, but then I felt a sharp pain again. The knock had been too severe. I opened my mouth to shout for help, but then a violent s… Read more

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Decisions, decisions - Part 1

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Decisions, decisions - Part 1 – Interracial Sex Hi we’re Jake and Beth, both in our early 40’s, got married early, now have two grown k**s (Told you we got married early.) one of which arrived while we were still in high school. She has black hair a great figure and breast that are between a b and c cup. Always a passionate woman in bed and I just love having sex with her. After the k**s arrived I got snipped as we figured two youngsters were enough. Once you have two the parents are totally outnumbered. Around the time the k**s were about to become teenagers a couple introduced us to swi… Read more

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Decisions, Decisions - Part 2

Interracial Sex

Decisions, decisions – Part 2 – Interracial Sex Recap: After getting into swinging Jake and his wife Beth decided to start a site of their own. This would help them financially although they needed to keep up with the trends and turn out a video for their members about every month to six weeks. One constant question from members was if Beth would have more creampie endings. I usually had to explain to them that’s birth control caused her problems so she wasn’t on it. However when the timing was right she would do a creampie scene. When it wasn’t she would usually do an anal scene as t… Read more

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I love black cocks in my asshole

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Last Saturday I was home alone and very, very horny… Then I decided to go out, alone by myself. I took a shower; put some cream in my long legs and black stockings. It matched with a tiny black thong string, high stilettos and a very tight black lace mini dress. Then I completed my make-up and put some dirty perfume… Lastly, I inserted my small anal plug; I should be ready if any man wanted to fuck me in my ass… Before leaving, I decided to have some chat with men in the net. I opened a bottle of good red wine and started chatting with some guys. After I had a couple of glasses of wine, I… Read more

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Married women 3 - Anita

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Many years ago I was a board member for a sports club. We were in desperate need of a new clubhouse, and money was scarce. We had a good project, but didn’t know how to get it going, so we decided to involve the public and to sell shares. We had high expectations – but there was a lot of work to be done! I can’t tell you how many people I visited with my plans, statistics and photos. Sometimes we got commitments, sometimes excuses, but I’d say about half the time I left the people either with a signature or at least with a very good feeling. One evening I was sitting in the living-room of An… Read more

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By the time Addison got back to her apartment after her late night encounter with Sean, it was only an hour until it was time for her to get up to go to work. She decided to call in sick; in fact she told her boss she would be out for the rest of the week. Addison knew she was in no condition to work that day being so physically spent from the pounding she endured from Sean. Her legs were still shaking, and sore inside. She felt as if she ran a marathon. But more than her physical condition, Addison was more concerned about her state of mind, specifically how would she react the next time she… Read more

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A first of many kinds....

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Shari was a woman who liked to keep a meticulous schedule. Her freshman year was a busy one with a full class load and not a lot of free time to party or date men the way she was used to in high school. Every weekday night was spent doing her homework and of course weekdays, going to classes. The only free time she had was on weekends but she studied then as well but took time every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night to go to the university recreation center to swim or work out. She really enjoyed using the facility on weekend nights because hardly anyone else used them at those times. Although… Read more

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It was a couple of months after Adam’s move that Addison’s employer made a big announcement regarding a huge hire the station had made. Sean Thompson had been hired for their sports department. Sean was a sports legend in the state. He was a local player that played for the state’s biggest football team and helped them win a national championship playing wide receiver. He went on to the pros and had a great career, playing in the Super Bowl and making the Pro Bowl for four straight years. His career was unfortunately cut short due to a knee injury and immediately went to ESPN as a football ana… Read more

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how is everyone doing? hopefully everyone feels at

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hello, hey, hi, … hello. hey. hi. how are you all among yourselves doing, huh? I guess i'm okay. & hopefully everyone else is likewise feeling like so, well somewhat as I myself am at the moment if not altogether. moving right along, or on to other things as the brits, or british, or english would say. I tried to get the hook-up for television within my pad, but then something had gotten screwed up. oh don't get me wrong, i'm not into free t.v. the other way, if you know what I mean, read between the lines, &/or fill in the blanks, unless of course quite naturally you yourself, or anyb… Read more

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Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 9

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Day 9 Another new day and as always I was awake first. I got myself ready pulling up my swim shorts and looked over at Sally softly snoring lying on her side legs splayed inviting me to look at her smooth shaven pussy. The erotic sight made me catch my breath but I knew that it was going to be off-limits to me so I turned like I had done every morning and went outside to wait for her to join me on our sun loungers. With a coffee and a book I was expecting a long wait as I sat in the bright sunshine, the morning already very warm and humid. However, it seemed I had hardly started to read when… Read more

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Out of Afrika - Chapter 17

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Out of Afrika A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 17 Gerald stood at the kitchen sink and looked out of the window but did not really see anything as he daydreamed his way through the task of washing-up and cleaning after yet another very satisfactory Sunday afternoon ‘garden party’. The guests had all departed leaving him alone, just as he liked it, and he knew everyone had fun (some at his expense, he chuckled) but now with the chill of the evening having set in they had things to do elsewhere that didn’t include him which was fine; h… Read more

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Helping the Elderly Ch. 01

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"We have literally dozens of senior citizens that need some sort of assistance or another. We can use whatever help you can give us." Mrs. Collins needed volunteers desperately. The senior center was relying too heavily on the few volunteers they had already. Tracy was looking for something to do that would give her life more purpose. At forty-two years old, her two c***dren were away at college and her husband wanted her to keep her schedule open so he would rather she didn't find a job. No matter where she decided to spend her time, however, Tracy got attention. At 5'4 130 pounds, blonde wi… Read more

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One Night In Singapore

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When I first noticed her she was sitting at a table across the Club with three other ladies.  She was well dressed with what looked to be expensive jewelry, in short she was a beauty.  Her friends seemed to be sucking down drinks akin to the amounts our sponsors were. I'd talked to the waitress and she supplied me with non-alcoholic beverages that would pass muster while my companions sucked down toast after toast.  Occasionally my eyes wandered to the lady, she on one occasion was looking in my direction and I imagined I saw a spark of interest on her part in me.   Fo… Read more

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A secret between friends

Interracial SexFirst TimeGay Male

I never seen one before, my friend showing me the cylinder thing in our tent at night our mom in the rv couple of foot away he twist open the opening , with his dark hands, revealing the mouth toy he told me about earlier a nice pair of lipse in rubber i was drunk from all the rhum n coke we drank i didnt realise how wrong it was when i touch it ''its smooth'' ''yeah it is kiss it its very smooth'' and he hold it for me as i kiss it not realizing he had been fucking that toy so much and even if it was washed , i was still kissing the lipse whom he had fuck before ''you want to try it, it… Read more

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President Trump's Surprise Party. Part 6

AnalTabooInterracial Sex

President Trump's Surprise Party. Part 6 Kelly and her brother both agreed not to tell them about being related in case they refused to let Kelly be with the First Lady. Gorge knew that his sister wouldn’t say anything but he had his own reasons why he didn’t want them to know. He knew Kelly didn’t want this chance to go by but his main concern was what Melania would get her to do if she found out. He never asked his sister what she would do if Trump wanted to fuck her because he didn’t want to know. If Melania ever found out then there was no way that crazy slut wouldn’t want her husband to… Read more

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Amulya Threesome

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

The next day I woke up and found Mihir all dressed up and I was still nude in the sheets. He told me to get fresh up and I went for bath. I was thinking about yesterday, about Amar and mihir, how these two boys half of my age had abused me to my wish. I was blushing in the shower when suddenly Mihir came from behind and hugged me. I saw thrilled. His touch made me aroused. My nipples got hard. He started moving his hands all over my body. He was biting my neck from behind. I didnt turn and allow him to do all the work. H… Read more

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Teacher Aunty Gets Blackmailed Fuck Part – 3

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Hi friends how do you like my stories, well the series has not ended yet. But this is something I wanted to share with you as this happened on 12 April this year and was the first kind of thing that has ever happened to me. So I thought of writing it down. One of my old friend’s sons was getting married in Surat so I traveled by train. I had some plans of visiting the university over… Read more

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AMULYA Part 1 (The Adult Party)

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

I am sure you want to know how I look. I am 5’9, very fair (thanks to my extremely beautiful mom), with black straight shoulder length hair with brown streaks. I wear a small nose ring and have a butterfly tattoo on my back. My stats are 32C-28-28. I love wearing casuals (jeans, skirts) and thanks to mom, I have also learned to wear saree in a really sexy and seductive way. My Dad is a Director in an MNC and Mom runs her boutique and is also a stylist. The story goes a year back when Dad’s company had thr… Read more

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It been a year

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At first it was just a fantasy, I told myself i was just curious when i first watch sissy porn in my newly bought pink panty, but after only 1 week a wanted more cute panty to marturbate and feel on my small ass I was drunk wanking in my room at night back from the pub when i click the order button the picture of the toy making me drool wanting to wrap my mouth around the dark realistic cock head so much becoming so horny as i place the order, wanting it now so i could suck on it like the cute sissy in my vids the hangover the next day was awfull as i recall ordering a big black realistick… Read more

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