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The Teacher - Part 01 -Beginning-

TabooMatureInterracial Sex

Hi today i am going to tell you a story about me and my teacher, She was a small women but her tits were big comparing to her slim body. her skin was brown. eyes were black and also the hair. her tits size was dd i guess. her tits were round and perfect, her ass was round and perfect too. her age was between 25-35. One day i had to stay after school because i got in to a fight, it was around 5.30 pm, i was at school, the worse part is there was a train stick and there was no trains to go home,at that time i met the teacher and she asked me "arent you going home ?". i said "i want to but ther… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 13

Interracial Sex

Out of Afrika A fantasy created by International writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 13 The Church of The Black Staff sat on the edge of Hawksville. It had once served as a Baptist Church but with a continuing drop in attendance the church had fallen on hard times. When the elders were approached by Pastor Erasmus they eagerly accepted his most generous offer to sell the property. “It is the will of God,” the elders said as they mentally divided the profit. What the Pastor didn’t reveal to them during the course of negotiations was that he was actual… Read more

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Black Slut Academy

FetishInterracial Sex

Jean felt a little scared. It had been two years since she had started dating black men exclusively. Now her boyfriend had talked her to into taking it one step further. She was going to a school to learn about as he said "the culture." "This will complete you," Bill, her boyfriend, said. Jean's lover was a six-foot, four-inch black stud that Jean had been living with. She left her white wimp husband two years ago. What Jean especially did not miss was her ex's four-inch pecker. She blinked and put the wimp out of her mind. "I've got to focus on the next month," she thought to herself.… Read more

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Only 21 Once part 2

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

From the last part ---- Now be a good girl and show us you can handle a blow job.” I put my hands behind my back and grab the shot glass with my mouth, Rob ties my hands together as I swallow the drink. I feel the sour taste of a not fully dissolved pill hit the back of my throat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Inside I begin to panic, I’m wasted and now I’ve consumed a date-**** d**g. This night is going to be the worst night of my life. My face contorted and I wanted to go and throw up to see if that woul… Read more

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Linda's First Black Cock

Interracial SexHardcoreVoyeur

I had been visiting Linda as much as possible over the past three weeks. She had been hinting that she would like for me to move in with her, but, so far, I hadn't. The present arrangement was good enough. I would come down after eating breakfast, and a bit of rest, and it would give her time to finish off her dates from the previous night, if she had one. Usually she did. A couple of the men I worked with had come over a few times with me. Dave, from Florida, had been visiting Linda's Aunt, Hung, almost as much as I had been visiting Linda. The other man, Shakey Cave, had met Mai, and had hi… Read more

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THE SENATOR (A Lesbian Tale) - PART 2

Interracial SexLesbian SexMature

THE SENATOR – PART 2 (I am continuing for a few episodes what I started in the last story of SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales) Volume 3 which I posted a few weeks ago. That story concerned a lesbian Senator and I am repeating the initial paragraph which introduces her briefly. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you) Helen Travis, Senator Helen Travis that is, was one of the most well-known persons in the city. A women’s rights activist, the first black woman to be elected senator in the state, Helen was always in the news, giving interviews, and a favorite guest on talk shows. She was just over 60 but… Read more

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Interracial Sex

Sex with two black guys this afternoon but more cum to Oh dear I am such a dirty girl, why you may ask well over the past few weeks I have been receiving loads of text from Tyrone! where are you sexy why don't you come to the gym, Henry and me wants to see yer I was not ready to fuck anyone else until my birth control was in place come on guys I am 49 I don't want a baby though the thought was exciting I must admit having black seed latching onto my egg in y womb just the thinking of it makes me so wet. Any way I started to pack my bag and I put some ky lube that just pick up some people… Read more

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taxi drivers slut

Interracial SexGroup SexShemales

i have a strong desire to be picked up by a dirty minded taxi driver in his cab and taken to various places where he parades me as his slut to strangers in the street ..they hop in and they fuck me in the back seat as he drives ..meter running of course..and drops them back again, taking the payment which goes towards buying substances which make me want to keep fucking through the night ..any leftover cash he takes and buys me heels and skirts from seedy sex shops in the city as im left in the back seat outside hoping to be seen and propersitioned by passing strangers.. they either jump in w… Read more

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Interracial SexHardcore

The moment I saw the flashing red-and-blues in my rear-view I knew I was fucked. A black male being pulled over in his deceased uncle's pickup on a secluded road in rural Georgia... "Shit...!" I blurted out to no one as I slowed the truck and pulled to the shoulder. I cut the engine and tried to follow the officer's movements in the mirror. It was still dark out at 5:00AM. License, insurance, title papers, Uncle Jonathan's death certificate....I went through the checklist and made sure my hands were in plain-sight as the officer approached on the passenger side. "You know why I pulled you o… Read more

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My Journey to becoming a BBC Queen of Spades slut

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

This has been a long journey that has been over 2 years in the making but it was worth the wait. It started when I was able to be completely open and honest with Master and share my fantasy of being with black men and being a Queen of Spades. He was so accepting and supportive of turning my fantasy into a reality. It wasn’t a subject we discussed everyday but it was always there in the back of our minds. I knew it would happen when the time was right but I didn’t know when that would be. Occasionally we would talk about it to make sure we were confident that it was a path we both still wanted… Read more

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Dear Nicole "CoCo Chanel#1" Austin 1

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

So it starts off in Los Angeles, Ca. I’m there, working in the studio with your current husband IceT on some records and hes letting me spend the night. IceT “I love the tracks we’re working on J.V., its just I gotta run to, New York, One time and record these episodes of Law and Order:SVU, and get this bread.” I “Do you want me to come with you Ice?” Ice “Nah just let me, slide up here to N.Y. one Time. I’ll be, gone for 2 days, don’t worry though there’s plenty of food on the shelfs in the refrigerator and in the cabinets. And my wife should be coming home the same day I do, a lil earlier in… Read more

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Dear Nicole "CoCo Chanel#1" Austin 1

CelebritiesFirst TimeInterracial Sex

So it starts off in Los Angeles, Ca. I’m there, working in the y with your current husband IceT on some records and hes letting me spend the night. IceT “I love the tracks we’re working on J.V., its just I gotta run to, New York, One time and record these episodes of Law and Order:SVU, and get this bread.” I “Do you want me to come with you Ice?” Ice “Nah just let me, slide up here to N.Y. one Time. I’ll be, gone for 2 days, don’t worry though there’s plenty of food on the shelfs in the refrigerator and in the cabinets. And my wife should be coming home the same day I do, a lil earlier in the… Read more

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Role play a black guy wanted to do with my wife wh

First TimeInterracial SexMature

Though she grew up in Pittsburgh, we lived in Georgia for over 20 years and she could do a pretty good southern belle drawl.I had met a younger black guy online, he was from rural Georgia and told me this fantasy he had about my wife. He has a carpet cleaning service and said he came to our house to clean our carpets while I was at work. He says my wife greeted him at the door with a house dress on with a long full skirt, button front and could tell her bra was one of those full support ones older women wore and he could imagine the granny panties under her skirt. He says she met him at the do… Read more

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Dear Tara Eileen Garcia 1,

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

So it Starts off in Downtown San Jose, Ca. Im doing kinda bad again sort of, I mean Im dressed nice, got a couple new Tattoos, couple new gold chains, new watch, new sneakers, and I've lost some weight because I finally decided to get that Gastric bypass medical procedure. Literally went from 316lbs. To 204lbs in 10 months, and we bumb into eachother at a gas station late at night I'm just swaggin' runnin' through that mothafucka' just tryin to get some Swishers so I could blow a blunt one time on the late night creap. I guess you were hitting up the gas station right up town on Santa Clara an… Read more

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Best of Both Worlds

Interracial SexMatureShemales

The Best of Both Worlds have various definitions. For me it means a person whom is balanced, have a understanding of how men and women think and feel. Believe it or not they exist! Transgendered people, doesn't matter if they are living 2407 as a woman or a TV and part-time discrete crossdresser. As there are hetrosexuals, gays, bi-sexuals and lesbians. There is also the transgendered. They are rare, extremely discreet and even very shy...but they exist! I remember seeing documentaries about c***dren...boys whom felt more in tuned to girls and girls whom felt more in tuned to boys. Commonly… Read more

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Flashing At The Gloryhole

VoyeurFetishInterracial Sex

As always when I go to the GH it early morning 3 -5am. That's when it not crowded and people are home or on the way home from a night out clubbing or whatever. So I cruise to the GH when not many people are there and I have a really good buzz and feeling freaky. This time it seemed if they were closed.  I started my way to the door and the were open  ( yeah). I went in paid and buzzed to the theatre. I thought some people would have been in the theatre but seen no one. I walk around seeing if booths were  occupied but they were empty. I was at a loss and disappointed. So I… Read more

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I bought her alcohol the freshmen

First TimeInterracial SexFetish

So it's my first week of classes after transferring to the main campus from a community college. I was having a hard time meeting people and I was 21 so I bought beer for one of the u******e freshmen and hung out after class with him. It was a Friday and since we were both new to the school we didn't have any real plans other then to drink. I meet up with him and he's with this girl and introduces herself as Liz. She's Puerto Rican, short, has long curly hair, and a hot body and big ass. She asks me to get her Puerto Rican rum, probably because she didn't really drink and just said that, I ge… Read more

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Blog #3 1979 - 2000 Don't judge a book by its

Interracial SexMatureShemales

After meeting Reinna when I was 19 yrs old and later some of her girlfriends. I had the opportunity to spend time with them, would go to The Motherlode during the daytime and spend hours with them. San Francisco is multicultural, girls either moved there or would visit. San Francisco was very optimistic and a safe haven for TSs, Transvestites and Crossdressers whom experienced discrimination or came from homophobic and transphobic locations. In the Tenderlion District they were embraced and accepted. Harvey Milk was the 1st first openly gay elected official in the history of California, wh… Read more

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My Wife and BBC: Part III

Interracial SexGroup SexFirst Time

So before I get into part III of my wife and BBC, I would just like to remind everyone of the events that preceded, which began as a fantasy that I had about seeing my wife have sex with another man. I eventually shared these thoughts with my wife, who initially resisted but then decided on her own to explore it for herself by having sex with numerous other men without me being involved. Accounts of these events are detailed in the posts parts I and II posted on our profile if you care to check them out. But I am following up with details of what has happened more recently. After being separa… Read more

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Husband Finds Out "When? How? Who with?"

First TimeInterracial Sex

I never dreamed I would be able to write about the fulfilment of a fantasy of mine. For years I, that is James, have secretly wanted my wife to have sex with another man. Erica my wife is 36 years old. She has an attractive figure with firm stiff breasts, with large nipples that she loves having sucked and tweaked. She has always been able to keep herself in good shape, as when I met her she was a cheerleader in school and college, she still visits the gym most days. Although she now works as a waitress it's more to keep her busy than anything else, as I have an excellent income and she doe… Read more

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