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Esta mañana quiero escribir un poco sobre mi verdad, sobre la realidad de mi vida que es muy distinta a lo que todos piensan. Ante los ojos de los demás, soy una joven responsable, divorciada, que lleva una vida sentimental y sexual muy normal y hasta recatada, diría yo. "No te hemos conocido un novio en años" dicen mis amigos y hasta mi familia, "no todo en la vida es trabajo" también afirman. Anoche una gran amiga paso por mi casa, a contarme que ella y su esposo habían empezado a tener ciertas practicas sexuales que le parecían muy excitantes. " Mientras se lo mamo, le acaricio en ano y e… Read more

Posted by Lucialara 9 hours ago 137

In the office


My boss is a very firm but fair type .. im the only female in 21 staff so flirty banter was common place with all the guys but my boss was on another level .. the truth is i applied for the position on a whim .. i never dreamed i would actually get an interveiw let alone the job .. i had zero exsperiance and zero qualifications .. so when my boss asked me at the interveiw "if id dress like that everyday" i told him i do anyway !! .. Call me be old fasioned but im not easilly offended by that type of thing and i really wanted the job .. i knew what i was signing up for .. altho… Read more

Posted by THErealLIFEwife just now 4 2,117 57%

Unforgettable Holiday chapter 4


Unforgettable Holiday Chapter 4 I arrived at Bob and Liz's room at 9pm as agreed, Terry and Gina were already sat round the sofa with Liz sitting next to Gina , both wearing short summer dresses , showing their dark tans off to the full looking very hot, in the thin material. Liz pulled Gina up and took her out to the balcaney , whilst us guys were sat chatting on the main sofa , Liz and Gina sat opposite us in one armchair each... a mere few feet away , the heady scent of their perfumes filling the room, not to mention silky legs and skimpy tops… Read more

Posted by xfox 2 days ago 1 1,203 80%


FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

CONFESSIONS PT 6 These are confessions and stories people have sent me. Do you have a confession of something you did, or something you'd like to do? Private Message it to me and I'll post it. Don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc. ====== CONFESSION COMPILATION OF SHORT REPLIES I'VE RECIEVED FROM VARIOUS READERS ====== nice i had an older 20 something girl at work that would change in the girls bathroom but at the end of the day i was the last one out and went in the bathroom to see what goodies i could find i found her bras and panties and she must be like your girl ne… Read more

Posted by PantieLoverCotton 3 days ago 1 1,066 100%

A Buddy's Admiration

First TimeMasturbation

I remember the first orgasm I ever had, and it was completely accidental. In one moment I was just a boy diving into the end zone (my bed) for the game winner, and the next I was sweating and humping the mound of pillows and covers beneath me. I remember stopping at one point because the tingling which was getting so intense felt more like tickling at the tip of my dick and I was gonna piss in the bed. But just laying there I couldn't resist the urge to move. Something was driving me to more and so I gripped the edges of the bed and quit holding back. I got faster and faster and didn't stop un… Read more

Posted by discretedick 3 days ago 1,440 100%

#2 Mamma bagnata, figlia fortunata!


Sono ormai giorni che mi attanaglia un pensiero... Vi racconto... Il mese scorso la mia ragazza conobbe una nuova collega di lavoro e non vedeva l'ora di presentarmela! Disse che era molto simpatica ed aveva i nostri stessi gusti, quindi, senza farlo apposta, organizzò una cenetta a casa nostra. Io non diedi importanza al tutto, così preparammo qualche cosa da mangiare ed attendemmo il suono del campanello, ma quando andai a rispondere, ragazzi... Mi si presentò di fronte Miriam: una bella stangona alta 1.80, mora, occhi verdi, completamente truccata e totalmente in tiro, come se da lì a brev… Read more

Posted by myXym 3 days ago 286 30%

The Tease

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

It’s been a long day at work sitting in an office staring at a computer screen or running back and forth to the printer. It was around one pm when Olivia started to torment me. Olivia is my girlfriend we have been together for three years, but she has been working away for the last six months, it been hard, I miss her like crazy. I miss her company, her smile, her sense of humour and by God, I miss the sex. Olivia has a voracious appetite, and we would have sex at least two to three times a day. The last few months has been torture for both of us. Not able to see her in person, Skype isn’t… Read more

Posted by scottishlegend 3 days ago 1,382 100%

the secret they don't want you to know 2

MasturbationGroup SexSex Humor

Maria my hot redheaded girlfriend and Josie her cute brunette glasses wearing friend sat on the sofa chatting as I sat across from them playing the Xbox. Maria flicked through her IPad when she suddenly gasped "Hey look at this article!" she said offering it to Josie. Josie glanced at the IPad and then began giggling "That can't be true" "It must be it says they've done tests" replied Maria "Yeah, but... really!?" Josie replied unconvinced. "What's that?" I asked curiously. "This article says that sperm is the best cream for your skin to look great!" Maria replied. "I could believe it, that's… Read more

Posted by bighornycock123 3 days ago 1,352 100%

A very nice trip of commission 4


that beautiful this video what a nice aunt and what a luck to have an aunt so :-P, very thanks to who has loaded this video :-P, also to me is happened a very good situation like this, in a hotelroom during a trip of commission with my sister. it was end-winter/begin-spring about, after the trip in bus we are in ours room of hotel, she's sitting, front me, on her bed, and i sitting on my bed with laptop, and we talk, when at a certain point, she always on her bed, takes off the shoes and the small socks of woolen, and the… Read more

Posted by bistbist 3 days ago 319

Mate's girl


Well, a few years back I was working at a bar and a girl gave me her number. Her name was Hannah. I ended up dating her for a few months. By dating, I mean fucking regularly. She wasn't anything special and looking back on it she was pretty crazy and if I'd known then what I know now, I probably not have messaged her, but I did, and that's another story. Anyway, Hannah wasn't super attractive - probably a four, and quite overweight, but I was going through a bit of a dry spell at the time and we did have a few good times together for a few months before it all went super crazy and I swore n… Read more

Posted by mkmcr85 4 days ago 1,498 80%

My lingerie fetish


Nearly 40 years ago I began to get turned on by lingerie especially pantyhose. One night I had slipped my hard dick into the legs of my Mom's hose she had placed jn the dirty cloths pile. The silky texture got me hard and excited. I had taken my cock out of my jeans and slipped my throbbing dick in to the legs and started to stroke myself. I only was able to stroke myself a half a dozen times when my cock exploded. At first the sensation startled me, later I stroked myself off into one of her bras and I was addicted to the feeling. Within just a few months I had began to cum 3 to 4 times… Read more

Posted by Skiforfun11 4 days ago 1,251 100%

Accidental Ejaculation During Massage


After wanting to get myself a massage for quite awhile, I finally decided to go for it last Saturday morning when I had nothing else to do. I drove up to the spa and sat outside in my truck for several minutes before finally talking myself into going inside. When I walked in, an attractive Asian woman, probably in her mid 30's greeted me and asked me what kind of massage I wanted. I looked at the price board behind the register and opted for the 30 min full body massage. She then led me to a dimly lit room with soft music playing in the background and told me to undress and lay down face f… Read more

Posted by premature_cummer 4 days ago 3,016 75%

Start of a Good Weekend

FetishGay MaleMasturbation

Based on actual events, I have taken several different events and thoughts and put them together for your enjoyment. I have been single for a while now, I've been far too nervous to hook up with someone online, which is a shame because it is such a wonderful and supportive community. Alas this means other than some light play with a friend, I must entertain myself and practice alone. What follows is one of these events, that did not exactly go to plan. Thanks to my friend for letting me out :D. Just a few details to avoid any confusion, I am Pansexual meaning that I am attracted to per… Read more

Posted by KinkyManc1 4 days ago 795 100%

Mom 'n Dod [I]: Carla 'n Tessel 1

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Cute curly Carla looks a lot like my dirty dream come true: as slender as smart, dark-blond long hair Tall Tessel tease is at ease with me, she feels my intimate interest in my youngest yearning yummy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cute curly Carla loves to exchange shy glances, not more for long, being fiancee of my youngest br0 Cute curly Carla loves to show me more, once they break up as a couple, surely at my fiftiest party Cute curly Carla loves to show me het hot intimate int… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER 6 days ago 5 18,036 60%

MILF entjungfert Jungmann Teil 2

First TimeMasturbationAnal

MILF entjungfert Jungmann Teil 2 Meine Leser/innen haben eher für die Fortsetzung dieses Themas gestimmt. Also hier ist wieder was für eure Hormonaktivierung: Es vergingen Tage und Wochen, in denen wir kräftig übten. Wir kopulierten in allen Variationen, wie die Tiere wie die Menschen, zwar nicht das Kamasutra von vorne bis hinten. Offenbar sah sie in mir einiges Lernpotenzial und erfreute sich wohl an dem jungen, erigierten Ständer, der ihr zur Verfügung stand. Welche 40-45 jährige Frau wünscht sich nicht einen jungen Lover, der angeblich 16 Jahre alt ist und erst in die Liebe eingewiesen… Read more

Posted by Greipel 6 days ago 1 649 100%

The Paramount Rule - Book I (Chapters 1-3) Femdom


The Paramount Rule – Book I By Tanya Simmonds This novel is written in British syntax (British spellings) and the complete novel is available FREE on Amazon. Always include the words 'Book I' in the search bar. Prologue She was a woman of the most striking beauty, her raven black hair swept back into a ponytail leaving her forehead totally exposed. Her piercing blue eyes and chiselled cheekbones were accentuated by the application of extremely heavy make-up. She gasped with delight as she lowered her head to behold the vision between her thighs. Suc… Read more

Posted by TanyaSimmonds 7 days ago 1 741 100%

Mother and mischievous son


Last Saturday i found myself and Jason my son home alone. Usually he would go out but this week he had to stay in as tomorrow was an early start. My husband had gone into work to look at a computer issue in the office. So Jason and i were alone on the couch watching a movie about a woman having an affair. As the movie progressed it had some very intimate moments which set off an arousal within me. As time passed the sun went down and the room darkened, lit only by the television screen flickering the images of hot sex Jason sat beside me was still in his bike shorts and t-shirt which he wo… Read more

Posted by Blondlady 7 days ago 4 9,745 86%

Strip-joint Handjob


I was in town for a work conference being held at an old historic hotel in a small northeastern city. Though old, the hotel recently underwent a complete refurbishment, making it into a rather nice venue. Like in most other old downtown areas, the city was trying to revitalize things and some newer buildings now mixed with the old. The only real downside was that the hotel sat immediately adjacent to some of the most deprived areas, which also included a couple of nearby strip-joints. Luckily both strip clubs were within just a few blocks of the hotel. It was just past opening time as I wal… Read more

Posted by uenatorem 7 days ago 1,241 100%

A very good view

VoyeurMasturbation very good this video thanks for who has loaded it, a very good view, also at me is happened a very good view in this way with my sister, an afternoon at home, she was with a tunic for home, colored yellow-white-cream but not trasparent :-P, a bit wide, and legs nude, we're sitting at the table, one facing each other, and we're involved with a bit of sheets of computer, at a certain point she's very busy at read sheets on the face and, making also noise under the table, with the foot throws the sl… Read more

Posted by bistbist 8 days ago 1,592 100%

“Oh fuck, Annie

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

“I was thinking about it all the next day while I was away in Belfast,” she continued. “After dinner in the evening, I made an excuse about having a headache, and went back to my hotel room to look at Lush Stories again on my laptop. I read a couple more of your stories, then I looked at some of the other stuff. I found their store, and looked at the stuff they had, and found the Lelo vibrators. And I was so turned on, I thought sod the cost, and ordered one. And they must be really efficient, because it arrived on Monday – I couldn’t believe it!” “Which one did you get?” I asked.… Read more

Posted by stif266 8 days ago 2 3,951 91%
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