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Stepdaddy’s Filthy f****y


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Now I knew why my stepson’s computer kept getting viruses: he didn’t just stick to one porn website, he was trying to get to all of them.

Sitting in my office, I was going through the router’s history and the corresponding IP addresses. I knew exactly which IP address matched up to Jacob’s laptop. He was a healthy eighteen-year-old boy with sandy blond hair, a nice smile, and a tight body he kept fit through track and weight lifting. I would be lying if I didn’t sometimes look at him like no stepfather should.

I was relatively... Continue»
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Ken 01 - My Introduction to Kink

I was 19 when I met Ken. I was still at Uni and I met him during a work placement at a large accounting firm in the city. I had just completed my first ever full scale audit of a medium sized business. I had essentially completed the audit on my own but I was closely supervised by one of the accountants there and he had double checked everything I had done.

I had to attend a meeting with the client, more as part of my work experience than anything else. I wasn't really needed there because my supervisor knew everything that I did about the audit but interacting with clients is an essentia... Continue»
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One for the weekend.

After I left school I worked for a builder and on the Friday I called at his house and he said there was not much on, but he had got us some work moving someone he knew. Well it was Friday and pay day, so we went up the road and stopped out side this house and went to the door and it opened it was someone my boss knew a guy in his late 30s called Alex come in he said this is my helper as he introduced me. Alex was a laugh and we had a joke.I'll get you a brew and then start, he shouted get the kettle on Debs he said shouting to his missus in the kitchen. We then went in and said this is Debbie... Continue»
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Some LIX

Some LIX

Jahn and Gin looked longingly, even lustfully, at each other across their living room. Jahn slowly smiled at his wife, Virginia, and she returned a smile that tasted of sadness across her dry lips. It had been ten months since her much wetter lips had been around Jahn's lovely cock. It had been ten months since she had felt his lips and tongue taking her to a shattering climax. As they had gotten to know each other more deeply, the sex had been exploring and exciting, but after many late night confessions, laughing and crying, they had admitted each was, in fact, shyly, a close... Continue»
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My wife's big new toy; part 2

If you haven't read part 1, you should. This picks up where that one stopped.

I rub the lips of her pussy with the head of this monster, which is double the size of me. Up and down, up and down. But real slow. Then I start to circle her clit ever so fucking slow. She starts gyrating her hips just a little and let's out a very quit moan. Then I pushed the head down onto her pussy's opening and held it there, no more than a quarter inch in. I started to push the head in and I saw her body relax. The head made it in and I just kept it there. I kept it there because she once told me that she l... Continue»
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,making of a cum eater part 2

theres a knock at the door
'answer it dave and don't even think about covering your cock'
dave opens the door a crack and peeps round
'who is it ?' i ask
'hm its mrs simmons miss' says dave
'well open the door and let her in stupid , open it wide and invite her in nicely '
dave opens the door wide 'please come in mrs simmons' he says
mrs simmons steps in and dave closes the door but not before the people at the bus stop across the road saw him
'maybe next time i can get you to put a show on for the people queing for the bus dave i'm sure you would like that'
'mrs simmons how nice to s... Continue»
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My wife's big new toy

I like stories. I especially like stories that my wife tells me. I especially especially like the stories that my wife tells me about her ex-boyfriends. She hasnt always told me these stories. In fact, it's taken some time to convince her to tell me them. Now as long as I don't ask too much, she indulges me. I particularly like to hear about one specific ex boyfriend in general. Let's call him "Brad". He had a huge dick. And ever since my wife has told me that and described how big he was, all I can think about sometimes is watching her getting fucked by his huge dick. I thought about it 10... Continue»
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My First Exhibitionist Experience

I was 19, at Uni and hadn't met Brian yet so I still hadn't had a proper boyfriend or even had sex. Well, apart from Alun sticking his cock in me and cumming but I had never counted that as sex. It hadn't felt like sex and I never felt like I had been fucked afterwards. Surely, it had to last longer than three seconds to count as sex.

I was working most nights and Saturdays, sometimes Saturday nights, stacking supermarket shelves to survive and pay my way through Uni. Sunday was the only day I had to myself.

My breasts had finally begun to grow and I was insanely delighted and proud of ... Continue»
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The Apartment

It’s a cool, breezy Friday night in a very plain 4plex in NE Minneapolis. The building is old, the walls thin, and Chris and Shea are just returning home, after hitting the town in proper style, and find themselves more than a little ‘in the mood…’

(2A – Chris & Shea)

‘Who shall I be tonight’ asks Chris, ‘a Fireman, cop, rockstar?’
‘How about you just get over here and fuck me’ whispers Shea, head cocked, biting her lip.
‘As you wish’ Chris replied. Shea smiling at a quote from her favorite film, stood up, approached him and swiftly removed his shirt, kissing him firmly, lightly biting h... Continue»
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RABIA only had one thing on her mind how one of her closest friend and her future husband knew each other and did ARSHIA know about AHMED'S plan but ARSHIA just waved it off like it was nothing explaining that AHMED just wanted to know about you hence he added me on facebook and he said he wanted to talk privately so I arranged this get together. RABIA hugged her and thanked her for being such a great friend not knowing that ARSHIA saw everything and recorded it. They just started talking about normal stuff until her b*****r came back and she went to her home.

... Continue»
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My cousin and I were born in 68/69 respectively. We started experimenting during the summer of 77. This experimenting led to many firsts for both of us and the ability to please others and know what we wanted sexually for ourselves. It all started out slowly while taking baths and showers together that summer. We started by watching each other masturbate and then eventually joining in with each other for mutual masturbation. I remember the first time my cousins hand rapped around my hard shaft and started stroking me up and down making a frothy amount of soap bubbles until I came, that fi... Continue»
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A Birthday to Remember

It was my birthday and we had went out for an early supper as my wife Ellen had promised me a good night. we had a good time and had d***k a bottle of wine between us and I also had a Scotch while she had some fancy drink that was more sugar than booze. We got a taxi back home and I quickly went up to the bed as I was getting undressed I could hear my wife on the phone. When she came up I asked her who she was talking to and she said that she was just returning a call which she had noticed on the phone and it was just one of those advertisements. I was lying on the bed and she got undressed a... Continue»
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Sex anywhere is terrific. However, I do enjoy farm sex stories. One day I was browsing on a gay web site and read Benjamin’s profile and a couple of his stories. This is one of them. I have Ben’s permission to recite it here:

“In the summer of 1966, I was attending college in Colorado. When my sophomore year was over, I took a job for the summer working on a farm. A mixed grain and cattle operation. Alex and Lucy owned the farm and they needed a couple of workers to help them from spring seeding time to fall combining.

Their farm house was a 1,500 square foot ranch bungalow. There were... Continue»
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The Steam Room

My name is Adita from Asian heritage I'm 22, a student, slim, with firm but rather smallish B-cupped breasts. I have Ombre style long hair.

My parents house is near a well-known and well-equipped spa hotel which is open for paying guests, I visit it every now and then in evening, when its ladies only night normally between six and eight p.m. for a pamper.
That evening the place was deserted I saw nobody in the shower area. I undressed and started with a long, warm and relaxing shower. Naked with my towel I entered the spa and opened the door to the steam room. It was damp and foggy with ... Continue»
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making of a cum eater part 1

I wake up reach over Daves not there i look at the clock 1.15am maybe he's gone for a piss i think so lay back down and wait for him thinking maybe as he's awake i can get him to fuck me :)
10 minutes later still no dave
i get up and go looking for him and hear voices from the dining room so i stop to listen
WTF is he doing this is what i hear

'keep jerking it good boy keep at it faster faster stop , now tell me you are a cum eating whore'
'i'm a cum eating whore mistress' thats dave
'rub your fingers over the head of your cock get them coated in pre-cum then lick it off'

i peak ar... Continue»
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I want to live like Jeremy, please helm me, i m al

I want to live like jeremy, you too? pm me, Erik

I only hope that my interest in perversely exciting characters
and situations has not gone too far My primary
wish is that my many fans will derive great pleasure over many readings. It
is why I write trannie erotica in the first place: as a gift to you.
I say that I write my stories for your
pleasure and I hope they bring you many moments of release and contentment.
Feel free to share my story with any other story site but please attribute
it to me. And finally, please write if you enjoyed it for I would... Continue»
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Now or Never

This is the first story I've posted online anywhere, so I would appreciate your feedback. As it's my first time too, please be gentle!

She looked innocent enough, Kaitlyn thought as she made big round eyes at herself in the little mirror on the car visor, pouting her lower lip ever so slightly. She pinched her cheeks and the rosy glow added to the illusion, a carefully crafted one. She had paid an enormous sum for the shiny locks she was sporting. It took more than three hours in the chair to transform her long hair from dark brown to believable shades of golde... Continue»
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Bachelor's Eve.

Weddings are just so exhausting, I have been
running helter skelter trying to finalise all the
arrangements. Neither my phone nor myself
have been able to catch a break all week, the
preparations have been getting the better of
My phone has started vibrating again, and
this time around it’s the woman of my life
calling. I won’t say I have been in love with
her from the first moment we saw, but more
like she has always been there waiting for
It seemed like she knew we would eventually
end up together, we met in a bus a few
years ago. I was on my way for some
deployment w... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 19

Cockatoo Part 19

Nikkie Silk

I froze in the open door watching Nin and Shane fucking each other on
the bed. Nin had her back to me and Shane’s hands were on her breasts as
he drove upwards into her. They were both grunting loudly and I could
see the sweat shining on both their bodies from the effort. Nin arched
her back as she squatted over Shane taking him deep inside her. She
threw her head back and groaned loudly as she slammed down onto him
thrusting up at her. Shane yelled, ‘I'm going to cum.’ which snapped me
out of my daze.

I didn't think Shane had seen me, His mind ... Continue»
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When I first discovered nylon.

It all started for me as a young teenager when my parents split up and I went to live with my aunt and uncle and my cousin in Dagenham. Back then Dagenham was great place to be as a teen with lots to do and I made friends with other guys within days so all was good.

My aunt and uncle both worked at the ford motor company and my 19 year old cousin Vicky worked for a local firm as a secretary (I changed her name as we still see each other) The summer holidays had just finished and we had only been back at school for a couple of weeks when I fell ill and had some time off and this is when it a... Continue»
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