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Female taxi driver


So on sunday night i decided to go out on the town with a couple of the lads for a good bevy and to try and pull a couple of women . After a good few hour drinking we decided to hit one of the clubs . In thre it didnt take me long to see a nice girl that i quite fancied and thought i would be able to fuck well after all the usual stuff we ended up outside the club after it but she was not playing ball she was kissing me me and all sorts but she would not come back to the flat with me saying she didnt fuck on the first night (who does that this day and age lol ) but she was a nice girl and i di… Read more

Posted by Classiclover200 7 hours ago 2,466 87%

Son's Bed Bath


Mark and I had always been close. He was sweet and very sensitive. Mark was thirteen at the time and the two of us gave each other much needed comfort and support. Mark crawled in bed with me, talking to me, stroking my hair and finally falling asleep beside me. After that, without either of us saying anything about it, he would sleep in my bed every night. Sometimes we'd talk, sometimes not--but I was happy to have another person in the bed next to me. I slept naked--had done so since I was a teenager- Mark didn't think much about it. Mark saw me naked often when he was growing up b… Read more

Posted by harveydog 9 hours ago 5 3,371 96%

Mother's Affair


I was a very normal 15 year old male hormone factory in high school. I was just beginning to really explore sex. During my early teens, my friends and I would sneak peeks at Playboy or porno pictures. I had, of course, discovered masturbating and the amazing thrill of an intense orgasm. I had a couple of very brief but pleasant boy-girl experiences. An older girl had jerked me off and let me finger fuck her. Nothing serious. My mother was a typical mum or so I thought. She was very attractive and sexually appealing males. She was relatively young,33 in good shape and had a great figure… Read more

Posted by harveydog 10 hours ago 2 3,937 95%

Spanish holiday in Tenerific !!!


I was in high school and just turned sixteen years old. I was studying hard for my O levels, and had said to Mum at Christmas that I was finding it a strain doing four subjects and was worried about my mocks in March. The next day Mum announced that she'd booked a holiday in Tenerife for the February half-term week for the two of us. Holidays until then had been with cousins – my Mum had two brothers who each had three c***dren all younger than me and they were like brothers and sisters to me. We'd troop off to a rented villa in France, Spain or Italy for most of the summer and we'd explor… Read more

Posted by harveydog 11 hours ago 3 1,839 88%

The widow and the horse

First TimeMatureTaboo

She was only 33 years old and had only three years of marriage when her husband died in an agricultural tractor coup as he moved his goods to the market. They did not have c***dren for a women's problem. She had patience with her for three years, and he was about to marry her without death. He inherited a large rural house with large manshes, including a small farm for sheep, chickens and almonds with two cows and a piece of large agricultural land ... and a young horse for farming the land. After his death, there was no one else in the house, in addition to the mother of her old husband… Read more

Posted by renegade37 12 hours ago 4,123 43%

A Mother's Confession


byMomstheboss I don't have any close friends. I need to tell somebody, to make them understand that I am not a slut. I could blame it on losing my boyfriend of 15 years. He fell from a scalpel 50 feet in the air a month ago. Yes, I was depressed about his death but we had had a very active and fulfilling sex life and I have to admit up front that I was missing that too. Three days ago, I came home from work early feeling drained. I stripped to my panties and laid chest down across my bed to take a short nap. Like in a dream, I heard the entrance door open and heard the footsteps asc… Read more

Posted by mind_warrior_2000 16 hours ago 2 4,272 100%

Ana in a bar booth

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That night I was at the bar with my coworkers after office; when one of them approached to me, telling that he had just seen my wife in one of the booths in the company of a huge black man. My sweet Ana had apparently decided to take her date to the bar where she knew I was meeting my friends so she could humiliate me in front of them. I knew I might as well let her do as she wished and I would enjoy the spoils later when we both returned home. My old mate William proceeded to tell me that he stopped to say hello once he saw Anita and chatted with them for several minutes. He then told… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 just now 2,780 85%

Mark at home waiting for my husband

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

Saturday afternoon I let Victor`s friend inside home to wait for him… Then Mark started talking about how he loved my ass jiggling when I walked and he couldn’t keep his hands off of it. He also talked about my bouncing big tits and how he loved my nipples getting so big when he touched them. When he pinched them hard, it only made them harder. When he pushed me against the refrigerator and started rubbing my pussy, I automatically started dripping my juices and my body started quivering. Then Mark grabbed me by the hair and pushed me to my knees, ordering me to suck his cock like the bla… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 just now 3,023 79%

Greek Beach Sex Holiday - Another Day

Group SexMatureVoyeur

A couple of days latter Erika and I began to walk along that same beach, but as I said previously, it was along way to the far end. After the previous adventure I thought Erika would be enthusiastic to do the walk, but to my disappointment she said that half way would be far enough along. Women !!!!, who can understand them ???? There was a small dune at this point, backed by a low cliff, so we found our way to the top of the dune, laid our towels out, put the sun shade up, and stripped off. During the morning, apart from the occasional people walking up the beach, we didn't see anyone. We… Read more

Posted by JoeGood66 just now 1,394 100%

What a mother she is to me Part 1

First TimeMatureTaboo

Mom and I were home alone for the weekend. Dad was on a business trip and sis was at the lake. My mother is very young looking, although she is 40. She has kept up on the hot cloths to ware and what type of make-up to put on for ever situation. There were times when she and dad were going out that I thought they might be swingers or someting. She was dressed perfectly, but what she had on made her look a bit like a slut. Very short skirt, a top that you could look down and see her tits and high heels. Well I found out a few weeks after that, they didn't swing. What was going on was my mothe… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 just now 2 5,314 75%

Janet and Me.


I first met Janet when we both worked part time at a local supermarket. I had a Saturday job with a couple of evenings a week, she worked occasional evenings and the odd weekend to supplement her income from c***d-minding. As she was just starting out she was still building up her business. What I didn’t also realise, was that she lived round the corner from me… literally. Sometimes you meet someone and you just click with them. That’s what happened with us, there was a sexual tension almost from the word go. The only problem was that she was older than me, I was eighteen, she was in her fort… Read more

Posted by PropboyGinge just now 1 2,744 100%

Making Friends 2

AnalGay MaleMature

The rest of the night with Phil and Janet was a whirlwind of sex. I fucked Janet again and was sucked by and sucked Phil. I sat at home the next night stunned by what happened, I had behaved in a manner that surprised me. I realised I had enjoyed being with a man and that a part of me I had always kept battened down had been released. I found myself watching gay and CD porn and wanking myself hard. At work the next day I found myself staring at the arse of Liam the office junior and thinking of what it would be like to pound him over my desk. I was horny as fuck. On the Wednesday evening… Read more

Posted by Maninnylons2 just now 813 100%



Author's note: Obviously, everyone in this story is at least 18 years of age and they are all member at XSANDY.DE CHAPTER ONE John just knew that there had to be a way to capitalize on the fact that he knew his twin sister Kelly had lost her virginity and was regularly getting laid. Even though they were only 18 years of age, John had enough of his father in him to always try to find a way to capitalize on a situation. That's what comes from having a stockbroker for a father. The fact that he was totally in love with his sis… Read more

Posted by facebookel just now 769 100%

Ana`s weekend with her black boss

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That afternoon I came home early from my office and Anita called to let me know she was in her way home from a weekend away. She started telling me how her pussy was so sore that she couldn’t even wear panties, she said her poor little cunt had been used and abused so much over all the time she had been out. As I went to meet her in the driveway, Ana was bent over gathering her luggage from the trunk when I saw how swollen and red her pussy was. She turned round and walked with slow steps. As we got inside the house, my sweet wife started telling me how her weekend had transpired. I… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 just now 1,931 83%

Ägyptisches Viagra funktioniert

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

Vor einer Woche sind mein Mann und ich vom Urlaub aus Ägypten zurückgekehrt und obwohl Ägypten ja nun nicht gerade ein erotisches Urlaubsland ist, möchte ich euch von einem Erlebnis berichten, das insbesondere mir viel Spaß bereitet hat. Auch, weil mein Mann nichts davon mitbekommen hat. Unmittelbar nach unserem Flug wurden wir per Bustransfer in unser all inclusive Resort verbracht, wo wir unser Zimmer bezogen. Die Anlage war sehr weitläufig aber gepflegt und wir waren zunächst mit unserer Wahl des Urlaubsortes zufrieden. Als wir nach dem Frühstück voll bepackt mit unseren Strandsachen zum Me… Read more

Posted by tanthi just now 310 100%

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

First TimeMatureVoyeur

I am not sure when I got on this kick but for the longest time I was fascinated with cum on hairy pussy. And now that I was in my mid-teens I could not wait for 1) to blow my load deep inside the prettiest girl I could find and 2) to also blow a large load all over some ones bush and watch as they rubbed all around. I honestly thought the later would never happen. I was starting to wonder if the first choice would ever happen. Then we had some new neighbors move in. The condos we live in, my bedroom window is about four feet from the neighbors bedroom window which was not much of a problem f… Read more

Posted by zimabean just now 1 2,866 100%

My Friend's Hot Mom (Part 3 of 3)

First TimeMature

You should really, really read parts 1 and 2 before proceeding, so you can get the whole story. My friend Ben's mom had just cum on my face after I got to eat pussy for the first time. It was incredible how much she shook and tensed up as I sucked and nibbled on her 1/2" clit which resembled a tiny penis. Her gush of cum at the end soaked my entire face, her pussy and all of her thighs. I moved from her clit to her hole and sucked up her cum almost as fast as it was coming out. Delicious stuff. Ben was a close friend of mine, so I called his mom Mom also and have fascinated about her… Read more

Posted by bigfishplaying just now 1 2,003 100%

In the office


My boss is a very firm but fair type .. im the only female in 21 staff so flirty banter was common place with all the guys but my boss was on another level .. the truth is i applied for the position on a whim .. i never dreamed i would actually get an interveiw let alone the job .. i had zero exsperiance and zero qualifications .. so when my boss asked me at the interveiw "if id dress like that everyday" i told him i do anyway !! .. Call me be old fasioned but im not easilly offended by that type of thing and i really wanted the job .. i knew what i was signing up for .. altho… Read more

Posted by THErealLIFEwife just now 4 2,117 57%

Ana at the dark parking lot

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

That night I had gone to a party with my sweet wife. Our company was celebrating a new anniversary and the party was going fine. After a couple hours, Ana had disappeared for quite a while. I was beginning to wonder where she was when Simon, one of my friends from the office, told me he had seen her getting banged by a huge black cock`s guy on the hood of a car, at the edge of the parking lot, in plain sight Simon looked at me with a great big smile on his face, telling me that my wife was really a slut and didn’t seem to care who saw her as long as she had that black cock inside her hu… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 just now 1,677 63%

Codex Luxuria Kapitel: 2


Diese Geschichten gehen wahrscheinlich teilweise zu weit doch sie sind ein fiktive Story bei der IHR einfach eurer Phantasie freien lauf lassen könnt und auch sollt. Entdecket neue Ufer auf das euch neue Weisheiten zu teil wird! - A.P. SCHWARZ/BLAU Robin ist mein Name ich bin unanständige 28 Jahre alt und hab seit neuem eine 8 Jahre ältere Freundin. Wie das ganze zustande kam ist mir bis heute noch schleierhaft. Sie arbeitet in meiner Abteilung, heißt Marion und ist die Oberzicke vor dem Herrn! Eingebildet, Männerverachtend, Feministisch und Eiskalt. Aber nichtsdestotrotz ist sie wunderschö… Read more

Posted by Arotaron just now 199
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