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Sleep Over Part 3 (Kevs Mom)

First TimeMature

Sleep Over Part 3 (Kevs Mom) After we showered and fell asleep in the tent, It wasnt long before morning came Kev and Ray were already awake and Kicking the outside of the tent that Kevs mom Set up in the basement for us Ok, ok, im awake you dicks, fuck off already i said And i heard them laugh and i joined in Moms got some toast and cereal out for us We will meet you upstairs Kev said I laid back for a moment and in a rush everything that happened Last night came back in a rush and i caught myself smiling Thinking of what we did, but particularly Kevs mom Not only was i smiling, i was ge… Read more

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Katie's trucker adventure continues


After the sheer pleasure of my first truckers road trip, me and Harry decided to visit the second stopping point, where we had encountered the Dutch trucker who given me multiple orgasm – I enjoy sucking cock but I like receiving it too and on rare occasion multiple clitoral orgasms, make me literally go weak at the knees. It was a little cooler and a little misty as we drove towards the end of this dead end road in the industrial estate. It was midweek and four or five lorries were parked up, all different from those there at th… Read more

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How We Got Started

Interracial SexMature

Several people have asked about this. My wife shares the story - since I wasn't there! This is my wife DeeAnna's writing... I guess the story of how we started in this "Lifestyle" is not different than many we have heard. About 10 years ago I started finding interracial porn on Tom's computer and a little while after that I started noticing that there were always black men in the porn flicks we would watch together and he would make a point of asking me if I like the black men and then he started asking if I thought I would like black cock. Not sure where in the middle of all of that he start… Read more

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My Friend Tim and My Wife Linda


My friend Tim and I would go down to the man cave and watch or play games. Linda would come down sometimes and watch us. I know for a fact, she would go upstairs and masturbate while we play a game. I know this because I walked in on her while she had her vibrator on her pussy. Hell Tim even told me he thinks Linda is masturbating. Tim went to the bathroom and walked by our bedroom to get to the bathroom. He heard moaning coming from the room. I told Tim that she is a very horny woman, doesn’t matter whose in the house, as long she gets to cum she’s good. Tim and I also watch porn together. N… Read more

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My First Naked Experience

First TimeGay MaleMature

This goes back to when I was young and very naïve with a close friend of mine who I had grown up with since we were 3yo. The incident happen when we were much older, but still naïve and innocent and also reaching puberty and discovering the world of sex. It was one Summer afternoon and my friend; well name him Steve, suggested we play a game of “Dare” and as per normal I accepted, I had a bit of a reputation of never turning down a “Dare”, normally it resulted in me getting hurt physically, but this day it was different. We were playing around my friend’s home and by a row of garages set be… Read more

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A simple garden party ends unexpectedly / Part 1

Group SexMature

How all beginns Last Weekend it should be the first really sunny weekend of this spring. But most of my friends were either out of town or had other appointments. On Saturday morning my dear friend Edwin called me and asked if I would accompany him to his aunt's garden party. I thought my part when he explicitly requested me, this time to dispense with flashy and sexy outfit, as we would expect almost only guests of his family and older audience. Although I did not like it, I finally decided to do it to Him. So in the back of the wardrobe in the corner, I pulled out a black short cockta… Read more

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Afternoon delight 1


Told from her perspective She felt so trapped. Itd been almost 3 weeks since the last time they had been able to get together and have some time alone. There always seemed to be something that stopped them from meeting, the weather the k**s there parteners always something or someone stopped there enjoying each other. Today was different she had organised everyone to look after themselves and had left her house early to escape any unexpected interruptions. Her timing was perfect her phone rang and she was needed for baby sitting, soory she said i wont be home till later. There meetin… Read more

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Sexy Step-mom lends a hand - Part 2

First TimeMatureTaboo

Jake was on edge, his step Mom kept giving him looks over breakfast, making his cock eager. It had been a few days since she had stroked him off, and he was so ready to see if her comment about doing more was just an offhand remark, or whether he was indeed going to get more. In the early afternoon, Danielle appeared in her tiny bikini, stepped out into the back yard, and stripped it off, giving Jake a case of stoneware cock. Before he could slip away to his room, and stroke off to her fantastic vision, she came face to face with him, and gave him a lust filled smile. "No stroking off toda… Read more

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Moving To A New Neighborhood

First TimeHardcoreMature

I retired from the Marines a year ago and decided that after living on a drab government base for 25 years I would move to an upscale suburban family neighborhood for a change of pace. So here I am in Florida sitting by my pool enjoying the weather and also enjoying my new group of friends I joking refer to as my “Glen Cove Avenue Soccer Moms”. It was a typical day on Glen Cove my friend Rita came by for a swim. Despite her small tits she has a great slim body. Every now and then, her small bikini slipped off and I got a glimpse of those nice tits with her perky protruding hard nipples. Rita l… Read more

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First Time with Lisa


I met Lisa through an ad she posted on Craigslist -- "42yo BBW wants to Pnp -- let's get high and fuck". I emailed her and she invited me over to her condo on the north side of Lakewood. She hadn't sent me a photo so I had no idea what she looked like other than a vague description she had texted me. I wasn't too worried -- big women have always turned me on. When she invited me inside of her place, I finally got a look and was immediately aroused. She was brunette, 5'5", glasses, and about 300 lbs with a nice pear shape. She had smallish tits for such a big woman but I really like her wide fa… Read more

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DP DIck-Down with Dan

Group SexMature

Margie peeled me away from Dan and Greg and told me to go wash up and come back to the bedroom. So I did. I washed up and grabbed a pair of boxers and headed over to the bedroom as instructed. As I walked down the hall I could hear moaning coming from my destination. I walked in and found Margie riding her husband’s huge cock, reverse cowgirl style” as they were seated in a cushioned chair. She was rubbing her clit as she ground and rode his enormous cock. His cock glistened with her juices. It was quite extraordinary to see her swallow the massive thing with her cunt. She saw me and beckoned… Read more

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mrs watsons new neighbourhood part 2


3am justins phone rings he picks it up and answers 'good morning justin did i wake you ?' asks mrs watson 'uh yes good morning mrs watson' says justin sleepily 'what are you wearing ?' 'nothing i sleep in the nude' 'pull back the covers put your phone on videocall and show me your clit' justin pulls back the covers points his phone at his tiny cock 'hmm no morning wood ? keep the phone pointed at your clit while we talk' 'uh no mrs watson its very early' 'have you been good or have you been touching yourself maybe wanking off without telling me ?' 'no mrs watson honest i haven't touched it mrs… Read more

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Stranger in bed


You lie peaceful and calm, naked and covered by a linen sheet It’s a warm evening, a net curtain bellows from a gentle breeze A low candle shimmers like a sunset; your silk-like legs move slowly around the sheet, Your skin glistening in shadows of the candle light I kiss you cheek and chin…my lips glide across your lips, my tongue tasting your beauty You open your mouth and our tongues melt together, saliva mixing Your hands caress your hips, your tummy and breasts; Discovering your sex where your fingers settle To explore your pussy as it starts to swell as you wake up from your dream. I am… Read more

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d***ken mom makes a huge mistake.

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

The Schaffer family was all smiles on this particular Friday afternoon. They were leaving for their annual summer vacation. Their bags were packed, the SUV loaded, and all that remained was for them to load themselves up. Every year they took a weeklong road trip with no fixed destination. They just simply picked a direction and went. As they pulled out of the driveway Amanda Schaffer noticed out of the corner of her eye that her son Ryan was starring at her. "Is something the matter honey?" She asked. "Oh....uh.....nah, I was just day dreaming." Ryan said slightly shocked that his mot… Read more

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Mama's little sister loves cock.

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I have a good job that pays very well and has wonderful benefits so I didn't need another job or the extra money. I'm also young, early thirties and I keep myself in good shape so I can party and keep going for most of the night. However, lately I've run into a dry spell so for the most part I'm left to my own devices. And that's okay, I enjoy my own company and an entertain myself for hours at a time, and I do. One night while walking home from a movie downtown I passed an adult theater. I've been in and out of this neighborhood for years and this was the first time I noticed it. I rarely go… Read more

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My Boss keeps fucking my wife


One week after I had shared my lovely wife with my Boss, he came again home to dinner and claim the deal I had arranged with him. He could enjoy Ana whenever he wanted. But this time the green envy did surface, as Anita offered John her tight arse. I watched my sweet wife on her hands and knees, as at first she squealed with pain and then her sobs turned to cries of lust as my Boss impaled her onto his magnificent rod up to the bottom of her tight anus, in just one fast trust. Ana quit sobbing and started to smile as she felt that huge hard dick was a piston, driving her to another wild… Read more

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Strangers on the train

Group SexVoyeurMature

Sometimes an adventure starts when there is no expectation of anything happening at all. Recently I had to take the West Coast train south for a meeting in the Midlands and was not really looking forward to the long journey down. For a woman who likes being active, it promised to be most uncomfortable being cooped up for 4 hours or so with only my phone for company. The up-side to this was that I was being sent First Class, so there would at least be a bit of luxury to make the time pass that little bit quicker. The train was unexpectedly busy, and I found that I was sharing a table with thr… Read more

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My Ladies

MatureLesbian SexBDSM

Just thought I’d properly introduce what I call ‘my Ladies’. Linda is my wife and Sophie is our lover, friend and makes up our family unit. I met Linda several years ago and we had a ‘connection’ from the off. Our second kiss was French, deep tongues, I also held her tight and when I put one hand around her throat, her knees went a little. Stopping to see if she was ok, it turned out she was more than ok and would I do it again. Linda, it turned out, is a submissive and loves to be loved and owned, which is okay by me. More than ok. Actually, along with everything else we both bring to the pa… Read more

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The Intern

First TimeMature

This was great-I got an internship with a small local company. Now half my school day is spent working. I was so bored at school and thought this would be great. My job was to assist the assistant to the owner of the company. Liz was her name. A tall woman around sixty years old. She looked older than she was, long gray hair, warm brown eyes and a very pretty smile. She wears these black rimmed glasses that just turn me on. I had never been attracted to an older woman but I was crushing on this on for sure. She was very strict and uptight. I liked the job and stayed very busy. They kept me on… Read more

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Dressing room fun with my mom.

MatureLesbian SexTaboo

This is a story and all over 18. My name is Jess and I’m 23 and this story of the day things between me and my mom when we want shopping together. Frist let me describe myself, I’m 5’9 slim but in shape, I have a bubble butt witch both guys and girls like and 40 f breasts and guys and girls love to look at them when I wear bikini tops and small tops and I always have a shaved pussy too. Now let me describe my mom, she 5’7 with a plump body and she is 45 years old, she has big breasts too and I don’t what size they are and I don’t know about her pussy until later in story. My mom and dad ha… Read more

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