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Our smoking window voyeur.


When DJ and I finally moved in together around 9 years ago, our first home together was a lovely and spacious first floor apartment housed in an 1890’s traditional stone built 2 story Edinburgh building. The street was lined with similar properties on either side, most of which had their main lounge / living rooms facing the street, as did ours. Our front room window was a huge bay design which reached almost from the ceiling to around a foot from the floor. When I saw the place for the first time, my immediate thought was that there was lots of potential for flashing and voyeuring….Well one h… Read more

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A day at the beach....


It was a bright, sunny day, earlier this summer, blue sky, sun was shining, 32°C.... our summer was extraordinary this year, with months of spectacular temperatures, which is not really common here. That morning, I had planned to go to the beach. So I packed my stuff, made a package for lunch and went on my way. It was still early, and as I was on my bike, I had no problems on my way over there. Traffic was still quiet and would not lead to a traffic jam within an hour...All of a sudden, 2 girls in a convertable passed me, and one of them shouted  to move out of the way.... I looked at t… Read more

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Jenells Sex Cinema Fucking

Group SexHardcoreMature

Phil and I decided to visit a sex shop and cinema in Dandenong late one Saturday afternoon. I was so horny and I thought I would get dressed sexy for the trip in and tease some of the men that would be in there. I love being a slutty exhibitionist, letting men perve on my tits and cunt. It is so horny walking around the shop and bending over so that they look up my skirt and see my naked pussy-lips or down my blouse and see my tits hanging forward and my nipples hard and exposed. Several times guys have come up behind me and slipped a couple of fingers into my squelchy wet cunt or asshole, or… Read more

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Nena my wife's girlfriend

MatureFirst Time

I met my wife at at dancing night club, Nena her long time friend was also single at the time, Passed the time Gloria and I got married and left the nightclubbing, Nena also met a guy and marry him. I liked Nena just like a good old friend we could have long conversations in Spanish, my wife's Spanish was more limited. About six years later Nena becomes a widow. Her husband leaves her a nice life insurance sum, and Nena goes crazy blowing the money, she gets a face lift, and a nice set of big boobs, also a luxury car among other things that we don't know yet. Nena goes back to the dating routi… Read more

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Ayesha The Hijabi Slut 6 (Sister-In-laws)

Lesbian SexTabooMature

Read the First 5 Parts to get versed in the story :) It was dinner time and everyone was asking Ayesha different questions about her meeting with Arshia and her father who was a big politician and Ayesha repeated the different parts of the fake story that Arshia had cooked up for her family and it worked. They all seemed very impressed by Ayesha that she had met with such a big politician and he had praised her however Ayesha's father Arshad was a bit sad as Ayesha had told him that Arshia's father won't be able to help him at the moment because the elections are near and he can't get into an… Read more

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Forbidden love

TabooLesbian SexMature

Based on a true story I am Clair female 40 yrs. The darkness of the evening was cool and breathtaking. The thunder howled from outside. Crashing on the window. The lights dimmed.as if by a ghost. (On and off). My cat ran into my bed ..drifting into a slumber I lay.. when I saw auntkim enter .. she and I had been close. The storm blowing my robe up. - unbuckle aunt Kim slithered into bed. I felt a pressure between my legs.. I lifted . Hearing a moan as she massaged between my legs. Hands pushed me down. As my body lifted as if in a fairytale. I felt cool breaths as lips touched my vagina… Read more

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My Home 2

HardcoreGroup SexMature

I am 25 , 5’ 6’’ tall with a 36 30 36 fair skinned body, married to a moderately high class family at Cochin where I was turned into a horny cock loving slut (which I was even before longing for) by my Father in Law and a couple of his friends.i made Hema play with me for some more time but I knew she was out for another couple of hours since she had cum so heavily. I too was tired but I was still horny. I switched off the video and went for a bath planning to go out to get some luck. I wore a thin pink see through sar… Read more

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The upstairs woman Blanche


So, when I was fifteen we had a lady living on the 3rd floor of the building I lived in. Mrs Buonafina, was her name, but insisted I call her Blanche She loved garden and would often pay me small sums to dig up the garden, and to weed it. My parents had an arrangement, it was my job to take the trash to the street, mow the lawns, shovel the snow, fix plumbing and electrical issues – all for free. One day Blanche calls my parents and asked if they could send me upstairs to fix a leaky faucet. They said I’d be up shortly. When I get there she tells me it’s in the bathroom and to go in. Once I g… Read more

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Addicted to AMPs: Jewel Spa (First Visit)


Addicted to AMPs: Jewel Spa (Jersey City - First Visit) Since ‘The Man’ had many sites removed or blocked on the Internet last April, it has been tough as hell to locate good reviews for many MPs. Using good old research, I was able to put a little list together, and have slowly been (ahem) testing them out for you. Our first test run (since my heyday of visiting Times Square MPs in the 70s through the early 90s), was Jewel Spa located in the Jersey City Heights area. This place is an AMP lover’s dream in terms of location. It’s not actually located inside the house which it is addr… Read more

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Seduced by my Stepmother

MatureSex HumorHardcore

When I was still young my mother died in a car accident, and for the next few years it was just me and my father Ted. My father did his best for me, but he could never fill my mothers shoes, but then as I reached my late teens he met another woman called Mary. Mary was a tall redheaded woman in her mid thirties, she had an amazing figure that she looked after with regular trips to the gym, and the few times I saw her in a bathing suit I could see why my father liked her so much. It wasn't long before they got married, and once again I had a mother, even if it was just a step one. Once Mary mov… Read more

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Rashidha Chapter 15: Craving sluts


Well, I haven`t uploaded in a while. But I think that it`s a bit repetitive. For me, it`s normal. I don`t know if I should write some usual/daily things that happen to me. I`ll let you guys decide; If I get responses, I will. Now, let`s get on with the story. As you guys know, I`m slutty by nature and I always try to push things further. I like trying daring things and my dad succeeds into findings the best humiliation for me. Well, humiliation isn`t just a daughter game. It`s a mom game as well. Many of you guys like when I talk about my mom. I do too. I love her so much; Her and her body.… Read more

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My 2nd encounter with a Maldivian lady.


Hi guys. This is my 4th story. Hope u enjoyed the other 3 stories. This is about another Maldivian lady I had sex with. We had a relationship for about 2 years. The story starts like this. Maldivian lady was working with me in the same showroom. Her name was Shany. So we see each other very often. We became friends n I did ask her to find n give me a girl who can be with me. So she said ok n was chatting with me online n calling me once in awhile. And one day she asked me if she can be my girlfriend. She was 4 years elder than me n a divorced lady too with one k**. So I said y not since sh… Read more

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Earning a good promotion


I had arranged a meeting with my Boss at his office that afternoon; I wanted to ask him for a promotion, considering I was able to carry out some tasks that now were not being developed by anyone else. When I closed the door behind me, my Boos got up from his chair at his desk. Then I could see he had his pants at his ankles and his hard cock was slowly being stroked in his hand. The bastard had a terrible look of pure lust all over his face. I took a breath and grinned; knowing what he did want from me… Without a word, I just took off my blouse out, revealing my round boobs with m… Read more

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Drunk Wife Past Out

MatureGroup SexVoyeur

Mrs s is 5”4, nice tits with nice nipples that get so hard when she is horny. I love seeing her fucked by other men So, one day a couple we know was having a party on the Saturday night but on the Saturday morning the wife's did a walk for a cancer charity so us husband took the wife's for dinner on the Saturday afternoon at a nice restaurant that we all enjoy. I made sure she wore a nice short blue dress that showed her body, and showed off her gorgeous goddess’s breasts. After dinner we when to our friends place for the party and the wifes was drinking white wine all afternoon well, actually… Read more

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Casino Lucky

Interracial SexMature

No, I was so close! my mind screamed. Frantically, I turned and swung my right leg over Mike's face and positioned my wet, gaping pussy over his mouth. Jamaal had just been fucking me with everything he had, when he had abruptly stopped. “I was so close" I whispered. Then just as he was sliding his heavy cock out of me, I wiggled out from under him and mounted my husbands’ face. He had been kneeling on the bed next to us taking pictures and lazily jerking off. “Lick me, honey. Lick me, and make me cum,” I pleaded to my husband. “Shove your tongue into me. “Fuck me with your tongue. Make me cu… Read more

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A tipsy evening with Avril

First TimeMatureMasturbation

When my husband indulged himself this summer with two golf trips, I decided I needed a short break in the sun. I was perfectly happy to take myself off to a sunny island for a long lazy week but when I told my neighbour and friend Avril about it, she suggested a twosome. Two cut a long story short, a few weeks later we found ourselves sharing a twin room in a luxury hotel in Madeira and spent a blissful time sunbathing, drinking, eating and shopping. On the last night, we decided to leave the packing until morning. We were both tired and decided to stay in, relax on the balcony, and enjoy som… Read more

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Katie the office slut fucked by the boss


Katie, wife, mother of three, monogamous for all my married life, well until about a year ago when I went into sexual overdrive, a mature woman who knew what she wanted - cock and the more I got the more I want. My changing sex life is there to be seen in pictures and stories. After many years of one man, one cock I have lost count of how many cocks have stuffed my holes during the last 12 months, strangers, Harry’s friends, my friends ex partners, customers, twenty truckers and counting and last Christmas I was fucked sensele… Read more

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Katie's online search for stranger cock part


Katie goes online in search of cock continued... Malc needed no permission and fingers were quickly rubbing my pussy. He pulled me up and drew my face towards his and stuck his tongue straight down my throat. I don’t usually kiss much, ‘don’t kiss me, just fuck me’ being my motto, but I liked his confidence, his control and his finger technique was spot on . I came very quickly and he held onto me, firmly, still kissing me, making me squirm as I was struggling to cope with the sensation, ‘fucking hell, fucking hell’ I cr… Read more

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Daddy and Mommy Seduce Tracy


"Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! You fucking bastard! Fuck me like I'm Tracy...Fuck me like I'm Tracy..." Tonya was growling into her husband's neck as his thick cock drilled in and out of her tight ass. Her pussy was done. He'd been pounding away at it off and on for a couple of hours, and it needed to rest. Todd's thick cock was hard, and abusive on her soft, fleshy, wet insides. He had left her pussy sore, red, and inflamed after so much pounding, and squirting. Her clit was on fire from the hard grinding from his pelvis. Now, her ass hole was getting to be a victim. "Yeah? You want fucked li… Read more

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bending over does not mean fuck my ass


As I waited for the front door to be answered a strange voice said "may I help you." Somewhat surprised I said, "I'm Roger I'm here for Judy." With that the door opened and a big, older woman I did not know announced "Hello. I'm Judy's mom Sylvia. Judy told me to tell you she tried to call you to tell you she had to go to work at the last minute, but your answering machine never picked up." Now I remembered Judy said her mom was coming into town. I must admit I was curious about her because Judy has said derisively her mom is way bigger and older looking. Judy thinks I like younger women and… Read more

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