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Enjoying a pleasant costume party


While living in L.A., the New Year meeting celebration of my loving husband’s office was decided to be a costume party. A banquet room in a one of the local hotels was rented and there we had the costume party on the last Saturday of the year. It was supposed to be a grand affair and it was supposed to be a mystery costume party...meaning that we were supposed to leave our costumes on all night long and nobody could tell anybody who they really were. My husband Victor went as Batman and I went as Cat Woman. My costume was really very sexy and great; it consisted of a tight one pi… Read more

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Slut: Take my wife part 4


Part 4 It had been just over two weeks since the night James opened up to me about his voyeuristic pleasures, watching his wife get fucked by other cocks. The night was the greatest sexual thrill of my entire life, as James gave me the go ahead, and I actually got the unbelievable opportunity, to fuck his ex stripper slut hot wife in her very kinky lingerie. Suzi had partially covered her fantastic 34G-23-34 body in a leather look Waspie, black seamed stockings attached to the garters and the most salacious black soft leather thigh length boots, which I found out were her trademark, during h… Read more

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Fun at the wedding Part 1 of 2. The mother in law


I had been determined to consummate my marriage on our wedding night. When drinking with our next door neighbors Jill and Keith , they revealed that they hadn't, and that it was quite common. We asked around and found it to be true. So on the big day, Ann-Marie and myself had been telling each other what we were going do to each other later. The day went well,and most people had either gone home , or went to their room, in the hotel where we got married. I couldn't see my new wife but found my new mother in law Samantha. Sexy Sam I always called her. She was only 19 years older than Ann-Marie… Read more

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His father takes me by surprise. Unfulfilled dream


A friend of mine and I are neighbors in a beautiful isolated country side setting near a small water way cove about a half mile away on the opposite side of the thick ruins. He lives with his dad in which I often make excuses to be close to as much as possible without being discovered by either one. So, early one bright and beautiful school morning I wait for my friend to get on the school bus before going to his place because I knew his dad would be there getting ready for a hard days work in the fields with his men. So, I briskly journey to his house and knock on the front door. His dad a… Read more

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Married women 4 - Daniela


Very early one fine summer morning on one of my days off my first and new cell-phone woke me up. I didn’t recognize the number, it was an SMS seemingly coming from a woman who wished me a nice morning in a very sunny tone. I answered it promptly, asked her who she was and why she had to get me out of bed so early in the morning. Of course I got no answer. However, I persisted! A few hours later I wrote again, saying that she was obviously very young, since elder people knew how to apologize. After that we had a long and very funny conversation over the next days and weeks, which her husband kn… Read more

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Sleeping With Beauty Part 3


Prince ran rapidly, back to his damsel in distress. What did they mean exactly when they shouted out behind him ‘kiss her on the lips, the ones you find on her face?’ He puzzled, what? How did they know? Did they? He recollected what his haggard old nanny had once confided, that though people could well be asleep they did indulge in somnambulism as well as sleep walking amongst other things. He had often wondered what those other things were and had even asked and then begged her to tell him but she had always replied with ‘Some things are best kept secretly hidden away in memory my c***d’ b… Read more

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Mom friend my first

FetishTabooFirst Time

Late in my youth my parents had to leave for europe. They didnt want me to be alone for a month. We had a family friend that lived a few houses away from us. My parents asked if i can stay with her when they were gone. I knew her since i was small. An older divorced woman. She was a bigger woman. Wore glasses. With big breasts but well dressed. I had always loved how she dressed. Always in stockings and high heels and some kind of necklace hanging down into her cleavage. In my first year of university. I was a shy chubby young man. Never had a a woman before. Too shy to even try. That friday… Read more

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Mature Maggie Gets a BBQ Breeding


[Contains: M/Mature F, Hardcore, Impregnation & Babymaking] I couldn't believe my luck – all my friends were going down to the beach, and I had to help my parents with a BBQ they were throwing. I had tried all the excuses I could think of but they weren't buying it. “I've paid for you to study at University for 2 years, Ron” my father said. “It's the least you can do.” So, I eventually gave in and agreed to help with the cooking and drinks. As my parents friends started to arrive, I did the usual thing of being pleasant and polite and making small talk with people who I had known for… Read more

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Anna married Rod Shelby in 1959. At first all seemed bright for them as they bought a house in a small nearby town with money Anna had inherited from her grandparents, her grandfather dying from a heart attack in 1958 and his wife just six months later. They went on honeymoon in the new state of Hawaii all thanks to Anna’s inheritance of course. Within a year she had her son Blake and daughter Emily two years later. Rod worked as a bulk truck driver for a dairy cooperative and went around participating farmers to collect fresh milk. I sometimes went with him when I Wasn,t in school and witness… Read more

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The Yong Amazons Part 3


Young Amazons Part 3 Recap of parts 1 and 2: Edward and James are Fitters in the Albion Army. Their colleagues had been caught, tortured and executed by two ruthless young Amazons. The girls had stalked the two surviving men and caught them and beaten them up. They had led them bound and naked through the forest. They had come across a four man Albion Army patrol. The young girls had confronted the men and butchered three of them instantly. The fourth was milked of his semen before being castrated and killed. The two beautiful young Amazons, Thong and Tight Skirt, now led the men on leads att… Read more

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underwear fun part 3

MasturbationTabooGroup Sex

After Jim had gone I set about cleaning the knickers we had spunked on along with the other items for good measure and put them back in my sister's room. The weekend passed uneventfully - my sister often stayed with friends over the weekend as this was easier in terms of her going out socialising. I didn't see Jim, but that wasn't anything unusual as we would quite often go for periods of not seeing each other and just doing our own thing. I was itching to get back to having the house to myself again. The following week began with the sense of relief that my parents and sister would be going… Read more

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Cray day at the football! Just WOW!! Must Read!


Holy fuck, what an afternoon! I'll try and paint the picture, but i'm still slightly in shock and super fucking horny lol! Went to an away game today, few beers then got to my seat about 5 minutes before kick off. Was pleasantly surprised when i realisied i'd be seated next to an extremely sexy young teen chav. At a guess, i'd say she was a foster c***d, as she was with 2 old aged people she called Mum and Dad, council estate types, wow was she unruly! We were all seated in a old football stand, extremely busy, seats extremely close to one an other and a sold out allocation. It all started ex… Read more

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Mrs Wilkinson Pt 2

First TimeTaboo

Mrs Wilkinson took me by the hand, led me indoors and sat me down upon the settee. She poured us each a glass of wine and then placed her arm around me. "Are you a virgin? Have you had sex yet" she asked. "What" I stuttered back. "Have you had a fuck yet !" She said matter of factly. I explained about my aborted couple of tries and she smiled and said "I think its time for you to learn. Would you like me to teach you?". I went ridged and said "I think Mrs Wilkinson I should leave". "Dont be silly and its Hazel OK!" She brought her hand onto my crotch. "I can feel you really really don't wa… Read more

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She was desperate and I had cash


Chapter I - Surprise! She would never give me the time of day in school. Hell sh e wouldn't even look my way unless it was to immediately look off as if anything was more important than me. This hurt and I used to jack off thinking about here almost every night from 7th grade until my mid twenties. Her name was Becca, she was a cheerleader with perfect stocky proportions like an olympic gymnast. No fat on her entire body just rock fucking hard. God I bet I shot 10 gallons of cum just dreaming about how tight , hot and wet she'd be. Well, time went by and I changed. Put on about 60… Read more

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Mending fences


Well the wife was going out of town yet again on her business trip and I needed to go to the farm and catch up on chores. Our farm is in the middle of nowhere and off the road quite apiece. So, Saturday morning I loaded up and headed out. The usual task were at hand, mowing weed eating and checking fences etc. I gassed the Kubota and started my day. A pleasant summer day great temperatures nice sun, all was well. As the day wore on, the sun and heat increased and I was soon stripping of my clothes and mowing nude, something I loved. I love being naked. The day was moving quite well and then c… Read more

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Natasha's first cock

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I turned the dial and the cascading water in the shower reduced to a drip. Wrapping a towel around my wet hair I stepped back sliding my hands down my body removing the surplus water. I reached for the fluffy towel I’d placed on the hot bars of the towel rail and began to pat myself dry. I admired myself in the mirror as I dried my back then allowed my towel to drop to the floor. I fondled my breasts making my nipples as hard as I can. I’m almost sixteen but I reckon my breasts are pretty well developed; Mum says that I am looking every inch a young woman. I wrapped the towel around me and st… Read more

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The wedding,of my sis....Liz and John..went ok...the usual..l do...etc.. the cake was cut..and all seem well....lm off to the club,were the reception is being held. mom..and John,s...mom and dad...split the cost,of the wedding...l know its usually the brides, father...but not seen dad..for those 3 years..mom,invited him..at his last known address..but. she didn,t get a reply... l got to the club...went in,and got myself a pint...asked the landlord.were was the reception. upstairs to your right..thanks l said....l climbed the stairs...music got just a little louder... and the sound of chatting,… Read more

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PART 1 As a young boy at school I found it very embarasing going for a piss in the toilet with other boys staring at my huge young prick. When I reached puberty it was many times bigger when erect . As I was always randy I used to go into a cubicle in the school toilet to have a horny wank . I soon found that the adjoining cubicles all having big peepholes had young boys wanking while watching me wank. I loved the idea of the boys watching me wanking my big cock through the peep holes When I felt my hard erect prick tingling ready to cum. I wriggled over to the peep hole and inserted m… Read more

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A peaceful place in the woods


That Tuesday at midday I decided to change the usual way I had my lunch at office. Instead of walking just to blocks to a fine little Italian restaurant, I decided to get my car and spent that free hour close to the lake banks. It was surrounded by a pine wood and the view around was nice and peaceful. I opened the driver’s door all the way and put my feet outside. Then I closed my eyes and enjoyed the silence and the peace around me. A sudden noise made me open my eyes and then out of nowhere a bearded huge man came up to my side and reached through the door, grabbing the car keys out of t… Read more

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Married women 3 - Anita

TabooInterracial Sex

Many years ago I was a board member for a sports club. We were in desperate need of a new clubhouse, and money was scarce. We had a good project, but didn’t know how to get it going, so we decided to involve the public and to sell shares. We had high expectations – but there was a lot of work to be done! I can’t tell you how many people I visited with my plans, statistics and photos. Sometimes we got commitments, sometimes excuses, but I’d say about half the time I left the people either with a signature or at least with a very good feeling. One evening I was sitting in the living-room of An… Read more

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