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Two Sexy Daughter

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Chapter 1 It was Friday night and my eldest daughter wanted to go out for a disco. Being a 19 year old girl she loved to get out and party. After my divorce, she and her sister had come to live with me and we were very close. During the weekend my younger daughter had gone on holiday to the beach so Caitlin was alone at home with me. Natalie (My second daughter) would be coming back in two or three days time. I decided I would drop Caitlin off. "We are late!, " she said as she rushed down the stairs after an hour changing session. I could have told her that it was due to that we were late… Read more

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Mother teaches her first lesson.

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Over the next week Jerry spent many nights thinking of his mother. Things were getting tougher in school. He was feeling more and more left out. John was still moving from girl to girl while he couldn't even get a first date. He attempted talking to Sherry one day when he saw her having her lunch alone under a tree. He went over to her and made up a story. Said he had lost the days assignment for a class they had in common. "Sure Jerry, I have it right here in my notebook," she said. He sat down beside her as she started looking through the pages. "So what do you have planned for this week… Read more

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Panty Magic

FetishGay MaleTaboo

I love wearing panties and tights (pantyhose) stockings with suspenders under my day clothes. I get so turned on thinking that no one knows about my secret. I was in the local gay club the other night and badly needed a piss, as there was no one in, i just dropped my jeans and pulled my cock out of my panties and fuck me, didm't a guy walk in on me. He stood there and looked at my cock out of my red panties, at my red suspender belt and red stocking and just said "Wow, I love those" I was a bit pissed off and said "No need to make fun I love wearing this gear" He said "I am being serious, loo… Read more

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The slut sister pt 1


My sister is eighteen years old, she is a complete slut. We live in a massive house and my parents don't give a fuck about either of us. They hardly live here at the house as it is, they just leave a credit card and disappear for weeks on end, so this allows my sister to bring guys home whenever she wants. And trust me she does, she brings a different guy home each night I woke up In the middle of the night and got out of bed, I had only my boxers on as I climbed out. I could hear a noise down the hall and went to investigate. I sneaked to the door of my sisters room and slowly pushed it ope… Read more

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Milking my mother


Part 1 Let's start by saying that this isn't one of those stories where the mother has made it rich or is the perfect ten in every aspect. But how do I describe my mother? The woman who birthed me almost twenty years ago and has done her best to provide me with all I could ever need. I couldn't have asked for a more loving parent even if I'd wanted to. If I needed support in any way, she's always been there to pick me up and dust me off and then tell me everything will be ok. That no matter what she'll a… Read more

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Mother's Problem

TabooFirst TimeMature

Patricia was admiring her body. The mirror reflected a bombshell beauty. She was thirty-eight, but she still had it where it counted. At five feet and six inches, Patricia was a woman who had taken care of her body. After only one c***d, she still had perky and bouncy breasts, tight abs and an incredible ass that had been sculpted even more by the squat routine she did every morning and right before bed. The total package was completed by lovely smooth skin, which was pale. There weren't any wrinkles on the cor… Read more

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Painting my mother


Hi, I'm Ben. This is the story about my mother and me. It begins with the familiar return from college and a difficult re-insertion into the home life that I had left four years earlier and had not been part of except for Christmas holidays and the summer after my first year. Each summer after that I had worked a dream job as part of the crew for a company chartering sailboats in the Caribbean. I did that for the first two months after graduation but, due to the sagging economy, the company was forced to let me… Read more

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My Stepmother's Milk

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

My father remarried a few years after divorcing my mom. He literally ran into another woman on his way out of the court house. Depressed and in need of company, he invited the woman out for coffee the next morning. I didn’t get to see Pamela for a few months. I knew my father was going out with her, but she never really came around the house. They always went out. After returning home one drunken night my father confided in me that he didn’t want to bring another woman around the house if she wasn’t going to last. He said that I didn’t need that, especially after just losing my mother. My f… Read more

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Truth or Dare (with sister)

TabooFetishFirst Time

She came into my room then sat on the end of my bed, smiled, tilted her head then said “Hey, what are you doing?” “What does it look like, I’m reading.” She jostled her butt which caused her tits to jiggle, she’d left her bra in a drawer. “What?” “A fucking book, a good fucking book, what the hell do you want?” My sister sighed deeply, “I’m bored.” “And ---, what should I do about it? Go watch TV or something, don’t you have to fold laundry and vacuum before mom comes home?” Erin leaned toward me, snatched the book fr… Read more

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The Unspoken Game


Introduction: Bryce's and his step sister Samantha, start playing an inappropriate game. Mom catches them and things escalate. enjoy! :) The driveway was empty when I pulled in at the end of my academic school day. It was just starting to turn dark when I got out of the car and headed into the house, enjoying the calming sensation of the warm early summer breeze on my skin. It was good to finally be home after a long day of studying. I walked over to the front door, my heavy bag on my shoulder, and turned… Read more

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My Daughter's Sweet Milk


Part One My wife, Amanda and I were sitting on the couch watching some Netflix and finishing some Chinese takeout when I heard a knock at the back door. "What now?" I grumbled as I paused our show and got up to make my way through the house to see who it was. As I entered the kitchen I could see through the window in the door that it was my daughter. "Hey Jules, what are y..." I started asking as I opened the door for her. As she raised her head, I barely recognized the girl I saw in front of me. Her makeup ra… Read more

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Mother & Son - when lust takes over

TabooMatureFirst Time

Alison closed the door behind her and left a sigh of disappointment as she watched out of the window to see the car disappear. Another attempt to date, another failure. Jake was a great guy, handsome , smart and successful but that wasn’t enough for Alison. In a couple of weeks it would be 7 years since her husband’s death but she still couldn’t find the strength to move on. She was a gorgeous woman, her juicy curvy body and her beautiful face were always the centre of attention everywhere she went. Being so wanted and knowing that every man was extremely jealous of her husband was very flatte… Read more

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"I want to make it clear," she whispered into my ear as her hand rubbed the buldge in my shorts,"what we do here doesn't leave the room!" Her brown eyes looked deep into me. I shuttered a "Uh-huh." Everything was moving so fast as she leaned into my neck and pressed her lips against my skin. She took my hand and slid it up her short tight skirt. I felt the heat radiating from between her toned tan legs. I moved two fingers inside her. It was warm, wet. She let out a soft sexy moan which made it even more stimulating. I couldn't believe my luck or was it?? Two weeks earlier, I wasn't sure if c… Read more

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Kinky old Joan longs for kissing, fingering, pissi


Joan, a savvy and elegant lady had lived a very varied life and was an incurable romantic softy when it came to finding good satisfying sex. Now 68 years old and widowed for two years she desperately missed her husband who had shared her unusual turn on. That was to get her bladder nice and full, then move to lots of deep tongue kissing followed by extreme petting and fingering her hairy cunt and arse and as her climax built, letting out piss squirts. When it came… Read more

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Memorial Day Memories (Cuckold)


On this holiday, I always think about the time my 2nd wife and I went to a private club's Memorial Day renewal party. You had to buy a $20 membership every year and they always held their renewal parties on Memorial Day weekend. My wife was a beautiful 25 year old, with long legs, small perky tits and dark brown wavy hair. She really did have a "Victoria's Secrets" fashion model look to her, and she was the constant cause of attention from gentlemen. Especially when she drank. When my wife drank, there wasn't a soul on earth that she wouldn't fuck. She just wouldn't do it around me. I had t… Read more

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Good Mom


Today is the big day. Charlotte stood at the foot of her bed with her costume laid out before her. The classic schoolgirl outfit still sent her heart skipping. The idea of dressing so erotically was not new to her but thinking about the intended partner gave her a warm feeling deep in her core. Charlottes best friend Violet had convinced her of this particular one. Saying it went well with her chestnut brunette hair and chocolate eyes. The two of them had put this whole party together for one purpose. Charlotte was, with the help of Violet, finally going to fuck her son Michael. The party was… Read more

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Gorgeous Mother

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

On the night of my son's s*******nth birthday, it was a Friday, he had whispered into my ear. "My next birthday, my eighteenth, is on a Saturday mom." "Yes darling, I know that," I had replied, "why mention it now?" He looked me in the eye, and said, "You are the most incredibly beautiful woman on earth mom. I have not only loved you all my life, I have been in love with you all of my life too." I had been the one whose knee he had sat on, the one who I had comforted while he was growing up. I shared all of his problems, I had loved him unconditionally. His father had never done that, so h… Read more

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Soccer Mom

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I am a soccer mom, hopelessly and forever. It's like I've heard some men say, "Once a Marine, always a Marine". Well it's the same for me. Dean is 23 now and is doing post graduate work at Upton College but I still call myself a soccer mom. He was only 13 when his dad took off and I was left to raise him and his sister Toni on my nurse's salary. We must have gone to scores and scores of games together, mostly here in town but occasionally, and especially at tournament time, to away games in towns nearby. It was a special time in our lives. Now here we are 10 years later and they're both out… Read more

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"Oh yes Dad"

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

"Oh go fuck yourself," I heard Dad shout and the front door slammed. I sobbed in my room, the row had lasted for a good hour and was just the latest in many since Christmas. My tears splattered my books. I was trying to revise for exams and couldn't because of the upheaval in the family. I heard footsteps on the path and looked out of the window. Mum was marching off down the street, her head high and arms swinging, but I knew she was hurting inside. She had told me countless times, that she wanted her own space, but couldn't find the way to tell Dad. Why she told me I don't know, but being… Read more

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Mom and Son

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

It started one afternoon when my son and I were watching a movie together on the couch. I don't even remember now what we were watching. He came in the room with a bowl of popcorn just like always, and halfway through the movie we were snuggled up together, the bowl now empty. My son and I had always been close, and physical touch was very normal for us. We'd always kissed on the lips to greet each other, and admittedly there were a few nights more recently since he turned 18 when one or both of us got tipsy that the goodnight kiss seems to linger just a second longer than normal. So we were… Read more

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