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CockChurch, the Temple

Attending church is a monthly requirement for each member, a special ritual that takes place at a specific day and time each month. While we are devoted to the service of Cock every day, this monthly meeting is mandatory for all congregants to attend. This ritual summons Priapus into our lives and we exalt Him with our lust and debauchery, feeding on the all powerful Cock and Cum! It is transformational....and I could feel my entire being changing. I said earlier that I felt like a "Cockpire", needing to feed on Cock and Cum like a vampire needs to feed on blood!
The congregation arrives throughout the early evening, s**ttered so as not to draw attention. My friend Dale and I arrived early and restlessly lounged outside the temple, smoking pot and drinking a special "potion" our priest had made. Soon my whole body was on fire and my excitement was very noticeable. Slowly, more worshippers arrived, 15 men of all different ages and status, all nude and all ready for what was ahead!. I thought my friend and I were the youngest here, but then I recognized a familiar face....someone who I went to school with and was in the class below me. I don't know if he recognized me and I didn't think it would be right to approach him, as he was with an older man who was staying close to him and seemed very possessive. We were all partaking of the cocktails and I felt at ease standing naked in front of these strangers.
When the designated hour came, our priest summoned us into the churches temple. It was the same room that he had showed me earlier that week. I was the last to enter with my friend, and everyone was lined around the curtained walls and our priest was seated at the throne at the far end of the room. The lighting was dim, only candles lit the area. I was introduced as a new member, with my friend Dale and our priest personally vouching for me. I stood in front of everyone, my Cock fully erect, and told all present that Priapus was my God and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life in service to Cock. I was lead to the throne and nealt down at his feet. When he sat at his throne, his Cock and balls out front and in the open, beautiful thick throbbing Cock ready to be worshipped.
I leaned forward, saying my Cock prayers as I kissed and mouthed his shaft...then took his Cock in my mouth. As I Worshipped Him, he started chanting and gyrating his hips. Then everyone in the room started chanting and praying various Cock prayers and exaltations to Priapus as they moved forward. All of a sudden there was Cock all around me....over me....on me.....in me! I was engulfed in the pure heat of Priapus, Cock everywhere, all the congregants feeding me their holy meat. I had Cock on my forehead, neck, ears, back, chest, stomach, mouth, throat! Their sweet musky smells filled my head, their shafts leaked Gods juices in my mouth as I made love to Cock....my hands choking shaft, rubbing balls, petting shaft!
As I worshipped each member in our group gang bang, others were worshipping me. Their mouths engulfed my throbbing shaft, the pleasure indiscribabl, sucking my Cock...rubbing theirs all over me....hands everywhere! I could see different groups making love all around me and with me! It was an orgy of Cocklovers, superheated throbbing mass of man meat.....the sounds of Cock being slurped, ass being fucked, prayers chanting begging Priapus to come and fill our lust with His Love! I tried to pray and chant as much as I could, but there was so much Cock in my mouth and down my throat, there was not a lot of time for that! My friend stayed with me most of this time, but I did see him going to other groups as well to pay homage to our other members as well. The younger guy I recognized from school came to me with his older friend in tow (definitely the jealous type). I looked up in his eyes and I could tell he recognized me as well. He was a cute guy, no hair on his body....smooth clean and sexy......holding his beautiful Cock in his fist as he offered it to me for worship. I took him in my mouth and he whole room stopped for that instant, as I made love to him alone for that instant and his energy charged my lust!
That instant was fleeting as his partner pulled him away and grudgingly offered me his Cock. It was not like the other Cocks I had worshipped up to that point and he didn't spend much time in worship with me (thankfully). I sensed he was not a true worshipper and realized that not all Cock was equal!
Time was something I had lost track of as we all relished in the glory of Cock! The ritual was at its peak when I felt his familiar hands on my back and his voice in my ear. It wa my bast friend, my sponsor who introduced me to this life. He whispered in his husky voice that our priest had told him that he was to fuck my ass and inject Gods seed in me when the holy hour came. I could tell that we were reaching a peak in worship as the room grew more intense, the chanting and praying more feverish and all our Cocks near explosion! His fantastic Cock slid in my tight ass as I was sucking two Cocks at the same time. The priest then announced Priapus was entering the temple and everyone started praising God and Cock, hips thrusting as our Cocks rose to a single throbbing mass!
Then he took my Cock in his mouth, my throbbing shaft deep in his throat. My ass worshipped my friends fantastic Cock as I sucked two beautiful shafts that were flowing sweet pre juices in my mouth.....both hands stroking other Cocks! The heat felt intense, the temperature of the room making us all sweat, the smell of Cock in our noses.
The first pulse came at the precise moment the priest had said it would. As if on cue, everyone exploded at the same time! Oth of the Cocks I was worshipping flooded my mouth with Gods Nectar and I could feel their power fuse inside me! The power of my friends Cum exploded with a force straight to my soul and combined with the juices flowing down my throat sent a surge of lust fueled power through my entire being, which focused on my Cock....which was throbbing, pulsing and pumping my holy Nectar down my priests throat in a surge of glory! God had entered our temple and acknowledged our devotion...His power running throughout all of our Cocks!!
Holy Cum flowed inside and outside my body. Almost everyone had given me their seed, and I didn't have enough openings to receive it all. On my back, chest, ass, neck....everywhere.....their hot nectar flowed over me. Cock rubbing its juices over me, the sounds of their spent meat slapping me.....sounds of slurping on Cock filled my brain!! We all fell into a ball of flesh on the cushions on the floor. Holy seed was all over me and they started licking, kiss, slurping the juices from my body....then kissing my mouth with their Cummy lips and tongues!
We rejoiced for a long time like that, the taste and smell and feel of the night all around and in us! I was a member of the church, a Worshipper of Cock and follower of Priapus! He had entered my life at that moment, the day and hour where the power of Cock is at its peak, and I was filled with His seed....infused with His lust!! I dozed off for a short while in the arms of my fellow lovers and when I woke up, there was only a few of us left! It was almost morning and we had to leave before dawn....Cock worshippers of the night!!
My friend and I left together, went back to his place and fell asleep naked in each other's arms....still sticky with the sex of our orgy on us!!
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OMG this is so HOT... just thinking of having 15 guys all hard and feeling hard yummy Cocks all over my body and then all that hot cum shooting all over me and in me then licking and kissing... mmmmmmmmmm
6 months ago
Worship of Cock is in all men who lust for the flesh and seed!
9 months ago
I need be a part Church of Cock!
9 months ago
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