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Finally fulfilled my fantasy

So here I was working away on Friday afternoon, and it's getting closer to end of day. I notice that all of the managers are gone, and pretty much all of the people I work with. Sitting at my desk area I stand up, and notice that I am the last one here. I decide since no one else is around, and I don't really want to go home for a few minutes before going out again, I will just stick around, and listen to some music. I crank it up, and start listening to some Eldamar, Now I am sure no one has heard of this, but it is Atmospheric Black Metal. Mostly instrumental with screaming lyrics. It is truly something great.

So with that I am just surfing a little bit, and absorbing the music, I jump all of a sudden as there is a person standing right beside me I never even noticed. I pause my music, and apologize for how loud it is. I don't want to get into trouble, and I mention that I will turn it down. Shaking her head she says there is no need, we are the only 2 people left in the building, and she is liking what she is hearing. We begin to chat a little bit, and since I never really spoke to her before I am really learning what she is actually like. Usually we just "Hey" in the hallway and that's the extent, but now there is something more for a change.

She is a beautiful Blond woman about 5'5" probably 140lbs (muscle), perfect ass, and breasts. (Or I imagine) beautiful legs, wears glasses (turns me on), and now has a personality that is getting better by the minute of talking. I seem to be doing most of the talking, but she is listening intently, to everything I say about the music. I finally let her have a couple of words, and she decides to sit down with me, and talk more about music. Apparently she plays the cello for fun. I am now just getting giddy with this girl because she has become almost the most attractive person ever.

She looks me in the eyes, and begins to talk more about her playing, and looking for a new way to approach the instrument. I mention to her about a few bands that are cello's, and some how she has never heard of them before. This blows my mind! Then she lifts her leg, and begins to rub her foot through the shoes she is wearing. I notice this, and ask if she has sore feet? She does, and I am feeling emboldened I ask if she would like a foot rub? She gives me a "your fucking nuts" look, and shakes her head. "Why? I ask curiously. I don't mind, and I am sure it will help your sore feet. If you feel uncomfortable I understand, it is very forward of me to ask to touch your feet.

"I am not wearing socks, and I am sure they stink." She replies.

"Easily taken care of if you like. Why don't you go wash them really quick, and then come back here, the floor is clean, and they won't be very dirty from the sink to my desk. " I say. She looks at me again, and gives a slight nod. Walks away to what I hope is the washroom, to wash her feet. Coming back she sits down again across from me, and puts her feet up on my lap.

"Okay." Looking at me expectantly, and frightened a bit I take her size 6.5's in my hands, and begin to massage her soles, and heels first. She looks at me with pleasure, not knowing what to expect. "This is the first time I have ever had a foot massage. You are making me very relaxed." Almost like butter she slides back in her chair a little bit, and completely relaxes. I continue working the soles, and toes for about 15 minutes before switching feet.

I have to say that these are the smallest, and loveliest softest feet I have ever had pleasure to rub, and massage. They are so cute, and she had on Poppy red nail polish that was driving me crazy. I tried to not let it show, but I think I adjusted in my seat, and she could see that I had become very hard. I don't think she minded at all, or didn't care because of how I was making her feel. Once I finished with both feet, I pulled, and rubbed her toes, going from one to the next across all 10. She moved a little bit, and brushed her foot up against my cock, and I was pretty sure it was on purpose, because she gave a smile, and said "Oh my are you a little excited?"

"I am sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen, but you are very pretty, and you are allowing me to massage your feet. I don't mean for this happen."

"Oh don't worry about that. I am more surprised that you are turned on. Do you like feet?" She asked with a little excitement in her voice.

"I do like feet. Since I was young, I learned how to give a proper massage for the foot, and I know how to make it relax, and also what part of the body responds to what part of the sole, heel, or toes. Even the ankles have areas that respond to other parts." At which part she begins to rub her foot up against my jeans, and licking her lips, she puts her other foot to my mouth...

"Do you want to taste? I have never had a tongue on my foot, or my toes sucked on. Would you be willing to help me out with that?" At this point I can't believe my luck, and grab her foot again gently kissing the pads of her toes, then using my tongue I begin to lick the sole of her foot. I nibble on her heel, and get a little giggle from her, licking back to her toes I begin to kiss them, and suck on them. Her other foot is still rubbing me through my jeans, she tries to get my zipper with her toes, and undo it, but they are not nimble enough for the job. She leans forward very flexible like, and undoes my zipper with her fingers.

Reaching into my pants, and undoing the button on my boxers, she reaches inside to liberate me from my pants. I spring out, and she leans back a little bit again in the chair letting her foot continue to explore my cock. Meanwhile I have been sucking on her toes, 1, 2, 3... toes in my mouth, and she keeps gasping the more I put into my mouth. I get all 5 of them in there, and run my tongue alone the pads, she just moans a little bit. Until now I never noticed where her hands have been. she is playing with me using foot, one hand up her top playing with her nipples, and the up her skirt rubbing herself.

I get even harder, and pull her foot out of my mouth. Putting it down over my cock, so I can slide it between her feet. She looks at me licking her lips. I reach out offering her my hand, she grasps it, and I pull her over onto me. pulling her panties aside, I slide my cock inside of her, and we both let out a low moan, wanting this so badly. I pull up her top, and bra to bare her breasts which I start to lick, and bounce her up and down on my cock. She grinds on me and in no time I kiss her passionately just before a big hard thrust, and we cum so hard together. She hugs me so close, and we just sit there for what feels like forever. Breathing heavy, and enjoying each other at the moment.

She pulls her top back down, and hops off of me, back onto the chair opposite. We smile at each other looking so satisfied. I break the silence between us, Music is still playing in the background. "That was very fun, and unexpected."

Nodding "I didn't expect that to come from you just massaging my feet. Maybe I got a little too relaxed. I don't think we should repeat this again..."

"At work I mean." She blurts in a hurry. "I want to do that again, and I enjoyed the massage immensely, but I don't think we can repeat the ending at work again. Maybe you can come over tomorrow night, and massage me again?"

"Oh that is a plan, and I would enjoy that. Thank you for making a dream come true. Yes I do mean what we did while at work. What's your address? so I can come over tomorrow"...
Published by smokeylam
9 months ago
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