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Never in my life had I had felt as powerful as I did after that first meeting with the congregation! Not only was my Cock more powerful......thicker, fuller, harder, more intense with steamy spunky energy......but I was physically stronger too! I could run longer, climb higher and lift more weight than ever, my muscles harder and more defined. I was always known as a "bad boy", a loner who was always getting in fights and causing trouble in school and out. I was also a pothead, loved to smoke weed and party every chance I could. I was basically on my on!
For the next week my best and only friend, whose name is Dale, and I took every opportunity to worship each other's Cocks! In his room, in my room, outside in the woods.....we were inseparable and insatiable! We fed our lust for hours on end every day, and our bond cemented in the seed of Cock. But the end of summer vacation was here and schoool was starting again. Jay was off to college, which was hours away. And I was back to the same old high school grind, not into homework or anything else that had to do with it!
Walking the hallways that first day, I was surprised to see a familiar face. It was the guy I recognized at church who was with the older man. He was In the class below me and I must have passed him four times that first morning. He recognized me too....our eyes meeting every time. He was skinny and slightly smaller than me with long brown hair, blue eyes....handsome with clear skin that looked like he didn't get outside that much. I had thought about him every day since meeting him, but I didn't know his name or anything else about him, other than he was a member of the congregation and obviously a Cock Worshipper!
Right before the last period of the day, as I was leaning against a locker, I saw him coming down the hallway. I followed him down a hallway where there were not a lot of people and then walked up and said hello. He was obviously nervous, but stopped and said hi back. I told him my name was Tim and he said his name was Jay. I apologized for for the awkward meetup, but I really wanted to talk to him and didn't know any other time or place where I could introduce myself, other than the obvious, and that was weeks away. He was in a rush to get to class and I couldn't care less about class, so he asked if I could meet him after school at a local fast food place.
I got there before he did and watched as he walked across the parking lot from the same direction I had come from. We sat in the back and were able to talk while eating our fries. I told him that I was glad to see someone my age at the meeting and he said that it was nice for him too. When I asked about the man he was with, he was reluctant to tell me much and changed to conversation to my friend Dale. I to,d him he was my best friend, but that I had only known him for a couple of months. Jay said he knew Dale from the meetings but didn't know much person all about him. I again asked about the guy he was with and then said that I got a bad vibe from him and couldn't understand why he was with him. I didn't let him talk after that and I continued by telling Jay that I wanted to get to k ow him better, if he wanted to. He seemed to almost say no, but then all of a sudden he said OK....but that we had to be discreet.
I invited Jay to my place and we walked back to my house. We sat in the living room, home alone, and talked about everything. I wanted to know as much as I could about him and I sat and listened to his story. When he got to his relationship with the older guy, he changed his tone and seemed embarrassed. The guy was a tutor and they had been together for less than a year and he wanted out of that relationship but ouldny because the guy was possessive and jealous. I asked him if he wanted to be in the church still and he said absolutely....the church was the only reason he was still with the guy.
Once the topic was open about our mutual love of Cock, I told him that when I had been thinking about him everyday since he offered me his Cock during my first meeting at the temple. He said he had been thinking about me too and wondered if I had put a spell on him because he had been dreamt of me and my Cock ever since too!! I stood up and said we should go to me room, that I had something to show him. My Cock was throbbing inside my pants and he said he really wanted o see what that was. As soon as the door closed behind us, I reached out and pulled him close, his back to me as I hugged him tight....pressing my rock hard Cock against his ass as I kissed his neck and rubbed his stomach with one hand and his hard bulge with my other!
Our clothes fell off and we stood face to face grinding our hard Cocks together, our tongues meeting and darting in each other's mouths, our hands grabbing each other's ass cheeks, pulling us in tighter! He skin was smooth and hairless, soft to touch. His Cock was a beautiful cut 6"+ with a full shroom head, hard as rock and smooth shaved balls! Our shafts were rubbing together, sword fighting, and I was praising Cock....and so was he....our prayers turning into a hot nasty Cock worshipping mutterings that were so intense.....me telling him I wanted to choke on his Cock and then lick my spit off his balls and him telling me he wanted me to feed on my Cock until I filled him with my hot sacred Cum.....on and on as we licked, kissed and sucked every inch of each other's bodies!!
We were sucking each other, our Cocks leaking sweet pre into each other's eager mouths, hands caressing, rubbing, squeezing and slapping! His Cock was fantastic....I was breathing in his musk as drove his entire shaft in my throat, my spit mixed with his pre flowing down over his balls.....and I would lick and suck this hot mix from his smooth sack, then throat his shaft again!! He was returning the love right back.....my Cock on fire in his mouth and throat!! The sound of our worship was overwhelming! Priapus was with us and our lust was electricity flowing through and around us....I felt like I was frozen in time again, just like the time he offered me his Cock in worship at the temple!
We went from 69 Cock to Cock, rolled around and sucked each other one at a time, then changed positions again and again. Jay was a true worshipper and he was so hot! My Cock listened to every word he prayed to it and his heat made me throb and flow Gods pre juices in his eager mouth.....while he fed me holy pre juices at the same time! Our worship was reaching our peak and we both sensed that we were close......our Nectar trapped inside under pressure and needing to release! Lying on our sides I took Jays Cock in my mouth, his balls in one hand and his ass in the other and made passionate love to him.....his whole body tensing, then twitching, then his Cock started pulsing and throbbing his hot offering to me.....his hips thrusting as he moaned and shook Gods seed into me eager mouth! He filled me with his seed and I felt the power of Priapus grow inside me, and I felt Jays love flow into me as well!!
With His hot Cum still in my mouth I quickly offered Jay my Cock, which he took in his mouth and worshipped. My release was an explosion! I held his head as I shuddered multiple spasms of hot Cum into my lovers mouth......Jay receiving Gods seed that flowed from deep inside my body.....transferring my lust, love and greed directly to my new lover!
We crumpled into a sweaty sticky mass of flesh, our juices in each other's mouths, and gently kissed each other....feeding on the remnants of our worship.....licking each other all over, lost in the smells, taste and feel of our lovemaking! After a while we showered and cleaned each other off. He had to go home and I would be alone again until the next time we met. He told me that the next time we were together that he would love to worship my Cock with his ass! I told him that I had dreamt of my Cock inside him every day for the last week and he said he had the same dream!
We made plans for him to sleep over Friday night. He said that even though we had to worship Cock every day, that he would only stroke and edge his Cock and hold his seed until our next meeting. This was only done on rare occasions for special people and I felt honored that he would make this sacrifice for me....so I pledged to do the same!! We would drink our special cocktails every days, worship our Cocks until we were together again where we would have our own special ritual.
With our plans made.....we were days away
Published by Timphallus
9 months ago
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fuck me... this story just makes me want cocks... lots of cock... I so wish I had a friend like this to kiss and lick and suck and cum with
6 months ago
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