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My Baptism

So I thought I was a true Cock Worshipper, but my friend told me that there are many interpretations as to what Cock worship was. When he said he belonged to a Worshippers Church, he meant just that. The group he belonged to was devoted to the worship of Cock, Priapus being the God of Cock and Cum being the sacrament.....the seed of life....that all things come from. There were rules when at church that must be followed and all members must present themselves once a month to a church service, where they must express their devotion to Cock.
If I wanted to become a member of his church, I would have to present myself to the Priest, who was the head of the congregation, and ask to join. The Priest would interview me, and if he found me worthy, I would be baptized in front of the whole congregation. Before the interview, I would need to memorize the tenants of the Church. The interview would consist of my expressing my desire to become a member, reciting the tenants and rules, and also to worship the head priests Cock to show my devotion and service to Cock.
My friend taught me the rules and tenants while I practiced my worship on his beautiful Cock for the next two weeks. These rules included keeping the existence of the Church and its practices to myself; mandatory daily devotion to Cock for at least 4 hours a day by either masturbation, worshipping another member of the congregations Cock or recruiting potential Cocklovers into our congregation; our daily devotion must include feasting on Cocks gift as communion; while at church, you must worship all members Cocks orally....anal worship is also allowed if you choose to, but oral worship is mandatory; all priests must be acknowledged and adored.....their devotion proven to be one with Priapus. Rules like always being naked while at church (priests were allowed to wear a belt denoting their rank), no visitors except for those permitted to request membership, devotion to Cock alone....no pussy, devotion especially to your own Cock as well because love of Cock starts with you....all rules were simple though, the main focus and concentration being Priapus was the God of Cock, Cock was the all powerful tool all men had to be used in devoted practice to God, Cum was the seed of God that all worshippers were to revere and commune on, Cock was all powerful where everything lustful in the world flowed from.
When I met my priest, I was taken to his house by my friend who introduced us then left. The interview started off casual and worked its way into my personal areas. He wanted to know everything about me. I was extremely nervous talking with this stranger, but there was also something calming in our talk. He was much older than me, handsome and well built. When he told me to remove my clothes, I did so without question, and stood before him totally nude. My Cock was not hard, but not flacks either. He stood in front of me and not saying a word, removed his robe, revealing the most beautiful Cock I had ever seen up to that point! It was huge....cut Cock with full head and veiny shaft....and as he stood in front of me it rose to a full thick, throbbing erection!! My Cock followed, rising to the occasion and in total awe of his power!
He told me to one to him, and I stepped right up until we were touching Cock to Cock. He asked me to recite my ritual Cock prayers, and as I did he stood with his hands on his hips and his massive Cock against pressed against me. As I recited my prayer of devotion to Cock he took my head in his hand a pressed me to his throbbing meat. It did not take much force and I went to his Cock, still saying my prayers as I mouthed them against his shaft. His Cock felt tremendous and I inhaled his musk as I recited my devotion to Cock! I was still reciting these words when I took his power into my mouth and worshipped his holy shaft, taking him totally...deep in my throat (like I had been practicing for weeks)....my hands rubbing his thighs, balls, stomach, ass.....my mouth in love with my new existence!
I don't know how long I prayed to his Cock, but it was not long enough! As I continued to worship his holy Cock, he recited his Cock prayers to me. He introduced me to Priapus and told Him that I was His follower and devoted servant. He told me that when i sucked his Cock, I was feeding on the body of Priapus and that when I took his Cum, I would be feeding on the seed of God....that I would become one with him and a devoted servant. He told me this was my baptism and that after this, I would be presented to his congregation for acceptance in full membership!
As I was Loving his Cock, his head deep into my throat, he announced me to God as a devotee......his seed flowed in powerful surges down my throat, into the core of my body. I held my lips tight to keep from spilling any of His seed as his beautiful, huge, throbbing, Cock throbbed and pulsed Gods gift to me.....the seed of life.....into my soul!!
After this explosion of love and lust, he told me to rise and masturbate for him. As I stroked my Cock eagerly, he pressed his mouth against mine and we shared the remnants of his love...what little was left. He was pleased with my devotion and said I was now a baptized deciple in the Church of Cock and will become a full member at their next meeting in a week from now. I was still stroking my Cock when he went down and took me in his mouth and Worshipped me as well. When I released my seed in him, he stood back up, and without saying a word I kissed him on the mouth and we shared my seed together.
On the way home my friend asked me how I felt. My whole body was alive...on fire....my stomach ablaze!! He said I will always feel that way from now on. He also said that my next meeting with the entire congregation will be another lust filled experience where the group adoration takes devotion to an excitingly new level!!

Next I meet the congregation.....
Published by Timphallus
8 months ago
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HOT... would love to have a hot cum kiss with someone after we suck each others cock... 69 would be SO hot... and cumming together then kissing... mmmmmmm
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