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My wife's deer camp story

On Saturday a girlfriend, who I have gone on a few "Girls Trips" with wanted to drive out to my husbands deer camp; it was a beautiful day in Georgia, the k**s were away, we had nothing to do so why not

When we arrived at the camp the guys were out so Wendy and I found a few beers, turned on a TV to kill time; shortly a few guys came back to camp, grabbing their rifles to head out for an evening hunt. Wendy had never been deer hunting so we asked Jim, to take her out, we found her a coat and pants then off into the woods they went.

Just after dusk everyone except Jim and Wendy returned we had just finished dinner as Jim and Wendy returned, Wendy took me aside to talk, as Jim got what little food was left. During the hunt she sat on the ground but couldn't get comfortable as Jim was in the stand On the walk back to camp, Wendy had to pee, Jim explained they shouldn't pee in the field because male deer have sensitive noses and can tell when doe's are in heat by the smell of the pee. Wendy thought that was funny and asked Jim if her pee smelled like she was in heat, the next thing she knew he was holding her tight kissing him back as he took her coat off. He laid their coats on the ground, she knelt down undid his pants releasing a large throbbing cock. She had problems getting all of him into her mouth as he held her head thrusting deeper into her throat, gagging her. She had him lay on his back as she removed her pants lowering onto his face. She felt his nose tickle her asshole as his tongue penetrated her pussy, she leaned forward devouring his cock only to feel it twitch releasing hot cum.

I told my husband what happened and she was ready for more. Later we sat around the fire telling stories and watching the embers burn out as several guys went off to their cabins or trailers. It was obvious Wendy and I were staying the night but another club member was still out by the fire with us and I wanted to see Jim's cock. I brought up the TV show Naked and Afraid; and these guys at deer camp have thermal clothes, guns, campers, cabins, heaters, electricity, etc. that's not hunting. I told Jim if he was a real hunter he should get undressed, if he got cold Wendy and I would warm him up, he laughed but didn't move.

To get things started I told my husband, Wendy can warm him up if he got naked, soon he had his shirt off complaining he was cold. Wendy said no deal; until he removed his pants which he did, soon Wendy was in just her panties sitting in his lap with her arm around his neck keeping him warm. I asked the other club member there to get naked and I would do the same, quickly he obliged striping naked and stripped down and climbed in his lap. I looked at Jim and said "See what you're missing."

After a few awkward minutes my husband went to the bathroom coming back naked, Wendy followed his lead, pulling off her panties tossing them into the fire, all while looking at Jim. Grant in the meantime fondled my breasts as his cock grew hard under me. Jim stood to leave; as he walked by me I grabbed his wrist stood up and kissed him as Wendy quickly came over kissing him too, as they kissed I pulled his pants and boxers down exposing his large stiff cock. Wendy pushed Jim back into a chair.

I turned around seeing Grant confused, I knew we should move the party inside. My husband got up led the way, I took Grant's hand and Wendy and Jim went into our bedroom. I sat Grant on the dining room table as I wrapped my lips around his cock, slowly mouthing his head while letting saliva drip down its shaft running between his balls and thigh. My husband pulled up a chair behind me, softly tonguing around my asshole, and probing my ass sending shivers through me as I squeezed Grant's balls deep throating his cock. Grant began pushed my head away not wanting to lose his load, my husband spread my ass cheeks licking my clit, darting his long tongue into my wet pussy and ass.

I asked Grant if he wanted to fuck, I assured him my husband was good with it, Grant looked excited. If we were going to fuck I wanted to be comfortable, we retreated to our bedroom where Wendy and Jim had been very quiet. When we walked in Wendy layed across the bottom of the bed with Jim behind fucking her doggie style. I got at the top of the bed facing the other way, so Grant and Jim wouldn't bump elbows. Grant began by fingering my pussy making me beg for his cock, he slipped it in pumping at an uneven rhythms, but soon was thrusting balls deep as my husband told him I liked my ass played with too. When I looked back at Grant, my husband had his cock in Wendy's mouth holding her head as Jim is pounded her from behind. All the sudden Jim is thrusting extra deep as he groans exploding in Wendy's pussy as her legs collapse exposing Jim's beautiful now semi flaccid cock. I raised up on my arms reaching over to Jiim to take his cock licking Wendy's juices and his cum. I enjoyed Wendy's sweetness and Jim's saltyness as I gently pull the head of his cock into my mouth.

Grant inserts his cock into my ass stretching me to a point of unbelievable pleasure as I revive Jim's cock which begins to pulse and stiffen. My husband unleashes a load in Wendy's mouth and then try's to work his limp cock into her wet pussy. I feel a new sensation as Wendy has rolled under me, she is holding my ass cheeks open licking my clit as Grant alternates between my asshole and pussy. I can no longer concentrate on Jim's cock in my mouth as the room spins and I am overloaded with sensations, smells, tastes, noise; I hold Jim's cock in my hand and scream as raptures of orgasm flood my body squirting cum on Wendy's face and all over Grant's balls as he pounds into me one last time filling me with his seed.

When I come too; Wendy is next to me as my husband is pounding her pussy and she has Jim's cock in one hand and Grant's in the other. I want to return her the favor and have Jim fuck me. I suggest Wendy take it doggie style from my husband, as I lick her clit, while Jim fucks me. Each time my husband pumps in/out of her his cock is covered in her frothy white juices, every so often he withdraws from Wendy and inserts his cream covered cock into my mouth as I suck it hard, savoring the taste on my tongue. Jim's thrusting into me as I'm on my back with my ass hanging off the bed. He is larger than my husband or Grant, I enjoy his strength, warmth and size which stretches my pussy and bumps my cervix with each thrust, he's similar in size to an old college boyfriend I had. I reach around from underneath Wendy holding her ass cheeks open as I play with her asshole and suck delicately on her clit, as my husband works her pussy with reckless abandon.

Wendy is yelling she wants my husband to fuck her ass to make her cum. He quickly gets down eating her asshole, sliding around it and probing his tongue into her as she moans and he relaxes and lubes her up to insert his cock. He puts the head of his cock in and probes gently as she thrusts back for her asshole to consume him. He begins to groan, I watch from underneath as the cum swells from his pulsating balls, she continues to rock back and forth, as she begins to shutter, shake and release an incredible amount of cum drenching my face and hair as her full weight collapses onto me.

I roll Wendy off me, pull my knees up as Jim quickens his thrusting into my pussy as he groans, holding my legs tight filling me with his cum, when he pulls out Grant steps over, pulls my ass off the bed, folds my legs up and violates my wet throbbing pussy with his rock solid cock, while squeezing my nipples, my husband is over me giving me deep passionate kisses as Grant finally jerks, stiffens releasing another flood of sperm trying to fertilize my eggs.

We lay quietly for awhile exhausted, satisfied, excited and sore. I start falling asleep as I feel my legs spread as someone licks cum dripping out of my pussy and ass, I raised my head to see Wendy's head between my thighs. I rolled onto my side lifting one leg as I pulled her close, putting my head between her thighs licking the seamen from her labia, and ass too. She obliges by rolling on top of me, in a proper 69 while I probe her cute pink asshole with tasting the remnants of my husband, I squeeze my kegel muscles expressing any drippings from my sore pussy. As she comes up she smells musty, lightly kissing me while Jim and Grant's cum passes between our lips as our tongues slide across one another.

As we separate we see the three guys laying there watching us. The next morning the guys didn't leave the cabin till 9:30, and out by the fire pit, were our clothes we laying in the dirt. Wendy and I got showers, dressed and left before the other members got back to camp. My husband hasn't told me what they talked about on Sunday......
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Nothing like a good camp fire and sexy people....and sharing!!!!
1 day ago
Holy shit,, that is such a sexy time, I’ll take that over a 150 incher any day lol
12 days ago
Great time for everyone
4 months ago
Fun story - sounds like a great time!
9 months ago
great story ... hope to read more.
9 months ago
haha. great story!
9 months ago
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