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One of the Guys

It was a simple question that I had thrown out there without thinking too hard. I could not help it though. Lori was like on of the guys, I mean she was at least as old as my mom if not older and I had known her forever. She was a good family friend and we were good friends, I could talk to her about anything and she was the same to me. We had started talking about sex and I asked her to tell me about her first time, about loosing her virginity. I did not know how that simple question would change my life. Lori flirted with me and we had alot in common and got along well. Like I said, she seemed more like a best friend, one of the guys, so when the question came out of my mouth I thought it appropriate.
"Well, I can tell you about it but you will have to promise to never tell a soul." Lori said with a big smile. I had always found her to be sexy, you know, totally fuckable. Lori had these huge dark eyes, high cheek bones, curly brown hair with red in it. She had a nice body I thought, she could still rock a bikini, nice ass and great tits. "I promise" I said. Lori took another drink of wine and started in. "Well, my best friend, Connie, and I each had an older brother. Just a year or so older that we hung out with. They hung out together all the time also. Well one day we were just hanging and being cool when we got to talking about sex and how we were all virgins. Then Connie's brother said it would be cool if we all could help each other out with the virginity thing. Well next thing I know Connie and I looked at each other and smiled real big and got naked and got on the bed. My brother got naked and joined Connie and her brother got naked and joined me and we were having sex right there on the bed together."
"Then after that we could not stop having sex, her brother was always doing me and my brother was always doing her." Lori said with a coy smile. "Then the boys had a couple of other friends that joined in and then a few more till Connie and I were servicing about ten to twelve boys. We had to get a few more girls to help us out. It was way cool as we all just had sex with whoever whenever." Lori sighed. "The good ole days. We would have these parties when we could have a house and invite just select people, some were older, like someones mom or dad and just have free love. My brother had invited a seventy year old woman neighbor to one of the parties and the guys loved fucking her. She even brought some other older ladies. It was way cool. I had sex with so many guys in high school well ladies too. We had parties almost every weekend" Lori said. I just sat there, this woman did not seem the type to have had sex parties or orgies in her past. "I think that way sex should be, free love. The world would be a much happier place if we all just chilled and had more sex with each other."
My cock was rock hard at the thought of this woman just letting guys bang her. "Wow Lori, that is way cool. I wish I could have met you way back then." I said trying to conceal my hard boner. "One of the guys was into photography and film, I have some pictures and 8mm somewhere I could show you sometime. But thinking back on this makes me so wet and horny." Lori said as she took another sip of wine. Did she just say wet and horny I thought to myself. "Well there is no free love anymore, which is too bad because you are right about it would be good for the world." I said trying to act cool. "I wish I had some friends like you did that could help me with my virginity." I said with a laugh. Just then Lori's eyes got real big "well maybe I can help you with that, I mean why not? What would it hurt?" Lori said with a big smile. "We are both adults" She continued. My cock was about to explode in my pants. "well you are married." I said. "Well that is a small problem, just keep this a secret between us, two good friends." Lori said as she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. We no sooner got into the room she started pulling off her clothes then mine. She looked great naked, nice bush, not too hairy, and those tan lines.
She laid me on my back, my cock sticking straight up into the air. Lori then played with it for a few seconds as I stuck my finger into her wet cunt."Wow this thing is locked and loaded, guess I better not wait around too long." Lori then got on top of me and lowered herself down onto my pole. I watched as her pussy swallowed my cock, it was the most amazing thing. "I love how you feel inside me." Lori said as she started to slowly move her hips. I held back as long as I could and then exploded deep inside her. It felt like a gallon of spunk shot my balls right into her womb. "Dang! I think you really needed that." Lori said as the last of my spunk dribble into her. As she lifted up a large glob of cum fell out of her cunt onto my stomach. She quickly scoped it up with her finger and stuck it in her mouth. "That will be all for our first lesson, we better shower before my husband gets home." We showered together and got all dried off and got back to normal before her husband got home.
I fucked Lori every chance I got after that. She really liked it as much as I did. She even sucked my dick and swallowed my load, she let me stick in her ass. She even showed me the pictures and film of one of their sex parties from way back when. I still find it hard to believe that one simple question to a woman that seemed like one of the guys could change a man's life.
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