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Saturday night at a hotel

My parents had arrived back from there 2 week vacation and were both back at work. My holiday was finally over although it was still 3 weeks till actual varsity started. Jessica and I were completely broken up and not talking to each other. Caitlyn's boyfriend, James, had returned therefore it was hard to see her. I was talking a lot to my ex Cassi and she was always keen to meet up.
After a discussion and a number of messages we agreed to book into a hotel room for a Saturday. The Friday night chatting to Cassi we agreed to meet up at 11am at a local shopping center and then take it from there. I was rather horny to fuck as after sleeping with Caitlyn the weekend of my parents returning I hadn't had sex in 14 days so my balls where itching to release some cum.

Saturday morning I got up and dressed and around 9am I had breakfast with my parents and confirming with them my plans for the day. Telling them that I'm going out to Dave's house for a while then home for supper and then to a club for the evening. They were ok with it and just reminded me that my curfew of 2am was back in play. No problem I said and shortly after breakfast I messaged Cassi saying I'm all good for the day ahead. She replied saying same here babe can't wait to see you. I soon left home and met Cassi just after 11 at the shops. I greeted her with a big kiss and hug hello as I was very happy to see her. We bought ourselves a few snacks and drinks and we then made our way to our cars and Cassi followed me to the hotel. Once at the hotel, we booked in and immediately made our way to the room. Once in we put up the do not disturb sign and locked the door.

Once putting the drinks and snacks down, we made it into each other arms and Cassi had a big smile on her face. My hands onto her small tight ass and we exchanged kisses as she told me I was the last person to fuck her so she hasn't had sex in over a month and the only pleasure she had been getting was from her fingers. Not to worry I said as I told her I got a huge build up of cum in my balls for her as I'm horny as hell and she then placed her hand onto my crotch and took a good feel of my hard tense package.
We then started stripping each other and it wasn't long till my naked body was holding Cassi's naked body against me as we kissed. I then laid her down on the bed, kissing her and once our lips aparted I started moving slowly down placing soft kisses onto her neck. Moving lower down I reached her boobs and took her hard erect nipples into my mouth and sucked on them. After sucking on each of them I continued moving down, placing kisses onto Cassi's sexy belly untill reaching her clean shaven cunt.

I went down on her, eating her pussy while listening to the moans she gave off. She reach climax rather quickly and moaned loudly as she orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I gave one big suck on her clit and then stood up and pulled her to lay on the edge of the bed. We looked each other in the eyes as I shoved my cock into her wet cunt. Her head and neck arched back as my cock filled her tight puss and I started fucking her hard and rough back and forth. Her moans were loud as I fucked her rough, grabbing onto her thighs as support and it wasn't long to my cock exploded releasing tension from my balls as my hot cum shot into my sexy ex girlfriend's puss. I groaned as I gave hard deep long strokes as my cum shot out my cock and covered Cassi's inner walls of her puss. Once I finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her and rubbed it up and down her pussy lips and clit before moving onto the bed to lay next the blonde that I just fucked.
She lay in my arm as we caught our breath and she then said that was so well needed thank you Cane. I said no thank you babe as I really needed to drain my  balls properly and feel much better now already. She smile and said glad I could be of service to you and I said most definitely and it's only the start.
Awesome she said as I really want to ride you later babe. And I replied saying sure thing I can't wait for that.
After I few mins Cassi got up to go to the bathroom to clean up my cum from her puss. I joined her as I wanted to wash my face and after I finished washing my face I turned to Cassi and spread her legs slightly wider as she sat on the toilet and I could see my cum slowly dripping out of her puss. Looking her in the eyes I placed my hand between her legs and shoved my middle finger into her cum filled puss and fingered her gently. Pulling my finger out I then rubbed it up and down against her clit a few times. I then stopped and gave her a kiss and allowed her to finish.

She soon did and joined me on the bed where we cuddle and watched tv. We then chatted about my break up with Jessica and how she lied to everyone telling them that she caught me cheating in her etc and how she ruined her friendship with Caitlyn. I then told Cassi that I also slept with Caitlyn a few times but the reason for Jessica breaking up with me was cause she had a new guy in her life.
We then discussed our friendship and both Cassi and I agreed to stay friends rather than date again. We agreed to be there for each other if needed like today. We sealed our agreement with a kiss and then I told her that I got a very simular friendship with Caitlyn. I also told Cassi that I will introduce her to Caitlyn as she was going to be study logistics as well so Caitlyn and I could help her on her first year subjects. Cassi smiled and gave me a number of soft kisses while we cuddled and carried on talking.

It soon reach 4pm and we got up, facing each other, Cassi wrapped her arms around my neck while I placed my hands onto her sexy tight ass and pulled her into my body. We exchanged a passionate kiss and once our lips aparted we quickly discussed that we would meet back at the hotel room at 8pm which would give us 5 hours before having to leave to meet our curfews. We slowly got dressed and I stared at Cassi's body enjoying seeing her half naked as she put her pants on. Soon both fully covered we left our bags, snacks and juices in the room and then made our way to our cars. We exchanged a kiss goodbye and then both drove off home.

Once home I chatted to my parent's for a while and then just after 6 had a wonderful dinner with them. After dinner I helped my mom tidy the kitchen and then made my way for a quick refreshing shower and got dressed all smart to make it seem as I was going out to a club. At 7 45pm I said goodbye to my parents as Cassi had already messaged me that she was on her way back to the hotel. While driving there my mind was wild as all I could think about is spreading Cassi's legs and fucking her hard and rough to make her scream. My cock grew rock hard in my jeans as I drove and soon I reached the hotel. Cassi was there already standing next to her car, wearing long white pants, black high hills and a black button up top. She looked hot as hell as she did her make up and hair. I got out the car greeting her by saying, "look at this hot lady that wants to fuck me." And she smile as she walked up to me and gave me a soft kiss hello, and then took my hand to walk in the direction of our hotel room.
Once inside she immediately locked the door and then pushed me to lay on my back on the bed. Cassi climbed on top of me and our lips met and mouths opened as she kissed me with passion. My hands moved up from her ass lifting her top and our lips aparted as Cassi sat upright and we removed her top. I then sat up as she removed her bra and as we wrapped our arms around each other again we kiss aggressively with passion. I soon moved us so I could be on top of this sexy horny bitch and I placed my mouth over her nipples and sucked hard on them cause her to give of soft moans. I then moved lower, placing kisses on her flat belly till reaching her pants. She for some reason held onto her G string as I pulled her pants off and then I saw why as I removed her pants and she opened her legs. On her White g string it had written in small pink writing, "I'M READY TO BE EATEN".
I looked at her and smile and then wasted no time in moving between her legs. I moved her G string aside exposing her wet tight cunt to me and started licking her up and down. I ate her pussy with passion while listening to her moan. Muffing her and stimulating her clit she reached climax and orgasmed while I ate her. After her orgasm I continued muffing Cassi's wet puss and eventually entered a finger into her and rubbed it in and out against her G spot. Her moans soon became louder as she reached climax once more and orgasmed.

After her 2nd orgasm I stood up, Cassi sat up and dropped my pants and jocks to my ankles releasing my hard cock. She sucked it hard and passionate just like the old days and on her own accord she sucked deep down on my cock and gagged on it. She gagged on my cock three times before sucking hard on it again, deepthroating me while I stood looking down at her. I then pushed her back onto the bed and while she lay there on the edge, I removed her cute g string and then dropped to my knees between her legs. Teasingly kissing her inner thighs her hand soon grabbed my hair and she pulled me down to her horny cunt. I licked her clit, stimulating it in a circular motion and as she reached climax and started orgasmning. I stuck my tounge into her puss and sucked on her pussy lips during her 3rd orgasm.

After she finished orgasmning I stood up and Cassi sat up and she moved me to sit on the edge of the bed. She moved over me, mounting my hard cock with her tight wet pussy and sat down onto my lap as my cock glided deep into her and pressed up against her pussy walls. She looked me in the eyes as her arms wrapped around my neck and she slowly started riding me back and forth with long hard strokes. Her eyes soon closed as she quicken up the pace she road me. Her moans started off soft and became louder as her clit got stimulated against my pelvis while she fucked me. Her pussy tightened around my cock and she fucked me fast and rough while she orgasmed. After her orgasm and being out of breath I moved her off me and stood up. I moved her onto her hands and knees and enter my cock back into her from behind. I started off fucking her slow and deep in doggy style while she moaned softly. As I neared the vurge of cumming I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her back into me as I thrusted hard and rough forwards into her cunt and her moans soon changed to screams of pleasure as I fucked, hitting deep against her inner pussy walls. I groaned as she moaned and my cock exploded into her covering her pussy walls. After I finished cumming I pulled out of my sexy little bitch and she fell down onto her belly to catch her breath. I spank her ass and then lied next to her and tickled her back as I also caught my breath. She soon moved me to lay on my back and moved on top of me.
Her lips met mine and we started kissing passionately and as our tounges exchanging saliva and massaged each other, I could feel my cum slowly dripping out of her pussy onto my cock. I then rolled us over and while I laid looking Cassi in the eyes I placed my hand between her legs and my middle finger went inside her pussy. Removing my middle finger it was cover in my cum and her juices. I took it to her lips and she suprisingly licked it and sucked my finger clean and then smiled at me. My cock was still mostly hard and I decided to stand up. I pulled Cassi to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I stood in front of her and pushed my semi hard cock into her cum filled puss and pulled out. I them lift her to sit up and I gave her my cum covered cock and she sucked me clean, deepthroating my cock as well as licking the cum that dripped onto my balls. Once done I asked, what's that all about? And she smiled and said just thought I'd eat your cum for you babe. It was a bit random but I was rather happy about it and it made me want to pleasure her more the next time we fuck.

She then got up and went to the bathroom to clean the rest of my cum from her pussy. After a few minutes she joined me back on the bed and we laid cuddling each other, while watching tv and enjoying each others company. We watched a movie holding each others naked bodies and once the movie ended just before midnight, I slowly made my way down on Cassi once more. I placed soft kisses on her inner thighs and then placed my mouth over her left groin and sucked hard giving her a love bite.
My lips then made their way to her pussy and as I sucked and muffed her I could taste my cum inside her. She moaned as I eat her pussy once more and she reached climax while I sucked and licked her erect horny clit. Once she finished moaning from her orgasm she took control and moved me onto my back. She moved over me slowly first giving me a kiss as she moved down placing kisses over chest and abs till reaching my cock and taking it into her mouth in 69 position. I eat her pussy licking up and down and sticking my tounge into her while she deepthroated and sucked my cock. She sucked down deep on my cock causing herself to gag which I loved. I soon brought her to climax and while she orgasmed she sat up and road back and forth on my face while she moaned from the pleasure. After she finished orgasmning she crawled lower down and mounted my cock in reverse cowgirl position. She bounce up and down on my cock, fucking me hard while I laid back looking at her sexy ass and her pussy sliding up and down my cock. I soon neared cumming and as my legs stiffened she climbed off my cock and took it into her mouth. She sucked deep down on my cock as I exploded shooting my cum into her mouth. She gagged as she sucked me and once I finished my load she turned to look at me and then swallowed. It was rather sexy watching her swallow my cum and after she finished I pulled her on top of me and gave her a kiss thank you As I really enjoyed that. Once my lips aparted from hers we got up and hopped into the shower together where we had fun washing each other. Once clean and dry, we slowly dressed each other foundling each others bodies for one last time for the night. It was a bit before 1 am that we left the hotel room after some great sex and made our way to the car. We gave each other a kiss goodbye and then made our way home after great sex and time well spent together.
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8 months ago
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