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Slutty Fun at the YMCA Pool

Hi Y’all

I’ve recently started swimming again as I enjoy it as a way to stay in shape and get some exercise. My neighbor here in Spanaway works at the nearby Mel Korum YMCA and was able to get me a family membership for the cost of a single membership. I like it much more than the JLBM pools and facilities as the k**s can enjoy the slides and such without the hassles and regiment of the military.

I’ve been coming here two or three times a week for over a year now and I just love it. I try to come after dropping off the k**s at school and before driving for Uber on the weekday mornings because they keep it adults only and you actually get to swim.

Most days I swim for 40 min and then head over the Jacuzzi to look forward to a nice long soak to ease away the aches. This past Thursday as I stepped over the edge of the Jacuzzi and sank onto one of the seats there were three other people in there, a young couple and an elderly guy. The couple were regulars and I said “Hi” as I settled in. I didn’t recognise the older guy, but he seemed to take a particular interest in me as my body slid down into place. He was sitting at the back so he could look out over the pool, and I edged around that way a little as well so I wasn’t just staring at the wall.

Anyway, the warmth of the water was just starting to work its magic when he reached over behind him to press the button and start the jets, and I felt that lovely sensation of the bubbles firing up around me, especially as I’d managed to sit on the sweet spot. The one where a jet fires up at the edge of seat right between my legs, close enough to make my pussy lips tingle. I squirmed for just a second, lost in the pleasure of the tease, when I remembered I did actually have company and glanced around quickly. The couple were oblivious, chatting away happily to each other, but the guy had definitely noticed. I’m sure he winked at me before looking away. He rubbed his eyes as though he just had water in them, so maybe I was wrong, but…

I wriggled a bit so the jet went along the inside of my leg not wanting to embarrass myself any further, and thought nothing about it for a couple of minutes as I just enjoyed the sensation. Then the couple got up and left and I was alone with the guy.

I glanced across and was just noticing the cut of his hair and the line of his chin when the movement of his shoulder caught my attention. It was definitely moving slightly.

He had eased himself down onto the water so the bubbles were over his chest, but just where the top of his shoulders appeared, I could see a gentle tense and relax, tense and relax. It was as if his arm were moving with a regular rhythm.

I thought, no way, not here - but the movement was definitely there.

He was jerking off! Right here in a public pool, with me sat barely three feet away.

I didn’t know what to think. My mind was racing, but my body didn’t move. As I’d twisted I’d accidently placed my pussy right over the sweet spot on the water jet again and I felt a very serious jolt of horniness. No way did my clit want me to change anything right now.

Up until now he’d been pretending not to look my way, but my staring was clearly so obvious he just couldn’t pretend any more. His movements stopped, and he looked me right in the eye, as if to ask me a question. He knew he’d been busted and had no idea what my next move would be. Maybe he was desperately trying to beat his cock soft under the water so he could deny everything if I called the guard over, who knows. What I do know is that as I looked at him the water jet was playing merry heaven with my pussy, and along with the realisation that he was jerking off while looking me over, I suddenly felt very, very horny.

Without thinking any further, I nodded, ever so slightly, just enough for him to get the message.

And he did.

More confident now he had my consent, he eased back, no longer trying to hide his movement. Looking straight at me, I could see his shoulder start to move again, with what looked like longer, smoother strokes of his arm. My imagination was going crazy with what might be going on under there, but the bubbles on the surface hid everything. The water firing up into my suit was really starting to rev my engine and watching this guy watch me as he jerked himself off was getting too much.

Fuck it, I thought, why should he have all the fun. Having a quick look around to make sure no one was paying us any attention, I settled forward on the edge of the seat just a little , partly to make sure my tits in their one piece were clearly visible above the water, and partly to aim the jet of water right onto my clit. I then reached between my legs and slipped my suit to one side, taking away the only barrier between the water and my pussy.

I gasped. The sudden warmth of the jet directly onto my now swollen clit was almost too much to bear. I was so horny, and so sensitive, I was in danger of losing it right then and there.

This little show clearly worked for my new masturbation partner as I could see from his shoulder he was picking up the pace, clearly pumping his cock all the harder now he could see I was his partner in crime. Here we were, two strangers getting ourselves of in a public place where anyone who bothered to notice could see what we were up to. But so far so good, we were getting away with it.

I felt the immediate sensation subside a little and decided to take a little time over this. Glancing between him and the people around us, I slid my hand between my legs and gently teased my pussy lips apart, careful not to get in the way of the jet that was doing such wonders for me. With my other hand I pretended to adjust my top, while brushing my wrist across my breast. My nipples were like rocks and the flimsy fabric did little to hide them and the touch only heightened the building tension in my pussy. My wank buddy made no attempt to hide his appreciation of the show, and he was starting to go a little red in the face as he continued to pick up the pace.

Seeing this was all the encouragement I need and slipping my hand back under the water it joined its partner and while I matched his pace with one finger teasing and tweaking my clit in the water jet, I slipped two fingers of the other hand deep into my sopping pussy and curled them round to find my G spot.

God it felt so liberating. The occasional glance around showed me no one else was paying us any attention as we jerked ourselves silly right there in the pool, my fingers becoming a blur under the water as the excitement of the situation was started to build into a frenzy.

And just as I was wondering if he was going to blow his load before I brought myself to what was fast building to a mind blowing orgasm, the world stopped.

Lost in the moment, I’d completely forgotten the timer on the jets was set for 10 minutes and without warning they shut down and the water cleared as the bubbles died. Sure enough, we were both exposed in all our horny glory. His trunks were pushed down his legs and his massive rock-hard cock was exposed, fully erect, purple head swollen, with his right hand firmly wrapped around his shaft. My legs were wide open, my suit pushed to one side, and two fingers inserted deep in my pussy and my pussy lips swollen in their full glory.

I saw the panic flash through his eyes just as I felt my own rising and I looked pleadingly at the button behind him. Fortunately, he got it straight away and desperately trying not to stand up and expose his cock above the water, he twisted and hit the button. It can’t have taken more than five seconds, but it was sheer terror. As the bubbles burst back to life, I quickly looked around. The guard was still strolling along the other side of the pool, a couple of younger guys were landing in the water at the end of the slides, and everything seemed normal. No-one looked our way. Shit, I thought, we’d still gotten away with it.

I let out a nervous laugh as I relaxed and looked across to my wank buddy. He’d clearly gone through the same thought process and I saw him also let out a huge sigh of relief.

Mad as it was, we’d broken the ice. More importantly, I’d seen his cock. Hard, aroused, and very big. While he was very average to look at and a much older than I normally like my men, I was definitely impressed with the meat he was packing.

Still looking at each other, we reached a silent agreement and we both slid closer together (making sure the button was still in reach). With our knees touching, we both looked straight out to pool area as though we were just sitting next to each other, but under the water our hands wandered.

I reached across and took hold of his rock-hard shaft. He slid his hand down between my legs. And we both went to work.

We both instinctively knew we’d pretty much pushed our luck as far as we dare, and we needed to get the job done quick and dirty. Fortunately, he was clearly as close to cumming as I’d been and as soon as I started stroking his length I felt that familiar swell. I’m not bragging when I say I give an amazing handjob. Several guys have told I’m a natural and know just how to squeeze, grip and pace my strokes to drive any cock into ecstasy, and I used all my skills right there.

With every upstroke. I made sure I bumped just under the really sensitive spot on the underside of his cock-head, giving it an extra little squeeze so it hurt just a little bit, but not too much, and only for a moment before easing the grip and sliding my hand firmly all the way back down again so my hand brushed the base and touched his balls. That way I could feel exactly how close he was getting. I know that just as a guy is getting ready to shoot his load, his balls tighten and move up inside, and keeping this in mind I can change my pace to either edge a guy, or bring him off whenever I like. I’ve always loved my ability to control a man’s cumming this way and have used it to great advantage throughout my life.

Right now was all about the fast orgasm, for both of us so I used my best stroking pace - firm and steady, fast does not equal better - to get this guy off pronto. And to his credit he knew just how to treat a girl as well. He was using two fingers and slid them along either side of my clit with a little squeeze at the end for an extra little tease, and it was working wonders. I felt my climax building steadily and I was getting breathless as the familiar longing in my cunt told me I was fast getting past the point of no return.

Whether he was aware of this, or whether it was just a happy coincidence, but he seemed to get to exactly the same crescendo and as I finally lost control and my orgasm ripped through me I gripped really hard on his cock and heard him grunt and his length twitched hard in my hand and I felt his cum spurt out into the water. His spunk squirted hot and sticky jets, mixing with the bubbles and swirling briefly up under my tits before disappearing. My cunt was still twitching around his finger which had driven hard up inside me as he was cumming, only adding to my pleasure, and my orgasm gently subsided.

We sat panting for a few moments, basking in our after-wank glow and making sure no-one had noticed what we’d just done (they hadn’t) and then slowly slipped a little further apart. We both straightened ourselves out under water and I gave him a smile as I stood up to leave. He returned the compliment and gave me an appreciative nod as he watched my now very satisfied body walk away to the changing room.

I couldn’t believe what I’d just done, and gotten away with, although I did get some attention from those younger guys as I went past - you could still hang towels off my nipples. I still had no idea who my new wank buddy name was, but I might just share the Jacuzzi again with him some time. Does anybody else go to this pool?

Kisses, Jen
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I like me some slutty wank time in the ole hot tub!
3 months ago
4 months ago
Nice nasty story...I liked it.
6 months ago
You sure know how to make a cock hard!!! Beautiful story
9 months ago
Maybe i need to meet you in Puyallup and share that Jacuzzi with you too
9 months ago
fucking great story! 
9 months ago
I’m down in a Olympia. But it would be worth it to get a Spanaway membership just to enjoy your sweet horniness.
9 months ago
Well that never happens at my gym
9 months ago
I loved your story! I use to swim at JBLM when I was stationed there. I offend thought about switching to the Y. Now my head is a whirl with the possibilities. I miss all of the fun things you have to do up there. Anyway thanks! and have fun with all those soldiers up there sweetie.
9 months ago
Nice horny story,love horny women! Gave me a boner
10 months ago
Love your hot stories... where can I find you? ;)
10 months ago
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