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Son Helps His Mother Cope

Dennis awoke to the rattling of his train compartment. They were currently riding over a rough section of railing which had disturbed his slumber enough to wake him. He reached into his coat pocket and removed his cell phone to check the time. He was careful to tilt the phone so that to prevent the illumination from disturbing his cabin mates. He estimated it was sometime early morning due to the palely lit sky. His presumption was confirmed when he scanned the clock on his phone and read 5:23 a.m. He placed his phone back into the pocket from which it came and rubbed his sleep deprived eyes. The uncomfortable conditions in which the train held made sleep nearly impossible. He sat up slightly, as if to surrender to the battle of sleep, and scanned over his companions in the train compartment.

It was a smaller compartment; it seated four comfortably during the daytime, but became an unbearable fit during sleeping hours. Dennis was fortunate though, as he was able to stretch his legs across the booth styled seat located on his side of the compartment. He figured he was given this privilege due to him being the youngest member of the group.

On the opposite side of Dennis sat two traveling partners that had been forced to share the booth styled seat. One was male and the other was a woman. The male was seated as if he was prepared to eat at the dinner table, but was leaning in a direction which left his right shoulder pressed firmly against the morning-cold train window. On his left side sat the woman, who was also leaning towards her right attempting to utilize the male’s body for comfort. Her left arm had instinctively d****d itself around the man, as if she was giving him some sort of half-hearted hug. They both apparently had found comfort as they were fixed in a deep slumber, made obvious by their slow relaxed breaths.

Dennis next shifted his eyes down to the female that was stretched out on the floor of the compartment. She had a blanket on top of her, that had been progressively pushed down her body during her deep sleep, so that now it was only covering her from her feet to her abdomen area. She was lying on her back with her hands pleasantly placed atop one another amongst her stomach. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was held open creating a raspy noise each breath in and out she took.

But these three companions of Dennis were not strangers, at least not complete strangers. The male female combination sleeping opposite of him are his brother and sister. The pleasant woman bunking on the floor would be his dear mother. I say not complete strangers simply because they are related through blood and are aware of each other’s existence. But if you placed those facts aside, you would truly get four travelers that were strangers. The Clark family had grown apart over the past years so much that each member had become unfamiliar with one another. If not for an unfortunate event, they may never have come together again.

The reason that this distantly-grown family was now traveling among the same train compartment now was due to their recently deceased father, Allan Clark. Allan was a lifetime explorer in a ways. He always wanted to do new things and travel all across the world. Having c***dren had slowed him down a bit, but he would even take young Dennis along with him on his adventurous journeys. Dennis was easily the closest to his father among his siblings, and possibly even his mother. He knew everything about his dad and thought of him as a best friend and a great role model in his life. His father’s favorite quote was “you only live once.” He would say this to Dennis whenever he had doubts about anything. But it seemed Allan’s adventurous spirit had finally caught up to him. He had fallen rock climbing in France without using any rope. If there was anything good to say, it was that Allan went out the way he wanted to which was living life to the fullest and being adventurous.

But Allan’s unfortunate demise was taking an emotional toll on the entire Clark family except for Dennis. It seemed that Dennis’s close relationship to his father allowed him to understand that his death should not lead to mourning, but rather a joyous celebration of his incredible life. It was partly this as well as Dennis’s strength, both physical and mental, that kept him from being emotional over his father’s death. Allan was the strongest person Dennis knew in his entire life, and learned his own strength from him.

The train began to slow and eventually came to a stop at the Napoli train station in France. This was Dennis’s father’s hometown and now was to be the location of his burial. Later that day was the funeral ceremony for Allan Clark. Profound words were delivered by various people that had significant connections with Dennis’s father. Dennis delivered the greatest speech of all, leaving the majority of the audience in tears at completion. He hadn’t written anything down or prepared a speech. He just went up and talked about how his dad was the greatest man he knew and would ever know. Dennis, of course did not shed one tear throughout the entire ceremony, but could not say the same about his other family members. His mother, obviously, was having a difficult time holding herself together emotionally. She was clearly distraught from the loss of her life companion. Overall it was a beautiful funeral that celebrated the amazing life of an amazing individual.

Once the funeral and burial ceremony were complete, the family headed back to their house in Napoli. Allan Clark was a not just an adventurous individual but also a wealthy one. He was the CEO for a high quality outdoor equipment company in Europe. He owned property all over Europe and one of them was located in his hometown of Napoli. It had been ages since the entire family had been in this house. They only stayed in it for family reunions in Napoli.

The family was very somber through the rest of the day. They mostly stayed in their separate rooms and cried over the loss of their father and husband. It was becoming late, and the entire family had washed up and went to bed except for Dennis. He decided to retire about an hour later as he was exhausted from the lack of sleep on the train. He entered one of the two bathrooms amongst the house. This was the shared one with his siblings as the other was located in his parents’ room. He stripped down, showered, and dried himself off.

As he completed drying off, he took a moment to analyze himself in the mirror. Dennis was roughly 6’3 and weighed a solid 205. His pecks and abs were very defined as well as his biceps as he began to flex. His chest was somewhat hairy, but not overgrown at all. He had a great golden brown color to his hair which he slicked back in a business style. Because that was what he was. He had taken over the equipment company that his dad had and was a well thought of business man for only being 24 years old. His beard was neatly trimmed and kept at a very reasonable thickness. He turned around to check his ass as he always did. He loved to squat and knew it made his ass look irresistible to women. But most of all he focused on the area his father gave him. He played around with his cock and balls as he watched them in the mirror. He was blessed to have such a nice and large cock. He knew it was from his father as he had seen it many times before and was amazed at its size. He never trimmed his pubic hair as his father had never either. He thought of his great pubic collection as being just as impressive as his penis. Dennis simply looked up towards the ceiling and thanked his father for everything that he had done and given to him. Just as Dennis was about the brush his teeth, he heard a loud cry and then more loud sobbing. He quickly slid on a pair of shorts, with no briefs, and headed out of the bathroom.

He could tell it was coming from his mother’s room and he walked toward the door. He swung the door open and slowly stepped into the room.

“Mom? Are you alright?” Dennis blindly asked as he could not see much in the dark room.

He did not receive an answer but continued to hear his mother cry. He proceeded to her bed and sat on the edge of it.

“Mom? You okay?” Dennis asked once again.

“Come here sweetie.” His mother sobbed towards Dennis.

Dennis laid down next to his mother so that she could wrap her arms around him as comfort. She was crying hysterically and Dennis was unsure of what to do. So he just remained in this position. Mother and son hugging each other in mourning. Dennis didn’t say anything as he couldn’t think of the right thing to say. He hoped he was helping her by allowing her to hug him.

Dennis’s mother is named Kimberly. She is 48 years old and about 5’10. She has brown hair and is very tan as she hits the tanning salon often. She was a typical wife of a rich husband. She did not work but received all of the benefits of being rich. She had had plastic surgery many times, on her face, ass, stomach, and breasts. She did not appear to be 48 at all but rather about 30.

After a while, Kim fell asleep in this position and Dennis was stuck. He had not intended on staying here the whole night and frankly was uncomfortable sleeping like this. Once he was sure his mother was asleep, he began his escape. He gently raised his mother’s arm up off of him and placed it at her side. As he attempted to slide out of her grasp, he startled her. She was still asleep but dreamily wrapped her arm back around Dennis and pulled him tight to her. Dennis only had on a pair of shorts and his mother only wore a skimpy black night gown. He could feel her enormous breasts pressed against his chest. He could tell she was not wearing a bra, as her nipples were pointed against the thin fabric and were sticking into his pecks.

“Oh Allan. Yes. Hold me tight.” Kim mumbled in her sleep.

Dennis was now seriously concerned. His mother was dreaming that he was his father. He knew this wasn’t going to be good, so he furiously struggled to escape her grasp. She cried out a little and pulled him tighter and threw her leg over his body to really hold on to him. His mother was so close to him that he could feel the warmness that her pussy was emitting on his cock. Within seconds, Dennis had a hard on that was poking out of the band of his shorts. His mother felt this and instinctively reached down and grabbed Dennis’s cock in her hand.

“Ooo. Are you getting hard for me?” Dennis’s mom continued to say in her sleep.

Dennis didn’t know what was coming over him. He wasn’t fighting to escape anymore. Rather he was now enjoying this sensation. He knew he enjoyed it sexually, but played it off in his mind by saying that he was helping his mother cope with her loss by doing this. Soon enough Dennis was grabbing his mother’s ass and reaching his hand into her panties. All the while Kim was stroking her son’s cock and moaning in her sleep.

This fondling continued on for a few more minutes until Kim leaned her face in towards Dennis’s. She expertly guided her mouth to his without opening her eyes and placed her soft, luscious lips upon her sons. Dennis was startled by this development, as if this was worse than the groping. Passionately kissing his mother made it seem more serious to him, yet he did not make an attempt to stop. Rather he accepted her moist lips and even reciprocating the passion. This frivolous kissing went on for only seconds before Kim wanted more as she opened her mouth and aggressively thrust her tongue into Dennis’s mouth. Once again, Dennis was alarmed by this progression and did not immediately respond. After he regained his thinking, he began to join his mom in the passionate tongue wrestling. Dennis may have been partaking but in no way was he the aggressor. His mother was feverishly throwing her mouth about his and wrapping her tongue around his tongue.

During this mother son make out session, Dennis had become fully erect and was leaking an abundance of precum. As he simultaneously grabbed his mother’s ass and kissed her, he began to feel his load build within his balls. His mom reached back down and continued to stroke him as they both kissed. The resurgence of his mother stroking him created a serious problem for Dennis. He was going to cum, but didn’t want to. As soon as this thought entered his head, he began to realize what he was doing. Not only committing a terrible sin, but he was fooling around with his father’s woman. The man he idealized his entire life, and now he was completely disrespecting him just days after his death.

Dennis tried his best to contain his orgasm, but knew it was too late for that. He put forth a valiant effort, as it was not a typical orgasm for a male. The fact that he was attempting to not jizz, made his orgasm very anti-climactic. He retained a lot of sperm from holding back, but still quite a bit came oozing out and leaked down his shaft and onto his mother’s hand. He knew she was aware of the situation as her stroking had stopped completely and was now just grasping his cock.

“Oh, a little warm-up orgasm, huh?

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” Kim drearily giggled.

"This statement planted fear into Dennis’s head.

"What does she mean warm-up?

"He constantly asked himself.

"He feared what he was warming up for.

"He didn’t want this to go any further, but it seemed it was too late.

Dennis’s cock never even changed shape after his orgasm. He stayed hard as a rock, and considering the taboo situation, it was no surprise to him. All of the sudden, his mom rolled out of bed and stood next to it. Dennis was uncertain of what was going on. Was his mother awake, or was this still part of her dream. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her night gown and lifted it over her head. As she pulled it off, Dennis’s suspicion about his mom wearing no bra was confirmed. Her magnificent tits were now fully exposed in the minimal moonlight that was entering through a small window located high on the wall. Next she bent down and slid her black panties down her legs to her ankles. She stepped out of them and faced Dennis. He could now see her glorious pussy in the light now. He was surprised to find an enormous amount of pubic hair covering her vaginal lips. Her over the top bush turned him on even more. He didn’t think his cock could grow any further, but from the sight of his beautiful naked mother, it did.

She playfully jumped back on the bed and crawled over on top of Dennis. She slid his shorts all the way off of him and straddled his lower calves. She bent over, grabbed his cock, and placed it perfectly in her mouth. There was no hesitation on her part as she began furiously sucking his dick. With her other hand she began to play with his hairy balls. This went on for a few more minutes.

“Are you ready Allan?” Kim asked Dennis.

Dennis once again did not respond, but it didn’t matter as Kim was already beginning to get in position. She moved her ass further up Dennis’s body until her pussy was positioned right above Dennis’s erect cock. She reached down with one hand and straightened his penis so that it would align with her pussy. Again with no hesitation, she slid herself down on his dick until it was completely inside of her. At this point Dennis’s cock could not be seen. He looked down at the situation and only saw two large bushes of pubic hair interacting with each other. His mother continued to ride his dick and in minutes Dennis was ready to explode again, but this time inside of his mom. He wasn’t gonna hold back on this one. He grabbed his mother’s ass cheeks with his hands and squeezed them firmly. He was now aggressively slamming his dick into his mother’s pussy. She began to moan in pleasure and just as Dennis was ready to orgasm, he felt a strange sensation upon his cock.

It seemed that it was getting more difficult to thrust his cock into his mother. He then realized that she was also having an orgasm and her pussy was tightening on his dick. This created many dirty thoughts into his head that pushed him over his limit. He began to furiously cum inside his mother. His orgasm involuntarily made his hips thrust in and out of his mom’s pussy with more force and speed. He could feel every blast of cum release from his dick and knew his mom could to as her moans matched the streams of cum.

After the two’s orgasms, Kim collapsed on top of her naked son and began to snore again. Dennis knew she was really asleep now and figured he should leave. But this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he wasn’t gonna lose. He flipped his mother over so that she was lying naked on her back. He wanted the get an up close look at her amazing pussy.

He was now kneeled in between her outspread legs investigating his mother’s vagina. He ran his fingers through her luscious bush. Something about how much pubic hair she had turned him on. He guessed it was because no girls anymore have bushes. Next he turned his focus to her large breasts. He wanted to do one last thing and then he would leave. He straddled her abdomen and placed his large cock in between his mom’s enormous tits. Dennis squished them together to create a makeshift pussy that he could fuck. He thrust his cock between her tits until he was ready to orgasm again. This time he simply closed his eyes and allowed the cum to go wherever it wanted to. After a few seconds of blasting his load, he reopened his eyes to see what had happened. His beautiful mother was lying there asleep with huge streaks of cum across her face and into her hair. There were also globs of semen resting on her ample breasts. Dennis was satisfied with this and exited the room after retrieving his shorts.
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