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The nutting naughty nutty professor

Brett was 35 and many would consider him really attractive but he was a total nerd and very awkward. He was very insecure and this al always kept him from dating. He was talking with brown hair,he worked out and kept his lean muscular build. He was also very we endowed. He had a nice thick 9.5 inch cock. He had sharp features and light brown eyes and full red lips. He had only been with two girls once each. He preferred to fuck his toys alone at home where he felt comfortable he was weird for sure. Girls have him so much anxiety that he avoided them. That was a shame because many pussies in the world were missing out. A 17 year old girl named Malika would change all that. She was a girl he taught in his science class and one day she came in and sat right in the front row. She wore a short skirt a d no panties. He could see her hairless pussy and she was spreading wide so that he had a full view. His cock hardened and soon a wet spot had formed from the pre cum leaking out. He was grateful that he stood behind the podeum so no one could see his stiff manhood. He nearly came when he saw juice trickle down her pussy crack. Just then the bell rang and everyone left except Malika. The door closed and she got up and locked it. It was the end of the semester and his class was the only one left. The whole building was empty except for them. See Malika loved nerds felt all they needed was to know they could get pussy. It would help them relax and be confident. Brett didn't know what to do as she walked up to him and grabbed his cock. He was hard as steel and his shift was warm against his inner thigh. He knew it was wrong but you see this was one reason he was so shy about women it was because he preferred young teen girls and at home with his fuck dolls he could be as nasty and perverted as he wanted. Malika was gonna give e him what he wanted and be a fucking idiot to stop her. She took his finger and slid it in her wanting teen cunt. She was wet and warm and her walls squeezed his finger. She moaned as this man worked her young pussy. Her hips bucking as she began to orgasm and squirt all over his hand. She unzipped his trousers and his cock sprung out. It was huge and engorged and it pulsed and twitched like an hungry b**st the pre cum looking like the thick drool predator has when it is a out to devour it's pretty. He flinched as her small warm hand grabbed his rod she felt him pulse in her hand as she guided his rod slowly into her teen mound. "OOOOOOOOOOOOH fuuuuuuuuuuck" he moaned out. It was like so king his cock into wet warm tight velvet hole. His eyes rolled back as he slid every thick inch of his adult man cock into this young teen whore. Her 17 year old pussy was fucking incredible, how the fuck had he gone so long with out it?, He thought. He became a whimpering puddle as he fucked this young whore's cavity with long deep strokes. Soon she was cumming again, this time all over his dick. As her cunt contracted around his rock hard dong he fucked her so deep that only his ball rested on her pussy lips. She grabbed his face "look me in the eyes when you cum in my teen pussy you nasty hot fuck" she said. She then saw his eyes glaze over as he looked at her in the eyes. His breathing hastened and his mouth hung open, his body tensed and his cock got even harder and bigger inside her snatch. He was ready to blow! "I'm gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuum....... ooooooooooh ffffffuuuuuuuuck!!!!" He moaned out loudly as his hips bucked with each squirt of cum that shot out of his dick and into her pussy. His life changed that day and Malika became his teen whore.
Published by dewdrop
9 months ago
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very good
9 months ago
Fuck yeah, nut deep in that young hairless pussy
9 months ago
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