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My Mom Made Me Fuck My s****r

Mom caught me masturbating one night after I went to bed. She had thrown that door open with such a start that I froze with my cock in my hand, just as if I were a deer caught in headlights. I couldn't do anything.

Then Mom said, "Stop masturbating and fuck your s****r." I didn't move so she said, "Do it now. Get your ass out of that bed, get in her bed, and fuck her. NOW!"

I jumped out of my bed naked and walked past her on my way to my s****r's bedroom. I opened the door, walked across the floor, and climbed in with her. She was not asl**p and she had heard what Mom had said.

I wh... Continue»
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My wife's big new toy

I like stories. I especially like stories that my wife tells me. I especially especially like the stories that my wife tells me about her ex-boyfriends. She hasnt always told me these stories. In fact, it's taken some time to convince her to tell me them. Now as long as I don't ask too much, she indulges me. I particularly like to hear about one specific ex boyfriend in general. Let's call him "Brad". He had a huge dick. And ever since my wife has told me that and described how big he was, all I can think about sometimes is watching her getting fucked by his huge dick. I thought about it 10... Continue»
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My First Blowjob - A Quid Pro Quo

The School Dance had come around again. These horror shows were part of our Socialisation Program and attendance was compulsory. Having a date was preferred but not compulsory.

I dodged most of them by using the Asthma Card but that was wearing thin. The School Nurse told me it was too much of a coincidence that I would have an asthma attack before every event that I didn’t like. I told her it was brought on by the stress of being f***ed into unpleasant and painful experiences. She told me she didn’t buy it and that I did not exhibit any of the typical symptoms of an asthmatic.

I aske... Continue»
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Now or Never

This is the first story I've posted online anywhere, so I would appreciate your feedback. As it's my first time too, please be gentle!

She looked innocent enough, Kaitlyn thought as she made big round eyes at herself in the little mirror on the car visor, pouting her lower lip ever so slightly. She pinched her cheeks and the rosy glow added to the illusion, a carefully crafted one. She had paid an enormous sum for the shiny locks she was sporting. It took more than three hours in the chair to transform her long hair from dark brown to believable shades of golde... Continue»
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Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 3

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 3

Yolanda finds out about sex toys, nasty men's lewd fetishes and gives her first blowjob. Jim discovers what her husband is doing with her panties and a lesbian takes her heart.

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 1

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2

====== OPENING

Yolanda smiled mischievously at him as she slid the big 12 inch black cock slowly in and out of her mouth and then pulled it out with a ploppin... Continue»
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Wife and neighbor

We live in a rural area and the only neighbor we have is a divorced guy that lives right next door.
We have a pool in our back yard and sometimes during the day when he is at work, she might be out there on her float topless.
On day back in early summer, he came home from work early and caught her out there and she could not get out and get her bikini top on the deck before he got a good look at her.
That's when the flirting started and he loves catching her in the yard when I'm not around, so rather than being rude, she will talk with him there at the fence for awhile.
The flirting started ge... Continue»
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My First Exhibitionist Experience

I was 19, at Uni and hadn't met Brian yet so I still hadn't had a proper boyfriend or even had sex. Well, apart from Alun sticking his cock in me and cumming but I had never counted that as sex. It hadn't felt like sex and I never felt like I had been fucked afterwards. Surely, it had to last longer than three seconds to count as sex.

I was working most nights and Saturdays, sometimes Saturday nights, stacking supermarket shelves to survive and pay my way through Uni. Sunday was the only day I had to myself.

My breasts had finally begun to grow and I was insanely delighted and proud of ... Continue»
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On the train

I jump on the train back home as every Friday night. It's quite empty, in my carriage there must be less than 5 people.The seat next to me is empty as the one in front of me.
After a few stations the train gets even more empty. I have a look around and I am alone in the carriage. Very well, I am pretty tired and I can fall asl**p.

I am woken up by the sudden stop of the train. I notice a man on the platform, tall, brown skin, clean shaved face. He wears a black old t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. He jumps on the train and I hear the door of my carriage opening, he walks along the corridor... Continue»
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Would you like to try it? Snowballing

"Have you ever heard of snowballing?" my wife asked me one night as she sensed my moment of climax rapidly approaching.

We often spoke to each other during sex, even oral sex, which was our preferred method of satisfying ourselves and each other.

Recently we had increased our gym nights from two to three each week, working out on the machines and enjoying the ever-present eye candy. For a couple in our forties, we were both in pretty good shape, if I must say so myself, and sweating and straining at the gym helped keep us feeling young at heart, plus it never failed to put us in the mood... Continue»
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When I first discovered nylon.

It all started for me as a young teenager when my parents split up and I went to live with my aunt and uncle and my cousin in Dagenham. Back then Dagenham was great place to be as a teen with lots to do and I made friends with other guys within days so all was good.

My aunt and uncle both worked at the ford motor company and my 19 year old cousin Vicky worked for a local firm as a secretary (I changed her name as we still see each other) The summer holidays had just finished and we had only been back at school for a couple of weeks when I fell ill and had some time off and this is when it a... Continue»
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Ken 01 - My Introduction to Kink

I was 19 when I met Ken. I was still at Uni and I met him during a work placement at a large accounting firm in the city. I had just completed my first ever full scale audit of a medium sized business. I had essentially completed the audit on my own but I was closely supervised by one of the accountants there and he had double checked everything I had done.

I had to attend a meeting with the client, more as part of my work experience than anything else. I wasn't really needed there because my supervisor knew everything that I did about the audit but interacting with clients is an essentia... Continue»
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The Double Ended Dildo

We bought he double ended dildo at Noosa and we played around with it while we were up there but Maddy didn't like it. She loved the idea of it but it's a bit too thick and she didn't like it inside her. We tried it but we were both far more interested in the feeldoes at the time, so we tried it once then forgot about it.

One night when we were cuddled up under the blanket on the couch Maddy said something about us being joined together but I didn't catch exactly what she said. She got up and strolled to her bedroom naked and came back with the Double Ended Dildo.

It's enormous. It's 6... Continue»
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BBW Nymph

My friend Andy called me one night about four years ago. He is my age. He told me he had a woman at his place and that he had been fucking her most of the day.
He said that she was 55 years old and had asked him if he had a friend or two that could join them because she really loves having multiple guys to fuck because she is never satisfied with one,  She told him she was a nymph and could cum forever as long as she had fresh cock. He also told me to warn me she was a pretty good sized woman. 
That never stops me.
When I got there he met me at the door naked and we proceeded to the bedroom... Continue»
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Sylvia's mom part 1

Saving her daughter's virginity

This is part 1 of a series of continuing stories. There are 17 parts to date with a few more to be added if there is any interest among you, the readers. The stories vary in the sexual orientation of the characters. All sexual acts are by mutually consenting adults. The genres of the stories also vary.


As this story opens, I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college. My girlfriend, Sylvia, was 18 and a senior in high school. Sylvia's mother, Mrs. McDonald, was 37 years old.

Sylvia and I began dating while we were both still in high school... Continue»
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Stepdaddy’s Filthy f****y 2


Damn, but I knew I was in trouble when my stepdad wanted to see me.

My stepdad Nate was an all right guy, good for Mom, and that was what was important. He didn’t come on like he was my dad, and yet he wasn’t scared to tell me what he thought. I was actually glad my mom found someone. She’d been devastated when my dad left, that fucker.

Sometimes I blamed my real dad for everything that was wrong with me. I mean, I jerked off, all the time, and I searched the internet constantly for just right picture or video or story to match my mood. Sometimes the mood meant mommies fucking a... Continue»
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My First Time With A Woman

I was 26 the first time I had sex with a woman and even kissed a woman properly for the first time. It was something I had been thinking about for a while because my luck with men had been so bad and I was beginning to wonder if I was a Lesbian. That would certainly explain my discomfort with men and my lack of success with them.

I had only had one boyfriend in my life, which had lasted over 5 years and we had lived together for most of it. He was weird though. Even weirder than me. Men don't seem to like me and never have. I never had. Boys didn't like me either. I was The Weird One to t... Continue»
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Sylvia's mom part 2

Part 2 of a continuing series. If you have not read part 1, I suggest you do so in order to follow the flow of the story

Sylvia would be graduating from high school in a couple of weeks. She was going to visit her grandparents for the first week of her summer break before leaving for college in the Fall. I was already hoping Sheila, Sylvia's mother, would follow through on her offer of having sex with me.

Sylvia's grandparents drove down and picked her up to take her home with them for her vacation. Sheila called me and told me they were gone and asked me to come over. The way her voice ... Continue»
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My cousin and I were born in 68/69 respectively. We started experimenting during the summer of 77. This experimenting led to many firsts for both of us and the ability to please others and know what we wanted sexually for ourselves. It all started out slowly while taking baths and showers together that summer. We started by watching each other masturbate and then eventually joining in with each other for mutual masturbation. I remember the first time my cousins hand rapped around my hard shaft and started stroking me up and down making a frothy amount of soap bubbles until I came, that fi... Continue»
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First time as a girl

I have been dressing a bit since I was a teen but my first time dressing for a man was something. I had found him online, 40 years older than myself and talked quite a bit online. He had never been with a girl like me before but was quite interested. He bought me cloths he thought would be appropriate (love it when a man choses my cloths!) and invited me over.

At first we just sat on his couch, drinking a bit of wine and discussing life. After perhaps 30 minutes he asked me if I was interested in playing. He told me my cloths were waiting for me in the bathroom. He had bought me nice black l... Continue»
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Make mommy cum

One day, goofing around on the internet, I came upon a list of things men love and women hate. First thing on the list: professional wrestling. I'll leave it to you to judge the accuracy of the observation, but it did give rise to this story.

This was initially conceived of as a multi-chapter tale, but I liked the way it ended and decided, for the moment, to stick with it as written. Let me know what you think. End here? Add Pamela? Her friends? Milla and William? Somebody else? Something else? I tried to leave it open for additional chapters.

As always, all story characters engaged in ... Continue»
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Gloryhole? In my Closet?!

Here another awesome story. Please enjoy and remember this is all fantasy.

Gloryhole? In my Closet?!

I stared in shock at the back wall of my closet, unable to fully understand what I was seeing. There was a hole neatly drilled through the wall, behind where an ugly, never-worn sweater once hung. It couldn't have been seen from my side, but if the sweater were to be pushed aside from the other side of the wall, it would offer a clear view into my bedroom. A clear view, from my step-b*****r Kyle's bedroom. The... Continue»
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The Boy in Ladies Panties

In all my years of being bisexual I have only once been turned on by a guy wearing women's panties.

Some years ago while I was still married we put up some neighbours' f****y who were visiting for a wedding. A middle-aged couple and their son. The boy was just 18 but looked 14 as he was short and slim with a boyish face that I doubt needed shaving. All weekend he wore jeans and a t-shirt, even to go to the wedding. I must admit, I found it hard not to watch him whenever we were in the same room. He was so cute.

They were leaving early on the Monday morning but the boy, let's call him ... Continue»
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Erotic Education [4]: Hot Holiday

Horny Helena loves sunshine on her bronzed beautiful soft skin, same goes for both her dear doddies
Horny Helena's nice neighbour and best female friend is sweet cute Caroline, single mom of Christina
Horny Helena took Caroline and Christine along last few summer holidays in the sunny south of France

Helena is hot about a far-out nudist campsite at the Plateau Central, departement Lot, near a small river
Helena is experienced, she knows most of the well-known luxury campings there are less fun for them
Helena is proud of the place she found and especially that in last three years
... Continue»
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Ken 03 – Naked and Locked Out

It was the third time I had been with Ken. We hadn't done anything that night except listen to music with Ken reclining on the couch fully dressed, caressing my hair, and me sitting on the floor beside him naked. We did that more than anything else.

Ken suddenly sat up and asked me if I had met his neighbour Tom yet.

"No." I said.
"He's a miserable old bastard, in his sixties, a bit doddery, lives alone and he's a shameless perv. He's ways perving on women in my pool."
"I'll look forward to meeting him." I said with laugh, wondering what women he meant.
"Well, wait no longer. I thou... Continue»
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A s****r Scorned

My younger siser wanted revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

“I want you to fuck me” my s****r announced as she d****d her jacket on a chair.


She looked at me, a small frown across her forehead, “Screw me. Let’s go to bed so you can get off in me.”

I heard her but was a little slow on the uptake. I looked at my 22 year old sibling and asked her “What the hell are you talking about? You want me to take you to bed?”

Gayle had marched into my apartment without knocking and made her sudden announcement, it was the first thing she said when she came in. “Yeah, Rick has been ch... Continue»
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First Time Sucking Cock

A week passed and I had not stopped thinking about what had happened. I kept seeing that great looking face licking the cum off my tip. I kept thinking about what it would have been like to touch his cock through his pants and feel it grow as I rubbed it. Mostly I thought about what it would finally be like to put it in my mouth, a thought that made me cum more than once during the week.
So this was the day he’d show up and I made sure I was by the pool like last time. It was a little cooler out so I had on my gym shorts and a t-shirt. I knew he would be arriving at any time and my fucking hea... Continue»
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Laundry Day

There she was, folding laundry like she did every Thursday. Her big tits bouncing back and forth in that loose silk robe she wore on laundry day. She knew I liked the view. She caught me staring, which wasn't difficult because I didn't bother hiding it anymore. "Oh! What are you doing there?" she asked with her flirtatious rhetorical tone. She knew the answer. She could see it when she glanced briefly at my crotch. A smile drew across her lips; she always loved how easily she could make me hard. In response, I simply returned the smile and allowed my eyes to wander back to her enchanting cleav... Continue»
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Vicky, the sexy, blond, mature BBW - Part 1

This is a true story that took place several years ago.

I have a friend, Bob, he's in his 60's and retired. We get together every now and then and fool around. He loves to suck my cock and show me naked pictures of his wife while he's blowing me. He really loves when I tell him how I would make him suck me in front of his wife then watch as I fuck her, but sadly, that never happened...

Bob and I talked about finding a BBW for a threesome. So we put an ad on CL and we had to weed through the hookers and spam. Weeks went by and I had forgotten about the ad, when I got an email from a girl ... Continue»
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Wife Talk's him into getting FUCKED! Gay

When Sally met her husband three years ago, a year before they got married, she discovered his stash of porn DVDs. He blushed and was embarrassed and started to make apologies, but Sally smiled and told him not to worry. She had the same 'secret.' Sally also loved porn and had loads of porn sites bookmarked on her computer. They laughed and realized they shared this common interest. Men often assume women either aren't very interested in porn, or will be made uncomfortable if their guys show too much interest in it. But Sally was definitely an exception.

Since then Tim and Sally had really ... Continue»
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First bisexual and threesom...

The story I am going to tell is about my first threesome and my first bisexual experience.

REcently I met the Girl of my wifes younger b*****r. The whole f****y was relieved when the youngest guy came finally with a Girlfriend because everyone was speculating he might be homosexual. He acted for quiet some time like he is gay and made a big secret of his relationship with his gf. So finally we all met her and they seem to be very happy.

One evening we were sitting altogether at home and watching a horror movie when my wife got tired and decided to leave the 3 of us alone and go for a sl... Continue»
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My wife's big new toy; part 2

If you haven't read part 1, you should. This picks up where that one stopped.

I rub the lips of her pussy with the head of this monster, which is double the size of me. Up and down, up and down. But real slow. Then I start to circle her clit ever so fucking slow. She starts gyrating her hips just a little and let's out a very quit moan. Then I pushed the head down onto her pussy's opening and held it there, no more than a quarter inch in. I started to push the head in and I saw her body relax. The head made it in and I just kept it there. I kept it there because she once told me that she l... Continue»
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Mel goes on holiday

Another joint story:

I needed a break from the k**s and husband so I booked a holiday to the Caribbean. I packed plenty of bikinis and skimpy summer clothes. I wasn't looking for any sexual encounters just a relaxing time away.........I landed and went straight to the day spa for a relaxing hot oil massage......
I went in and waited my turn. I didn't have to wait too long before a lady left the massage room with a massive grin on her face. She looked at me, winked and said "Best massage ever. I recommend you have the full service" and then she walked out.
The receptionist said i could go ... Continue»
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Horny wife fucks the old neighbor

I have enjoyed these last few months, spending time with my newborn son. I have been home just shy of three months. The workers I wrote of earlier were around in the beginning, but due to doctors orders our “run-ins” were limited to a lot of blowjobs and one very hot anal fuck from Caesar. I think I swallowed more cum in the last three months than my whole high school career. The skin on my face has become fairly moist too. I also get very wet when after having a few loads shot on my face and down my throat, my husband comes home and kisses me. He is still unaware of my Mexican adventures but ... Continue»
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good morning Terri

Morning wood can be an issue, well I know for me its a big issue. One morning, I was awoke from a dream with a hard wood. I turned to the wife, and stroked her legs, looking to figure her pussy. She slapped me back, telling me no fucking going on here. So I got up and went to the living room. Porn will have to due for now. I got on the computer and started my search for the one that will bring it home. While looking at a video, a message popped up. It was my friend Terri. She asked if I was ok, noting that it was 3;30 in the morning. Usually she is up all night, for her job and she knows I am... Continue»
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Maddy - Our First Kiss

"You want me to tell you where the toe sucking came from?" Madelaine asked.
"Yeah, OK." I said laughing.
"I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to get the wrong idea. There's really no connection between this and you. None at all. Apart from the toe sucking itself."
"Ralph used to go down on me sometimes and I really hated it. I hated the way he slobbered all over my pussy and it was so bad that I actually preferred sucking his wrinkled old cock. One night he's about to go down on me and I just couldn't do it. I panicked and for some crazy reason I shoved my foot in h... Continue»
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Club Moderne---Part 3

"I am just SO excited!" My friend Jennifer said as she drove the two of us to what would be our third visit to Club Moderne, and quickly glancing my way, her face was beaming with anticipation!

"So am I," replied.

"I can hardly WAIT to wrap my mouth around some more of those AMAZING big cocks!" She said.

"I feel the same way!" I replied.

"This time," Jennifer said, "I'm definitely going for a BIG black cock, like you did the last time! That," she said grinning broadly, "was UNBELIVEABLE!"

"I know!" I replied, smiling at the memory. "I had NO idea that a cock could be THAT big!"
... Continue»
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Fun in The Hay Loft

Fun in the Hay Loft
By Tuggatom

It had been one of those long, hot days on the combine and, as the light began to fade, we decided to call the teams in for the night and start again in the morning. I had two trailers collecting and taking grain to the store and when the message went out I notices Dave and Tony head off the field quickly and back towards the yard. I jumped down out of the cab, locked up, got into my pick-up and headed for home.

It was a good 10 minutes drive along the tracks to get back to the yard and as I approached I notices Dave and Tony heading into the hay loft. Cu... Continue»
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s****r in heat chapter 1

It was a hot summer, and a frustrating one. I'd just finished my senior year of college and was working at my father's electrical repair shop before heading to graduate school for engineering. I'd done the job for years and, believe it or not, I enjoyed it. But even without four years of drought, summers are intense in Los Angeles, and spending all day climbing over a customer's roof because he's not sure what kind of cable setup he's got - while good exercise - can be a real headache. But that was a small part of my frustration.

For probably the last time, the whole f****y was living at ho... Continue»
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Sex anywhere is terrific. However, I do enjoy farm sex stories. One day I was browsing on a gay web site and read Benjamin’s profile and a couple of his stories. This is one of them. I have Ben’s permission to recite it here:

“In the summer of 1966, I was attending college in Colorado. When my sophomore year was over, I took a job for the summer working on a farm. A mixed grain and cattle operation. Alex and Lucy owned the farm and they needed a couple of workers to help them from spring seeding time to fall combining.

Their farm house was a 1,500 square foot ranch bungalow. There were... Continue»
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Stepdaddy’s Filthy f****y


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Now I knew why my stepson’s computer kept getting viruses: he didn’t just stick to one porn website, he was trying to get to all of them.

Sitting in my office, I was going through the router’s history and the corresponding IP addresses. I knew exactly which IP address matched up to Jacob’s laptop. He was a healthy eighteen-year-old boy with sandy blond hair, a nice smile, and a tight body he kept fit through track and weight lifting. I would be lying if I didn’t sometimes look at him like no stepfather should.

I was relatively... Continue»
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The Steam Room

My name is Adita from Asian heritage I'm 22, a student, slim, with firm but rather smallish B-cupped breasts. I have Ombre style long hair.

My parents house is near a well-known and well-equipped spa hotel which is open for paying guests, I visit it every now and then in evening, when its ladies only night normally between six and eight p.m. for a pamper.
That evening the place was deserted I saw nobody in the shower area. I undressed and started with a long, warm and relaxing shower. Naked with my towel I entered the spa and opened the door to the steam room. It was damp and foggy with ... Continue»
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Diane is an English blonde married to Des with two very young k**s . Diane asked me if
I could supervise her young s****r Eva baby sitting her k**s . Des and Diane were going
to a Des works party . I lusted after Diane since they lived in the flat above us
I love watching Diane hanging her frilly lacy panty's and bra's out on the garden line
every week .She always bent over displaying her sexy silky panty's covering her blonde
bushy cunt and her pert plumb arse cheeks.
My wife Phil loved watching me wank my big cock as I gazed longingly at Diane .
Phil would suck my throbbing cock befor... Continue»
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Early days of fun

I’ve been trying to remember how it all started for me. It is all now such a long time ago, I find it hard to believe now that when I was a young teenager, it was 1973, over 45 years ago. Where has all that time gone ? I can barely credit all the things I have done and all the people I have known, and even worse, who must now be dead.

Anyway, I cannot put a date on it, but I do know what happened.

I was in my room, as usual, and probably playing with myself, as usual. My mum shouted up the stairs to me that Steve was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. My school friend Steve, to be hones... Continue»
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Wife on the phone, Secretary on the bone...

It was barely a month ago that I discovered my husband was having an affair again.

I appreciate to many women that revelation would be heart-breaking, but to me, hailing from France as I do, it wasn’t a huge deal anymore. As a young and impressionable teenager I once witnessed my own father making love to our maid one summer’s afternoon in his study (while my mother tended to the roses in their garden outside), so I tend to take these things in my stride.

As it happens, it’s almost accepted in France that there’s always ‘the other woman’ in any relationship, so whenever I’m aware it’s h... Continue»
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Fran whoring it at the parlour

Story for cuckman about his slut of a wife.
Women enjoy sex. Now what we are taught to expect is a woman loves sex with her husband only. More and more women are cheating on their hubbies because they simply want more. Fran is one exceptional case. She enjoys fucking so much she gave up a 9 to 5 safe secure job to work in the sex industry in a “massage” parlour. She is also of the breed that doesn’t want her men to use condoms. She wants to feel the warmth of their meaty cocks inside her and the feeling of her lovers spunking hard into her.
As I have said, she actively took a job in a parlou... Continue»
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Sylvia's mom part 4

When I got back to Sheila's house that evening, she greeted me at door. She had a towel wrapped around her which barely covered her nipples and hung just to the top of her thighs. It was obvious that she had no intention of wasting time with clothing. She was like an alley cat in heat or a crazed tigress as she dragged me into the house. She was tearing at my clothes almost ripping them shreds to get them off of me. She didn't even bother trying to make it to the bedroom. She knew exactly what she wanted and she wanted then and there right in the living room.

"We're going to fuck in every r... Continue»
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MMF Threesome Wife Bull adn the Cuck

This was not our first threesome with this guy but this time was a little different as S which is my wife had planned this meeting by booking a hotel room with thoughts in her mind with what she got up to the last time we all met!
After a week of horny messages and what this guy which we will call X wanted to do to my wife and me?

The country pub/hotel was booked and a day before X wanted us to check in posing as b*****r and s****r as S had booked a two bedroomed suite, This was kinky from the start and we were excited by this so being a cuck husband I did this so my wife was now my s****r... Continue»
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The Moonlight

I crouched low in the bushes at the edge of the clearing looking out through the leaves at the grassy expanse before me. The clearing was only about 100 paces wide and it wouldn't take me long to sprint across that open space. But I would be clearly visible in the moonlight which streamed down from above, illuminating the clearing and making the forest on either side pitch black.

It was more of a break in the forest than a clearing. A strip devoid of trees and shrubs than ran for miles, straight as an arrow, splitting the deeply wooded forest. I wondered briefly what had ca... Continue»
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A Evening With Carla

I work in a well-known retail store. Late one Friday, a lady walked into the store and began looking at DVD players She was well dressed and was made up as though she was going out for the evening. I went over, introduced myself and asked if there was anything I could do to help. She told me her name was Carla and as she was talking to me about what she needed, I too was checking out the merchandise. She was about 37, with a nice set of tits, a good firm bum and a well proportioned body. On top of that, she had amazing green eyes.

We discussed the various pros and cons of the machines avail... Continue»
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Make Me Eat it Creampie

She straddled my legs and leaned forward. Her breasts hung over my stomach. She swayed from side to side and her breasts gently smacked my hardened penis. She stroked my hardness with her nipples. I groaned and moaned my pleasure. Drops of pre-cum fluid formed. She smeared my pre-cum with her nipples, back and forth. "Mmmm I love your slick pre-cum on my nipples, do you? Do you love how it feels? Do you love your slick pre-cum on my hard nipples?"

"Yes, oh yes I do"

"Do you want to lick the pre-cum off my nipples, do you want to do that?"

" Yes I want that." I said quivering.

She... Continue»
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