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My first time. (VERY TABOO)

TabooFirst TimeFetish

When I was "younger" I used to go visit my Aunt Jenny down state. She had a large and pretty house, with three levels. The second floor was where all the bedrooms were. The first floor was the kitchen, living room, dinning room, and my aunt's boyfriend (at the time), Steve's office. And the basement. The basement had a rec room, a TV room, laundry room, and a place for my aunt's dog, Ozzy to be held if they had to go out. Ozzy was a big mutt. He came up to about my stomach with his head. He had short white and brown fur with some black blotches. He was strong and playful. He could and had kn… Read more

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A Mother's Journey

TabooFirst TimeMature

So I met an insatiable lady during my travels and as we increasingly became comfortable with each other we started sharing our personal kinks. One of our mutual fantasies was taboo family play. And she started confessing her feelings and attraction to her son. Below is her emails to me regarding what happened after months of talking about this. This is posted with her permission, and she's looking forward to the feedback. If this doesn't interest you, please move along to something that does. Email #1 The other night my husband was out again and so I told my son I was staying in for the night… Read more

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Cindy's panties

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

My brother was briefly married and ended up with a daughter that he had to raise. Cute as a button, little Cindy was a teenage delight when they came to visit me out in California! Shock of curly red hair and freckles sprinkled over her cheeks, she was a little titted delight! Well, my brother was pursuing a new love interest and he traveled to Santa Barbara for a romantic weekend, leaving his daughter with me for Halloween. To me, Cindy was too old for trick or treating but, what the hell, I let her dress up as a witch and took her around my neighborhood for a while. She had fun and the two… Read more

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My Aunt

MatureGroup SexTaboo

I had made a trip to Austin where my Aunt lived for a visit, I had just made it into town and met my Aunt for dinner. We had a very nice conversation over dinner and then we headed to her new house in a very well to do neighborhood. Once at her house we got my bags into her house and she showed me around. We sat down in her living room talking and sharing our thoughts. That is when my Aunt asked about how my wife was doing. I told her she was fine and then asked about the k**s. She then went back to talking about my wife. I was not really shocked as she has always asked about them and we have… Read more

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Geting Some Help


So.... the set up is basically this...…… we are separated, but living in the same place, we have separate rooms and in a few months I am leaving and we are divorcing.... for now, I have my own room and she has hers..... we exist in the same space..... It has been a while, since we did anything sexual and part of the deal of us "co existing" for a few months, was no sex... treat each other like room mates.... This does however change, when something is wanted, by her...… same as it always has been...… this time, she wants a new cell phone... cant afford it at all and knows I can easily...…… Read more

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First time pissed on!


The wife and I were at a Caribbean resort for the week. They had an au natural beach that was separate from the rest of the resort. On that beach was a little tower. On the first level was the bathroom, and if you went up the steps, there was a small lookout area that had great views of the ocean. The spot for people to stand was very small, but two people could certainly fit. The wife and I had been sunbathing naked for a while, and drinking plenty of Red Stripe beers while we did. We decided to head up to the top of this tower and check out the view. We really went up there to indulge in a… Read more

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Those naughty fingers during the soccer match


Saturday afternoon I was at home getting bored; but then my loving hubby said he had arranged with some of his friends to go to a bar to watch a soccer match. Victor asked me if I want to go with him. When we got there the bar was really crowded. I was wearing a tight short dress and high heels. I loved to show my long legs and my cleavage, although I was not really into watching soccer… Victor moved with some friends at a corner and I managed finally to get a drink and have to stand by a high bar table; with no seats. Everyone was so packed in; bodies were very close and banging into each oth… Read more

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We could have been busted

TabooFirst Time

I remember one of the closest I came to being caught at a sexual activity was when my girlfriend and I decided to have oral sex in her house, at a time when her mother was in the other room. We were in our late teens They had 3 bedrooms going around a small living room on the 1st floor of the house. It was a pretty big house. Her room, and her parents room was adjoining. She wore a nice yellow skirt, which went up to a couple of inches above her knees, and a white top as I recall. During the afternoon we sat down to watch TV in her room, and her mother would usually rest and sometimes fall a… Read more

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When my wife and I were just Boy and girl friend we took chances as the only place we could have sexy games was at her house(I was on leave from the USAF in West Germany on leave in London, england. In those heady days she always drew the line at “going all the way” but loved sucking my cock and Always swallowed each and every spurt of my heavy ejaculate saying my cum tasted delicious! As a reward I in turn used my mouth, two fingers and long tongue on her hairy snatch which would emit sexy smelling juices I Didn,t mind swallowing myself. We,d also taken to doing a full sixty nine, but had not… Read more

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Mom’s big tits

MatureTabooFirst Time

It was a hot summer, a warm afternoon in August. As I came home, I shouted... " MOM! I'm home...." I glanced at the kitchen. But she was not there. So I walked towards the garden. And I saw her. She was in the pool, swimming. "Hi mom! I'm home..!" I said. Mom looked at me and said " Hi Danny! How are you?" "I’m Ok, but what a hot day, isn't it?" I asked. -"Yes hon. The pool is cool. Why don't you join me?" Mom said. I looked at my mom and laughed. "Mom I don't have any bathing trunks. I can't swim. I think I need to buy one tomorrow." At that moment mom did something so erotic that mad… Read more

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My Mommy


I'm Sam, and I'm about to finish my senior year in high school. I'm 18 years old, about 5'8, 170 lbs, with black hair. I live with just my mom Katie. My friends growing up would always call her a milf, and deep down I agreed. Since, she has put on a little weight but not too much. She is about 5'2 and 130 lbs. She has red hair with green eyes and freckles, giving her an Irish look. She has a nice round butt which occasionally gets ogled when we go out. I say occasionally because she has 36DD boobs which attract most of the attention. It all started last Friday. Finally, the weekend! I had a… Read more

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Son helps his grieving mother


I was born on my Mother's 19th birthday. Not an amazing fact in itself, but one that would have interesting repercussions later in life. My early years were not unusual, and it wasn't until I was in my teens that I made an interesting discovery, well, two in fact. Firstly, I realised that my mother, called Ruth, was incredibly attractive (5'11" tall, with short reddish brown hair, a full set of tits and legs that went on, and on, and on.) Secondly, she and my Dad fucked like rabbits every night, and when she fucked, my Mum was loud and proud! Every night, as they fucked in their room (or the… Read more

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Took You Long Enough

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

My balls tightened and my cock swelled. I tried to hold back longer but could not as her hand squeezed me. I exploded, one, two three ropes of creamy cum shot from cock. Four, five, six ropes, my cum pooled on Lizzy's bush. "Wow Chuck, that is a big load." Lizzy said as she admired our work. She smeared my cum around her soft golden bush and rubbed it in between her lips and then pushed her cum covered fingers into her wet pussy. "I just love watching you cum on me." Lizzy said. "Well, it might feel better if it was inside you." I replied. "Well Chuck, you know that would be weird." Lizzy was… Read more

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Jasmine Fucks My Wife


Hello, my name is Tim. I am a 30 year-old married man. I have been married for five years to my wife Danielle. She is an absolute beauty of a woman. I remember when we were married, I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world. Since I am no hunk myself, standing at just five foot six and extremely lanky, I felt like I didn't deserve such a nice, gorgeous wonderful woman. Let me describe my wife to you. Danielle is five foot seven, fair with blonde hair. Her bright blue eyes and charming smile are a delight to behold. Although she is 28, she has the body of a twenty year old, through regul… Read more

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Pleasing The Black Lawn Man

Interracial SexGay MaleVoyeur

Got a new lawn man in the spring, Had been searching for one and seen a guy one day with his truck a few streets over so I stopped and asked him if he taking on any more in the area, he said yes and would pass over later and look at it .I told him it was a small yard and he said ok.... He stopped by an hour or so later and gave me a good price .I invited him in and he come inside ....Would you care for a drink I asked him yeah some water is fine and asked if he could use the bathroom sure it right down the hall there I said..... His name was Albert just call me Al he said.....He was about 6… Read more

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Giving Their Brother Needed Therapy

Lesbian SexGroup SexTaboo

Susan and Molly were sisters who shared everything. They shared clothes, they shared the same apartment, they had similar interests in movies, art, and hobbies. They had even shared a man or two. They were in their early 20's and had a brother, Derek. Derek was two years older than Molly, who was 18 months older than Susan. The sisters, like many do, looked enough alike that it was easy to tell they were sisters. Both were about 5'6", around 120 lb., D-cup tits and hour glass figures that showed off really nice, shapely asses. They had the kind of build that looked great in dress, jeans, or te… Read more

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Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian

Lesbian SexTabooFirst Time

Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian I looked at my Bank Account for “Amy Macabe, Associate Entertainment Specialist Cascade Club Tucson” and just smiled. Not bad money for a forty-three old divorcee. There were four $500.00 deposits in the past week and a $2000.00 deposit for my trip with Sophia to Vegas. I had a very good week being the highest paid lesbian escort in Tucson, Arizona. I earn close to $9,000.00 a month by making love to a very select group of seven very wealthy older female clients. My clients have to be attractive, wealthy, slim, well dressed, who women who exuded class. I had… Read more

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Cindy's panties...part two

MasturbationVoyeurFirst Time

The early light of dawn finally came into my bedroom and, no, it wasn't all a dream. Little Cindy slept next to me, still clad in her sexy pink nighty and matching almost diaphanous panties. How close I'd come to sexually penetrating my little niece was on my mind but I knew that it was just not meant to be. I turned up the heat and headed into the bathroom for my morning shower. Yeah, I cranked the heat hoping that when I exited the bath, Cindy would've kicked off the covers and give me a chance to check out her youthful body! Well, it almost worked out like that. Cindy had kicked off the co… Read more

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my best buddy and my wife

Group SexMasturbationTaboo

Our friend of over 25 years lives in the usa and whilst we often chat we dont get to see each other as often as we would like due to the distance and both being married and bringing up our k**s. Over the last few years he's been hooked on prescription painkillers due to a back injury, which has resulted in him not being able to get an erection. He says he has tried Viagra but in his words he may as well take a tic tac.Anyway it seems his lack of labido has caused his marriage to break down and so I suggested he come over to the UK for a visit to help him clear his head and relax. After a few… Read more

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It’s Just Not Your Day

AnalTabooFirst Time

Fbailey story I heard my sister calling for me. Now she had never wanted me before. In fact she constantly threatens me with bodily harm if I even come near her. She has slapped my face, punched my arms, and once the bitch even kicked me in the balls. Needless to say I did not go to her. I tried to tune out her cries for help, but after about a half an hour I finally went to her bedroom and knocked. Her reply was, “Get your fucking ass in here and help me! NOW, you little shit.” I went back to my bedroom and turned my music up. I was still mad at Jessica for earlier that day. You see she… Read more

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Mrs. Shimkiss teaches me

TabooMatureFirst Time

Growing up I always liked to be around Mrs. Shimkiss, I mean she was old but she sure didn't look old like my mom and she didn't act like an old lady either. I knew she was divorced but I just couldn't understand how her husband could have ever left her; I knew I never would if I'd been married to her. Although mom told me not to pester her, she didn't seem to mind my being around, and I used the excuse of helping her with yard work so I could hang at her house. There was never anything sexual or anything like that but somehow I knew I was in the presence of a woman and it gave me a thrill. S… Read more

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Aunt Karen (www)


Aunt-Karen (found in www) author unknown When I was 14, my parents went away for a 2 week vacation and made arrangements for me to stay with the next-door neighbors while they were gone. The neighbor had a son close to my age, that I was good friends with, so it wasn’t bad for me. My friend’s name was Dave, and he lived with his single mother who I called Aunt-Karen. She wasn’t my aunt, but that was how I had been brought up to refer to her. Aunt-Karen was attractive, although certainly not beautiful, and was probably in her mid to late thirties. She was a very affectionate woman, a li… Read more

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The Christmas Party

MatureFirst TimeFetish

I dreaded going to my wife's company Christmas party, but there was no getting out of it. Alice had been at her new job less than a year and was soaring to the top of the corporate chain. Her promotions were coming at the rate of almost every other month. I was happy for her, as she brought plaques of praise, letters of appreciation, and even cash bonuses. I was also happy for the extra income she was now getting; in fact, she now made a lot more than I did. All of this success came with a price; our home life had become almost non-existent. Yet I was still happy for her and could tell she wa… Read more

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A taboo adventure


So 20 years ago my marriage was on the rocks. I had talked to my mom about it. Well my wife at the time never wanted sex. So my mom was helping me thru my rough time. I worked 3rd shift at the time and my wife worked 1st. 1 day after she got off work she came over to see me. I was just getting up and still in my underwear. Not noticing I opened the door for her. She came in snd saw me rock hard. Mom "oh my son. We need to take care of that." Me "take of ohhh mom I'm sorry" Mom "dont be I need sex just as much as you" Me "MOM" All of a sudden my underwear are off and she is sucking my cock.… Read more

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Poker Bet I get FUCKED! Gay

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

It was our Friday poker night and we’d been playing for about 3 hours. Tonight we all seemed to be getting bored with the same old thing. When everybody got up from the table for a stretch, Mark jokingly suggested that we should play strip poker. "Sure," said Tom, even though there were only guys in the house. "You’re k**ding," I said. "What, you got something to hide?" Tom said. So all five of us sat around the kitchen table and started playing strip poker. Only the loser had to remove a piece of clothing. Before we started, everyone had removed their socks and shoes. The play was going pr… Read more

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fucking my wifes friend

HardcoreFirst TimeMature

this is a true story which happened about 15 years ago and the pictures below are the woman in question, we moved to a fairly small village in Essex and had no friends after a while my wife Lynn said she was getting friendly with one of the mums at the school and one day i came home from work walked into the kitchen where my wife and a woman were standing drinking tea my wife introduced her new friend as Sue, the first thing i noticed was she was fucking ugly with really bad skin but that didnt matter to me as she was small slim and had massive tits (34E) just how i like my women, we said "hi"… Read more

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Interracial SexFetishGay Male

BASED ON TRUE STORY: From a few years back ago I was a simple Whiteboi with a girlfriend. By that time I called myself a man because i lost my virginity with a girl and braged about it to all my friends. She kept it all quiet for herself, and by then I didn't know why. As a normal Whiteboi always does, is watching porn. I watched all the Blacked clips there was on all pornsites. I loved when girls cheated on their boyfriends and sucked BBC. I only took it as a fantasy and watched the beauty of interracial porn. I saw that my girlfriend had friends who got black boyfriends and for sure probably… Read more

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An interesting thing happened to me last month. A girl (now woman), who I knew in High School moved in around the corner from me. Karen and I were friendly in High School, we knew each other, but we weren't close friends. Karen was a cheerleader in High School and I played football. We did not travel in the same circles, but I had friends who had dated her. While I was out on my afternoon walk, I hear a voice “Hey there!” I turned around and it was Karen. I was surprised she recognized me, as we had not seen each other in years. Her daughter and my daughters were cheerleaders in high school,… Read more

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My First Time ( Mac and I )

First TimeGay MaleBDSM

I had been emailing Mac for about 3 months about wanting my secret desire to be treated like a sissy with a man. Today he was going to pick me at noon. I didn't sleep the entire night nervous if i would go through with meeting him. Part of me was scared that he might be a killer while another part of me was fearful he might just hurt me. He seemed like a nice older man and said he had always been attracted to men. I didn't want to be with a man only because they couldn't get pussy. I emailed Mac at first and told him many many times I was very shy but the more we emailed the more i opened up… Read more

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Turning Gay in Prison.

Gay MaleFirst TimeMasturbation

Just after my 19th birthday in the winter of 1993 I found myself in trouble with the law. I was arrested for selling dope and stealing a car with a friend. I was released on bail and two months later I was in front of a judge for sentencing, my lawyer and the crown attorney agreed to a 90 day jail sentence and probation, but the female judge had a different idea, she sentenced me to 30 MONTHS in prison I almost puked on the spot! I had been to jail before but only for very short time, 90 days once and 6 months in juvenile so I knew the basic rules to stay out of trouble inside. Thirty months… Read more

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how it all started.

First TimeTabooMature

In keeping with the rules here, you have to figure it out. I was very young with a really small cock. My brother, however, was 7 years older and I had seen his cock and it was sooo much bigger. I had also seen my dads cock while we showered together in the basement. My brothers cock had no foreskin like my dads, and that only increased my curiosity. Since we were a poor family, I had to sleep with my brother and that was ok. My curiosity increased and one night I felt his cock poking me in the butt as we were sleeping. I moved away a little, but reached back and felt his hard cock. He didn't… Read more

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Wife finds Out I'm a Cocksucker! Gay

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

We’d managed to get away to the Keys for a few days, just my wife and I. She was enjoying a little quiet time reading on the beach and I was getting in some much anticipated tarpon fishing. I’d spent the day on a boat with a guide and had great success, landing my first tarpon ever. My guide and I had just parted ways at the dock and I was getting ready to walk back to the hotel to meet my wife. I really had to take a leak, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to go on a small boat. There was a public bathroom right between the dock and the beach, so I decided to use it before walking back. I walk… Read more

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When i met BBC

Interracial SexFirst Time

when i met my first bbc i was trying out because my high school friend said if i fuck a black guy i won't want a white dick no more but it didn't quite happen that way. The black guy i fucked was alright but he wasn't what i heard about so i kept on with the white guys. Years later i was working at a club and i started to see a lot of black men and i got offered to go home with a few and i refused cause i still had in my head what my first experience was like. One night my car had stopped running and it wouldn't start up and it was like 3 am so these black guys pull up and asked did i need hel… Read more

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Seduced into sucking cock

Gay Male

Theresa and I had been dating for a few weeks when things started to get weird. In hindsight, I should have known that something was off with her. I had never dated a girl as insanely attractive as she was. She was completely out of my league, so I should have guessed something was up. At the time, I just didn’t care though. She had an insane body: double-D tits, flat stomach, and curves for days. She had beautiful bright green eyes and straight white teeth. I thought I was in love. She was sex- crazed, and she wanted to fuck multiple times a day. We would regularly meet for lunch during t… Read more

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Night intruders at home


That night my lovely hubby was watching a movie at the dining room and I was upstairs getting ready for bed. I was really tired after a long and stressing day at my office. I had stripped of and then put a long t-shirt to cover my body. All of a sudden, I heard and insistent ringing of the doorbell. I went out of our bedroom and saw Victor was moving from his seat. He opened the door slightly to see who was there and immediately he found himself thrown back into the room as a man pushed his way in. The stranger was on top of my husband in just an instant, brandishing a hunting knife and o… Read more

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How My Wife Turned Me Into Her Woman

AnalLesbian SexShemales

My Wife Turned Me Into Her Woman It was 16 years ago my wife and I had been married about a year.. And really enjoy each other as we moved out of the Newlywed year I was a rough and tumble type of guy with blue eyes and long brown hair around 180 lb with a nice build and she was a petite beautiful woman with long coal black hair and green eyes With a shapely hourglass figure and nice natural big boobs She was around 115 lb we were both quite active and in into healthy living.. We were a straight couple just enjoying life and each other we were best friends.. Looking back at it I guess you wou… Read more

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A quick enciunter at the men`s room


Friday at midday my loving wife Ana cancelled her appointment to lunch with me; she said the Architect she had hired would meet us at the mall’s food court. She warned me that person was a bit eccentric; but had good references from some of her girlfriends. So I went alone for just a quick meal at the same mall and told Ana we would meet with the Architect later. The place was just few blocks from my office. The food court was a bit crowded; but I got some pizza slices and got a seat. Soon I noticed someone interesting sitting just few tables away from me. She had dark curly hair, covered by a… Read more

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Fisting Nancy

MatureFetishFirst Time

When I was in my late 20’s I was working at a company and I’d often take lunch the same time as Nancy. She was in her late 30’s, maybe 40 something. She was pretty hot and lots of guys took her out. She liked to talk about sex, and how when she was horny she’d use ‘stuff’ to help her. I showed such interest, that we agreed to go out for a bite and go to her house after and ‘play’ From our first date she had me mesmerized. She loved to show off and get me hot, she would masturbate with all kinds of things ( no one had sex toys then) such as her hair brush, an old barbie doll, her dog's rubber… Read more

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The Awakening

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

It was very early ... barely enough light to see anything, and I lay there for a while wondering why I'd woken up at this hour, and then I felt her next to me ... she must have climbed into bed whilst I was asleep. She was snuggled up next to me and I could smell the warm sweet scent of her hair. I lay there motionless, pretending to sleep, and savouring the feel of her young body pressed against mine, her leg resting on my thigh, and the heat emanating from her silken bush. She had her hand resting on my belly, and was moving it ever so slowly, carefully down towards my crotch, pausing now an… Read more

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Nerd sex

Sex HumorHardcore

This girl is what some people would call a nerd. She's into computer games, anime, my little pony, things like that. I don't judge people. If that's what they like, than fine. She is also a good looking girl too. I met her at work, she was a newbie. I showed her around, answered questions she had, the usual stuff. When we started to get to know each other more and more I would start to go over to her place. Wasn't anything fancy, she lived with her brothers at t… Read more

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The Initiation part one

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

Every year to get into a certain fraternity new members must go through a pledge task or week...and I was no exception. Being a freshman I wanted to get into one so I had to do a task that would gain me entrance and the one that was given to me was a daunting one. To pledge my loyalty to the fraternity I had to give a blowjob to a person of said fraternity's choice. So the fraternity found a Junior in our college to be the one. So there I was waiting in the pledge room wearing briefs and shirt waiting why everybody else left to go drinking. Then suddenly a black man wearing a pair of tight bl… Read more

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Clive and The Twins Part 3


Continued from Part 2 They all agreed that there were no rules and Clive went to get some dice, the girls sat on the sofa in anticipation wondering how the game would go, they had never played it before but all agreed it would be a laugh. Clive returned with the dice and gave one to each of the girls, “OK, let’s do this” Clive said and they all threw a dice. Amber was lowest and Clive was highest “Truth or Dare Daddy?” Amber asked. “Truth” Clive responded, Amber thought for a moment and then asked “What age did you first have sex?” Clive looked across at the girls who sat patiently waiting fo… Read more

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Brother cheers up his coed sister

HardcoreFirst Time

It all started back in my second year of college, at a party a friend of mine was throwing at his house. The party was just getting wound up when my sister and her two best friends showed up. I went to an engineering college in Milwaukee and my sister just started at a two year college nearby. I soon lost track of my sis while playing a game of asshole. In this game everyone is ranked, there is a president, vice president, treasurer, and so on all the way down to the lowest person who is the asshole. You can order people to do things who are of a lower rank than you, and cards determine what t… Read more

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Thank you Aunt Lisa


By Jessie Conway Introduction: One man's journey to search for the truth and does he ever find it. It all started about five years ago,I was 18 yrs old when my mom had another birthday party at her house. I was over helping my brothers prepare the gifts that everyone had brought over.Everyone else was pretty much laughing and joking and having a good time.Pretty soon I was in the house was alone.I heard my Aunt Lisa come in.Aunt Lisa was at the time 37 yrs old,small B cup breast,petite body,and a gorgeous round ass being held up by 2 of the most beautiful legs one could… Read more

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Fiona’s First House Party Visit - A True Story

First TimeAnalGroup Sex

Fiona and I were looking for something fun and different to do, so we decided to try either a private club or a house party. It turned out that particular Friday night there was a house party going on, so we hopped in the car and drove an hour and a half to a town in a nearby state. We had never been to an “on-premises” event, where people can interact and engage in consenting activities right there on premises. We went with no particular expectations other than to just have fun, because we knew that if we weren’t into the scene, we could always just do our own thing and have a great time. We… Read more

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Wife Redeems XMAS Coupon Creampie

FetishFirst Time

In addition to the normal Christmas gifts my wife and I exchanged I also made some coupons that she could redeem for oral sex. I took my time and made four professional looking gifts certificates on my computer and put them under the tree for Christmas morning. Now oral sex is something I am willing to do, and that I love doing. But I thought that the coupons that she could use at any time or place she wanted might lead to the act taking place at an unusual time or place, or would add some excitement and naughtiness to an otherwise normal night. When Karen opened the envelope she smiled, it… Read more

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SinDee His Lil Angel

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I finally took the leap into joining a porn site, now that Tumblr officially sucks! I'm also newly single due to what my ex calls "Seriously deep and disturbing problems" What he really means is I found out he was trying to fuck my younger cousin. I think she would've too if I didn't find out. I guess that's partly my fault because I was always talking about how big his cock is and showing pictures of it to her and our moms. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure he fucked my mom but I could never get her to admit to it. Anyway, his words stung a little b… Read more

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I'm Suzy, and I've been married to my husband David for 15 years. I'm currently 35, 5'10, 140lbs, have shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and measures 38-28-38". David is 38, 5'11", 175lbs, has blonde hair, blue eyes and has a 5 1/2" cock. Five years ago we started spicing up our sex life by visiting sex sites online, visiting adult video stores and renting their movies. We also agreed to try what each other wanted at least once. The first time that we involved someone else, was at a adult video store, where we both sucked cock and swallowed cum in the video booths with glory holes. Then… Read more

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Not too long ago I met a guy I used to work with. He was a nice guy and fairly well built. Exercise and diet is how he maintained his shape. Me, not so much. But we quickly hit it off so he invited me to have supper with his wife. He cooked outside and the steaks were great. She made the “fixins” and they were tasty too! But the surprise came after supper. He had the outdoors hot tub warming up while we ate so after supper, in the twilight, he announced it was time for a dip and a drink. I protested that I didn't have a bathing suit. He countered by offering me one of his. We were about t… Read more

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