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First TimeTabooMasturbation

I'm the typical high school sophomore , the pubescent teen easy to arouse and always horny to the point i'd have to satisfy myself through the day to control my sexual urges ,i always found a place to enjoy the release . From the rarely used bathroom at school , the parking lot with a jacket covering me as i waited for mom to the bathrooms at friends and relatives homes , there was always a woman to excite me , at home it was my room and porn . I live with mom and my sister Lisa who's a few years my junior , just the 3 of us since the divorce about 4 years ago , mom's bedroom was downstairs… Read more

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— Mom helps out frustrated son.


Susan Warner impatiently tapped her feet. So far the day had not progressed as she would have normally expected. She was sat in the waiting room of a sexual health clinic waiting for her son David to finish his appointment. She was uncomfortable, not only with the surroundings but also the inhabitants. Semi-comatose college students leered at her through drunken eyes, whilst ashen faced young girls tried to avoid her gaze. They were all around David's age, though she ruefully mused that none of their parents had bothered to accompany them for moral support. Probably because they were too scare… Read more

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Group Sex

A Family Celebration Ch. 01 My name is Kelly, back at College for the last half of my junior year. I'm five feet six inches tall, about 125 pounds, with blue eyes, 36 C tits with hips and ass to match. A brunette, I often wear my hair in a ponytail. Enough about me. My story really began when I went home to Phoenix for Christmas last month. The day after Christmas I slept late. I knew my parents were upset because they had to work that day. Standing to stretch, I felt the cool air on my butt as Dad's old XL football jersey rode up my backside. Walking down the hall to the bathroom I heard vo… Read more

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My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend

TabooFirst Time

My 14 year old Lori was always a good, well behaved c***d. She got straight A's in school, and never got into serious trouble. Her best friend Brittany on the other hand, well let's just say she wasn't really the pristine angel her parents thought she was. Brittany was a few months younger than Lori, but she developed faster than Lori did. And it was about that time when Brit became more than just a prick tease. Lori and Brit knew each other since the second grade when her family moved here 7 years ago. They bonded almost immediately, becoming fast friends. As the years went by, their friend… Read more

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Stepdad catches me sneaking out.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Why the hell was he allowed to ground me? He wasn't even my real father. And when is getting a tattoo at eighteen even reason enough for grounding? He wouldn't even had seen it, if he hadn't come home early and watched me try on the party outfit that I'd planned on wearing that same evening. I didn't even know how long he'd been standing in my doorway watching me like a creep. At first he didn't say anything, he just stared at me with his penetrating blue eyes. Then he'd walked towards me slowly. I had thought that he was going to say something about my outfit, that it was too inappropriat… Read more

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My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.2


Brittany went home the following day. She now looked at me in a totally different way. Along with Lori, we all slept naked in my bed the night before. Before she left for home, she gave Lori and I long, passionate kisses. Then told Lori she would see her tomorrow at school. She said bye to me, asking if she could come over next weekend instead of Lori sleeping over her house. "No. Let's not change anything. You girls keep your regular routine. We don't want to raise any suspicions now do we?" "I guess not." Brit said with a glum face. "It's just that Lori and I were talking, and...Well we li… Read more

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Brother hooks up with hot sister & mothe

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

Finals were over. It had been a rough semester and I was looking forward to a relaxing summer. My typical M.O. was to load up on summer courses and stay on campus. I had always been kind of a "book worm geek" and was really most comfortable in a classroom or library. Back in high school I was not very popular, not a jock and definitely not part of the "in" crowd. I had kept to myself much of the time. Because I was pretty nerdy I was into the Internet before my friends discovered it and had viewed my share of porn. Even though I had never been with a girl I was positive I would know what to do… Read more

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— Mother needs her son in bed.


I've been in a depressed mood lately. My husband has totally ignored me sexually for months on end. I know it is somewhat my fault. I have gotten heavier over the past couple of years. My husband always said he liked a full figured woman, but no longer it seems. It's Sunday morning and my husband went golfing with his buddies. I was in bed naked and rubbing my pussy. I hate to admit this, but I am thinking of my son, Tommy. He is now nineteen years old and he is driving me to thinking about him sexually. Tommy is tall and thin and he likes to hang around the house without wearing a shirt. I c… Read more

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Step daughters lesson

First TimeTabooMasturbation

My wife has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage, pretty looking , but not yet fully developed and kinda shy . My wife keeps telling me she comes home from school with all the stories of her mates sexual conquests and it worries her as she has no experience and doesn't know what to believe in their stories , I say give her time . One evening after tea ,my wife goes out to she her mother , I jump in the shower . When I come out and grab the towel,I'm aware of the door slightly ajar and some eyes looking through. Wrapping the towel around my waist I open the door to see lucy looking up ,… Read more

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— Mother and daughter share lovers


It was that time of year again, time for Dad to dump the family at the summer cottage and return back to the city to work. The cottage was a cozy fake log cabin on the shore of Echo Lake, one of the hundreds of small lakes dotting the Muskoka Lake of Bays district. A four-hour drive north from the city it was a sanctuary of nature away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Every year since we were k**s my dad would leave mom and us at the cottage for the summer while he tended his used car lot back in the city. One of the local year-round inhabitants, Jack Hammond, got the cottage ready each… Read more

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How I got my man cherry popped!

First TimeGay MaleLesbian Sex

Here's a story my buddy sent me about him, I have no idea when it took place but HAD to share it!! My sex life with my live in girlfriend was the tops. She was such a good fuck that I never minded when she shaved my cock and balls. I only mildly objected when she started giving me enemas. This was followed with her putting her finger in my ass when we fucked. Next she begged me to let her use a small dildo on my ass (the size gradually increased till I could take a fairly good size). I began to really enjoy her playing with my ass especially when she used her finger or dildo to massage my p… Read more

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- Nutmeg For Mom


Robert sat locked up in his room looking at a various Literotica story with one hand on the swell of his shorts and the second on the mouse. Since he found out about Literotica (two years ago) from his old girlfriend, Robert had been glued to it's contents for weeks on end. The story in question now was dealing with his favorite taboo: i****t, and centered itself on a story of Mother and son. His fingertips gently grazed back and forth over the heady swell of his cock as it pushed itself against its confines with a dire need for release. His thumb was sure to spend extra attention along the cr… Read more

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Why were my little knickers so wet?

TabooFirst Time

Why were my little knickers so wet? Here is why..... I had sent my son Sean a picture message. It was a selfi pic of my lacy bra with the words, wish you were here x. I got a text back in moments saying, "Mum, was that meant for me or dad"? I thought about it for a moment then sent a text back saying "Your dad Sean, but you may as well look as I see you looking a lot and your father isnt intrested in me nowadays so yeah, why not"? Buzz buzz, "Well there lovely mum, but I know this already hehe. I have the pleasure of living with you and every day is a new delight with you mum. I wont be home t… Read more

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My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.4

Lesbian SexTaboo

It was early the next morning. A full bladder that needed to be emptied, woke me out of a deep sleep. Both girls were still sleeping on my bed. Lori was sleeping on her side, with her back toward me. Brit was still laying semi on me. Her head was still on my shoulder/chest area, with her arm over me, and her leg over mine. Her tit was resting on my lower rib cage. I needed to piss, but I didn't want to wake Brit up. So I gently slid my body, letting Brit's head hit the edge of my pillow. Thankfully, she moved, shifting herself on her other side. Now I had the room to get out of bed without wak… Read more

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My new neighbor f

ShemalesFetishFirst Time

I just move in to my new apartment after breaking up with my gf back in 2009. It was a nice 2 family home duplex I was told my neighbor was a family very quiet and low key I was like perfect for me. So as the months past I'v seen my neighbor maybe 6 time and was a very quick hi things I felt no bigger she will never borther me this will be great. It was about 3 am when I heard all this yelling someone crying names being call and shit breaking in my neighbors house.I got up threw on some jeans and went over to her door this guy was above her hitting my neighbor. I grab his arm an… Read more

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Catching my wife

VoyeurGroup SexLesbian Sex

I recently suspected that “something” was going on with my wife. We had been married for 15 years and I thought that everything was good, yet she seemed to be secretive about her phone... perhaps a bit too much. On one morning, my wife called me while I was still at home. Seems that she had forgotten her phone and needed a phone number for work. I picked up her phone from the bedside table and entered the passcode that she relayed. The phone opened, and I retrieved the phone number that she needed. She then asked if I could bring the phone by her office at lunch. “Sure” I said, with a smile o… Read more

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Some wild workers at home

MatureHardcoreGroup Sex

I was home alone again, making some boring household. It was a warm spring afternoon and I was wearing a light sun dress very comfortable for the season. It was short and had a low cut on the back. I felt like I was naked. My loving husband had called me, to tell that he would be late home from his office that evening. I was furious; he was claiming to be too much stressed by his job and he could not keep me satisfied at bed those days… I was not alone at home. Not at all, really. I had around a bunch of noisy workers, carrying out a not useful remodelation of Victor’s studio… Of co… Read more

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white mature and young BBC

MatureFirst TimeInterracial Sex

He knelt between Janet's spread legs as she laid face down on the bed. She could feel the burning hot stare of her husband as Tyrone eased the tip of his cock past the slick elastic lips of her needy pussy. She had never been unfaithful to her husband and she never would have done so if he hadn't confessed his desire to see her with another man. Janet felt the girth of Tyrone's long cock. It was easily the biggest that she had ever seen. She had always assumed that the stereotype of well hung black men was a fallacy but if Tyrone was any indication then it was certainly based on fact. Tyron… Read more

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Sister in law panties


This story is one that has been building for a long time. It was very early in my marriage that I realized that there was an attraction between my sister-in-law and myself. The first experience that I had was when we were invited over to her house for a Christmas get together. I had taken up a seat on the floor with my wife while the gifts were being distributed. As I was enjoying watching the gifts being opened by my in-laws family. I looked around the room... and I realized that I was about to experience a great view up the skirt of my sister-in-law. She was wearing one of those gray flannel… Read more

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Caught being gay with my horny b******.

Gay MaleTabooMasturbation

Everything was new to me. I was too young to know anything about sex but I knew how good it felt to rub my dick against things. I humped pillows, rubbed my dick with different fabrics to find out what felt better, and fell in love with a certain inflatable shark pool toy that the neighbors had. I was insatiable but I didn't quite get the point, because I hadn't had an orgasm. My older b****** took me aside in private and asked me a bunch of questions about whether I had whacked it yet, if I had erections, and if I had a cumshot yet. Even though I tried to play it cool, I had no fucking clue w… Read more

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My first sexual encounter with my best mates mum

First TimeVoyeur

My first sexual encounter with my best mates mum I vividly remember my very first encounter with my best mates mum, like it was only yesterday. It was on my eighteenth birthday that it happened. I had called round as usual straight after work to visit my best mate Pete, and noticed that his car was not in it's usual place on the drive, I figured that it would only be a matter of time before he arrived. So I let myself into the bungalow as I had often done on many occasions to wait in the lounge for his arrival. On my way there, approaching the bathroom I could hear singing and the sound of ru… Read more

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My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.3

Lesbian SexTabooMasturbation

It was a Friday, and it was the weekend that Brittany would be sleeping over. When the girls got out of school, they headed straight to the house. Lori and Brit had planned on this weekend. Brittany couldn't wait for her turn to sleep at our house. She was driving Lori crazy with all the times Brit complained on how time was running slow, or would complain how Lori was having more fun with me than she was. There was some friction of jealousy on Brits part. Lori would tell me some of the things Brit had said. One that hurt Lori was when Brit told her if it wasn't for her (Brit) dragging her (Lo… Read more

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New neighbor

Group SexVoyeur

The wife and I live in a middle unit town home. The other middle unit is a rental unit and we have had many neighbors over the past 3 years. The Ouse has been vacant for a couple months now when we noticed a young women moving in. She looked to be in her late 20s. After a a couple weeks it looked as if our new neighbor was getting settled in. The wife and I went out shopping and when we returned our neighbor was in her garage smoking. We happen to share a driveway and each have a single door garage. It was a chilly late spring day and when we got out we introduced ourselves to her. Her name… Read more

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Christine My twelve year old sister and the bane of my life I was six years older than Chris but she had appointed herself my Girlfriend approver and guardian. Every Girl I brought home failed to impress Chris they were either too fat or too thin, too tall, too short and finally how could you go out with HER you must be STUPID. Above all everywhere I went Chris always followed I could go nowhere she was always there. Dad had died seven years before following a car accident this had brought Chris and myself closer than it should have been. I was waiting for my A level GCE results which wou… Read more

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— 18-year-old takes special trip with Daddy.

First TimeTabooHardcore

Chapter 1 "Daddy! Hurry up! We'll be late!" Sandi looked at herself in the hall mirror one last time and she liked what she saw. She knew her father would love it too: a crop top that plainly showed her braless nipples and a skirt so short she actually decided to wear a thong instead of going completely naked underneath. "That would come later," she smiled to herself. Tom Sanders had wanted to do something special for his daughter since he divorced her mother 4 years ago. He'd always loved his daughter more than anything else in his life and now he was going to help her celebrate her 18th bi… Read more

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My Step-sister 01– How it all started!

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

My Step-sister 01– How it all started! I had just gone up the stairs as my step-sister appears from the bathroom. She turns my way. For the very first time I stood still and look. WOW! She is backlit from the window. Her long T-shirt allows the light though showing her silhouette. WOW! WOW!!. Her short raven black hair is wet. She has a reddish sexy glow from a hot shower. Her skin has a light film of moisture allowing her T-shirt to cling to the skin over the tops of her breasts, with just the hint of her nipples. WOW! She stops, seeing me frozen in time. “OK, I’ll buy it. Wh… Read more

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Navy Recruit - RECRUITED!!

Gay MaleTabooFirst Time

Having just celebrated my 18th while home on leave from boot camp, I was flying out to San Diego for my school/training. As a young Midwesterner I was excited to be headed to the west coast. After a few weeks I found myself bored, not being old enough to drink, it was hard to hang out with most all the people I associated with. One day, on smoke break I was talking to a petty officer I'd had a "nodding relationship" with. Explaining my predicament he asked if I liked baseball and if so, I could come to his room Saturday to watch and have a few beers, promising he wouldn't check ids. Arrivi… Read more

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Shoe Department

MatureFirst TimeFetish

My parents owned a high end clothing store when I was growing up. It was small but really cool and I got to meet alot of important rich people. One day this woman came in, classy, older blonde and by older I mean maybe mid fifties. She was all business sexy as my dad would say. Hair up in a bun, little makeup, dark rim glasses, white blouse showing just enough clevage, black jacket and black short skirt with dark hose and high heels. The total librarian look. "I need some shoes. Heels, nice ones." She said to me. I showed her to the shoe department. "These are very nice and will go with abou… Read more

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First time giving bj

First TimeGay Male

My first time So this is a story of the first encounter I had. I was just about to graduate high school, age 18 and still a virgin I've always been a small boy no more than 120lbs, 5,1 smooth skin, above average size bottom for a boy my size and weight and no bigger than 3in erect if you know what I'm talking about. My family was going on a trip to Texas for a month to visit family and for a cousin's college graduation, but I couldn't go since I had to get school things done so I could graduate. I was pretty excited either way. A whole month by myself. I had just started getting into checking… Read more

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My friend's girlfriend

TabooFirst Time

Me and my friend Jake were going to a festival. We had tickets well in advance and were going to camp in a tent over night. Over the next couple of months before the festival Jake met this girl Kate who he started dating and I saw him less and less. All his time he spent with he and he kept bailing on night outs. About a week before the festival I called Jake to ask if we were still on. ‘Hey mate, how is it going? I was just wondering if it would be cool with you if Kate came with us and stayed in the tent with us?’ Great I thought! Now I’m going to be hanging around with my best friend an… Read more

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My young seduction..

First TimeTabooGay Male

This is a true story.. One chilly December morning; I was laying in my bed thinking about how I could finger my little "pussy", without getting caught. My uncle Gary was on the couch in my grandparents den. I started thinking about him sticking his fingers in me! Uncle Gary was always being sexually explicit and inappropriate in front of us k**s; so, somehow I knew he would like to do it! I went to the den! I got on the couch with him. I was wearing a little white t-shirt and underwear. My body quivered as I sat against my uncle's bare leg under that blanket! All I could think of was… Read more

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A night with Cathy

TabooFirst TimeVoyeur

The story I am about to tell happened over 25 years ago, and I have never spoken or written about it to anyone until this post. My 2nd cousin: Cathy (That is not her real name), was more of a friend, than a cousin. We lived in the same town, had the same friends, and hung out just about every day. We would talk about issues we would have with our girlfriends/boyfriends. The topic of sex would come up every now, and again, but it was never in deep detail. One night we were hanging out at Cathy's place, smoking a joint, when the topic of sex came up. However, this time the conversation was far… Read more

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Block Party

FetishGroup SexTaboo

My wife had always been the life of the party. She could knock back the drinks with the best of the men, and always stayed out way past the rest of the wives. The only down side of having such an otherwise perfect wife, was that she was not very adventurous sexually. And unlike most people, when she drank she really lost interest. I had always fantasized about seeing her fuck other people. Swinging, cuckhold, her licking pussy or having her pussy licked. Hell if it were up to me, we would be the best swingers in town. But that was never on the table with her. Until one night.... Our block par… Read more

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The First Time I fucked a pregnant woman

FetishFirst Time

This is a true story When I was in high school, everybody including myself had a crush on Mary Daniels. She was 5 feet tall with 36DD tits and a nice ass. When we had class, I would stare at her massive tits and her gorgeous legs while she wore a tank top and skirt but she was off limits cause her boyfriend was the Captain of both the football and basketball teams. So, one day, she was failing her math class and was looking for someone to help her. See, I was a nerd, but I didn't act or dress like it. and plus, I was the only student in the school's history to have a Perfect ACT/SAT score. I… Read more

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Watching a black dick inside Ana`s asshole


Anita had asked me about having a third guy while fucking… I finally agreed with her and then she posted some asks for a third. We looked at all of the replies to our post until she found the one she wanted… The guy was black…; with a large, thick, uncut cock. Ana wanted to suck a big black dick and give me a good show… We finally met at a local bar, not so far from home. We had some drinks to get to know each other and later I left them alone a few times so they got to talk and be together. Suddenly Anita looked at me, then down towards her crotch. Then I looked down and saw he had his h… Read more

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You wont believe this...

TabooFirst Time

You wont believe this... It is now 03:34 and for the last 17 mins I have allowed sean to softly massage my inner thighs. He had no idea I was awake and when I half opened my eyes to see what he was doing, he was sniffing the tiny red knickers I left for him under his pillow. My tiny red lace ones. He has grown some balls and was kneeling besides mine and his fathers bed and slipped his hand under the duvet. I thought it was Carl to start off with but as I was waking up, I realised Carl was snoring. Oh fuck me it felt amazing. I loved it that much I even parted a little as his fingers traced t… Read more

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Moms and daughters grannies and studs Part 2

Group SexLesbian SexTaboo

I was visiting and elderly Church secretary named Mavis and as she told me about her sex life I became more and more aroused. We had had a great morning masturbated with cucumbers before adding then to our salad. I was in the company of a seventy six hear old perverted, bisexual nymphomaniac and I desperately wanted her to fuck me. I was now beginning to get very worked up as I listened to this older woman and I just wanted us to get on with the sex sooner rather than later and Mavis was also slowly pushing a finger in and out of her pussy. I could not hold back any more and went over to her… Read more

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Special Delivery

First Time

Our regular mailman broke his leg and a cute, young woman would be our sub for about 6 weeks. When my wife wasn’t around (and that’s much of the time), I would flirt with her and tell her that I had never had a “mailman” as pretty as she. That always got a big smile. Actually, she was a nice looking, 22 year old. She was fairly petite – with long brown hair. She was quite thin with quite small breasts. She had a great personality and was very nice to fantasize about (I jacked off quite a few times thinking about her). I would actually get to talk to Kimmie for a few minutes several times a wee… Read more

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Cuckold By 19yr Old Neighbor


As you have read in my previous stories my wife Kelsey has been Cuckolding me since we first started dating my senior year in college. And as always my stories are 100% true. Please feel free to leave comments as it entices me to share more of our experiences with you! As Kelsey started to become more bold with our cuckolding she decided she wanted to find a stable regular guy she could be with, a boyfriend as she called it. We talked about this for a couple of months before we were ready to try it out. The first boyfriend opportunity came when our neighbors (Dave and Michelle) had a summer p… Read more

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Helping out a friend

First TimeMature

Helping out a friend Where do I start? Maybe with myself, and the truth is, I am Mrs Jones, Tina Jones, I am 49 and married with two grown up sons. Throughout my life I have never been highly sexed, just not important to me. As a teen and throughout my 20s I hardly ever masturbated and was a late starter in the sex department. I had a very sheltered upbringing, I was an only sibling, went to Church every Sunday with my parents and that is where I met my husband at the age of 25. I must admit that I no longer go to Church and have not been since our sons were born 20 odd years ago but I… Read more

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My Step-sister 03 – 16th Birthday Party

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

My Step-sister 03 – 16th Birthday Party Unusually for me, if you want to follow the story you will need to read - My step-sister – Next Doors Au Pair! If you don’t care and just want a raunchy story please continue. As you would expect with parents present, the party went without incident. However I did notice that Nichole was, when my parents were occupied, having a contest with her three best friends. They each had a banana and had to see who could deep throat the deepest. After about 30 minutes messing about they stopped. Mainly because my Mom had caught them messing around. As t… Read more

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Seduced By Boyfriend's Black Friend

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

"I really appreciate you doing this Tyree" I said as he drove his truck on my then boyfriend's driveway. "No problem lil lady,let me get his drunk ass inside." Tyree managed to get my spoiled, drunk rich boyfriend inside his house to the master bedroom. Together we got him tucked in his bed and I put a small trashcan by his bed. He was already snoring as we left the bedroom and walked to the den. There was a nice bar,mirror wall behind it and my then boyfriend had it fully stocked. "Before you drive me home, let me get a shot of tequila" I said to the black as tar,athletic, muscular Tyree. I a… Read more

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My two Brother In-Laws

First TimeMature

My two brother In-Laws. My name is Tina, I am 50 years old. I met my first and only boyfriend fairly late in life and very quickly married, I was 28 when we married and have a wonderful son and a beautiful daughter, my husband was the only man I had ever had sex with throughout my life. Our son and daughter left home a year or so ago so it is now only my husband and myself at home. Since we have had the house to ourselves my husband has hinted that I be more daring around our home, wearing lower cut tops to show off my large breasts, mostly for his eyes only but now and again he would hi… Read more

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The Sins Of My Youth


I felt a nudge.  Then I heard her voice.  "Come on.  Wake up." I rubbed my eyes and looked.  She stood over me with a cup of coffee.  I struggled to sit up.  As I did the blanket moved off exposing my stiff cock.  She saw it.  She had seen it stiff plenty of times.  She knew I always woke up super hard.  She just held my coffee while I got situated.  I replaced the blanket and covered him up.  Then I noticed her nipples poking through her shirt.  Nice.  I loved the way they would jiggle and titillate.  Such a sexy woman… Read more

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Catching my wife, Part 2

HardcoreLesbian SexVoyeur

My wife seemed extra horny, and I certainly benefited from her mood. The blow-job was amazing and where I wanted more, she managed to completely drain me, physically and mentally and we both drifted off to sleep. The next morning, few words were spoken yet I was crazy with curiosity as to what happened the night before at Connie’s “book club”. “How did it go last night?” I asked. “Oh” my wife replied “It was actually more fun than I had imagined” “I guess so” I replied “What time did you eventually get home?” “Close to midnight” she responded “I stayed to help clean-up” “Well” I said sa… Read more

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Hot for Teacher


This is a true story from my youth. Enjoy! I was always a somewhat troublesome student in high school. I started out being a good boy, a good student, first string linebacker, somewhat of a star around school. I am not exactly sure how the transformation happened, but girls, fun and d**gs played a big part of it...especially girls. I eventually quit the football team so I could work after school, much to everyone’s dismay. I learned quickly that girls did not like to date guys that couldn’t afford to show them a good time, even a muscle bound football star. I managed to find a job cleani… Read more

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The condom broke

AnalGay Male

I am bisexual. I love sex with men and women equally and I really love sex with another man and a woman at the same time. I am a big chub/fat guy. I do not have the biggest cock nor the smallest and I do know how to use it and enjoy sex. When I have sex with men I am versatile and love to do what feels good for the both of us and what we are both into. I like to both suck and be sucked and I love to fuck and be fucked. When I am fucked I prefer to be fucked bare back and for the other guy to cum deep inside my ass. But if he wants to use a condom that is fine, but he has to have his own. I a… Read more

Posted by bigiowa7 3 days ago 2 2,755 100%
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