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While Hubby's Away

TabooHardcoreFirst Time

It all started with with an innocent hug about five years ago after a family bbq. Georgette, my quiet shy sister-in-law had watched me slave over the grill on a 95 degree day, when I was finished I said I was sore and needed a shower, she replied I needed a massage to relieve some stress and that she could help me out if I didn't mind. With the day turning night and the family was out front saying goodbyes, I was upstairs freshening up. i had gotten dressed and walked out of the bedroom to find Georgette coming upstairs to inform me she was about to leave. She told me she was serious about the… Read more

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Sister Surprise

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Steve rolled over and started stir as the morning sunlight shone through the gap in the blinds and hit him in the eyes, holding his hand in front of his face he opened his eyes and glanced over at the clock "Hmph, 8am, should really get out of bed" he said quietly to himself. Sitting up he rubbed his eyes and swung his legs off the bed feeling the soft carpet beneath his feet, he let out a yawn and stretched before turning to see if his 18 year old girlfriend had awoken yet "Sally, you awake" he asked softly, no reply, which was usual as she could sleep in all day if she had no reaso… Read more

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Friend in Need

Gay MaleMasturbationFirst Time

"Hey Tim, you home?" I bellowed as I walked through their back door. Tim was one of my best friends and we had decided to attend the same college after graduating high school and were finishing up our freshman year. We were supposed to study for an upcoming math test together after we finished class. Since his parents both worked, they weren't home now and wouldn't be for another few hours. I stopped in the kitchen and listened for a reply. When I didn't hear one, I yelled again. "Hey Tim, it's Nick. You upstairs?" Still no answer, which was weird. Tim knew I was coming over, and since the… Read more

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My Wife at the Strip Club

First TimeTabooVoyeur

We had gone out on a date that night: dinner and a movie, nothing to exciting. We had dropped the k**s off at my parents, so I thought that we could take advantage of it and not rush home. I suggested going for a walk in the park, dancing, or something else if she had any ideas. Hell, I was open for anything other than going home. Then she said no. She said that she just wanted to go home and relax. Frustrated is about the only word that I can come up with to describe how I felt. Our sex life hadn’t been the greatest lately, not that I was expecting any, but I really was hoping to get some… Read more

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MatureFirst TimeTaboo

..... It was hidden in a bank by the creek. I told my mom how cool it was and how no one could see or find it. She smiled and said how her dad had built her one when she was young. A private place where dad and her could go to talk private. Talk private? I wondered what they would have to talk ‘private’ about. She would say no more but just stared out the window with a smile on her face. “Ya gotta come down and see it mom. It’s even air conditioned by the creek.” She looked at me with a strange look and smile. She whispered: (“..ok yes, let’s go and see it tonight. I’ll take a tiny light f… Read more

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First Time

When I was in high school, I was part of a circle of friends. We didn't really have anything that defined us -- we weren't band geeks, although some of us played in the band; we weren't jocks, although some of us played on the sports teams; we weren't really 'brains' or 'nerds', although most of us got good grades; we weren't the popular k**s, or the k**s who slept around. All we really had in common was that we liked each other, and enjoyed each other's company. When it came time to go to college, we all kind of s**ttered to the four winds. I was the only one of our circle who went to my sch… Read more

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Becky's mom

First TimeMatureAnal

When I was 16 my girlfriend, Becky, was a total bitch. Her mom noticed too, and I told her that I thought she was a great lady and that I was going to miss not talking with and seeing her. I was going to stop seeing her daughter. About 3 days later she asked me to stop by and say hi, she said she wanted to see if I was interested in doing some yard clean up. So, I did. I got to the door and went in, it was just the two of us. She said she had a list and would be back in a moment. She came back in her bra and panties. My dick was hard in an instant, 2 seconds tops. She was thick and a bit on th… Read more

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Hot Lady Needed More Than A Flat Tire Changed


One evening while coming home from the gym, I took a rarely traveled short cut through a tree-lined un-paved road. There was a middle aged woman, standing beside her car. As I got closer, she flagged me down. When I pulled up behind her, I saw she had a flat tire. This very attractive petite 5-2” tall woman who must have been in her mid-40s came up to me and explained that she had a flatter and her she could not make a call on her cell phone. Obviously, frazzled, I tried to calm her down a bit and said I could change her tire. I got out of my car, still in my sweaty T-Shirt and gym shorts an… Read more

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Hooking up with the Neighbor

First TimeGay Male

The other day I was out mowing the lawn. I am in my mid forties and in good shape. I could see my neighbor Thomas down the street shooting hoops. He is just out of high school about 5' 10" and a lean Latino. I finished the lawn and he came over and asked me if I wanted to play hoops. I had played hoops. catch, four square in the neighborhood with the k**s for years. So, I did not think anything of it. We were playing for about 20 minutes and Thomas said he was getting hot and he took his shirt off. We started playing again. Except this time when I would defend him he would back me up by g… Read more

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Used by son in law and daughter


I meet my daughter at a hotel room to help her set up for her first wedding anniversary, she had candles, a sex DVD ropes for the bed, wine and some sex toys, we spend about 2 hours setting things up, we had been sweating pretty good so she told me to grab a shower before heading home, so i did, as I got out of the shower my clothes were gone all that was their were a pair of crotchless panties, I walked out of the bathroom warped in a towel and asked my daughter Jennifer where my things were, she pointed to the bed, and told me she got the panties for me and asked me to try them on, once I ha… Read more

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Unexpected Encounter at the Adult Video Store

AnalFetishGay Male

A few years back when the wife was out of town I decided to go rent a porn vid so I could come home and jerk off. I went to my favorite adult store north of Atlanta where I was surprised at the number people there that day. I guess I was not the only horny person around that day. I started to peruse the videos and walked from section to section. When I got to the bi-section a slightly heavy-set guy started chatting me up about the video selection. "Are you finding what you like" he asked. "Not really, "These seem to be more sissy videos, which can be OK, but I like more of the seduction,… Read more

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Fooling Around With Sis

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My sister Amber and I are in high school and for most of our lives we have been weaned by our father with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). When we were younger we use to horse around and pretend to lock arms and try to pin the other person. As Amber matured, she became a very attractive cheerleader, but still enjoyed horsing around with me; despite the fact our parents no longer think it is cute any more. I am telling you all this, because wrestling led directly to my first sexual experience of my life, when my older sister Amber challenged me to a wrestling match. It was a Saturday af… Read more

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Mrs Jones

MatureHardcoreSex Humor

I grew up in Gold street, a nice neighbourhood in a nice part of a town, and for many years we lived next to the Jones. Mr Jones was a big guy in construction, he did a lot of work around the town, built a lot of new buildings and was always fairly busy, Mrs Jones however was always at home, she was a trophy wife, a hot blonde thirty something with an all over tan and what looked like a pretty impressive cleavage that was always fighting to get out of her top. When I reached my later teens I soon began to take more notice of Mrs Jones, she was clearly the hottest woman in our street, or possib… Read more

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Another hard round with Romeo


I got down on all fours and although I was a little sore from the hard fucking that Pedro had given me, I prepared myself to take Romeo`s huge dick again in my stretched cunt. I raised my ass showing the nice dog I was ready for him. He sniffed me and licked my wet pussy. I must have still been giving off a scent that said I was in heat because he soon hopped up on my back thrusting and searching out my very wet entrance. We knew each other very well and it didn't take long for him to hit the mark. Romeo felt my heat and pushed forward impaling me on his entire length. I heard Caroline gas… Read more

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A Mother's Desire 3


Helen woke up with a smile to her face as she remembered how her son had fucked her last night. His cock had pounded so hard into her passage and she had cum so hard. She climbed out of bed and realised that each step caused her pussy to tingle. It felt sore and swollen, yet it was a nice kind of pain. Something like the good feeling of aching muscles after a good run. Only thing about this pain was that it made her horny. Helen wished her son didn't disappear to his room after fucking her. She made a note to tell him it was alright to sleep with her. That way, maybe she could get a morning… Read more

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Last days in Negril

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

During our stay in Negril I took great pleasure in stripping out of my bikini top to sunbathe on the beach, pretending not to notice the looks I was getting from guys and girls as they checked out my large breasts. Of course because of the heat my partner had to put plenty of sun cream on for me and I’m sure he was the envy of several guys as they discreetly watched him massage the cream into my back and my tits, paying special attention to my nipples, which, despite the heat, seemed to be constantly stiff. Maybe it was something to do with the tiny bikini bottoms that I would wear that woul… Read more

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The cock tease at work

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

A few years back I had a sort of office job with a huge company. My job was going to different offices around the site covering for illness and the like. In one office there was this young blonde girl early 20's Id say. I soon got chatting with her and looked forward to being posted to her office. After a long weekend Monday morning came round and bang, yes, her office for 2 whole weeks covering a holiday. I walked in there she was, shortest black mini skirt, black stockings and a very tight white blouse with the top few buttons undone showing off her great cleavage. As you can imagine my dick… Read more

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GAY OR BI part 2

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

It was the late seventy and I was eighteen years old. I was confused curious about my sexuality like most k**s back then. I found this phone number where you could call and talk to someone about those things. The guy was older and he knew how to make me feel at ease talking to him. I would call late at night while I was in bed and would get so hard just talking about what guys do together. I would try to get him to talk about his own experiences while I slowly stroked my dick. His name was Jim and he said he was a professor at the university. The pleasure was so good I couldn’t wait to finish… Read more

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You deserve better, baby girl.

TabooSex HumorHardcore

Since her mother and I divorced 5 years ago, Lana, my stepdaughter has been the apple of my eye. I have two older sons from a previous marriage and I love them both very much but the relationship between a father and daughter was always special in my eyes. I married Lana's mom, a single mom, when Lana was only 9 years old but after only 4 years of marriage we divorced. Her mom and I had known each other from a previous law firm we worked for some years earlier. We had an excellent working relationship and made a good team as corporate attorney's. On one of our many weekend business trips toget… Read more

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My first time with a trans

FetishFirst TimeShemales

Young, dumb and full of cum! I suppose that I better start from the beginning,... It was an icy cool evening, in my Mother's home, the wind was blowing loud and hard, it had already knocked over the bins, leaving a s**ttered pile of debris, the lighter items flapping about in the brewing storm. It was just a couple of days after my eighteenth birthday. My mind started to wander and to explore and learn about all the curiosity running rampant about my own head, the desires I had towards the opposite sex. But most of all. When I first got to discover the unspoken, hidden world of what ar… Read more

Posted by naughty-kinky-love 6 days ago 7 4,188 93%

Slutty Fun at the YMCA Pool


Hi Y’all I’ve recently started swimming again as I enjoy it as a way to stay in shape and get some exercise. My neighbor here in Spanaway works at the nearby Mel Korum YMCA and was able to get me a family membership for the cost of a single membership. I like it much more than the JLBM pools and facilities as the k**s can enjoy the slides and such without the hassles and regiment of the military. I’ve been coming here two or three times a week for over a year now and I just love it. I try to come after dropping off the k**s at school and before driving for Uber on the weekday mornings becaus… Read more

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My Boss in my marital bed

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I knew my boss was eager to get a little bit from me. Luckily for him, my loving husband was going to be out on Tuesday night and so I let him know this, hoping that it might spur him to action. That night I came back home from work in anticipation with my wet pussy tingling. I had a quick shower, enjoying the sensation of my soapy hands on my large boobs and imagining what I hoped would be the night to come. As I dried myself there was a text. It was my boss, asking if I was in. Fifteen 30 minutes later the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it, wearing nothing but my waist le… Read more

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Wife 1st Cuckold Fucking

MatureFirst TimeAnal

So, after about 15 years of marriage and my constant hounding-telling her that others should be able to enjoy her amazing cock sucking skills- she reluctantly said she would do a threesome with another guy but wanted me to set it up. As I said she is an amazing cocksucker since she started at the age of 15 with a man in his 20's. She said she spent her whole sophomore year of High School sucking this guys dick… Read more

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While Hubby's Away (Part 2)


My sister-in-law Georgette was moving back to the midwest after getting married and living in Jersey for 3 years. I would get a call or text from time to time telling me she missed our fuck sessions and that no one has made her feel the way I do, Occasionally she would complain about her love life and say that her husband Roy never lasted longer than 7 minutes and was pretty boring, (meaning he only fucked her missionary style). Out of the blue I received a call from Georgette saying she needed a really big favor, she asked me to come over and help them move their furniture to the garage becau… Read more

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Caught in the Rain


"Damn it!" She cried as the rain was starting to pelt down now and Helen cursed again as her hair started to get wet and limp. She was hardly 50 metres away from her car when the skies opened and torrents of rain poured down, soaking her to her skin. Shivering slightly, Helen ran the remaining distance to her car and quickly opened the car door, throwing her briefcase in before she swung herself into the drivers seat. The windows started to mist up with her body heat and the difference in temperature outside. Helen turned on the heater, watching as the windscreen started to demist. Her feet… Read more

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An unusual birthday ptesent

First TimeTaboo

Anything can happen rite. 10 years ago I was single. I had been recently divorced. So one spring it was hot and was out cleaning gutters out. I met the new neighbor. She was 5 foot 5 and long brown hair. She was a thick girl. Very attractive. She was admiring me. We got to know each other and started dating She had a 12 year old daughter that was very similar looking to her. One day I was minding my own business and taking a shower. I get out and grab towel to dry off. I look up and her daughter is there staring at me. She didn't move at all. She completely froze so I walked out of b… Read more

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phone number on the wall

First TimeGay MaleMature

Back in the late 90s I was newly divorced and got my own small apartment and was looking for a girlfriend. I had occasional dates and got laid a few times, but no one I wanted to build a relationship with. I had been bisexual most of my life and even thru out my marriage I would have the occasional encounter with a man. I wasn’t really into anal sex or kissing with men, but I sure did love sucking their dicks, and still do to this day. There’s just something so powerful and exciting having a cock in my mouth, my tongue twirling around the head as I bob up and down on a hard, throbbing cock.… Read more

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.....My mom Megan, 31, felt she was not performing in bed very well. She didn’t get dad, who was way older, turned on anymore. She didn’t want dad to stray to another woman so she went to the Doctor. This was a new Doctor, and he was a young guy which she felt may be better suited for her problem. She told him she wanted to turn her husband on and be hotter in bed for him. Mom had a killer hot body. She had beautiful smooth skin, big tits, perfect hips and legs. This Doctor saw opportunity to take advantage of her. He gave her a pelvic exam and massaged her G spot, her clit and then mas… Read more

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Get to work Suckin Bitch Gangbang Gay

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

It all started with a phone call, a call that would change my life forever. I had been playing on a web site for about 6 months, writing erotic stories and talking with women that made my cock so hard I thought it make put a hole in my pants. I was a married man, so I knew I shouldn't have been there without my wife's permission. But I felt trapped in a sexless marriage and the web site and my writings were my only outlet from the pressures of every day life and the release I so desperately needed. I was chatting on-line with a great girl I had met recently on the site when I got the ca… Read more

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Moms bad idea

First TimeMatureTaboo

It was another long friday for cindy once again her day was full of random errands that made it hard for her to enjoy the day. But finally she was home and ready to relax with her husband. Her daughter (kat) is at her friends for the weekend and her being excited for the long needed break from the day cindy decided to get all dolled up for her husband and surprise him with a special night. She even puts on her new size 2 sexy pink laced lingerie with the crotchless bottoms even put the silk sheets on the bed. She set the mood for a perfect night and as she was close to finishing getting… Read more

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Those church guys

Gay MaleHardcoreVoyeur

Joanie, my wife, had volunteered me for a work duty around the church on Saturday morning. I was hesitant to go, saying that I wouldn’t really have much in common with “those church guys” but if it pleased Joanie, I would do it. It really wasn’t a huge deal, one Saturday and only for a few hours so what the heck, I relented. Joanie dropped me off since my car was in the shop and I assured Joanie that I could get a ride home. I had sort of paired up with Dave, one of the guys that was about my age. He wasn't what I expected; actually he seemed pretty normal, not one of those church guys that… Read more

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First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

My brother and his friends use to build these clubhouses in the woods behind the house. My brother use to call me “tag along” because he was suppose to watch me even when we hung out with his friends. One summer day I was in the club house with my brother’s friend David who was four years older than me. He asked me if I had ever seen someone else’s dick? I said no. He said that he would show me his if I showed him mine. I said no. He said if you want to be in the club you have to do what I say. David then told me to think of it like your pulling out to pee. We all had stopped and took a leak i… Read more

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My Sister the Cheerleader

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My name is Jason. I am just a normal 17 year old teenager. I go to school, then to football practice, and then i come home. Usually i masturbate and then i go to work. I have a very good job for my age. I am a cook at one of the best restaurants in town, The Aloha Steakhouse. I make close to 16.00 per hour and know how to spend it. Today was different than usual though. Coach had us stay after and do some laps so i didnt have time to do anything after i got home other than shower and go to work. Guys, you know what happens when a boy doesnt get a chance to release himself after staring at… Read more

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Me and my sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

The blinding light seeped through the blinds and into my eyes. It was Friday 21st December and for those of you who don't know, the world hasn't ended. I sluggishly walked to the bathroom and ran a shower. The warm water cascaded over my defined chest, a friend a few years my senior helped me workout and transformed my body. I stepped out of the shower and dried off. "Oliver Leo is downstairs" shouted my mother. "Tell him to come up" I said. "Hey man" said Leo. Hey, I just gotta get changed quick" I told him. "So who you gotta buy for?" He asked "My mom, dad and gra… Read more

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My Wife Surprised me with a Real Cock

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

One of the best days I ever had with my wife, sexually that is, is when she watched me suck a cock for the first time. At the time we were married about 15 years and from the beginning she had always said to me she would like to see me with another guy. Little did she know that I actually craved to have sex with a man. Earlier in my life, before being married, I had experimented with gay sex a few times as a teen. As it so happened, my wife and I were returning home from a movie, it was about 1:00am and she wanted to go park somewhere and give me a blow job like we use to do before we were… Read more

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Son and his Lovely Mom - Part 1

First TimeMatureTaboo

Mack Margo could hardly believe the letter he was reading. It was a notification that a story he had written and had submitted to a publishing company had been accepted for publication, and that he would be sent five hundred dollars upon publication of the story that would happen within the next month. He reread the letter a couple of times. It was simply hard to believe, but there it was in print. Mack was only sixteen, but he had been writing for a couple of years, and he had concentrated upon a certain form and subject. All the things he wrote were erotic in nature, and they generally… Read more

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Mom Turned My BF Gay

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

Andrew walked home from the party. No, he didn’t really walked, he stumbled and staggered, legs held as wide apart as he could, nursing an asshole that only a few hours earlier had been the virgin bud of a true stud, and was now gaping obscenely. Even as he walked he felt it throb and pulse… and he felt the warm liquid leaking down along his inner thighs – liquid that could only be Thomas’s cum. His mind kept going back to the party – a party to which he had been specially invited and to which, he now realized, he never should have gone. Andrew had come to New York for college. At 18, the b… Read more

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The Story to End All Stories


This is the story of how my life changed after I graduated high school. Ya see, in high school, I was never the best looking guy, but I held my own. Granted, I was in a quantity over quality situation for much of it, but halfway through my final year at Mid Central High, I met Jamie, and we have been steady ever since. Jamie is gorgeous. She stands about 5'2" with long blonde hair. She has a little bit of pudge, but a shapely ass and a set of tits the size of watermelons. She had the ability to make my cock hard as a rock with just the way she moved. Jamie and I had fucked a number of times.… Read more

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Messy BJ

Gay MaleHardcore

In college I shared an apartment with this guy Josh. Josh was a cross country runner, skinny, 5-6, average length brownish hair. He was fun to hang around with and definitely had more than his share of girls. I once walked in on him with a girl sucking his hard dick. I quickly left and let them finished but not before seeing he was incredibly well hung. I could not get the vision of his hard cock in her mouth out my head. I fantasized about sucking him off and did not know if it would ever happen. The fantasy stuck with me til one day I devised a plan to watch porn with Josh and see what happe… Read more

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Letting my Sister Fuck me

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I had a younger sister. She was just a pesky, spoiled brat sister, until…. I noticed she was getting tits and a nice ass. She liked to come in my room and be a pest. Now she wanted to talk about sex. She confided in me that she had not had sex yet, and was disappointed. We discussed masturbation and she didn’t know much, but that rubbing her little slit felt good. She ask me quietly about her pussy and did I know this and that. I told her about her clit and her G spot, and about nipple stimulation. The next day she came in my room and put her arms around my neck and started kissing my… Read more

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Dinner with my bfs dad


So today me and my boyfriend are having dinner with his dad. My boyfriend said he would be there around 6, and told me to meet him there. So I got there and decided go head in first. I rang the doorbell and his dad answered. His dad greeted me and I walked in. "So he's not here yet?" I asked, taking a seat on the couch. "Nah, should have been by now though." His dad said sitting next to me. He turned on the tv and flipped to a****l planet. "Weird, he said he would be." I said. Then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, saying he would be running late because something came up at work. "So that w… Read more

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Wife gets all the Cock and I get all the Cum

FetishGroup Sex

When I was 25, I married Lana a 19 year old geeky beauty who had just inherited a large amount of money. She had very limited sexual experience before me so the fact that I could only last 4-5 minutes didn't faze her. I have always cum fairly quickly, even if I thought about other things. Early in our relationship, I could last 4-5 minutes most of the time and occasionally longer. Unfortunately, as I have aged the amount of time I can last has decreased. By the time I was 32 I could only last 1-2 minutes. It is really unfortunate because I have a fairly thick 8" cock but can't perform well.… Read more

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It Just Happened!


It Just Happened! Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad's age. There may be a hidden message in that fact, but who knows. It can be truthfully said that never during the time the girls lived at home with their Dad, did he ever entertain the thoughts of fucking any one of them. He was their father and was raised that i****t is a sin. He has strict rules in his house and they follow them. He… Read more

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My First Gloryhole

Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

I've seen probably a few hundred hours of gloryhole videos at this point in my life, but when I first thought about experimenting I had only seen a few. They were mainly sissy videos that I found on here, and I couldn't help but furiously jerk to all of them. I decided that I had to try one out for myself, and did a lot of research to find where any real ones were in my area. Sadly most of the ones in random public buildings, libraries, rest stops, truck stops, and bathrooms around town have been closed down or are pretty much abandoned. There was one in a bookstore in the downtown of a near… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I lay in bed half exhausted after another sweaty, athletic workout with her. Our sex is always like that, incredible, hot and nasty, the best I’ve ever had. After her third orgasm she had gotten up and gone into the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running in the sink. Then the bathroom door reopened and my sister sauntered over and got back into bed beside me. She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my chest with her nimble fingers. I kissed her on her forehead and cupped her breast in my hand. She raised her head and kissed my lips and gave my tongue another t… Read more

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Mrs Jones p2

MatureSex HumorHardcore

After fucking my hot thirty something blonde neighbour Mrs Jones, I could hardly think about any thing else, and for the next few days I hung at every window in my parents house waiting for her to call me over again. But to my frustration Mr Jones was suddenly spending time at home, and even though I caught her eye several times over the next few days, she never once indicated to me to meet her. Finally I couldn't take it any more, and slipping out of the house one afternoon, I climbed over the back fence into Mrs Jones back garden, and then crept towards the house, and then I saw Mrs Jones in… Read more

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mom's unfilled


I was supposed to stay with my girlfriend that Friday night, we had gone to her house straight after school, done our homework had some dinner and watched the TV for an hour or two. Unfortunately, though we had one of those arguments couples have, an argument that starts out of nothing and neither will remember what its about or why it even started. The following morning both of us would be apologising but not even knowing who started it. I stormed out and began the short walk home, leaving my school bag behind, just grabbing my overnight bag. The walk home only took a few minutes, but gave me… Read more

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crazy public adventure


So this is an experience I had back when I was 17 or 18. I’ve never told any one of this story until now. This adventure took place back when I lived in NC and I used to work at these public soccer fields opening the gates, putting out flags on the fields, and maintaining the overall daily functions that take place at the facility such as making sure games run smoothly. On most days the fields would mainly be utilized by high-school teams,clubs and adult leagues. For the most part the job was very boring, I would spend alot of time walking around or just sitting in my car. However one day… Read more

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Passed Around Like a Bottle of Booze

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Passed Around Like a Bottle of Booze By billy69boy I loved the holiday season alright, but part of me dreaded going home for break. I enjoyed seeing my old friends and my family, but now that I had a taste of freedom and independence living on campus, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to want to get out of there as soon as possible. Mostly it was my parents. I know they meant well, but they just had a way of driving me crazy without really even trying. So, I wasn't surprised that it only took me half a day at home before I excused myself after lunch and mumbled something about v… Read more

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Giving Uncle a BJ under the table in Public.

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I have always wanted to be like a man, not afraid to ask for a fuck, even pay a guy to do me, but it is all in my head, my fantasy. Then tonight at the bar a told me something similar, how he wished he was me. I was intrigued, 'Why', I asked, 'So I could fuck my brains out, every time I got horny', was his answer. That made me smile, I was horny and wanted to take him down the toilets and offer my ass to him, but something deep inside me held me back, so on the surface I must have appeared either a prude or unattainable, which in itself was an enticement, but it did not cure my need for… Read more

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