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A weekend fucking my girlfriend and her mother.

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

Sam and Ruth are taught the facts of life by Ruth's mother. This story is fictional and copyright remains with me. It was posted by me as 'Sam & Ruth' a few months ago. Just as an experiment, I have re-posted it with a new title, to see if there is any difference to the viewing figures. --- Part 1 Mid December, 1978, Bristol, England. Suddenly, the rugby ball bounced loose from the ruck and stuck in the brown glutinous mud with a splat. All around there were shouts, sweat and slipping boots. My bursting lungs and screaming leg muscles pushed me forwards, hoping to scoop it up. D… Read more

Posted by Sirram 3 days ago 8 22,055 95%

Pregnancy Pool Play Porn

BDSMFirst TimeVoyeur

Sexy scenario summary: Beautiful blonde terrific teen has boyfriend busy in his books, no time for her hot looks! She seduces him into a bet, he cannot ever imagine to lose: She pleads to play pool for immediate insemination He's sensitive for the prize she's prepared to pay if he will win: never to bother him again about that sex-subject He is behind on the books and never ever lost a game to her, so he eagerly accepts, hoping to continue studies Spolier Alert: She wins, of course, hadn't You guessed that correctly? So she gets taken right away at the table She completely collap… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER 4 days ago 3 20,980 40%

Mum and Son, Brithday


How and why I fucked my mum, at first it was not that I wanted my mother’s pussy but as event took place I became more and more obsessed, I needed to get into my mum’s knickers anyway I could, but like all best laid plans it never works out the way it is planned. Six months ago I was shaving in the mirror when my mum walked in on me, I was totally naked but that didn’t spot her, she was putting the towels away in the airing cupboard, then turning to me she said that she liked to see smooth men, I was a little taken back because I had just earlier shaven off all my pubic hair, did she mean my s… Read more

Posted by emma44bill 3 days ago 6 20,326 91%

Perfect Pervert Private Places: Pussies Piss 1


Perfect Pervert Private Peeping Pissing Places are the hacked hot highest-tech toilets world-wide Perfect perverts perform hot hacking intimate information from those toilets' candid cameras cunts! Perfect perverse plan, isn't it, to provide my dear readers here with freshly filmed flicks from fannies? Perfection starts simply from the beginning, with a cauteously hidden hot candid camera in old style: Chubby cutie slowly squats to let her warm waters flow, before ferociously fingering her hairy hot hole till the teen's twat tweeks: more

Posted by Poet-PETER 4 days ago 4 18,355 67%

Marking My Mom's Pussy


Have you ever wondered how a son and his Mom end up having sex together? For me it all started when my Dad died suddenly. It was a devastating time and it left my Mom and me in a bind. We were without my Dad's income now. I was supposed to be attending college. I had to put that on hold and find a job. It was tense in our house for awhile. I took to stroking myself to release some of the pressure. I didn't have a girlfriend so I thought about my Mom. For being in her late forties she looked awfully good to this nineteen year old guy. I often thought what it would be like to be inside my… Read more

Posted by moneysex23 3 days ago 3 14,160 97%

Son and Mom's Tan

First TimeMatureTaboo

It all started when I was 15. First, some background info: my dad had been called up for the reserve and had been somewhere in Korea or the Pacific for quite some time -- all I knew is that it was standard duty and nothing bad would happen. Although we were fairly well off my mom still worked as a clerk at the bank. She said she liked the job and had many friends there but she would often come from work exhausted and physically in pain because she had to stand almost all day. She would most often ask for a massage to help soothe her suffering; for some reason, my little thirteen year old broth… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 7 days ago 5 13,175 97%

My Insecure Son

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Every mother wants the best for their c***dren, that is a fact. You never know what kind of situation you will be put in but all you can do is hope that you respond appropriately. Sometimes though, this is easier said than done. My son Tyler is 18 years old. He is what you would consider a "nerd". He was tall for his age standing at 6'2" but more on the lanky side build wise. He preferred video games and sci-fi movies as opposed to sports and partying. I can say I was relieved I never had too much to worry about with him getting into the trouble that most teens do. The one "normal" thing he… Read more

Posted by sonny8023 4 days ago 3 10,357 100%

Mrs.c, a Soccer Mom's Gangbang

MatureTabooGroup Sex

NOT MY STORIES I FOUND EM ON A HARD DRIVE N THOUGHT I SHOULD UPLOAD EM.. I am a 48 year old mom ; I am posting these stories in the order that they happened ; so for those that want to know specifics ; they have been changing all along . As you know my young friends gangbanged me in my first post and then I was introduced to the world of porn in my second post. I decided to quit my job 1 week after I appeared on stage at the adult club . My husband was upset but I told him it was not worth it anymore. I didn't like the long hours or the tips. So I left the job. What he didn't kn… Read more

Posted by azrael18750 3 days ago 5 9,693 84%

Peeking On Mom

First TimeMatureTaboo

As a boy I was rather shy. Besides that I was a little heavy, and it was “baby fat” I would later grow out of, but at the time it seemed like more than it actually was. Simple things would make me blush and stammer and I lived too far from the school in a one car household to be involved in after school events, dances and the likes. So it added up to I wasn’t very popular with the girls classes and I was a tad socially backward at the age of 13. Dad always worked two or three jobs and wasn’t around much. When he was around he was always on the couch, smoking or sleeping. Tha… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 5 days ago 5 8,714 100%



“What the fuck is going on in here?”, asked a middle aged man standing naked at the entrance of the men’s shower. Based on the look on the man’s face the scene in front of him must have really shocked him. It was a late fall Sunday evening and an hour before my friend and I were the only two people swimming at our local rec center. Other than staff we hadn’t seen anyone else in the pool area the whole time we had been there. It was not unusual to find the place primarily empty at that time of the day which is why we liked to come to the pool at that time; we could dive as often as we liked… Read more

Posted by coloradman 3 days ago 4 8,616 90%

My hot sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My parents were just pulling out of the driveway heading off on a weeks vacation. They hadn't had a holiday in about three years so they were really looking forward to getting away and having some time to themselves. My sister Hannah and I had been left alone for the week to look after the house. I was really looking forward to this time – it's always great to be able to do what you like without having your parents nagging at you to get things done. My names Brendan and I'm eighteen years old. My sister Hannah is 19, around eighteen months older than me. It was the first time my sister and… Read more

Posted by money8023 6 days ago 7 8,338 95%

Sister's Tight Pussy

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I was home one Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang. At the door was my sister Lisa. I could see she was upset and had been crying. "Hold me Rick," she pleaded with me. I took my sister in my arms and held her to my chest. "Tony left me," she said. "He told me he wanted to date other people. I suspected he was cheating on me. Now I know." I barely heard what my sister was saying. Her tits were pressing into my chest. I could smell the scent of her perfume. I was getting aroused. Lisa pulled back from me. Our faces were just inches apart. It all seemed to happen at once. We fou… Read more

Posted by moneysex23 5 days ago 6 8,170 93%

Best vacation ever


I just got back from a fantasy vacation. I went with my wife and our oldest granddaughters and their mother. Kind of a group trip. Tammy, the girl's mom and ex-daughter in law, was invited by the girls and we had room so why not right? Tammy and I have been seeing each other secretly here and there when time and circumstances allow. Just a fun way to spend time with each other. Casual and no expectations. Anyway, we are on this trip in a rented van and the drive is pretty much boring so wife and granddaughters are sl**ping in back and Tammy volunteers to keep me company so I stay awake. I… Read more

Posted by cman47390 3 days ago 2 8,061 96%

"Unwrapping" Mommy

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

If there is an i****t goddess I was a grateful recipient of her bounty on Christmas Eve... although at first it sure didn't feel that way as I drove through a wild winter storm. I was meeting my girlfriend three hours away at her parents'... as my family wasn't celebrating Christmas until the 26th; my sister was flying in later (fares at half the ridiculous pre-Christmas level). So I was driving three hours north (or perhaps it would take far longer since I was driving through a near blizzard) to spend one day at the in-laws, which would be torture. The one bright star was Shannon had pr… Read more

Posted by moneysex23 4 days ago 5 7,957 100%


Lesbian SexBDSMTaboo

I had her tied spread-eagled to the bed when the doorbell went. I saw her immediately flinch and stiffen and a look of concern flitted across her face. Usually I try and make sure that our sessions are undisturbed so I was initially annoyed. “Who’s that?” she yelped, her voice tremulous. “I have no idea, bitch. Stop panicking you stupid cunt.” Her eyes switched away from the door to the playroom and came back to me as her fear came back to where it belonged. I stalked around the bed tapping the horse crop against my palm. When the door bell rang again her eyes darted once more to the door.… Read more

Posted by Mistress_Christine 3 days ago 2 7,834 97%

Sexy mom


It was my 16th birthday. I wasn’t planning on doing much. Just have cake and ice cream. With a few family and friends. My dad had gone to the coast on a fishing trip. It was six o’clock and a few guest were arriving . To my surprise one of my step mom’s coworker’s and her son showed up he was just a few months older that me and we had been around each other on other outings. He attended a school that we played against in sports. But away from the guys from our schools we got along good. Now let me tell you about his mom Iris. She was a older mature woman not knowing her age I would guess her a… Read more

Posted by adam8023 6 days ago 7,713 100%

Family Massage


A few years back my wife and I were on holiday in Thailand with my Daughter, her husband and our Grandson. We were touring around and finishing our time on one of the islands off the West coast. We did the usual family/beachy things and with Thailand living up to its reputation for the exotic there were many beachside places that advertised massage. Leaving Grandma, Son-in-law and Grandson to the beach my daughter and I decided to go and try one of the establishments on offer. All of them looked pretty much the same so we didn't really make a conscious choice but rather found ourselves just of… Read more

Posted by CurtB 4 days ago 5 7,144 94%

Creampie For my Sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My parents were going to have a party at their house for family and friends. At twenty-four years old I didn't think I needed to go. My mother told me otherwise. I was bummed but I arrived at their party. My parents have an inground pool and that's where everyone had congregated. My eighteen year old sister Suzie was there as well. She still lived at home but she had grown up lately. Her body was like a grown woman. She had large breasts and wide hips. She had this bikini on that revealed practically everything. I was surprised my parents let her wear it. I just sat in my chair nursing a… Read more

Posted by adam8023 4 days ago 2 6,957 92%

My Mom


I had begun thinking about Mom in that way some time before, but never saw any indication that she might reciprocate. We had always been really close, but she was also always Mom. At first, that worked against all my deep dirty feelings, but it soon became indistinguishable from them, became what turned me on most, made it so I couldn't separate Mom-as-Mom in all her comfort and warmth from her beauty and body. Or how she had me playing with myself every single night. When I was still in high school, my cousin Sandra, Mom's oldest niece, got engaged and asked my mother to be a bridesmaid… Read more

Posted by adam8023 4 days ago 1 6,854 100%

Love Thy Neighbor

TabooFirst Time

“Hi Mrs. Jones, can Tommy come over to play trains for a little while?” A neighborhood boy would always come over to the house and ask my mom if I could come over and play. It was always play with his train set or when Pong was released it was to come play Pong and later on Atari. Mom would always say it was okay and to be back “by dinner time.” When I’d go over there they had several layers of sheer window coverings so you could get sunlight in, but no one could really see out or in unless you stood right up to the window and pressed your face to the glass. I’d shut the door and his dad w… Read more

Posted by coloradman 4 days ago 3 6,653 90%

Shopping With Mum


One Friday about three years ago my mum and I left as usual to go and do some shopping. "House of Fraser has the type of knickers I wear on sale," my mum said as she headed into the store. The chance to be with my mum while she shopped for knickers made me feel anxious as hell and I eagerly followed behind. A few minutes later I was standing in the middle of the lingerie department. My mum was flipping through a rack of satin knickers and after checking for a few sizes she headed towards the dressing room. I sat outside but luckily from where I was sitting I had a perfect view of my mum… Read more

Posted by harveydog 4 days ago 1 6,602 73%

Massaging my hot sis

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My sister Sara had always been attractive to me. Throughout our c***dhood I always knew that she stood out a bit more than the rest. When this happened I was 19 and she was 18. By this point she had began to mature nicely and she had a nice plump butt that just made me crazy. She was rather petite with long blonde hair and small but not thin frame. She had these huge blue eyes that you could drown in. She had still small boobs at a 34B but she still had nice ones and they were round and perky. Her body curved in ways that I haven't seen equaled. I had some intense masturbation sessions and I h… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 6 days ago 5 6,048 100%

Mom and the Doggers

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Mom’s into Dogging. My Mom ditched my Dad five years ago, she always said it’s because he was a dirty ratbag who cheated on her, but now I know differently. It wasn’t until one of my best mates told me, that I found out the truth about my Mom and here’s the story. So I get a phone call from my friend and he’s out of breath, having ran from somewhere and then he reveals why. “Barry! I’ve been somewhere tonight and you’re not going to believe me over the phone, so can I come and see you?” “Sure nobody’s in come over?” Ten minutes later he’s rattling my letter box and I let him in. He’s stil… Read more

Posted by monkeymonkey42 6 days ago 3 6,001 90%

Birthday Trip


It was when we were celebrating my 16th birthday that Mum told me that we were going to Spain on holiday. Mum had decided since this birthday was a big milestone for me that we should truly celebrate.. Mum made all of the arrangements for the accommodations at the 5* Hotel, On the plane, Mum told me that we had reservations for a Jacuzzi suite for the entire week. It did not surprise me about the room as Mum always liked nice the best. I began to suspect something was up while on the plane. We were watching the movie and Mum asked the flight attendant for a blanket. Mum took the blanket… Read more

Posted by harveydog 4 days ago 2 5,954 100%


AnalGay MaleHardcore

He had a reputation Rick had for having the biggest thickest cock around! Bitches who tried him out complained he ruined their assholes for other guys that he stretched them out so wide now other cocks feel small! Humph I thought it was a lot of B.S. myself I had been fucked by some damn big cocks and my asshole felt fine still nice and tight! I heard he hung out at a club on the other side of town a real nasty one where the fuckers and the fuckees were plenty and you could always fins some action depending on what you were looking for...I decided to try out this Thick Dick Rick… Read more

Posted by laceysgirl 3 days ago 5 5,474 88%

She finds satisfaction in her father in laws arms


This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. This is 2nd part of the series so requesting you to read the previou part "She finds satisfaction in her father in laws arms 1" to enjoy this story. "Woman leaves husband for her father in law." Cheri had her arms wrapped around Dan, her lips pressed to his. She held him to her as his cock was buried deep inside of her. Over the past months she had tried to get together with her father in law at least once a week, unfortunately it didn't always work out. Since their first time, she ha… Read more

Posted by sexozingguy 3 days ago 1 5,024 100%

Fucking my Auntie Ruth


My cock was still hard as I walked to the shower watching her beautiful body sway in front of me while we left a trail of our juices. As I got closer to her body I grabbed and squeezed her ass cheek. "You have a great ass, Auntie Ruth…” I said. "Behave now. I will let you explore my body in th shower" She said and with that my dick stood again at full attention. My aunt Ruth got into the shower and started to warm the water. I watched at her amazing naked body. She was almost forty five, but she looked like a school girl. A slutty experienced school girl… I was just eighteen, but my se… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 5 days ago 1 4,997 73%

Hot Dog


Not long before her senior year of high school ended, my daughter Danae and I were invited to a pool party given by her class mate Elizabeth and her father. They had a large pool and loved to entertain, and I looked forward to seeing again some of the friends Danae had grown up with, and their parents, for what might be the last time before they all went their separate ways. And I was especially looking forward to seeing pretty little Elizabeth again. The party was in full swing by the time we arrived. I said my hellos and settled back in a chair by the poolside with a cold beer to enjoy wa… Read more

Posted by Stiffenpurple 1 day ago 5,234 100%

My training as a sex slave begins at the Gloryhole

Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

My training as a sex slave begins at the Gloryhole    When Clark arrived at my house the next day he said this is your last chance to back out. I said no i want this. Clark then said ok from now on you do whatever i tell you to and whoever i tell you to. Now give me a key to your house. I gave him a key and then he ordered me to strip naked. He said from now on when you're home you must be naked at all times day and night. And from now on you will address me as master. Do you understand? I said yes. He said yes what? I said yes master. He then ordered me to suck his cock. I dropped… Read more

Posted by king_cum_eater 3 days ago 5 4,809 100%

We fucked her.

Group SexHardcoreMature

I have a crazy hot girlfriend called Tammy, she's a petite blonde with tattoo's and several piercings, and she loves sex. We fuck when ever we can, and often where ever we are, we've done it in my car, at the mall, in a bar toilets, the park, a cemetery, just loads of places. Now a few months ago her father began seeing a woman, you see her mother passed away a few years ago and it's just been Tammy and her father ever since, which probably explains her wild fun behaviour. So anyway, her father began seeing this woman called Julia, she was a librarian at a school, and a very prim and proper ty… Read more

Posted by bighornycock123 6 days ago 3 4,623 100%

My sister is a bitch.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

It's not like it needed to be said. She was a full grade, 100%, bonafide bee-yotch. It didn't help matters that, being the younger c***d, she was the favorite. Never seemed to do a thing wrong in our parents' minds. Things were never great between us, but it certainly helped when I moved out for college. Of course, every break we'd find ourselves back under the same roof, butting heads. This time, as she matured to the bitchier age of eighteen, she had wanted to go out partying with one of her several boy toys. I had planted the idea with our parents that, maybe, it might be better if s… Read more

Posted by moneysex23 4 days ago 4 4,624 100%

Christmas party , wife, black cock,and me

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

Company Christmas parties are always fun for me and my hot wife Andrea. This year the company my wife works for is having their party down town and most of the couples have rooms in the motel where the party is being held. I was already dressed and ready so I sat on the bed in our room and while waiting I flipped through the TV. Andrea was in the bathroom dressing. When the door opened I looked to see my gorgeous wife walking out wearing a red Lacy dress. It was low cut and she had her firm little thirty four b cup tits pushed up and together forming very sexy round globes. The entire dr… Read more

Posted by woreout 4 days ago 2 4,627 82%

Busted by My Wife


Well the other night I was laying in the bed as my wife did some cleaning in our room. She was walking around in her PJs and even though they are not sexy or anything they fit her well and more so when she bends over. So I grabbed my phone and was snapping pictures of her bending over. She did not know I was doing it at all. She left the room and went into the bathroom. She returned and I had not notice anything different about her until this happen.  Well she was moving around allot more and bending over at every stop she made. Hell I did not noticed that she pick up the same thin multi… Read more

Posted by cowboywired 4 days ago 4 4,553 93%

Mothers and daughters, they choose, they use.

TabooHardcoreLesbian Sex

Part One. “You look gorgeous, both of you,” Steve said. “Why thank you, kind sir!” I giggled. “Shall we give Dad a twirl?” We each turned a three sixty. He nodded his approval, and so he should, our collective outfits had cost, but then he could afford it. He looked handsome, in his dinner jacket. I’d tied his bow tie myself, and as I tied it, so he had fondled my bottom, cupping my bare cheek, then lightly tugging the back of my thong, it rode up into my pussy. I wanted him then, had that feeling in my stomach. He pulled me in tight against him, I could feel his cock hardening through our c… Read more

Posted by SFS 4 days ago 1 4,445 100%

The Storm


Helen and Mark were returning from a two-week holiday in Scotland. They had gotten a late start and now it looked like they were going to have to pay for it. "The storm is approaching. It should arrive within the next half-hour the radio said. All persons should take shelter as soon as possible. You can expect strong winds and heavy rain with possible hail. Travel is not recommended!" the radio blared as Helen drove along looking at the dark cloud approaching from the west. "I guess we're not going to make it home tonight. Better stop somewhere along here because I'm certainly not drivin… Read more

Posted by harveydog 5 days ago 4 4,433 100%

A Christmas Gift

Group SexVoyeur

My wife and I were heading to dinner with friends. The holidays are here, and we both were looking forward to spending an evening with friends; but this time, I have a surprise for my wife. A “gift” I know she will enjoy.. She came down the stairs from our bedroom and was wearing my favorite Black Dress. It’s a very, short tight dress that accents her body perfectly. It makes her tits look incredible, not to mention her ass. My wife is 5’ 7”, 135 lbs, 34c, jet black hair. When she wears this dress, she reminds of rocker Joan Jett. I squeezed her ass, and could tell instantly she wasn’t weari… Read more

Posted by bcamer69 3 days ago 3 4,403 93%

Anita passed out at the adult theater


That Saturday night Anita and I met some friends at the local bar to celebrate their engagement. After a few hours of multiple margarita shots and heavy drinking we decided to head back home by walking. On our way back, my sexy wife was a little bit groggy after those drinks… She begged me to enter an adult theater to sit down, because she was feeling her legs weak. I noticed the adult movie was already in progress, but Anita said it was fine foe her; she just wanted to sit down for a while… We made our way to a row of seats away from a few men sitting by. We sat down and my wife commen… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 4 days ago 1 4,292 100%

Victoria Justice photoshoot


It was just another day for me, on the set of a new photo shoot, we were never really given much detail as to who would be here, just that she was important and we needed to the best of jobs, I was told by my "superior" aka the person who takes the pictures, via a text from the mystery woman's agent earlier in the day just when they would be arriving. I was getting the camera ready, making sure the set was in immaculate condition for our soon to be center star of the shoot, we were told to keep it simple and nothing is more simple than a white backdrop, meaning 100% of the focus will be given… Read more

Posted by horstista 3 days ago 4,219 100%

My second cousin Avina


My cousin Avina, her brother and her family stays at our place whenever they come on vacation. shes 7 years younger than me. when we were young we use to play around and had fun. so this one time when i was sitting with her brother and chatting, Avina came and sat beside me on the couch. Avina was bored as we were not paying any attention to her. she then went to kitchen, got some popcorn and came back to watch tv. she asked me which channel should she watch and sat on my lap. she rarely have sat on my lap and that too was when she was little. i didn't mind and we brothers continued chat. she… Read more

Posted by nomadrocz 4 days ago 3 4,188 83%

i****tuous Film Ch. 1


My friend Tina had given me two tickets to a movie premier on Friday night, and I was dying to go. The only problem I didn't have a date. My bastard husband had to go out of town, probably with his secretary. So I asked my friend Sally, but she had told me that she couldn't go either. As I was driving back home from my Pilates class, I thought about who to ask and then it hit me, my son. He would go with me if I asked him. I smiled thinking about my boy something had happened over the last year that had changed my entire view on mothers and sons. About a year ago I'd started to… Read more

Posted by altaff143 1 day ago 2 4,424 95%

That evening in Tesco's car park

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

We pulled into the Tesco car park, mother parking alongside another vehicle in which we towered over, in our 4x4. What was interesting and caught my eye was the driver in the car alongside us, was masturbating. Mother had not seen him and could not as she was out of his line of sight and besides he saw me look and immediately adopted a look of respectability. 'You not coming in', she asked, as I made no motion to indicate I was? I shook my head, 'No, I'm tired', was my excuse as mother nodded, she suspected I was starting my menstrual's, it was my time of month, but as I just said, so… Read more

Posted by Fridagirl 5 days ago 4 4,114 100%

Outside the Envelope


I wasn't busy, so when my friend Amanda asked me to sit her son Mark last Saturday night, I agreed readily. I appreciated her situation: she was a single mom whose husband had left her over a year ago and, since no one had heard from him since, she had had to rely on her paycheck from a floral shop. I don't think she'd had a date in months. So I had no problem freeing her for an evening out with a man. She dropped off her nine-year-old son off at my place around 7:30 PM. I knew Mark well, so I didn't try to impose an arbitrary bedtime on him: he was a very energetic nine-year-old and liked to… Read more

Posted by Stevie_Notnicks 4 days ago 4 4,094 53%

My surprise!

HardcoreLesbian SexVoyeur

My first wife passed away a couple of years ago, and it's just been me and daughter Megan, she's a sweet k** and has helped me a lot to get through this tough time. Then a month or so ago I met Faye, she was amazing from the moment I met her, bubbly and friendly, she was a short petite red head who just seem to get on with everyone, and everyone liked her. Now Faye is also recently widowed so we agreed to take things steady, but after a few weeks we were really beginning to get on and finally after a great home cooked meal made by her, she led me upstairs and for the first time since my first… Read more

Posted by bighornycock123 4 days ago 2 4,020 93%

Dusty's Daddy

AnalFirst TimeShemales

So learned at a very young age that I liked dressing up in hose and heels and making guys cum (see any of my previous stories :-). I met Dusty when we were 13. He moved from another state. He towered above all of the other boys in our class at 6' 1". He was so big we called him Dusty Mountain. He had a full five o clock shadow and probably outweighed every other guy in the class by 60 or 70 pounds. There was an empty seat next to me and the teacher sat him there. I soon learned that he was really cool. We both liked AC/DC and Iron Maiden. I started helping him with his schoolwork and s… Read more

Posted by cdsexslut 3 days ago 3 3,986 92%

Swinging in Jamaica

AnalMatureGroup Sex

My wife and I were enjoying a nice resort at a nude beach in Jamaica. The second day we were lounging on the beach, when a well-built light skinned black man came up to my wife while she was sitting reading a book. He was standing next to her and his soft cock was right in her face. I thought she would look away from that dark nine inches dick; but she actually stared at it as she spoke to him. He introduced himself as Ben and he said he was there with his wife and another couple. He pointed to them and I noticed they were white people. They came over and we talked for a while and made som… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 5 days ago 1 3,953 86%

Sexy Susie Has Huge Tits


When I was 22 or so I worked as a repairman for a well known company. I would drive a company truck and make service calls at people's homes. At the time I had long hair and kind of had the surfer look, though we were nowhere near the beach. But girls liked it! So I got a call to a house, kind of a trashy part of town, and as I arrive, the husband and wife are leaving with their oldest daughter to a softball game. They say the babysitter knows the problem and will tell me where it is. So I meet the babysitter, a short, very pretty girl with short brown hair. She has on short blue shorts and… Read more

Posted by bbwsrfun 7 days ago 4 3,915 94%

My wife gives an older man pleasure

First TimeMature

My wife and I have been married many years, she's quite shy until you get to know her. No men seem to flirt with her, or even notice her. She's 46 and 5'2", dark hair and matching pussy hair. She has 36c tits and a bit of a belly, but not fat. Slightly chubby would be a good description. She's only had my cock in her and wouldn't dream of allowing another man inside her, under normal circumstances. While we were on holiday we stayed in the south of France, close to beaches with wide dunes. One day I decided to take us to the beach. We found a quiet spot and lay on a couple of beach towels.… Read more

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My S!sters’ Tits – Part 2


My S!sters’ Tits – Part 2 While my s!sters looked almost identical, their personalities were almost opposite. Although they could be highly competitive, Jenny would inevitably take the lead the lead and the more demure Emily would always follow. But, while I knew Jenny preferred girls over boys, I never could figure out my other s!ster. As far as I knew, Emily never dated anyone, boy nor girl. I just assumed that having her twin as a lover was enough to keep her satisfied, so maybe she was a lesbian too. It was a bit of a surprise to learn she actually did have an interest in boys, ev… Read more

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HAving Fun With Moms Ass


Like I,ve said been fucking mom for a while,solo friends gangbangs etc,love using and abusing her and she accepts it,anyway one afternoon wanted to something wild and crazy with her,called one of my friends over that fucked her with me and told him wanted to get crazy with her,then it dawned on me mom has a great ass lets see what we can shove up there,oicked up a bunch of things,called her come over now!!! she did,she knows by the tone in my voice it,s fucking time,she came right over she got in the house she knew to strip down naked and start sucking my cock,she did told ,Tom here too… Read more

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Arab wife used by older white neighbor (Cuckold)

FetishInterracial SexTaboo

Looking back, I'm in disbelief this actually happened. My wife and I are quite conservative - I'm 36 and she's 29, we immigrated to Boston from Morocco in 2012.  We follow Islam and my wife, Hayat, wears a hijab most of the time.  Our life in Boston was quiet and simple - nothing extravagant.  I have a good job and Hayat was going to school to become a RN - we planned on having a c***d soon, but weren't sure exactly due to her schooling. The one thing I must say, once moving to the USA, I began to watch a lot of porn (without my wife's knowledge, of course).  I began to see fetish videos… Read more

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