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Got fed a great fat load from my buddy Fri

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I guess I'm a born bottom. From the time I was a youngster, I realized that big burly men, big beefy daddies, big belly bears and studs, and big fat cocks and balls, made me salivate, and that their hot fat loads put me in a frenzy. I deeply appreciate big horny testosterone filled men, who want nothing more than to be worshipped and serviced, and their aching cocks n' balls drained by a hungry and dedicated cocksucker and sperm lover. I love and greatly admire and respect strong, smart, intelligent, supremely confident and assertive women, who know exactly what they want and suffer no fools gladly, who can also use someone who wants nothing more than to show them deep respect, and be of service to them.
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Another longtime buddy of mine (divorced) came in from out of town Fri to see his two young sons over the weekend, and he planned it so he had time to drop by my place, Friday night. We had a couple beers and a few hits of a joint, as he spent a few minutes lamenting that he couldn't spend the holidays with his Ex anymore, (and inside her too, I presume) and then I was down opening his belt/pants, and he was already about 2/3 hard when his dick popped out, and I barely touched it before he was at full fat 7-1/2, and pre-cum galore. His balls were heavy, he clearly needed to nut badly, and I knew he'd have a fat load. He did, and after about seven or eight minutes of me working on him, with the last two at least, just deep throating him non-stop, he began his usual grunting as his cock swelled even fatter and he exploded in my mouth/throat. He was absolutely rocked, and I was delirious with exhilaration.
9 days ago
to toolster: You're quite welcome. Thanks very much. ;)
Thanks for the add. Nice content.
13 days ago
A buddy of mine dropped by Thanksgiving night after spending the day with his family and having dinner. After having a couple beers on my couch, I got down and took out his dick, which was already half hard and big, and within a minute of me holding it, and caressing his swollen and clearly aching balls, he was rock hard, moaning for me to suck them, and then his dick, where it took about five minutes of deep throat strokes up and down to have him exploding in my mouth/throat. He wasn't joking when he told me how badly he needed to nut. lol  What a load! Happy Thanksgiving indeed.
26 days ago
to Steve_likes_Feet: I'm glad you like them, thank you too.
to loadmaster2: I'm sure you would enjoy it immensely. Sit back, close your eyes... relax. ;)
Might be fun to give you that sperm you're craving.
2 months ago
to tasacd4u: I've never had a guy ask to put it in my ass, but if one of my buddies who's cocks I suck, wanted to bury it there, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't resist, and that it'd feel amazing.
I like sucking cock but I prefer having one sliding in and out of my ass, or better yet one in each end
2 months ago
to expatriate: It's okay, I understand. You take care as well.
Sorry for that. Not adverse to sword swallowing myself, but haven,t had the pleasure for some years though would still do it in a trick. Don,t fancy taking it in the ass though! Take Care
2 months ago
to expatriate: Well, I'm not a lady,lol.. as much as I do love sucking and swallowing. ;)
I Ain,t got a massive coc, but would still love to have a lovely lady like you sucking me and swallowing all my lovely jizz!❤️
2 months ago
to 8and3qtrs: I'm glad you enjoy them. ;)
l got hard looking at your galleries
3 months ago
to theoldog: You're quite welcome, my friend. You've added quite a bit of sperm to this website yourself, if I may say. ;)
Thanks for the comment, glad you like! And thanks for the great collection of pics and hot cock sucking vids! I do enjoy jacking off watching them!
3 months ago
hi I like your profile
3 months ago
to SpfldMO: Thank you.. glad you like it!
Great video collection!
3 months ago
to theyneverknewaboutme: You're welcome .. I'm glad you like my page.
Appreciate the add very much
6 months ago
to Norcalldap2: Thanks man, I appreciate that. ;)
Thanks for adding me. I love your about me
6 months ago
The other night, ridin along with my buddy, he was in a bad mood about someone, and rather aggressive about it. I very nicely asked and convinced him to pull over in a dark quiet area. I've never seen/felt/heard a guy so relaxed and in pleasure as when they unleash really fat loads. I lapped and swallowed greedily.
7 months ago
to anntv6969: You're quite welcome.
thanks for adding me
8 months ago
to vtech985: Yep, he needed it too. I had a pastrami sub and a six-pack for him, and when he finished the sub and a couple beers, he was ready for me to get busy. ;)
Bet your buddy loved that
8 months ago
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