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I got a great wet fat load Sat, after UFC

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Jackie, male, heterosexual
United States
High School graduate
Recreational drugs sometimes
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5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
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I guess I'm a born bottom. From the time I was a youngster, I realized that big burly men, big beefy daddies, big belly bears and studs, and big fat cocks and balls, made me salivate, and that their hot fat loads put me in a frenzy. I deeply appreciate big horny testosterone filled men, who want nothing more than to be worshipped and serviced, and their aching cocks n' balls drained by a hungry and dedicated cocksucker and sperm lover. I love and greatly admire and respect strong, smart, intelligent, supremely confident and assertive women, who know exactly what they want and suffer no fools gladly, who can also use someone who wants nothing more than to show them deep respect, and be of service to them.
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to theyneverknewaboutme: You're welcome .. I'm glad you like my page.
Appreciate the add very much
1 month ago
to Norcalldap2: Thanks man, I appreciate that. ;)
Thanks for adding me. I love your about me
2 months ago
The other night, ridin along with my buddy, he was in a bad mood about someone, and rather aggressive about it. I very nicely asked and convinced him to pull over in a dark quiet area. I've never seen/felt/heard a guy so relaxed and in pleasure as when they unleash really fat loads. I lapped and swallowed greedily.
3 months ago
to anntv6969: You're quite welcome.
thanks for adding me
4 months ago
to vtech985: Yep, he needed it too. I had a pastrami sub and a six-pack for him, and when he finished the sub and a couple beers, he was ready for me to get busy. ;)
Bet your buddy loved that
4 months ago
to BiMMinOCCA: You're very welcome! I'm glad you like my page. ;)
Thanks for the friend request. I see you enjoy alot of things that are dear to my heart, too. Great minds think alike, you pervert.
5 months ago
to theoldog: Yes Sir, I know you do love that - and it's nice to watch. ;)
Thanks for the comment, glad you like! Love letting the cum fly!
5 months ago
to 8and3qtrs: Thank you so much! ;)
Cool page for sure!
5 months ago
Fantastic page...friends?.. Let's get off together
7 months ago
to mysisterkimspanties: If that means what I think -- they're quite great.
i want to try a cum bong
7 months ago
to bigboy269: Well, I don't know about that. ;)
6'3 275 and hung, wifey can't suck like you
8 months ago
Smokin hot page you got! Can I get a add?
8 months ago
to sexy-man69: You're very welcome, and thank you as well. ;) Your stuff is great too.
thanks for adding me...You are so hot..love your site
10 months ago
I had a fun past few days, going back to last Friday night and Saturday morning. A buddy dropped in Fri, as he and I had planned, and after BBQing and eating some steaks, he leaned back on my couch and I took a big load off his mind, and from his balls. After having too many beers to drive, he spent the night here, and I sucked another nice load from him as he woke up Sat morning.
11 months ago
to marsinperil: Thank you very much, and I like yours as well. ;)
love your faves!
11 months ago
to Cm4me2: Thanks very much, as is yours. ;)
Fabulous profile, hot
1 year ago
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