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New blog just added Hope you read and enjoy. Xxx.

Personal information
I am:
Jim Webley, 67 years, male, heterosexual
Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Female, heterosexual
English, French
Associate degree (2 years college)
Yes, we live together
Several times a week
Recreational drugs sometimes
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Very short
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5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
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About me

Recently realised that comments are the lifeblood of the website. So, anybody reading this, I urge you to comment, comment, comment. I find the scoring system is usually irrelavent, far too many 5 star ratings, and I only give a 5if it really makes me stand to attention.
I've just had(1st March) a great discovery! After 3 years of Cialis, I have just tried a generic viagra called kamagra. It may only last for a few hours, as apposed to the cialis which can last for 36 hours,but, oh man, does it get me hard.
If you're 60 and diebetic, my god, it works for me. Carry on Wanking. Yeah.

just watched a femdom(?) vid. It's in my faves if you can be bothered.
When I retire in 4 or 5 years, my new hobby is going to be licking, sucking, fingering, worshipping, adoring, that wonderful private part of a ladies body.
Don't care if it's young, old, hairy or shaven, I could spend hours just making my lady cum.
And, if my testorone lasts that long, maybe a little mutual spanking and a(alas) ejaculation for me by wank. Oh yes, over your great boobs.
Anyone interested in more private things, just message me. I promise to respond. Xxx.

It's now 7 years on since I updated this part of my profile and I figure it's about time.
My technical expertise still doesn't stretch to uploading an avatar or posting pictures of my willy, thank goodness!
I still think commenting is really important, especially on the non-professional clips. I really appreciate the amateurs who share their intimate moments with us and are to be admired.
I still receive free Cialis and it helps me get hard, stay hard as long as I'm stroking it, and, most times, shoot my 67yo cum.
My tastes in porn remain, broadly, the same. However, purely in fantasy, I am watching more and more bisexual MMF clips. I even stray into the gay scene from time to time!
I have met some great friends on here(you know who you are)and shared some weird and wonderful chats. Thanks.
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happy to host if you can get to Notts :)
7 days ago
Your updated (about me) good stuff.
8 days ago
Thanks for the comments and the new friendship
8 days ago
to jimwebley: That's very true! Might as well get as many in as I can, whilst I'm still able! 
to brvhrt99: MUCH better, thanks.
to spanka4on: One wank down, 2nd on its way.
Go and get it done...you can't be too careful. You can't cum when you're dead...lol.
Jim, hope you are doign better today
11 days ago
to spanka4on: Enjoy the free house tomorrow!
to jimwebley: Good grief Jim, it sounds like a bit of an uncomfortable time you've gone through, but good to hear you're home now, with some great plans afoot for tomorrow. The endo/colonoscopy's are not so bad in themselves in my experience; it's the preparation that's the worst part. I was just thinking earlier, it's a year since my last one, so I should really have another, given that the first one a few years ago found something.
to spanka4on: Thanks for your concern. 60 hours in hospital, 15 of which were attached to a drip on my arm. They consider a blood count of 70 to be worrying...mine was 54!
New drugs, endoscopy and colonoscopy upcoming. Yep, a camera inserted up my anus. I'll ask for a copy and post it on here...lol.
Oh, and regular injections for the rest of my life.
However, I've got a free house tomorrow...taken a pill and intend to spend the whole day wanking and proving that I'm not dead yet.
Oh dear...hope all goes well my friend!
14 days ago
to Resist45: Grandaughter(2 and a half) with gastroentnris and Mother-in-law(94) with fast onset dementia.
The rest fades into insignificance.
hope nothing serious friend
17 days ago
Just seen your status, two weeks in Spain, don't have a heart looking at all those topless girls on the beach!
24 days ago
Have a good holiday Jim. Bring back lots of stories!
25 days ago
Have fun in Spain Jim
25 days ago
let us hope that Hammy had a brain transplant, eh what
1 month ago
Hey cum on over
1 month ago
hello Jim Webley, 67
From: Basingstoke, United Kingdom
1 month ago
The banner - regarding new xhamster?
Here's hoping there is a chnge of mind
1 month ago
Thought you had pegged it
1 month ago
Thanks for comments, i love older guys.
2 months ago
Christ, you still with us
2 months ago
Thanks for accepting 
2 months ago
How are you horny?
2 months ago
"Sunshine out, T shirts and short shorts. Yeah! Xxx.

Definitely, I've got a sunburned face and I'm loving it !!!
3 months ago
you just say it is excellent because you are a pervert! LOL
3 months ago
Great stuff
3 months ago
What airport is nearest? LOL
3 months ago
Hello, very nice profile, thank you for sharing, no doubt, you would like our profile, and find what you are looking for ;) But before you accept, would you have photos of you ( face ), even to send us in private message? Because we are certified Dad and I, and we ask for a minimum from our contacts ;) Thank you ;)
4 months ago
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