Like 73 other men so far, cum and spunk on me or in my mouth
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I'm:Penny Sneddon, 55
From:Lancashire, United Kingdom
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[image class="blog-image align-center large"]158379709[/image]Hi - I'm Penny Sneddon. I'm a prolific slut and exhibitionist. I am married to a submissive worm - I feel nothing for him.

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Some years ago I used to work as a nude photomodel. Most of the photographers usually wanted to have sex with me after the sessions, and I'd always let them do it to me. One day I realised that all most of them wanted was to fuck me or be sucked-off, so I gave up the modelling and became a prostitute for about a year. When I married I stopped whoring, and let men fuck me for free.

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I'm a dominant wife, married to a submissive worm. We have a domme-sub marriage. I keep him naked and collared when at home, have him sleep naked on the floor at night, and use his mouth as a toilet to piss into every day. He drinks all of my piss.
I no longer let him have sex with me so he wanks all the time and has to make do with occasionally sucking cocks. I do what I want with other men, both sexually and by having intimate friendships on the internet. If my husband doesn't like it, I don't give a fuck.
I feel nothing for him. I don't care what he thinks or how he feels.

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Since I married I've cuckolded my husband by sucking hundreds of cocks and being fucked by more than 650 other men, letting most of the men fuck me without condoms and spunk in my cunt. A lot of men have fucked me at home in front of my husband, but mostly I've had a lot of 10-20 men gangbangs at sex clubs and seedy sex cinemas, where I let them fuck my cunt bareback and sucked them off, including the horrible-tasting, unwashed cocks.

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Regrettably, I've slowed down a lot in recent years and don't get fucked as often due to slipped discs. However I'm an exhibitionist, especially at work. I wear jackets with most of my tits on display, and short skirts with no panties. Any man coming in my office who compliments me on my tits, I ask them if they want to see the rest of me. If they say yes, I pull my tits out, spread my legs and show my cunt - or I just strip naked. My worm of a husband has to just sit there and stay silent. If they want to, I let them wank and then spunk on my tits, my cunt, my face, or if they prefer in my mouth. After they've used me to spunk on, I do like to see them further humiliate my husband by pissing on him before they leave.

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I occasionally meet men from the web & have sessions with them where I flash my tits and cunt - or strip naked as I am in the photo above - and let them spunk on my body or in my mouth. If you like the idea of meeting me, seeing me naked and using me to spunk on, email me at: pennysneddon@ukfastmail.com. If you're what I am looking for, we'll arrange a meeting. Don't take it personally if you get a No - you might not be exactly what I'm looking for, or it might just be because I'm too busy with other things. Anyone who cancels on me or fails to turn up shouldn't bother to ask again.

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I'm here mainly to showcase my photos and videos. Please note that I rarely answer Personal Messages. Don't take it personally, I get hundreds of them, and I don't have the time to answer more than a few. However, I do try to answer comments on my page.
I love being called names, and told what men think of me. I don't like compliments. I like men giving their honest opinion of me, how I look, and what they think of the slut I am. The more insulting the better. So go ahead, make me wet with your comments.

More stuff on my free website: www.pennysneddon.com
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55 minutes ago
Please add me
9 hours ago
Yes, you are still in my diary.
9 hours ago
Yes, i am a dirty cum-dump slut. Thanks for saying so,
9 hours ago
Again. Can u (lol) read people's profiles. Mine says: "Please note that I rarely answer Personal Messages. Don't take it personally, I get hundreds of them, and I don't have the time to answer more than a few."
9 hours ago
Hey slag hope I'm still in your diary
10 hours ago
Can u respond to my message
11 hours ago
Hi fatstud from Ireland wow ur are dirty slut I have wanked over ur pics just wish I was standing in front of u wanking into ur cum dump mouth keep up the good work Hun
12 hours ago
Can u (lol) read people's profiles. Mine says: "Please note that I rarely answer Personal Messages. Don't take it personally, I get hundreds of them, and I don't have the time to answer more than a few."
12 hours ago
Can u respond to my message
12 hours ago
Thanks, but I don't do kik.
12 hours ago
You're welcome.
13 hours ago
My private: privatmy .com / my new id kik - ASOMPO
13 hours ago
Thank you for accepting
13 hours ago
Maybe there's a slut like me near you.
14 hours ago
sad that you live so far
15 hours ago
I've replied to it.
15 hours ago
Thank you.
15 hours ago
That's what its for.
15 hours ago
16 hours ago
I have just Pm you if you get the chance to read, hope to hear back fro you.

Love your mind set, and what a great person xxxx
16 hours ago
You slut I wanna come over your face
16 hours ago
Totally true.
16 hours ago
Well, if you ever get up here .............
17 hours ago
Crap with no shows, if they make an appointment, they should keep to them xx
17 hours ago
what a profile, just wish I was closer, would love to shag you with your hubby having to watch.

20 hours ago
After two no-shows this week, I'm setting up some new appointments to see a few men this coming week.
20 hours ago
Yes, I'm a cum-rag.
20 hours ago
Thank you.
20 hours ago
Get to your knees cum rag...
21 hours ago
You are so sexy xx

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