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2 good sessions this week. Pics up, videos now up.

Personal information
I am:
Mrs Penny Sneddon, 56 years, female, heterosexual
WestMids & Manchester, United Kingdom
Male, heterosexual
High School graduate
Yes, we do not live together
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5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
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About me

WHO AND WHAT I AM - I'm Penny Sneddon, a prolific slut and exhibitionist married to a submissive worm who I just keep around to piss on every day. I feel nothing for him. He has no say in anything I do with other men. I usually meet with at least one new man every week for sex, strip naked, suck their cocks, and sometimes let them fuck me.

MY SEXUAL HISTORY - Some years ago I worked as a nude photo-model. Often, the photographers wanted to fuck me after the sessions, or have me suck their cocks. As I was already naked I would always just open my legs and let them do it to me. After a while I realized that all they really wanted was to have sex with me, so I gave up the nude modelling and just let them pay to fuck me. When I got married I gave it up, and since then I've always let men have sex for free.

MY MARRIAGE TO A WORM - The man I married is a submissive worm. We have a FemDom marriage, which means he's my bitch. I feel nothing for him. When he's at home I keep him naked & collared and make him sleep on the floor every night. All he is to me is a toilet. For the past 14 years I've used his mouth to piss in, and he drinks it all.

I've cuckolded the worm since the day of the wedding, having sex with more than 690 other men, sucking their cocks or letting them fuck me. My worthless husband has to lick up their spunk and swallow it all. I like to see him suck other men's cocks, and I greatly enjoy seeing men piss on him after. I really do feel nothing for him.

I SHOW MY TITS & CUNT TO ANYONE WHO ASKS - I'm an exhibitionist. At work I always wear jackets with most of my tits showing. I never wear panties. When any man compliments me on my tits, I ask him if he'd like to see more. If he does, I pull my tits out, spread my legs and show my cunt. If I'm not too busy on the day, I let him spunk on my tits or cunt or suck him off.

- I like to meet one new man every week for sex. Due to a bad back I rarely get fucked these days, but I love sucking cocks and I'm very good at it. When a guy comes to see me, I take him in the back, bare my tits and spread my legs to show my cunt - or get naked - and then suck his cock. He can spunk on my tits, cunt, face or in my mouth. If my back's not too bad on the day, and the guy asks me nicely, I may let him fuck me.

During the session I humiliate my husband by having him take photos for me to upload on here and on my personal website, then after the other man has cum I insist the worm licks-up the other man's spunk and swallows it all. I especially like to see men piss on my husband afterwards. I feel nothing for him, and enjoy seeing him humiliated.

WANT TO MEET AND USE ME? - If you'd like to meet and use me, please send me a PM or email me. If you are what I'm looking for, we'll arrange a time and date. I get a lot of requests to meet, so don't be disappointed if I don't choose you. If you arrange to meet, please do turn up, or at least give me enough notice so that I can get someone else to take your place. Anyone letting me down won't get a second chance.

ME ON XHAMSTER - I'm on here to showcase my photos and videos, and to meet men for sex. I get countless messages every day both on here and on other sites. I don't have time to answer them all, so please don't take it personally or be upset if I don't answer yours.


“I used this slut Penny Sneddon several times in front of her worm husband, one time at a sex cinema where I fucked her along with 8 other guys.” - Kevin

“I can guarantee that Penny Sneddon is a total slut. She dresses with her tits on show for everyone who comes into her office, and she will gladly strip for anyone who asks.” - mv2013

“I’m the lucky guy that fucked Penny Sneddon yesterday. Her cunt is still tight and very wet. She is very genuine and you won’t be disappointed.” - Darren 27/9/2017

"Met at her premises, and into the back room. Soon had her out of her clothes with me wanking over her. Took a nice load over her tits while hubby took photos, and then he even lapped some of it up at the end. Great meet" - Peter 2/10/2017

“I met and used this slut Penny Sneddon. She stripped for me and sucked my cock as I fingered her cunt. She has a great body for a slut in her 50s.” - John 11/10/2017

“I used Penny Sneddon the other day, she is a filthy slut with no shame. We were both naked at her workplace. I groped her tits and cunt while she sucked me off.” - Phil 18/10/2017

“I met Penny Sneddon this week. She's very sexy and knows what to do with her mouth. She went from being a lady to an amazing slut. I shot the most cum I've had in ages.” - Michael 25/10/2017

"Penny Sneddon is a pure slut, who is worth a long drive to see her." - Paul 16/11/2017

"Met Penny in November. Lovely woman. Amazing tits and mouth. Gave her a nice big creamy faceful." - Ian 22/11/2017

"Met the lovely Penny Sneddon at her place. Didn't waste any time - she sucked my cock, then I fucked her. Lovely tight pussy. Her hubby cleared up after, if you know what I mean." - Steve 12/12/2017

"Met Penny Sneddon today. Penny loves to suck cock." - Gavin 20/12/2017

"Penny Sneddon, great woman - was met and made to feel at ease, she sucked my cock like a pro. She is every inch a slut, fantastic tits. I will be back, and next time I'm going to fuck her." - Dave 28/12/2017

"Met Penny last week, was made to feel ease, she gave me a wonderful blow job and I cum all over her wonderful tits. If you get the chance to meet her definately do." - Neil 4/1/2018

"Met Penny Sneddon, easy to get on with, took me into her back office where she sucked my cock as I played with her magnificent tits. She then let me cum all over them. A great meet with a true slut." - Phil2 10/1/2018

"Met Penny Sneddon. This slut loves to suck and wank cock. Her oral skills are terrific. I came all over her tits & body and fingered her cunt until she had a big orgasm. Definately a great sexperience ." - Peter2 17/1/2018

"I used this slut Penny Sneddon yesterday. Wow, she is an amazing slut. She gave me a wonderful blowjob, and I came all over her tits. Great experience." - Ian2 7/2/2018

"I had a great time with slut Penny, she gave me an awesome blowjob. I played with her lovely juicy cunt, lol. I'm still buzzing 24 hours later. " - John2 14/2/2018

"Met Penny Sneddon today at short notice, absolute gem, straight to the point. Gave me an absolute toe curling blow job. 10/10. Don't miss the chance if you get it. " - John3 1/3/2018

"What a fab meet I had with Penny Sneddon. Boy she can suck cock. Loved every minute of it, and I put a big load on her tits." - Joe 7/3/2018

"Great chat. Great blowjob. Then I cum. Fantastic meet." - Steve2 5/3/2018

"What a lady! Feisty, friendly and sucks cock like anything! Penny Sneddon you naughty slut!" - Nick 21/3/2018

"Met penny and she has a great sense of humour. We soon were stripped naked before she was expertly sucking on my big cock. I finished cumming over her face. Great horny meet." - Paul2 28/3/2018

"We had a quick chat and then I was invited round to the back room where she stripped off and showed me her well-practised oral skills until I came over her face. Making me cock number 688 for her. " - Dan 4/4/2018

"Met this lovely genuine lady today sucked me to the edge then cum over her tits. This is how fab should be. Thanks for the birthday treat". - Darren2 11/4/2018

"Well what a great meet with Penny Sneddon, funny interesting lady, sucked my cock until I was ready to cum over her lovely tits, then watched her worm of a husband lick the cum off them." - Craig 18/4/2018

"Had a great meet with Penny, such a genuine slut. She gave a great blowjob and sucked my cock until I came on her face and lovely big tits, then I watched her worm husband lick it off. " - John4 25/4/2018

"Penny is a very sexy lady, knows exactly what she wants and is very genuine. Had a very nice meet today and highly enjoyable it was too. Loved feeling those lovely big tits while she sucked my cock." - Paul3 9/5/2018

"Met Penny Sneddon at her office, dressed as you’d expect a dirty slut to dress. After a short chat we were in the back office kissing as she stripped off in no time at all. She sucked my rock-hard cock with great skill until I came all over her big tits. Her worm of a husband then cleaned her up, licking-up every drop." - David2 17/5/2018

"Absolute slut! Great meet, and loved her worm husband licking my cum off her tits. No messing about, turned up, chatted and had fun. There was cum everywhere." - Matt 30/5/2018

"Met with this gorgeous slut. Little chat to ease the nerves and then into the back office where she removed her jacket to reveal her great tits. Straight into sucking my cock, her oral skills are amazing." - David3 6/6/2018

"Had a great meet today, sucked me off, I cum on her tits and hubby licked it up, very enjoyable." - Lee 19/6/2018

"Met Penny today. What an amazing lady. Had a very nice chat then she stripped fully naked and gave me a fantastic blow job while her hubby filmed. It was so horny." - Shaun 20/6/2018
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great vids
1 hour ago
Stunning Lady, would like to serve her needs . . 
3 hours ago
Wow very Fuckable 
4 hours ago
Super excitante 
8 hours ago
9 hours ago
I cannot get enough of your postings! Penny have you ever thought of a blowbang where you suck many cocks so your worm has lots and lots of cum to lick from your wonderful breasts? 
18 hours ago
Penny,  love to see your hubby  get the cum from the tap...  Stephanie
19 hours ago
19 hours ago
Love your profile Penny, you are a true hot mature slut with serious cocksucking skills. Any chance we could see some pics of your ass?
1 day ago
nice to see you are getting your daily dose oc in your mouth. Am told it has the same effect as an apple a day - keeps the doctor away and you healthy cos of all the extra vitamins!! Keep taking the happy juices!!
1 day ago
thanks for friendship. I would like to cum in your mouth
1 day ago
So i messaged u about meeting up do u wanna 
1 day ago
I'll take the 2 o'clock
1 day ago
I soo love your attitude xx
2 days ago
Love to be ya Wednesday fun
2 days ago
Geile titten
2 days ago
Im free tomorrow are u ?
2 days ago
Thanks for the add
2 days ago
From 2 pm, are you able to fuck, suck?
3 days ago
3 days ago
Pleas add me, I need to have my cock sucked by you.... 
3 days ago
3 days ago
this is awesome. thanks for the add!
3 days ago
would you like
3 days ago
Hi, thanks for add me
I liked the photos and videos I wanted to enjoy for you.
3 days ago
just love it all :)
3 days ago
Great profile next time i am down near Manchester i will have to drop you a message.
3 days ago
thanks for the add
3 days ago
4 days ago
I will be thinking of you when i am driving on the m62
4 days ago


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