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Hello,you can check my profile, over ten year member. love hamster the way it is.:is there anywayyour I t people could make a spot for all the users to vote:? new, or keep the old. after all this is America and voting usually gives you a good barometer of the general populous. whatever you decide,i am staying, iam using the new format on a laptop that wont let me switch to old.its okay, but I would vote "KEEP THE OLD HAMPSTER" THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR HARD WORK, BE WELL, PEACE.
14 hours ago
Just scrap the new version and we'll never mention it again. We'll pretend it never happened. It was all just a bad dream.
1 day ago
Like the changes to the Uploader. Although would it be possible to add a new sub classification of "Mainly Women / Some Men". A lot of what I post focuses on women, but occasionally there will be a Big Dick in their face or a large cock pounding their Ass. But the focus is usually Sexy Bitches with an occasional shot like this...
1 day ago
In new xcrapster when making a comment.
Try going to next line it automatically posts the comment.
Impossible to post anything looking good.
The admin is a coward for not replying to us.
He or she has minions speaking for that loser.
Old is good, New sucks ass!
1 day ago
Just out of curiosity, why isn't there a dedicated xhamster beer profile page ??
2 days ago
Thank you for not giving a rat's ass about your users opinions
Even though almost everyone is complaining about the new version you still go ahead and cut features of the old one
The news feed of the old version works a lot better than the new one
And get the freaking view more button back in there
2 days ago
what?! ~ D
3 days ago
Thanks for the friendship.
3 days ago
New xhamster someone posts 167 pictures there goes my news feed
4 days ago
The "new" xHamster is not an "improvement." The old version of xHamster is entirely adequate for my needs.
4 days ago
thanks for add nice pics
4 days ago
Please keep old xhamster
5 days ago
Make the new xhamster as easy to use as the old version - or scrap it.
5 days ago
Keep the old xhamster. Give us a choice.
5 days ago
Menu Photo for Monday morning: cut heads everywhere mixed with already 90% no faces from the old + double ration d'assholes in close-ups. Well,
don't be surprised if your members (particularly handsonjob The Chief Face Hunter..) will be all rapists in a near future.
6 days ago
The option with pictures > Shemales is gone, and when i click pictures and the bdsm i don't get bdsm. There is something wrong wit xhamster
7 days ago
Whats this shit about?
Warning! We received 1 request(s) on the content previously uploaded by you. Please pay your attention that DMCA requests may cause the closure of your upload and account.
I looked through my past videos uploaded and not one has that error.
What gives? And its only on the new layout, shitty layout!
7 days ago
to heelssexy: Whatever improvements that could be done with what I read below too scary to stay anyway.
Just passing by to say bye. Thanks for all these great moments.
7 days ago
to jAZsAkG: Xham will change, us complaining will not stop this. But we can constructively suggest ways to make the new version better. It's the only compromise we have because they have invested so much time and money into it. I don't like the new site either but if that's all there is then I will get use to it, but I'll never put up with these scum trolls that try to intimidate me or my friends. Online harassment and stalking is a crime, of there actions I have lots of proof that admin have seen. The things they say about me and friends, well I've been waiting a long time to see their evidence, over a year in fact. Not once have I seen any. That speaks for itself.....
to heelssexy: Well I did not know it was at this point on here. Fortunately I do not like the new site like a majority of members, like eloynis I will leave without regret.
There you go, what did I tell you. Predictable as ever with the accusations. Heelssexy made this profile, heelssexy made that profile. Always with the Heelssexy accusations but never any proof. SLANDERING me and others with accounts that will be deleted because these users have been banned by admin for harassment, bullying and death threats. I'm sorry but what more proof do I need apart from admin deleted you. Which to be fair is not something they do without proof!

Look at the accusations, if I or others had made such accounts do you really think admin wouldn't act on it. But of course, according to you this is a conspiracy where either I'm admin or friends with admin so they let me do it, another stupid notion of yours.
And for this new sdirk account, pffff really!!!
At one stage YOU attacked Emma and me! You made fake profiles of her and ridiculed her. Why the hell would I attack her you dip shit!
As for the profile with UA content! I have pms and emails from me to admin, reporting these profiles to be deleted. Why would I make a profile to be deleted? Mind boggles! Yet you are the one that copied it and then reposted underage content, are you fucking stupid! Then you start crying because admin delete it, what the actual fuck!
Do you not get that it's illegal but you think it's ok for you to do it!
Then post hundreds of accusations calling various users paedophiles!!! Jesus fucking Christ Dirk, what the fuck goes through your head!!!
Like I've told you so many times, I've never made another account to attack anyone, I've never needed to, I can quite easily make you look like a dick with the one i have. You seem to be the only one that doesn't get it,

So if anyone wants to report me, go ahead. Take all your proof to admin and get me deleted. Or put an end to this bullshit and ask admin why they have such a problem keeping deleted users off this site and why after receiving, must be hundreds of complaints and reports, they still allow deleted users to come back here and attack?
Question This!
What is the point of deleting users, if they can just create another account and be back in minutes?
This place is more flawed than simply switching to a new version. It might be different looking, but the rot and bigger issues along with the scum is still here.


If anyone wants to attempt to stop this shit, go to the user voice and vote. But I'm not expecting anyone to listen because nothing has been done in the last year to resolve this shit. So why would they now. How many more users can these idiots drive off this site.

I'll the while I write this, there is a box above that suggests if you have something urgent to report contact admin. Yeah, good luck with that, it's not like I or others haven't been trying for over a year!

7 days ago
to Scuzz_Twittly: Why I said "TROLL" about you (which is not my cup of tea usually):

A simple example of your trolling: Last month "dloyps" asked you on your wall a question, you have deleted his comment and you have ignored him. The question was "Why are you constantly posting BLANK/EMPTY COMMENTS EVERYWHERE, even on profiles you have nothing to do with, where profiles owners do not even know you from the hell. How are you doing this and why with this very strange behavior wanting to INTIMIDATE PEOPLE on here absolutely not knowing its meaning?".

On this ADMIN PAGE, concerned people always wait after your response, please do.
to jAZsAkG: This is really interesting, just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they are the figment of 100's of users imaginations.
Take a look at the blogs supported by many users who are certainly aware of the harassment and abuse. Ironically a troll is somebody who replies negativity to constructive suggestions in an attempt to undermine that user, would it be fair to say, that is exactly what you just did?
No matter, I would presume now that I have commented, when the real trolls create their 300th attack profile, you will hearing from them.
to Scuzz_Twittly: Clearly reading your comments everywhere you have an obsession on trolls. Curious someone having hundreds of fakes accounts since years suddenly could be after coming back "sage comme une image", suddenly has for obsession to caress the admins "dans le sens du poil". Why? Because you need them for your fight against trolls? But in ten years I have never seen even one, just spammers. Or ask yourself why you attract them first. Also please ask yourself why you need to be civil by obligation.. personally I'm always civil, I do not need to be civil by interest like you, troll:

to Scuzz_Twittly: You know dem french mufukas luvs you
to eloynis: No need to reply to TROLL profiles looking for drama. But thanks none the less eloynis. Kind of obvious when 30 day old profiles go right to an ADMIN page and start looking for trouble. 
I really struggle with the NEW XH. Maybe it's just me but the chat/messenger was nicer as a pop up and new comments worked from top to down. Plus now if I'm looking at pictures or videos and someone messages me I have to have another log on screen open or dump what I was looking at.

Plus I liked the "New News" option, but I have no idea where that went with the NEW format. Maybe I need a instructional video to understand how to use the new format or why it's better. - Dave
8 days ago
to heelssexy: Because Darius is not everyone.
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