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The new Xhamster looked like a kind of bankrupt Facebook, I still prefer the classic ;) more original!
7 hours ago
Just wanted to thank you for this great site. I'm looking forward to see all it has to offer.

9 hours ago
Why do all of the ADMIN pages always delete any comments about Getting Rid of Down Voting ??
23 hours ago
I think this site Officially has the Slowest Uploader of all the other sites. 6 hours to upload 18 small galleries. 
1 day ago
to xHamster: I understand. Thanks Mr.
to ColdestHeat: Hi there, you can subscribe to users if you wish
I wish...
Not only as system of friendship
I'd like to system of follow/followed like a Twitter
6 days ago
Bbc 10+ inch black mouth watering delicious dicks hmu
6 days ago
Thank you for the friendship.   ;-)
8 days ago
to xHamster: Thanks for finally fixing the video thumbnails issue in Content Feed.
to Samantha: For my pleasure :)
Oh.ok. it makes since now.
Thanks, splyd.
9 days ago
to Samantha: xHamster RANKINGS
0 - 50 comments: Newbie
51 - 150 comments: Porn Lover
151 - 500 comments: Porn Expert
501 - 1000 comments: Kama Sutra Guru
1001 - 2000 comments: Pornstar
2001 - 5000 comments: Celebrity
5001 - 8000 comments: Pimp
8001 - 15000 comments: Porn King :P
15001 - 25000 comments: XHamster Legend
25000 +: Customize Your Profile Rank
I know I've been a member for quite some time. I still don't know what Rank: means. Can someone enlighten me?
9 days ago
to Mimoas: Hi there,
The captcha is an added security measure.
Do you have any adblockers, firewalls, anti virus, toolbars, proxy, VPN or any similar software running that may be blocking the reCaptcha from running properly? If so, please allow our site as an exception.
Also, can you test by trying in a different browser.
to Scuzz_Twittly: Hi there, ok ill check!
10 days ago
10 days ago
to xHamster: Tried the suggestion page, but it does not let me sign up or sign in with existing account email, just a dead end. That is why I posted the suggestion about BLOCKing on your page... 
to xHamster: à xHamster: the captcha is showing on internet explorer, it mean something is blocking the captcha on my browser but all my security plugins are disabled.
Since the 5.0 Firefox have become a rela pain...
to Mimoas: Hi there, do you have this issue in any other browsers?
Hey there i have a little problem i'm trying to upload a gallery, i've dragged all my images and then after ticked the bos "i'm not a robot' i get a message error "impossible to contact the recaptcha server"

I'm on Firefox and i have desactivate Noscript, Ublock and addblock.

Thanks by advance.
13 days ago
Hello guys
14 days ago
merci a vous!!! ;-)
14 days ago
to Scuzz_Twittly: Hi there, please post your suggestion here: http://suggestions.xhamster.com
Can you guys change it so when we BLOCK someone they can no longer see our profiles or our content? Similar to Facebook, once you BLOCK someone there they no longer know you exist because they cannot access you or your materials. 
14 days ago
to Ulfric: Hi,
Are you connecting via proxy or VPN?
to xHamster: I have just tried disabling all firewall and atni virus. I have tried different browsers and its the same with my tablet runiing windows 10. however my mobile phone does run the site fine with no issues on the same network when connected to the wifi 
to Ulfric: Hi there,
Do you have any adblockers, firewalls, anti virus, toolbars, proxy, VPN or any similar software running that may be blocking the site from running properly?
Also, can you test by trying in a different browser?
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