Virtual Reality:
Manual and How-tos

Virtual Reality far surpasses regular 3D video by turning your viewing experience into something that is quite simply out of this world. Watch a VR video on xHamster, and you’re more than a mere observer, you’re part of the realistic action!

To enjoy the full VR experience all you need is a smartphone (for motion tracking) and a headset (for full VR with 3D) such as Google Cardboard.

With virtual reality you'll no longer just watch videos, it is a transforming once-passive experience into a far more interactive one. You are no longer simply sitting and watching the video content; you are feeling and experiencing it.

While Virtual Reality can utilise a 360 degree scope, xHamster's VR video content is mostly shot with an 180° or 220° field of view. This reduces file sizes to speed video buffering by skipping the view to walls behind the juicy hardcore action.

VR Headset

To achieve that “look everywhere” and hear that stereo surround sound effect you'll need a VR headset. The very first fully VR model is the Samsung Gear, which works with certain Samsung mobile phones. By inserting your phone into the headset and downloading the “Within Gear VR” app from either the Oculus or Samsung Milk VR stores, you can download and enjoy Virtual Reality videos.

Other headsets of the same generation including the Sony PlayStation VR headset, the Oculus Rift headset and the HTC Vive headset which use your computer or game console as a virtual technology engine. For these, you’ll download the specific “Within VR” app for each platform.

Google Cardboard

For a slightly less engrossing VR experience but at cheaper cost, the simple cardboard viewer affords you the most basic way to convert your mobile device into a VR viewer.

To do it, first download the Within app for iOS or Android, which works with a broad range of Cardboard viewers from companies such as Mattel Viewmaster, DodoCase, Zeiss, Knox Labs, and of course Google. Once the app is installed, insert your smartphone into the viewer, put on your headphones, and enjoy.

Mobile Phone / Tablet

Even without a VR headset, goggles or glasses, you can get a reasonably decent VR experience by using your mobile device or tablet on its own. To do it, download the Within app for Android or iPhone. Once the app is installed, download individual videos, hit the play button, then simply move your mobile phone around to enjoy the “artificial reality” effect. Wear your headphones for realistic stereo sound.

xHamster’s Web
Video Player

Although not a true VR experience, you can watch a VR video (in 360° video format) on the web which still provides a full view of the video. xHamster’s web video player makes it user-friendly to watch Virtual Reality videos via your web browser, or embed them on your website.

To do it, just hit “play” and then click and drag the video to view in any direction. Just try out a demo video using a desktop browser and dragging your mouse cursor around to actually moving your “head” to see different areas of the room in the 120-360 degree VR video.