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Daddy's girl

TabooMatureFirst Time

So I am hearing sounds from the attic, it’s my f-teen year old daughter Sharon. I slowly go up the stairs and see you dancing and twirling in from of the mirror. You were stark ass naked. I was enthralled, my baby girl totally naked in front of the mirror. Sometimes you would thrust your hips out and rub your pussy. It was bald, I did not know if no hair yet or if you shaved, the sweet curves of your ass cheeks the still blossoming breasts with puffy nipples. Gawd! I was going nuts! But your mom was not home for hours, so I re… Read more

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The Art of Illusion - Chapter 3

AnalGroup SexHardcore

It was just another quiet evening at home for Phil and his companions. Phil leaned back on pillows against the headboard of the over-sized bed with his legs spread. He had just jettisoned another warm, familiar load of his cum down Kate's throat moments ago and she was working expertly to get the last remaining drops from his rod. Kate's arms were spread wide until her tits were dragging the mattress. Her legs were spread out like those of a frog getting ready to jump so that Claire could easily access her pussy, face up and under Kate. Claire had just gotten Kate off moments before Kate finis… Read more

Posted by jamesmasters40 34 minutes ago 40

Pictures of Mom

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

After the three hour drive from campus, Derek pulled into the driveway of his mother's home. His home too, though he hadn't seen it, much less stepped foot in it, for months. He parked behind his mom's car, which he was surprised to see as he expected her to be at work. He knocked on the door, struggling to juggle his bags before giving up and setting them on the porch. "You don't have to knock, you live here too!" he heard from inside the house, followed by the pitter patter of bare feet on wood flooring. "Son! Mommy missed you. You look like you lost weight," she said as she opened the door… Read more

Posted by JordyFall17 34 minutes ago 292 100%

Mad for Mom!

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

My Mother Beth, is the sexiest woman alive! I have been infatuated with my Mom for many years. I know it's wrong, I tried to ignore my feelings, but I couldn't stop how I felt. In fact, my feelings grew more strongly, especially the last few months. I started crushing on my Mom back in High School, now I'm 19 years old and going crazy with lust for her. I knew this wasn't a phase, it was serious. I recently broke it off with my long time girlfriend. We went out for almost 3 years and grew apart after High School. Then my Mom started wearing stretch pants and exercising more, after my parent… Read more

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The Refrigerator

AnalMatureGroup Sex

So Steve asked me if I could take him to Lowe’s and pick up the new refrigerator he and his wife bought. So I picked him up and we loaded it in my truck, and drove to his hose. Once there Linda had everything out of the old refrigerator and had pulled it out from the wall. Steve and I, muscled the old one out, while Linda cleaned the floor where the refrigerator goes. Steve and I took the door off the old refrigerator and brought the new one inside and plugged it in. Linda pulled us cold beers from the ice chest and we went out onto the back patio to drink our beer. Linda went inside after… Read more

Posted by ScaredyKat26 1 hour ago 720 100%

Sissy Sandy Johnson Memories


I was on business during the week when I had the good fortune to visit Charleston SC. Great city and there is always a lot going on, for sissies who enjoy dressing sexy and being used! On this visit I stayed in a downtown motel that had outside entrances for the rooms. I hate getting all dressed up and having to walk down a long hall and maybe getting made as a queer before I have fun. On this night I was wearing a black stretch mini skirt, 2” heels, black thi high stockings, bra with the center cut out so my nipples were… Read more

Posted by sissysandyj 1 hour ago 1 150 100%

Sharing the good times of my wife & I pt 9


Fast forward 12 months and Cherry and I were in no doubt of our sexual slant. Cherry loved cock and I loved watching cock fuck her. We had continued our night clubbing and picking up guys who would fuck Cherry, and I had seen in excess of 25 cocks screw my hot little wife in that time. The motel idea worked great but was a little expensive and it was after a fancy dress party that we attended where Cherry has bought some one night hair color for her costume that she started to change her looks slightly when we went out cock hunting and it actually freed her up enough so that she now felt comfo… Read more

Posted by Barefoot92 2 hours ago 205

A College Roommate Visits And Husband Gets His Wis

BDSMGroup SexLesbian Sex

Three days before Maire’s visit I asked Terry that we abstain from sex so that we will be both revved up for her visit. She agreed. From that first time through the last several nights her enthusiasm for fucking me in the ass had steadily diminished. The impending visit of her college roommate and what might take place between the three of us was on her mind, to the point of distraction. She told me she was thinking of Maire’s visit several times a day, sometime an hour. “I really liked sex with Maire. I still think about it, when I see a really good looking woman I fantasize what it would b… Read more

Posted by vitalwalt 2 hours ago 452 100%

A College Roommate Visits A Husband Gets His Wish


The internet is a fantastic information distributing invention. The information it distributes can lead to fascinating, even improbable events. For example, a social media site enabled my wife of seven years to reconnect with her college roommate, Marie. They had fallen out of touch, then out of the information superhighway (remember that) Marie reconnected with Terry, my wife, and expressed a desire to visit. Marie lives on the other side of the country and wrote Terry that she would be in our area next month and would love to visit and catch up. I was particularly intrigued to meet her; Mair… Read more

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The Teacher

TabooMatureFirst Time

John was 18 years old and a senior in high school. His English teacher, Ms. Blevin was a pretty woman, at least twice his age, but man was she hot. John thought about her all the time, in fact, he often would catch a glimpse of the swell of her breast as she bent over in class. A glimpse that would cause him to lie back on his bed and jerk off. John, would look at porn, and guess that Ms. Blevin’s body looked like this woman or that woman. He so wished he could get her alone for an hour, but maybe she was married? Maybe, she’d turn him in to the principal if he asked her if she would like to… Read more

Posted by ScaredyKat26 3 hours ago 1,595 100%

The Old Electrician Who Serviced My Mom’s Pussy

Group SexTabooMature

“God this Bangalore Traffic!” Urvashi, who was already irritated by now, pulled her aviators on her head and cursed the traffic on the road. Her car was crawling on the road and was standing on the red signal. She pulled her aviators back on her face and turned on the AC. Suddenly a bike stopped beside her car with 2 men ri… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 hours ago 637 100%

Sexual Incidents With My Aunt –Pt 2 (Birthday Sex)

Group SexInterracial SexMature

Thank you for such a lovely response. Without any further delay, let’s move ahead. Please do read the previous part. My aunt Neelam left the room giving me the hard-on of my life. I shagged my dick a lot after that incident. It was revolving around my mind the whole night. Well, I never had such an experience or never even imagined something like that. I was just lost in the thoughts of that scene, “Fingering of my aunt in front of me!” I did not sleep pr… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 hours ago 205

Sexual Incidents With My Aunt – Part 1

HardcoreGroup SexMature

Life was going on smoothly. But yes, the constant sex deprivation was affecting my mind and body. I am a regular college guy but I am really good at sports rather than academics. I had to trave… Read more

Posted by bava12 4 hours ago 561

My Wife And The Principal – Part 1

Group SexInterracial SexAnal

This incident happened when we called all the teachers from her school at our 5th anniversary. At her school, all are ladies except her principal, Mr. Paul. He was in his 40s. We were chatting, I was showing them our wedding snaps. Today Shikha was wearing sari and blouse gifted by Mr. Paul. It was pink color sari with a dark pink blouse, which was having one string at her neck and one st… Read more

Posted by bnglrcoupl4sex 4 hours ago 533 67%

A sexy night out in Leeds.

First Time

We are J & L, a couple with a few kinks and fetishes, and always looking to try new things. This is a story of our first time fucking while out and about in public. A few months ago we decided to have a night out in Town, just a few drinks and some food, a pretty standard evening. After a few drinks and some food, we moved on to another bar at the bottom end of town. The drinks were flowing and J was getting the cocktails in, 2 for 1 cherry woo woos! As we both sat on the sofa getting ever so slightly more pissed, L placed her hand on J's leg, innocent enough. However, as the drinks begin… Read more

Posted by Kinkycarebearcouple 4 hours ago 377 100%

I'm hooked and I needed more COCK

First TimeGay MaleFetish

So here I am. Lying on Robby's bed. He's kneeling over my face. Not so gently sliding his cock into my mouth. My first blow job turned from me giving one to getting my face fucked. And you know what? I don't hate it. It took some getting used to but once I did it was "ride me cowboy!" I always told him I'd do anything he wanted and well I guess he decided to take me up on it. My hands were wrapped around him. Holding his ass cheeks and pulling him into me. Occasionally I'd gag from him hitting the back of my throat. I felt bad but think he kinda liked it. And well this is my first time. What… Read more

Posted by 425olds 5 hours ago 1 983 80%

Mother Invites Divorced Son to Live at Home

First TimeTabooSex Humor

[Story] Mother Invites Divorced Son to Live at Home with Her "Mom, thanks again for inviting me home to live with you while I'm going through my divorce." The pleasure is all mine. Since your father passed away I've been lonely and wanting another man around the house. I advertised on those dating websites but the only guys that reply are creepy old men. I'm looking for someone more about your age. "Well, I'm… Read more

Posted by VicShaver 5 hours ago 2,424 89%

Keegan Gets Sentenced

Interracial SexGay MaleShemales

Todd Wise rolled over on the mattress and yawned. The 47 year-old opened his eyes and pulled his sissy boy toy closer to him. Todd was divorced with two daughters. The brick mason had given up the three-bedroom house without much of a fight as he didn’t want his ex-wife to reveal his criminal activity. She had kept her word. Now, Todd lived with his younger daughter’s former best friend, Keegan Wagner. The man tweaked Keegan’s budding breasts and said, “Damn, you turn me on!” Then, he belched. “Get me a beer, boy,” he ordered. The 20 year-old He watched the five-foot-ten, red-haired, green-ey… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 5 hours ago 2 551 100%

Just the X of Us


Gabrielle is one of at least ten clones of the New Wolverine (Laura Kinney), youngest of the Sisters, created by Alchemax Genetics, a division of Alchemax. The project was overseen by Robert Chandler, with security provided by Captain Mooney. The girls were created and trained to serve as bodyguards for humanitarian missions and other personnel. Much like Laura before them, they were often abused by their handlers, particularly Mooney, but the elder Sisters did their best to protect her from the worst of the abuse. She was incapable of feeling pain, the result of nanites implanted in her body… Read more

Posted by lilmarvelgurl 6 hours ago 123 100%

A visitor at my door

First TimeLesbian Sex

Derby University 1995: When I was (very briefly) at Uni I maintained an entirely heterosexual profile, this despite my many trysts at school, with the girls and the nuns and two lads. One night I was dead asleep after a RIGHT session in the Students Union bar, when I was awoken by the knocking of doors. Firstly not my door, but getting closer. Then they WERE at my door. I got up quickly and opened it. Standing at my door was a girl I knew, called Leigh. She was very drunk, and naked, in the corridor. Quite a few people had come out of their rooms to see what was going on. Among them wer… Read more

Posted by joanne1976 6 hours ago 765 100%
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