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The New Sales Girl - Part Three

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The New Sales Girl - Part Three Finally the door opened again and the blindfold was removed. I was looking at Robert's shoes. He pull me up and removed the handcuffs then asked, "So how would you like to work for me DeAnn?" He sat down in the chair and told me I could pull up my jeans and get dressed again. I did and he told me to sit back down on the floor. So looking up at him I asked, "What kind of work would you like me to do Sir?" He smiled and said, "I'd like to start you out as my 'New Sales Girl" here in the lingerie… Read more

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A Whore, For The Last Time


“ WHERE R U ? “ I read the text and tossed my phone on the passenger seat. I just needed to get fucked. Really fucked. My sister was up my ass about this thing I had to take care of but this had to be taken care of first. I saw the motel on the right hand side of the road. Quickly I hopped out of my car as carefully as possible. I couldn’t mess up my outfit. Once I spotted room 4 I knocked 3 times and two more as instructed. The door opened so quick, the wind from it almost knocked my freshly done curls loose. There he was, so sexy. “ Nico. “ “ Wendy. “ We greeted each other with a smil… Read more

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Blowing My Big Brother

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Freia had never quite felt like she fit in. It's the nature of being a step-sibling, and it's only amplified when your connection to the family isn't around any more. She knew that she was lucky, really, that her "father" had taken her in the way that he had after Freia's mother left town - he'd had no obligation to, and he'd never shown even a hint of resentment. They'd tried to include her, they'd done everything that they could, but nothing had helped. She didn't feel like she fit in, she'd never really felt like a part of the family. She didn't have a place here, and she didn't think she… Read more

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Spa Story Part 6

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In the early hours I awoke to the light filtering through the curtains, Steve was still fast asleep. I carefully slipped out of the bed and went to the shared bathroom. After peeing I needed a drink so set off to the kitchen, as I passed Hekla’s room, I heard Icelandic voices inside, the door was open so thinking I would ask if they wanted anything from the kitchen, I took a quick look inside. I could see Hekla sitting cross legged on the bed, I couldn’t see Freja without going closer to the door, but they were obviously deep in conversation. I was just about to knock on the door when Hekla sl… Read more

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I can't wait to Fuck You Pegged

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It started as a fantasy, one I would have never imagined I would enjoy, but has been a curiosity for some time. It began with pictures, then research, then videos. Now, it had happened, and I would never be satisfied without it. As I was driving home from the airport, shifting in my seat, I smiled as I thought back on how this unforgettable weekend all started... My erection was growing from the video of a sexy woman strap-on fucking a guy. Her sexy curves, glistening with sweat as she drove her hips back and forth into his ass. The rhythm accentuating how absolutely beautiful she looks. The… Read more

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I meet my Dream Girl Pegged

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1) We met online at a dating site, and immediately I was drawn to her. Just from the small sampling of pictures, I could tell that she fit my tastes in women. She was about 5'4, athletic build, short cropped hair, some tattoos (which could be easily concealed, but enough to express herself. Love women with tattoos.) and these green eyes that were fitting of a Goddess. Her features are soft and gentle, but she still has a strength in the way that she carries herself. Beyond her physical attributes, her profile made me even more interested. She was well-educated, independent, had a good profess… Read more

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Come to My Pussy Lesbian

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This was one particular night last week on which I just had to take her... When you don't wear clothes, sex sometimes begins very suddenly...out of nowhere. No clothes to take off, so that's out of the way. When I get hot for Blue, I just don't wait at all. I just go for it. Without warning, I slid off the couch to my knees and shoved my face between her legs, pushing her computer to the side, off her lap. She closed her computer, wove her fingers through my hair and slid down, happily giving her pussy to her slutty nympho. " hot baby...come to my pussy..." I was possessed… Read more

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A Deal With My Step-Sister Part 2


A few days of enjoying Kelly's arse had made me impatient for more. Things were progressing and if I was honest with myself they were happening faster than I had dared to hope. Kelly didn't flinch any more when I groped her arse and she would only giggle when I pushed my hand down her pants and played with her arse. Even when I was rubbing her rosebud and softly pushing she only cooed and looked at me with an amused grin. If I didn't know her better I would say she was getting into it I watched Kelly clean my cum from her arse again, inspecting it between her fingertips. I had the strangest… Read more

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my first

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One man that always turned me on, mature, sexy, intelligent and horny. I admired him from afar and heard rumours that he was 'gay'. He was a lot older than me but in great shape. We ended up working in teh same part of the building, I got talking to him a few times and the more I did the more I wanted him. Offering to stay behind and help one evening just to be near this sexy guy. Afterwards he said, hay I give you a lift home as a thank you. We drove the short distance home talking non stop to each other. do you ahve a girlfriend he asked. No I replied. Anyone you after he asked, no I lied. A… Read more

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Never judge a book.......


I've known John forever, we were next door neighbours as k**s, played together, stayed over at each others houses, did almost everything together, i had 4 brothers, John was number 5, growing up we explored life together, including our bodies, just silly stuff lol, i showed him my knickers, that kind of c***dish stuff but it reinforced our relationship, we became, and still are, completely at ease with each other and trust each other 100%, as teenagers we helped each other through the hard times of teenage crushes and all the stuff that happens , the bond between us meant we slept in the same… Read more

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Make Me Cum Baby PT2

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Blue held my ass and put the most skillful tongue in the world to work, licking my juices from my thighs... giving my tender skin long licks up my inner thighs, stopping just short of my pussy each time. I could hear her purring very softly for me... kissing and sucking my skin. I weaved my fingers through her hair, over and over while her tongue made my pussy throb hard without even touching it. My juices were flowing heavier now, and my baby covered my entire pussy with her mouth to catch them. My body tensed and I squealed just a little as she sucked my pussy, relishing my juices... Oooo… Read more

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Make Me Cum Baby Lesbian

FetishLesbian Sex

Blue and I were in our hotel room. We were supposed to be getting dressed for dinner, except we werent getting dressed...I had just come out of the shower without my towel and Blue shoved me against the wall. She pinned me there with her hot, naked body...her velvet-smooth thigh against my pussy while she kissed me savagely. I scooched myself up the wall and let my pussy rest on her thigh. I pushed her enough to part our kiss and spoke softly, my hot breath on her lips... "Ooooooooo...does my sweet baby want my pussy? Would you like to suck my swollen clit? Wanna make me fill your mouth wi… Read more

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DeAnn The New Sales Girl - Part Two


The New Sales Girl - Part Two Robert explained to me that he owned two stores side by side over at the large mall downtown. He told me one was a upscale lingerie shop and the other was a shoe store. I thought about all the sexy clothes and shoes I had seen at his mansion and I realized how easy such a collection must be for him to aquire. So it seems he planned to take me for a visit to both of his stores today. He said, "You may remove my cock from your mouth now and then you can go out to my car and get the bag in the back seat. I said, "Yes Sir" and got up. I was wearing jeans and white he… Read more

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a cherry for her brother

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When I went to live with my father and his wife it was because they were in the US and it was a better opportunity for me than living in the Caribbean I didn’t think it would open any more opportunities than studying and getting ahead until I met my step sister. She was s*******n when I moved over there and quiet the spunky girl. She was dark skinned like her mother with soft curly black hair like mine a gift from our dad’s mixed ancestry. She was about five foot four and around a hundred and thirty pounds. She was plump though her plumpness at her age was all eye popping. Her adolescent brea… Read more

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Up to the hotel room and thrown on the bed

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We had been messaging each other and exchanging photos online for several months. We even had a couple of hot phone calls. He had slowly inserted himself into my mind and had finally convinced me to meet when I traveled to his area. Somehow his aggressive ways were enough to get me to agree to meet him just for drinks, even though I had made it clear from the beginning that this was only for online fun. Since we lived in different states I thought I would be safe from commitment to actually meeting. Our emails were very graphic in nature. It was my escape so I let loose in writing and enjoyed… Read more

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My first time with my neighbor

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I was a stupid nurse working for a couple of brillian dcotors, one of them very handsome and I could notice sometimes something really fat and big growing inside his trousers, specially when we were waiting for having a coffe by the machine coffe, I could notice it getting bigger when he went closer to me and stroke m y ass to his body. I was a stupid at the beggining but son realized I must become her woman for everything asdnasked him to have an appointmed to talk about us and my position at work. He, my boss, told me have dinner in a quiet restautant near the city centre, he adviced me to w… Read more

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If you want a story with raunchy wild kinky sex. look elsewhere. if you wanna know more about me (the author) and my crazy life, read on. This is the story of Julianna. I normally change the names in my stories or don't mention them at all. But decided to make an exception, because Julianna is one of those rare gems that deserve to find their name on a website like this. Even tho her story is a bit tragic. Often i wondered wether it is her who got scarred by the people she was around, or if it is in fact the other way around. You have to meet her in person in order to find that out.. So here… Read more

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If you want a story with raunchy wild kinky sex. look elsewhere. if you wanna know more about me (the author) and my crazy life, read on. This is the story of Julianna. I normally change the names in my stories or don't mention them at all. But decided to make an exception, because Julianna is one of those rare gems that deserve to find their name on a website like this. Even tho her story is a bit tragic. Often i wondered wether it is her who got scarred by the people she was around, or if it is in fact the other way around. You have to meet her in person in order to find that out.. So here… Read more

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CHAPTER TWO: The first time I awoke with true awareness of my surrounds was two days from the moment of knowing I was in the forest entangled in barbed wire. The first moments of awareness were fearful, anxious, and drenched in terror. What was to come next? I had survived that experience somehow. Maybe a better thought, a more appropriate thought would be, why? Why had I survived? Why would I want to survive? Why would I want to endure any more of this existence? But, the worst why that came to me instantly in the first moments of awareness was why couldn’t I have just died? How did… Read more

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CHAPTER ONE: Mitch Conner was sitting in the quiet little café in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. As sometimes happened, his mind took him on a journey back into time. It was okay with him that he spent these quiet moments in the past. He had made the decision a while ago that the past was the past, but forgetting the past was often a serious mistake. Moreover, despite the fact that he had taken very deliberate actions and steps to separate himself from that past, he knew he couldn’t afford any lazy mistakes. Not that he r… Read more

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