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Spanish Fun

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Years ago I moved to Spain, bought a house in the low mountains, in what I call ‘real Spain’. The lifestyle is calm and relaxed, the weather almost always good and the number of national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty in the area is beyond belief. My home is right slap-bang in the middle of them. I got the house, it came with a lot of land planted with olive and almond groves, with a plan to create a place people could stay when they were exploring the area. Over a short period of time I built a pool, converted two outbuildings into casitas and built three more. Once the pool a… Read more

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BBC Good Two are Better Blacken

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After my first time with Eric on my birthday using condoms, I had sex with him many more times. We still live separately as I don't want to get married to him. We both know it's sex only. Now I am on the pill so I am letting him take me bareback and enjoying the full sensation of getting fucked by a black cock. But I never allowed him to use my anal hole. I was afraid about it. But he used to lube it and tried entering finger into it. He was successful couple of times even though I never let him fuck my hole. It was the day before new year eve i.e. 30th of December. Eric said he has organized… Read more

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Kristin in the parking lot

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I was feeling a bit horny the other day and decided to put an add on cl in the missed connections section. Simply I put “ is there any where near by dudes can hang out naked”. I got lots of replies but one stuck out to me. It said hello there my name is Kristin you still looking. It went on to say name is Kristin my family named me that. I was thinking this was a girl. After a few emails back and forth I determined that it was a he and he also knew of a spot nearby to go and get naked. After awhile we decided to meet the next day and he would show me the spot. He suggested we meet half way… Read more

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I Wrecked my Wife's Pussy with BBC

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Damn! It was ruined! Would it ever be the same??? Red, swollen, stretched and gaping open. But wow was it HOT! I obeyed her as she said lick it clean but go easy I'm sore. On my knees I bathed her used pussy with my tongue. Sucking the 2 big loads of come out of her loose hole. So let me tell you how her once little pussy got this beat up. With my permission we went out with the goal of getting her fucked by another man. Wearing her fuck me heels and a short yellow sundress, we went to a hotel bar a few exits out of town. I sat in the corner while at the bar she ordered a drink. It didn't tak… Read more

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Humiliating Ways to Make Your Slave Masturbate


1. The slave must eat his own cum. To my mind, this is a basic requirement, omitted only when Mistress is feeling merciful. Not only is it very humiliating for most men, performing such an act immediately after coming, when desire and therefore submissiveness is at its lowest level, is difficult for many. Drinking it from a cupped hand and licking the hand clean is the simplest method, but squirting into a shot glass, drink, or cup of coffee can also be fun. 2. When the slave has not come for a while, Mistress gives him a choice just before a meal. he either can expect an additional prolonged… Read more

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Deal or NO Deal Switch Teams Gay

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"I caught Mark cheating on me again. That bastard!" "Wow...sorry sis. What are you going to do?" asked Frank. "I don't know. I need to teach him a lesson." "Why don't you just break up with him," Jerry wondered. "Oh I'm going to break up with him alright. But before I do...I'm going to get him back. This is the third time I've caught him." "What you need is the gay maker," Frank said. "Dude...that's pretty rash," Jerry said. "This guy is fucking it up for the rest. He's pissing off all the women and giving guys a bad name. Besides, this is my sister man. I can't let that son of a… Read more

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Kerry's Mom


This is a story which although the names have been changed to protect the guilty actually happened . Back in the eighties i was in the armed forces and home on leave when i met Kerry who had recently returned to the UK from Australia where her parents had been working. She was a stunner with long curly black hair, deep brown eyes and a rather fine figure. Soon enough my leave was up and i had to return to my unit in Germany but it wasn't too bad as we were due embarkation leave as the unit was moving to Cyprus in the next few months and i would be back before the summer. As it happened ou… Read more

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As you would be aware if you follow my experiences working in London with security for thirty years my places of work could be pretty much any where. I,ve guarded all the Art Galleries, checked handbags and briefcases at most famous west end hotels, worked fashion exhibitions and many office blocks also close protection for wealthy Arabs so have covered most jobs starting as a lowly guard, working up to Control Room Inspector and even Operations.Manager for a short while though that Didn,t work as I don,t have a uk drivers license. Even dirty muddy building sites have been guarded by myself th… Read more

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Femdom Training for your Man


Quick and simple guides to help turn that selfish and controlling man into a loving affectionate slave Training his mind is just as important as his body. He will need encouragement. Constantly remind him how he's given himself to you and how you cherish the sacrifice -- but he needs this training to really become yours. Associating arousal with pain and frustration is vital. There are some things that are mandatory tools to train your mate. These fall into the core categories below. These are the things that truly get into your mates psyche and allows you to dominate them thus making them… Read more

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Wife's talk of BBC makes me Try One Gay

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I was so excited to tell my wife about what happened as I walked into our apartment. We had been living together for a couple of years and during that time she had told me about her black experiences. It became a ritual that once a week she would describe how she fucked and sucked black cocks both in the town we lived in and when she lived in San Francisco. Finally I would share my story with her. I was driving home from a business trip and pulled over in a truck stop for a pee. It was around 1 am in the morning and only a few big rigs were in the parking lot and one other car. I had been hol… Read more

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My Fuck Buddy

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I met my friend at the hotel In stay in Bakersfield where I go to do business once a month. He stays there also visiting for business as well. We bumped into each other at the hotel me gym a few times then became friendly having dinner and drinks together . Over time he became more and more forward dropping his towel completely in front of me as he changed or not covering himself at all as we sat in the sauna.The more he flirted of course the more I wanted him but it wasn't until a couple of months after we showered I agreed to go to his room for drinks. Soon as we got to his room he changed i… Read more

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Fridagirl's Sexual masturbating fantasies.


I was just twelve when I was first made aware of going 'commando' (without panties). It was some guy in our local Tesco's supermarket had been caught 'Upskirting' and posting the results online. Apparently Tesco's was a rich vein of women leaving their underwear at home and walking around free as kites. I always wore underwear, except to bed, where I was encouraged to wear pyjamas, or nothing at all, I chose the later in my teens as my sexuality after puberty, usually meant I masturbated before going to sleep and even more daily when ever I was 'in heat' (ovulating' prior to my periods) Duri… Read more

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Watching mother


One They blamed the weather, a dumping of snow in late December – with a white Christmas now a certainty – meant the lorries couldn’t get over the Pennines; and because the trucks and their cargo couldn’t negotiate the high Snake Pass crossing over the spine of England, Philip Masters got sent home from work early. When he arrived back at the house he lived in with his mother things would never be the same again. “You might as well get on out of it,” the lugubrious foreman had muttered, taking it as a personal affront that the snow and ice and treacherous driving conditions between Mancheste… Read more

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One late night chat


It was late one night and my bf was away I got chatting to a man (Andrew) very pleasant, we were talking and giving me ideas how to stimulate my relationship with rope. After chatting for a few hours me not sure how to tie ropes and set my self up so when my BF came home he would be suprized, he suggested he teach me. It was late but I thought it would be great to learn. I arrived at his door dress in a school uniform as he said to help replay what I was going to do at home, we greeted a hug and kiss as I entered we had a drink to relax and proceeded to the bedroom putting my bag down with s… Read more

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Secret Love.

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When I emerged from the bathroom, my best friend was on his back in bed, naked except for his underwear, and as I looked at him, arms and legs akimbo and with his eyes closed, I started to get emotional, knowing this would likely be the last time we would ever do what we were about to do. How many times had we been like this over the years? Dozens and dozens of times over the years, but not nearly often enough to suit me. I remember the first time like it was yesterday... *** It began with us finding some dirty magazines his old man didn't hide well enough, and then he suggested we jerk off… Read more

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Nicola fucks for her voyeur husband


Nicola One “Hi, boys. Glad you could make it.” Nicola stepped back a couple of paces, pulling the door open as she went. She saw the interest flash across both their faces when two pairs of eyes went straight to her breasts. “Come in,” she added, flashing her smile. She felt the thrill of the boys’ stares on her body. She could see the hunger in their expressions for a brief moment before they caught themselves. It had been an instinctive thing for them. She knew they were hot for her but felt bound by social convention. She was their friend’s mom. It went against the code to hit on a friend… Read more

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I sucked a anonymous cock.

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I sat in the darkened video booth, with the door slightly open. I had a gay video playing which was showing a younger guy getting his cock sucked. In the hallway, different guys were walking past, cruising what was being offered. I was here to suck cock. An older guy looked in, leaned close and whispered, "Do you want a blow job?' I answered, "No. I'm here to suck cock." He moved on. Several of the guys were older. I wasn't as interested in them, as I had a younger guy in mind. In the hallway, a 20's something guy walked past my door several times, then he walked by again, I opened the do… Read more

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Married guy gets dominted on a ski trip.

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Lucky me. My company's annual convention was in Vail, Colorado this year. My family had been planning a winter ski trip and I thought I'd take the chance to scope out Vail as a possible site. The convention was scheduled so that we attended meetings through lunch and had the afternoons to explore the town, ski, or network with fellow employees. As it turns out, I did some serious networking, but I doubt the new contacts I made will help my business and I definitely won't be adding them to my client list. I don't think my boss (or my wife for that matter) would be to happy to hear that my new c… Read more

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My time at a boutique hotel revolves around one ro

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Martin and I arrived at the boutique hotel late on Friday. The owners were kind enough to stay past the normal closing time of the front desk to accommodate our check-in. They brought us to "E" room giving a quick tour of the grounds and the room. We were there for Martin to have meetings with a few businesses he worked with. I had tagged along to enjoy a vacation. We are in our mid-forties and had a serious/non-serious relationship off and on for the last year and a half. We are at the point of enjoying our time together without restricting what we do in the time we are apart. I didn't expec… Read more

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Second time not a dream!

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It was getting close to when I had to commit to where I was going to go to college in the fall. I was leaning towards picking State and my mom was telling me I really needed to go for a campus visit. She suggested that I call Bruce, that she was sure he'd be happy to give me a place to stay and give me a campus tour. It had been over a month since the "night" he turned me into a one time cocksucker, and I had done my best to put it out of my mind. After all, I'm not gay. If mom knew what had happened, she would forbid me from ever talking to Bruce again, much less go spend the weekend with him… Read more

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