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Grandma Wisdom - Chapter Three

AnalTabooGroup Sex

Trace had managed to sell his grandmother's house and she had moved in with him and Cassie. His mom and dad were still considering the idea of moving into the house that he had listed with room for the five of them. Trace was fine with the current arrangement. It wasn't like there was a huge need for privacy given the lifestyle of the family now and there was only a 10 minute drive separating them from his parents. The family had settled into a consistent routine of spending time together as a group. Mostly, they would spend Wednesday evenings and Saturday nights together, primarily at his par… Read more

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Teased to getting fucked


After a day alone being a woman all day chatting with men online, sending photos, teasing, and playing with toys, I was ready for a good orgasm. I figured the best way was to actually get out to the adult theatre to see if watching a hot video there would do the trick since I had been unable to orgasm from the cold medicine I had consumed. Keeping my legs shaved, and nails painted, I headed to where I knew there were private video rooms and no holes in the walls. I was not interested in meeting anyone and just wanted to cum after trying the previous day. Entering the theatre was easy and the… Read more

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Cockfest at the sauna

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Occasionally I have to go to London for a meeting, I always arrange for it to finish around lunchtime, so I can head off to my favourite gay bar for a few drinks and then onto a sauna for some fun. yesterday the meeting dragged on and on, and I found I was getting hornier as the minutes passed. Eventually we finished late afternoon, and I decided that I'd go straight to the sauna as I was so horny.... I was already oozing precum! the sauna is a couple of stops away on the underground, and I dashed for a train as it pulled into the station, and just made it on board as the doors shut. A guy s… Read more

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First Time Anal (True Story) (Long)

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

This is a true story with some aspects and details changed to keep the person/s anonymity. This story happened a couple of weeks after my first glory hole visit. You can find my first glory hole visit story in my posts on my profile. Skip to 'The action' If you want to get to the sex, enjoy. The Beginning Since my visits to the glory hole, I've started to crave cock more and more. Jerking off to regular porn wasn't doing it anymore, I needed something more exciting. I started to watch more and more sissy and shemale porn and had bought some toys to mess around wit… Read more

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How can you tell?

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Growing up in an ultra conservative town made what I was feeling at age 13 like an outcast. I had been taught that I should be interested in girls. And for a while I tried but always ended up in just the friend zone. I was undersized for my age, in every category, from my height, muscles, and my cock. I was skinny, pale skinned, with long white blonde hair and from time to time was mistaken for being a girl from behind. Needless to say, I wasn't very athletic besides being good at running. I had to be because I was an easy target for getting beat up. I wasn't tough, all it took was one punch a… Read more

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Three Sisters – Crazy dream

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Crazy dream or can life really be this good, Ricky was the youngest of 4 k**s and was blessed or cursed with 3 older sisters all depending on how you look at it. From an early age he was treated with seeing 3 beautiful girls running around in various degrees of dress or undress. When they were young they would even bathe him, he was thei… Read more

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Husband's Marine Buddies

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

When my husband was deployed I sent him some photos for his eyes only. He has been home about 3 months now. About 2 weeks after he was back we had a few of his buddies over at the house for dinner and drinks. After dinner we were all sitting around, mostly them talking war stories. I went into our bathroom. My husband followed me and while I was using the bathroom he told me that all three of the guys that were in the living room saw all the photos I sent him, and they liked them. At first I was pissed, and then, maybe it was the wine or the thought of my hubby's buddies seeing me naked but I… Read more

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The Camping Trip

Gay MaleAnal

I always went camping in the summer way out in the woods. I had this place that you could only hike to and no one was around. I had this guy that was always hanging around with me. He came over just about every day and was younger than me. We never talked about Gay sex or anything like that, he just like being around me. I think because I gave him Beer all the time. We would play games at my house and shit like that. He was cute and he wore tight pants and at times I could see his package through them. So one day I told him I was going to go camping and would he like to go with me. He di… Read more

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My friend's Mom


Ah, Friday afternoon. For some reason when you are young, it seems like Friday will never come. Then when it does, more often than not, you can't figure out anything worthwhile to do. Life is ironic like that. But this wasn't one of those Fridays for me. It was early fall, I had just turned 18 the second week after my senior year in school started, and I was feeling on top of the world. In addition, my parents had taken a late vacation this year and were spending two weeks up north camping in the woods, leaving me to fend for myself. Oh, I didn't mind; they had stocked the refrigerator and pa… Read more

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Bottoms Up

AnalMatureFirst Time

Damn! Damn! Damn! What an ass on that woman!!! She was not a big woman, probably not more than 5' 4" tall and I would guess that she might weigh 130. She had a modest sized waist, maybe 23 inches, was probably 36C on the top but her bottom ... wow! I'll bet it was 40 inches, maybe 42, maybe even bigger. And as round as a beach ball. I had made it my business to check the figures of all the women in stores where I shopped. Mostly that just raised my libido, and gave me hard-on after hard-on, but it was the greatest pastime on earth. And occasionally it led to something a little more intimate.… Read more

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My wife brings home a stranger after work

Group SexInterracial SexAnal

She was a little drunk, otherwise I like to think she might not have had the guts. But, slightly tipsy, she’s always a horny flirt. Usually I get to benefit from that, but it appeared someone else would be lucky tonight. He was young, early 20’s if that, muscular and happy to show it off in a wife-beater t-shirt. Stubble covered his jaw and I wondered briefl… Read more

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Fender bender #2

AnalShemalesFirst Time

I screamed please !!!!!NO!!!!! but we need the cops out here to file a report for the insurance companies ,you do have insurance don’t you??? That is when he recognized the car.Hey this is Curt car I seen him working on it from time to time ,They are out on vacation. No wonder you do not want the police, you are driving a stolen car.. I did not steal it I borrowed it . Please can I just go home ? “Where do you live young lady?? Without thinking I gave him my address,that is when he shone a flash light into my face. He stopped dead as he realized who I was. By now his is wife came back to se… Read more

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Fender bender #1

AnalFirst TimeShemales

It was the first week of June and school was out for summer ,I was 18 and has just finished my senior year. one night while we were eating dinner my mom and step dad informed me that they were going away for a week . when they got married they did not go on a honeymoon so they wanted to take one now . Curt,my step dad told me they were going to Jamaica for a week and ask me if I could keep out of trouble while they were gone .Of course I told them I would be fine.Mom seemed like she did not want to leave me alone and I knew Curt did not want me go whit them on the trip . But I had my reason… Read more

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Taken in the locker room

AnalGay MaleHardcore

I was in the locker room of our gym when one of the school bullies came in. I tried my best to be unnoticed but just as I thought I was going to make it out my wrist was grabbed and I was pulled back into the dressing room. Terrified I tried to reason my way out by saying '...Hi, I was just leaving my next class have a text scheduled for today and I do not want to be late...' Clarence looked ta me and said '...not my problem, you gonna stay till I say go!...' I looked over his shoulder and saw the other guys as they went pass the door way. Some was snickering and others looked relieved, I st… Read more

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Sex with an older guy

AnalGay Male

So I was looking around in CL for for M2M fun and ran into a posting title versatile guy looking for fun. Now the title did not call my attention but once i read that he was in Virginia Beach i decide to reply. I sent him my stats and when i was available and move on a few minutes later i got a reply saying if i could drop by Now since he had the place all to himself for the next three hours. I had worked out that morning and had not showered yet I let him know that and also let him know i was about 15 minutes away. He answered not to worry about the shower just come by. I was still in my work… Read more

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Speedo Gang Bang Fantasy

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

I had my first orgy last May, there was six of us and I was the only bottom/vers guy there. My arse took a pounding to say the least. I wrote about it in depth on my blog. Today I was working on my stories archive and I found something I had written two years (to the week) before my first orgy. It was is a work of fantasy and involves twelve guys. My first orgy was amazing but this fantasy of mine is something I would love to fulfill one day.... soon. I always fantasied about being fucked by the group of guys wearing nothing but speedos, and that fantasy recently came true when I was invited… Read more

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The First Night in My Bed

Gay MaleFirst TimeAnal

It was a Friday and Jim and I had Gym together and we would wait till everyone was in the shower and the take each others Shorts off. Then we would go into the shower and look at all their Cocks. I know my water was on a little cold so I would not get a Hard On. Then at study hall we would sit in the corner and talk about their Cocks. We would make each other so Horny and then have to go back to Class. I know both of us have a Hard On by the way we walked. Right after school, Jim walked up to me and asked to spend the night with me. Well, we have never spent the night together before this b… Read more

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My anal loving babe

AnalGroup SexMature

I'm not bragging when I say I enjoyed my share of pussy during my high school years. I mean, you've got to be pretty backward these days not to "get some on you," even without trying. By far the majority of the girls in high school have given up their virginity by the time they graduate, a lot of them many times over. When I went to college, it was really my first extended time away from home and my parents, so I was looking forward to some "variety" in life, meaning that I wanted to try a lot more of the girls than I had the chance to in high school. By then, I had worked enough to purchase… Read more

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my first (and second) porn shoots

AnalFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Recently I replied to an ad online (as you do) for a little company that were looking for 'adult' actresses for the kinds of movies you see on here. I filled in my application, sent it off and heard from them in a few short days. It turns out that they didn't just want the teenage super models but ladies 'with experience' and an open-mind. They would also pay good money. I turned up at a little studio in Bristol for an interview and initial screen shot. The purpose of which is to make sure that this kind of work is for you and that you are not too shy...Something that doesn't apply to this e… Read more

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My first BBC while house sitting

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

I recieved a call from my mother asking if I could house sit for a week while she was out of town, I told her I would and she gave me the dates. The time came I arrived at her house she gave me info on where she was going, phone numbers and also she mentioned that her friend Robert would be coming by at some point during the week to pick up some paperwork and then she left. Later that afternoon I called up a friend told him I was house sitting for my mom and wanted to know if he wanted to come and spend the night which he did and we had sex pretty much all night and he left the next afternoon.… Read more

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