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They were looking forward to this weekend, but for different reasons: she was a strict dominatrix, an authority figure, a strong woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was her submissive partner in crime, her obedient slave, someone who loved to beg for her mercy, for a chance to get a look, to be given the chance to enjoy in her amazing ass. While she was dressing up, late Friday evening, he knocked on her door shivering with anticipation. She was already in the dominatrix outfit, a beautiful leather corset, and straps that left her bubble but exposed. She took her whip, locked the d… Read more

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She's got jugs

MatureFirst TimeFetish

I had just come in the back of the house when the doorbell rang. I hastily washed my hands at the basin and grabbed the hand towel, drying my hands as I strode to the front door. Although it had been a typically hot day, at least there was a cooling breeze in the air as the early night descended on the broad plains of west Texas. I opened the door and there, on my walk-around veranda, stood a busty young woman. She was wearing a blue print summer dress, typical farm and ranch attire for ladies of the area. She had a wide-brimmed straw hat on her head, also typical. On her feet she wore well-w… Read more

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Making up for not answering calls or text messages


I arrived home a bit later than usual, and was surprised to find he was already there. I grabbed my bags, covered them with my jacket, and headed in. "Hey, I'm home!" I called out, not stopping to even look to see where he was. I put my bags into the closet, hung my jacket, removed my shoes and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. "Where've you been?" You asked me casually, but in a tone I didn't quite recognize. I put the stopper back into the bottle, put it into the fridge and took a deep breathe. "Well, I got off work early. Sent you a text that Donna and I were going shopping. I as… Read more

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Forbidden Lust II

Group SexTabooFetish

                                                          Part II  The Adventures Of Joey And Bobby Bobby pulled into the driveway.  She breathed a sigh of relief.  'Thank God I'm finally home!'  She pulled the car into the garage and shut it off.  In the kitchen she laid her purse… Read more

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The pantyhose pig

First TimeAnalFetish

I'd always been told that all guys want is to get in your pants, and i found out the hard way more than once that was the case, through relationships, work, every guy i hooked up with was out for the same thing. It all started when i moved out of my parents at 19 to get a job at an insurance company, i had good grades through high school so i got a decent paying job right away. The hours were long but i was okay with that, i was an independent woman and it felt great! The only thing that irked me was the strict dress code for women - skirts are mandatory and must be above knee level - black… Read more

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GF enters the Wrong Room?

First TimeFetish

I woke up with a pair of lips wrapped around my cock. Half asleep, I groaned as a tongue swirled around my head. My cock swelled and throbbed from the hand wrapped around it. I felt, more than heard, the aroused sounds and small moans my mystery lover was making around my cock. I reached down, running my fingers through long hair, feeling their head bob up and down. I opened my eyes to peek and jolted wide awake when I realized who it was. My bedroom door was slightly open and in the light from the hallway I could see my roommate's girlfriend kneeling next to me on the bed. She was wearing th… Read more

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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 06

AnalGroup SexFetish

I woke with the realization that even a night's sleep didn't cure the ugly feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. Dick and I had shared an incredible physical experience. Sex with him was spectacular. But I'd allowed him to become attached to me emotionally. I didn't recognize the fact that since his wife left him he was missing the emotional attachment of a woman. I wasn't ready to fulfill that need for any man and somehow I knew I'd pay dearly for not recognizing that fact. It had been almost a week since I began this transformation. I'd gone from being a mundane wallflower to a sexual wil… Read more

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Shopping for Antiques


I was shopping for an antique cabinet on Saturday; I'd already been to three different Antique stores but found nothing. Fortunately, I had put a bit of thought into the process and had driven to the furthest store first and progressively made my way back home visiting the other stores. So far I'd found nothing that was vaguely suitable. As I wandered into the final antique shop, I saw a cabinet that was perfect for what I wanted. So much for all that planning I thought, if only I'd come here in the first place I could have saved half a day. I pulled out my tape-measure and noted down all the… Read more

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A Night To Remember


So I come over to stay the weekend. Your husband took the k**s on a weekend vacation. We hang out with some of your friends and have some drinks and laughs. It’s getting late and I’m exhausted from a long day at work followed by a few hour drive to your house. So I go upstairs and climb into your bed. After about an hour all of your friends are gone. You make your way upstairs and carefully tie me to your bed post. I don’t wake up. Next you take a ball gag that has a fat dildo on it and attach it to my head/mouth. This is when I wake up. It takes me a second to realize that I’m anchored to t… Read more

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He said you were Huge Gay

FetishGay Male

It was a rainy Thursday evening, and I was sprawled out on the couch watching Netflix when I received three texts in quick succession from an unknown number: "Hey Ryan It's Tyler What's up?" Tyler? I searched my memory in vain for a few seconds until another message appeared: "We met at Melissa's party last weekend." I remembered now. Short blond hair, stubble, muscular build. Cute, honestly. He was a friend of a friend, and we'd played a game of beer pong together and chatted for a while about classes and music and baseball afterwards. I texted back. "Hey man, what's going on?" "You kno… Read more

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Outed by Debi - Forced by part 2

FetishGay MaleTaboo

Debi’s forced Bi plan was a huge success! However, she had a lot more in mind and her strategy for keeping me away from women had just begun. After we finished round one of our amazing mfm bisexual threesome, Debi had us each take a viagra, and take a shower. She wanted us rock hard and took tons of photos... sexually explicit and romantically passionate. We were making out, holding hands, rubbing our dicks together, washing each other’s backs, etc. After we dried off, she had us get dressed and go into the living room for some more pictures. She had Rob go just outside of the front door… Read more

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You better Pull Out Creampie

First TimeFetish

I could feel my orgasm building, pressure in my balls as I thrust into her pussy. She squirmed below me, eyes closed, tossing her head back and forth, her red hair splayed out across her pillow. She was breathing heavily and grunting each time I pushed into her. She held her chest, alternately pulling on her nipples and squeezing her tits together. There were low, animistic noises deep in her throat as I fucked her. Any second now, I knew I was going to cum, and I knew I needed to pull out. I wasn't wearing a condom, and she told me she wasn't on birth control. She had asked me to pull out an… Read more

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Karla Pulls a Train PT4

FetishGroup SexInterracial Sex

It was about 7:30am Sunday morning, and Karla and Vicky were still at it. The night before, Jaysin had brought them to this small arena in Rockville where they had filmed various different sex acts with fifty old black men ranging from 40 to about 70 years old. It had been truly a unique evening, one that neither girl had experienced before. After almost five hours of filming and fucking where they had both taken long old black cocks deep into all their holes, the girls had returned to the court after a quick shower and had realized that the older guys had long left. Jaysin, at that point had… Read more

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Karla Pulls a Black Train PT2

FetishInterracial SexGroup Sex

Victoria was at home sleeping one morning when she received an untimely phone call. The phone had startled her so that her adrenaline brought her to her feet fast to answer it, but her mind was still sleeping so she was half out of it. Vicky: "He-Hello? Oh Hi Karla...It's kind of early isn't it? Noon? Yeah I guess I could be there. Okay Bye." Vicky looked at her clock it was almost 4am. She put her head in hands as she tried to completely wake up and process the call. Why was Karla calling her so early? It couldn't be an emergency or anything bad because Karla sounded okay. Still though, sh… Read more

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Karla Pulls a Train PT3

Group SexInterracial SexFetish

Karla and Vicky slept closely together in the same bed most of that Friday. They were exhausted and sore from the marathon gangbang that they had received just mere hours beforehand. Karla in particular had endured two separate sessions of black dick and was the worst for wear between the two of them. When you think about the sexual work these two ladies had gone through in only two days time, it truly was amazing. The average cock size of the eighteen big black men that had fucked them both was about nine and a half inches. That's a lot of dark meat pumping their mouths, pussies, and tight li… Read more

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Out of Gas Wrong Neighborhood Blacken

First TimeInterracial SexFetish

Catherine: "I can't believe you! What the hell are we supposed to do now? How stupid are you?" Paul: "I'm sorry honey. I honestly don't know where it is. I must have left it back on my dresser." That was my boyfriend Paul and I arguing on our weekend trip into the country. We were on the highway, and after driving for four hours Paul realized that he had lost or had forgotten his wallet. It really was a bonehead move because I had left my own credit cards and money back at my apartment. He was the one who told me to do so because He promised to pay for everything and anything that I wanted o… Read more

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Out of Gas PT2 Blacken

FetishInterracial Sex

With a fistful of my hair in his hands, Norman fucked my mouth with his fat hairy black cock. After a few minutes, I felt him tense up and then shoot his cum into my throat. I swallowed every drop of it without spilling any from fear of being scolded. He suddenly then looked back at Damon and the young black man quickly picked something up from behind the counter and brought it to where I was still kneeling with his boss' now semi-hard cock in my mouth. It was my toiletries bag with all of my make-up. Norman: "Alright Catherine. Go into the ladies room and clean yourself up. You've got 10 min… Read more

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Karla Pulls a Black Train

First TimeInterracial SexFetish

Karla never expected she'd find herself fucking a black man, let alone nine different black guys that night. But once the idea was introduced to her, it was all she could think about that entire day. A Midwest-grown girl in her twenties, Karla was always a girl full of both curiosity and promiscuity. As a teen she was very experienced when it came to sex, which included a few lesbian encounters in college. The one thing she had never experienced though was interracial sex. If there had been access to them in her hometown she might have had her chances, but there just wasn't any living in the… Read more

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A Cuckolds Dream or Nightmare?


We arrived at the front door to the house, hand in hand, both of us nervous yet excited. I could tell from the look in my beautiful wife’s eyes that she was scared, not in a physical harm might befall her kind of way, but a will she truly enjoy this kind. My wife Diane is, to me, the most beautiful woman. She is 5’5”, 150lbs, curvy hips, long dark wavy hair, blue eyes, porcelain white milky smooth skin, and lucious plump D cups. She is the perfect example of a wife and mother, and for a woman who was a virgin when we met she is a demon in bed. Over the years she grew wanton and her skills ora… Read more

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Cuck Wive's Birthday

Group SexFetishInterracial Sex

My wife's birthday was approaching. We were swingers when we first got together, but things had cooled off a lot lately. We're both bi and fully open about it. We've shared cock and cunt together on many occasions. I decided to look for some cock for her birthday present, and found a hung stud in a nearby town that was interested. This was supposed to be about her getting some birthday strange, but things got interesting. We got a room in the nearby town, and planned to check out the porn store/video arcade to see if there was some action to be found. I had arranged for the stud to be there,… Read more

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