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Starting Over

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Starting Over By: Londebaaz Chohan During my school days; I must have enjoyed at least 10 different pussies. I was a true jock, horny as hell and equipped with a blessed, not only big but also a very healthy cock and productive balls to convince any girl to be mine for the fun time fucking. I would not blame anyone else, but I hated to use the condoms and made 2 girls pregnant. My father was a high level law enforcement officer, so it was not very difficult to get me off the hook without accepting any blame or the responsibility after those girls delivered babies. Now when one of the… Read more

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Blowing My Big Brother

First TimeTabooMasturbation

Freia had never quite felt like she fit in. It's the nature of being a step-sibling, and it's only amplified when your connection to the family isn't around any more. She knew that she was lucky, really, that her "father" had taken her in the way that he had after Freia's mother left town - he'd had no obligation to, and he'd never shown even a hint of resentment. They'd tried to include her, they'd done everything that they could, but nothing had helped. She didn't feel like she fit in, she'd never really felt like a part of the family. She didn't have a place here, and she didn't think she… Read more

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I meet my Dream Girl Pegged

FetishFirst Time

1) We met online at a dating site, and immediately I was drawn to her. Just from the small sampling of pictures, I could tell that she fit my tastes in women. She was about 5'4, athletic build, short cropped hair, some tattoos (which could be easily concealed, but enough to express herself. Love women with tattoos.) and these green eyes that were fitting of a Goddess. Her features are soft and gentle, but she still has a strength in the way that she carries herself. Beyond her physical attributes, her profile made me even more interested. She was well-educated, independent, had a good profess… Read more

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I can't wait to Fuck You Pegged

FetishFirst Time

It started as a fantasy, one I would have never imagined I would enjoy, but has been a curiosity for some time. It began with pictures, then research, then videos. Now, it had happened, and I would never be satisfied without it. As I was driving home from the airport, shifting in my seat, I smiled as I thought back on how this unforgettable weekend all started... My erection was growing from the video of a sexy woman strap-on fucking a guy. Her sexy curves, glistening with sweat as she drove her hips back and forth into his ass. The rhythm accentuating how absolutely beautiful she looks. The… Read more

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Spa Story Part 6

First TimeGay MaleLesbian Sex

In the early hours I awoke to the light filtering through the curtains, Steve was still fast asleep. I carefully slipped out of the bed and went to the shared bathroom. After peeing I needed a drink so set off to the kitchen, as I passed Hekla’s room, I heard Icelandic voices inside, the door was open so thinking I would ask if they wanted anything from the kitchen, I took a quick look inside. I could see Hekla sitting cross legged on the bed, I couldn’t see Freja without going closer to the door, but they were obviously deep in conversation. I was just about to knock on the door when Hekla sl… Read more

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my first

First TimeGay MaleMature

One man that always turned me on, mature, sexy, intelligent and horny. I admired him from afar and heard rumours that he was 'gay'. He was a lot older than me but in great shape. We ended up working in teh same part of the building, I got talking to him a few times and the more I did the more I wanted him. Offering to stay behind and help one evening just to be near this sexy guy. Afterwards he said, hay I give you a lift home as a thank you. We drove the short distance home talking non stop to each other. do you ahve a girlfriend he asked. No I replied. Anyone you after he asked, no I lied. A… Read more

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a cherry for her brother

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

When I went to live with my father and his wife it was because they were in the US and it was a better opportunity for me than living in the Caribbean I didn’t think it would open any more opportunities than studying and getting ahead until I met my step sister. She was s*******n when I moved over there and quiet the spunky girl. She was dark skinned like her mother with soft curly black hair like mine a gift from our dad’s mixed ancestry. She was about five foot four and around a hundred and thirty pounds. She was plump though her plumpness at her age was all eye popping. Her adolescent brea… Read more

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First TimeGroup SexAnal

If you want a story with raunchy wild kinky sex. look elsewhere. if you wanna know more about me (the author) and my crazy life, read on. This is the story of Julianna. I normally change the names in my stories or don't mention them at all. But decided to make an exception, because Julianna is one of those rare gems that deserve to find their name on a website like this. Even tho her story is a bit tragic. Often i wondered wether it is her who got scarred by the people she was around, or if it is in fact the other way around. You have to meet her in person in order to find that out.. So here… Read more

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First TimeVoyeurGroup Sex

If you want a story with raunchy wild kinky sex. look elsewhere. if you wanna know more about me (the author) and my crazy life, read on. This is the story of Julianna. I normally change the names in my stories or don't mention them at all. But decided to make an exception, because Julianna is one of those rare gems that deserve to find their name on a website like this. Even tho her story is a bit tragic. Often i wondered wether it is her who got scarred by the people she was around, or if it is in fact the other way around. You have to meet her in person in order to find that out.. So here… Read more

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5 Unexpected Benefits Of Having A Fuckbuddy

FetishFirst TimeHumor

When you hear this word, what comes to mind? Growing up in a society that values traditional relationships and believes that you should only be having sex inside one, chances are they aren’t good things. Or at least you’re conflicted. But having a fuckbuddy at least once in your life can actually be beneficial to you. Here are five reasons you need to get a fuckbuddy right now and have a positive experience. 1.Gives You Time For Focusing On Yourself Whether you just got out of a long-term relationship, or want to take the time to focus on you and your goals, that doesn’t mean you also have… Read more

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One night stand in California

First TimeMature

True Story. I've never picked someone up at a bar. Well, until now. I've hooked up on some Craigslist dates. But that's different. You kind of know that going in. I had some business in San Diego about a month ago. I went to the closest late closing bar and met a beautiful woman. I even walked her home. But chickened out at the last moment. Couldn't bring myself to ask her to take me up to her place. So I got nothing but a bag of regrets. Not even a hug or a peck on the cheek. I had some more business in San Diego this week. And went back to the same bar. I really was secretly hoping to fin… Read more

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The Bully Next Door

First TimeGay Male

"Timmy" picked on me for as long as I can remember. He lived next door and he was three years older than me. I never saw him act like a bully to anyone but me. He called me a sissy and a fag all the time. He would back me up into a corner and tell me to beg him to let me go or he would beat me up. He was older and bigger and stronger than me so I had no choice. I did what he said and begged for mercy. One afternoon he had me cornered in his back yard with nobody else in his house or mine. I was ready to beg him like he always forced me to do all the other times, but this time he made me beg… Read more

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Sharing wife first time I was present, part 2

First TimeTabooVoyeur

Second part of sharing my wife for the first time with me present. Well, to say I was gob smacked from watching that guy giving my wife a solid face fuck is an understatement indeed. Although Monica tried to hold him back as she was sitting and him standing over her while unleashing his lustful orgasm she later did say it was hot. As Eric rolled to the left side of the bed sitting beside my wife, with a slight grin on her cum splattered face she ask me, "can you get me a towel". I went to her and could clearly see a rope of cum from her forehead, across the bridge of her nose between her ey… Read more

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Truth or Dare with Mom Part 2

TabooMatureFirst Time

Summary of part one: Mom (42) and son (21) living together, get over familiar and end up watching a porn film (Taboo). She suggests it’s time for bed and he follows her up. I followed mom up the stairs, she walked up carrying a bottle of JD in her hand. I watched her arse as she slowly took one step at a time, I could just about see the curves of her sexy bum at the bottom of her short silky robe. I reached up and gave it a cheeky pinch, she didn’t flinch in fact she slowed down. I grabbed her more vigorously, my cock was twitching as she gave a little shudder. At the top of the stairs she st… Read more

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The Popular Girl

First Time

This Is My First Time: So The Author Kindly Demands You Please NO TROLLS    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX It’s the beginning of the new collage year and I’m sitting impatiently at my desk with only five minutes of the day remaining, but to me that five minutes feels more like five hours. Spectrally it’s the first Friday of the new collage school year and with this particular Friday I’m excited to drive the new car that my parents just bought me for the new collage school year. However fortunately my assigned desk for the year is right next to the win… Read more

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Late night threesome

Group SexFirst TimeLesbian Sex

It started when I headed out to the clubs with my date. My date’s name was Jenny and she was a decent match. We matched on Tinder and unlike majority of guys who settle with the Netflix and Chill, I am a little more old fashioned. After talking with Jenny a little and her teasing me with some sexy dress pictures, we agree to head out to a nice dinner and see where the night can take us.  A little bit about Jenny. She is a very sexy 24 year old fresh out of college, just graduated about 3 months ago in business. She is about 5’9”, dirty blonde hair, with some parts brunette, pretty blue e… Read more

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Watch my wife take her first monster cock

First Time

Hi, This true story took place about 6 months ago. My wife is in her late 40’s, she is an extremely hot, tall, blonde with a body to die for. She has 36D breast and wares a size 4, not to mention a very tight pussy. Men of all ages go crazy over her. Lastly in the last couple of years it seems like she is consistently horny and is even more orgasmic than when she was in her 30’s. This all started about a year ago, I am in my early 50’s and let’s just say things don’t work as well or as often as they use to. Given both our states and that we have a very strong marriage we started talking abo… Read more

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The first time she farted

FetishBDSMFirst Time

We’ve been dating for a while now and whilst we haven’t delved into our deepest darkest fetishes and fantasies yet the sex is incredible. Alternating between deep passionate love making and downright dirty lust filled fucking depending on our moods. Last night was the first time you squirted for me. It was the hottest thing ever. My head between your legs watching you writhe in ecstasy, seeing your eyes roll back in your head, you holding your knees up against your tits as my tongue worked overtime slurping up your hot delicious cunt juices as they leaked out over your pretty puckered little a… Read more

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A Bet is a Bet Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Watching a football game and my wife comes in and says, "You promised me we would do something I wanted to do this weekend. Here you are, planted in front of your big screen, watching your team lose again. Are you going to break your promise again?" Her long brown tresses framed her angry, but beautiful face. Hazel eyes, so gorgeous were shooting lazers into my own. She was fucking PISSED OFF. "I'm sorry Sharon, you are right, I'm sorry. What are we doing today?" I had anguish over not watching the game, but she was right, I had made a promise. I keep my promises. "We're going to the Fine Ar… Read more

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Home Alone Girl And The Salesman – Part 1

HardcoreMasturbationFirst Time

Starting with my friend Sanjay. (Friends call him Sanju and so do we in this story). He is a lingerie salesman selling bra, panties, and nighties, only of the sexy styles and sex appealing fashion. Yes, he visits the middle-class residential societies and tricks the security. He usually tells them some lie to enter the buildings. He knocks the door and as he is handsome, no woman shuts the door on his face. He is of average height and build bu… Read more

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