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My Wife sets me up for first M/M

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

** This story contains male on male sexual contact ** My wife has had a regular boyfriend for the past year. He is a great guy who enjoys pampering her and doing those things I don't like to do such as shopping for clothes. He can get into fashion as much as my wife on those trips. While Keaton enjoys helping my wife with her hair and can spend hours talking about things most men avoid he also has a healthy libido and my wife enjoys their frequent sexual escapades. Keaton has also enhanced our marriage, the sexual energy he and my wife explore has definitely increased my wife's sexu… Read more

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Taboo Road Trip

TabooFirst TimeAnal

Word came around that my grandfather wasn’t doing real well and I also caught wind that my cousin was going to drive out to visit him. Now this particular cousin I’ve had a crush on for as long as I can remember but being four years younger he never looked at me that way which is understandable. But now in my young twenties and he in his mid I figured if nothing else now he’d stop calling me little Cuz. It’s been about five years since we were in the same room as each other but photos back and forth between our moms proved to me my attachment is still there. As for him I’m sure he still thi… Read more

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The First time I knew I was born gay

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

It started out I never had any interest in girls I loved hanging out with my friends we’d sleep in the same bed in our briefs and I used to tell him I loved the way his body looked in it. We were standing up and he’s twirling showing me the front and the back I pushed so it showed his ass cheeks tell him this is way better and roll up the front of it he tells be lick my penis and lick up and down my ass crack I’ll do it to you I took his briefs off and began licking his cock I look at him and say it taste amazing lay down he asks why because imma keep licking it I like it. He tells me it feels… Read more

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Unplanned And Best Fuck With Hot Ex-Boyfriend

HardcoreFirst TimeVoyeur

I am a girl with average height but with a good figure (at least that’s what guys say). My measurements are 36-28-36. I love to keep myself fit so I guess that adds to the figure as well. I got to know about ISS through my ex-boyfriend who is a member here under the username “jhonnyblade7598” and I am grateful I got to know about this site as it has been amazing reading from here, helps whe… Read more

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Starting Over After Divorce

Interracial SexLesbian SexFirst Time

Hi I am Sarah and this is my story of starting over.Also to show that some time is the very best time. My next door neighbor and best friend and co-worker is Lynn. She is very slim and sexy woman that has full breasts that are all natural, she is like me in height as we are both 5'81/2" where I tip the scales at 145-150 pounds. But also like Lynn I did have full breasts as well. I too am divorced with 2 c***dren both away at college so now I am empty nester at 39 but I looked younger mostly cause I try to wear some of the younger fashions. My old man left me for another woman 10 years younger… Read more

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My saggy titted Mom

MatureTabooFirst Time

I peered through the half opened door. She had her back to me. She was fully dressed from the waist down. She had nothing on above her waist,, naked as a jaybird. I suspect the door was closed when she went in there, but it slipped open a bit She began to turn around. I backed up a little bit making sure I was not in plain sight. She turned around and her giant tits swayed back and forth as she did. Wow they were amazing, well to me at least. These tits were not a man's' ideal tit. These tits were a size bigasfuck, and they had some years to them. Naturally a size bigasfuck tit would sag witho… Read more

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I was a virgin until...

First TimeInterracial SexShemale Porn

I'm going to discuss my first sexual encounter. I was 18 years old and at my grandparents house, nobody was home. I w as a pudgy boy with shoulder length hair. I was clean shaven and had secretly shaved my legs, confident nobody would see my bare legs for a while. I had crossedressed before but nothing major. But today was the day. Today I was going all out. I went into grandma's closet and tried on some of my grandmother's dresses and shoes. She wasn't very old but was slightly on the heavier side so everything fit, except her bra that I stuffed. She was quite stylish too. I had settled on a… Read more

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Wife Wants to Suck Another Mans Cock While I Watch

MatureFetishFirst Time

Well lets start out with my wife loves to suck cock and she is very good at it. One night we were out at dinner and drinks, in our conversation we talked about sex. My wife leaned into me and asked me "Do you enjoy it when I suck your cock" Hell I thought my cock was going to bust through my pants. I smiled and replied back "You should know I do as often as I beg for you to suck it baby" She just moans "MMMMMMMMM" we ate dinner and finished of a couple of more drinks and headed out to a local bar. We sat in a dark corner booth and order a few drinks, just watching the people. After about our… Read more

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How to corrupt an entire company

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

This is part of a sequence of stories which happily stand on their own. However if you want to read them in order they are When she was bad she was of so much better, How to seduce a scientist, How to corrupt a scientist and then this one. ******************************************************************************************************************** Bobbi was totally knackered. Setting up and running a company from scratch was far harder than making a scientific breakthrough that would greatly benefit womankind. Still at least she had a fun home life. A temporary measure to acc… Read more

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Learning from our Parents

First TimeTabooVoyeur

Our mom and dad are VERY liberal about sex and when the time for my sister and I to learn about sex and reproduction, they were very, VERY open about it! One day, my sis and I asked mom about sex. We were very young and hadn't even grown our first pubic hair yet, but we were curious about it and from having seen some porn films on TV, we were wanting to know more about it. Mom told us to wait til daddy got home and we would all discuss it and they would let us know about what mom called the "BIRDS AND THE BEE'S"..LOL We kind of forgot about it but agreed and went out to play and ride our bi… Read more

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Wife Drunk in the Hotel

VoyeurFirst Time

This is a true story that happened a few months ago. My name’s Dave I’m 52 and Sarah my wife is 51, we have 2 daughters both away at University. We have been married for 25 years and she has always been faithful to me. I however have always wanted to watch her with another man. It turns me on even thinking about it but I know there’s no chance of it ever happening. She’s a one man Woman is always her answer. So I’ve settled for taking photographs of her and posting them online to amateur sites. Sarah hasn’t lost her looks she’s blonde, 5’7, 34C boobs and 12 stone with a slight mummy belly. She… Read more

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A close friends question

AnalFirst TimeMature

My friend Debra knew my sex life with my husband is very active, and thought that if anyone could answer he question I could. I was at hime and she popped in for a coffee! As we was drinking it she turned to me and said, ‘have you ever had piss play with your husband’ I almost chocked on my coffee and blurted our “what.!” She looked at me and said the her by wanted to try piss play but she wasn’t sure on it. I was a little embarrassed if I’m honest and said “if you don’t like it, don’t do it.” She tolld me she really wanted to, and after the night she spent with us it’s something she really… Read more

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Wife Joins a Club Cuckold

First TimeGroup Sex

During our 15 years of marriage, we've been very open with each other sexually. We watch porn movies, pictures, erotic stories and telling each other our fantasies. Eight months ago, we decided to open up our sex life and seek out others to join us for sex. I always had a fantasy of seeing my wife being fucked by another man or men, and we decided to join a swingers club. Two clubs were in our area, 3 and 5 miles away. We decided to try the closest one first, and contacted Jerry and Barbara, the host and hostess for a meeting to find out what they offered. Barbara was a very beautiful, tall, c… Read more

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Mom's Thong

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

It feels weird when your mom looks good in a thong. It feels even weirder when you are pulling that thong away from your mother's tan-lined ass-crack and sliding your own hard cock up into her dripping wet pussy. I think I better start at the beginning. It had been about a year since I had last seen anyone in my family, my neighbourhood or my hometown. I had taken a job in New York that kept me pretty busy throughout the year. My time away from either my office or my apartment was just enough to enjoy an evening at a nightclub or bar with some guys from work or friends. Jaunts to the old fam… Read more

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CockSuckers don't get Kisses

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

My wife, Suzy, is a great lady, 38 years old, she is gorgeous in face and body. I love her hairy pussy, which she maintains very bushy for appearance and my dining pleasure. Her black hair is beautiful on both her head and pubes. I lick and suck her sweet cunt nearly every day, and fuck her almost as often. She loves my cock, both in her mouth and in her pussy. We have a very loving marriage. We have occasionally delved into swapping, and she enjoyed another man's cock, but made sure I understood she was mine and mine alone. We have no c***dren, so entertaining these fuck parties is no big de… Read more

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Riverside walk

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

Off work and bored I decided to have a gentle meander down by the local river. I parked the car in the car park and set off along the towpath, it wasn't long before I started feeling a bit horny. The footpath is quite open, not a lot of cover, and you can see people coming for quite a distance so I decided to pull my cock out from my tracky bottoms, it was nice feeling the breeze on my balls. In the distance I could see a couple of people walking their dogs I went to a picnic table on the grass and decided to let them pass. As they approached I noticed the 2 females, 1 slightly older than the… Read more

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Turtoring The Thompson’s

First TimeLesbian SexFetish

The Thompson’s were the couple directly behind me. Although they’ve lived there for a few years I really didn’t know too much about them and nothing like the couple before them. Not regulars by any means but here and there we’d play together, the wife had the most wonderful big clitty. Anyway I was messing around out back pulling weeds when a voice came through the fence asking if I had a tool of sorts, I don’t remember now what it was. Even if I did recall the odds are I wouldn’t know what it was but also the odds were my husband owned one. So I invited him to come over and look for himsel… Read more

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Giving My Wife as a Birthday Gift to Friend

First TimeHardcoreGay Male

It was my best friends thirty-fifth birthday. I told my wife I really wanted to do something special for him but was at a loss for what I could do. I asked for her help, but she did not have any ideas as well. For the following weeks, we tossed around various schemes, but nothing came to mind that we thought was in line with what we wanted to do to make the day truly special for him. Then one night after my wife had gone to bed I was up late watching porn when I saw a cuckold video where a guy offers his wife to his buddy.… Read more

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Mom Catches Me Fucking Sisters Friend

TabooFirst TimeHumor

Well, today was another good day. There was Janice, my sister’s best friend who had moved in with us till she finished high school sitting with me on my bed watching TV. This six foot tall blond beauty had wanted to fuck me since she was a teenager and I had finally consummated what we both wanted for years. Since I got home from college on winter break we have been fucking every chance we could get. I had taught Janice a lot in the past month. She didn’t know how to suck cock worth a shit so she and I watched porn videos. I had heard from someone that the 1990’s porn star Sharon Mitchell was… Read more

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Immortal Sibling Love

TabooFirst Time

Immortal Sibling Love By: Londebaaz Chohan Oh, Fuck; Kelly thought, his big sis Lilly was being turned on. It could end up to be a lots of fun. He quickly removed his hand from her tits and started a gentle rubbing of her back. Soon his hand was inside her tiny shorts, grabbing her ass cheeks. Now he was kneading her ass globes and also rubbing her boob. She was moaning much louder as a reward of his efforts and also gyrating her body against his. Of course Lilly was getting aroused more and more by what, her little brother Kelly was doing. Now Kelly once again brought his hands to he… Read more

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