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My first blowjob(s)!

First Time

This was actually my first sexual encounter of any kind, but also my first random hookup. It was a few weeks after I had turned 18 and I was really eager to suck a cock for the first time (and more, but I wanted to try this before I went any further). I browsed through Craigslist ads (still a thing then, R.I.P. :( ), trying to find someone nearby that looked hot and promising. I replied to a few, but the one I ended up going with was a guy a few years older than me, just looking for a quick BJ in his car, who had posted pictures of his cock which looked absolutely amazing (but also not too big… Read more

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My first blowjob(s)!

First Time

This was actually my first sexual encounter of any kind, but also my first random hookup. It was a few weeks after I had turned 18 and I was really eager to suck a cock for the first time (and more, but I wanted to try this before I went any further). I browsed through Craigslist ads (still a thing then, R.I.P. :( ), trying to find someone nearby that looked hot and promising. I replied to a few, but the one I ended up going with was a guy a few years older than me, just looking for a quick BJ in his car, who had posted pictures of his cock which looked absolutely amazing (but also not too big… Read more

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The Family Business - Chapter 5

Lesbian SexFirst TimeGroup Sex

Jess saw her mother go towards her room and decided now was a good time for asking her advice on the dilemma that was facing her. Having her best friend come to visit them whilst Lyn, said friend, was totally unaware that Jess was now proprietor of a studio specialising in porn flicks was a slight problem. That the said friend was distinctly prudish was a much bigger one. “Mummy I need your advice, can we talk for a while.” Jess alternated between calling her mother by Ruth or Mum but on this occasion reverted to her c***dhood. Ruth smiled at being called Mummy but it gave her a warm feeling… Read more

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Just My Mouth, Daddy

HardcoreFirst Time

"You're pretty quiet," I said to my teenaged daughter, sitting in the passenger seat of my camaro, "what's on your mind?" Sasha looked at me, smiled and said "Nothing, really. Just spaced out." Her eyes had that special sparkle they always had when she was lying to me. I could read my daughter as easily as you're reading this right now. She and I had always been very close, and that hadn't changed as she'd begun to grow into a beautiful young woman. She was beautiful indeed. Her mom was Russian born, and unbelievably gorgeous, but very slender in the way that most Eastern European women a… Read more

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Mom Gives Head

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

My personal relationships have taken a hit over the years. My Mom and Dad broke up when I was in high school. After college I married a woman named Nancy. For two years everything seemed fine between us. One day Nancy came home from work and she told me she wanted out. It felt like she kicked me in the balls. I tried to get her to tell me what was wrong but she would only say our marriage wasn't working and she wanted a divorce. We did get a divorce and afterwards I found out that Nancy had been fooling around with a co-worker from work. Needless to say, I was at a low point in my life. A few… Read more

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was it a dream, a vision, imagination, or a wormho

VoyeurFirst TimeSex Humor

the day had started off like the more, or less usual ho-hum-drum, blah, blahseh, blip, motionless status as of the present given moment in time, &/or like as if I myself am, or was in suspended animation, unemployed, unschooled, unmarried, unfriended by last girlfriend even so since the break-up. & I don't want to get into that being of the religious-church-hypocrites being of whom I myself am usually, quite regularly encountering that being of their presence upon any given sabbathical sunday. & so I myself had decided to make that being of one of my fairly regular trips to that b… Read more

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Wang Dang Sweet Poontang

Interracial SexFirst TimeHardcore

“Wang I want to impregnate your bride.” Those were the words Gary Wang heard from his boss John Calhoun. His head was spinning, he must have misheard, or maybe it was some kind of joke. “Excuse me sir, what did you say?” “You heard me Wang. I said I want to fuck your pretty Asian bride and knock her up! You see my wife Doris, she’s gone through menopause and our k**s have grown up and left the house, so what we would really like is for your wife to carry a c***d for us.” John explained. Gary was stunned here at his own wedding reception his boss whom he admired was proposing impregnating his… Read more

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my first time in egypt

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

i would like to say this before i start parts of the story are true but to keep the persons involved out of any trouble i changed the names and added a few things to arent completely true so my story is both fantasy and true this is the first female i had and she was not to be the only one her boss was the second one and because she and her husband are wealthy and very powerful i will not get into names at this point but the one in the picture was a very hot fuck and ill tell you how i came to fuck her and her boss but first ill… Read more

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Sex Goddess, Maya

HardcoreFirst TimeVoyeur

She just pushed me against the wall and came at me like a tiger. I loved that she was taking charge. For once, I also wanted to go rough on things. “Enough of being a nice sweet guy in the bed. Let’s rough it up”, that is how I thought. She was kissing me all over my face and biting my neck. Her hands went dow… Read more

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Identuical twin sisters

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I had been going out with Saffron ever since I was 18, about six months ago now. She had long blonde hair, fantastic legs, and a body to die for. I went round to her flat last Saturday evening as usual, and I couldn’t help noticing that her mannerisms were slightly different on this occasion, but thought no more of it at the time. She was more extrovert than I had ever known her to be on that day. Normally she was a little shy about having sex, and I usually had to build her up to it, but this time she couldn’t wait to get me into bed. I was as you can imagine, well happy with this new turn… Read more

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Seducing And Fucking My South Indian Maid

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

I am from a town area in south India. Later, I moved to Delhi for studies. I am a girl of 20 years of age but I am going to tell this story in a boy’s perspective. So, this hot story is about me. When I used to be in my hometown, I used to be a shy guy and I used to have a good boy image. We had a servant whom we called Pushpakka who used to clean our house. She was almost 36 years, same age as my mom. I was 19. Pushpakka was with us fr… Read more

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A Marriage Function

HardcoreInterracial SexFirst Time

real story which happened to me with my friend’s virgin wife. You must be wondering as to married and virgin. So please read the complete story to know. How did I took virginity of my friend’s wife. Her name is Neeta(name changed). She is i… Read more

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My mom Debbie had a quickie with me

TabooMatureFirst Time

Debbie, a 44 year old housewife, was happy with her life except for the fact that she felt like a servant in her own home from time to time. This Saturday morning was one of those times, as her husband was out playing golf with his buddies and her k**s were still in bed. Meanwhile, she was stuck doing the chores. By the time she would finish cleaning sweat would be pouring off of her five and a half foot 140 pound body. Her 40DD bra cups would be soaked in her perspiration and her size 8 panties would be stuck to her mammoth ass. She resigned herself to the Saturday morning ritual. The only g… Read more

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FetishFirst TimeHardcore

So I was dating this girl Ashley one summer while I was working out of town. She was a few years younger than me, and cute She was tall--about 5'10"--and very thin with slim legs a yard long and small, firm breasts punctuated by always-hard, tiny dark nipples precisely in the center of each boob. Below them, a long waist stretched to prominent hipbones. Trailing down from her sexy "outie" navel was a furrow of black hair that blossomed into a thick patch of pubic hair. I'm not k**ding here, but her face was nearly identical to that of a young Katie Couric, with dark hair, though Ashley had… Read more

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Another initiation.

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

As you will recall from my prior story, my former nanny had been the person who initiated me into sex, during a vacation at my grandparents' ranch. We had continued our secret meetings right before dawn at the same stream, where the workers sometimes went to bathe. I would anxiously wait the signal she would give me the day before, and had a fitful sleep anticipating the moment. I would get up before dawn and slowly follow the path to the stream, where later Nana would come to bathe. I would emerge from the bush as soon as she was nude, penis already erect. I had begun to gain stamina compa… Read more

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How I First Became A Piss Freak

Group SexFetishFirst Time

Maybe this is not as much a story, as it is an introduction. See, I've been into piss play for as long as I can remember. It all began as a result of my first, being, a bed-wetter, and then having experienced piss play as in integral part of my very first initial sexual experiences, coupled too, with my first experiencing sex with a man, and then with a man and a woman together for my first two initial encounters. In other words, plain old, straight ,missionary position, suckie-fuckie-sex, just doesn't quite do it for me. I can, but I really like multiple partners and I like it really, really,… Read more

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FetishFirst TimeTaboo

It was a late fall afternoon when I was walking home from band practice. My dad was running late in picking me up so I told him I would be walking home and he could pick me up at the park. When I got to the park I needed to go to the bath room really bad, so I went to the public restroom all parks have. I did not see the hole in the wall in the stall until I was hit with a rude and nasty surprise. While doing my business I felt something thumb me on the back of my head. I was in shock when I turned around. At eye level there was this hard thick throbbing cock pointing at my face. It was the… Read more

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Mom wants my opinion

TabooMatureFirst Time

When I came home one night after being out with the guys, Mom and Dad were yelling at each other. Dad slammed the front door on his way out. Mom was crying and I could smell the booze. I was hoping Dad would come back home after he sobered up. I asked, “What’s the problem, Mom?” “It’s none of your dammed business.” I sternly responded, “Mom, it is my business. I love both you and dad.” “I don’t think your dad loves me any more.” “Mom, sit down and let’s talk.” “Alright, fix me another drink and fix one for yourself, too.” I knew she didn’t need anymore to drink, but I went ahead and fi… Read more

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Female Slave Market Auction

BDSMFetishFirst Time

A good friend of ours in the US told us that there would be a Slave Market Auction coming up in Southern Texas & that it was going to be a Fund Raising night for a Male Dom that had come down with Cancer. We have never attended a Slave Market Auction before, both my slaves & I were talking about this when diana asked if we could go, as it sounded like it would be a good event & for a good cause. alice said she had gone on line & read about real slave auctions, but didn't want to be sold to someone else as she was very happy with me owning her, & that our life style was the… Read more

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First time sharing my wife

VoyeurGroup SexFirst Time

For years my wife let me video tape her and the two of us having sex. I did it every so often. She never really cared to watch them afterwards, but knew that I enjoyed them. One time I told her that to get a really good video, someone would have to hold the camera and move around. Her immediate reaction was "no way!" But I kept talking about what it would be like to have someone video tape us during foreplay. She loves it when I tell stories. She liked the idea of the fantasies, but was clear that it was just fantasy play and that none of my stories would ever become reality. So I was free to… Read more

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