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The First Night in My Bed

Gay MaleFirst TimeAnal

It was a Friday and Jim and I had Gym together and we would wait till everyone was in the shower and the take each others Shorts off. Then we would go into the shower and look at all their Cocks. I know my water was on a little cold so I would not get a Hard On. Then at study hall we would sit in the corner and talk about their Cocks. We would make each other so Horny and then have to go back to Class. I know both of us have a Hard On by the way we walked. Right after school, Jim walked up to me and asked to spend the night with me. Well, we have never spent the night together before this b… Read more

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My Tranny Schoolgirl Fantasy

ShemalesGay Male

As I sat on my couch, i was thinking, "Being alone doesn't have good perks. Maybe if I wanted to dream something naughty, it might be cool." So, I closed my eyes, and I dreamed of a very naughty tranny schoolgirl who would do what i like. All of a sudden, I heard a sexy female voice say to me, "Hey Brian, you bad boy, you big stud." I woke up, and there was this hot tranny girl who was dressed as a naughty tranny schoolgirl. She had nice lovely pigtails, a very sexy tied tight white top, in which her gorgeous boobs were poking through, a very sexy stomach, a very short plaid skirt, knee highs,… Read more

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My first cock... days later.

Gay Male

“How an unexpected night changed my life forever” To fully understand, you have to know how it all came about. I wrote about it earlier. You have to put yourself in my shoes. You have to remember when you were that age, so horny you could mastubate 3 times a day and still drool over every sexy girl, or boy, that walked by. I was at the age when you just start getting your first tastes of freedom and start experimenting with sex. My next shift at the restaurant was days after the Christmas party. I was so nervous to go. I thought that maybe everyone would know what had happened at Sherry’s, wh… Read more

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All I wanted in a BBC Gay

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

After my divorce, I had several sexual encounters that led me to try experimenting with things I would previously never have considered. This story is about the third guy I experimented with one-on-one. The first time I went to Dave's apartment, I spent most of the evening on my knees, licking, kissing, and sucking his massive black cock while he watched a basketball game. We met as a result of a personal ad, and had talked on the phone prior to me working up the courage to go to his apartment. Dave had a deep, manly voice that made me melt. He told me that he liked being serviced by white bo… Read more

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My first BBC while house sitting

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

I recieved a call from my mother asking if I could house sit for a week while she was out of town, I told her I would and she gave me the dates. The time came I arrived at her house she gave me info on where she was going, phone numbers and also she mentioned that her friend Robert would be coming by at some point during the week to pick up some paperwork and then she left. Later that afternoon I called up a friend told him I was house sitting for my mom and wanted to know if he wanted to come and spend the night which he did and we had sex pretty much all night and he left the next afternoon.… Read more

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True Story. My First Time

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

My first time. I just went through a nasty break up. I really thought that she was the one. We had been together for a few years and really did some exploring in our sexuality. A work buddy of mine that I had been working with for a few months knew what had happened. We had never hung out outside of work. But he was a pretty cool guy to talk to at work. Anyway. He was trying to take me out to help me get my mind off of her. I turned him down for about a week. One day I finally gave in and told him that I wanted to go downtown. So after work I went home to shower and get dressed. He picked me… Read more

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Gay Husband - A Divorce Revenge Story

Gay MaleTabooHardcore

Getting a divorce is normally quite hard... especially if you want out and she doesn’t. Most people pick fights (precursors) to make life so miserable, that you’ll each want out. However, it can take months or even years... and it’s incredibly painful! The technique I used with Olga (Russian hottie) was to pretend to “become gay”. I’m bisexual so it wasn’t too much of a stretch. Once I decided that I was done, I developed and implemented “Operation Gay Husband”. It was purposefully mean but with a twist... she didn’t know I was getting even for all the crapp she put me through with her chur… Read more

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He said you were Huge Gay

FetishGay Male

It was a rainy Thursday evening, and I was sprawled out on the couch watching Netflix when I received three texts in quick succession from an unknown number: "Hey Ryan It's Tyler What's up?" Tyler? I searched my memory in vain for a few seconds until another message appeared: "We met at Melissa's party last weekend." I remembered now. Short blond hair, stubble, muscular build. Cute, honestly. He was a friend of a friend, and we'd played a game of beer pong together and chatted for a while about classes and music and baseball afterwards. I texted back. "Hey man, what's going on?" "You kno… Read more

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My first cock.

First TimeGay Male

“The story of how and why, with two willing girls there, I sucked my first cock” A few months after I started my very first job, they had their annual Christmas party. Even though I wasn’t old enough to drink, I was invited anyways, and the party was held in the very restaurant we all worked at. The music was loud and the drinks were flowing. I even snuck a few myself. Hours later, I was feeling the full effects of those drinks and was out on the dance floor when Sherry danced up to me. Sherry was a hostess there and a wild girl. Tall, thin, big hair, very flirty and always wore skin tight d… Read more

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Outed by Debi - Forced by part 2

FetishGay MaleTaboo

Debi’s forced Bi plan was a huge success! However, she had a lot more in mind and her strategy for keeping me away from women had just begun. After we finished round one of our amazing mfm bisexual threesome, Debi had us each take a viagra, and take a shower. She wanted us rock hard and took tons of photos... sexually explicit and romantically passionate. We were making out, holding hands, rubbing our dicks together, washing each other’s backs, etc. After we dried off, she had us get dressed and go into the living room for some more pictures. She had Rob go just outside of the front door… Read more

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Getting Started

Gay Male

Getting Started By: Londebaaz Chohan Arun was an extremely diligent worker in his office and everybody praised him for being not only a good team worker; ready to help anyone, whatever he could but as an employee, who never came late to his work. Arun believed that it was better to be half an hour early than being one minute late. After years of such a great reputation; for some reason he had started being late to work for the last about a week or 2 weeks by hardly 15 minutes or even less like most of the other employees. You may call Arun as a gay boy of hardly a month over 19 years… Read more

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student summer job

Interracial SexGay MaleShemales

I land a summer job at the cofee shop and started early first monday of the summer session, no school just this job it had been 2 weeks, i was getting good at making latte and serving customers i was meating with the store owner on friday , he was gone for the start of my job and didnt knew he was a big tall older black guy i was intimidated when i met him and told to stay after the store close to see if i learn to service cofee the shift went on and i saw him came late in his bmw parked in the store front we were soon alone and i had to show my barrista skills I brought him a latte an… Read more

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My new girlfriend and her Gay friend.

First TimeGay Male

I barely knew Kara, but she was wild and the sex was great. I met her at a physical therapy office, she worked the front desk. I was there for a sports related injury and ended up asking her out. I was back in the office for another appointment when she suggested I get a massage for her friend Darren, who also worked there. “He has magic hands” she told me. That’s when things started to get complicated. Darren looked like the type of guy you would see in a perfume ad, diving into the sea. Young, good looking and fit. I layed on the massage table and he started to rub my back and shoulders. Hi… Read more

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A bit of unexpected fun

Gay MaleFirst Time

This is pure fiction. Hope you enjoy. I was out for a walk in the neighborhood yesterday to have a look at a new subdivision that is currently in the excavating stage. My wife and I have been periodically checking on the progress with some thought towards possibly buying a home there. I had a look around and had just turned towards home when an SUV slowed down and stopped beside me. A guy, I would estimate in his late thirties, rolled down the window. "I was just driving around and noticed there were some roads and services going in here. Do you have any idea when it's going to be finished?"… Read more

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neighbor fun

FetishTabooGay Male

I was sitting around the house relaxing and had on my sissy outfit like most of the time. I had on red nylons this time along with red and black garter belt black open cup bra and black 6” high heel sandals. I was just kind of sitting at the computer and was looking at pictures and videos. I was getting horny and started to play with my nipples and stroke my cock a little. I did not notice at first but I had the curtains open and the neighbor was outside in his back yard doing yard work. He was younger then me and was nice as I had met him a few times but got the impression that he was gay bec… Read more

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My sexual fantasies

FetishMatureGay Male

These are all the fantasies I have. 1. Shemales, Tgirls and Ladyboys A sexual fantasy I always dream about is fucking a tgirl, shemale or ladyboy. I adore the female form, a tight pair of tits and a nice round bubble butt is a weakness to all men. However, I also admire a nicely cut, 7 inch cock with a nice pair of balls and a pronounced mushroom head. So when I discovered shemales, tgirls and ladyboys, I was in love. The best of both worlds. Sucking you the first time, then bending you over and fucking you the next. There is nothing more arousing to me then a beautiful girl with a co… Read more

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Teen becomes older couple’s boy toy.

Gay MaleTaboo

“Lick his cum up” she ordered. I had just sucking her husbands cock, making him spurt across his stomach. I enjoyed the taste of his sperm, but something about a cumming, spurting was so sexual, so manly and arrousing, I pulled my mouth from him at the last second, just as I sensed his orgasm building, and jerked his big dick off. My friend Jon’s mom, touched her big, wet pussy as she spoke, laying there watching me blow her husband, she began dipping her fingers deep inside herself. I ran my tongue up Jon’s dad’s stomach and tasted his seed. The flavor made my cock begin to harden again. My… Read more

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New Muscle

Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

***Myles appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the "In'DaMan'd" Universe.*** The steady rhythm of the treadmill calmed Myles, it eradicated all of his thoughts and stresses. All he had to do was just keep running forward. Every so often his concentration would falter and Mason would slip into his mind. He couldn't make sense of his feelings about him, he was definitely attracted to him, they had and brief encounter a few weeks ago but literally everything had changed after that night. Their relationship was no longer the same an… Read more

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My “Gay” date. Seeing him again.

Gay Male

Even though he had given me his phone number, I threw it away. Thinking it was a one time, passing case of curiousity, I would never want to see him again. I was wrong. Within days I began to realize just how wrong I was. I found myself craving him, yearning for him, wanting to experience being with him again. I began to wait outside his place, When I finally saw him, my heart raced, my pulse quickened. Feelings I had not had since maybe jr. high school were now flooding through me. I waited a few moments, then knocked on his door. With his same confident, casual manner, he invited me in. Sa… Read more

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My first “Gay” date.

First TimeGay Male

I couldn’t believe he asked me out so confident, so bold, so self assured. He was a big, masculine, manly type of a guy, like I was and I was shocked at how forward he was. I had never been out with another guy before, let alone hook up with one. Although, I must admit, I had been curious and thought about it before. Maybe he sensed it. He asked if Id like to go get a beer and get to know eachother. I figured no harm in that and agreed. Over a couple beers at a near by sports bar, we watched a game and engaged in a little small talk. When he suggested we go back to his place, I paused. Maybe… Read more

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