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the party little cock sucker

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He made sure I coudnt understand what was going on, pretending it was going to be ok and no one would know he feed me cum in secret at night Since that night at the park where he gently let me suck my first cock ever making me into his secret cock lover I never felt so trap in my life, getting inside the restaurant and meeting his buddies they all shook my hands and smile at me in a weird way I was drinking talking with them starting to think it was just my imagination, his friends arent aware.... until i was out with henry, my secret daddy, outside the restaurant , they had rent the whol… Read more

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Prostitute Stories: Mother and Daughter

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I’ve bounced around from city to city, state to state, across the country (though I know I’ve been vague on specifics). Each time I start at a new location it’s exciting, it’s an opportunity to meet a whole group of new women. I know when my stories jump around from woman to woman it makes it seem like I’m with a new girl every night. In actuality most of the time I see the same women working. It’s their job and they work as many hours as you work at your job, maybe more. The excitement (and most of my stories) come from the thrill of meeting the new girl on the block maybe someone who rarely… Read more

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Some black cocks after beach

AnalInterracial SexVoyeur

During that cold winter at New York, my sweet Ana convinced me we could escape for a couple days to any island in the Caribbean. I thought it was a very good idea and I told her to get the tickets, since my Boss had given me a full week free from office, because he said I deserved some rest after so many business trips. But then my wife added that she could get the chance to fuck some other real men with huge black cocks as I enjoyed the beach... Anita chose Bahamas and there we went for a full weekend. On our first day there we went for a walk at the sandy beach in front of the resort and w… Read more

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Choosing a BBC for my sexy wife

AnalVoyeurInterracial Sex

My sexy wife had challenged me I that would not stand watching her being well fucked by a Big Black Cock. Then I said I would and Ana opened her eyes in surprise… I added that I would even look for a perfect candidate… So, I started doing some searching on the internet. After a few days of swapping mails, I finally found someone that I thought would fit… Jeremiah sounded more than willing to participate, after I explained him about the situation. I asked him for some shots of him nude and then I got amazed watching his eleven inches long black dick… I told Ana nothing about what I was setti… Read more

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A nice morning awakening

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

My eyes were covered by some piece of soft cloth. I heard his deep voice, ordering me to climb on top of him, hovering over his saliva soaked cock. My own cum has lubed my pussy lips… I started lowering myself slowly onto that magnificent cock. I felt its tip touch my waiting pussy as I impaled myself on him. I let my weight to make me get down until I felt him hitting deep inside. His huge hands reached out for my boobs, cupping them, pinching my hardened nipples between his fingers. Then I started riding his cock, with my hands resting on his shoulders and my legs lifting my naked body… Read more

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Two blacks just for me

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

My girlfriend Helena and I had shared a nice friendship with Caroline during the first years we moved to the States; but one day she and her hubby moved to a near small town from us. After some months, Caroline invited us to spend a week end with her. We arrived during a Friday evening and all three of us were really happy with this lovely meeting. Saturday morning Helena and I spend another glorious time with our dear girlfriend and then at late afternoon we both went for a walk in the local shopping mall. Having walked around finding nothing nice to purchase; we ended at a small bar close… Read more

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SLUT Ann wedding day degradation

BDSMTabooInterracial Sex

My name is Ann, well actually, it's been Slut Ann most of my life. My body has ruled me always. My nipples would itch, then when I played with them or scratched them, a charge would go through my body and make me crazy, insanely horny. It’s like the beginning of a huge orgasm that stays with me until I cum. The type of horny where there are no limits. Once that happened, I would need to cum many times to settle down. We were very poor, so clothes weren't replaced regularly. As a result, I wore old thin panties where the liner was wearing out and spaghetti half tanks that were also wore thin. T… Read more

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night cruising sissy

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Its summer again , 2am driving in my big suv wearing my brand new disney princess cute panty , in a hoodie slightly open my little little camisole underneath it I love parking near the daddy i spotted and wait watching him starting to get curious about me, alone smoking my cigarette waiting for him to get closer I love to watch them look down at my shave legs in my very girly little pink panty with a disney princess on the side , my little cage so obvious in my tight panty smilling at him opening my hoodie the big smile they do when they realise what iam and what i need reaching down to… Read more

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Going for a quickie in a glory hole

MatureTabooInterracial Sex

After a night out and a very nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, my beloved husband and I were very horny and both of us could not wait until coming back home. Victor drove for a short while and we ended in the parking lot of an adult book store we had not been in before. He smiled at me and caressed my leg as he asked if I wanted to go in and do something quick. I reached over and ran my hand over his bulge looking him in the eyes and nodded a yes in silence, as we both smiled… We walked in and I went directly to look the sex toys, sexy lingerie outfits and some particular creams and lubric… Read more

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Overtime Victory

Interracial SexHardcore

by williacj I sat at Starbucks inside the Marriott hotel with curvy 32 years old reddish brown haired Cindi a full time investment broker. I told her i don't believe in getting married.”I don’t want to be tied down, I’m a rolling stone.”i told her. she was surprised by my honesty"wow you pull no punches there's no fist in your glove"she says. I'm an honest man, i don't believe in playing game i just think being honest in these situations is better than lying" I told her. “well i''m not the kind of woman who goes around sleep… Read more

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Fucking A Spectator

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I looked through my blinds just to make sure my audience was ready. Teresa was sitting on her porch trying her best to not look obvious. I tied my sneakers and headed out the door. Everyday at 2 PM I took my afternoon 2 mile jog and everyday the ladies, including my older next door neighbor Teresa, would watch me. I never made it obvious that I knew but I knew. I had heard some neighbor gossip that she was heavily into black guys. Her husband Claude just couldn’t get it up anymore. They were approaching 60 and her sex life was reduced to eyeballing the outline of my dick in my compression shor… Read more

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Wife turns the table on Husband

First TimeInterracial SexGroup Sex

Nina is a very attractive long legged blonde. Her body has always exhibited a unique sexiness. Her face is so erotic looking with a shorter hair style. She looks awesome in short dresses, and I have always fantasized about her from the first time I was introduced. Nina looks a lot like the star of Madam Secretary. Her legs are very shapely, her breasts perfect in size, and her upper body is long, slender, and fit. One day Nina came home from her insurance job. She lives in a Milwaukee suburb with her husband. She parked her car in the driveway and proceeded to get out of her car. She was dres… Read more

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HardcoreInterracial Sex

by williacj I've been trying to talk to her for a long time, eventually my efforts lead to a hang out at my place after work. the doorbell to my Marshall hall apartment rings and I buzz her in. 5 minutes later there's a knock on my door.”it's open” I said. the door to the room swings open and lovely light skinned Cristina Vela comes walking in she kicks the door shut walks up to me and presses her lips against mine. she puts her tongue in my mouth and i reach down and give her ass a firm squeeze, we french kiss for several minutes. I start squeezing her titties and kissed her on her belly b… Read more

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No Don't Stop Blacken

First TimeInterracial SexGroup Sex

Michelle was a quality manager for a manufacturing company. She had not had sex with her husband in a very long time, and she was very horny. Her body was hot; she had long sexy legs, worked out all the time, and kept herself tanned. She often traveled with her husband to her son’s hockey games in St Louis. They found themselves in St Louis and decided to go to a local bar. They walked into the bar and immediately noticed that the bar was all black guys. Michelle was scared, but her husband said live a little and let’s have a drink. There was a group of 4 guys playing pool. They were all bla… Read more

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One of my shemale escapades from back in the day

FetishShemale PornInterracial Sex

A number of years later, after my first shemale expereince, I still had a penchant for a hot shemale or a slender sissyboy who was passable. That's when I met Gina, who fit the mold of a slender sissyboy who was much more than passable, she was gorgeous. The first time we got together was on a rainy Sunday afternoon. My wife was out of town and I was cruising aroind on AOL in the SoCal Shemales chatroom. I came across her screenname and we started to chat. We traded writen descriptions of one another and she sounded very hot. She was white, in her late 30's and was married like me. She told m… Read more

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Dorestine's initiation

BDSMInterracial SexHardcore

Prologue She had prepared herself well for Massa. Her ebony body had been scrubbed clean and oiled, making her skin shimmer and shine in the light from the many candles that lined the dungeon. This black slut was nervous, but excited, as she waited for her Master. She checked her position to make sure it was exactly as he had ordered, on all fours, legs spread as wide as she could without falling. Her head was bowed, her eyes staring at the large breasts that hung like udders. She heard his voice in her head: ‘Swing those big fat udders for me, my slutty nigga.’ The teats were the darkest br… Read more

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"Some People Collect Stamps..."

Gay MaleInterracial SexVoyeur

I didn't go back to the adult bookstore where I'd jerked that other guy off for nearly six months. It wasn't that I hadn't enjoyed doing so, but the place was such a dirty, sleazy, depressing sort of ambience! It felt like a place where only losers would want to go and hang out at; and the same time, there had been an undeniable sense of unbridled, unvarnished, and open sexual lust; and it had exhilarated me, even as the place itself appalled me! I'd been close to my mother growing up (not so much with my father), and I knew that she would have been more than a little horrified t… Read more

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Wife Gets a UTI Blacken PT2

Interracial SexFetishGroup Sex

During the next couple of hours Kari took a few more loads of black cum clearly sealing her addiction. The only thing was, after two hours we all went to bed, Kari sandwiched between the two black men. Everyone was exhausted, so Kari laid on her side with a black cock pressed against her front and back. Just before drifting off, we all had another drink of the elixir. I plugged in the dvd and had it play softly in the background, hoping to influence anybody who might wake during the night. I woke a few hours later to some loud moans and the bed shaking and Kari sandwiched between the two of t… Read more

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BBC in Bahamas Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

This is a story of how my wife became a slut for bbc. My wife has always admired black men and finds some of them very attractive. My dream was to see her in a state of wild sexual abandon where she loses all her inhibitions and is all about the sex. She has been close to this when it is just the two of us, but I always felt that she never quite tapped into her sexuality. Occasionally we would watch IR porn and she would get crazy wet. She was always hesitant to take things to the next level though and we had tabled the idea of adding a third to our relationship. As is often the case, that… Read more

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Wife Gets a UTI On Vacation Blacken

First TimeInterracial SexGroup Sex

Easing into my beach chair, I enjoyed the warmth of the morning Caribbean sun as I began watching the ocean waves roll onto the beach. It was my second day into a 2 week vacation on the island of Saint Maarten with my wife Kari. After weeks of deliberating where to go, then working out the details and making reservations, I was glad to finally start to relax. My experience was that it took a few days to finally shift into vacation mode and feel "sand gravity" where time didn't matter and you lived in the moment. The beach was already starting to get busy, so I grabbed our soft sided cooler an… Read more

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