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Sissies owner p3

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Daddy told cyntia to wait in the car He needed to unload and i was going to learn how he liked to **** his sissy daughter He locked the restroom door pushing me back in when i tried to leave and throw me on the toilet seat bend over ''you are just a fucking slut now, you never gonna be a boy again '' unlocking my chastity belt , my toy plug buzzing removed and pushed in my mouth, locked the straps on my head , gagged and ass up he fucked me like a wore hard and fast making me squeal on the toilet his fat cock stretching me calling me a slut a wore a cumdump for real man and he cum all… Read more

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Sensual Betrayals

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The day couldn’t have been better for our little reunion. It had been a year since the four of us had last gotten together. It was the summer break after our first year in college and we decided to meet in a little coffee shop in town. There was Jill, my best friend since 4th grade, Britney who we met in 6th and Tonya who moved to our town during 9th grade. Through the rest of our days in high school, we were a foursome. Always together and as tight as four friends can be. We were also the most popular girls in our class. Britney was our homecoming queen during our senior year and was always… Read more

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sissy owner p2

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The morning after daddy made me into a sissy , i realised i was her 4th sissy white boy to be trained by him Cyntia was back in the morning knocking on my door waking me up I look at her holding some weird thing to me and lift her dress to let me see what is was she was wearing one, turning around letting me see the plugged and locked toy buzzing in her by the weird belt ''daddy keeps us locked and ready for his cock , we are going to have breakfast and he wanted me to help my sister'' ''dont worry you will get use to be like this, I love mine'' pushing me on my bed, helping me out of my… Read more

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Appartment’s park

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my hubby is in private job here,so as we both are enjoying our personal life without any responsibility (no k**s)till now,it’s really easy living with your hubby only but if you are not in job than you will feel bore in home alone. So as my hubby left home in the morning at 08:45 am and returns home till 07:30 pm ,there are less work in home as living in appartment’s flat never makes… Read more

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Office fuck

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I have enjoyed a lot with my hubby Ankit ,his friend Iqbal and with as Rima ,is a young married lady of 26 years,I have lost my virginity to my hubby on first night and than as he fucked me in a regular basis,I got addicted of it and than my mind become so dirty that one’s a stranger seduced me in a shopping mall and I got fucked in his car and lastly ,my hubby a conservative appr… Read more

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Finding my way 02: My college year

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Chapter two During the holidays, I miss Mary-Jo. I loved our strange relationship. After the holiday I go to College to study ‘Computer and Information Science’. I continue to wear my Goth clothes; it scars most other students away. I can do as I want as other students leave me alone. My experiences with Mary-Jo have an impact. I can walk by single or a few black or white men or even large groups of white men do not bother me. But when I walk by a group of ten or more Niggers, my cunt gets wet, very wet. I hasten my pass and go home to make my homework. As I concentrate on my homework, the f… Read more

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A rising star.

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... The three black thugs used my white bubble butt in turn. Each ramming their huge black meat deep inside. I had to use all my experience to make sure they got their money's worth. They took me hard, and my ass muscles worked overtime. Milking them dry. One after the other could not withstand my ass for long though. Filling their XXL condoms with loads of spunk ... A continuation of: Let me tell you how it came about that I was on a call-out with the 3 b… Read more

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BBC for two Japanese hookers

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Alright so this is story/ question (for other black guys out there i need some negroe advice). So here is the situation: I love my asian bitches but whenever i get one they always quit on me halfway through fucking. Now is this a trend? You guys pick up a girl who quits halfway through? Worse if a hooker quits and does not finish the job the way you want because "Too much" should you really be paying in full? So here is the scenario... The first time i ever hooked up with an asian girl was in from a club. Brought her home, laid some nice ground work (i split my foreskin when i lost my virgini… Read more

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Unsatisfied Wife and Group sex

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I am a housewife. I was 21 when I was married to a 39 year old man. My parents forced me to marry this man because we where 6 sisters and we belonged to middle class family. My height is 5 2″ and my figure is 35 28 34. My husband name is Yasir. He is a rich man with cars and a big bungalow, servants. Since my wedding night I understood that he will never be able to satisfy me as it took… Read more

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swathi– wife whored in train-1

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It was a Monday & Mohit (my hubby) & I had gone to attend a wedding. Hindi sex stories. I was dressed in a silver colored sari & a matching sleeveless blouse. My silky brown hair was tied up in French knot & only the narrow back of my low cut blouse covered my back. The front was also equally low cut but my pallu was covering my cleavage (at least at that time.) Hindi Sex St… Read more

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First time with a BBC Part 2 the next night

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We laid there for a few minute then he cleaned up got dress and said “You free tomorrow night boy for some more black dick?” All I could do was lay there and nodded yes. "Good" he said "When I call you be naked and on your knees waiting for me. Also don't play with yourself while I am not here." The next day at work all I could think about was his visit and me pleasing BBC. I got nothing done that day. When I got back to the hotel I cleaned up and waited for his call. I was waiting and wishing the call would cum but nothing. I was hard while I waited butt remembered what he told me about not… Read more

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Babe shower

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by williacj Inspired by a early afternoon shower, enjoy! I went into the bathroom to take a shower this afternoon I turned on the water and as I was showering someone pulled back the shower curtain, i looked over to see a long bleach blonde haired teenage girl standing there.she was wearing a white t shirt with pink hearts on it tight pink shorts and thong sandals. "What are you doing here?" i asked she put her fingers to her lips."just let me see it" she demanded she pulled back the shower curtain."I've never seen one t… Read more

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Sissies owner

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I was caught and owned by a older Haitian guy who just divorced his wife and wanted a pet to leash up and train to behave like a good sissy boi slut It has been only a week and he come at night in my apartment to train me to be the perfect little sissy girl At first I was so nervous when he made me wear panty and frilly camisole , but now its just normal i cant sleep if iam not wearing one of the cute panty he bought me my ass was already trained to open up on my dildo all i needed was a little help to fall into being a sissy owned obedient white bimbo he made me do cam shows for him aft… Read more

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Two guys made me whore

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It’s a nice morning as I wake up early and after having refreshment ,bath and breakfast ,left for college.swati,a 22 years gal is in her deep maroon leggings with sky blue crop-tops,as her lovely boobs looks like pair of big oranges,her sexy ass seems to be a big watermelon with a deep cut inbetween put a high heel sandals in my legs ,put purse with some note books in it and walked o… Read more

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Fantasy Island

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“I’m sorry Kathy, I can’t go.” It was the words I dreaded to hear but had actually expected. “I’m really sorry but a week is just too long to get away right now.” My friend was right, we really didn’t think she was going to be able to come with me on the trip, but I had no one else to invite. You see, I am a widower of 4 years, my husband died in a car accident and left me with our three c***dren. The youngest is in her first year of college and when I won a trip for two to Jamaica, I thought it would be a chance for me to get away on a long, overdue vacation. The problem was my friend and… Read more

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Africa life fantasy

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Went on a walk in the in the bush alongside river second day after I arrived for a long time wanted vacation in Africa. Had left alone cause I needed some alonetime from all stress, and a life I didn`t like at home. But now I was here in an unknown place, lost my direction and needed a break and rest. After an hour I heard noises from the bush. I couldn't see anyone, but someone was out there.. I got a bit scared and ask "hello" out in the air. But there were no respond. I crawled back towards the river to get some space. Four steps away from the muddy river, I felt something prick the front… Read more

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My son`s black sexy friend

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I am a 46 year-old mother of teenage boy. I am 5’1” tall, with curly black hair, brown eyes and I pretty thick. I am 46GG with large areolas and large nipples. My husband is a oil engineer who contracts with several large companies and is away from home from time to time. We have with years got an average sex life and I have had only a few men before I met my husband. My husband was leaving on a trip to Colorado during holidays to meet some friends, he ask if me and my son would come too, but our son was a high school senior on the varsity football team and did not want to miss his last homeco… Read more

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My whole world Changed Cuckold

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My whole world changed one Saturday night. When I woke up that morning, it appeared to be typical, but little did I know I'd be in for the experience of my lifetime that same night. ****** A little backstory. My wife, Alyssa, was a very hot wife, but she dressed very conservatively. She had 34D tits, but never wore shirts that showed off even the tiniest peek of her cleavage. I continued to push her to show herself off more, but up until recently, she'd mostly ignored me. I'd long been mentioning the idea of cuckolding me, but my wife was very reluctant of the idea. She had the typical res… Read more

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My whole world Changed PT2 Cuckold

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It all started out innocently. My wife, Alyssa, was fulfilling a fantasy of mine by becoming dominant over me. I'd shared with her my "fantasy" of her withholding sex, becoming dominant, and making me so sexually frustrated that I'd beg for sex, but I never imagined where I'd find myself a few months later. As I mentioned in my previous story, Alyssa had gone much further than I'd ever imagined. Simply withholding sex from me wasn't enough for her, so she decided to find a "real guy" to fulfill her, sexually. I found that weirdly arousing and found myself even more in love with my wife. ****… Read more

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Am I A Slut Wife?

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Well this happened a few weeks ago, I just need to get it off my chest. Please do not judge me. But my girlfriends from college and I every few years take a trip together, girls only thing. We have a lot of fun. Nothing naughty, well most of the time we behave ourselves. But you know sometimes how the mood hits you. Me, Christy, Marge, and Tonya have known each other since high school. And now that we are in our mid fifties, married with family and all still get together to have some girl fun. Shopping, dancing and whatnot, girl stuff. We were driving thru Colorado and at about two o'clock i… Read more

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