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Wife Says We Now in a Polyamorous Relationship

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Grace got into bed beside me I reached over to pull my wife next to me and slide my hand between her legs. She pushes me off her and says not now I’m sore down there! I thought you had your period last week! Grace says I don’t have my period I’m sore! How the fuck can you be sore we haven’t had sex in nine months! She says not now Jake we do need to talk but not now I’m tird I’ll explain it all to you, just know your primary to me! Your fucking right we need to talk and what the fuck do you mean I’m primary I’m your fucking husband! I know Jake now come cuddle me and sooth me I’m really tird.… Read more

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Wang Dang Sweet Poontang

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“Wang I want to impregnate your bride.” Those were the words Gary Wang heard from his boss John Calhoun. His head was spinning, he must have misheard, or maybe it was some kind of joke. “Excuse me sir, what did you say?” “You heard me Wang. I said I want to fuck your pretty Asian bride and knock her up! You see my wife Doris, she’s gone through menopause and our k**s have grown up and left the house, so what we would really like is for your wife to carry a c***d for us.” John explained. Gary was stunned here at his own wedding reception his boss whom he admired was proposing impregnating his… Read more

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Emma Watson’s Turn on the Trapeze

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“It was a lot of fun watching ‘Behind the Green Door!’ But did you mean what you said about reenacting that t****ze scene; and especially about the extra men in the audience?” asked Travis. “Oh God yes!! Just the idea makes me horny! To be worshiped by five men at once, and then by an additional fifty men who had all worked up a big load in their prostates from watching me! Oh fuck yes . . . sign me up for that!” Emma said. Emma was thinking of what a great memory that would be when she was in her seventies, and how bad she would feel knowing she had the chance to be the center point of that… Read more

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The Wet Nurse

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My wife had a little baby boy a few months ago and wanted to breast feed her baby unfortunately she couldn't produce any milk. My wife comes from a family with large land holdings in Europe and is used to servants taking care of everything. We advertised for a nanny that had no objections to breast feeding our baby boy. We had a number of applicants for the job most could not provide breast milk. A sexy young woman knocked on our front door. She looked like Charmaine Sinclair her hair in dreadlocks and was holding a baby. "Hello" "Hi. Mom said you were looking for a wet nurse / nanny. "… Read more

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My Long Hair Neighbour Who Ride My Dick

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I have noticed Sunita, who is our neighbour. She stays with her husband and k**s right opposite to my flat where I live with my wife and k**s. Sunita has very long hair which she coloured with mild blonde colour. Her long hair shines so beautifully in the light. Maybe because my neighbour is from Coorg, she is very fair, slim and a bit short (close to 5’2″). My neighbour has a nice figu… Read more

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She Was Truly A Queen

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Met her on an online dating site. It was all normal chats, to begin with, and then after a while, we started being very comfortable. I was never a sick pervert dying for dirty chats. I was open, honest, casual and very friendly. Maybe that helped her t… Read more

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A Marriage Function

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real story which happened to me with my friend’s virgin wife. You must be wondering as to married and virgin. So please read the complete story to know. How did I took virginity of my friend’s wife. Her name is Neeta(name changed). She is i… Read more

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forced suck 2

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Forced Black Cock Suck Chapter II I tossed and turned all night long worrying about what would happen at work and what he was going to do, I thought I might have to quit my job but I knew job prospects were slim. But when I went into work the next day he didn't say a word to me, but I thought I saw the black guys grinning at me and leering a bit. For the next week everything was normal and I relaxed and I thought it was over, but then on the following Monday when I went to my car after work he was there in his truck. All he said was, 8 o'clock and drove away. I was a nervous wreck agai… Read more

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forced black suck 1

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Forced Black Cock Suck - Chapter I I worked with him at the warehouse. Most of the workers were black with a few white guys sprinkled in. All the guys were big and muscled, the whites and the blacks. It was warehouse work. The only reason I got the job was because my Uncle was a big client of theirs and they hired me to make him happy. I really didn't fit in I am a short skinny blond haired guy. I'm 23, they are all in their 30s and 40s. The blacks stuck together and made it clear that they really didn't want any part of being working buddies and the whites felt the same way. They all rod… Read more

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reluctant wife

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At 55, Bob Mitchell was an unhappy camper! For the last six months, he hadn't been able to keep an erection long enough to satisfy his young wife. His dick would get hard, but wouldn't stay that way. At first Viagra had helped, but now, even that potent d**g no longer worked. Sitting alone in his study, he was trying to think of when his problem had begun. He knew what was wrong, but not how to do anything about it. When sexually excited, his dick began leaking pre-cum, not only pre-cum, but actual cum. As soon as this happened, he lost his erection. It happened every time he tried making lov… Read more

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School Bus Daddy

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The white 2008 Chevrolet Express cargo van up to small one-story house at the end of the lane. The owner got out and spotted a c***d playing in the front yard. “Hi, little girl,” he said to the k** with a peaches-and-cream complexion, large hazel eyes, and sandy brown ringlets. He collected a toolbox from the back of the van. Then, he walked up the steps of the porch. The front door was open, but the screen door was closed. “Mss Doris! It’s me, Clyde!” He heard her call out for him to enter. “Hey, Clyde,” the 74 year-old woman smiled about to stand from the recliner. “No, ma’am! Don’t get up… Read more

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btm training

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If my friend new what i do at night iam not sure they woud see me again ringing at my daddy door after school that haitian divorced daddy who live near the metro station he had been taking the metro with me for a while before that evening asking me if id like to join him for a pool dip I was shy but he convince me after talking about it he was right the pool was nice no one was there all working in this hot day i was in my boxer relaxing in the water he came close to me ''feel good right boy?'' ''yeah nice place'' ''you smoke weed i like to sit in that low water sextion and smoke wh… Read more

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Labor Union

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By williacj Tiffany Ogle of the morning blend walked up to me.”what are you doing here?"she asked.”I'm off today,Don’t have to go back to work until Friday” i said to her. ”hon listen”she says sternly.”no one gets off on labor day.” “but I requested off from august 31st to this Friday” I told her“You still have to work”she says”there’s nothin wrong with working on labor day” She leaned up and pressed her soft pink lips against mine. We looked at each other and i took her hand and kissed it. she wrapped her arms around… Read more

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420 and netflix

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I met him for a nintendo switch game purchase , found on kijiji and went on a friday rainy evening I didnt recognize his voice at all over the fone call what a coincidence , to see the manager of the gamestop store i go sometimes to exchange my game ''hey i know you boy , im sure i saw you somewhere'' ''yes at the gamestop'' ''oh yes thats it my ex job, i should have known '' ''you dont work there now'' ''no I got a job at the big mall as operation manager kinda better'' ''you want a beer? '' ''sure why not'' ''wanna play some games'' and we played some gun games, he turn it into… Read more

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A Risky Quickie with Jerome

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A True Story: I stopped by one of my old sex partner Jerome's one afternoon. I hadnt seen him in over a year and thought id swing by to see him again. Jerome is a 60 yr old black man with a 8 inch fat dick. We used to fuck off and on for several years. Jerome answered the door and seemed pleasently surprised to see me. However, he informed me that he has a live-in girlfriend now , that in fact should be coming home soon. I told him that was cool i just stopped by to say hello not to fuck or anything. He told me he would like to fuck again, that i should come inside for a few minutes. I said i… Read more

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Wife to pros

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i married a very sexy and slutty woman named Pavitra She was (and still is) an extremely horny woman. When we married she had fucked over thirteen other men since she was f******n, she was divorced, had one son and had been unfaithful to her husband with more than one man. She used to tell me about her escapades and that would make very jealous but very horny at the same time. After some t… Read more

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Wife learns to make a cream pie

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As we prepared for my upcoming office party, Tammy looked for some pie recipes.Tammy is my wife and she also happens to be absolutely beautiful. As she looked through her cookbooks, she kept frowning. “I can’t find any good recipes. They all seem so average.” I told her to try the Internet for some ideas. She wanted to bake a cream pie or something like it for the party. She sat down at the… Read more

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Small Town, Big Action

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Things were going well in the small town thought Austen Penn as he pulled up to the carport in his burgundy 2017 Nissan Altima. The music teacher and band director for the local high school moved here a three years ago after searching for jobs in a limited market. He by no means initially sought out to live in place with a population of just over 9,000 residents. He grew up in a decent sized city and loathed the idea of being limited culturally or sexually. See, the educator was a gay Black man. A heavyset, effeminate gay Black man. Not long after Austen arrived, he found a barbershop to get… Read more

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Some fun after Adult Book Store's fun

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I had sucked in a very wild way that huge black cock in a glory hole booth at that filthy adult book store. But I wanted more; I really needed more than just sucking a hard piece of dark meat… Victor was there with me inside the cabin and, after the black dick filled my hungry mouth with warm semen, he just dropped to his knees and asked the stranger across the wall to stay still. Then my lovely husband took that still hard black cock in his mouth and sucked that stranger nigger dry. When he came for a second time, Victor swallowed all that cum and smiled at me. We heard some knock at the door… Read more

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Wife's turns into bar whore

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My wife and I had decided to spice up our sex life , we had always had a exciting sex life I was 30 she is 10 years older , she had really opened my eyes when it came to sex ... We regularly visited sex clubs and both participated index with strangers , but it wasn't long before we was looking for the next sexual adventure . So we had started what we called bar fishing .. I would enter a club or bar take a seat my wife would enter a few minutes later she would scan the bar wait to be approached then I'd watch her flirt with the stranger then she would make her excuses and we would both leave… Read more

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