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The New Sales Girl - Part Three

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The New Sales Girl - Part Three Finally the door opened again and the blindfold was removed. I was looking at Robert's shoes. He pull me up and removed the handcuffs then asked, "So how would you like to work for me DeAnn?" He sat down in the chair and told me I could pull up my jeans and get dressed again. I did and he told me to sit back down on the floor. So looking up at him I asked, "What kind of work would you like me to do Sir?" He smiled and said, "I'd like to start you out as my 'New Sales Girl" here in the lingerie… Read more

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my first

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One man that always turned me on, mature, sexy, intelligent and horny. I admired him from afar and heard rumours that he was 'gay'. He was a lot older than me but in great shape. We ended up working in teh same part of the building, I got talking to him a few times and the more I did the more I wanted him. Offering to stay behind and help one evening just to be near this sexy guy. Afterwards he said, hay I give you a lift home as a thank you. We drove the short distance home talking non stop to each other. do you ahve a girlfriend he asked. No I replied. Anyone you after he asked, no I lied. A… Read more

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Never judge a book.......


I've known John forever, we were next door neighbours as k**s, played together, stayed over at each others houses, did almost everything together, i had 4 brothers, John was number 5, growing up we explored life together, including our bodies, just silly stuff lol, i showed him my knickers, that kind of c***dish stuff but it reinforced our relationship, we became, and still are, completely at ease with each other and trust each other 100%, as teenagers we helped each other through the hard times of teenage crushes and all the stuff that happens , the bond between us meant we slept in the same… Read more

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DeAnn The New Sales Girl - Part Two


The New Sales Girl - Part Two Robert explained to me that he owned two stores side by side over at the large mall downtown. He told me one was a upscale lingerie shop and the other was a shoe store. I thought about all the sexy clothes and shoes I had seen at his mansion and I realized how easy such a collection must be for him to aquire. So it seems he planned to take me for a visit to both of his stores today. He said, "You may remove my cock from your mouth now and then you can go out to my car and get the bag in the back seat. I said, "Yes Sir" and got up. I was wearing jeans and white he… Read more

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Kilt Night at Cupidon

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Kilt Night at Cupidon, Paris It was Kilt Night at the Cupidon in Paris. I had no idea before I went. I hadn't been to Cupidon for several years, but that night it just happened that my hotel was nearby and at 11pm I felt like going out for a little walk. When I arrived the girl at the reception asked me if I would like to wear a kilt. The idea had never crossed my mind. So the game went like this. First I had to put on a kilt. To be more precise, she helped me to put on my kilt, which was lots of fun because I had to take my trousers off, and then also my boxers, because of course the kilt h… Read more

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Helen - Chapter 3


Chapter 3 I sat on the edge of the bed, the marital bed. I was about to break not only the vows of my marriage but I was also going to duck my own daughters friend. She walked in, she had my bath robe on loosely tied at the waist, the towelling material didn't meet in a V at the knot. The edges of her breasts showing , her navel, and the jewel in her crown, the opening between her legs. "I used the fcuk gel, yours?" She questioned. "Yeah, had it a while, I only use it if I was going out " I replied nodding. She straddled my legs, sitting on my knees, and put an arm on each of my shoulders.… Read more

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One night stand in California

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True Story. I've never picked someone up at a bar. Well, until now. I've hooked up on some Craigslist dates. But that's different. You kind of know that going in. I had some business in San Diego about a month ago. I went to the closest late closing bar and met a beautiful woman. I even walked her home. But chickened out at the last moment. Couldn't bring myself to ask her to take me up to her place. So I got nothing but a bag of regrets. Not even a hug or a peck on the cheek. I had some more business in San Diego this week. And went back to the same bar. I really was secretly hoping to fin… Read more

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I-80 Westbound


ANOTHER FANTASY – the only thing real here is another set of pictures posted 9 years ago to XH with no names and no user to ask for more information. This stunning woman is shown in several images and it took a year to get a single comment, I guess that is the nature of this site. Anyway, I don’t know who she is, who posted it originally, but I sure have a twisted mind and she became part of it. She lifted her skirt, “I should not be so lazy,” she said, “I really need a shave.” I stared at the slender V formed by her legs and… Read more

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Dinner with the neighbors

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The car came to a sudden stop with the squeal of the tires and a loud bang as I rear-ended the car in front of me. “God Dimmit!” My dad exclaimed form the passenger seat. “I can’t afford for our insurance rates to go up! Just stay here while I go and take care of this.” “Yes sir.” I said, almost on the verge of tears as my father got out of the car, slamming the door behind him. He went to check on the other driver and they were inspecting the damage and talking. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I was too preoccupied with my own thoughts. I’d been driving for years and had never b… Read more

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Truth or Dare with Mom Part 2

TabooMatureFirst Time

Summary of part one: Mom (42) and son (21) living together, get over familiar and end up watching a porn film (Taboo). She suggests it’s time for bed and he follows her up. I followed mom up the stairs, she walked up carrying a bottle of JD in her hand. I watched her arse as she slowly took one step at a time, I could just about see the curves of her sexy bum at the bottom of her short silky robe. I reached up and gave it a cheeky pinch, she didn’t flinch in fact she slowed down. I grabbed her more vigorously, my cock was twitching as she gave a little shudder. At the top of the stairs she st… Read more

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Injured Son


My son is 24. Two months ago he called me and said that he had gotton hurt playing flag football. He said that he tore his groin and that he was on crutches and needed bed rest for a few days. He asked if he could come to my house to recover and so I could help him with any of his needs. I told him that was fine. A few hours later, his friend dropped him off and helped him into my house. He brought along a gel pac that you put in the freezer for an hour or so until it hardens. Three times a day he needed to ice his groin area. He asked me to wrap the ice pac around a bowl so that when it hard… Read more

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The conversion 2


Please read the first part of this story so you don't get lost! As I showered, I wondered how would things really turn out between me and Ms. Maria. I was indeed a bit worried that she would run me out of her house after all the debauchery I had just put her through. One thing was being submissive in the heat of the moment, but then what? I finished, toweled off, and put on my clothes. I went back in the house. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ms. Maria had obediently followed my instructions, and, still in the nude, was finishing breakfast for me. I sat down and ogled her as she serve… Read more

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middleageminx after the birthday surprise

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As the days past after my birthday I was more and more enthralled with what happened with Rob and John, and more than excited about what might of happened. With Rob living next door and seeing him almost everyday it was so easy to imagine more, and I think Rob was of a similar mind, the way he looked at me and the odd 'innocent' innuendo passing for normal polite neighbourly chat. Nothing transpired between us until several weeks later, when Rob asked if I would like to accompany him to a reunion party at his old school. 'Why me' I asked. 'Well you know all my friends from there from the tim… Read more

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Prostitute Stories: Mother and Daughter

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I’ve bounced around from city to city, state to state, across the country (though I know I’ve been vague on specifics). Each time I start at a new location it’s exciting, it’s an opportunity to meet a whole group of new women. I know when my stories jump around from woman to woman it makes it seem like I’m with a new girl every night. In actuality most of the time I see the same women working. It’s their job and they work as many hours as you work at your job, maybe more. The excitement (and most of my stories) come from the thrill of meeting the new girl on the block maybe someone who rarely… Read more

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DeAnn, The NEW Sales Girl -Part One


The new sales girl - Part One About a week after my weekend at the mansion. (See DeAnn's Submissive Weekend Parts 1 - 15) I was home alone, Mark was gone for a month at a job that was out of town, and the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, there stood Robert. I was surprised to see him here at our place but I knew something was up so I invited him in, not knowing what this visit was about but knowing it would be exciting. Mark had told me whenever, wherever, I was with Robert I was to be at his command. Whatever he said, I was to obey. I wasn't told that he would be dropping by our house… Read more

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Taken in my own bed


On late evening I arrived home from my office and I felt very tired. I went directly to the bathroom and had a nice warm shower… Later I toweled my body and covered it by just a long T-shirt. In the kitchen table I found a note from my beloved husband, saying he had gone to his friend’s home Paul. Then I remembered it was Thursday; then I knew that night I would be home alone during many hours, because it was poker night. I cooked a light dinner for myself and later I sat down at the living room’s couch, to watch a porn movie, before going to bed… I was there touching my bare pussy lips as… Read more

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Kerrys Mom...continued.


It was about three weeks later that the next chapter was written in this episode of my early life... Myself and Kerry had the house to ourselves for the weekend as her parents were at her Fathers works annual do and were stopping over in the hotel for the night. It was late summer and I hadn't yet left for my posting to Cyprus, so we had spent most of the Saturday walking round with next to nothing on (we had the house to ourselves after all). I never got bored of looking at Kerry her slim tight body d****d in only a thin silk dressing gown which wasn't tied up so flapped open whenever she… Read more

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A nice morning awakening

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My eyes were covered by some piece of soft cloth. I heard his deep voice, ordering me to climb on top of him, hovering over his saliva soaked cock. My own cum has lubed my pussy lips… I started lowering myself slowly onto that magnificent cock. I felt its tip touch my waiting pussy as I impaled myself on him. I let my weight to make me get down until I felt him hitting deep inside. His huge hands reached out for my boobs, cupping them, pinching my hardened nipples between his fingers. Then I started riding his cock, with my hands resting on his shoulders and my legs lifting my naked body… Read more

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Two blacks just for me

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My girlfriend Helena and I had shared a nice friendship with Caroline during the first years we moved to the States; but one day she and her hubby moved to a near small town from us. After some months, Caroline invited us to spend a week end with her. We arrived during a Friday evening and all three of us were really happy with this lovely meeting. Saturday morning Helena and I spend another glorious time with our dear girlfriend and then at late afternoon we both went for a walk in the local shopping mall. Having walked around finding nothing nice to purchase; we ended at a small bar close… Read more

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Memphis on the way

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Saturday afternoon I had a very good fuck session with my beloved hubby. Later that night Victor drove me to the airport; I had to catch a flight to Memphis, on a very boring business trip. I felt really stupid when I took a challenge from my asshole Boss and accepted to make that trip… In the other hand, my good friends Sheila and Peter lived in Memphis; so it would be a nice chance to meet them after so many years. Sheila and Peter Anne sometimes had played around with me when they lived in Savannah; but just only had been some fondling and kissing, as far as it went. Sheila had told me d… Read more

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