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Encounter with a school teacher...


I am a 24-year-old boy who recently finished my bachelors and reside in Mumbai. My height is 160cm and have a well built physique with brown skin tone. I am not a person who fucks around much. I have always had more attraction towards all (mature ladies, girls of my age) and have crushes on many aunties and girls. So one day at around 3 pm, I was at home updating the Facebook status of my graduation and joining a company as an intern. Many of my friends and relatives liked and commented on my status and I was just replying to all of them back. I logged in again at 11 pm to check my notificati… Read more

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Match Up


Match Up George would not impress you as the kind of man who would be successful hooking up at cruising spots. His looks don’t exactly make him a model for Advocate or any of the other gay mags focusing on youth and looks. His look was more of what you would expect from a middle aged trucker, someone who spent hours behind the wheel and ate in the truck stops and paid the price for it. When I met him it was probably unlikely that we would have hooked up but it did happen. I am glad it did. Late one afternoon I swung by a local older truck stop to dash in for a drink and gas up. As usual the… Read more

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Filling the Age gap

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A tale of a lusty young man and the frustrated middle age wife of the local shopkeeper. It was late August and the cooler air was a reminder that autumn was just round the corner. I was 18 and would soon to be heading off to start a new chapter in my life at Uni. On my way home from playing football I popped into the village shop for a cold drink. It was run by a middle-aged couple Frank and Pam. I knew them well as I had previously done a paper round for them. As usual Pam was serving at the counter. ‘Hi Bill I’m glad you’ve called by, I was going to ring you. Frank has been called awa… Read more

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Nightly Ritual

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Nightly Ritual For many years, from the mid 1970’s through mid 1990’s I was partnered with a great man, a massive bear of a guy who was the center of my world. Irv was 6’3”, usually weighed in at about 270 or more, big hands, big feet, big everything and a very energetic, strong total top of a man. The thought of me trying to reverse rolls on him never came up. He was the perfect match to my natural bottom nature and physique and I could handle his size and strength as well as his kinky imagination. Life has not been the same since I lost him in 2003 and I have yet to find anyone who could fi… Read more

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Irene the naughty of the demure neighbor


This story happened a long time ago. Irene at the time must have been around 40, 42 years, widow, had just moved into the apartment next door. Mother of a couple, the eldest boy and the girl with her 16 years, was also a case we had. I say we had it because it involved the mother with whom I related. At first I did not pay much attention tô her, always talked about serious matters, had conservative positions with which my parents agreed. But time passed, over a year that lived next door and gradually, that fake blonde, with… Read more

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My Time With A Married Woman (redux)

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So i have a thing for dating married women. I love the thrill. Most of the time, they love the attention i give them. They simply adore me. They find me educated, seductive, funny and witty. They enjoy the time we spend talking. I always try to meet up with them and this one did: a cute, sweet Latina SSBBW. It was her first time cheating and i was her second cock ever. We first started texting after meeting on a social app. She gave me her number because she trusted me (many women do for good reason: im not the douchebag alpha male type asshole). We start texting. She asks me why i like being… Read more

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One up on a time with my relatives

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Hi guys this is a real insident that happened in my family while i was studying attend to college.i am 20yrs of age 6 ft tall atheletic .now let me come to the incident.i was very into my aunt who was actually a distant relative but lost her husband after her marrige she didn't marry again so my grandpa took her in she took control of all the farmlands which was away from City. One of my cousins was married for ten years to my uncle and did not have a baby.she was around 32 and some one had made fun of her husband in public,so he tried to kill himself .one of my uncle had taken him to a ferti… Read more

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Motel Sex

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A few years ago I met this elderly, handsome black man old enough to be my father through a men’s website. We communicated several times through the website before exchanging email addresses and then eventually phone numbers. We would talk about what types of things (sexually) we were into, what we would do to each other when the opportunity presented itself for us to meet. I had some vacation time coming and I had told Steve that if possible I like to try and finally get together. He told me to just let him know since he was retired and had a flexible schedule. I told Karl that I would give… Read more

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6 words.


***This is merely a story. I don’t condone or participate in acts such as this. This is purely for entertainment purposes.*** A work of fiction. I just finished my second semester of college. Dad up and left her in the middle of the year, I asked if she needed me to come home, machinations already constructing in my brain. She said she would be all right, my education came first. I could tell she was distraught, but I listened. I made sure to call her and check on her multiple times a week, made sure she was ok. She always said she was happy to hear from me, the one light in her curr… Read more

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A Very Interesting Request


I received a very interesting request one day via private message. A woman who had been reading my stories and viewing my favorites here wanted to chat. I may be old and crazy but I am not dead, so the easy answer was, “Of course I would!”. We found a mutually acceptable time. We spoke at length on many topics before she got around to her true desire for conversation. She said she lived very close to me. She was very much interested in talking in person. It was important for her if I would be interested in taking a dominate role in a discrete relationship. I told her I would be more than happ… Read more

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Educating Stan (Judy's turn again)


Stan After the couple sessions we had with Judy, she became a bit obsessed with my Stan. I could understand because her hubby was still out at sea and would be for another six months. I loved Judy and since Stan had zero sexual contact before me, I wanted him to experience everything possible. Because she was my best and most trusted friend, I was absolutely willing to share. Besides all that, I was really turned on by watching him with her and at his age, there was plenty of Stan to go around. One night right before he got home from work, she called me. I could tell she was high the way she… Read more

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My mother's married best friend 2 (Cuckold)


“Pathetic. Call yourself a man?” To hear her say it, the tone she used and the sneer twisting her face made it sound and look like she hated him. It was astounding. Shocking. What I saw and heard couldn’t be true. Where was the love? Where was the respect? “This is what a man looks like,” Barbara continued, her hand working my length. “See how hard it is? She how lovely and thick he is compared to you?” Her husband didn’t reply, which I found freaky because if my wife spoke to me in that way, with such con… Read more

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No! Come on, you're my uncle!

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- So, better with me, huh? Safer, no hassle. - If Daddy finds out, he kill you, kill... Me. - I don't tell, swear. You know that I... That I'm discreet - And the aunt? And the mother? - What about your aunt? - Gerson! Uncle! What about her? If they know... What's wrong with her, huh? - Silly, you saw how you left me... You provoked me and I stayed... I stayed, di-dn't I? - It's a gal's thing, you know that they all do it, and even more sóthat I am! - Girl, yes... Now you become a gal, right? Gal with these bre… Read more

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I had a very bitchy "dance" teacher in my last year. She was always bitching about something which was annoying and most of the time I didn't even listen to what she said. Sometimes I'd just be thinking about what I would do to her. It was supposed to be a dance class, but everyone knew it was just an excuse to not study for an hour as no one learned anything from it. I always got to class first and she'd have to come in to get changed in the closet of the room we used. I got there sitting on the floor waiting, as she walked in and acknowledged me. She went ahead and got in as she started chan… Read more

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She just loves playacting 3


Old Tricia and young Simon were well into their sexy role playing and they started to explore their bladders and shit holes. However, before they started playacting, they both really enjoyed kissing and very heavy petting. Usually Tricia started it by playing the upset granny. Simon would be invited around and found her sobbing on the sofa and would sit next to her and putting one arm around her would comfort her. ‘There, there, Gran. Don’t upset yourself, let me kiss those tears away’ She would look up at him and reply ‘Oh Simon, you can always make me feel good let me give a nice granny k… Read more

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The Courtesan Empress - Chapter 5

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Thea was enjoying being spit roast, sucking on Alexandros cock with all the skill of her former profession as a courtesan and being fucked with enthusiasm by her husband. Anna her best friend and maid was being buggered by Lieutenant Sorros of the Palace Guard. Azeena now confirmed as ambassador for her country to the court of Byzantos was involved in a sixty-nine with Sisa, Thea’s lady in waiting. They switched around a bit and it was Sisa who was being spit roast. For a nicely brought up young lady she had taken to giving blow jobs with alacrity and growing skill. Thea on the other hand had… Read more

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Grandma, Grandpa and me. Begining


When I was 7-8 years, I was given to my grandparents for summer holidays. Nothing much, living in really small village, mostly old people, just few younger then me. Same as me left for summer. Shortly about me and my family. My mom is very nice woman, small tits very wide hips, fat lips, nice big mouth. My father, he passed away when I was 16, average guy, short, small cock, seen him when he was naked. But let's talk later about them. My grandparents. Granny, old woman, fat, huge tits, unshaven, loose pussy. Grandpa, big belly, big hanging balls, not very big cock, quite hairy. And me. At that… Read more

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Harry and Rob sat in the local pub in their usual spot in the corner by themselves. They were having a discussion about what to do with Ethel. Rob has been adamant that he wants to hang Ethel by her ankles and butcher her. Harry strongly disagrees with him. Harry is convinced that if he talks to Ethel he can persuade her not to go to the authorities and they will be able to use her the same way the other men. Rob agrees to try Harry's way first but he says" if she wants to argue I'm going to string her up and gut her while she talks." Harry agrees but says"let me talk to her first." In the mor… Read more

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Anal Madness


You text me and tell me “Dan, my ass is yours, if you want it, come here right now and take it” I’m stunned. I text you back, “Baby, I’ll be there in 20 minutes, with a hard on” We both know how you love your ass played with, and I love it too. I can hardly wait to get to your house. When I arrive, there is a note on the door, and it says “come on in, it’s unlocked. Lock it behind you, I am waiting” I am not sure where your hubby is, if he will watch, join in, or be gone. I enter your home and there you are, a glass of wine in your hand and nothing on but a pretty bra and matching panties.… Read more

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Dinner at a Friend's


I pulled in the driveway. It was late afternoon of what'd been a hot summer day. The place was a big McMansion sorta house - lots of gables. My wife had texted me the address - her friend’s. We’d been invited over for dinner. Her car was there, parked in front of one of the two garage bays. The door was closed. The other was open and filled with the back end of a black Audi. I pulled in behind the Audi and shut my truck off. I pulled out my phone and texted my wife. She didn’t answer. I got out. Walked into the garage. There was an old Mercedes station wagon in the other bay. One of the di… Read more

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