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The Circumstances Of The Tachibana Family (Part 02


A few days had passed since the night he spent with K youka. The days had passed uneventfully, as though it had all been a dream. The memory of her voluptuous, seductive body was still fresh in his mind. The soft skin under the dim light, the glistening sweat, her faintly heaving body, and especially Kyouka's rich fragrance that had stirred the very depths of his senses. The memory was so vivid, jerking off just wasn't enough anymore. He'd tried, but never got in the mood and kept giving up halfway. He was just k**ding himself Deep inside, he was hoping that Kyouka would pay him a late-night v… Read more

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Winter wedding


The invitation came in the post months ago, we (the wife, me and the k**s) were invited to a wedding . My wife's cousins mums daughter or someone, we have only seen them once in the last two years. I tried to get out of going, but my wife said we had to go. The wedding was some fancy golf club in the middle of nowhere, about 15 miles from Newcastle. We were staying at a Premier Inn, in a family room for the night, I volunteered to drive, as it was her family. The day of the wedding came, and it was the usual sort of wedding thing, reception with lots of free champagne and wine, which the wife… Read more

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My Profile Pic Explained...


I have been asked to give the story behind my profile pic, and this is it... Hubby took the pic while we were waiting to meet a potential new bf, he showed it to me about 5 hours later saying it was a classic HotWife pic.... extra button undone, wedding ring, cell phone and a hotel room card. I was totally surprised when I saw it and was actually pretty impressed. Its an excellent picture and it was about the best thing that came of that afternoon… This goes back a couple of years. I'd been talking to Dan online for about two months. He was right in my wheelhouse at the time, he was about 45… Read more

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Mom Gives Head

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

My personal relationships have taken a hit over the years. My Mom and Dad broke up when I was in high school. After college I married a woman named Nancy. For two years everything seemed fine between us. One day Nancy came home from work and she told me she wanted out. It felt like she kicked me in the balls. I tried to get her to tell me what was wrong but she would only say our marriage wasn't working and she wanted a divorce. We did get a divorce and afterwards I found out that Nancy had been fooling around with a co-worker from work. Needless to say, I was at a low point in my life. A few… Read more

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Is One Enough?

MatureGroup Sex

I laid in the warm sun by my secluded pool, daydreaming. My hands slid beneath my bikini top and bottoms, and I found my raised nipples and engorged clit. I massaged them as I drifted into in my fantasy world: He rose from the pool’s waters, the sun glistening off his bronzed, wet skin. He was a giant of a man, broad shoulders, and muscles rippling with every movement. His loin cover flapped, barely covering his manhood. Maidens offered themselves to him and lay at his feet, but he waved them away. He fixed his eyes on me. I cowered as he advanced, shuddering with fear, exhilaration, and a… Read more

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The Wet Nurse

Interracial SexBDSMMature

My wife had a little baby boy a few months ago and wanted to breast feed her baby unfortunately she couldn't produce any milk. My wife comes from a family with large land holdings in Europe and is used to servants taking care of everything. We advertised for a nanny that had no objections to breast feeding our baby boy. We had a number of applicants for the job most could not provide breast milk. A sexy young woman knocked on our front door. She looked like Charmaine Sinclair her hair in dreadlocks and was holding a baby. "Hello" "Hi. Mom said you were looking for a wet nurse / nanny. "… Read more

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My Long Hair Neighbour Who Ride My Dick

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

I have noticed Sunita, who is our neighbour. She stays with her husband and k**s right opposite to my flat where I live with my wife and k**s. Sunita has very long hair which she coloured with mild blonde colour. Her long hair shines so beautifully in the light. Maybe because my neighbour is from Coorg, she is very fair, slim and a bit short (close to 5’2″). My neighbour has a nice figu… Read more

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The end


English Hi guys and girls, I'm so happy to know that you liked my pictures, really ... I appreciate it a lot. Today, February 21 with sadness, I tell you that I am leaving Xhamster, because I am afraid that my actions on this page will interfere in my personal and family life. I have lost many things and people in my life for silly actions ... as a boyfriend, and after that loss decided to join this beautiful platform wanted to receive some attention and love from strangers, in truth, I appreciate them all for your messages of support and love, your comments, visits and likes ... I'm so s… Read more

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My first sex teacher...!


I must be about 16 or 17 and we were staying at our ancestral home and there was no TV there. So, I used to go to my aunt’s house to watch TV. Her name is Sheela. I am not sure when my aunt started to seduce me, but one day when I was at her place and none was around, she asked me whether I like to a watch an English movie, and I happily obliged.She played an English porn in the VCR and sat just next to me. I was not expecting a porn movie and was so embarrassed though I enjoyed what I was watching. While watching porn, she started asking me whether I like it or not, whose boobs are bigger, t… Read more

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My mom Debbie had a quickie with me

TabooMatureFirst Time

Debbie, a 44 year old housewife, was happy with her life except for the fact that she felt like a servant in her own home from time to time. This Saturday morning was one of those times, as her husband was out playing golf with his buddies and her k**s were still in bed. Meanwhile, she was stuck doing the chores. By the time she would finish cleaning sweat would be pouring off of her five and a half foot 140 pound body. Her 40DD bra cups would be soaked in her perspiration and her size 8 panties would be stuck to her mammoth ass. She resigned herself to the Saturday morning ritual. The only g… Read more

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Just Stop By and Check on Me

HardcoreLesbian SexMature

So, here's more stuff that happened! My parents went out of town for a long weekend. They asked a friend of theirs to come to our house and check on me periodically while they were away. Thing is, she's soooooooo gorgeous! She told me that she was 53, and I'm like, no way! So, my parents left on a Wednesday, and they were coming back on Sunday. So, yay! I got the house to myself for 5 days! I could do anything I wanted! I was so excited! So, Wednesday, I had all to myself. I watched movies, danced around the house, it was so much fun! But, Thursday, it really got fun! Ms K came to the door… Read more

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My Mother in law Joyce


My wife Susan and I both work. We have a nice home, and live a good life. My job a while back required me to work the 3-11 shift. So when I’m home, my wife is already in bed asleep. Some times I slip quietly in bed and fuck her, but my wife does not like being awakened an hour or two after she’s fallen asleep. My wife’s Mom Joyce lives in an apartment complex, and for the last two years she has brought her laundry over to the house and did some light housekeeping during the week. Once I changed shifts she’d be really quiet. Then one day things changed. I was off that day, slept a bit later a… Read more

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Me and my sis Betty


I was groaning very loud as my hips were driving my cock back and forth in my sister's pussy. She was frantically pushing up meet my every thrust. I yelled as my sperm began shooting into her hot and vibrant pussy. Her vocalizing was the usual loud, sometimes shrill yelling that was familiar to me. I knew she was enjoying a very satisfying orgasm while my cock was jerking and spewing.. It had been a week since we had met at this motel and we both were thoroughly enjoying our time together. I kept my cock in her until it became very small and felt as if it was about to fall out. Our heavy bre… Read more

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Mom wants my opinion

TabooMatureFirst Time

When I came home one night after being out with the guys, Mom and Dad were yelling at each other. Dad slammed the front door on his way out. Mom was crying and I could smell the booze. I was hoping Dad would come back home after he sobered up. I asked, “What’s the problem, Mom?” “It’s none of your dammed business.” I sternly responded, “Mom, it is my business. I love both you and dad.” “I don’t think your dad loves me any more.” “Mom, sit down and let’s talk.” “Alright, fix me another drink and fix one for yourself, too.” I knew she didn’t need anymore to drink, but I went ahead and fi… Read more

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Blackmailed bitch becomes a sextoy


The windows of the motel office were dusty and fly-specked. The neon sign was off and there were weeds growing through the cracks in the asphalt of the parking lot, nearly deserted now in the late afternoon sun. There were only a few cars here, a big van, a Volvo, and a Taurus wagon. Janel had her choice of parking spaces. She parked behind the van where she wouldn’t be seen. She had come straight from work so she still wore her smart business suit, the one that turned heads at the office, and the concrete steps felt gritty under her shoes as she walked up to the second level, her purse clutch… Read more

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We went camping


I was brought up in a liberal and religious family. I really never thought we were much different from anyone else except for the fact that I had more siblings than most of my friends. All my brothers and sisters were older and had moved out except from my youngest brother trailing me by three years. In later years though, memories of my c***dhood have made me realize that maybe the environment was a bit more liberated sexually than in most families, at least between my parents. We spent most of the summers in our camper-van visiting relatives and friends and even doing the occasional camping… Read more

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Truth or Dare with Mom Part 1


Truth or Dare with Mom Part 1 Mom had separated from my dad and we’d moved away because he was a bit of a dick. He had controlled her for years and she was finally getting her life back on track. We lived in a 2 bed semi in a quiet village. Although mom was a lot happier she was also quite lonely. I encouraged her to start dating and having a social life but she was reluctant. I made it my mission to bring her out of her shell. Mom was in her early 40’s but looked good for her age. She went swimming and running regularly which helped keep her toned. I started noticing her body when I started… Read more

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Making Love to My Mother

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

It was a relatively cold night, approaching the winter type but still in November, so the air was certainly less than warm. My house was kind of chilly too, although most of the house was heated well. My room was usually a bit colder because of the bad insulation due to construction, but it wasn't unbearable. Nonetheless, during this night I was sitting in my room, finishing up some dinner and watching television. My mother was in the living room, also watching television. After I had finished my meal, I walked into the kitchen and put the dishes in the sink. I decided to get another drink w… Read more

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Capturing Mom

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

I had just opened the porn site on the computer in my room and I heard the irritating clanking of mom's bangles which I appreciate at other times, the clanking of her bangles acts as alarm for me. "Open the door, did you get dressed we are already late." Mom enquired from outside the door, oh shit I forgot we have to go to a marriage ceremony and mom had told me to get dressed around an hour ago and here I am sitting on my chair with my cock out. "Mom, just give me fifteen minutes." I replied, hurriedly stuffed my cock in my pants. "Open the door; I want to see what you are going to wear to… Read more

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An analysis on the nature of cuckoldry


According to shakespeare, being a cuckold is the greatest shame - but what would a man of bland tastes know? Its the summation of mankind's whimsical nature: an expansion of the spirit to harmonize with disillusionment and reality which allows us to ponder on the stoic moments living. Only a cuckold could cherish the philosophy of such selflessness. A cuckold is submissive to unyielding forces, a man who knows the futility of his being. The drive that allows the cuckold to linger on powerless is one of great cultivated patience and peace; he seeks only reconciliation with his lovers' whims. Th… Read more

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