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Blowing My Big Brother

First TimeTabooMasturbation

Freia had never quite felt like she fit in. It's the nature of being a step-sibling, and it's only amplified when your connection to the family isn't around any more. She knew that she was lucky, really, that her "father" had taken her in the way that he had after Freia's mother left town - he'd had no obligation to, and he'd never shown even a hint of resentment. They'd tried to include her, they'd done everything that they could, but nothing had helped. She didn't feel like she fit in, she'd never really felt like a part of the family. She didn't have a place here, and she didn't think she… Read more

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A Whore, For The Last Time


“ WHERE R U ? “ I read the text and tossed my phone on the passenger seat. I just needed to get fucked. Really fucked. My sister was up my ass about this thing I had to take care of but this had to be taken care of first. I saw the motel on the right hand side of the road. Quickly I hopped out of my car as carefully as possible. I couldn’t mess up my outfit. Once I spotted room 4 I knocked 3 times and two more as instructed. The door opened so quick, the wind from it almost knocked my freshly done curls loose. There he was, so sexy. “ Nico. “ “ Wendy. “ We greeted each other with a smil… Read more

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A Deal With My Step-Sister Part 2


A few days of enjoying Kelly's arse had made me impatient for more. Things were progressing and if I was honest with myself they were happening faster than I had dared to hope. Kelly didn't flinch any more when I groped her arse and she would only giggle when I pushed my hand down her pants and played with her arse. Even when I was rubbing her rosebud and softly pushing she only cooed and looked at me with an amused grin. If I didn't know her better I would say she was getting into it I watched Kelly clean my cum from her arse again, inspecting it between her fingertips. I had the strangest… Read more

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a cherry for her brother

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

When I went to live with my father and his wife it was because they were in the US and it was a better opportunity for me than living in the Caribbean I didn’t think it would open any more opportunities than studying and getting ahead until I met my step sister. She was s*******n when I moved over there and quiet the spunky girl. She was dark skinned like her mother with soft curly black hair like mine a gift from our dad’s mixed ancestry. She was about five foot four and around a hundred and thirty pounds. She was plump though her plumpness at her age was all eye popping. Her adolescent brea… Read more

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A chance at a new sex life: Part 6


Last night’s sleep was very restless. With the pain and with the dreams I was having. Most of the dreams consisted of myself with either Stacey or Laura. Always ended the same way. I woke up before the best part. Normally on Sundays I have work but going with the doctors and mom’s advice, I’ve taken the day off. Derek seems ok about it when I speak to him. Holly will be just as gutted as I was on Thursday when she was off, that I’m not there. Again, I spend most of the day in my room. I remember that I took that video for Laura so I jump onto my laptop and load it up onto an USB, I don’t wat… Read more

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A chance at a new sex life: Part 7


I went straight to bed last night when I got home from work. Just saying a quick hello to mom. Stacey wasn’t around. The drive to college the next morning, is the same as the last two days. I feel there’s a growing tension between us. I want to talk about it, to talk to her but I don’t have the balls. I should but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Laura again asks for me to stay behind after class but this time makes it a lot more inconspicuous. Once everyone else has left she closes the door. “You’re getting better!” She grins. “Better?” “Finally, one of just you. Just you and that amaz… Read more

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Ex Wifes Step Daughter. Chapter 2


1st story my friend asked me to write an event in his life and I accepted after reading his texts. This story is a continuation told to me while I sucked his dirty teen pussy juice and cum coated cock and balls while wearing his ex wifes step daughters dirty VS see through period panties!. True Event: 34 year old Ex Wife Location: Closed and secluded rest area Characters: Weston: 34/Rhonda: 34 Date: 12-7-18/12:00a.m-2:40a.m Make a long story somewhat short without skipping the details. I'm a divorced 34 year old happily single male who doesn't have much problem pulling pussy. I have a daugh… Read more

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Helen - Chapter 3


Chapter 3 I sat on the edge of the bed, the marital bed. I was about to break not only the vows of my marriage but I was also going to duck my own daughters friend. She walked in, she had my bath robe on loosely tied at the waist, the towelling material didn't meet in a V at the knot. The edges of her breasts showing , her navel, and the jewel in her crown, the opening between her legs. "I used the fcuk gel, yours?" She questioned. "Yeah, had it a while, I only use it if I was going out " I replied nodding. She straddled my legs, sitting on my knees, and put an arm on each of my shoulders.… Read more

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My Wife Loves Fucking Her Brother


It was 7:30 am in the morning, I suddenly felt sucking on my cock. I was wondering what happened. I opened my eyes and saw that my beautiful wife was satisfying my throbbing boner. She was sucking my boner like a wild b**st. Even though I was enjoying it, I asked her “What about your brother?” “He must be sleeping. Don’t worry”, she said. I released my entire cum into her mouth and she left to… Read more

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On Patrol II


If you have read my documentation of "On Patrol" a few days ago, you know of the serendipitous encounter with the young Latina housekeeper. You are aware of the amazing experience, where I walked in on her secluded masturbatory activity in a housekeeper's closet. Well, last Wednesday, again while at the property, I received a radio call from her - requesting assistance with an object on a top shelf. As stated in "On Patrol," she is quite short and lean. As such, I took her request as legitimate. I proceeded to the closet, knocked on the door and announced myself. There was no response. Accor… Read more

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Sharing wife first time I was present, part 2

First TimeTabooVoyeur

Second part of sharing my wife for the first time with me present. Well, to say I was gob smacked from watching that guy giving my wife a solid face fuck is an understatement indeed. Although Monica tried to hold him back as she was sitting and him standing over her while unleashing his lustful orgasm she later did say it was hot. As Eric rolled to the left side of the bed sitting beside my wife, with a slight grin on her cum splattered face she ask me, "can you get me a towel". I went to her and could clearly see a rope of cum from her forehead, across the bridge of her nose between her ey… Read more

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Truth or Dare with Mom Part 2

TabooMatureFirst Time

Summary of part one: Mom (42) and son (21) living together, get over familiar and end up watching a porn film (Taboo). She suggests it’s time for bed and he follows her up. I followed mom up the stairs, she walked up carrying a bottle of JD in her hand. I watched her arse as she slowly took one step at a time, I could just about see the curves of her sexy bum at the bottom of her short silky robe. I reached up and gave it a cheeky pinch, she didn’t flinch in fact she slowed down. I grabbed her more vigorously, my cock was twitching as she gave a little shudder. At the top of the stairs she st… Read more

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Dinner with the neighbors

Group SexMatureTaboo

The car came to a sudden stop with the squeal of the tires and a loud bang as I rear-ended the car in front of me. “God Dimmit!” My dad exclaimed form the passenger seat. “I can’t afford for our insurance rates to go up! Just stay here while I go and take care of this.” “Yes sir.” I said, almost on the verge of tears as my father got out of the car, slamming the door behind him. He went to check on the other driver and they were inspecting the damage and talking. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I was too preoccupied with my own thoughts. I’d been driving for years and had never b… Read more

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Injured Son


My son is 24. Two months ago he called me and said that he had gotton hurt playing flag football. He said that he tore his groin and that he was on crutches and needed bed rest for a few days. He asked if he could come to my house to recover and so I could help him with any of his needs. I told him that was fine. A few hours later, his friend dropped him off and helped him into my house. He brought along a gel pac that you put in the freezer for an hour or so until it hardens. Three times a day he needed to ice his groin area. He asked me to wrap the ice pac around a bowl so that when it hard… Read more

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The conversion 2


Please read the first part of this story so you don't get lost! As I showered, I wondered how would things really turn out between me and Ms. Maria. I was indeed a bit worried that she would run me out of her house after all the debauchery I had just put her through. One thing was being submissive in the heat of the moment, but then what? I finished, toweled off, and put on my clothes. I went back in the house. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ms. Maria had obediently followed my instructions, and, still in the nude, was finishing breakfast for me. I sat down and ogled her as she serve… Read more

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the party little cock sucker

Gay MaleTabooInterracial Sex

He made sure I coudnt understand what was going on, pretending it was going to be ok and no one would know he feed me cum in secret at night Since that night at the park where he gently let me suck my first cock ever making me into his secret cock lover I never felt so trap in my life, getting inside the restaurant and meeting his buddies they all shook my hands and smile at me in a weird way I was drinking talking with them starting to think it was just my imagination, his friends arent aware.... until i was out with henry, my secret daddy, outside the restaurant , they had rent the whol… Read more

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Taken in my own bed


On late evening I arrived home from my office and I felt very tired. I went directly to the bathroom and had a nice warm shower… Later I toweled my body and covered it by just a long T-shirt. In the kitchen table I found a note from my beloved husband, saying he had gone to his friend’s home Paul. Then I remembered it was Thursday; then I knew that night I would be home alone during many hours, because it was poker night. I cooked a light dinner for myself and later I sat down at the living room’s couch, to watch a porn movie, before going to bed… I was there touching my bare pussy lips as… Read more

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Memphis on the way

MatureLesbian SexTaboo

Saturday afternoon I had a very good fuck session with my beloved hubby. Later that night Victor drove me to the airport; I had to catch a flight to Memphis, on a very boring business trip. I felt really stupid when I took a challenge from my asshole Boss and accepted to make that trip… In the other hand, my good friends Sheila and Peter lived in Memphis; so it would be a nice chance to meet them after so many years. Sheila and Peter Anne sometimes had played around with me when they lived in Savannah; but just only had been some fondling and kissing, as far as it went. Sheila had told me d… Read more

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A sexy nice mature lady at the office


The very first time I saw Julia was in a crowded elevator of our office building. I was just close to her side and I could sense in my nose the sweet aroma of her body and her intoxicating perfume… She was a very attractive mature woman, in her early fifties; her body was toned and slim; she was tall and had a pair of killer legs. As we were going up, suddenly the elevator bumped and she pushed her round buttocks against my crotch. It was just for a second; but it was enough for my dick to get hard. The sexy woman turned her head and apologized with a nice smile. I thought she was a visitor… Read more

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The Inner Slut Unleashed. 2


Part 2 The hotel room door closed behind me, and for a second time I had a sudden anxiety moment. Was I really doing this. I wasn’t me, or was it. The real me wore Laura Ashley, or M&S, I dressed conservatively, and I didn’t sleep around. I’d had two lovers in my life, if you could call them that, and I never had, one a long time ago had taken my virginity, it had been awful, it had hurt, and I’d bled, it was exciting, and I’d always regretted it. The other was my husband, who I’d been faithful to, sex with him was a once a week lights off duty. Its what a wife did, I didn’t look forward… Read more

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