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Filling the Age gap

TabooMatureFirst Time

A tale of a lusty young man and the frustrated middle age wife of the local shopkeeper. It was late August and the cooler air was a reminder that autumn was just round the corner. I was 18 and would soon to be heading off to start a new chapter in my life at Uni. On my way home from playing football I popped into the village shop for a cold drink. It was run by a middle-aged couple Frank and Pam. I knew them well as I had previously done a paper round for them. As usual Pam was serving at the counter. ‘Hi Bill I’m glad you’ve called by, I was going to ring you. Frank has been called awa… Read more

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Irene the naughty of the demure neighbor


This story happened a long time ago. Irene at the time must have been around 40, 42 years, widow, had just moved into the apartment next door. Mother of a couple, the eldest boy and the girl with her 16 years, was also a case we had. I say we had it because it involved the mother with whom I related. At first I did not pay much attention tô her, always talked about serious matters, had conservative positions with which my parents agreed. But time passed, over a year that lived next door and gradually, that fake blonde, with… Read more

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One up on a time with my relatives

Group SexMatureTaboo

Hi guys this is a real insident that happened in my family while i was studying attend to college.i am 20yrs of age 6 ft tall atheletic .now let me come to the incident.i was very into my aunt who was actually a distant relative but lost her husband after her marrige she didn't marry again so my grandpa took her in she took control of all the farmlands which was away from City. One of my cousins was married for ten years to my uncle and did not have a baby.she was around 32 and some one had made fun of her husband in public,so he tried to kill himself .one of my uncle had taken him to a ferti… Read more

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Step Mom Took Me

Lesbian SexFirst TimeTaboo

My step-mom’s fingers slid in and out of my vagina with a slowly growing urgency as she cradled me on the big leather couch in her and my dad’s living room. Her mouth hung over mine, her breath filling my nostrils with a minty fragrance, laced with the red wine she’d been drinking. Softly, wetly, her lips lay against mine, her tongue tickling out every once in a while as I lapped back at her. Every now and then I would gasp. She wanted to feel all of it, I could sense it, taking me and my responses in as she fingered me. Deeper… Read more

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6 words.


***This is merely a story. I don’t condone or participate in acts such as this. This is purely for entertainment purposes.*** A work of fiction. I just finished my second semester of college. Dad up and left her in the middle of the year, I asked if she needed me to come home, machinations already constructing in my brain. She said she would be all right, my education came first. I could tell she was distraught, but I listened. I made sure to call her and check on her multiple times a week, made sure she was ok. She always said she was happy to hear from me, the one light in her curr… Read more

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My Anonymous Friend


I had a couple of days free and was glad of the rest and a chance to reflect on passed happenings, the AirBNB guests, the dentist visit and then OMG the blowjob in the park toilets, now that was something else and my mind raced through all kinds of scenarios, was it male or female?, did I know them? Or did they know me?, so many questions which in a way made it all the more exciting. I had to pop into town to sort a few things out and as it was a warm day decided to walk through the park, I threw on a pair of sports shorts and a tee shirt and got on my way. I did what I had to do and it was l… Read more

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Dad’s friend: Forced sex – lost virginity


i have narrated of my physical love cum lust happened between my dad’s friend Hitesh as well as me,Dipali and as we both have enjoyed sex for first time and he have forced me to do so,i have made my mind to do so with him [read previous story ”Dad’s friend:forced sex” as well as ”Dad’s friend:love cum lust” and other ones also,so as i have a great sexual affair with him last time on V DAY,i have got strong massage from him about his inherent goal of enjoyi… Read more

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Dad’s friend: Aftermath of losing virginity

Group SexTabooVoyeur

I have lost my virginity with a much old guy / men as he is 19-20 years older to me and as dipaali have swallowed his long cock as i come to know its hardness as well as length after it made entry in my red dipaali,a 18 years gal have lost her virginity as her reddish cunt got fucked,she is back home in the evening and now thinking to live away from my mom as my legs are in pain and… Read more

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Dad’s friend – forced sex

First TimeTabooVoyeur

So as my sexual desires are on peak,my mom have not permitted me for sex with her lover Sam as I want to lose virginity .so my mind is thinking of someone’s cock ,may be my classmate Nitin (read previous story”young classmate’s cock) or someone else. So it’s a nice evening as my mom Isha is out of home and my dad is in his office,so I am alone in my home.myself Dipaali ,a 18 years… Read more

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Dad’s friend : My love

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

, nothing seems to be a fantasy or dream if you love it and so ,a men of 37 years is just like my lover and to be true i love him now,so as our physical affairs starts with his forced sex and than it turns into my desires,now i am not thinking about his age or his friendship with my dad but as our meets are turning hot and memorable,i am in love with him and so the festival of love is on c… Read more

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Caught In The Act..On Purpose

TabooMasturbationFirst Time

It was Saturday morning and as usual I’d woken up with a tent pole between my legs. The question was should I grab a handful of tissues and go for a quick wank or hang on and hope the house would be empty…or even better, mostly empty, like last week. (For those who haven’t read part one of this debauched tale my sister, Alice had caught me masturbating in the bath. If you haven’t read it, you might want to catch up… So, being a Saturday there was a fair chance of some alone time or, as I now hoped, just Alice for company. I allowed my… Read more

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The maid and her daughter

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

I was out driving around one day and decided to stop at my parents house , pulling up I noticed my moms car not in the driveway. I walked in the house and see my dad plowing the Asian maid. He had her up against the wall. Her hands holding her firm C cup titties as they bounced. She seen me watching her get fuck. I always liked Ming she stood 5’ even, nice firm round titts. She was Japanese. She even had a great ass for a Asian lady. I say lady cause she was 48 years old. Her face was beautiful and looked to be in her 30’s. My dad never knew I was there as his cock plunged in and out of Mi… Read more

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No! Come on, you're my uncle!

First TimeMatureTaboo

- So, better with me, huh? Safer, no hassle. - If Daddy finds out, he kill you, kill... Me. - I don't tell, swear. You know that I... That I'm discreet - And the aunt? And the mother? - What about your aunt? - Gerson! Uncle! What about her? If they know... What's wrong with her, huh? - Silly, you saw how you left me... You provoked me and I stayed... I stayed, di-dn't I? - It's a gal's thing, you know that they all do it, and even more sóthat I am! - Girl, yes... Now you become a gal, right? Gal with these bre… Read more

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Sissy masturbation and light exhibitionism


This is the backstory of the gallery "Sissy masturbation". I would like to share the thoughts and sensations behind the pictures and videos I took. Today my brother had classes in the morning and my mom was driving dad to work. I knew I had an hour to satisfy myself. I took a shower before my family left, don't want to get my last set of underwear dirty. I then retrieved the set of underwear from my secret stash. The sports bra was tight and I struggled into them. The cotton panties were so comfortable, I wish I could wear them everyday. Once my get up was complete I could feel my heart raci… Read more

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First Pussy Fantasy

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

My first sexual experience started off different. It wasn't with a girl, it was with a guy. My friend actually. We started out stroking and cumming together and then exchanging blowjobs and then him becoming a total bottom and letting me fuck him. All raw with no condoms and me coming inside of his tight ass on multiple occasions. It was the best sex to me. Pounding him from behind and watching his ass take my cock, I was hooked on gay sex. It was just straight up sex, nothing too gay, like no kissing or anything like that. We were still friends after all. I'd sleep over at his place from time… Read more

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Fucked silly

TabooFirst Time

My dad fucked me silly. My dad overheard me and my BFF and he fucked my brains out. It all started with my BFF Tina. We're going into our junior year of highschool. Tina came over to my house as usual. Today we're sunbathing in my backyard. She had the skimpiest bikini. It was white, tie at the side thong bottom that barley covered her pussy lips and only part of her bigger nipples. I guess it didn't really matter you could see through it and it was only going to be Tina and me. Tina is thin, long thin legs, a little taller I'd guess 5' 8" redish hair, light brown eyes and pretty big tits f… Read more

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I had a very bitchy "dance" teacher in my last year. She was always bitching about something which was annoying and most of the time I didn't even listen to what she said. Sometimes I'd just be thinking about what I would do to her. It was supposed to be a dance class, but everyone knew it was just an excuse to not study for an hour as no one learned anything from it. I always got to class first and she'd have to come in to get changed in the closet of the room we used. I got there sitting on the floor waiting, as she walked in and acknowledged me. She went ahead and got in as she started chan… Read more

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Masturbating in the toilet


Secondary school was a period where my precious time alone was further reduced. My brother and I are in the same school and thus our schedules are fully synchronized and we would always be at home at the same time. My mom would drive to pick up my dad from work in the evening and that would leave me with approximately an hour to masturbate but with my brother now in the way I was unable to. Going into my parent's bedroom fro an hour would invite suspicion. 1 wrong question from my brother to my parents and I'm finished. I was distraught, am I now unable to satisfy my perversions? One day whe… Read more

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The Dentist Visit


It was that time of year that I dreaded, the old dental check-up. It’s not that I dislike dentists but it’s the needles, I don’t do needles and always have to opt for Valium or Gas to help me through the process. My old dentist had retired so this was my first visit to the new set up which was just a short walk through the park. I showered and put on a pair of dress shorts and a button up shirt, no point in over dressing and headed off through the park for my 9am appointment, at least the dentist will be fresh and mine would be the first mouth of the day, how do people do this job” I was the… Read more

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Innocence Corrupted.


“I want a baby Grandad…..l want your baby.” Jack was not completely shocked by Emma’s announcement, he had a feeling this was coming. He sat in his chair looking at the pair of them, his daughter and granddaughter seated on the sofa, both naked, sat there as if they were all having a normal family meeting. He thought to himself how this was the complete opposite to normal, how many men his age could possibly hope to have two such beautiful women eager to have sex with him, that was fantastic in itself, but when one was his daughter and the other his granddaughter the situation just turned int… Read more

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