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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Chapter 1)

Dorothy had always dreamed of returning to OZ but ever since her eighteenth birthday signs of Oz have been lost. That is until, one sunny Friday morning, a stage coach came into her small Kansas town.

As Dorothy sat on her front porch, in her white and red checkered sun dress, she saw the stage coach coming over the horizon. Pulled by a old run down mule, the coach pulled by the house and she saw something she never saw before. On the side of the coach was a torn sign that read" Hear about the world of OZ".

She jumped from her porch running towards the coach yelling," Stop, Please stop".

The coach came to a halt and a old man, gray of beard, peered around the edge looking at her.

"How can I help you miss"

"I saw your sign" as Dorothy breathed hard catching her breath,"Have you been to OZ".

The old man smile,"Yes I have, wonderful place full of amazing colors and people. But it seems to me you already know of the place i speak".

She smiled," I have. Do you know of a way to get back there".

He pulled the brake to the wheels and slowly got down on off the coach. Dorthy saw that the man was slightly taller then her. Clothed in black and white suit that seems to have been wore from a wedding and never taken off since. He walked up to her, but not stopping walked past her and to the back of the coach and dropped the steps. "Follow me", as he walked up the steps into the coach. She hesitated but then followed walking up into the coach.

As she walked in, she noticed it was much larger inside then it seemed on the outside. Clothes hanging on one side of the coach and on the other canned foods. Across the front of the coach was a small bed and in the middle of the coach was a rather larger leather bound trunk.

The old man sat down on the edge of the trunk. "It's rude of me to not introduce myself before we go any further. My name is Professor Alexander Hamilton Idola Graham but you can call me Professor".

She smiled," Please to meet you Professor, my name is Dorothy Gale".

"Now down to business, you want to know how to get to OZ".

"Yes please".

He tapped the trunk top with his hand," This is the way. Long ago on a trip I came upon this trunk after a tornado had torn through a town, much like your own". When I opened the trunk it lite up the night sky and showed me a world I had never laid my eyes on before. This trunk is a doorway to that world, to Oz".

Dorothy looked at the trunk and laughed,"How can that be Professor".

He slowly sat up and unlocked the trunk," Come close Dorothy and let your doubt be squashed". She walked up to the trunk and he flipped it open. The coach filled with light and she looked down and saw a green meadow and on that meadow a yellow brick road.

She couldn't believe her eyes. She was filled with excitement and joy. She leaned in closer and the trunk suddenly slammed down shut in front of her. The Professor hand on the top holding it down. She stepped back, " Professor I so want to get back to OZ, please open the trunk and let me in".

He smiled,"But Ms Gale whats it worth to you".

"Well I dont have any money, not until the crops come up, and that will be months".

The Professor now had a sinister gin to his old wrinkled face."There other ways to get this trunk open". He sat on the edge of the trunk and unzipped his pants and reached in and slide out this thick hanging cock.

Soft and thick Dorothy stood shocked."Professor I couldn't".

"Well Ms. Dorothy Gale I guess then you will never return to Oz".

Her hunger for returning to OZ was to much to quench with just seeing it again but she needed to be there again. She stepped up and got closer to the Professor and kneed down in front of him. She reached her hand up and grabbed onto the thick cock. Her fingers barely able to wrapped around it she held it up and leaned in and licked the tip. The Professor moaned as he wet tongue licked around the tip then slide up and down between his pisshole.

His cock began to grow in her pale hand getting longer as she looked up and put her lips around the head. Sucking his mushroom head with her red lips she watched as she began to get into the tasked at hand.

She sucked his head a little longer then slide off holding his 8" thick cock in her hand. His grin looking down at her," Go on Dorothy think about OZ". She closed her eyes and thought of OZ then opened them again and leaned in and devoured his cock. Her lips stretching around his thick heavy big cock. Pumping her mouth up and down his shaft. Her spit oozing out from her red lips down his veiny thick shaft spilling down onto his hairy gray balls. He reached down grabbing her ponytail she had and began pumping his cock into her mouth. Moaning as his cock pushed deeper making her hot wet mouth take inch by inch.

He pulled her off," Open your mouth Ms Gale". She opened wide and he pulled her back down but not stopping until her face was buried in his salt and pepper pubic hair. Making her deep throat his whole cock. She moaned and gagged, choking as his cock touched the back of her throat. She closed her eyes and choking spit oozing out the sides of her mouth over his balls and pubic hair.

He let go of her ponytail and she pulled off gasping for air. Catching her breath she looked up,"My aunt would not be happy with me now". She grabbed his cock and began sucking it. This time he watched as she got into it, pumping her mouth sucking his cock like shes done it a thousand times before. She sucked it down then slide back up to the tip licking it. Then sliding her tongue down the side of the shaft she got to his hairy balls and slide her mouth around one. Sucking it and pulling it with her mouth. Letting the ball move around in her mouth as she jerked his cock, all the while looking up at him. She slide the ball out her mouth and slide the other one in. Sucking on that one, her hand pumping on his hard cock as her mouth made love to his ball.

The Professor stood up and holding her ponytail again moved his cock to her mouth. But this time she tilted her head back and opened her mouth with pleasure. Seeing the willingness this time he slide his hard cock into her waiting mouth and began to fuck her face. His cock pumping in and out as his balls slapped against her chin, all the while her eyes looking up at him. Holding the ponytail tight his hips moved back and forth harder pushing her face down and up his thick meaty dick. She moaned in pleasure and he notice her hand had slide down and up under her dress. Her fingers sliding into her white panties rubbing her pussy as her mouth made hot love to his cock.

He wanted to fuck that sweet wet pussy but her mouth was so wet and inviting he couldn't stop himself. he hammered her mouth harder and harder until he felt his cock about to burst and shoved his cock all the way in. Her eyes went wide as she felt his warm sticky cum explode in the back of her throat. Her throat filling with cum from his cock, he looked down"Swallow", and she closed her eyes and took a big gulp and swallowed, tasting cum for the first time.

At first it tasted different but she swallowed more and got use to the taste and liked it. He let go of her hair and she slide off and pulled up on his cock and a thick gooey string of cum came out and she opened her mouth letting it fall in. She got it in and swallow, then opening her mouth wide showing him it was all gone.

"Well Ms. Dorothy Gale you definitely deserve to go to OZ now".

He leaned down and opened the trunk and stood back. "Remember Dorothy much has changed since last time you were there".

She stood up and walked up and leaned over into the trunk. The Professor got behind he seeing her young round tight ass and grabbed it,"You got many talents my dear, use them on your adventure", and pushed her into the trunk. She fell in and the trunk closed behind her.

She watched as the ground began to come closer to her face as she fell. She screamed and put her hands over her face and felt a sudden stop. She looked and saw she was just a few inches from the ground, then she fell the few inches. The green grass cushioned her fall as she laid their. She stood up on her knees looked around,"Im back".

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I grew up reading all of the OZ books. I enjoyed this one. Ozma and Glinda were two I fantasized about back then.
4 years ago
I agree about Ozma and Glinda. The illustrations from the original books made Ozma and Glinda out to be very sexy.
6 years ago
Off to a good start.
6 years ago
very good start
6 years ago
6 years ago
Yes!! and use Ozma and Glenda lezzing it up with Dorothy
6 years ago
Should I write more?
6 years ago
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